Rellik (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 - It's unfair what happened to you.
- (SPLASHING) - We all get what we deserve.
- (HE SCREAMS) You saved his bloody life, Elaine.
- You're a hero.
- Why don't I feel like one? I remember, I heard your voice in the ambulance.
From now on, it's just you and me.
You haven't caught him yet, have you? Any insights? Be good to hear from another murderer what his take on all this is.
Bringing street girls back to the safe-house, it's career suicide! You've done worse, mate.
You have done much worse! You knew, didn't you? You always treated Hannah as your own daughter.
You need to get as far away from him as you can.
But I love him.
You must've realised I was having you on, Isaac.
I made it up, because I knew you get a kick out of hearing it.
Richard Bell's in custody.
I thought you'd like to know.
I'm pleased to hear it.
Has he said why? He's said a lot of things.
Mostly about you.
I don't doubt it.
You could've called me, Detective.
Why did you come all the way down here yourself to tell me? What you said about me.
The other night.
It's not true.
Then my apologies.
And my gratitude for finding Mr Bell.
Why's he so obsessed with you anyway? Hm? So much so that you had to take out a restraining order on him.
I've made it my life's work .
to try and forge some understanding .
of why people behave the way they do.
With understanding, I hope, comes a way of helping those whose minds have come untethered.
But I know .
better than anyone that there are some aspects of human behaviour that cannot be explained.
Sometimes we look for reasons .
and all we find is .
So, he's bat-shit crazy.
That's your answer? That wasn't my answer.
Well, you have a good night, Mr Taylor.
Rellik 1x05 "Episode 05" Oct 9, 2017.
You want more? Yes! My God! You're not trying to get out of homework? Excuse me, I'm trying to help you.
You should be grateful.
You still have to do your homework.
- Wow.
- Wow! Hey, guys.
- Oh, hey, Dad.
- Mm.
Oi! - Mm! - (LICKS FINGERS) Couldn't resist.
- How was work? - Oh, you know, the usual.
Rescued a cat from a tree.
Um, that's firemen, stupid (MOBILE CHIMES) Ah, shit, I gotta go.
You just got home! Justice never sleeps.
You're such an idiot! Save me some.
Be careful! Bye-e! (HE LAUGHS) (SHE GIGGLES) You're not supposed to smoke in here.
Not supposed to screw in here either.
We should get some food.
I gotta get back.
Now? Yeah! Why? I said I was going out for one drink with an old friend.
I should've been back 20 minutes ago.
It's never stopped you before.
Do you love them? Your family? What kind of question is that? If you love them .
why are you here with me? The time I told you when we started this, I didn't want anything else.
I'm not interested in anything else.
So, you just want to screw me and then leave.
You told me you loved me.
People say things.
But you said it was different with me.
It is.
More bullshit? No.
It's true.
I don't know what it is about you.
But if that's true and if you feel we have a connection, then why? Hey, come here.
If you're not happy with this arrangement, well, then it has to end.
You won't leave her.
Thank you.
OK, I'll be right there.
- A second one.
- Bastard We got ourselves a serial killer? Cos if we do When? Dog-walker saw the body half an hour ago.
Forensics have made an initial assessment, time of death is only in the last few hours.
You're sure? Lividity's pretty conclusive.
We're canvassing the area right now.
Sir, what do you want us to do about Richard Bell? Sir? Let him go.
Really? Are you sure? He's been with us the last few hours.
So, if Forensics are right, then this can't have been him, can it? Shit! (PATTERING) Enjoy yourself, did you? Yeah, I did actually.
So what do we do now? (OTHER MAN BREATHES SHALLOWLY) Look, why don't I just leave? Yeah.
Look at you! You've cut your hair.
It was long in the last photo.
It suits you.
Aren't you going to say anything, love? What do you want me to say, Dad? Something.
I'm not spoiled for conversation in this place.
Why now? All these years, a letter here, a photograph there That's been enough.
Why do you want this? Remember when I caught you smoking? Nine years old.
Bottom of the garden.
I said to you, "If you stop smoking, I'll stop, too.
" Did you? No.
(HE LAUGHS) - Nor did I.
- Dad, why did you ask me here? I thought the cough I had was a cold.
I thought I could get through it.
But then I was keeping my cell-mate awake at night.
Stage IV lung cancer.
Spread everywhere it can.
I'm sorry.
No, you're not.
You've never been sorry for anything.
That's OK.
That's the way you are.
But the thought I might never see you again, that .
that didn't seem right.
Are you happy? I think so.
A detective now.
I tell everyone in here how proud I am.
I still don't understand.
- Why did you ask me here? - What? Well, you didn't think I'd care, did you? That you're dying? I just I want to say .
I'm sorry.
They say I haven't got long.
Yeah? Good! (CHUCKING AND JEERING) Bird flu coming through.
(LAUGHTER) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Look, am I done now? - (APPLAUSE) Done? You got the song.
- Seriously? - Song's important! Come on, Martin.
Nice and clear.
I'm a widdle chicken I flap my widdle wings I'm a fluffy chicken I'm scared of everything.
- (LAUGHTER) - What's going on here? (LAUGHTER DIES DOWN) (SILENCE) You didn't think to tell me you were cracking out the chicken dance? Now you're going to have to do it all over again.
What? - I can't do it again, Boss.
Come on, please! - Rules are rules, mate.
From the top, with feeling.
I'm a widdle chicken I flap my widdle wings I'm a fluffy chicken - I'm scared of everything - (LAUGHTER) (HE CLUCKS) (APPLAUSE) - Solid eight out of ten.
- Now go get changed.
Any news on Isaac Taylor? Yeah, this came through an hour ago.
What the hell's this? Eah.
He didn't tell you last night, then? (KNOCK AT DOOR) - I said I wasn't to be disturbed.
- (WOMAN): It's the police.
You didn't think to mention Richard Bell? Richard? Sorry, why would I, Detective? Sorry, I don't understand You had restraining orders out on him.
You and Jonas Borner.
Yes, I didn't think he was a threat.
I asked you if you had any enemies.
Anyone who would want to harm you and Jonas.
Yes, and Richard Bell couldn't hurt anyone.
He's been locked away in prison for the last three years.
You might want to put that in your calendar next time.
He was released early last week.
Is Richard Bell capable of doing something like this? I Richard Bell he was troubled.
He'd get very agitated during our sessions.
In fact, I had to terminate his treatment, because he was he was just too erratic.
Once I terminated, he became angry.
He was fixated on me.
Yeah, he'd just wait outside the office for hours.
Just stand there, silent We're sending a patrol car round to your office now.
Don't move until we pick up Richard Bell.
And next time I ask you to tell me everything? You tell me everything.
(LINE DISCONNECTS) (SIRENS WAIL) (HE KNOCKS) Mr Bell? (HE BANGS) Richard Bell, this is the police.
(HE BANGS) Mr Bell? I'll put an alert out through the system, OK? Wait! I think I heard something.
(DOOR THUDS) Boss, we don't have a warrant Kitchen.
OK, what are we looking for? Any clues he poured acid over Jonas Borner.
That'd be a start.
Wait, wait.
We can't just look through that, can we? We'll get a legal warrant once he's in custody.
Wouldn't be the first time.
Richard Bell? I want to talk to you about Isaac Taylor.
(DOOR SLAMS) Fuck! (GRATING RATTLES) (HE YELLS) Ahh! Agh! Fuck! (CLUNKING) Bell! Bell! Bell, stop running! (HE GRUNTS) Bastard.
What are you doing? There's nowhere left to run, Bell.
(HE SHRIEKS) You're under arrest for the murder of Jonas Borner.
I'm sorry for fucking up your plans to kill Isaac Taylor, as well.
(HE SCREAMS) Isaac Taylor, you know what he is, don't you? He has darkness inside him where his soul should be.
He took my sickness and he sent me straight to Hell.
Isaac Taylor is evil.
He's evil! He's evil! He's evil! He's evil! Shut up! Agh! - You find anything? - No.
Jeez, these things are so dry.
What? You don't have paperwork in your job? Course I do.
I just go through it as it comes, y'know.
Going through over 30-odd years of psychological assessments that's different.
Is it? I don't think our jobs are that different.
Going back over people's lives, rifling through it, trying desperately to figure out who these people are.
How some of them can do such poisonous things.
Should we talk to her? Oh, yeah, I can see why you've picked her out.
Because of the burns.
She's damaged.
She's a very troubled woman who, sadly, I think I alone am able to fix.
You see those burns? She did that to herself.
A twisted way of connecting with her mother.
Trying to make her feel less alone.
Someone who could do that No, she's not a killer People surprise you.
You of all people should know that.
We'll keep her on the list.
Must get you down.
All this.
Must lose faith in people.
No, these people, fixing them, that's what gives me faith in human beings.
Proves we can change.
(HE CHUCKLES) Aren't they? Aren't they just all born this way? With a screw loose? (SARCASTICALLY): Political correctness pass you by? Oh, at 100 miles an hour.
I'm just playing catch-up.
(HE SIGHS) You're really struggling there, aren't you? Is it that the documents are dry or are you just brutally hungover? Damn things last for days the older you get.
Where's your toilet? (HE GASPS) (MUSIC: BLACK IS THE COLOUR BY NINA SIMONE) Her real name was Eunice Waymon, you know? (MUSIC CONTINUES) - Who? - Nina Simone.
She changed her name because she didn't want her mother to hear her playing the "devil's music".
She played this beautiful music .
and she didn't want her parents to hear her play it? What parents wouldn't want to hear this? - Some people are strange.
- (SHE LAUGHS) My dad sent me a message.
He wants me to come and see him.
I'm thinking of going.
He's still your dad.
Even after all these years.
I don't know what I'd say.
You'll figure it out.
You should go.
Well, if you of all people can say that, then, maybe.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) You, um You worked at this Salvia unit? A long time ago.
There was an incident there, about 20 years ago Yeah, yeah, I remember.
I was there.
Shut that place down, thank God.
You can learn a lot about a person just watching them.
Tell them more about them than they dared even let themselves know.
All you need is a crystal ball and a fucking wart on your chin.
(ISAAC LAUGHS) Well, I've often thought psychics and psychiatrists aren't that different, really.
The money's better in your game though, isn't it? Oh, it's not about the money.
Not in my field.
We help people.
Some people can't be helped.
What about these people, huh? In here? What the hell are you going to do with them? Are you going to fix them, you know? Nobody's beyond help.
Even you.
I'm not one of your patients.
I'm nothing like these nutjobs.
No, of course not.
But nobody's perfect.
Are you telling me you don't have your demons? You say .
Steven Mills? You don't seem like the introspective type.
But self-knowledge, it's under-rated.
You snorted something, upstairs in the toilet.
It's not a problem, you just You just don't care.
Even though you're a policeman, on the job, in the middle of an investigation.
You'll do whatever it is that suits you .
DCI Markham.
Because you're a narcissist.
Go on.
You have a family but you never wear your wedding ring at work.
There's the faintest trace of an old tan line on one of your fingers there.
You probably tell your wife you don't want to wear it cos you never want to compromise her, if you screwed over some nasty piece of work and he wanted to get at you through them.
You want to protect them.
Be a hero.
But, really, you don't want newbies on the force to know you're taken so you can screw them.
(HE LAUGHS) Oh, ho, ho, ho - You should be a detective.
- Don't pay enough.
(GABRIEL CHUCKLES) Instant gratification won't make you happy, Gabriel.
Bending everything around you until it breaks .
just means you're going to end up in a room full of broken things.
Shards of things .
that will cut you.
You need to take care of yourself.
Then start thinking about others.
What about you, Isaac? What would we find if we cracked you open, huh? An alphabetised library.
A lifetime supply of fucking blue rubber gloves to keep the world out.
Your work is your life.
But that's OK, because you love it.
- And that's the only thing you love.
- OK, have you finished now? Come to think of it.
Someone so obsessed with cleanliness .
they could easily leave a crime scene without a shred of DNA, couldn't they? Are you sure I should be looking at these files and not at the person holding them, Isaac? I have nothing to hide, Detective.
Everyone has something to hide.
THEY PANT AND GROAN You like that, do you? Shut up, Lydia - Think I'm some kind of a slut, do you? - Shut up.
(HE GROANS) You're amazing.
(THEY PANT) Do you have it, too? - Course I do.
- What is it? I honestly don't know.
I'm fucked.
I'm fucked because I think I'm in fucking love with you.
(HE LAUGHS) I love you, too.
You are so sweaty.
I am so hungover.
We should probably get back in.
Go on, then.
I'll follow you in five.
It really is different with you.
(BENTON): Right, get on it.
We've got a body.
They're saying it's nothing like we've seen before.
(MARTIN GAGS) (HE RETCHES) - What do Forensics say? - Teeth have been removed.
The body covered in some kind of acid.
No identifiable facial features.
Fingertips have been cut off.
Someone didn't want us to make an ID.
If you don't want someone found, you bury the body deep and then you dump it in the ocean.
You don't display it in a kids' playground.
Then the killer's trying to say something? Yep.
Or .
maybe he's just saying, "I'm a fucking psycho".
(RETCHING) (HE SPLUTTERS) Well, that's the sound of Martin's insides being pulled out Chickens! Chickens.
(ALL CLUCK) (CLUCKING ECHOES) What's that about? Just a tradition we have around here.
Anyone who throws up at the sight of a dead body they get to wear the chicken suit.
Oh, there's a dance and everything.
Or just another way of coping.
And I'll I suppose I'll see you next week, Nigel.
- Duncan, could you help? - Thank you, Doctor.
You're welcome.
Isaac, Jonas still hasn't arrived.
And you've tried calling him? Several times.
I've had to cancel all his patients for the day.
Maybe he's ill? Or lying in a drunken stupor somewhere.
He sounded like he was on a mission last night.
- You want me to keep trying him? - Yeah.
For what it's worth.
(MOBILE VIBRATES) Stupid bloody phone! VOICEMAIL: You have one new message.
Main menu.
To listen to your messages (KNOCKING) OK, one sec Boss? Might be nothing.
Might be something.
Switchboard just got a call.
Someone who received a voice message last night raised a few alarm bells.
Might be worth checking out.
Guy's name is Isaac Taylor.
Sure, check him out.
Before you go, can I have a word? Yep, forward it to me, we'll check it out.
Listen, I've given up asking you to stop fucking colleagues, mate, but doing it in the bloody toilets? Gabriel, Christ's sake, man, rein it in.
If you want to shag the new girl, what's wrong with using the safe house? Well, sometimes "safe" isn't that exciting, is it? I'm just looking out for you, mate, that's all.
Just trying to be a friend.
You haven't been a friend for a long time, though, have you? You're my boss.
So, unless this is an official warning, I'd respectfully ask you to fuck off .
Sorry about this morning, Boss, I've never seen anything like it.
How do you do it? - Do what? - You know.
All the women.
Honestly? It doesn't feel like a choice to me.
I don't choose to screw around on Lisa, it just happens.
I don't think about it.
You overthink anything too much and you're in trouble, you know? You don't worry about your missus finding out? I used to worry.
Christ knows, that's all I did.
But then I realised .
everyone's so wrapped up in themselves that they don't really give a shit about anyone else.
We're all just animals, right? Fucking animals.
- (KNOCK AT DOOR) - Come! Please.
Thanks for coming so quickly.
Dr Taylor.
You called about a message? Yeah, from my colleague, Jonas Borner.
Yeah, yeah.
Last night, I .
we talked on the phone Sad, isn't it? I work with him all day, then still call him in the evening.
But Jonas and I, we've worked together for a long, long time.
The message? Yes.
Sorry, it's it's just thrown me.
I can't help thinking that he He left a voicemail last night.
I must've been on the other line, and, Christ knows why, but my phone just decided to tell me this morning.
I should send it back, really, but who listens to voicemails these days? And Mr Borner sent the message last night? Yes.
And You should just hear it.
Listen Hi there, hi there, it's me again.
Ahh I'm sorry, man.
Sorry, if I sounded Ah, you know.
Listen, I didn't mean to I didn't mean to Bollocks, man.
I've definitely had too much to drink.
There's no way I should be driving after all (PLASTIC RUSTLES) (GRUNTING, STRUGGLING) I've tried calling him since.
We'll look into it.
Do you mind if we take a look in Mr Borner's office? We need something with his DNA on it Yeah.
Yes, of course.
(DOOR RATTLES) - This is Jonas's office.
- Thank you.
Why do you need his DNA? - Procedure.
That's all.
- Sure.
Listen, if you find anything, you will let me know, won't you? Of course.
Cos I was just on my way, heading back home and get some stuff and go to the gym.
- But I'll leave my work phone on.
- Do you mind if we? No, no.
Of course.
That Jonas's scarf on the stand, there.
It's probably got something on it.
There'll be plenty that has.
Thanks for calling this in.
Hopefully, we can get some clarity on it.
Yah, well.
Look around.
As I said, I'll be in the gym.
To be honest I'm finding it hard to work .
for worrying.
- We find anything, we'll call you.
- Right.
(KEY RATTLES) (LOCK CLICKS) Hello? Boss? Yeah, it's me.
Scarf is confirmed, it's a DNA match.
It's Jonas Borner.
Mr Taylor.
Your colleague filled me in.
The scarf, it was a match? To Jonas? So it was his? He really is dead? - I'm sorry.
- Someone broke into my house.
I double-lock the other lock.
Without fail.
Also there's pencil lead that I place on the floor.
It's crushed, so I know someone's come into the house.
Whatever you think of me and my condition, it's not relevant right now, Detective.
What is, is that my colleague was brutally murdered .
and then someone breaks into my house.
What if I mean, the kind of work we do means that You're worried that someone's targeting you.
Well, wouldn't you be?! We'll put someone outside.
And inside.
In a way, this is good, because now we've got a good chance of finding this guy.
If it is you and Jonas they're after .
then it must have something to do with your practice, right? So, we need to look at that.
Every patient you've treated.
Anyone you think might be capable of doing something like this and you can talk about ethics and confidentiality all you want or we can work together to find the bastard before he or she finds you.
- Can we do that, Isaac? - Yes, we can.
They're funny things, memories.
I suppose that's why people take pictures, isn't it? To capture a memory like it's something you want to take care of.
Are you talking about me? No.
You're proof that memories are not something you want to protect.
I've been walking around all these years, blissfully ignorant, and now my eyes are open.
It's too late now.
I wish I could turn back the clock.
Forget all over again.
Because when something bad happens, it doesn't just gather dust.
It gathers flecks of anthrax.
And when you pick it up and breathe it in again, it can tear .
it can tear everything apart.
Oh, love Don't "Oh, love" me.
That was never you, was it, Mum? That was never you.
You just let it happen.
Poppy's revising for her 11-plus.
It is.
It is.
Come on, Isaac.
Just one beer, eh? I said, I'm busy! Stop harassing me! Go home, Jonas! To what? A dark flat? Me and my thoughts? No.
Are you all right, Jonas? Why? Cos it seems to me, you're calling me from the pub most nights on your own.
Yeah, well.
Maybe that's because I don't sleep as easy as you.
Jonas .
Sorry! (WELDING TORCH CRACKLES) Doesn't it ever get to you, Isaac? Everything we've done? Do you never just feel the need to just shut out the noise? We'll talk about it tomorrow.
When you're at home.
When you're sober, Jonas.
(HE SNORTS) I feel like I could drink all next week and still be sober.
This is about Tamsin.
You'll find someone new, and then, you won't be alone with your thoughts.
Maybe, you could be right.
I've gotta go.
Just don't drive.
Yeah, yeah.
All right.
See you tomorrow.
- I mean, who does that remind you of? - (ALL LAUGH) - I mean, where did you get that from? - 20 quid off the back of a lorry.
(ALL LAUGH) - Does anybody want a drink? - Yeah, thanks.
I'm good so far.
Hey! Hello? Bossy.
Like talking down to women, do you? Maybe.
Do you like being talked down to? Maybe.
Well, that's very 21st-century feminist of you.
I'm owning it.
Well If you're ever in the mood to be talked down to .
give me a call.
Lydia! Lyd.
Baby, I think the Beck's is empty I'll do it.
Having a beautiful wife who sorts you out beer.
I'm basically in heaven.
You're married? Five years.
You? Nah.
You're missing out.
What can I get you? (WELDING TORCH CRACKLES) Hi, there, it's me again.
Listen, I'm sorry, mate.
I'm sorry if I sounded Ah, you know.
It's just been one of those nights, eh? After all (HE GROANS) OK.
I'm in, I'm in.
I just - I didn't want to come across all - (ENGINE STARTS) Bollocks, man.
I have had too much to drink Ah, maybe I shouldn't be bloody driving at all (HE GRUNTS, PLASTIC RUSTLES) (HE STRUGGLES AND GROANS)