Rekyl (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

1 - Have you lost it? All this Jesus stuff.
- Yes, we all need forgiveness.
Mom Everone needs to see their own child.
I am going to win back custody.
My name is Dan Larsen.
The urge to use never disappears completely.
I really need your support.
Here's the areas the police oncentrated on in 2013.
One year later, massive urban development in the same areas.
Someone in the police is collaborating with property developers.
That is corruption, profound corruption.
- Get in the car! - Hey, Marius! - You're the one who shot Marius.
- He was a snitch.
I know it was you that reported me to Special Unit.
You Robin, what happened? What's wrong? Did you know what Marius did? That he was a fucking rat? - What? - I listened to all the recordings.
One is from the night he was killed.
Peter shot Marius.
He admitted it.
He said that Marius was snitching.
Robin, he was behaving very oddly.
- He was secretive.
- Didn't you trust him? - You were together, dammit! - It's not about thatt.
He acted strangely the last time.
He I thought he was seeing someone else.
He seemed ashamed.
I thought he was embarrassed.
He was weird.
Why would he snitch and ruin the whole operation? - For you and - And for you? He snitched, which explains, why the police were there that night And why he had all that footage.
Marius sure as hell would not rat us out.
If he had Robin, let us assume that for once, what Peter says is true He must have been under pressure.
Someone had to have threatened or deceived him.
- Here are the car keys.
- What car? They have hidden some of the money.
- It's in the car.
- I don't want anything to do with it.
- I don't care what you do with the car.
- I'm so tired of all this.
I should have left all this alone.
It's all just lies.
Take them.
The car is on Old Maridalsvei 45.
I do not care.
- Hey? Where are you going? - I want to talk to my dad.
You know what? I do not care.
This is over.
I'll put an end to it.
That's what I'm going to do.
Everything's fine Fucking hell, Tom.
What happened? I was attacked.
- I didn't see who it was.
- You must have seen.
- Heltberg.
- What? - Kris Heltberg.
- Now hold on, Tom.
Kris Heltberg is a mole.
She's been informing for Peter Lindquist and the gang.
Was it smart to put an unreliable lawyer in the archive? Everybody knows that there is nothing that matters down there.
- Has Heltberg figured it all out? - If I were you, I would assume that the prosecutor's smartest lawyer has grasped the overall picture, yes.
Do you know what we need to do, Tom? I'll take care of Heltberg so you can focus on your own situation.
Okay? We must take the offensive here.
I need a free hand and more men.
- New team? - I need people I can trust.
Not some shitty lawyer types.
Experienced police who have been on the street.
We have been in a civil war for over ten years.
The people that do the paperwork have taken over the management, and that's can't ontinue.
As for Special Unit, it only gets worse.
There are a bunch of pussies.
And we both know that! Take it easy.
I can write a book.
A "true crime" story.
The publishers will love it.
You know what we are going to do? Now I'm going to head straight to legal.
You stay right here for a while.
- Tom, legal is on it.
- Great.
But I have bad news.
You cannot be involved right now.
I've just been told of an imminent threat.
- I can't say more.
- Imminent threat? - I tried to get some detail out of legal but - What the hell is this? I'll inform you when I know something more.
- Safe house, Tom.
- No fucking way.
- You can forget that.
- Just for a couple of days.
You've messed with the wrong people.
Now we have to look after your safety.
We cannot take any chances, Tom.
Are you still confused, Robin? Where is he? - What the hell do you need with him? - He is behind all this crap.
It's the Original Sin.
Everything can be traced back to the Holy Father.
Genesis You let yourself be fooled by what you see.
The superficial.
You're mixing up who wants to help you with those that want to hurt you.
You focus on what you want, without knowing why you want it.
So what should I have done? You would so like to have a father that understands everything, that would help you.
Not because you're missing it, but because that's what you never got.
All the others had a father, Robin.
But the man you thought was your father, up and left.
Why did he just vanish? Because he's a asshole.
- Yes, perhaps.
Your mother, Robin.
Did you ever really listen to her? Did you ever have time for her? You wanted Harald to be your father.
You want what he has.
Go ahead, be like him.
But you never saw that Harald Wold is just an empty shell.
He's hollow inside.
Everything is a facade.
What the hell does this company really do? - I can answer that.
Money laundering.
- Tell me.
Like most companies on this street.
Black money turns grey and then white.
All the money you have come into contact with has changed colour.
It's an enormous ecosystem.
That crime, the shit that you got mixed up in is part of the ecosystem.
Why did you study law? Did you think you could clean up the dirt without the system collapsing? Where do they get the money from? You are bloody slow.
From the police.
- You must get away from here.
- What is going on? - Where is my father? - I don't know.
He is not who you think he is.
Okay? Robin - What the hell happened here? - I don't know.
But I found this here.
- Where did it come from? - Stay here.
He had the money the whole time.
He kept it hidden here.
Did you know? He had the damned money.
Damn Peter to hell! I could have paid for the house.
Did you know? Did you know that Peter had the money? And then kept it hidden? - Calm down, Dan.
- No.
We put our lives in jeopardy trying to find the missing money.
But it was in our basement the whole time! No, it's not all the money.
Itt was just a backup, a reserve fund.
I do not like it when people lie straight to my face.
- So stop trusting on people! - I just want to know what's going on.
Do you know what's wrong with you? You are pathetic.
You're a complete and utter idiot.
Let go of me! There is nothing here.
Not for any of us.
It is over.
You can just go home.
Hello? Yes.
Mister I've lost my parental rights? You can't just refuse my application like that.
Haven't I done absolutely everything you asked me to? And you know what? Now you start listening.
That is my daughter.
Do you understand? She's my goddamn daughter! She's my child! - Maja? - Mama! Hi! You know what? I'm going to take you on a surprise trip, okay? That's okay with you, right? Just you and me.
Come on.
- There are a lot of people wearin glasses here.
- What do you want? - Can't we just talk? - Yes.
You cannot trust anyone.
Peter and Francis.
Fucking hell.
And Vera has just disappeared.
I've been trying to get hold of Robin all day It's like you've always said.
I see that now.
The whole system is shit.
That's what you've said all along.
- I admit you were right the entire time.
- I'm part of it, Dan.
What is it you want? We can't just let him get away with it now that we know everything.
You are so You are bloody well part of it too.
We're a bad combination.
I see no reason for us to have - anything more to do with each other.
- What is it with people? I thought we were going to achieve something.
But people fail each other, and lie.
What's going on here? This belongs to a car in which you can find all the money.
So you can be rich and happy and pay all your bad debts.
The car is on Old Maridalsvei 45.
Good luck.
It's good to see you, Erica.
zzzzz "I was a little worried lately.
- I need some help.
How do you know whether a human being is good or evil? We may not think correctly - - that there are any, evil has been done.
I do not believe in God and that kind of thing, so that's not it It is accurate as if there is a A force or something bigger than me - - which drives me in a way towards something.
- Who has taken over my entire life.
- The feeling you can have.
That there's somebody out there, That has made my eyes open.
Do you feel powerless? No, I feel actually not so tortuous.
That's not it.
I just need to know what's happening - - so I can do something about it, right? It will be easy a little big and generally.
And then powerlessness comes.
You have to set yourself some goals for, and then you must divide the goals - - in some minor goals and give yourself some tasks.
Erica? There is something fundamentally wrong with the Wold family.
Robin, it's Erica again.
I have to talk to you.
I stand outside.
And you Where are you really? Hello.
How nice.
Good to see you.
I've been waiting for that.
One reason to be spoken.
You look good.
Come up And close the door after you.
I do not know who has put the lighter there.
And who has planted the SIM card.
You can call me.
You've been a lot away from work.
I know you have many questions.
And you need answers.
Maybe it did not go as it should? You should keep an eye on them for us.
- Yes, I have also done that.
- No, you did not listen.
You conspired against the police.
- I gave you information.
- Yes, you did.
Thank you very much.
But then you watched it.
You became proactive.
You would even pull in the threads.
- Sheep? - You're like your brother.
You never really do anything to do, as you are notified.
I'm sorry, but you're out of it yourself.
And you I know, You are sitting on Peter's dividend.
- She's talking a lot about you.
"We knew each other as small.
Then we contacted a few years ago.
- She became a Christian? - Yeah, you could say that.
Yes, yes.
But you may not say, what you talked about? - You have confidentiality, right? - She knew someone would ask.
And she said I had to tell everything.
Bente was full of self-esteem.
She did not feel, she had done the right thing.
She had not done what she could to lead Marius and Robin - - on the right way.
And she was very explicit, that greed had taken over.
Greed? Did she tell more? Did she say anything about his time in the Planning and Construction Agency? I'm investigating a pretty big corruption case.
"I really need answers.
- She would confess and tell everything.
But she did not reach it.
But how was she actually in time, before she died? Full of anger and horror.
- scare? - Yes.
It's so good then.
What the hell are you doing? - We are trying to clean your year.
- You may have inflammation and cold fire.
- Shut up.
This is not possible.
We need a doctor to look at it.
- No.
- No.
Just lose your arm.
- You have one more.
I do not care.
- Okay, call a doctor.
No, do you really think? What about him guy, that helped obducere junkien? - Ham never met me.
- Was it Vera who knew him? It was shown Dan.
Hi, you talk to Dan.
Hi, Francis.
His name was Karl, yes.
Can not remember his last name? But he's a real doctor, right? Okay.
Yes No.
I'll find him for sure.
There are not so many called Karl, who works in forensic medicine.
But is he to trust? No, if he is trustworthy.
Yes, fine.
Are you doing well or what? Where are you then? Okay.
Yes, fine.
It's most medicine.
Some painkillers.
I think she was dying.
Cancer? But that It looks like a very common drug.
- Looks like? "I have taken samples of everything.
Was she obduced? No.
It is half sugar pellet and half thallium.
- Thallium, what is it? - rat poison Forget Robin, But where the hell is the car and the money? Ladegård.
How well do you really know him? It belongs to a car, There is in the garage.
And in that there are a lot of millions.
Peter is quite right.
You should not trust anyone.