Rellik (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

This programme contains some strong language, scenes which some viewers may find upsetting and some scenes of a sexual nature The acid murder case, which has been dominating the press for the last three months, has seen a total of seven bodies discovered across the city, their faces brutally burnt with acid in order to conceal their identities.
Following an arrest attempt.
He died at the scene.
His family have been informed.
He was believed to be suffering from paranoia and schizophrenia.
The IPCC commissioner said, "Fatal shootings by police "are extremely rare and understandably raise" "very significant community concerns.
" There will be a full investigation.
Excuse me, sir, we don't sell any alcohol between Keep the change.
OK? Promise you'll come and see your mother with me, and then everything'll be back to normal.
Why can't you just tell me what's going on? And then everything'll be back to normal.
Why can't you just tell me what's going on? OK? Promise you'll come and see your mother with me, and then everything'll be back to normal.
Beth! Sorry about that.
Queenie, what's the matter with you?! Beth! Beth! Steven Mills? Mr Mills, I'm DCI Markham.
But you know who I am, don't you? You're not Where are they? Your wife and daughter are with us.
They're safe.
Get back! I need to speak to her.
I need to know Put your weapon down and come with me.
It's not me.
Are you armed, Steven? They need to know, I had to.
I fucking had to! You can see your family, Steven.
But first you need to calm down and you need to come with me.
I need to speak to them right now.
Look around you, Steven.
There are armed officers watching every move you make.
Suspect in our sights, stay back.
He may be armed.
Put your hands behind your head and get down on your knees.
They need to know the truth.
I have to speak to them now.
He's reaching for his gun.
He was reaching for his phone.
- Are we home? - Yes, love.
Ssh, shh, shh, shh.
When's Daddy coming home? It's all right, Ali.
Let's just get you to bed.
There we are.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
You came.
The boys are really getting on it.
They're celebrating.
You're not going to have a drink? Not even now? Don't see any reason to.
We just shot a guy reaching for his phone.
A very scared guy.
A guy who killed seven people.
And what he did to you It's a win, Gabriel.
A big win.
Why do people keep telling me that? We found unmistakable forensic evidence at the crime scene.
We've been here before, with Christine.
Thinking we had it all figured out.
This is different.
Is it? What if we killed an innocent man? Gabriel, he did it.
We caught a break.
Or someone knew we were getting close so they did something about it.
I mean, he was one of Isaac Taylor's patients.
Why Why didn't I see that?! Would it have made a difference? Yeah.
I don't know.
You just need some proper rest.
You're not thinking straight.
I'm not.
I still see you the way I did.
I don't see the scars.
Talk to me.
I thought that's what we were doing.
You know what I mean.
Talking doesn't fix anything, though, does it? I love you, Gabriel.
You should go.
I understand the visitation right.
Lucy, these are my children, I can see them when I want.
No, she didn't.
Ready for us.
I've got to go.
Steven Mills' name is all over the news.
Any idea who might've leaked it? High-profile case, hard to contain.
Gabriel people would understand if you'd rather sit this one out.
I told you, I'm fine.
That counsellor you stuck me with say any different? No.
Not at all, she says you're doing well.
But we're talking about leading the arrest of the person who attacked you.
Right now he's a suspect in one murder, that's all.
Oh, come on.
You have to understand, this is not an easy call to make.
If you want me off the case, you're going to have to make it an order.
We both know why you won't.
Let me do this.
This is Steven Mills.
His fingerprints were found at this morning's murder scene, which makes him the primary suspect in at least six other murders with the same MO.
This has been a long time coming.
People are scared.
Let's do this right, OK? Gabriel.
Mills suffers from schizophrenia.
He's displayed violent behaviour in the past, and chances are he's armed - there were reports of gunshots at the crime scene this morning.
Tactical Firearms Unit will provide backup.
But I shouldn't have to say we'd all rather this happened quietly and peacefully.
Come on.
Come on! Enough, enough! Finish! Asim! What's wrong with you? - This is none of your business.
- Calm it down, yeah? - I'm fine.
- You sure? - Yeah, I'm fine.
Let go.
Look, is this going to be a problem? What's going on with the two of you, anyway? Why are you at each other's throats? Ask him.
Let's break it up, let's go.
Let's go.
Just walk away.
Walk away! What the hell was that about? No idea.
Sooner we find this bastard, the better.
The name of the prime suspect in the acid murders case has been leaked to the press.
He has been identified as 42-year-old Steven Mills.
You all right, boss? Yeah, just thinking.
About Steven Mills.
About why anyone would kill all those people, the way he did He wasn't right in the head, was he? He was off his medication Being a schizophrenic doesn't make you a murderer.
And if he was off his meds, then why? I mean no answer's ever that simple, is it? Look at this guy.
He's doing this for the money, right? At some point, he thought the whole thing through.
That the materials cost next to nothing.
He's got a captive customer.
And the chances are someone's going to be backwards enough to give him some loose change for throwing a bucket of water over their windscreen.
Then look at the track marks on his arm, his eyes most likely, that's the reason he's doing this.
To score.
But go back past that find out how he came to be hooked in the first place, and there's the real reason he's stood out here tap-dancing through traffic.
Nah, nah.
Jog on.
If we could go back far enough, if we could understand why people do what they do - if we could understand the motive - maybe we wouldn't have spent so much time chasing our own tails.
We're going to get the guy, sir.
That's all that matters.
And what if we let someone slip through the cracks on our way here? Final call for Maiden Airways Flight 386, closing now at gate number 37.
It's fine, sir, they called ahead to say you were boarding.
Thank you.
To the left.
There you are, sir.
That'll teach me to give up the gym membership.
Look at those clouds.
Good time to get away.
Yes, it is.
Have you been feeling less drowsy on the new medication? And the thoughts you have - the urges on a scale of 1 to 10, how do they compare since taking Would you excuse me? I'm so sorry.
Christ's sake, Jules.
You've worked here long enough not to interrupt me during a session.
I know, I know.
- What is it? I just I thought you'd want to know.
Steven Mills has been named as the prime suspect.
The police have given the following advice to the public Don't disturb me again.
Do not approach him as he may be armed and dangerous.
Sorry about that.
The teeth were removed and the fingertips and faces burned beyond recognition with hydrochloric acid.
Our sources say the evidence against Mr Mills is decisive, and they are expecting an arrest within the hour.
I don't know why I have to be the one to get the damn dog.
People walk their dogs in the park.
So you're walking the dog.
Sorry about that.
Queenie, what's the matter with you?! Busted.
I thought you quit.
I did.
That reported sighting of Steven Mills, in Gown Street - false alarm.
- Another one.
- Yeah.
Everyone's so desperate to be the one to find this guy, they're reading rights to every white male in his 40s they can find.
What do you think it is about this one that's got everyone so worked up? The uncertainty.
We don't know why they're being killed, we don't even know who they are.
People start to think they might be next.
Other people - they think they're invincible.
That bad things don't happen to them.
Until they turn up right on their doorstep.
She'll be here soon.
Hey! Are you sure? Yeah.
I'm sure.
Are we there yet? I think so, love.
Good girl.
It's just this way.
- What happened there, Mummy? - Ali, come on.
Hold my hand.
I'm bored.
I know, love, I know Um I'm sure it won't be too long now.
Here What colour shall we do the snail? - Blue! - Course, love - Hi.
- Hi.
I'm DCI Markham.
This is DI Shepard.
Can you, um can you tell me what's going on? You must be Ali.
Did you know that we have three vending machines around the corner? - No? - Chocolate, crisps Can I have one? Yeah! Mark can take you down.
Bye, Mummy.
I'll be right here.
Go on, love, it's going to be OK.
Please, just tell me what's happening.
Because no-one is telling me anything.
I need to speak to your husband.
My husband? Why? You've heard of those murders, in the news? You're that detective.
The one who was attacked.
I'm also the investigating officer on this case.
But how how is Steven er You think he's involved? Steven? No, that's that's mad.
No, no way Right now, all we want is to talk to him, Beth.
We found fingerprints at the crime scene that match your husband's.
- No - He's got a history of violence.
No, he's on medication.
He's fine now.
The officers who brought you in tell me your phone's been switched off for a while.
He hasn't had an episode for years.
So why would he suddenly just - Beth, he has a record.
- He can't.
He's just, um It can't be him.
He's not a killer, OK? He works nine to five, he takes Ali swimming at the weekends Right now, Beth, all we know is that he was there.
At the crime scene.
We know that.
But we don't know how he was involved, or what he was doing there.
So we need to talk to him, to understand.
Maybe we can help him.
And maybe he can help us.
Do you see? The officers who brought you in tell me your phone's been switched off all morning, yeah? Yeah, I took Ali to the play centre, and I Yeah, I didn't switch it back on because I like to have the mornings with - Do you have your phone now? - Yeah.
If he was there, at this crime scene, then there was a reason.
And you'll find out when you talk to him.
You'll see.
He would never He would never do something like that.
Three messages.
All from withheld numbers.
Put it on speaker.
Love, it's me.
I I need to speak to you.
I can't use my mobile.
They might be listening.
Beth, please.
Beth! If you get this, please leave your phone on.
CHRIST, BETH, WHERE ARE YOU?! What is it that you want from me? Your help.
We're going to sit here and we're going to wait for him to call again, OK? Anything? Guy's clicked on some weird porn.
Loads of naked women sleeping.
Maybe we should pocket these ones for Asim.
Listen, we're on the job here.
We're not down the pub.
And Asim wouldn't want to wear them anyway - they're too tight.
His arse has enough to cope with, if you know what I mean.
Are you bloody joking? If you lot were doing your jobs, you'd know that I got here five minutes ago and was through there, in the bedroom.
Me and the other officers, in silence, doing our jobs.
And we heard every last word.
- What the hell's wrong with you? - Hey - it was just Don't you dare try to defend it.
Or we'll see what the Professional Standards Department thinks of it, shall we? We'll see if they think it's a joke.
Hey, you OK? Does it hurt? 'Scuse me? Does your face hurt? Yeah.
It's OK.
Gabriel! I need to see you.
Why? What's happening? I can't explain.
I mean I can explain in person.
You're the only one I can trust, Beth.
You're the only one Where are you? - I'm in a playground.
- The usual one? Yeah.
You with Ali? Yeah.
With Ali.
Why can't you just tell me what's going on? You never know, do you? You never know who's listening.
You can't Jesus Look, I know things have been hard recently Between us.
And I know I've been distant.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for a whole lot of things, Beth.
Like, I know I always say I'm too busy to go and see your mother, like, I don't have time, y'know? But after all this, - we'll go and see her.
OK? OK? - Steven Promise you'll come and see your mother with me.
And then everything'll be back to normal.
Then you'll know.
Just give me a couple of hours.
Yes You did really well, Beth.
We're going to do everything in our power to bring him in peacefully.
He didn't kill anyone.
He wouldn't.
I know him.
When he mentioned your mother, you reacted like you didn't know what he was talking about.
It doesn't mean anything, he's just confused.
And just because he's confused doesn't mean he'd hurt anyone.
Confused about what? My mother died 13 years ago.
What was your mother's name? Excuse me? Steven mentioned your mother.
I was just wondering what her name was.
Edith Grey, my maiden name.
Why? Doesn't matter.
I'm sure it doesn't mean anything.
Did you hear him? The way he was talking.
It could really be him.
It's him.
All this time.
All this time I was so sure it was Christine Levison.
The way she acted the fire in the station, and now Now we're going to catch him.
We're going to catch the man who hurt you.
I got your message.
- So where are you going to go? - I don't know.
I've just got to get away.
I should be going with you.
I know, and you will.
You'll join me.
OK? Why the rush? Because I can't stay here.
Everywhere I look it's on the fucking news This guy, this Steven Mills I know.
So let me come.
Not together.
You know that's not a good idea.
You'll join me.
When I get there, I'll call.
It's going to be all right.
It's going to be fine.
We'll need the firearms team as well.
There were reports of shots this morning.
Good work.
We really needed this break.
You OK? Cos ever since you got back you've been acting like I've done something wrong and if I have, I'd love to know so I can do something about it.
I'll let you know when it's time for the briefing.
Boss, the warrant came through.
These are Steven Mills' health records.
You OK? Yeah, sure.
Just, uh, girlfriend issues.
I don't care if it's what you've done or what she's done.
But it's the only way you're ever What? What is it? I don't know how I missed it.
Steven Mills was one of Isaac Taylor's patients.
Um bottle of still water, please.
Must knacker you out, all that cleaning.
Our skin sheds around ten million cells a day.
It's left over benches and door handles, shopping trolleys, cash machines It's never-ending, people sharing their bacteria.
Infecting each other.
I try not to think about it.
Maybe you should.
Where are you? I waited outside, but it's just too noisy.
I'm inside by the doors.
Call me.
OK? You owe me that at least.
Women, eh? An old patient, actually.
Are you a doctor? Psychiatrist.
Makes sense.
Just keep on using the moisturiser as often as you can.
And You know what I'm going to say, don't you? The Lamala clinic.
I don't have time to go to France.
The work they do there is fantastic.
Any other complaints? Issues? Um I'm having trouble swallowing.
Would you say that's all the time, or just when eating and drinking? Eating.
I don't know That could be the scar tissue tightening around the neck.
Which is a good thing, because it means it's healing, but there are other things that we can do to help - Markham.
- They've found another body.
On my way.
I have to go.
Gabriel, you can keep on getting better.
I can help you with that.
But you've got to help me too.
You've got to commit to some of these treatments that we're offering you.
I'll get better when I catch the fucker who did this to my face.
Well, it's not the same as the others.
For a start, we're not in a playground.
No shit.
The victim was killed before the acid was poured on his body but victim's throat was slit this time.
And it looks like the killer was interrupted.
No time to move the body.
We got an anonymous tip reporting gunshots in the vicinity.
So maybe someone heard something, came in and disturbed our killer.
They take a few shots, and then run.
Killer made a mistake, though.
In the rush, left something behind.
The acid compound.
Forensics are running it now.
- I think this might be it.
- Let's hope so.
Fumes are making me feel sick.
You've quit? For good this time.
Listen, we should probably talk.
You sure you wouldn't rather do that over a drink? You know what happens if we do that.
And what's wrong with that? I'm sorry.
It's time.
I know.
Yep, it's time.
Maybe it's been time for a while.
I should probably get my key back.
Of course.
It's at the station.
I'll give it to you later.
I'm going to question Christine.
She's the only suspect we've got.
I'll get started on the paperwork down at the station.
I'll call you as soon as I hear anything from forensics.
Do you fancy a cake? Not really.
Do you? No.
Yeah, you do.
That's why you asked me.
You want me to have one so you can have one.
Well, go on, you can still have one, you know.
You are ridiculous.
Not in here.
What? Afraid your dad might walk in? Someone we work with? Someone you once went to school with 15 years ago? - What are you so afraid of? - I'm not ready to tell people.
Why can't you just let it be? All right, fine.
See you back at the station.
I thought we were going together.
Yeah, well, get a bus.
And find somewhere else to sleep tonight.
You can't stay away, can you? You know me, Christine.
Nothing else better to do.
So when's the operation? Today.
Operation number Christ, I've lost count.
Contracture issues on my eyelids.
Needs another skin graft.
Maybe they'll take the skin from my arse.
One way to tighten that bastard up, right? There's been another body.
I've just come from the crime scene.
So? So, you're still a suspect in this case.
I'm in hospital.
The charge nurse tells me you signed out at 7:50 and back in at 9am.
I had an emergency.
What emergency? You were here for an operation.
Where did you have to be that was so important? I had a call from my mum.
She needed my help.
She called, needing money, and by the time I got there, bastard didn't show.
Heard from her since? No.
I didn't kill those people, and I didn't do that to your face.
I don't know how many times you want me to say it.
Just saying it isn't enough, Christine.
That's a plainclothes police officer.
He's here to make sure you don't go on any more day-trips.
Do you know why I went to prison? I read the police report.
I was 15.
Some dickhead my mum was screwing around on.
He realised what she was up to, got drunk and did it for payback, he said.
Thought that if he messed her face up like that, no-one else would want her.
He was right.
Sent her over the edge.
Put her on the hard stuff.
Now no-one'll touch her with a bargepole.
The look on his face, though, when I did it back to him You enjoy it then, did you? Some psychiatrist once told me I did what I did because I wanted to turn him into a monster.
So that he could look more like me - because that's what I look like on the inside.
He also said I was a "narcissist with unfulfilled psychopathic ideation" so what does he know? Point is, I had a reason for what I did.
This lot you're talking about? It wasn't me.
We're ready.
Good luck with your operation.
It's good to know you've got my best interests at heart.
I don't.
I just don't want you taking the easy way out.
Don't let her out of your sight.
We've got a hit on the fingerprints found at the scene.
His name's Steven Mills.
Works as a contractor in Stratford.
Married, one kid.
He's a history of mental health issues - he was arrested 15 years ago for violent behaviour.
Where can we find him? That's really good, love.
Now let's get Mummy a coffee.
Do you think Daddy will like it? - What's this? - I made you coffee.
- That's good.
- Thanks.
You're still grounded, though.
For how long? You're lucky it's not for life.
I've said I'm sorry.
I know that.
But it's not enough.
But how long for? Dad, please.
I'm sorry, you know I am.
Six weeks.
That's so long.
Mum? Six weeks.
You can't play me and your dad off against each other.
You can try.
But you'll fail.
Now, come on, breakfast.
I'm late.
Have an amazing day, Dad.
Still six weeks.
Wait - you can have this on the way.
Is that for me? You're going to speak to her today, then? - Yeah.
- Like you were going to yesterday? When the time's right, I'll talk to her.
You end your affair with that woman today.
Or we're over.
- Do you understand? - I said I would and I will.
And don't speak to me like I'm the only guilty person here.
You're not going to let me live, are you? I'm sorry