Remedy (2014) s01e02 Episode Script

The Homecoming

Previously on Remedy.
- Where are you taking him? - Bethune General! - NO.
No, you can't take me - Med school dropout? - What makes you think that? - Knife fight in a strip club? - It was a machete! - Your brother's here.
Oh, my God! - Dad, Griff didn't want our help 2 years ago.
- Maybe he's changed.
- Maybe he hasn't.
I know it was you.
Remember what you did with the needle? You drew blood from an unconscious patient? The hospital could get sued.
- It was positive.
- I have a document here.
This is a liability thing, so I won't sue? - I need a job.
- Work here.
He's a drug addict! You don't tell an alcoholic to work in a bar.
Dad just wants to do something nice.
Why would we do something nice? It's Griff's first day.
To support him, - congratulate him.
- For a job in the basement? - Don't be mean.
- Griff shouldn't work here.
Mel, he's not going to stab anyone.
- Not what I'm talking about.
- It's not gonna happen again.
- What makes you so sure? - Dad trusts Griff, so I trust Griff.
And you need to trust him too.
Gimme a break.
And dinner tonight is about all of us well, well showing him that we trust him.
And if you're wrong and he forges a few more prescriptions in Dad's name? Or mine.
What then? You should become a Buddhist and live in the present.
Give me your cell phone! Your cell phone, I need it right now! I'm using it.
- He's having a heart attack! I need to call 9-1-1! - What? Where? OK, I'm a nurse! - Right in the back.
He's dying! - Sandy - I'll call you back.
- Him.
- Out of my kitchen.
He was sweating, wheezing - I already told you - He was holding his arm when he was pouring my coffee.
She's a nurse! Did you experience any discomfort in your chest? Uncomfortable pressure? No! - He was clutching - I didn't have a heart attack.
I'm not the sick one, she is! - What is your name? - You think I don't know my name? Cynthia! Can I get back to work, Cynthia? You were having a heart attack! You should be dead! - OK, that's it! Out! Oh! Oh! Oh, God! Let's see, let's see, let's see.
I've been down In the belly of the beast I've been crawling through the darkness What're you looking at? Hey, new guy? - Me? - You.
- Dr.
- What are you looking at, Jerry? - Nothing.
- It's your portfolio, isn't it? You're checking stocks.
You put people to sleep, paralyze them basically, and then you count your money until you're done.
How you doing today? Up or down? I've been dancing across the floor "As the moon comes into focus on your ruling planet, "be aware.
A beautiful opportunity for romance "will come your way.
Don't be wary, dear Cancer, find your courage.
" What can I say, it's an appendectomy.
Read mine.
- It's Dr.
- Decline.
Conner is acting Chief of Staff.
Might be important.
Turn off the music.
- Dad? - Mel, I know you're not gonna like this.
- Celebration dinner, tonight, Bellissimo's, you'll be there.
- Dad, stop.
- Griffin needs our support.
- I don't want to talk about this.
Your brother wasn't trying to stab anyone.
He was protecting someone, that girl.
We have to remember that.
Your brother's not an axe murderer.
It's important that your brother stays on this job - until his mother can get those charges dropped - Dad! Dad! But you never know.
The drug thing might come up.
I'm in the middle of surgery and you're on speaker phone.
Then I should probably let you go.
- I dread this.
- Would it help if we had sex first? Yeah? No.
Car's dirty anyway.
Practically grew up here.
It's gonna be fine.
It'll be like an adventure, right? - You don't have to.
- I do actually.
But I'm not It's not like you'd be using again.
Like, using using.
- I don't want these.
- In case of an emergency.
No, yeah, but no.
No thanks.
- I'll pick you up after.
- You're working.
- Just lunch.
Ugh! Nothing worse than dancing for a bunch of Hydro guys slurping spaghetti.
- I'll call ya.
- Bye.
I think I fell down some stairs in the park, and it hurts.
Do you know which way which way is the ER? Jordan Passmore.
Keep your arm steady, OK, Jordan? We're almost there.
Sorry, what's your name? - Griffin.
Did you feel faint before you fell? - Are you a doctor? - No.
Before you fell, did you feel faint, Jordan? I shouldn't be training alone.
- My team's gonna kill me.
- What team? Triathlon.
Ugh! Ah! Ah! I need some help here! Jordan, Jordan what is it? Jordan? Jordan, listen to me.
Tell me where you feel the pain.
Jordan, stay with me.
OK, I need you to focus.
Griffin? What the hell happened? Jordan Passmore.
She took a tumble down the park stairs.
She's got a heart rate of 105 BPM.
Presented with a compound distal radius fracture.
- On my count.
One, two, three.
- She developed sudden acute pain in her trunk.
There's distention in abdomen area.
- You said you weren't a doctor.
- Probably a ruptured spleen.
That's your diagnosis, is it? Sandy said you start today.
- Yeah! - Alright, we got it from here.
Good luck! Service entrance is around back! - Jordan Passmore.
- How do I know that name? - Triathlete.
Big fan, Jordan.
- Had a tumble down some stairs, severe left upper quadrant pain, some abdominal distension.
Might be looking at a ruptured spleen.
- Can somebody call my sister? - We can do that for you.
How'd you end up here, Jordan? Some guy found me.
- Your brother! - Griffin? - He's your brother? - That's what my parents say.
OK, let's reduce and splint this, and let Ortho know what's going on.
We need to do it fast, maybe a DPL.
Jordan we're gonna get you into an ultrasound and back into the OR, OK? Are you on any medications? Birth control? Anything? No.
just some supplements.
Zoe Rivera.
- Mr.
- How are you feeling? - Fine, good.
- Wonderful.
Taking your ARVs? - Every day.
- Good girl.
The chances of you getting infected by that needle are slim.
We know that.
So when can I get that liability waiver? Been in all night.
Maybe we can It's just a signature.
It's pretty simple stuff.
Clean up in Exam Room 3.
Dump truck.
Gotta go, excuse me.
- Dump truck? - Coming out both ends.
Oh! OK.
Best get to it then.
Yeah, I got it, Zoe Rivera.
Got it, yes.
Alright, bye-bye.
You're Griffin Conner? - Yeah.
- Hi.
Frank Kanaskie, Supervisor, Transport and Housekeeping.
Don't really have a place to put you right now.
Umm well, there's housekeeping.
Do you like cleaning? - Not really.
- We have some fellas that do it but, hey, I am not a sexist, but guys are generally lousy about, y'know, getting in there, digging, digging the blood out of cracks and what not.
Wife calls it "Man Vision".
I don't know, you know? Hey, we miss things girls don't, you know? Women don't.
So, gonna put you in Transport as a porter.
A porter moves either people or equipment.
- A porter.
OK, great.
- Just tell the patients you're an orderly.
The word "porter" seems to confuse them.
Same with doctors.
No idea what a porter is.
It doesn't matter, you're just a blur to them anyway.
Oh, uh no offense.
- I'm not a doctor.
- No, but your dad.
Your sister.
Sure, OK.
- Your other sister's a nurse.
- Sandy.
Wow! News travels fast.
Big hospital on the outside, small town on the inside.
Anyway, call yourself an orderly.
Bullpen's this way.
I just heard from HR.
Two kids working here wasn't enough? Just want to keep an eye on him till this blows over.
- Jordan Passmore's in the ER.
- Who's that? Supposed to go to Olympics.
You might want to check later.
- Yeah, sure.
Will do.
- So, your son This isn't a family business, it's a hospital.
And you're not just some doctor anymore, you're Chief of Staff.
- Acting.
- So act like the Acting Chief of Staff.
Do you know how this looks to the board? The board doesn't care if I got my kid a job pushing beds around.
He's a drug addict up on assault charges.
Former drug addict.
And even the police say it was self-defence.
Allen, you were passed over for this job 2 years ago because of Griffin.
You don't want history to repeat.
Robert, I appreciate that you are VP of Risk and Quality Management and everything, but I am more than capable of managing the risk of my own son.
Thank you.
How are you feeling? Nauseous and tired all the time.
It's the anti-retrovirals.
Go home, go to bed.
I could stop taking them.
Or it could be work, school, stress, I don't know.
I'm not gonna get sick.
- You don't know that.
- I don't not know that.
Guys? Guys, I would like to introduce you to our newest Porter, Mr.
Griffin Conner, so please make him feel welcome.
Bruno Dias? Wanna show him the ropes? In other business, I got a complaint that PSAs are sitting down on the job.
So, effective immediately, all staff seating are to be removed in the hallways and ER.
There is no sitting down while on shift! What're we supposed to do? Stand up and salute when someone in a white coat walks by? Zoe Rivera, I need you to stay on for a double.
What? Since when? - Since I needed someone.
Is there a problem? No.
I can do it.
Great! Thanks, everyone! - Bruno.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Griffin.
Yeah, I heard.
Welcome back.
- Are you on any medications? - It's clear as day that man suffers from heart disease.
Cynthia, my shift starts in 5 minutes, I really need to Lithium, clonazepam, rispiradone and topiramate.
But I stopped because, you know, they're not working.
I'm fine.
I don't even need to be here.
We just want that burn looked at.
Everyone stands around watching, waiting for that guy to drop dead - Could you call Dr.
Decker? - Stupid hand! - Cynthia, can we call your husband? - Richard? Uh, fine.
Just don't trust him.
- Why not? - Married the wrong guy, that's all.
Every time I'm happy, every time I'm, you know feeling good, he thinks that something's wrong with me.
I hate hospitals.
Bad history.
Are you staying with me? - My fiancé, Dr.
Decker, is - You brought me here! I didn't want to come.
I just got here.
I'm in the emergency room.
- OK.
Let's just let's just sit over here.
I don't know, Mom.
I don't know.
I'm here, she fell.
That's all they'll that's all they'll let me know, OK? Yeah.
OK, I have to hang up now.
Hi, hi, I'm Kristie Passmore, Jordan's sister, you called me? Yeah, just hang on a second.
Woah, that's ruptured alright.
Back up the suction truck 'cause here we go.
I need a clear visual of the spleen.
Triathlon, that's 3 sports she's good at, 3.
How many sports are you good at, Jerry? - Floor hockey and curling.
- So, one and a half.
She's getting tachy.
Heart rate's up to 130.
BP's dropping.
Pushing fluids, need more blood.
- Get on it.
- Her jugular is distending.
Pulmonary embolism? She's 22 years old.
- Birth control? - Already asked.
- Maybe she's lying.
She's crashing.
Need to cross clamp the supraceliac aorta.
Start an infusion of dopamine and keep pouring the fluids in.
Bring the crash cart.
What the hell is a 22-year-old doing with a blood clot? She's an athlete, maybe she's doping.
EPO increases blood viscosity, she was training, probably dehydrated Of course, she's gonna clot.
Damn it! Clear.
What a mess! Seriously? You still use these? Call in, a computer voice will tell you what your next assignment is.
- How long have you worked here? - 18 months.
Let's get you a uniform.
Where were you 18 months ago? Colombia.
We are one of the only departments that works throughout the whole hospital, so you'll need to memorize the floor plan.
- Done.
- Done? I know this place like the back of my hand.
Ha! Ha! Do you know where Sterilization Services is? Transport office? Housekeeping? Maintenance? Oy! About the Morgue? Isn't that the old wing? Moved.
There are 2 hands; it sounds like you only know the back of one.
Your sister's had a major surgery.
She's stable and in post-op, but that's all I can tell you right now.
I'm, I'm sorry.
Will Jordan still be able to compete? - Where are your parents? - On a plane to Vancouver meeting with her sponsors.
Is she OK or? You're a minor.
I can't give you any details.
Kristie The Olympics mean everything to her.
- I'm sure they do.
- Everything! Kristie, do you know if your sister has any history of taking performance-enhancing drugs? I'm If I'm too young for you to tell me how she is, then how come I'm not too young for you to ask me that? We we can't ask Jordan and having some idea will help us understand what happened in the OR.
No! No drugs.
Jordy's like the healthiest person I know.
She'd never.
When can I see her? As soon as Jordan is set up in ICU.
We'll let you know.
- You two are engaged? - That's right.
- They let you work together? - No.
Sandy works upstairs in the ICU.
Unless I'm down here bugging him about the wedding.
- Never bugging me.
- It's nice.
Cynthia, Brian Dr.
Decker and I were hoping that you would talk to someone from Psychiatry.
- Why? - To look at your medication.
No! No, no, no, no! I just burned my hand.
I'm not I'm not staying here.
You can't make me stay! No one said anything about making you stay.
We don't - Go away, Richard! - Is that your husband? - I'll get him.
- Don't, don't! I don't want him here.
- Sorry, she got away from me.
- I am not a dog! Please do not speak about me as though I were a dog! Can you just give us a minute? - Love, please! - He hates it when I'm feeling better.
As soon as I finally feel like myself again, he wants to take it away, so he can go back to work! No one is gonna make you stay here, I promise.
We just need your help right now, so that we don't get into any trouble for calling another doctor down here for nothing.
And I'm late for my shift.
Would you talk to him? To help me? It would mean a lot.
- There she is.
- Well, well, well your father must be very proud.
You're done, honey.
You know Jamilla? She gave me my first set of scrubs.
When he was 10.
Here you go.
Not a surgeon.
Must be a white-coat man just like your Porter.
I'm a porter.
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! You're working here as a porter? A porter? - What is wrong with that? - Nothing, nothing's wrong with that.
Just a waste of potential, that's all.
- Hey, hey, you, slow down! - It's heavier than it looks.
Watch where you're going.
Sorry, ma'am.
Won't happen again.
Bruno, I'd like you to meet my little sister Mel.
- Good colour on you.
- Jamilla chose this special, just for me.
You should wear it to your celebration dinner tonight.
That wasn't my idea.
That's just Dad being all Don't worry.
This won't last long.
Mom will deal with the charges and then you can you can get back to whatever life you were leading with whatever Russian stripper you were leading it with.
We need to get going.
Good idea.
Back to work.
I'm gonna take my break.
HEY! You just started! The Man is squeezing you.
- There's no way.
- Farina called Kanaskie after he saw you.
That's why he's doing the no-chair thing and your double.
If he wants me to sign the release, shouldn't he be, like, nice to me? The only way to keep your power is not to sign and to sue the hospital.
For what? Negligence.
There was an HIV- infected syringe lying around.
- Lonnie.
- What happens if you get sick? You got rich relatives? You got benefits? - No.
- So sue.
Zoe? Got a minute? You know, before we met, I never noticed how many PSAs are around here, and now We're everywhere.
I know.
I feel the same way about needles.
How are you feeling, Zoe? You're doing OK? - Never better.
- Nurse Conner? A word? Sorry.
How's Cynthia? - She's with the shrink.
He'll adjust her meds.
- Why were you talking to that PSA? - Zoe? I was just checking in.
- Bad idea.
- I feel responsible.
That girl could end your career.
If Zoe wanted to end my career she would have done it already.
You took blood from a patient without consent! Because Zoe needed to know whether or not she was at risk! Sandy, you need to protect yourself and your father.
I won't talk to her.
I love you.
I know.
I love you too.
Oh right, my dad wants to have a celebration dinner for Griff tonight, so don't make any plans.
What are we celebrating? Don't you start.
Still here.
I'm right here Five minutes at a time I'm gone I can't breathe I'm in too deep So take me out to the surface Take me out to the surface And I won't dream For fear of sleep Take me out to the surface Take me out to the surface Could you see Beyond the leaves When it was me who was searching I don't believe you.
- Kristie - Why would she say that if it wasn't true? - When did the fever start? - Ten minutes after hand over.
I was a little late.
She developed a temp, chills, - distension in the belly.
- Thanks.
- And the sister She's pretty upset.
- Why would she ask me that?! I don't know, they probably want to rule it out.
Kristie? I need some time with your sister.
How are you feeling? I ache all over.
My arm, my chest, my back.
I'm nauseous.
Even my teeth hurt.
You told my sister I used drugs.
- No.
I asked her - You're not allowed to do that.
It's a grey area.
Breathe in.
But since you brought it up, maybe you could tell me about those supplements.
Conner- Vitamin C, D? Maybe some human growth hormone? Erythropoietin? The ruptured spleen was the easy part.
You almost died from those drugs, Jordan.
They caused a massive pulmonary embolism - a blood clot dislodged from your leg and travelled to your lungs.
I've been working for years to get to the games.
It's my life.
- And you almost lost it.
- You can't tell anyone.
- Patient confidentiality.
- They'll find out eventually.
You don't know that.
- At a random drug test or at your funeral.
Because if this happens again, you could die.
Hey, I've been thinking about you! I could not do the cargo pants but you can pull them off.
How's your day been? It's fine.
Nothing I can't handle.
Found something of yours though.
Oh, my God! You went to our secret room.
I haven't been there in years.
- Thought I'd check it out.
How's Jordan Passmore doing? Well, she took too many drugs, tanked her career and her health and we'll soon have her whole family rallying around her while they'd probably rather be doing something else.
- Look at the pic Griff found.
- Just say it, let it all out.
This is a bad idea! Dad finally got Chief of Staff and he doesn't need to deal with your crap.
The drugs, the machetes, whatever.
- You think this is helping? Seriously? - Switch Jordan to clinda ondansetron for the nausea, and a stat CBC, blood and urine cultures.
I'm getting a hot dog.
Mel loves you.
She's just worried.
- She's right.
I shouldn't be here.
- You're gonna do fine, Griff.
You love it here.
Always have.
Just, just reach out.
Make new friends.
I should get back.
Have some fun! Can't you just keep her here for a few days? Has Cynthia talked about suicide at all or threatened you or anybody else? I don't know, I'm not with her all the time, that's the thing.
That's the test.
Harm to herself or others.
I know, I know.
Look what she did to her hand.
That's harm.
That was an accident.
Usually she's just depressed, but these manic episodes are The psychiatrist will adjust her meds, and she'll be back to normal in a couple weeks.
Normal? Cynthia's bipolar.
I don't remember what normal is.
Look, it's not that I don't love her.
And when she's down, I can cope but when she's manic, it's too hard.
Just talk to the doc, can you please? OK, I have to work.
I can't, I can't watch her all the time when she's like this.
She doesn't sleep, she takes off.
I don't know.
Two days, so she calms down.
That's all I'm asking.
Put yourself in my shoes.
Let me see what I can do.
I want a hot dog.
"The moon is in the 7th house today, which indicates growth.
When love comes knocking, dear Scorpio, expect the unexpected.
" - Dr.
- Jerry.
I still don't believe you weren't looking at your stocks.
Of course I was.
And I am up, in case you're interested.
I am not.
Tox screen confirmed the cause of Jordan's blood clot.
Of course.
Jordy's little helper.
- You're interesting.
- Pardon me? Loose but focused.
Can talk on the phone and work a probe at the same time.
That's a gift.
You're interested? and 9:30PM to bed when I'm not on call Otherwise, I try to be in OR all day, which I love.
I'm a fellow, sub-specialty is vascular.
So what's in it for me? Please! I'm smart.
I'm ambitious.
I love sex and I'm very good at it.
That's worth considering.
And I don't need much sleep.
Here's the problem: I don't date anesthetists.
Why not? Because I have a thing about drugs.
Nine years of studying, so you can get people so stoned that they can't feel it when people like me cut them open? Who would want to date that? And you're too tall.
So you don't want to hang out with me tonight? No, I'm busy.
I'm supposed to have dinner with my family, remember? And I'm giving you a way out.
I have to go.
Is she, is she gonna be OK? How's she doing? - Getting worse.
Temp is rising, she's short of breath, tachy Is she gonna be OK? - She's also mildly confused.
Just bumped her up to 4 litres of O2.
OK, call down for a stat CT scan of the abdomen.
I need to see what's going on.
Please tell me she's gonna be OK.
Excuse me.
We're gonna find out, OK? It's OK, don't worry.
I don't have time to talk about Griffin right now.
- I know.
Is that Jordan Passmore? - What? Yes.
Dad, I'm working.
- So am I.
How is she? - I didn't call for a consult.
Protocol for high-profile patients.
The Olympics are 2 years away; Jordan hasn't won anything yet.
Farina suggested it.
And her mother called from Vancouver twice.
- The family rallies.
- What? Nothing.
Presenting in accordance with an opportunistic infection.
Haven't determined source yet.
Ordered a CT? - Just now.
- Great.
I'll pop in, have a look.
Hey! Sorry about that, man, my break went a little bit longer than I thought.
I like my job.
I do not need some spoiled rich kid to ruin it for me.
Spoiled rich kid? You think you got me all figured out? - Kanaskie was asking for you.
I lied and told him your pants were big, and you had to go back down to linens.
- I just needed time to think.
- If you wanted time, you should have stayed in med school.
No! No! Oh, please, no! We're just taking you over to the psych ward, OK? - Don't let them! Don't touch! Don't touch me! I haven't done anything wrong! Why are you doing this to me?! I wanna go home.
I just I just, I wanna go! It will be OK.
No, no.
Please, stop.
Please, these people are trying to help you, OK? It may not seem that way, but they are, OK? No one is going to hurt you.
I promise.
- I don't belong here.
- Yes, yes.
But it's OK.
It's OK because this is not going to be forever, right? This is not forever.
It looks like she's falling into sepsis.
We shouldn't rule out pancreatic fistula.
What? No.
- It was a complicated surgery.
- CT will take her right away.
I would know if I cut the pancreas.
- I didn't say you did.
- Said I shouldn't rule it out.
I said we shouldn't.
- First three things they teach you in med school: eat well, get as much sleep as you can and don't screw with the pancreas.
I didn't go near it.
It looks like she has an intra-abdominal infection.
- Which is why she's on IV clindamycin.
- Drugs don't fix holes, Mel.
Fine, good.
CT will settle it one way or the other.
We'll just wait for the results.
You invite Griffin to come in here and wander around a hospital, where there's drugs everywhere, and you can't support me in my clinical decisions? Mel, just stop.
They're 2 very different situations and I'm, I'm, I'm surprised that you don't see that.
Oh, Cynthia - How'd she do? - You were right, CT showed no cut on the pancreas.
How do you know? - Got a verbal from the rad.
- Source for the infection? Didn't mention it.
The full report should be sent up soon.
It's been hard to keep her O2 levels up.
BP down to 80 over 53.
Heart rate 130.
OK, guys, hang on.
Jordan? Jordan, hang in there you're gonna be ok.
The veins in her neck look a little puffy.
Heart rate 140, BP is still falling.
OK, here.
Blood thinners haven't had time to do their job.
Could be a piece dislodged from the clot.
She's crashing.
- OK, alright, let's get her to OR, we're gonna do a T.
and find out what's going on.
Zoe! Mind if we have a quick chat? You're a smart young woman, I looked at your application you're completing your MA in Cultural studies.
Good for you.
Lots of that here - cultural studies.
Why won't you sign the release? I'm thinking about it.
You can't intimidate me.
Honestly, I am not trying to.
I want to understand what you want, to help you.
- I might sue.
- For what, Zoe? You won't know for months if you've contracted anything.
In the highly unlikely event that you have, you'll lose the suit.
We both know that.
Then why do you need me to sign that release form? How about we officially investigate the incident? Will that help? I'd like to know who's responsible.
I'd like to ensure that they suffer consequences for those actions.
I bet you would too.
How about we start there? See if that makes you feel better.
Great! I'll be in touch.
Kanaskie just paged, wants to know where we're at.
I'll call in, log it as done.
How's it going? "Another win thanks to 'Leggy Peggy'"? Wow! Hey, that's impressive.
You're quite the star.
You still play? - Are the monitors up? - Let's do the transesophogeal echo and look for a clot first.
- And if we find it? - We'll cross that bridge.
She's been through too much to survive an open embolectomy.
- And the infection? - We don't know where it is, and cutting in to look for that could kill her too.
- Not a lot of choices.
- Tell me about it.
That's good.
He likes it right there.
To his left.
There's a PSA, Zoe Rivera, who was stuck, and she's threatening to sue the hospital.
Zoe Rivera? You know her? - No.
- I want to use an audit to find out who's responsible, and then burn them in effigy.
That's going to accomplish? The suit will go away, and we'll show the staff that we take sharps disposal seriously.
What the hell is that? Hold on.
Where's the blood clot? I'm not seeing it.
Come on.
Come on.
It's Dr.
It's not a clot.
She's definitely septic and her system's starting to shut down.
Mel, you were right, no fistula, but there's a problem with the CT.
Something funny's going on at the bottom of the scan, call me.
If we don't cut her and find the infection, she's dead.
Cut her, she could She's too weak.
She could die.
I'm setting up a hospital-wide audit on sharps disposal.
You need to let your chiefs and doctors know.
Are we together on this? Sure, why not? - Dr.
Conner, it's Dr.
- Decline! I have to risk it.
Set up for an exploratory laparotomy.
Let's go! OK.
- Hello! - Mel, Mel Dad, I can't talk right now.
- I saw the CT, it's not - You're right, the pancreas is fine, I know.
It's got to be something in her belly and I'm about to cut in.
There's a medical implant in her spine.
That's where the infection is coming from.
- What?! - Jordan has a plate in her back causing her sepsis.
Didn't show up on ultrasound and it artifacted on the CT.
That's why we couldn't see it.
Don't cut! Okay.
Not cutting.
Make sure she's stable, get her back to the ICU.
Ortho's there waiting.
Thanks for the call.
Umm I guess we should let you go.
Leggy Peggy, huh? Alright, Peggy.
Come on, I know you still got it.
Let's see one of those chest passes.
Come on, Peggy, I know you got it.
Let's go, pass! Wow! She's still got it, ladies and gentlemen.
I don't know if you're watching this.
One more, let's see another.
Oh! Another.
Back and forth, back and forth.
Hold up.
Bounce pass.
Round of applause please, everybody.
OK, oh! The field goal.
Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh Leggy Peggy from the key Swish! Bruno Dias, I know you saw that one.
That was for you, buddy.
Round of applause for Leggy Peggy The ball goes to Peggy as we get a high five.
High five! Low five! Low five! Boom! Seconds left in the game, Conner makes the pick, tries to get open, almost at the buzzer, the timer's running down.
Oh, he can't get open! Not good enough for Leggy Peggy.
Conner's behind the wall.
No, he can't get open.
Seconds left, the crowd goes wild! Peggy passes to Conner, No-look to Dias Oh! Oh-oh! Oh! No, no, no.
Hey, hey, you OK, man? Sorry about that.
Hey, hey! You're OK, right? Dr.
Chan to admitting, Dr.
Chan to admitting.
First day on the job, and Griffin sends a patient - to the ER.
- I'm just going to wait at the car.
It's OK.
Won't remember a thing.
All I did was talk to the psychiatrist who already - we both thought actually - Cynthia needed a time out to adjust to new meds.
A time out? She wasn't sent to her room, Brian.
Put yourself in that guy's shoes.
- He's not the patient, she is.
- Exactly, bipolar and off her meds.
I promised Cynthia that she would go home.
You heard me say that.
- Two days, that's all.
- I did part of my rotation in Psych.
Schizophrenics, people with dissociative identity disorders, criminals!? She's doesn't belong there! Would you do that to me? - Sandy - Would it be that easy? You need a night's rest or whatever so - You're being ridiculous.
- I am not being ridiculous.
We are gonna get married.
I would never do that to you.
Better not.
Sandy? Talk to you a sec? Hi, Brian.
- I don't know where he is.
- What? Where who is? - We weren't going to tell him, remember? - What? He was playing basketball in Geriatrics, he hit a patient with the ball.
Griffin did what?! - None of us actually saw it.
- Unbelievable! OK.
I'll dig into it.
What did you want to talk to me about, Dad? Zoe Rivera is threatening to sue the hospital over the sharps incident.
What? Farina has decided to do an investigation, wants to make an example of someone.
"Burn them in effigy" were his words.
You're going to need to get a lawyer.
If Zoe knows that I know, so will I.
And the hospital's exposed too.
I'm gonna talk to her.
No, don't.
It's not Zoe's fault, she hasn't done anything I did what I thought was right; she has to do what she thinks is right.
It's kinda hard to care about my own job when she might have HIV.
- He's right there.
- Right there? Thank you.
Griff? Yeah.
Dad? Hey.
Hey! Hey! How was your first day? Pretty good.
Nice people.
Lots of variety.
You just sent an Alzheimer's patient back to ER for playing basketball in the hallway of a hospital? It was an accident.
- Basketball was an accident? - Yeah.
Griff, everything you do now reflects on the hospital and the family.
- I get the message.
- I've got a lot on my plate right now.
Trying to cheer someone up.
I made a mistake.
I'm sorry.
What I want, what I need is for you to stop doing things that end in you having to say you're sorry! That's what I want.
So I guess dinner's off then? What?! My celebration dinner? Yeah.
Yeah, you guessed right.
Zoe? You called me? I've been thinking about our problem and I think I have a solution.
Have a seat.
This is novel.
I'm part-time, not union, and I don't have benefits.
If I sign that release now, I have nothing.
- I'm sure that's not true.
- Trust me, it's true.
I want permanent full-time, full union status, full benefits.
That way, in the event that I was infected by that needle, I'm protected.
The union will scream that you jumped the queue.
I know who dropped the needle.
And I know that that person has done certain things that expose the hospital to You're liable.
You'll have to be a little more specific than that, Zoe.
The person tested the patient for HIV without consent and told me the results.
That patient is HIV positive.
So, I wouldn't be the only one that would sue.
That patient's family might get in on the action.
They'd win.
For sure, they'd win.
So full benefits, no investigation, no one gets fired.
And I want our chairs back.
I've already filled out the employment application.
She ran the gauntlet.
But now that we know Jordan's sepsis was caused by the plate, Ortho will treat her, and she'll be fine.
She's gonna be fine.
I hate her.
I hate my sister.
- OK.
- Do you know how many times I've had to not go to something so that we could all go to one of her stupid races? Kristie - My parents are like, "We have to support Jordy right now.
" And I'm like, why? You know if I had a sip of beer at a party, I'd be grounded.
She's been cheating! Taking drugs! I hate her! I get it.
Believe me.
So, yeah, go ahead and hate her.
She deserves it.
Just don't don't decide to hate her forever.
See what happens.
Maybe you'll keep hating her, and maybe you won't.
OK, what am I supposed to do at Christmas when everybody's all, you know, lovey? Fake it? Fake it like I give a crap? You know, Kristie, that's a good idea.
It's a great idea.
Let's fake it.
Not going to throw a basketball at my head, are you? "Big hospital on the outside; small town on the inside.
" Yep, you're famous.
- Whatcha doing? - I'm eating a very expensive ice cream bar with nuts, and reading about my benefits.
- Your benefits? - Yup, just got 'em.
How many of you are there? Just one, I think.
- I mean Conners.
- You make us sound like a cult.
Or the Kennedys.
We both know you won't last long down here.
You don't know that.
Gonna go now.
See ya.
Top of the key Scorpio! That was fun today.
It was.
Hey, Mel? Melissa.
Meet the other Dr.
Dad, this is an anesthetist.
- He's a Cancer.
- Cancer? The horoscope kind.
It's nice to meet you.
Your daughter's an impressive surgeon.
I think so.
You were right; you didn't cut the pancreas.
I know.
- Griffin! - Hey! - So, are we having dinner? - I think we cancelled actually.
What? No.
No, come on.
Dad, come on! Let's go.
- Maybe it's not the best - What? No.
Hey, hey, guys, you coming for dinner? I thought Dad called it off.
- Your sister wants - Come on! Griff, what do you say? What do you say? Let's celebrate! You made it! First day, woo-hoo! Dad, help me out here.
- I'm hungry.
- YES! Yes! Guys? Sure.
Yeah, we're in.
That's the spirit.
Griff, what do you say? The whole family.
It'll be fun.
Could you see beyond the leaves When it was me Who was searching