Rellik (2017) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

POP MUSIC VOICE IN BACKGROUND The whole time! Screwing him behind my back the whole time.
Behind my back! ANGRY VOICE It was just once, that was all it was.
SHE GROANS I've been walking around all these years, blissfully ignorant.
Now my eyes are open.
You're watching me, aren't you? You're weak and you're pathetic.
I won't change.
It's just sex.
It's just sex.
We all get what we deserve, eventually.
SCREAMING You saved his bloody life, Elaine, you're a hero.
Murder is an expression of passion for this individual, reflected in their choice of hydrochloric acid.
But however bad things got with us, you never blamed her.
You always treated Hannah as your own daughter.
I heard what you said! Here's to you, Dad, rot in pieces.
What if she's the one who did this to me? I didn't kill these people and I didn't do that to your face.
Everything's going to be all right.
I just want to take my daughter home.
Tell me she doesn't know.
I still see you the way I did, I don't see the scars.
I love you, Gabriel.
You should go.
After Helena Parides, you were out of control.
Remember? Just spiralling into self-destruction.
Promise you'll come and see your mother with me? Then everything will be back to normal.
Why can't you just tell me what's going on? Can you tell me what's going on? GUNSHO OK? Promise you'll come and see your mother with me? Then everything will be back to normal.
Why can't you just tell me what's going on? Rellik 1x06 "Episode 06" Oct 16, 2017.
Hey, Elaine, it's me.
Sorry it's so late, you're probably asleep.
I should be too.
When you get this, call me.
You're going to want to hear this.
HE GROANS Steven Mills' body is barely cold.
You couldn't wait a day at least? I thought it was too risky.
We agreed.
Gabriel knows something's wrong.
He knows Steven was set up.
And it all leads back here.
You think people will believe that? A typed suicide note? I think people will believe anything, if they need to.
Gabriel wants to believe it's over.
You're sick, Elaine.
You're damaged.
HE GASPS You don't remember me, do you? Do you know how rude it is to say you don't remember someone? It was a long time ago but after what happened to me .
you'd think it'd be something that stayed with you.
Don't hurt me, I, erm OK, please, look, I beg you I can pay, I've got money.
What's my name, Isaac? You're Detective Inspector Elaine Shepard.
I can help you.
You can trust me.
I haven't slept without having a nightmare - in as long as I can remember.
- Uh-hm.
Gave up buying sheets Sweat through to the mattress every time.
Go on You You said you'd help me.
You'd make it all go away.
When, when did I? Like it was all for me.
Like you were doing me a favour.
But you You don't care, do you? Elaine, when did I say that I'd? I was just some experiment to you.
- Radium Came.
- What? It's a clue.
I'm sorry, I don't Radium Came Madam Curie.
It's an anagram.
No! Please It's an anagram, like my name.
And my real name.
The one I had before you strapped me to a fucking machine and fried my brain.
HE MUMBLES You remember me now, don't you? HE WHIMPERS Helena Parides.
MUFFLED SCREAMS You were in late last night.
Have you even slept? Maybe.
A few hours.
Why are you in so early? We've got something.
A break in the case.
So did you tell her? Yeah.
And? What do you want from me? I want you to want a future for us.
I don't want to live like this.
Neither do I.
You've been patient.
God knows, you've been patient and I don't know why.
Because I love you.
Somewhere under the ugliness, right? I want to change.
I do.
You've said that before.
I know.
I was wrong not to tell you that you weren't Hannah's father.
I am her father.
HE CHUCKLES It's just biological.
I carried her home from hospital, didn't I? Taught her how to how to ride a bike.
HE LAUGHS Badly! She's still got the scar on her knee to prove it.
- But I was there, wasn't I? - Yes.
Even if our blood type disagrees.
She's still my wee girl.
I don't think I've ever seen you up this early.
I have no social life now, homework is all I have.
Which you normally do in your bedroom.
I needed the space.
And an audience.
- Thank you for noticing.
- Good for you, love.
Am I ungrounded yet? When you're 35.
- You can be a real dick.
- I love you too.
DOOR CLICKS You're up early.
So are you.
I got your message.
What? Did you change your mind again? You know, one of these days I'm going to get tired of your make-up and break-ups This wasn't about us.
It was about Steven Mills.
Do you remember what he said to his wife? "Promise me you'll come and see your mother with me.
" Right Well, when he said it, it didn't make sense.
I mean, the guy's on the run and he's talking about going to visit his mother-in-law's grave.
It felt wrong, so, er .
I went there and I found something.
A memory card.
And? Did you, er? Have you seen what's on it? The data was corrupted.
It was buried, but it had been raining hard.
Water damage, most likely.
So I gave it to the tech guys.
And They're inside.
They've been working on it all through the night, hopefully they'll find something soon.
Do you really think it will help, whatever is on this memory card? What I think doesn't seem to amount to much lately.
But Steven Mills thought it was important enough .
to hide it, bury it some place only his wife would find it.
Why, why would he do that? Why would he speak in code to her? I He's off his medication, I don't know, he was paranoid? He didn't trust to give it to anyone, not even the police.
And they're good, our guys.
It's not a question of if, with them, it's when.
Let's hope so.
Look, I meant what I said last night - It's over between us.
- Yeah.
It has to be.
Yeah, I know it is.
It's a shame, though, isn't it? You OK? I'll see you inside.
Grab me a coffee, would you? - Any luck with that memory card? - You tell me What do you mean? I was half an hour preparing that file.
If you don't think I'm good enough to do this job, you could at least tell me yourself Calm down.
Now, tell me this, where's Elaine taking it? Yeah? Who in what department could do this job quicker? Elaine? What? Elaine's taken the memory card? Yeah, and the laptop I was using to work on the file with.
She said that you asked her to.
You did, didn't you? - Tell me you've got a backup.
- It was a priority job, I didn't think I needed to CAR APPROACHES Elaine! What are you doing? TYRES SCREECH ANSWERING MACHINE: Hi, it's Elaine, please leave a message.
Fuck! Elaine? What the hell are you doing? What's going on? Is this cos of me? This isn't how it was supposed to happen.
How what's supposed to happen? Us.
Stop, please.
Why are you doing this? Elaine! Stop, Gabriel, just Just let me go.
Why are you running? SHE CHUCKLES We're all running.
Just let me go.
Elaine! SHOUTS: Elaine! HORN BLARES Why is it taking so long? It got messed up in the crash.
Putting it back together isn't as easy.
What the fuck is Elaine up to? Don't know.
You're sleeping with her, man, for Christ's sake.
How can you? I said I don't know! I've got it.
It's Steven Mills.
MILLS: I'm sorry.
What's he looking at? There's someone else there.
I'm sorry! SOBBING CLATTERING OK, slow it down.
GUNSHO He was shot.
There he is.
OK, go slow.
Close up on that reflection.
Top right, enhance it.
Going in.
Elaine? Jesus fucking Christ! HE YELLS: Fuck Stay there and keep your mouth shut.
Police! In! What? What is it? It's her.
The little girl at the Salvia Unit.
Helena Parides.
It's Elaine.
No fucking way.
She transferred to this department.
She knew I was here.
She planned this, all of this.
- Martin! - Boss? All the victims we never identified? Run them against anyone who worked at the Salvia Unit 21 years ago.
- Salvia, why? - Just do it! We'll find her, Gabriel.
What is it you want to do? He's been in the middle of this from the beginning.
I wouldn't be surprised if he knows a lot more than he's told us.
Who? CROWBAR CLATTERING This is illegal.
You do realise that, don't you? His car's parked outside.
He hasn't been home all night.
What the fuck do you think you're doing here, Gabriel? Look, I can't be doing this, mate.
I'm sorry.
You're on your own.
You might want to see this.
Oh, Christ.
What the hell is going on, Gabriel? Suicide note.
GIRLS CHATTING INDISTINCTLY What? Why is he saying that? Because he wants you, because he loves you.
Hannah? It is Hannah, isn't it? Er Oh, you, er You work with my dad, right? I do, yeah.
I'm actually here about him.
Why? Is he OK? Perhaps you should come with me.
No, just tell me, has something happened? It's going to be fine.
Yeah, I'll explain on the way.
- Just come with me.
- I can come.
- It's a family matter.
- Not like you're family, is it? Look, he's had an accident and he's a bit banged up and he'd like to see you and he'd rather it was just you, so Right.
- Call me if you need, yeah? - Yeah.
PHONE RINGS - Hello? - Hello, Mrs Markham? Sorry, I didn't Erm It's Cassie.
- Cassie, what can I? - I wasn't sure whether to ring.
I just wanted to know how Mr Markham was doing.
Why? Mr Markham's accident.
What accident? I love your hair.
You're the one, aren't you? You're the one.
Sleeping with my dad.
What, nothing to say? What do you want me to say? That I'm sorry? Cos I'm not.
What hospital are we going to? - Who are you calling? - My mum.
What the hell are you doing? - Stop the car.
- I can't do that.
- Is Dad even hurt? - Hannah, you need to calm down.
Let me go! BRAKES SQUEAL I told you to calm down.
HANNAH WHIMPERS No, please! SHE SCREAMS Stop it! Help! No, no! PHONE VIBRATES Hey, Hannah.
Now's not a good time, love.
Hey, you.
What are you doing? Where's Hannah? You should know, Gabriel, I never wanted it to be like this.
All this time .
the whole investigation .
and it was you.
You killed all those people.
You went to my place, I take it.
I saw the photo.
I thought you might.
Always hated taking it down when you came by.
It's good to remember the past, don't you think? What do you want with Hannah? I always wondered if you'd realise.
If you'd remember.
People see what they want to see.
It's all a choice, isn't it? Except in reality, it's the hardest choice of all, squeezing your way out of the lie of a life you've built for yourself.
But you're starting to, aren't you? What do you want with my daughter? - Tell me.
- Going to tell you where to meet me.
- Just you, OK? - Just me.
Bring anyone else and I'll kill your bitch daughter where she sits.
Please Please don't hurt her.
Come to me, babe.
OK, I will.
- Just you.
- Understood.
Where? - Where do you think? - Don't play games with me! LINE GOES DEAD Fuck! What's going on? Elaine called.
- She has Hannah.
- Oh, Jesus! She wants to meet me, alone.
She's a detective, she must know how stupid that sounds.
She also knows how we work.
If she sees any cops When's the meet? - She didn't say.
- She didn't say?! She wants me to figure it out.
Well, figure it out and tell me, then five minutes later I'll come in with the cavalry you know how it is.
But you do know how it is, don't you? You want to see her alone.
Huh? What the hell is it you think you're going to do? The bitch can't be trusted! All I want is what's safest for Hannah.
Or don't you want to protect your daughter? How long have you known? Lisa told me.
At the hospital.
She thought I wasn't going to make it through the night.
She didn't tell me who the father was, though.
Oh, God.
After the Salvia Unit HE SNIFFS That was a mess.
I don't remember much of it.
Just snapshots.
But I do remember .
that you were there for her, a lot.
It just happened.
When Lisa fell pregnant, she decided that keeping the baby could be the only thing that might save you.
And I agreed.
I said, as far as I was concerned, she was yours.
How fucking noble.
I Helena Parides.
Tell me where she is! We'll play it whatever way you want! I'll tell you when I'm ready.
There's no sign of her here, boss.
There's no sign of anything much.
Why would Elaine be here? You daft? Her and Gabriel used to use it as their own personal love hotel.
How do you know that? How do you not? If we can go back far enough .
if we could understand why people do what they do .
if we could understand the motive Get out! Gabriel - Oi, Gabriel.
- Mm? We have a winner.
Pizza flavour? Benton, what's wrong with you? Just Hey, a man needs to have vices.
Perversely flavoured snacks are mine.
Er, you'd be better off smoking.
The shit they put in these is unreal.
RADIO: All cars.
Oh! Code 87C responding.
- So close.
- Still have time to buy them.
Unit 31 responding.
Your intestines will thank me later.
Let's go.
Come on, Benton.
RADIO CHATTER Have you been to the Salvia Unit before? I had to commit someone here my first week of training.
You always walk in a loony bin - .
you always worry they won't let you out again.
- "Loony bin"? Don't What? INTERCOM: Hello? Police.
We received a 999 call.
We received a call from somebody asking for help.
Third time in the last few weeks.
You know where you are, right? One of the patients gets hold of a phone and OK.
We'd still like to look around, just to be sure.
Is that OK? VOICE MAIL: Hi, it's Elaine.
Please leave a message.
If you pick this up, I'm coming.
Everything comes full circle, right? If you go back far enough, you can find out why.
I know who you are, Elaine.
Please, don't hurt my daughter.
LIQUID SPLASHES Elaine? ECHOING CRIES AND SHOUTS Hannah? Elaine? Remember this place? - I want to see my daughter! - Just stay back.
Stay back, or I'll shoot.
If you ever cared for me - .
you wouldn't do this.
- Why do people do the things they do? Because of what's happened to us? Because of yesterday? It should have ended with Steven Mills.
Once people saw the video, they'd know he was to blame.
Stupid bastard ran.
Please, let me see Hannah.
Just let me see her.
Should have known you wouldn't leave it alone.
It's you, isn't it? Always picking at the scab.
It's almost funny.
How close you were.
Isaac's laptop.
If you'd have seen what was on there, you'd have seen me.
And then you would have known.
You set the fire.
Just like I knew when I saw him.
Jonas Borner.
PHONE: When you going to go for DCI? When I'm ready.
I wish you would just What? What is it? H-Hello? No, I-I just What's What's wrong? Nothing, I just thought I saw someone I knew.
Doctor Par Parer Parer.
Dr Borner.
ALARM BELL RINGS BANGING And how often do you have these dreams? Every night? And why do you think that is? I think it's because you know really that no-one is hurting you, Helena, no-one is climbing into your bed, it's just a nightmare.
It happened, it's still happening.
You have to help me, please.
Isaac knew.
He knew what was happening and he helped keep it quiet.
He said he could make me forget.
By running 200 volts through my brain every night.
I was ten years old.
What happened to you was wrong.
But where do you stop? How many people can you blame? Bad things don't happen because of one person, or one decision, they happen because people let them.
Because it's easy to just shut your mouth.
That's what Isaac did.
That's what Jonas did.
I watched Jonas after that.
And Isaac.
In his office I saw his sessions with Christine Levison and I knew when I saw her I could make them all look like that.
Make them Make them invisible.
Is that what you were trying to do to me? PHONE BUZZES I fucking told you to stay back.
I just want to see my daughter! I wasn't trying to hurt you, Gabriel.
You're a good man, Gabriel.
You have nothing to feel guilty about.
And so you did this to me.
You did this to help me? I was leaving you.
You got angry because you're a child.
You couldn't have me, so no-one else could, is that it? - You don't understand.
- What do you want me to say? That somehow it's OK to kill all those people? Cos you had a good fucking reason? - I love you.
- No, you don't.
And you love me.
Where's Hannah?! They won't pull the press conference.
For fuck's sake! I tried, I told them you said it wasn't a good idea.
They insisted.
By scaring the shit out of the public by announcing we've got a psychotic detective on the loose, with no bloody idea where she is? They probably don't want it announced like that.
They want me in front of the press, they can drag me there themselves.
Go and tell them that.
Fuck it, I'll tell them myself.
Is Gabriel here? I've been calling and calling and no answer.
No, he isn't.
Is everything OK? Not really.
It's Hannah.
Oh, shit! Look, I'm sorry, Gabriel didn't want to tell you.
- He didn't want to scare you.
- What are you talking about? Hannah? Elaine did this.
Come inside.
She picked Hannah up after school, then dropped her in the middle of fucking nowhere and did this to her.
Took her phone and just left her there.
We need to see Gabriel now.
Is he with Elaine? I can't say anything just now, but it's nothing we can't handle.
- Sorry, I need a word.
- But what's going on? Look, it's best you stay here, I'll have some answers soon.
Gabriel's phone went off a few minutes ago.
We got a location.
Fuck, I should have known.
Right, get them all together, we have an address now.
All right, guys, you heard, let's move, let's go.
We've got a location.
Salvia Unit, Albany Road.
Let's go.
We're the same, you and me.
We're the same.
If I'd watched my father kill my mother, if I'd been through what you went through at the Salvia Unit, I don't know what I would have done.
I feel sorry for you, Elaine.
That's all.
Get out! GIRL SCREAMS SOBBING What the hell are you doing? SHE SCREAMS Get off her.
Back away.
It's not what you think.
You're safe now.
SCREAMS You're safe now.
You're safe, OK? You're all right.
OK? All right, you didn't have a choice.
The bastard went for you, it's self-defence.
I just I just killed a guy.
Who was raping a ten-year-old girl.
If I was in the room with you, I'd have fucking helped.
Just let me know what you want me to say.
I can't imagine what you went through.
- What that does to a person.
- PHONE BUZZES Are you going to answer that? Come on, come on, fucking pick up! Come on, come on, Gabriel.
Come on, pick up, Gabriel! I did what you asked.
So, please Please let me see my daughter.
Me .
you .
is all we need.
You didn't ask me here to help you escape, did you? Where would I go? Hannah's not here.
Of course she isn't.
I'm not a monster, Gabriel, no matter what you think of me.
It's over, Elaine.
I've paid for what I did.
A thousand times over.
You're going to leave with me now, it's finished.
Jesus! Elaine, don't.
This is crazy.
It doesn't have to end like this.
Ssh! That night you saved me.
It made us.
It's our fate.
We all have a choice.
You've made yours.
This is mine.
No! I love you, Gabriel.