Remedy (2014) s01e01 Episode Script

Bad Blood

- Mr.
Conner? - He's alive, right? He's gonna be all right, right? I really need you to answer these questions, Mr.
Conner- - Yeah but he's alive, right? I didn't mean to do that.
Do you have asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure - No, no.
Ah! Was it your machete, Mr.
Conner? - What, no, no, this is so - Heart trouble? Liver Do I look like a guy who would carry a machete? - Hey, he didn't do anything! - It's OK, it's OK, it's OK.
Stand back.
Get in the ambulance! Get in! - Where are you - Stand back.
- Where are you taking him? - Bethune General Emergency.
No, no! No, no, no, no I have another treatment plan in mind.
Well, if the sister's an appropriate donor, I should be able to perform the procedure today.
It could save her life.
Whoa! Let me call you back.
- You OK? - Yeah.
Don't move.
Don't move, I'm a doctor.
- She came out of nowhere.
- If you could just deal with the traffic, that would help.
I'm a doctor.
Do you feel any pain in your neck or your back? - Define pain.
Oh, my bike, - my friggin' bike! - Let me, let me.
- We work together.
- Do we? We do? - That's all right.
We're supposed to be invisible.
Invisible? I'm sorry, I'm not great with names.
- Zoe.
Zoe Rivera.
Allen Conner.
Let me take a look at that leg.
No, no, it's all right.
I'm gonna be late for my shift.
Thanks, though.
Let me.
Conner- - No, you have to take me to Western - This isn't a taxi.
Anywhere but Bethune.
Why? Ow! Worst Thanksgiving ever.
My family's You can call them from the hospital.
Have you taken any alcohol or drugs? I wish.
Just drop me off at the corner, right up here.
What's your relationship with Natasha Babkin? What's that? Is that Fentanyl? - As a matter of fact it is.
- You forgot to ask me if I'm pregnant.
Don't be stingy.
My weight, I need 150 micrograms at least.
- You get 50.
Med school drop out? - You think I dropped out? - Knife fight in a strip club at lunch? - A machete.
It wasn't mine! Hold still! Excuse me? They said the room would be ready.
- Yeah, well, I'm a man down.
One of my team is late.
What am I supposed to do with this patient? - Get her a magazine.
- Excuse me? - It's not ready.
- It looks ready.
Yeah, well, a lot of people around here look healthy but then they drop dead.
OK, I want to talk to your supervisor.
It was a train wreck in here.
I want to make sure - Do you get overtime? - Back off and let me do my job, or put down your clipboard and let me kick your ass.
Your choice.
You have no idea how deep a grave you're digging.
- I'm not digging, I'm cleaning.
Clean faster.
How much longer do you need? As long as it takes.
- You don't get to tell me who I can put in a room and who I can't! People shouldn't wear tights as pants, but they do.
Hello, can I help you, Dr.
Conner? My patient is supposed to be in this room right now, but she got all street with me.
- You're a doctor? - What'd you think I was, a nurse? Well, you It's purple! - I'm a surgeon! - You, go.
- But the room isn't finished.
- I want her supervisor.
- No you don't.
I got this one.
- Who are these people? - Why'd you say it like that? - Like what? - Like nurse.
Like that.
I don't know.
I didn't mean I just meant nurse.
I guess.
- Mel, I'm a nurse.
- I know that, Sandy.
And I'm a doctor.
And I'm entitled to respect.
But I'm not.
Oh, God, don't get all dramatic.
You sound just like Mom.
That room is clean and ready.
Put your patient in there.
And don't ever yell like that on my ward again.
I wasn't yelling; I was emphatic.
The doctor will be with you shortly, OK? Don't, your hands are freezing.
- Kai.
- Sorry.
He's mean.
Decker isn't mean; he's he's tired.
- I'm not tired.
I'm simply concentrating on making Keri Kai.
On making Kai feel better.
Sharp pain behind your right eye, vomiting, hives, and your tummy hurts.
- I hate this.
- No one likes being sick, hon.
All righty, a porter from transport will be along shortly to take you to CT.
- A what? - Porter.
- My mom can take me.
- A CT? - A CAT scan to rule out a brain tumor.
- Dr.
- I'm sorry, you think my daughter might have a brain tumor? I want to rule it out.
Just a second.
Excuse me.
Trauma's rolling in.
I want you to take it.
- Trauma leader? Seriously? The team is standing by - Neuro, Ortho, Anesthesio, General Surgery, nurses, lots of nurses.
I'll be next door if you need me.
You're a third year resident; it's time to step up.
My daughter might have a brain tumor? I'm sure it'll be fine.
Excuse me.
Wait, is there a specialist we need to see? Who do I talk to? I need to look at the pictures.
You need to step back.
What do we have? - Machete in the abdominal region, GCS 15, but a bit tacky at 120 - A year traveling the most remote places on the planet.
Not a scratch, not even a sniffle, and now this.
Exam rooms are full.
Let's get him into Trauma.
Laceration crossing from upper left shoulder to back Can someone take me to another hospital please? - alert and oriented.
- Please take me to another hospital! - BP 123/80 - He's mine when you're done.
Lucky girl.
Airway's patent.
Good air entry bilaterally.
Looks like the machete didn't cross into the diaphragm.
Still tacky.
Heart rate 130, BP only 80 by palpation, O2 saturation 90%.
Keep that stable, the finger stays in the dyke.
No one moves it until we figure out whether it's sunk into a blood vessel.
Hey! Excuse me.
Where the hell they going? Patient stabbed in the head? Uh, No.
Then no Neuro.
How about legs, arms, and pelvis? - Uh, no.
So no Ortho.
Bye-bye, guys.
We're on our own.
OK, stabilize the blade.
So, I'm just going to irrigate and clean, and assess the extent of any tissue damage.
It's just superficial; it's not deep.
It's good you were wearing a leather jacket.
- What about him? Is he gonna make it? - We'll do our best.
OK, let's get some Normal Saline pouring in and get more gauze to pack the wound.
Keep that blade stabilized.
BP down to 74 over 49.
OK, hang another bag of O-neg and get it in him STAT.
- He's losing it as fast as we give it to him.
Hey! I said keep that blade stable.
O2 stats are falling.
What do you want to do, Dr.
Decker? Dr.
Decker! BP's low, dropping.
Summers, I need you in here.
- What've you got? - Penetrating abdominal trauma with uncontrolled bleeding.
I can't get him stabilized Decker, take a breath.
Just focus.
He's crashing.
- Patel, bag him and get him ready for intubation.
Push 100 mics of Fentanyl, it, people.
This guy doesn't have much time.
I don't know if I've ever been back here.
I always forget about this way in.
Like I said, invisible.
You're not invisible.
I just assumed when you said we work together, I assumed That I was a university educated medical professional? You got it half right.
So, you're a You do What do you do? Patient Service Aide.
I clean up all the blood after you guys are done.
I wear the orange.
- I'm worried about your knee.
- I'm fine.
I'd feel a whole lot better if you'd get an x-ray.
- I'm fine.
- You hit your head pretty hard.
- That's what the helmet was for.
Where the hell are we going? - I don't know where you're going, but I'm going to work.
Ladies and gentlemen, Ms.
Zoe Rivera is in the house.
- Hey, Bruno.
- You're limping.
Are you OK? - I'm fine.
- She needs an X-ray.
No, I don't.
You starting or finishing? - Starting.
- All right, see you up there.
You seem very kind, and I hear you're a good doctor, but the fact that you've been following me since I fell off my bike is kinda creepy.
Thank you.
- Dr.
Conner? - Hi, yeah? The elevator is down the Zone 3 hallway, through Stores, just after Linens.
- Got it.
- You're welcome.
Just after Linens.
Someone call the OR and tell them to put this man at the top of their batting order.
- BP back up to 80.
- We are winning.
Decker, I'll finish here, you clean up and check in next door.
- Dr.
Summers, I - Medicine's a contact sport, Brian.
You did fine.
- Sorry, sorry, sorry.
- Don't worry about it.
I got doored on my way to work.
- You OK? - Stiff but, yeah, I think so.
Front wheel's totalled though.
Work the next stat, you can buy a new one.
Or pay rent.
You missed the latest edition of PSA Smackdown.
That nurse? What's her name? Munro? Nope, this time it was a surgeon.
"They said the room was ready.
I want to speak to your supervisor.
" They think some cleaning fairy comes in and waves a wand or something.
I won't leave a room until I am done.
We're the front lines here, Zoe.
Without us, this place is one big pus-filled infectious open sore.
Griffin Conner.
Brian Decker.
Ah, I wondered if that was you in there.
- I'm supposed to take a look.
- Yeah, be my guest.
- Been a while.
- Yep.
How's he doing? He's still alive, right? - Why? Is he a friend of yours? - No, not really.
I'm the one who stabbed him.
Sort of.
Not really.
You a third year now? Yeah.
So, where you been, Griff, since you quit? Uh, I was working in this bar.
And before that I was, uh, I was traveling.
Your family's been worried sick about you.
What do you know about my family? I'm engaged to your sister.
What? Yeah.
It's wild, eh? Uh, OK, I give.
Which one? Mm, him.
- No.
You can't sleep with him.
- We're consenting adults.
You're a surgeon; he's a patient.
- It's elective.
- It's unethical.
Male doctors do it all the time.
I bet Dad did it.
There is no way Dad slept with a patient.
- Mom slept with a client.
- That was different.
- How? - She was discovering herself.
Hey, honey.
You gonna meet us? No.
Crazy day.
Patient crashed, but I got him back, but there was a lot of blood.
- You lost me at hi, hon.
- Your brother's here.
- What? Griffin.
He's in Emerg.
He was in a bar fight.
Oh, my god.
Griff's downstairs.
Is he OK? Did he OD? - He's OK, but the other guy might not make it.
Cops are in here, they're looking at charging him with murder - or attempted murder - if buddy lives.
- Murder? - What? - Order some extra tests and a CT scan to buy some time.
I'll be right down.
The prodigal returns.
Needle sticks happen all the time.
- Did the wound express any blood? - A little.
Kanaskie - Did you wash and sanitize? - Yeah.
How does something - like this happen all the time? - Zoe, you haven't been here - that long.
Gotta get used to it.
- How often is all the time? - Nurses make mistakes.
- OK, well, are they at least, I don't know, not punished, but do people get reprimanded or I'll call Occ Health, OK, make sure that your incident report gets filed.
You get yourself down to ER and get a Hepatitis test, a Hep B vaccine shot, and some blood work for the rest of it.
- The rest of it? - HIV, AIDS, that kind of thing.
Message was sent down from Dr.
He wants you to contact him.
Hanging out with the acting Chief of Staff now, hmm? Chief of Staff? He said he was a doctor.
Power dating, are we? - What? No.
I was hit on my way to w - Doctors.
Never ends well.
- I'm sorry? - Zoe, don't sleep with the enemy.
But if you do, make sure you tell him you got stuck.
It's called a fecal transplant.
Certain cases of C.
Difficile, like yours, resist antibiotics.
In that situation, by combining the patient's fecal matter with that of a relative, like your sister for instance, and transplanting the the material through a tube inserted in the esophagus.
You want to shove my sister's down my throat? - I'm sorry to interrupt.
- I'm in the middle of a consult.
Does it have to be from my sister? Griff's back.
- A machete? Is he OK? - Laceration across the back.
Nothing life-threatening.
So he's OK? Apparently.
The other guy, Elliott Reynolds, not so much.
He's waiting in OR.
They're pretty backed up.
Who did Griff call? Your sister? His mother? - No.
- Not you? Why wouldn't he call me? He didn't call anyone.
Brian saw him, and then called Sandy.
Griff doesn't want us to know he's here? - Which maybe we should respect.
- Even if he ends up in jail? - Dad - Mel, don't be I'm not being like anything.
I love Griff, you know that, but if it's what he wants Who cares what he wants? It's family.
Dad, Griff didn't want our help two years ago.
- Maybe he's changed.
Maybe he hasn't.
Doesn't a nurse usually do this? Your boss called up and asked if a "lady doctor" could take care of you.
You're a student? In between degrees.
Temp full time here right now.
Temp full time.
Does anyone actually know what that really means? It means no benefits.
So, when was your last STD test Zoe? - Um, homecoming weekend four years ago.
- OK, I'm gonna recommend a course of anti-retrovirals just until the test results come back, yeah? How do you know the Chief of Staff? Who? Dr.
Conner has ordered an X-ray on your knee? - Dr.
Summers, does this boy have AIDS? I mean, the needle I got stuck with came from him, so We don't know.
He hasn't been tested yet.
- Well, how long before I - Hep C and B in a week.
HIV will take longer - three months, just to be safe.
I thought they had instant tests for that.
- If the virus has already been in your system.
But something new like this, we have to Can't you just test the kid now? - His mother refused consent.
- She refused? Why? - Don't know.
No consent, no test.
- Does she know what happened? Zoe, the chances of transmission are very small.
Just take your meds.
And if you're gonna have sex, use protection, and let your partner know that you may have been exposed to a sexually transmitted disease.
Without actually having sex.
After your x-ray, go home.
Call a friend.
Have a glass - Can't.
I need the hours.
- Well you're already distracted, and we don't need you making any more mistakes.
Mistakes? I'm not the one that left an infected needle lying around.
Who did? Why is nobody asking that? Zoe, we're on the same team here.
I'll send this 'script through.
I should sue.
- Where have you been? - Sorry, I was in another wing.
Maybe you should explain to the patient who's been waiting for over a half hour.
Patient? No, no, no, no, no.
This is an equipment call.
It says equipment call.
Your equipment is a 10-year-old girl.
Now go and do your job.
How much longer do we have to wait? I am Bruno Dias.
I will be your guide on this trip to the magical land of Diagnostic Imaging.
- I want to go home.
- She's just tired.
You think everyone's tired, but you're the one who's tired.
Stop it.
It sucks sitting around in here, I bet.
- Been waiting like forever.
- I'm sorry, Kai.
We messed up.
So, if you don't want to walk, I may be able to arrange for a ride.
- What kind of ride? - Mm-hmm.
Ah? Come on.
Lonnie? - In here.
- I got your text.
Hey, what do you want? I gotta go do What's this? Cheese.
I had a few left from break.
I have to wait three months before I know if I have HIV.
I know.
Don't let them make you sign anything.
They're gonna try, but don't let them, OK? Sweetie.
It's good cheese.
I have to go get an x-ray for my knee.
Just lie down here for a few minutes first.
You'll feel better.
- What about Kanaskie? - I'll cover for you.
Thank you.
And here we gooooooooo! Ha ha.
Do CAT scans hurt? - No, mija.
Why? You scared? - No.
I didn't even break anything.
Kai, do you have a camera? Yeah.
My dad gave me his in his will, but I don't know how to use it yet.
It uses film stuff.
Well, what do you do when you have your picture taken? - Uh smile? - That's right.
Now, a CAT scan is just a big camera in like a big spaceship.
So when you get a CAT scan, all you have to do is smile and the picture will be perfect.
Try it.
Just like that.
- Hey, machete guy.
- Hey.
- You're looking better.
- Thanks.
Sorry we couldn't take you somewhere else.
- It's OK, don't worry about it.
- It's a good hospital.
- Oh, I know.
It's actually the best.
Just also happens to be full of my family.
- Could be worse.
- Oh, yeah.
How's that? You could have no family at all.
I need to finish getting your statement.
Uh, could we go someplace a little more private? - Sure.
I'll see if I can find someone I know a place.
The fracture clinic.
It's closed today.
There he is.
So how long have you worked at the club? - A few weeks.
Been traveling.
- Since you got kicked out of med school? - Wasn't kicked out.
- The investigating officer of that case - No charges were laid.
- Two years ago, did you forge.
Oxycodone prescriptions in your father's name? Do you smell cheese? Did you forge Oxycodone prescriptions? - No charges were laid.
- Were drugs involved today Don't know about him, but I'm clean.
That guy came in, he was harassing one of our dancers, Natasha.
I kicked buddy out, he came back swinging a machete.
I threw a chair at him, and pushed Natasha out of the way, uh just as he hit me across the back.
There was a a thing.
Uh I don't know.
I I grabbed a hold of his arm, I managed to get a hold of the blade.
Um he came running right at me, and before I could move the machete away in time - So you were moving the blade? - I guess, yeah.
In what direction? - Away? - Stop talking.
Excuse me, ma'am, I'm gonna need you to wait This man's on powerful painkillers that likely impair his judgment.
You know that? Hey, Sandy, You're not actually gonna marry Brian Decker, are you? - Stop talking.
- She's a nurse.
- Nothing he said is admissible.
- Our mom's a lawyer.
- What did I say? I know for a fact that a doctor has to clear a patient before you can take him in.
Griffin has not been cleared medically.
In fact, he is due in Diagnostic Imaging for a very important test, which is why I am here - to take him there.
And you can have him when we're done.
We'll finish this at Division.
I'll have a car waiting for you downstairs.
You need a lawyer, you know that, right? - I'll deal with it.
- Someone should call Mom.
- No, wait, no, no - You need a lawyer.
I don't need Mom.
Or you.
Does Dad know I'm here? - Of course he does.
- You work here right? Excuse me.
You're a nurse, right? Yeah.
My boyfriend was brought into the ER.
- I don't work in the ER.
- OK, but my boyfriend he Look, if you could just give us a few minutes, I'll try and I'll find someone They say we're not related, won't tell me anything without his consent, which is just bull! Oh, my god, Griffin.
- I've been screwing the guy for four years! You'd say that's consent! Don't hug me; I'll hug you.
Ow! Sandy, Natasha; Natasha, this is Can't you talk to somebody? His name's Elliott Reynolds.
- Excuse me, what'd you say his name was? - Reynolds.
He was attacked in a bar fight with a knife? Griff, don't.
- I didn't stab him.
- What? He came running at me.
It was just an accident.
It was you? You're the one - Your boyfriend tried to kill me.
He was just protecting me.
Shut up, you skank.
- Can you help her find out about her boyfriend? What kind of bitch dates a perv with a machete anyway? Stop.
OK Girls.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Stop.
Griff! Griff! Griff! Ah! Zoe Rivera.
Bitch should be charged.
She attacked us.
She's just worried about her boyfriend.
It was either him or me or you.
Don't forget that.
We are the righteous ones in this situation.
You have to stop saying that.
Dad's coming down.
Mel just talked to him.
- I went to school, you know.
- To be a stripper? - Reflexology actually.
- Did Brian tell you I was in the ER? - Of course he did.
You know I should sue? That's breach of confidentiality.
- Seriously, do you have any idea what you've put us through? We didn't know where you were, if you were OK.
I just figured you'd all be happier if I disappeared for a while.
- A while? Two years.
- I emailed.
- Twice.
OK, I have to get back to work.
Mom is gonna talk to Detective Parker first, then find you.
- We'll all re-convene later.
- Oh, we will? What're you doin'? I'm waiting until Paul's finished.
I want to make sure he puts his best guy on Elliott Reynolds.
- Smart.
Who's his best guy? - Him.
He's not the best guy.
What? Yeah, he is.
Paul's the most senior.
Been in there all day.
Swollen ankles, tired eyes.
Not the best guy.
Who else is there? Me.
- I'm the best.
- Mel, you can't.
I can.
- The family connection, the perception, there's grounds for a lawsuit.
I'm covered, and it won't matter anyway because I will perform miracles to keep that lowlife alive.
I will.
I don't want my brother charged with murder.
And I appreciate that, I do.
And you're a fine surgeon, Mel.
But no.
I'm the best guy.
Not this time.
Zoe Rivera? Robert Farina.
VP of Quality and Risk Management.
Summers told me about what happened.
- Oh.
- Can we step away for a moment? - I'm after the next one, so I'd rather not.
Oh, OK, fair enough.
So, so, I'm sure you know these sorts of things happen all the time.
How many times have they happened to you? I have a document here, very simple.
Basically it's your incident report.
- Can I look at it later? Pretty standard stuff.
Is this a liability thing so I won't sue? An incident report with There's the standard clause, yes.
Has anyone talked to the mom again, see if she changed her mind about testing her son? Zoe, this is a complex healthcare environment.
Maybe we need to discuss how comfortable you are working here.
Sorry to interrupt.
You want to go ahead of me? I'm in no rush.
I gotta go.
- Did you smile? - Yeah, they said I could get a picture of my CT scan before I leave.
But it's six dollars.
Unless Just relax.
It should go right in.
Here we go.
AHH! I-I think you you might want to externally rotate the arm slightly as you pull.
Hi, Dr.
Hi, Dr.
Hi, Keri.
Be right with you.
Here we go.
Ah! - So, he's going to be OK? - We don't know yet.
How's your back? Painkillers help.
I can handle this.
I kicked it.
I'm not using.
Since when? Can we not do this now? Sure.
Sure, sure.
I asked them to take me somewhere else.
I'm glad they didn't.
I'll help you any way I can.
Your mother's on her way.
I told Sandy not to do- - I called her.
- Well, you must be kinda worried, 'cause Mom's pretty expensive.
My new office is in Admin.
Door's open.
You're welcome to wait for her there if you want.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Please refrain from giving me or any other healthcare professional in this facility medical advice.
- Dr.
Decker - Pull that stunt again, I will have you fired.
If you want to trade up from brown to white, I suggest you quit this job and go to school like I did.
For 10 years.
Trade up from brown to white? Coat.
White coat.
I wasn't That's not racist.
I'm black.
Well, thank you for clearing that up.
Excuse me.
Do you need me to leave? I thought someone just come to No, no, no, no.
I wanted to talk to you, if that's OK.
I'm the girl who got stuck with the needle.
Somebody told you, right? I'm obviously concerned about any possible infection.
I'm sure you can understand how stressful that is.
I just wanted to know, why wouldn't you let your son be tested for HIV? It's obviously in his best interest Are you a doctor now, or a cleaning person? I know what a difficult time this is - for you, for your family - You know that, do you? No, I don't know.
I can imagine.
Maybe for a moment you could imagine what it's like to be me for a moment.
Could you please leave? - Does your son have HIV? - I asked you to leave.
- Why are you doing this? - My son is dying! You leave me be! Get her out of my son's room now! Let's go.
Let's go, come on.
- What were you thinking? - It was a fair question.
Her son was shot.
He's in a coma.
That's the reason why I have to wait to find out if I've contracted HIV? You want safety first, get a job as a barista.
Baristas don't make double time and a half on stat holidays, and I was being respectful.
You weren't.
I know it was you.
- Keep moving.
I need to get you off this floor.
My friend Lonnie saw you.
She saw you leave the room She saw you.
What were you doing in Marcus' room? Administering drugs? Do you remember what you did with the needle? What were YOU thinking? It was me.
I must have dropped that needle when that fight broke out What fight? - Mel was yelling at a PSA, and I rushed out and I must have - It was me.
- It happens.
Just let sleeping dogs lie.
- Kiss me.
- No.
- Why? - I kiss you all the time.
- At home.
- What if a patient walks by? Nurse kissing a doctor? It's weird.
I think it'd be nice.
I'm so stressed.
- Nobody's gonna know.
- I know.
I feel bad.
I feel sick.
Who are they going to believe? A nurse, or a cleaning girl? She could get sick because of me.
We don't even know if he's got it yet.
This is why you could never be a doctor.
Medicine is a cool profession, not hot.
You're not cool enough.
Says the guy who screamed bloody murder at his Trauma team this morning.
- Sandy - I am a lot cooler than you think I am.
How does that feel? The feet are connected to, like, quadrants all across your body.
Griffin? There he is, who said he died? I'm Rebecca.
- Damsel in distress.
Nice to know my son remains committed to protecting the weak and the vulnerable.
Hi, Mom.
- I'm sorry, am I interrupting something? - No.
I need to go home to work.
I have to go home and then to work.
I have to work.
I'm a dancer.
- And a dancer dances.
Can I walk her out of here without getting arrested? I've talked to Detective Parker downstairs, and impressed upon her that you are not a flight risk.
I lied.
I'll be right back.
Last time you said that, you disappeared for two years.
I don't think I should let you go this time.
- Mom.
- Fine.
I'll stay here and vandalize your father's office.
- Is everything all right? - Everything's fine.
Fecal transplant is about as cutting edge as leeching, but it works.
People get better.
Griffin was always the smartest guy in the room, doing the stupidest things imaginable.
Drives me crazy.
I never know how to help him.
I don't know.
- What was that? - What? That.
That gurgling.
She's gurgling.
Oh, God.
There's a blockage.
Remove the tube.
Remove it.
Is Elliott Reynolds out of surgery? - Not yet.
- Dad, we need to talk.
I could have done that surgery.
I should have done It's important.
- Excuse me, why is your thing always more important than mine? You think because you're a doctor you should go first? - Guys, I just experienced all the glory of a fecal transplant gone wrong.
I just need to shower before I - That's so gross.
- Dad, I really need to talk - Sandy, can't it wait? - Actually, no, it can't! Are you out of your mind? You drew blood from an unconscious patient and then did an HIV test? - I'm just trying to make this right.
- Without consent? The hospital could get sued.
Only if the wrong people find out.
Which is why you absolutely can't tell anyone.
- It was positive.
So I have to tell Zoe.
And I was hoping that you could help me let Marcus' mother know without Both of us losing our jobs? You know what, Dad? Just just forget I told you.
Just forget it.
Wait! - I'll deal with the mother.
- Don't, I'll be- You're my daughter.
I want to help.
- I don't want you to get in trouble.
- It'll make more sense coming from me.
I'll talk about his other blood work, how it's consistent with I'll figure something out.
Opportunistic infections.
God, Zoe Rivera must think our family is out to get her.
The CT scan reveals nothing abnormal in the brain.
Your daughter likely had a migraine brought on by a food allergy.
I can refer you to a specialist.
If it was an allergy, - why didn't I sneeze? - Kai.
Bruno! - Hey, someone's feeling better.
- Mom, ask him.
Ask him.
Well, Kai, um, allergies are a bit of a mystery Oh, sorry, not you, Dr.
She wants to know if she can have her picture taken with you.
Would that be OK, Bruno? You were so great today.
You made a visit to the hospital fun.
It's just like an x-ray.
All you gotta do is remember to smile.
Your father always keeps a bottle of good scotch in his office.
Hi, Mom.
I thought you might be here.
In case a patient of his dies, he raises a glass in their honor.
Where's Griff? Not sure.
He took one of your father's swipe cards, so my guess is he's still in the hospital.
Think that's a good idea right now? I'm celebrating the return of my only son, whom I feared dead, or in jail, in some sticky, wet, seedy, unkind climate.
Give me a break.
Yes, you would say that.
Do call when you have a child of your own.
Find Griffy, please.
The legal system awaits.
- You're sure? - It doesn't mean that you have it, just that you were exposed.
But I won't know for three months.
It takes that long to know if a virus has taken residence in a body, so, yeah.
Zoe if you tell anyone that I did this for you, I could lose my I could be in such trouble Yeah.
Not like AIDS trouble, HIV trouble.
Hep C, Hep B.
Not trouble like that? - No.
- But still you want me to thank you for doing this for me? For taking this big risk? You're the reason this happened in the first place and you want me to thank you? You need to go now.
He's gone.
My baby's gone.
Never coming back.
He's never coming back.
The machete lacerated his splenic artery.
His bowel was perforated.
They took out his spleen, they did a bowel resection.
I don't know how I I got here.
How did I get here? Griff They say that he's going to be OK.
But they Well, no, they say he might not make it.
I don't know.
I mean, I I just I just break everything.
Hey I'm the one who always pulled the wings off flies, and you're the one who tried to put them back on.
We all know that.
We know you wouldn't hurt anyone.
You're home now.
Yeah? You're the only person I know who actually likes hospital food.
- He finds it comforting.
- It was either that or the fish sticks.
- You got someplace else to be? - Not really.
- Waiting for her.
- There they are, together again.
Hi, Becca.
Our son will be charged with aggravated assault.
He might have to spend the night in jail.
Then there will be a bail hearing where I'm going to say that he not only acted in self-defense, but was also protecting a young woman from a terrible, terrible fate.
Is it true that you were sprayed with fecal matter today? - Yes, it is.
- And I missed it.
- I think he should quit the strip club.
- There's an idea.
- Except I need a job.
- Work here.
I'm serious.
And what would I do? As acting Chief of Staff, I'm sure I can find something to keep you out of trouble.
Dad, I don't think that's the best idea.
- Do I get a say? - Not when someone impales themselves on a machete you happen to have in your hands.
Just tell the judge this whole thing has made Griffin re-think his decision to quit med school.
Given the chance, he'll go back and finish his studies.
- Not true.
- They won't know that.
- He's a drug addict.
You don't tell an alcoholic to work in a bar.
Judges love this.
Griffy's loving family supporting and monitoring him on his new path to rehabilitation.
And to give it greater credibility, he should move in with his father.
If you think that'll help, sure.
- Whoa, hey.
Do I have a choice? - No! I've gotta go.
A client of mine has been waiting in lockup for a whole day while I put out your fire.
Don't say a word to our friendly police when they take you in.
- Thanks, Mom.
- I love you all.
The world flipped it in your eyes All that I can see Walls without windows now fall beneath your feet But I'm always on Your side Another day, another day.
Till we meet again.
Always on your side Tides will change Rising waves Oh, oh I'll carry you, carry me It's all we need All the things you'd change about yourself I would keep Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh I wish you could see what you are Oh I wish you could see what you are To me