Rekyl (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 Is it Marius's? - I found it at Mom's place.
The card was inside.
Tom is not the person he seems to be.
You cannot count on him.
I am reviewing the cases, and you were correct.
Something smells very wrong, and Tom is involved in it all.
Look at this.
There is a pattern.
Here's where the police concentrated their efforts in 2013.
A year later we see massive urban renewal in exactly the same areas.
They let an area get run down, then they rehabilitate it.
Someone in the police is working with property developers.
- If so, we are looking at corruption.
- Isn't this someone you know? Robin, you have to help me.
It took eight hours before we nabbed Lindquist.
He managed to achieve a lot in those hours.
Who do you think has the money? - No.
- Robin, he cheated you.
If you help the police, you help everyone.
I guess you make your choice right here and now.
- Let Peter Lindquist go free? - I have someone on the inside.
Robin Wold.
The SIM card contains a sound recording.
How can this be? Could it - Are you surprised? - Peter? Aren't you going to invite me in? - Hello? - Hi, Robin.
Listen carefully.
I want to know everything.
I want pictures of documents, phone numbers, names.
I want everything you can find.
And Robin, Peter is out.
- Keep an eye on him for me.
- You've released Peter? Hello? Be careful.
He is a cunning bastard.
Oh yeah - Yes.
- How can you afford this, Vera? - I've saved up a little money.
- Saved up a little? Yes, I;ve been living in the car and at the office.
I have put a little money aside.
You haven't said anything about that.
You should be working for me.
I have to ensure my own future.
There is much more at stake here.
- You haven't bought it, right? - I've paid a deposit.
- A deposit? - A deposit.
Okay, you need to get it back.
No We owe the Swedes 150 million, Vera.
150 million kroner.
It took them about two seconds to find out I was out again.
I know all that, Peter.
But it is actually possible to have two thoughts in your head at the same time.
Are we really going to continue on like this forever? - We have to think ahead too.
- There was no basis for the release.
- Right out of the blue.
- No, but we still need a place to live.
Why do you think they would release someone before their sentence is up? - Don't they do it all the time? - No.
Okay then, tell me.
It is to cause trouble for us.
The are shadowing us.
I don't like it.
Something is going on that I do not understand.
I'm not going to move into the house with you.
- Well then - Get back every penny.
Hello Robin.
Peter, hi.
Am I disturbing you? Hi.
We've found a connection between police priorities and several of the largeest and most expensive property developemnts.
The interesting thing is, the police arrange for crime to rise in certain areas.
And then property values fall? Then in comes the Planning and Construction Agency with proposals for redevelopment.
So politicians approve it, And then the contractors come in.
There is a old maxim that probably applies here.
Follow the money.
What is the connection between you and Peter? - You seem a little - What? You seem a little distracted.
Ism't it strange that suddenly he is out, just like that? I never liked him.
I think he's horrible.
Here are the companies that do property development in these areas.
- Can you sort them? - By sales, sure.
- By number of projects? - Yep.
TLT They have at least four times as many projects as the rest.
What kind of company is TLT? Are they well known? I have never heard of them, but I don't know much about that industry.
I know this one and these ones.
But I have never heard of TLT.
Robin? - Do you have anything you want to say to me? - No.
- Nothing? - No.
- Aren't you happy to see me? - Isn't it obvious? Vera says you are doing well.
Sure there isn't something I should know? No, everything is normal.
Normal? And Vera? How about her? Does she have things under control? Yes I think so.
- And Dan and Erica? - They are doing fine.
Everything is good.
I'm glad to have you on the team.
- That's good.
- I am counting on you.
We'll take care of all the assholes.
We need to find the money.
And we also need to figure out who killed your brother.
And get revenge.
I searched for the key people in TLT.
And then I researched the people at the top to see what they What was he saying to you? It was nothing.
Follow me here.
These are companies in the construction industry.
And you know what each one of the more than 40 companies have in common? Either Kolbjørn Iversen orTrond Toft is on the board of diretors.
People can belong to several boards? Yes, and all these companies either cooperate with or are suppliers to TLT .
which is the biggest developer in areas where the police are most active.
It's so odd when you look closely at it.
- Almost all these companies have a mailbox address here.
- Økern? And there is Iversen, and there is Toft.
In the same office buildings.
- Kathinka? - Yes, Kathinka With.
- Are you looking for offices? - We have outgrown our curren premises.
- Then you've come to the right place.
- Can I take pictures? So I have something to show my colleagues.
- What kind of companies are here? - There's a variety.
The ones here deal with commercial property.
The ones here are financiers.
Many of them concentrate on foreign customers so they are almost never in the country.
This we rent out to a larger company that will be in place over Christmas.
Here we have a section that only has small offices.
Who is running these businesses? What do they do? This is TLT Investments.
They are involved in the housing market.
Hello there.
We are taking a small tour.
Here we have - Hi there.
- Hi.
- Sorry.
Kathinka With.
- Kolbjørn Iversen.
Nice to meet you.
- Hi, Trond Toft.
- Hi.
Nice to meet you.
- You make investments in property? - Large commercial properties.
Major investments.
If you have a few hundred million to spare, come to us.
I'll definitely do that if I get rich.
It was nice to meet you.
Take a prospectus with you.
Much more detailed information.
I think I have all the information I need.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
It's a very nice office tower - What kind of premises? - The usual 1970s era style of building.
They used to house big companies, but now it's only a bad copy of Silicon Valley, really.
I got a really bad feeling while I was there.
- In what way? - I did not like those men.
- Are you able to like men at all? - Of course.
- More than one, even.
- What were they like? They didn't do anything.
They were just disgusting.
There is something going on under the surface.
They just seemed to be fake.
There were PCs, filing cabinets.
Paper everywhere.
I can guarantee these guys know noting about encryption.
I think we should break in.
There are amateur level alarms, turned on at 11 p.
They often get triggered because somebody forgets to turn them off.
And it takes half an hour, for the guards to arrive.
This is the entrance hall.
It leads to a common area.
- Here are the small offices.
- Bring Robin.
Best be prepared for some rough stuff.
Dont underestimate them, Dan, no matter how pathetic you think they are.
- It's about property developers.
- Uh huh? Vera believes there is corruption in urban planning.
So that is what Vera thinks.
And what do you think, Robin? There is a lot of money being made in construction in Oslo these days.
What do you really know? Are you in politics? In the city council or .
? We've identified an investment company and their executives.
We're checking out whether there is a connection with the police.
let me know if you find something.
What are you concentrating on? Where is your focus? You should be keeping track of Peter.
Money has disappeared.
Large amounts have been stolen.
We need to know where the money is.
Do you understand how serious it is? Put aside the other issue.
Stay focused.
You said you had things under control.
Continue to number five, and swing round over there.
The idiot didn't even see us.
Like I said, they're stupid.
Are you stupid too? What are you doing? - Were you scared? - Yes.
Don't be an idiot.
- Give me the gun.
- Forget it.
- Give me the gun.
- Give it to her.
Now, do as I say, and get a fucking move on, okay? You said you checked the guard roster.
It's empty.
- I do not understand.
- Are we in the right place? Of course we are.
Could someone have known we were coming? Hey? Shit For fuck's sake! TLT's website has disappeared.
- And they no longer show up in searches.
- Try Brønnøysund.
Someone knew we were coming.
Did you let something slip while you were snooping around? No.
Maybe someone is listening.
I check every day, Robin.
Our security is air tight.
Either someone is listening in, or someone is snitching on us.
- Do you think this is funny? - No, but Shut up then.
I think someone here is lying.
What do you mean? Have you ever had the feeling that you don't know who you are? Because everthing you've been told is just lies.
Everything around you is fake.
I am not a fake.
You are not a fake.
We are genuine.
- Did you see his face? - No.
You Come here.
Who the hell would break in to your apartment? No idea.
I know it was you that reported me to Special Unit.
Things have become very srange, Kris.
Don't I know it Shit, someone's coming! Police! Robin, hurry! Hurry Robin! - Head for the car! - No, Marius.
It's the cops! Robin, get in the car! No, Marius.
Hello? Peter? - Hi.
- Hi.
Where is Peter? You'll get nothing out of protecting him.
- He is not who you think he is.
- Does that surprise you? The best thing you can do is to stay as far way as possible from him.
I'll talk to him.
Vera! Just stay far away from him.
Hey, how much for a blowjob? - Millions and millions.
- It's in the back.
- Everything here? - Almost.
The rest is in the basement.
Why? We need to hurry things up I do not trust this bunch.
- Vera is - Nuts? I told you so.
- You can't trust women.
- I think they have someone on the inside.
Here? We had to break it up into smaller packages to do the exchange.
There's about 80.
No one has that much cash these days.
- Really? - Now they use bitcoin.
Fuck, Francis.
What the hell is that? You don't know what bitcoin is? I'll take what you owe.
Put the guns on the floor.
- Come on! - Yah yah.
Kick them away from you and put your hands up.
Come on! You are greedy and stupid.
You confirm all the prejudices about Norwegians.
If you take it now, your bosses will never get all their money back.
It must be invested.
Do you understand what I'm saying? Hello? Well done, Robin.
Well done? Is that all you have to say? You are such an asshole.
Thank you, thank you very much.
Are you happy now? Who killed my brother? - Here.
- Thanks.
This summer has been pure hell, to put it lightly.
I got mixed up in something - What is it? - I don't know.
There has been so much .
Pressure and orders and politics and statistics and Satan's been calling the tune.
You lose perspective.
You just get more and more mixed up in something This is so much bigger than you can imagine, Kris Ladegård is just a small fish.
Hey Why can't I find a way out of this? It's such a damn mess.
It was you who shot Marius.
Run, police! - Robin, get in the car! - No, Marius.
Do you want to know why I shot your brother? Because he was a rat, Robin.
He was snitching.
Stop! What the hell? Fucking brat.
- Fuck! - Peter! Get up.
- Yah yah.
- Come on.
What is this What are you going to do now? I am going to quietly and calmly leave.
- There is so much you do not know.
- I know a lot, Tom.
Can't we talk about it first? You Did you know what Marius did? Did you know he was snitching? That means nothing any more.
Not for any of us.
It is over.
- What the hell does this company do? - Money laundering.
Like most of the law firms here.