Rekyl (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 We will make this happen.
And we will be revenged.
No one will give you a fresh start.
I have started to read law books.
Perhaps some kind of internship? - Are you Robin? - Yes.
Robin Wold.
Bea Nodland.
This is the man who pulled the threads behind the so-called "terrorist incident" that we solved.
Are they still driving drug addicts to the Maridalen in minibuses? Like they did in the 70's.
- Yes? - Kris Heltberg? Berge Nilsen from the Special Unit.
We have some questions for you.
Step away from the computer.
Get up.
It has been made clear that you are not to contact the foster family.
What do you mean? It must be okay for someone to have a look at their own child from a distance.
I'll get custody back.
Just like I have said the whole time.
You have to show that you have a steady income and a permanent job.
- Yes, I do have a permanent job.
- The child needs relationships with adults.
You do not think I can live a regular everyday life, but I can.
I'll be so boring at that the tiny thrills you experience on weekends are pure "Game of Thrones" in comparison.
- Do you have a partner? - I live a normal life.
- Permanent residence? - I have a house.
I am a manager.
- I'm taking classes, I'm engaged.
- All that is what it takes -to get a positive evaluation.
- Yes, and it's all there.
I promise.
Hello? What? Hello.
A little update.
We have received confirmation.
Special Unit has dropped the Tom Karlsen case.
I thought Special Unit was run as an independent, um, what is it called? - Institution.
- In principle, yes.
- In principle? - Yes.
I actually know this.
- Yeah.
- Get yourself some glasses, Robin.
- Shut up.
- Almost all cases against the police are dropped.
- Who controls the Special Unit? - The Ministry of Justice.
But at the top, the Chief Prosecutor.
Tom Karlsen must have powerful friends who are protecting him.
- What's wrong with the system? - Is this Lisbeth Wallander I see? - What are we talking about now? - Hold on Listen.
That they aren't investigating Tom Karlsen will work out just fine for us.
Now he's on the defensive.
They'll begin to show their cards.
Dan, you follow Tom Karlsen.
I want to know who he's hanging out with.
Erica, review all the logs again.
There must be some patterns we haven't recognized yet.
Can someone turn off "Hits for Kids"? I'm getting pissed off by that 'music'.
The guys will be horny.
All stressed out by their student lives Come here.
Don't bring the kid here.
It's not good for her.
- It's fine.
She's watching movies.
- Yes I can see that.
- But here or kindergarten? - Kindergarten would be better, but expensive.
These days we're in a slump.
We've seen this before.
There's a recession.
Everyone has to work their asses off.
Do you understand? Do you get this, Lena? We're just glad we've got somewhere to go everyday.
Do you get that? Good.
- Hello.
- Hi, Ingrid.
- I heard that - A few weeks in the archive.
Maybe even months.
- But - Why? How did I end up here after 20 years as a police attorney? The Special Unit calls it a refresher.
Removing you from the work you should be doing.
How exciting.
Years upon years of the police retirement magazine.
Do you know who might have tipped them off? - No.
You? - No.
Why is the Special Unit after me, Tom? - No clue.
- None? - Have you talked to them? - No.
They are interested in some special case, and a name that is never mentioned.
That covers 80 percent of the cases you are involved in.
It was at Maridalen.
I hear the names of people from the canine unit but never yours.
A bit strange.
Maybe a trap? Maybe it's me they are really after.
An insider leader is never popular.
It can be tempting to start rumours.
Do you and I know where we stand? You know what I feel for you.
It was you who didn't want it anymore.
Do you have any idea who was the tipster? No? - Do you know anything more about what's going on? - This will be hard for you, Tom.
We are on it.
Fully in control.
You have to lay low.
Should I just sit quietly by after they burned my car? - And the Special Unit poking around? - Focus on the task at hand.
We need you here.
Full focus.
Trust us.
- But someone is gunning for me.
- Let it be, Tom.
- What the hell? - Take it easy.
Have a smoke.
Do you know anyone who is pissed off at me? - Somebody who can screw me over.
- Nope, haven't heard anything.
Really? - I have not heard anything.
- Okay.
Carry on.
- Was that all? - Yes.
You'll call me if you hear anything? - Yes.
- Good.
Have you seen anyone snooping around here lately? - Asking questions? - No.
- Mentioning my name? I'm serious - No.
- I know you've been there.
- Hello everybody.
I've gone through the recent cases Tom Karlsen has been involved in.
Kristiane Heltberg, Kristiane Heltberg, Kristiane Heltberg - The same lawyer in almost every case.
- Jesus - The lawyers should be independent.
- They aren't.
In most countries, the police are separate from the Prosecutor's Office.
Only in Norway and some other banana republics are they employees of the police.
- Our justice system is a scam.
- The lawyers create prosecutions for the police instead of being an objective independent body.
- So Kristiane Heltberg is - Tom Karlsen's assistant.
We need an overview of all the crap that the both of them are involved in.
She's in there.
- Thank you.
- Alright.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Do you have a minute? Yes.
- How is it going? - Worse than it should be.
Aren't you getting a regular paycheck? Same extras? - For fuck's sake - Forget it.
I'll talk to him.
I need some help.
With what? - Somebody's looking for me so - Who? I don't know.
Can you keep an eye our for me? - Yes.
- If you see or hear anything - talk to me first.
- Yes.
- You, how long have you been here? - Seven years, I think.
You've been left in peace most of the time.
Do you agree? I had to close twice last month.
Meanwhile the Pakistanis have started up their own place.
Why can't you raid them too? But sometimes we have to hit you too, for your own sake.
They do not understand that there must be basic rules.
You get that.
You know you should pay your girls a fixed salary, right? We're down a bit due to the business cycle.
These words mean nothing to me.
You have enough money to fill your SUV with diesel, to go on a honeymoon in Croatia, and to pay for your 300 square meter place on Schweigaardsgate.
We know all that, yet we mostly leave you alone.
Otherwise you'd be up shit creek.
I'd enjoy that.
But you should pay your girls.
At least Lena.
You know what she means for our cooperation.
Right? Okay.
And then you keep your eyes and ears open.
If anybody's acting strange or asking the wrong questions or mentioning me, you'll tell me, right? Never forget that it is only thanks to me that you are here.
I had an interesting chat with your snugglebunny.
Be careful not to end up relying on him.
He is not on our side.
Do you understand? He's dangerous, Lena.
- He just asks how we're doing.
- Yes, he cares so much about everyone I'll pay you 20,000.
Good enough? - 20? Could we say ? - 20.
Now I know a lot more about Kristiane Heltberg.
She calls herself Kris.
Bank statements and info from her training app.
She walks 2000 steps a day.
She is dissatisfied with her smartphone.
- Her finances? - Stable.
No debts.
Money left at the end of the month.
A pretty sad life, but there is one odd thing.
It seems like many cases were taken from Kris and given to other lawyers.
- Why is she getting fewer cases? - Work pressure, reorganization - Does Special Unit priorize the cases? - Yes.
Sic Special Unit on Tom, and he rats out the lawyer .
and goes free.
She gets all the blame.
She signed all the documents.
Do you thinks the boys sacrificed her to move the focus away from Tom? We can assume she's pissed off now - Who is it? - My mom.
She just wants to chat.
I have to get to work.
- How is she? - Good.
She just has a social phobia.
Have you talked to her since you got out? She has no one else.
You have to get on with things.
- She gave birth to you, Robin.
- What the hell is this? She pushed you out of her womb.
She sacrificed her body.
Call her now.
You can't just reject your mother.
Straighten things out.
- I'm going now.
- Call her up.
Robin? Come in.
How is it going? - Fine.
- Thorvaldsen stood up for you.
- Yes, I heard.
- You are doing okay? Staying away from bad company? I have a case here.
80 cottage owners are suing the landowner.
In Drøbak.
Can you take a look at it? - Yes of course.
- Read it all.
Create a picture for me.
Figure out if we should get involved.
Thank you.
Do you know who I am? I know who you are.
I know when you go to bed.
- This is where I call the police.
- You have lost your cases.
We have common enemies.
Who do you think is responsible for you losing them? - Special Unit.
- Who are you? Their system is almost completely open.
Skip the crap.
Just tell me what you want from me.
We are interested in a certain, um, leader.
- Who are you? - Is he protected from above? - "He"? - You know who I mean.
You're wrong about Tom, and I'm not a victim.
It would be a shame if Tom Karlsen leeaves you will all the blame again.
- Is this a threat? - No.
A way out.
- Did I take your seat? - No no.
It's fine.
I usually sit and do some work here when I have some spare time I was asked to look at a case.
Why, I do not know Maybe because you're good.
- What kind of case? - Civil law.
Land lease law, expropriation Actually, it's only a dispute between neighbours.
- Beach access and the like.
- I'm not very good at property law.
No? Tom Karlsen has power over her.
She's more than willing to protect that bastard.
I didn't get anything out of her.
I pressed too hard.
Moved too fast.
Dammit! - Hi.
Did you find anything? - Nah.
He moves around a lot.
Talking to people.
He is the team leader.
That's his job.
I don't know what to look for.
He seems like an ordinary man.
Divorced, I think.
No wife and no children at home.
Job, job, job.
Drink a little in the evening, girls.
- Girls? - Yes.
He was at a strip club.
- Scummy place.
- What club was it? - Sing-Sing.
- Sing-Sing? Yes.
The club shows up in an investigation of prositution in the city centre.
"Operation Lolita 2016".
Both Tom Karlsen and Kris Heltberg were involved.
The club owner was only given an injunction.
Three of the whores didn't have proper ID.
Human trafficking? He must have received more than one injunction? Hold it Look here.
There's a Lena in the informant register.
She works at Sing-Sing.
A dancer.
Are you kidding me? - She is a stripper, likely a prostitute.
- Yes, she shows up in some of he cases.
An important source.
- Lena? - Yes.
- Can I help you? - No, I'm just chilling.
By the way, what do you have on the menu? The usual.
Lap dance, whatever you want.
What girls do you have? What are their names? Do they have good names? - Cat, Leona, Bunny.
- What special names.
- Thanks.
That'll do.
- So what do you want? - You - What the hell! Tom Karlsen.
Tom Karlsen You are in tight with him? Hello! Everything okay? - Tell him it's okay.
- It's fine! We have good information.
We know where you live, your family And I know your money runs out by the end of the month.
30 girls from Nigeria were sent back to Italy.
What will their pimps do when they find out you tipped off the police? I don't know what Tom has promised you, but he won't measure up against those guys.
Nobody can.
I can help you, but then you have to help me.
I read about what happened.
With you and your brother.
How old were you? Eighteen.
I had a sister who died.
She got leukemia and wasted away.
It took more than a year.
I used to say that it would have been better if she had been shot.
I looked at the case and have written a report.
Not now, Robin.
Hi mom.
Mother? Have you been having trouble again? - Will you hear everything we say? - Yes, but only if we listen.
- Don't think about it.
- I must be pretty stupid.
No, nobody has found out.
It will be fine.
How long will it take? My boss will be here soon.
And we'll be done soon Trust me.
It's fine.
We know what we are doing.
- It will be fine.
- Okay.
Have you got everything in place? We are in a hurry.
It was a Wasting time on Youtube.
Funny Youtube clip.
I should have been learning electronics, but it turned out to be a clip with some gorillas.
They are just like people.
Two siblings.
The one, the older one he constantly bullied his little brother.
- Then suddenly here comes mom.
- What are you doing? Get a move on.
I know what I'm doing.
It's just a little crowded.
- I have to go.
- It'll work properly now.
- Signal.
- Signal? Fine.
Now Where Hello there.
What shall I call this cock.
Does it have a name? No? - Then we'll call it the snake.
- Oy.
- Hello Dick.
- Primitives.
- So it's working? - Seems like it.
It sounds so sad.
No, leaveit be on.
She has such a nice voice.
What has happened? There was a guy here.
He asked some strange questions.
Did he ask about me? Hey, Tom is there.
He asked me to be careful.
Said I shouldn't trust anyone.
- Okay? - That the police are corrupt and so on.
I don't know anything about that.
Lena, this is important.
What was he saying? He seemed aggressive.
He said he would get revenge on the bastard and that he had evidence.
And that he had burned a policeman's car.
Thanks for the info Fuck, I was so damn I was so into I wish I could do something for you.
It's fine.
It's just that Just that No, I'm in control.
I do not have to take this.
I can stop.
I can collect what I have outstanding and Something is "outstanding".
What do you think it means? - It must be the money.
- Yes, for fuck's sake.
What has happened? Mother? Roar? - Roar? - Yes.
- Look - What? Look.
It's Roar.
We have a problem here.
No, not one we can't solve, but Could we talk about this downstairs? Yes.
Fine then.
No, no! I'll call the police.
No! Aye, aye! - No, stop! - Spit it out.
Come on, bitch! Hello.
Petter, where's the rest of the money? They have taken Erica.
- You, you - Do you speak English, for fuck's sake?