Rekyl (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 Should I just let the engine run? Holy shit.
I have to finish this.
I've put it behind me.
- I want to start afresh.
- New start, Robin? We need to clean things up first.
- Did the police take that money? - Isn't that what we have to figure out now? Several of the police who were at the raid rose quickly up the ranks in the following years.
- Does anyone stand out? - Yes.
Tom Karlsen.
Maybe there is someone who is planning a terrorist act.
Imagine if we could keep that from happening, but we are missing a perpetrator.
I can protect you, but then you have to do me a favour.
You're charged with terrorism.
- I've been reading law books.
- Some kind of internship.
- With us? It was looking for an internship I've been reading law books.
Come see me when you're ready.
Three days after the Frankfurt attack Norwegian police have prevented a terrorist act.
He is already known to the police.
Karlsen has used a underage informant to provoke crimes.
- Are you satisfied with the situation? - The case is pretty thin.
It probably wouldn't even get to court.
Calm down, Mom.
What happened? - Are you ready to stop them? - Is there a plan? Get up.
Listen to me.
Do you hear what I'm saying? You get up too.
Hey, come here at once.
Get up.
Up, I say.
Come on! My name is Dan Larsen, and I'm an addict.
I became drug-free in prison.
I hope I can stay clean once I'm released.
The craving never disappears completely, so I really need to use your support Thank you.
Thank you for what you shared.
There are a few weeks left, But you deserve this now.
Drug free for five years.
Congratulations! - We said nine, Dan.
I tried to call you.
- I'm well aware of that.
But today I had to run my own race.
OK, but maybe you can try to adjust it a little for the rest of us.
Should we have a time clock? Then you can see when we show up.
You little asshole.
150 million kroner disappeared without a trace.
It wasn't even mentioned in the indictment.
These people were there that night.
They have shot up the ranks.
And they helped themselves leaving us with a debt we can't do anything about.
He's the one who pulled the strings in the so-called terrorist case.
We figured that out.
He worked his way very efficiently through the system.
And today he leads the organisation.
We have seen how far he is willing to go for an arrest, a sentence.
Tom Karlsen is a little down the ranks, but we should look at him first.
There is a log in the central station.
Do you get a look at it, Helga? Which cases are dropped, and which are given priority? The high priority cases get extra resources.
And where there are resources, there is prestige.
Tom Karlsen is one of that gang.
- How did it go yesterday? - We cleaned things up and arrested someone.
Now Ladegård is happy.
Safe City 2020 is a prestigious project for the authorities.
Then we can get started on the next operation.
And you've talked to the legal department? I'll head over and talk to them now.
I'll fix it.
- Hi.
- Hi.
You know I'm leading the street operations, and they are doing quite well.
So I have to keep the heat on.
We need to carry out some house searches, so the patrol needs warrants.
Shouldn't you talk to Kris? She still has to approve what I do.
If Kris has to approve everything, we won't get anything done - I can't help you.
- No.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I need a little paperwork done.
Last time I helped you, I got roasted by Ladegård.
There is a lot of dope on the streets.
We have to deal with it.
I can't.
Come on.
Aren't you the decision maker? Kris Yes, we got what we need from legal.
We continue on as usual.
We keep on harassing them, knocking on doors, asking questions.
We make it difficult.
We send a shock wave through their operations.
And then we clean things up a little.
Keep me informed.
Ongoing basis.
- Off we go.
- Yep.
There have been several major antidrug actions just in the last few months.
Everyone is tired of Tom.
That doesn't matter.
There's always trouble with drugs.
We too will waste time on it.
We'll find a lot of dirt.
Yes, we'll find shit on Skippergata .
It's nothing new.
We never find anything useful there.
Dan, since you know so much about how police are treating drug addicts I think you should check why the police are so interested, and how Tom in mixed up in it.
I am your boss right now.
Didn't we agree on this? - It will happen.
Good job.
- Okay.
- Hi.
- Hi Do you think Petter is right? And Vera? Do you think the police are corrupt? I do not know.
I have tried to move on.
I have tried to forget about Marius and everything that happened.
But why were the police on the dock that night? How much was stolen? Why was Marius shot? They hauled me in for questioning that night.
I sat there for hours.
I was in shock.
My boyfriend had been killed.
They asked me the same questions again and again.
What side are you on, they wanted to know.
Is there a line right in the middle that decides that you are either on the right or the wrong page? Which side are we on? Does someone in the police know what happened to Marius? And where did all the money go? I'm just following my gut feeling.
It says that there is something fundamentally wrong here.
- Hi.
- What the hell do you want? Are you enjoying yourself in the apartment? - Can't you just get into the car? - We're looking out for you, Robin.
It is our social responsibility.
To make sure decent ordinary people can sleep safely.
Stay away from me.
- Is that you, Robint? - Yes.
Robin Wold.
Bea Nodland.
- Are you also a trainee? - Yes, in a way.
- I'm an assistant janitor, but yes - Okay.
See you later.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- It's been quite a while.
- Yes it has.
- I'm just checking up.
- On what? - What the cops are doing.
- Do you want something from me or not? - Relax.
I'm just investigating something.
- Do you want something or not? It's been a while.
How much? I need a thousand.
Sorry, I have no cash on me.
Very unprofessional.
- You can transfer me the money on Vipps.
No problem.
- Vipps? No way I'd do that.
Then piss off.
- Here's some.
- You have money everywhere.
That's better.
Make sure you always have cash.
- Okay, what's up? - You got a good price there.
- Just so you know.
- I know.
- There's nothing going on here.
- It's not like before.
Fewer people around.
Supply is limited.
If you want something, come to me.
- Okay? - Take care.
See you.
Yes, Tom here.
Let's get started.
The entire campaign is now underway.
There is a lot going on.
- It looks good.
- Yes.
For us? - We'll talk soon, right? - We will.
Wait a minute.
Couldn't you buy something for Tea? - No.
- Okay, fine.
Buy something from me.
You know things are a bit tight right now with Roar being like he is and - Thank you very much.
Have fun.
- You too.
Police! Hold it! Stand still, I said! Listen to what I say.
Are you listening? Stay still.
You get out of here! - Stand by - The body has been here for some time.
- Should we put up barricades? - Let me check first.
Tom here.
Do you think it's one of ours? No, ask them to wait.
Have you spoken to the witness? Negative.
I'm sending my partner to find her.
- The boss is on his way.
Wait for him.
- We're to wait for the assistant commander.
Tom here.
Stay away from the Maridalen.
Don't send anyone right now.
Not until I tell you to.
Okay? Yes, nothing serious.
- Hello.
- He's probably been here for a while.
As you can see, no coat, no shoes.
Should I call in forensics? No, that's not necessary.
No need to question witnesses.
It's obvious what happened.
- Shouldn't forensics take a look? - Noped.
It's just an old addict.
- What did you find? - Nothing unusual.
Junkies hunting for drugs.
Welcome to Norwegian drug policy.
Nothing new there.
Complete bullshit.
They only harass the users.
Do we actually have anything? There must be something, we just can't see it.
Dan! Dan! Is everything okay? I don't know any more than you do.
It's just like always, nothing special.
- I need to have a few words with you.
- What the hell is going on? - Is this an employee interview? - Listen up.
I gave you a chance.
- So I need to know that everything is okay.
- Chance? I have no choice! - I owe just as much as you do.
- Exactly.
That is not what we're talking about.
- Is everything okay? - I've got it under control.
A new case has just come in.
A corpse was found in the Maridalen.
What interests me is that the case has already been closed.
By Tom Karlsen.
- And? - A guy aged 50 was found dead.
He was leaning against a tree, out in the open, all alone.
According to reports everything seems normal.
He died a normal death.
How is this death normal?! He wasn't out hiking, as far as I can tell.
And he wasn't wearing outdoor gear.
He wasn't a wanderer who got lost.
Or a jogger It is very odd.
What was he doing out there? Look here.
It is the same pine tree as the pictures.
- Can't you tell it's a spruce? - Dan has never been in the forest.
Don't tromp all over everything.
Be professional, Robin.
Isnt it obvious that this was a strange place for this guy to die? Damn it.
There must be someone.
Is anyone here? Anyone at home? Hi! Hello.
My name is Vera Amundsen.
I'm here in connection with the death.
So we Let's say that we are investigating a little further.
Have the police interviewed you? They haven't spoken to me or my wife.
She found him.
- The body? - A half-naked man.
He was not an ordinary hiker.
This looks very weird to us, but the police aren't interested.
There was nothing about a half-naked man in the police report.
So it's obviously a suspicious death.
But the police have categorized it as not suspicious.
The report is incomplete, and they don't want to interview the witness.
But there must be an autopsy report for the death.
No there isn't.
Perhaps it's sitting in a paper file somewhere.
But I found an interesting article.
"Legal Concerns in Forensic Medicine" "Missing expert reports.
" "The danger of legal certainty.
" "Anonymous whistleblowers have sent letters.
" No one is anonymous.
Excuse me.
Are you Karl Etterstad? Could I have a few words with you? We are a group of citizens, working on justice for the powerless.
What do you really want? There is something fishy about the way forensics does autopsies.
I think you can explain some details.
Look at who decides which corpses receive autopsies.
- Not all of them? - No, just a few.
- Do the police decide? - Yes.
But there must be someone impartial, overseeing the police decisions? The key point is that the police pay for the autopsies.
The police decide whether it's a suspicious death.
- They assess whether an autopsy will be done.
- So nobody oversees the police.
We need to What do we do about the guy in the woods? Do we investigate it ourselves? - You have a visitor.
- I see.
Autopsy? We've found a coroner who can be bought.
Have you promised money you don't have, Vera? - You know the rule? - Yes.
We have to be careful about money, but this is a suspicious death.
Tom Karlsen alone has decided that there won't be an autopsy.
It can't a coincidence.
To beat him, we need to spend some money.
- Right? - How much does he want? 200,000.
- To look at a body? - It's about what he can give us -and what he is risking.
- 200,000, Vera.
The pennies I have laid aside, have to be used to find the money that the cops stole? Okay.
I have to trust that you have the resources, and you generally use your head.
- Yes? - Money.
- He isn't going to do it for free.
- No, but 75,000 Yes, now that's the deal.
Okay, are you ready? You know where we're going.
- Got him? - Yep.
No, wait a sec.
To the stretcher.
Turn Damn Damn! No wonder our friend was never autopsied.
Yes, that's pretty normal.
This guy froze to death.
- But.
? - But But this is unusual.
It looks as if he was barefoot in the forest.
For a long time.
He has serious frostbite.
Erica, it's Dan.
I was thinking about something.
Can you hack you into those traffic cameras? I'm looking for a white minibus with dirty windows.
It was in Hausmannsgate on October 4th at 2 p.
- I'm in.
- Well done.
Can you see where it came from? Can you check the cameras leading out to the Maridalen? Yes, that's great.
I just want to check one more thing.
Have you seen a white minibus around here? Odd that you should say that.
I have seen one several times, yes.
Are they shipping drug addicts up to the Maridalen in minibuses? They did that in the '70s.
They grabbed hippies in Slottsparken - and dumped them outside the city.
- It was normal practise.
They did it almost every day.
If they complain they take their shoes.
Then it takes longer for them to get back to the city.
So Tom goes to the Maridalen and finds a guy he knows - because he himself had him sent there - Then he drops the autopsy.
Drunks and drug addicts never get autopsies.
And no one asks questions.
So the police have covered up a death they are guilty of causing? VG or The Daily Magazine? Now we take down Tom Karlsen.
Let's try something different.
Wouldn't it be fun if we forwarded the case to the Special Branch? It's not just about Tom Karlsen.
You can see that, right? It's about something bigger.
Let's stir the pot.
See who is watching whom.
And give Tom Karlsen a little shock.
You wanted to talk to me? What the hell Have you been up to in the Maridalen? Someone spoke to Special Branch.
About you.
Is Kris the lawyer you've been using for cover? Yes.
- Is that a threat? - Not at all.
A promise - Tom Karlsen! - Hey! Aren't you on his good side?