Rellik (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 - We shot a guy reaching for his phone.
- He killed seven people.
What if someone slipped through the cracks on the way here? What if we killed an innocent man? You're still a suspect in this case.
I didn't kill those people and I didn't do that to your face.
I don't know how I missed it.
Steven Mills was one of Isaac Taylor's patients.
We're talking about leading the arrest of the person who attacked you.
If you want me off the case, you're going to have to make it an order.
I can't stay here.
- So where are you going to go? - I don't know.
I still see you the way I did.
I don't see the scars.
I love you, Gabriel.
You should go.
You end your affair with that woman today.
Don't speak to me like I'm the only guilty person here.
You're not going to let me live, are you? I'm sorry.
Being a schizophrenic doesn't make you a murderer.
No answer's ever that simple.
The moon of Manakoora Filled the night With magic Polynesian charm The moon of Manakoora Came in sight And brought you to my eager arms The moon of Manakoora Soon will rise Again above the island shore And I'll behold it in your dusky eyes You OK, miss? Do I look OK? Where are you sleeping? Miss? Let me help you.
TALK ON POLICE RADIO SHE LAUGHS Rellik 1x02 "Episode 02 " Sep 18 , 2017 All this burned to shit for a laptop You think our killer did this? Hm.
Things will get back to normal soon enough, y'know? Right.
Night, boss.
DOOR BUZZER Hey! Sorry for just turning up.
How are you feeling? Are you checking up on me, or.
? No! I was worried about you.
No, you weren't.
I just wanted to see you, OK? It's always OK.
- Can I get you a drink? - No, no, I'm fine.
- I wasn't sure if - I just want to Sorry, you go.
I just wanted to ask what you said last night .
did you mean it? Course.
Why? Why? Because this These scars, they're not you.
Nice sentiment.
But we both know that's not true.
Isn't it? It's a fact.
What happened to you shouldn't have to change us.
There's things that There's things that come into your life, that become a part of it .
unexpected, you know? Takes a while to notice it, even, cos sometimes you get caught up looking forward at the road ahead andit's only when you stop and you think that you even realise .
these are things you can't live without.
Turns out you're one of these things.
You don't have to pretend that it's not hard to look at.
No, I-I don't.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- I just - It's fine.
It's fine.
It's It's OK.
It's OK.
You just need to relax.
You need to not think.
SIREN WAILS All right! You lot aren't keen on being invited in, are you? It was you, wasn't it? I don't know what you're on about.
You had the laptop destroyed.
The fire-that was you.
I've been here since my lawyer was kind enough to get me out of that shit-hole police station.
It smells of budget cuts.
What was on the laptop? Do you want a cup of tea? Just tell me.
Stop giving me this shit and say something real.
You're not ready, are you? To be let out into the real world.
Me, I've looked this way so long, I forget it's there most of the time.
Even when I get comments, you know? Have you had them yet? Never directly to you, of course, unless they're kids, or they're just that drunk.
Normally, you just overhear.
Overnight, it's like you become a celebrity.
Everybody craning their necks, people double-taking to see if they really saw what they think they saw, and a few of them go out of their way to look at you and force a smile.
Cos they're good people.
And then they go on their way .
cos freaks like us don't matter.
What are you doing? Can I get changed first? Oi! I'm talking to you.
Ow! Fuck you! All right, all right! I haven't got my phone.
Can I get some shoes on? Boo-hoo.
All right! Ooh! So, I guess you're all wondering why I sent that e-mail round? Could not care less! Well, thanks for coming.
So, it's been a long, weird day, but at least no-one was hurt in the fire.
And I know we all just want to go to the pub and join the IT department.
But before then, I have an announcement to make.
Because-truth is-I have to make a scene.
It's what I do, so .
me and our lovely receptionist Alex here - we're engaged! - Hey! And you're all invited! Apart from you, Mike.
HE MOUTHS I didn't even know they were screwing.
You'll make a great detective one day.
Eye for detail.
It was fun last night, wasn't it? All right, I know.
As if anyone would get anything from that, anyway! Has anyone got any leads on who started the fire? Boss was looking into something, but no-one's sharing.
Wonder what was on that laptop that was so important.
Asim? It was a fun night, yeah.
What's the plan, then? Keep driving around all night until you bore me into some kind of confession? This is ridiculous! No way could I have set a fire in a police station.
Maybe you didn't.
Maybe somebody did it for you.
We'll find out.
Where are we going? You're not asking me questions.
Not any more.
You're losing it.
One of those days? Shut up! You're a mess! It's not just me, is it? What else? Girlfriend troubles? Wife? Wife.
Maybe your kids can't look at you cos you got a face like a waffle.
Waffle face, they call you, don't they? I bet you thought you had it all.
I remember watching you on TV when this all started and you had this look about you, this confidence, like nothing could touch you.
Out catching the bad guys during the day, wife and kids waiting for you at night.
Then this happened.
And you realised that underneath it all, you're as rotten and ugly on the outside now as you are on the inside.
I've been there.
TYRES SQUEAL Oh, my God! HORNS BLARE Stop the car! Gabriel, stop the car! Stop the car.
Stop the fucking car! Oh, my God! What the fuck are you doing? Stop it! Jesus Christ! Stop it! What's wrong with you? You could've fucking killed us! Let's go again.
No! Christ! Please Just Just leave it, no.
Tell me what was on the laptop.
You'll lose your job for this.
Assuming anyone believes you.
There's traffic cameras, speed cameras Not on this stretch.
They've been out for months.
What was on the laptop? You'll kill us both, just so I tell you? What have I got left to lose? Well, I know what that's like.
But then I realised there were things, things I didn't know I had that I couldn't live without.
It's not the end, is it? You're alive, aren't you? So stop feeling sorry for yourself.
Stop kamikaze-ing into oncoming traffic.
I can stop, when you tell me.
I didn't do this to you.
OK? It wasn't me.
And I didn't do the other attacks, either.
When I did what I did to that prick, it was once.
Because of how he hurt my mum.
I wanted him to suffer the same way she did, learn to be a fucking human.
Don't you sometimes wish that? That the people that just look at you like that could be in your shoes? Just for a moment? No.
I don't.
You know I'm not bluffing.
Don't make me do it again, Christine.
What was on the laptop? What were you trying to hide? It had the recordings.
My sessions with Isaac.
Bastard recorded everything and he had it all stored on his laptop.
And not just mine, other patients of his.
Proper psychos.
Some sick stuff on there.
Some of it was old, like, decades old This one guy, killed his whole family, through the night, one by one, and he talked it through like he was going through a shopping list.
And there was another girl There was another girllike, 12, maybe.
She watched her mother die in front of her.
Her dad stabbed her in the stomach and when Isaac asked her how it made her feel, she said, "What do you mean?" And not because she didn't understand, because she didn't feel.
I get it.
His patients talked about things in their lives that messed them up.
So you were on these recordings? Yeah, yeah.
Yours truly.
Made the cut.
So what did you say, in the session? What was so important that you had to have that laptop destroyed? - What was on it? - I didn't set that fire! - What was on it? - Oh, my God, does it matter? It doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter.
It was mine.
It was private.
It was God, he had no right.
Isaac, he had no right Tell me.
You've got kids, right? Are you a good dad? Do you show up to their concerts? Do you read 'em stories when they go to sleep? Yeah, I bet you did.
My dad, he put me to bed, but Yeah.
A different way most nights.
He told me it was my fault, and that I couldn't tell anyone or they'd blame me, and I believed him, course I did-I was eight.
What did I know? Anyway, my mum found out and she ain't no pushover, my mum.
She's She's the hard sort.
She grew up hard, and she knew people, like, people on the estate who could help her out.
And so one day, my dad My dad just, erm .
The same way he would sometimes when he went on one of his benders, exceptthis time he didn't come back.
So, on that tape Oh, God Well, he's got a way of making you talk about stuff, that doctor.
I love my mum and she don't deserve to be punished for protecting me.
You have some imagination.
Why would I lie? Because that's who you are.
The guy that drives down the wrong side of the motorway at 100 miles an hour is telling me I've got problems? That's like Josef Fritzl telling you how to raise your kids! You-you asked me, OK? I told you.
Go look into it all you want.
I'm sure it won't take you long, Supercop.
Go lock my mum up for protecting me, for looking out for me, if that's what you want.
- Did you kill all those people? - No.
And if you think I did, prove it.
Get out.
Here? I'm not wearing any shoes I said get out! You're mental.
Properly mental.
TYRES SQUEAL - MINISTER: - Surely goodness and love MUSIC: You're the Best Thing by The Style Council .
that ever happened So don't go away I don't for that power crazy way All that I could rule I don't check for ENGINE STARTS AND REVS So listen what I say MUSIC STOPS You hardly ever see an E-type in such amazing condition.
So I've heard.
It's a beauty.
How much do you want for it? The ad didn't say.
How much do you think you should pay? I've got 30k.
I know, I know, it's not Well, I mean, the ad said you'd listen to any offers, but Christ, we both know this is worth twice that.
I'm sorry, I really didn't mean to waste your time How about you give me five for it? - I don't understand.
- Five grand.
Yeah, butit's worth more.
A lot more.
Do you want it or not? It's just What's wrong with it? I mean, it's not stolen, is it? All the documents are there.
I can't drive it.
I don't want it any more.
I want it off my hands, so I don't have to think about it.
Ever again.
So, last time, do we have a deal? Yeah.
Of course.
Any idea what's up with Elaine today? Why should I know? You're the boss.
I thought she may have called you, that's all I meant.
She's ill.
You know as much as I do.
Christine Levison? We have a warrant to search your premises under the suspicion of theft of a laptop.
What? Hold on, I You want to tell me what this is all about? We were thinking you might be able to tell us.
You're that detective, aren't you? The one who was attacked.
I saw you on the news.
I read about you in the paper.
Ma'am, if you wouldn't mind, can we? I feel like all I heard about for a week was you, and now here you are on my doorstep.
Isn't that strange? - This matches the description.
- OK.
Well, if it wasn't strange before it's about to get that way.
We're going to need you to come to the station - to answer some questions.
- Questions? About why you stole the laptop.
After you.
They rushed you back to work fast.
Aren't they worried about how you can do your job? Talking to people and Cos you're not like everyone else any more.
Why are they trying to pretend that you are? Take her to interview room three, Martin.
This way.
Sorry, er, the Hey Hi.
It has been a very long time, has it not? It has.
I'm surprised you recognise me.
Of course.
You and your father would always sit here.
You were a child but, yes, you look just the same.
Oh, I don't.
But thanks for saying so.
This very table, every Tuesday lunch time.
You would have pasta with tomato sauce.
Not the good kind, though.
And cheddar cheese! You've got a very good memory.
And how is he, your father? He's He, er He passed away, actually.
I'm so sorry It's fine.
The lunch is on me.
No, that's OK.
For your father.
For you.
Thank you.
- Hi.
- ON PHONE: Hey.
I'm sorry to call.
I know you're not well It's fine.
I just thought you should know we've got a suspect.
She stole the laptop from Isaac Taylor's office.
Taylor? Why, what's on it? Not sure yet.
I just thought you should know.
If you want to call me, Gabriel, and ask how I am .
you are allowed to just call me.
I just wanted to update you on the case.
Get better.
Number one or number two? You know why you're here, don't you? I don't know how that laptop ended up in my room.
I've had friends staying with me Save it.
We know it belongs to Isaac Taylor.
You're a patient of his, right? - Right.
- Why'd you take it? You know what happened to Isaac's partner, hmm? At the centre? - You can't have missed that.
- I didn't steal anything.
We're going to go through it, Christine.
Find out what you wanted on there.
You could save the poor bastard a few hours who's got to comb through the hard drive by just telling us.
You don't like looking at me, do you? I'm a smart woman, Detective.
You think because I live in a council block, I'm not? - I never said that.
- So stop treating me like I'm an idiot.
You can't hold me in here forever.
I know that.
So, I'd like to call someone.
Someone who can represent my interests in here.
Someone who can make sure all this is above board.
And that you're notyou know, persecuting me.
Targeting me because of how I look.
You're here because you stole that laptop.
We've got enough evidence of the theft to charge you right now.
So charge me.
You're also here because you've got a history We all have a history.
I paid for mine.
Looks like you did too, maybe? Karma's a mean old frosty bitch, isn't she? Do you sometimes think that? That it's some That it's some kind of punishment, what happened to you? OK, look, you need to start answering some questions because this-this isn't helping you or your case, OK? - OK, OK.
- I can handle this, Martin.
Can you? Can you take your mind off what happened to you? What are you going to do, then? I don't You've just got to do it.
Don't you? Get it done I'll go and talk to her now.
Right here? Isn't it a bit Can I have one of those as well, please? Do you mind if I? - Cheers.
- Thanks.
So So.
It's not really how I pictured doing this, and I don't really want to make a scene, but Thanks.
HE CLEARS HIS THROA So, do you want to, uh, get married? Is that a yes, then? What is it you want me to say? Hmm? "You got me! I killed them all! I wanted the world to look like me!" Is that what you'd like me to say? It's over, Christine.
What a shame.
What are you going to do, hmm? You going to carry on? Carry on killing? Mutilating? You won't be able to move.
Not one step without someone in this department knowing about it.
How flattering.
I'm not used to so much attention.
Although we both know that ain't true.
- What's that supposed to mean? - I'm one person.
I'm sure this whole department has other priorities, other than me.
You know, actual criminals.
With actual concrete evidence.
You think because I look the way I do, you can harass me.
And you think that's why you're here? Isaac Taylor's business partner, Jonas Borner.
Does that mean anything to you? I walk past his office every week.
Two months we've been on this case, and nothing to link any of the bodies.
No connection.
You're the closest we've got.
Even if I did steal the laptop, how does that make me a killer? Except how I look? You've got a record.
So? - KNOCK ON DOOR - Not now! - DOOR OPENS - Gabriel.
Her solicitor here? She wants to talk.
She's enjoying this.
It's a game to her.
Charge her or release her.
You know how it is.
We're onto something.
Her connection to Isaac Taylor We should charge her on the theft.
Taylor won't press charges.
He just wants his laptop back, above all else.
- He doesn't want her punished, he says.
- He came to us.
I know.
I know, I talked to him, but that's his position.
Whatever's on that laptop, if there's something, we'll find it.
All right, set up surveillance.
She's not going anywhere.
What if she's the one who did this to me? You shouldn't be on this.
We talked about this.
You talked about this and twisted my arm.
I reminded you about a few things, that's all.
Well, let me remind you of a few things.
We do things properly around here.
You got anything? No? Cut her loose.
Fuck! See you around, Detective.
PHONE VIBRATES Yeah? Er Can it wait? All right, where? Fine.
SIREN BLARES What are you doing in here? Afraid to be seen with me? I don't want to be seen with these.
You promised me it was over.
These, um These were taken before the attack.
You can see your scorpion tattoo.
Where'd you get these? Christ, does it matter? Was it you? Did you follow me? And wait till now to tell you? They arrived in the post this morning.
Was there a postmark? - Or did you keep the envelope? - Stop.
Stop pretending this is some case you need to fix.
Who cares who sent it? This is you, screwing your partner in the middle of a park.
- Like a bloody animal.
- Lisa Are you still sleeping with her? Does it matter? SHE SCOFFS Christ, Gabriel, of course it matters.
Could you at least try? Just try and pretend you're offended.
- Can you hear yourself? - Or upset? Or embarrassed about this? Commanding that I come to you, to confess my crimes, tell you what a terrible person I am, after - .
after you lied to me the way you did? - And I'm sorry.
How many times do I have to tell you I'm sorry? We both made mistakes.
Mistake? You're calling what you did a mistake? Is this what we are now? Because if this is all we'll ever be then .
then what are we doing? I stuck with you.
All the shit you went through all those years ago.
After Helena Parides, you were out of control.
Remember? Just spiralling into self-destruction.
I could have given up on you.
But I didn't.
Hannah saved you.
She saved both of us.
Don't Don't use Hannah.
Don't use Hannah in this.
I came here to ask you a question.
Just answer it and I'll go.
Are you still with Elaine? I don't know.
It's serious, isn't it? You and her? What, because she still wants me? Because I look like this? - That's not what I meant.
- Yeah.
It is.
Yeah, it is.
You may find it hard to believe, Gabriel, but I love you.
So make up your mind.
I'll wait for you tonight.
So come home early for once.
We can talk properly.
ALARM BELLS RING SIRENS WAIL What's going on? Bloody fire in the IT lab.
The whole place has been evacuated.
Can't leave you alone for one minute, can we? LARGE EXPLOSION, GLASS SHATTERS ALARM BELLS RING MAN COUGHS INAUDIBLE You said last time we spoke, you were having thoughts about suicide.
Well, just thoughts, you know? It's good to It helps to imagine.
Imagine what it would be like if it all went away.
If I didn't have to remember who I was.
It doesn't mean I'm I'm not out buying razor blades.
That's all I'm saying.
Have you talked to your wife about these feelings? I thought that's why the department were paying you.
You think she wouldn't understand? - I don't know how I'm - HE CLEARS HIS THROA I don't know how I'm ever going to feel normal again.
Like myself, you know? Er I hurt all the time.
My throat My skin.
It feels like It feels like it isn't my own, you know? And seeing myself isn't the worst of it.
I just look away.
But seeing other people How they react, when they see me.
Like I'm some kind of monster.
And I don't know what's worse.
The look of pity in their eyes or .
the fear.
The disgust.
Doesn't matter, I suppose.
They all look away as quick as they can.
No-one expects you to be OK.
Not right away.
Not for a long while.
You have to allow yourself the time to adjust.
Well, that's very kind of you to say.
Flowers can just be sent to my address.
We won't be having a funeral.
Yeah, I know.
Well, that's what Dad wanted so we have to respect his wishes.
Thanks again.
More well-wishers? It's taking everything I've got not to just scream down the phone.
If they knew him, if any of these people really knew him, they wouldn't want to pay their respects.
It's going to be pretty bloody weird though, isn't it? Just one person at a funeral? Yeah, well, Dad cared what people thought.
The way you acted, dressed.
It all mattered.
This way, it'll just me and him.
No pretence.
No happy illusion of mourning.
Just me watching that bastard get burned.
If anyone deserves to die alone, it's him.
That's heavy.
There's this song The one that makes me say Cos you're the best thing that ever happened THEY LAUGH Oh, he hated this.
God, he hated it.
"This is the day Paul Weller broke my heart," he said, the first time he heard it.
He was a massive fan of The Jam and then this came out.
Just didn't get it.
Not one bit.
So I'm playing it at the crematorium! There's something wrong with you, you know that? Blame Dad.
What about the car? He loved that thing more than anything.
Selling it so cheap Oh, he'd be rolling his grave You're actually enjoying this, aren't you? Sad, isn't it? Nothing can fix the kind of man your father was.
So if any of this is making you feel any better then .
hey, more power to you.
Here's to you, Dad.
Rot in pieces.
You're really going to dump her tonight? Mate, I can't take it any more.
She's doing my head in.
But dumping someone at work I dunno.
- That's not ideal.
- No, it's perfect.
She can't make a scene here.
Well, if you don't want a scene then just do it by text.
Text? What kind of arsehole do you think I am? What you on today? Still trying to get an ID on body number five.
This bloody case, Jesus.
Good luck.
Jenny! Hey.
- Hey.
- Listen, I need a word.
Me too.
Cos I've been thinking I'm pregnant.
I'm bloody pregnant! Oh! That's That's Wow! - Hey.
- Where is he? The office.
Mr Taylor.
DCI Markham.
I'm sorry about what happened to you.
I saw the news.
Thanks for coming down.
Yeah, well, I thought you might want to see me.
I'm sure it's nothing.
It's probably just a simple theft, but Well, Nothing else was taken.
That's what I don't understand.
This was from your office last night? My colleague tells me the laptop was the only item stolen.
And I've got paintings .
and other items, plenty that's worth more.
And you think that maybe this was connected to what happened to Mr Borner? Well, I mean, maybe.
Truth is, even if it's not, I'd rather be safe than sorry.
With all these other bodies turning up.
We pulled CCTV from a nearby traffic camera.
This car was parked near your office the day of the break-in.
Do you recognise her? It's Christine.
She's in your patient files.
You've got a good memory.
How could I forget? We need to bring Elaine in on this.
Have you seen her? I don't think she's in yet.
Mr Taylor, we need you to tell us everything you know about Christine.
HE GASPS DISTORTED VOICES:- I'm right here - He's there! Can you wake up for me, please, Gabriel? OVERLAPPING VOICES You've had quite a shock to the body HE GASPS PRESSES DOOR BUZZER You don't have to hide.
I'm not.
How have you been? You haven't come round since it happened.
I keep wanting to call, but I don't know.
It's OK.
I understand.
Truth is, I don't know any more.
I'm sorry, I just Let's just both stop apologising to each other, OK? Let's just say how we feel.
I still want you.
You can't.
Don't tell me what I think.
We can't start this again, Elaine.
Not after Hannah.
Don't say that.
I'm sorry, but it's true.
It's time.
Because you don't want me any more? Because of what happened? I'll see you tomorrow.
I really am sorry.
But maybe this has been a wake-up call.
It has to end, I can't keep hurting my family.
Tell me.
I killed them.
I killed them and then I burned them.
Every single part.
So that no-one would ever know who they are.
Just me.
I know who they are.
I know what's happened to them.
Their friends and their family, they'll have to live with the uncertainty the rest of their lives.
SHE EXHALES SHAKILY Can you tell me why you killed them? Because I like it.