Remedy (2014) s01e03 Episode Script

Testing, Testing

Our son will be charged with aggravated assault.
As acting chief of staff, I'm sure I can find something to keep you out of trouble.
I love you all.
This is a bad idea.
Dad doesn't need to deal with your crap.
We both know you won't last long down here.
I'm engaged to your sister.
Sandy, you're not actually going to marry Brian Decker, are you? Everything you do reflects on the hospital and the family.
I'm sorry.
Stop doing things that end in you having to say you're sorry.
Hey, it's Griff.
Hey, it's Griff.
Leave a message.
Hey, it's Griff.
You know the drill.
Leave a message.
Where is he? The hearing is in ten minutes.
I know.
The judge won't approve the stay unless he's here.
Yes, I know that too Well, why wasn't he with you in the first place? He didn't come home last night, he isn't answering his phone.
You're supposed to be looking after Griff.
He's welcome to stay with you.
A recovering addict with a functional alcoholic, really? Nine minutes.
- Hey, dad, what's up? - Have you heard from your brother? - Isn't he supposed to be in court? - Griffin's late? Shocker.
If he's not here in 6 minutes, the charges won't be dropped and Griff'll be in jail.
- Where is he? - I don't - Maybe he's stuck in traffic.
- Sure.
On a runway to Brazil.
Ok, just if you see him - I will, dad, absolutely.
- Sandy.
- Do not get sucked into this.
- Who's getting sucked in? And he wouldn't do that, he wouldn't just take off.
Yes, you are.
And yes, he would.
He messes up, you and dad run around like crazy people to save him, he blows it and then takes off.
It's a process.
Decker, should I be worried? It's gotta be nothing, right? Mm-hmm "Mm-hmm" it's nothing, or "hm-mmm" I should be worried? - Oh God, is it an aneurysm? I knew it.
- Prescription will be up at the desk.
- What prescription? For what? - Maxalt.
For your migraine.
Migraine? Oh God, so I don't have an aneurysm? - I'm not going to die? - No.
Well, not today.
Decker, this is Cindy - and she's feeling a little sensitive - 16-year-old female, burning sensation when urinating.
Test for UTI or STD.
Fastest gun in the west.
A moment? No sweat.
Almost finished my patient care load again.
Hope the other residents - aren't getting too jealous - Yeah well, the other residents don't have 5 patient complaints pending against them, so I think they're okay.
I cleared them all, - is it my diagnoses, did I miss something? - Ok, we've got incoming EMT with a 52-year-old male, MVA, heart rate 135, BP 98 over 60, he's on 3 litres of oxygen, let's go, go, go.
We've talked about this, Brian.
You've got a problem with basic patient interaction.
You need to fix it, or go into radiology where you just have to talk to X-rays.
Ok, but I don't understand.
Step aside, coming through.
We've got a couple coming in, you take them, I've got the impalement.
This guy can't wait.
Hey, I'm Dr.
Decker, I will be Sorry.
The judge is on his way, it's over.
Griffin? - Where the hell have you been? - You're wearing that in court? - Fine, alright, just c'mon.
- Look at you.
What have you - where are you are you okay? - I'm okay, - I'm fine.
- Are you did you fall off the wagon again? Are you using drugs again? Dad! Allen, saying "drugs" in this context is a bit like saying "bomb" at the airport.
Trust me, you don't want to know what happened, okay? - "Trust you?" - I'm here now! Look, don't yell at me Alright, enough, both of you.
It's time to show the judge what a happy family we are.
- I'm not feeling anything.
- You're in shock, sir.
On my count, one, two, three General surgery here, what's whoa - Amazing, isn't it? - Fence post, looks like it's gone clear through the right side.
Possible laceration - of the liver - Let's get an X-ray, see about doing an exploratory laparotomy.
Sir, is there anyone we can call? One sec, I'm just texting my wife now.
- Fantastic.
How about the other vehicle? - ER 3.
There's no visible injury to either.
Ironically, they were on their way to the hospital - when this gentleman hit them.
- Kinda feel bad about that.
Wife is always saying I shouldn't text and drive.
Maybe you should listen to your wife.
We'll take this.
I'm fine, I just need to call the theatre.
- You're not fine.
- Give me my glasses, I can't see anywhere.
She's not fine.
She's been in pain for over 24 hours.
It's her stomach.
We were on - This car came out of nowhere - Uhhuh, okay.
Ma'am, before the MVA, did you have any MVA? What's that? Sorry, motor vehicle accident, but I'm asking your wife, sir Fiancée.
Derek, honey I'm not Diane, okay? - I'm fine.
- Does this hurt? Yeah.
- Easy, easy! - Sir I'm a dancer, I have an opening tonight, I have to go, please - Oh! Son of a - It's her stomach again, - I'm telling you, she's - I am trying to help, so let me.
Oh, honey.
I don't think you'll be making that opening tonight.
Well, that went better than most of Griffin's - parent teacher conferences.
- Listen, Rebecca You're welcome.
I didn't want to visit him in jail any more than you.
Keep an eye on that one.
- I'm working on it.
- Work harder.
- Hey.
Let's walk.
- Gonna grab a cab, I'm late.
Well, I'm the chief.
We can walk.
- Yeah? - Griff - Don't ask me about last night.
- Hey.
You're a grown man.
So now you can do what you want, go where you want.
- So do you know what you want? - Does "not having" "this conversation right now" count? - I'm just trying to - Thanks.
- For what? - For everything you said in there.
About being proud of me getting cleaned up - and all that.
- Your mother wrote all that.
So, are you staying? You going? What are you going to do? Right now I'm going to go to work.
Hiyashi? - Listen to me - I'm sorry I know what I have to do.
- But it is much harder than I thought.
- Then When you're ready, you'll know.
Until then, just keep holding on.
Keep loving him.
And stay hydrated.
- Nurse's orders.
- Ok.
- Nurse Conner, how are we today? - Good, Dr.
Tuttle, how are - And the Hiyashis? - We're waiting to discontinue life support until Mrs.
Hiyashi is a bit more ready.
Oh, two MVAs in ER right now.
I understand we need a bed, but end-of-life isn't something you can rush.
Then the pneumonia in number Martha Coultes? Her lungs are still crackling, she'll just be sent back That is what we have.
And I have the job of upping our patient flow, either by stepping down to the wards faster or Which just increases their chance of being readmitted to ICU - with more complications after the - Or By letting those who need to move on move on.
How about I go down to ER, get a timeline on the trauma.
Then I'll come back and We'll do what we have to do.
Is that acceptable, doctor? You're a good nurse, Conner.
Nothing wrong with caring.
- So.
What happened? - All charges dropped.
- Fabulous.
So he's leaving, right? - Don't know that.
No? Okay.
So what do you know? He's working today.
I don't know about tomorrow.
Then you'll want to know about this.
- This is happening today? - The board remains very supportive of "random and anonymous" employee drug tests.
They're an invasion of privacy, the stats suggest that they aren't effective, employees hate them.
And the board loves the insurance cost savings.
I keep telling you Pick your battles, Allen.
Like What am I looking at, R obert? You don't know your own son's social insurance number? No, I why do you know my son's social insurance number? Because I like to know when my chief's son is being tested.
"Random and anonymous".
Do you know if we're going to have a problem with this, Allen? - Ooh, it's starting to hurt - Push fentanyl to 150 micrograms.
ETA on this one? ICU candidate? Have to see after the laparotomy, at least an hour.
Wasn't there another MVA? - Oh God, get it out!! - In 3 with Decker.
Gonna need something stronger than fentanyl Hi, honey.
You look like I feel.
I've got a bed problem.
Think your trauma's headed for ICU? No, gonna keep her overnight but that's ortho.
And yeah, one of those days.
Tonight you, me, bottle of Pinot.
Hey, I always wanted to try one of these.
- I need to ask you something.
- Excuse me, doc, I'm wondering if Fiona has I just read this - Sir, please just let me - A "dyspeptic ulcer".
Sir, I'm in the process of admitting your fiancée for her dislocated collarbone No, I know.
If you could just come and look As soon as I am done.
- Please - As soon.
As I.
Am done.
You don't think I have a problem with patient interaction, do you? - Nice of you to show up.
- Alright, I'm sorry I'm late.
Yeah, sure you are.
Listen, I need you to be on the veterans' wing.
I gotta warn you though, - this guy is a piece of work - Good news, charges were dropped.
Oh good, because that's what I wanna hear, that one of my porters' charges - have been dropped.
- Where is everybody? Well, I guess they heard.
Today's the day.
"Random and anonymous" drug test.
Wrote all about it in my bullpen bulletin.
You should read it.
There a problem? Not a fan of drug tests.
I don't know what I'm gonna do - about this.
- You don't know? Well, let me help you with that.
You are going to go pee in a cup, then you're going to the vets wing and you're gonna take the colonel to his podiatrist appointment.
And if you survive that, you come back here and I'll tell you what else you're going to do.
See how easy that was? Thieves! Excuse me? You want to say that again? What, are you deaf? I'm the old one, you little thief.
Did you hear that? - Alright, I'm done.
Have a good day.
- You'll have a good day - once you've sold my medal! - Look, I did not touch your medals.
"Look" she says, to a blind man.
If Marty was here, he'd make you give it back.
- Thieves! - Whoa.
- Having fun? - Get ready.
He's having one of his "off days".
- The colonel? - Is that another one? - You taking him to foot care? - Get in here! I really wanna say "no," don't I? - Too late.
Have fun.
- Hey, can ask you a question? You stalling? - Pretty much.
- I can hear you out there - You get dinged for this drug test too? - No, you? - Anybody else you know? - A few PSAs, couple porters.
Bruno's off today, so I don't think him.
That's about it.
You do it yet? No.
I don't know if I'm going to bother.
- Okay then.
- What? No, it's just if you don't do it, doesn't that mean they can fire you? I dunno.
I guess.
Why? Yeah.
No reason for you to stay.
Hello, colonel, - I'm your Porter, and I am here - It's about damn time.
- You want me to get gangrene and die? - Are those the only options? Smartasses, all of them.
Come on, come on.
I don't wanna be late for the foot woman.
She's sweet on me.
I bet she is.
What does she expect? My clearance rate is the best in our group.
My diagnoses, my admitting She's just doing what attendings do: Teaching through humiliation - and self-doubt.
- That's supposed to make me feel better? Sorry.
I'm not a fan of doctors today.
- Gonna marry one.
- Okay, not all doctors.
I'm just jealous you have enough beds to admit a straight dislocated collarbone.
Not so straight.
Her BP's kinda low.
"General abdominal pain.
" I'm thinking - maybe gallstones? Pancreatitis? - Doesn't really fit with gallstones.
Forty, female, definitely not fat.
- 5'7 and 100 pounds, for real? - Good point.
Between you and me, definitely getting an FLP vibe What's an FLP? Good luck, hon.
Just think: "Pinot".
Sir, I did not see you standing there.
"Funny looking person"? You called my fiancée a "funny looking person?" - Sir, I said I was sorry - My fiancée is sick, - and you call her an FLP? - It's a doctor's term.
Informal, but useful.
"Funny looking person?" How is that useful? Long limbs, pronounced jaw What would you call her? - Son of a bitch - Security! - Exam room 3! - Fiona! - Fiona.
What's happening? - She's not breathing.
Need to bag her.
- Her BP's falling.
- What's happening? We've got to intubate.
Get me the laryngoscope and an ET tube.
Fiona! Fiona! Fiona! Sir, you have to go now.
Fiona, stay with us.
You said we had time.
Where's Mr.
Hiyashi, what happened? He's down on ward 3.
He doesn't have much time left as it is.
But we said we'd discuss it when I got back.
I said we needed a bed.
You said Coultes' lungs were still crackling.
These are the hard decisions.
Why is she This isn't the impalement.
What happened to your eye? 32-year-old female admitted with dislocated collarbone from MVA.
Also complaining of abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, elevated heart rate.
- Quite the shiner.
- Yeah.
She had a sudden onset difficulty breathing in ER, BP bottomed out at 80 over Abdomen tender? Could be pancreatitis, gallstones.
Definitely consistent with gallstones.
Do we have her records yet? She's from San Francisco, no local physician.
We're still waiting for them.
Lipase and amylase to rule out pancreatitis, Nurse Conner.
Thank you.
We were actually talking about that, not sure if it fits with gallstones.
I don't remember being a part of that conversation.
Lipase and amylase, thank you.
- What happened? Let me see.
- I'm fine.
Fiancé figured out what FLP stood for.
I would have punched you out too if you called my fiancé funny looking.
I know.
I mean, Brian, this is why summers is always giving you I know.
Thank you.
Come on, you goof.
Lemme see.
I'm a professional.
- Sandy, you need to watch it with Tuttle.
- Easy for you to say, you can be all like "Oh yes, doctor, consistent with gallstones," and she'll listen to you.
But me? To her I'm just some nurse.
- Swelling's not too bad.
- Maybe summers is right.
I like X-rays.
I could do radiology.
You're the best ER resident they have.
Maybe you just need to learn how to act like it.
Learn how to act like a doctor from a clown? At least she could teach you how to cover that shiner.
- I hate butterflies.
- End-of-life situations.
- To make staff and other families aware.
- I know.
They use them at east general.
Diane my first wife.
- I'm so sorry.
- I can't believe I'm here again.
Fiona is not terminal.
- What's wrong with her? - We're trying to find out.
Have you spoken with Dr.
Tuttle? She said it was Pancreatitis.
But I don't know, I just It's okay.
You can let it go.
Oh, uh Dr.
Tuttle asked if she was on any other medication.
I'm sorry, I totally forgot about these.
These are why is Fiona on beta blockers? Stage fright.
It's a dancer thing.
Why? Did you already give her something Is she It's fine.
Stay with her.
Nurse's orders.
- Hey, hold up - Chief Conner? - Fred, just wanted to - No, it's Frank.
Glad to run into you.
Gimme a chance to say thanks.
Taking my son on, appreciate it.
Here to help.
- How is my son doing these days? - "Doing?" I don't know, I heard the charges were dropped.
That's good, right? Sure.
It's just, um I'd appreciate it if you gave me a heads-up if there was a problem.
A problem? What kind of problem? I mean, I deal with all sorts of problems, right? I got 5 porters who walked off 'cause of this drug testing thing today.
I've got to go meet the CUPE Union Rep.
Right now, that's where I'm going right now.
You wanna help me deal with that kinda problem? I'm kidding, I'm kidding.
So Griff, what kind of trouble might he be having? Oh, I need to take this Okay.
If you have any more problems, you know, - Frank's ready to help.
Fred too.
- Sandy, you remember that houseboat I rented that summer? Let's go again, right now, why not? Because you hit rocks and we almost drowned.
Quick question: What's that connective tissue disorder, the FLPs - with hypermobility and bad eyesight? - Marfan syndrome? Yeah.
Do they take beta blockers? Typically, to reduce the risk of aortic dissection.
Let me ask you something.
- Your brother - He showed up, right? Yeah, all charges dropped.
- Told you he would.
- Do you think he'd pass a drug test? - Is he on the list today? - He was out all last night, - I have no idea I don't know - He's gonna be fine.
How do you know? I know he'll be okay.
Well, I don't know that.
- This is such a bad idea.
- That's what makes it fun.
You really are a piece of work.
- Is that you, Marty? - Allen Conner, sir, - chief of staff, if I could just.
- Colonel Reginald Platt.
And I just pissed myself.
Come on, another smoke.
- And it ain't gonna light itself.
- Alright, Griff, when you have a second, I just need to talk to you.
About what? This drug test you want me to take? - You on drugs? I hate drugs.
- I don't support Those tests weren't even my idea But I just happen to be in the first round.
If you were my son, let me tell you And random drug tests are, okay: One, they're an invasion of privacy.
Two, they're ineffective, not to mention staff morale.
"Staff morale?" What kind of morale is it if the staff is high? - So you do support the drug tests.
- Got you there, chief.
What I support, Griff, is knowing what my staff is up to.
Well, you wanna know, why don't you just ask? Ask, dad Because I can't trust they're going to tell me the truth.
I'm not done! I am.
IV infusion of imipenem-cilastatin at 750 mg/hour to stave off pancreatic necrosis.
And prep an ultrasound to look for gallstones.
Tuttle, I had a theory I wanted to run past you.
The patient is on atenelol.
I don't see a prescription for beta blockers here.
She buys them online.
And given her other symptoms What "symptoms," I'm sorry? She's had several dislocations, hypermobility, can barely see without her contacts or glasses, extreme near sightedness.
Tall, thin All consistent with Marfan syndrome.
- Marfan syndrome? How exotic.
- I come from a doctor's family.
We used to play "differential diagnosis" over dinner, I know it's not common I am well aware of who your family is.
And your father.
Her low BP could be due to an internal bleed caused by an aortic dissection, also common in people Nurse Conner.
As I tell my own med students if it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, odds are it isn't an ostrich.
Can we at least check? Derek.
Did Fiona ever speak to you - about Marfan syndrome? - "Marfan" Uh, no.
No, she's never said anything about that.
Why - Alright, we'll just go ahead - Are you sure she's never actually Nurse Conner, if the patient did have a rare connective tissue disorder, she would have been diagnosed years ago.
I think she would have told her own fiancé.
We're still waiting for her records from San Francisco.
The beta blockers might be - She takes those for stage fright.
- Off label but harmless.
But this Marfan syndrome, what if it is that Oh, let's not borrow worry.
Let me tell you what we're doing for Fiona.
And Nurse Conner? Quack, quack, quack.
Hello? Hi there.
- Everything okay? - Yeah.
I just That's, that's you, right? Oh, I'm not really a clown.
- I'm an actor.
- I saw your brochure - and I just - I'm glad you called.
Yeah sure, me too.
You know what your problem is? My problem.
My problem is that my boss thinks that Dr.
Summers? Was she the one who punched you? You heard.
- I'm not sure this is a good idea.
- Dr.
I've been in the ER for 6 months.
I watch.
I listen.
I can help you.
Don't be afraid of the clown.
Come on, let me show you around.
Where is he? Griffin Conner.
Conner, Griffin.
Where is he, where is the thief? What the hell's going on, I got like 10 pages There he is, the thief himself.
You stole my Cyprus medal, thief.
Don't worry about it, he does it with everybody.
- Where is he? Where's the thief? - Just standing over - by your medals.
- Oh, you want more, do you? Oh well, go on, what else do I have? I'm just trying to - Does it say "Cyprus" on it? - As if you didn't sell it already! Colonel Let's not get all excited about this again Why are you still talking, woman? Where's my beer? Dude.
Seriously, shut up.
Don't "dude" me, thief.
Help me sit up.
She sexy? She smells sexy.
Found your medal, Colonel.
Well it was probably the housekeeping.
They're always They manage to get where they don't belong.
Or maybe you just wanted to see me again? One can, three times a day.
Every vet gets one.
There's a lot of medals back here.
- Do you miss it? - Miss what? You know.
The army.
That life.
I don't know.
Uh ask Marty.
He knows all that, he remembers I told him all about What are you talking about? When was the last time you saw Marty, Colonel? This is lager.
I drink ale! Ah! Will you at least take me to an ER room then? You're not taking up an exam room, they're swamped.
- So.
Pee in a cup lately? - Talk to dad? No.
- You're gonna do it, right? - No.
- Why not? - Because it's wrong.
It's invasive, - it's legally tenuous at best - Oh, would you please how about: If you don't take it, you force them to fire you and then you never have to actually, y'know, - face anything.
- "Face" something, why am I the one - who has to "face" something - You were gone two years, Griff.
Two Now I'm back.
- Are you using? - Wow, it's amazing how uncool you make something inherently cool - like taking drugs sound.
- I just Stop checking my pupils.
- I'm a nurse, what do you want from me? - Trust.
If you wanna leave I get it.
But I don't want you to.
Should I stop holding on? Probably.
No, no.
I don't know.
- This is this is silly.
- It's called standardized patient testing.
I know what standardized patient testing is, I did it for my boards, which I passed top of my class - So what's the problem then? - The problem is, I'm a doctor.
No, you're not.
You're Jim.
So Jim is a stockbroker, and he has chest pains.
And he's scared.
Okay, fine.
"I'm Jim.
I'm a stockbroker.
I have chest pains.
" - And uh, usually they say - Uh, uh, uh.
Not "they".
What are the pains like, Jim? It's It's tight.
Right here.
I can't breathe.
- And how does it feel? - I just said - No, inside, how are you feeling? - I don't know - Yes, you do.
- I just, I feel scared! Okay? I feel scared, and I don't maybe because it's nothing, maybe it's because I'm dying, I don't know, it's scary, ok, - and I don't know what to do - Oh, my God.
I completely forgot about this other thing.
I'm so sorry, you have to go.
- What? - Seriously, you have to go.
- We just - Yeah, no.
You gotta move.
- Now.
Come on, come on.
- Alright, uh Oh, oh, wait, 60 bucks.
Don't forget, you owe me 60.
What the hell are you talking about, we haven't even Hey, Brian.
No offense, but what part of this don't you get? We'll do it some other time.
But come on, 60 bucks, you gotta go.
You see that? - See what? - Right now.
- How do you feel now? - I don't feel great, - I feel bad, I just - Good.
That's how your patients feel.
Hey, wanna do it again? - No, I do not want to do it again.
- Come on.
This time you can have herpes.
- Where are you going? - I'm a doctor.
You're a clown.
And this is not what I came here for.
Now, we're still waiting on blood tests, but you can see gallstones right there.
Which could cause pancreatitis.
Plus, she's handling the weaning process very well.
Her oxygen sats are improving.
And her BP, doctor, don't you think it's still low? Escort her to CT to confirm pancreatitis.
We'll consider surgery tomorrow if she doesn't improve.
Could we at least check for a dissection? Ask for contrast in the CT or an MRA Nurse Conner, I am the doctor here.
If I'm right and she's bleeding internally Hold on, why is she bleeding? Derek, would you excuse us, please? - I'm just saying - I do not care what you are "just saying".
I do not take orders from my nurses, especially ones who don't listen "Don't listen?" I'm just looking out for my patient You are here to do what you are told.
They are not "your patients".
They are people with illnesses, which we treat Which I am trying to do, if you would just listen And then they get better, or they don't, and they leave.
And if you can't handle that, - if you can't let go - I do not need a lesson on my job Yes, I think you do.
Which is to take the patient this patient-to CT - to rule out pancreatitis - If she gets worse Then you will bring her back here.
And we I will decide what to do then.
Are we clear, Nurse Conner? Are.
Clear? Hello, Derek Her BP is dropping again.
- Okay, short trip.
Let's get her back.
- Look at her sats.
We're not going back to ICU.
Tuttle told us to Who are you calling? - Just missed your call - Need to assess for a cardiac tamponade.
- I don't have anything from ICU.
- Tuttle told us to take her back to ICU I know what Tuttle said, but her BP's down to 60 over 40.
- I think she's dissecting.
- Why would she be dissecting? Marfan.
Marfan? Come on! Mel, if this bursts Elevated venous pressure, distant heart sounds.
You always did win that stupid dinner game.
Take her in, let's go! Inserting the needle where the costal margin meets the xiphisternum.
If we get flashback, I'll remove fluid.
We've got a tamponade.
Let's prep the pigtail catheter.
Guide wire, please.
Do you do you have any news, is she Fiona's suffered a cardiac tamponade.
She's in surgery.
What? How The blood vessels in her heart were dissecting, tearing, they're trying to drain it.
How did you miss this, how did you not We didn't miss this.
It's a complication of Marfan syndrome.
- She doesn't have Marf - Yes.
She does.
Her records just arrived.
She was treated for it when she was 15.
She didn't say anything.
Why would Why would she hide this from everybody? Marfan is a high-risk condition.
She knew what you went through with Diane.
Maybe she thought, if you knew She didn't want to lose you.
The doctors don't have to take the tests, do they? - No, they're independent contractors - And I'm hearing Frank Kanaskie say his porters, unions and PSAs, are fighting it.
- What is it you want from me? - My nurses are up in arms.
- If you need an ally to fight this - Hold on, you should know the board is very supportive of this initiative.
Is the board willing to come down and talk to a bunch of angry nurses holding cups of pee? Allen? Allen, are you with us? Okay, colonel, not that you deserve it, but I got you Marty? Is that you? - No, no, it's - Marty.
I was sleeping.
You feel good.
Marty? Marty? You look good, dad.
I just I mean, I know you and me, we never really But it's not I'm fine.
I'm okay.
But I worry about you.
I don't know where you are.
I didn't know whether you're alive or dead or you're Marty? I'm here now, dad.
But where were you? I don't Lost.
In Thailand.
Ko Phangan.
An island.
An island? Really? How was that? I don't even remember.
I Guess I just needed a place to To get lost, you know? I I meant to call you.
To tell you I was okay.
But I I guess it just felt like it had been too long.
Don't go.
Don't go again.
I have to.
But I'll be back.
I promise.
The unions are getting lawyers.
The nurses are You don't even wanna know what the nurses are saying.
I've been a doctor a long time, Robert.
I've got a pretty good idea.
I'm going to the board.
- I'm telling them to give up.
It's over.
- That must be - so disappointing for you.
- Disappointed? Allen, I don't care about drug tests.
I care about money.
We'll find it somewhere else.
I'm suggesting to the board that they cut - the heals on wheels mobile clinic.
- The clinic? No, that's - an important community program.
- Which is not one of our core businesses.
Well, not the mobile clinic.
We can discuss it, but We can discuss it all you want, but like I keep saying, pick your battles, or they get picked for you.
Here's a bit of good news at least.
Your boy's results.
They're supposed to be confidential.
And random and totally anonymous.
Lots of things are supposed to be lots of ways, Allen.
For your sake, for Bethune's sake, I had to know if we had a problem Where's the big smile? I'm not a doctor, but doesn't that say he's Allen Conner.
Yes, Linda.
Well, I always appreciate a "courtesy," but to what do I owe Excuse me? One of my? Oh.
I'll be there.
- Griffin? - Actually, no.
Tuttle's threatening to go to the college.
Maybe I should deal with this Alright, I'm coming, I'm coming.
We're gonna need a transport bed.
How's your head? Let me know when the room's clear.
I gave strict instructions - Which were wrong - Sandy And now we're here, and the patient And why is that? When I specifically told this nurse To take her to CT, where, if I'd followed your orders, she would have died, doctor.
Okay, everybody.
Before any You know what, Allen, I'm not really comfortable with this.
You're her father, how are you supposed to be remotely unbiased here? Right now I am the chief of staff of this hospital.
And I am dealing with this in the best Doctor Conner, - how's the patient? - Stable.
But I pulled 25 CCs of blood from the pericardium.
Definite dissection.
We got her right in time.
Then all things considered I'd say you owe your nurse thanks, Doctor, for saving your patient.
That is not the - I can still take this to the college.
- Yes.
You can.
I'd imagine they'd say the same thing, before they ask how you missed the Marfan diagnosis.
I'm not like that, right? Don't answer all at once.
I have a chart to dictate.
- Griff, you need to listen - Dad.
I want to No, just let me Natasha scored half a key of coke from a feature dancer last week.
Just let me, okay? She knows I'm trying to stay sober, she didn't tell me about it.
- Okay, Griff.
- Last night she calls me, she can barely even speak.
Now, there's this all-night clinic downtown, - I know a guy - Griffin, just listen to me I know that's not what you want to hear, dad, but None of that matters now But you're just going to have trust me, because if you don't I know you're clean.
I saw your test.
What? You saw my - My test? - Yes.
And look.
I don't know what you remember from med school, but you have extremely elevated HCG levels.
This doesn't make any sense, wait a minute, how did you Which is It's a pretty strong indicator for testicular cancer.
So You looked at my drug test? Did you not hear me? I heard you.
This is what I mean.
You don't even ask, you go behind my back Can we please Griffin, you may have cancer I don't have cancer.
I'm not saying you do for sure, I'm saying there's a strong indication I don't have cancer, dad, I didn't take a test.
But I have the results right here.
If you didn't, whose are these? - Thank you.
- Welcome.
So apparently I am 100% drug-free.
Great! See, dad, I told you it would be fine.
Right? Except I never took a test.
Really? That doesn't make any sense.
No, no sense.
Unless someone knows my social insurance number, how to make a label, slip her urine into the lab for me Then it makes perfect sense.
- Perfect sense.
- Okay, fine, I took the test.
You guys were both being idiots, and I happen to believe Griff.
- So do I.
- You do? Okay, so what, you guys just came down here to gloat? Make fun of me? No.
We came to congratulate you.
Your HCG levels are through the roof.
When were you going to tell us you were pregnant? You didn't know.
Summers told me you were in here.
What's going on? Lock the door.
I don't want anyone ruining my moment.
Is this about Tuttle? - No, it's What about Tuttle? - I don't know.
I come in and half the staff is talking about Tuttle and a dissection and I don't Oh, it's nothing, no, that's like a million years ago now.
Are you two fighting? Because I told you, you have to Okay, fine that dislocated collarbone you brought in? Turns out she had a dissection.
Tuttle didn't agree, I brought her to OR anyway, she's going to be fine.
The end.
Whoa whoa, you did what? Sandy, what the hell are you thinking? I was thinking that my patient was about to die Who said it was "your patient?" If she died, would you be the one who answers for it? And what if you were wrong? You're just a I'm just - A nurse? - Yeah.
That's what you are.
A nurse.
And you are a good nurse, and there is nothing wrong with that.
But you are not a doctor.
And I am just trying to look out for you, and I'm just Okay.
It's just it's been a day, you know? What did you want to tell me? Just Got you this.
The Pinot.
You bet.
- Are you coming? - I will.
I just gotta do some things.
See you at home.
Aw, man! Hey.
You off shift? Yeah.
Why? The colonel's.
That veteran's nurse? I think she was gonna sell 'em online.
I managed to grab this one.
- I thought you might want it.
- Shouldn't that go to his kid, Marty? Marty? He died like years ago.
I think a car accident or Half the time the old guy remembered, the other half he Anyways, I just figured.
If you don't want it Thanks.
Looks like it belongs there.
You leaving or what are you doing? I'm gonna stay here.
Just for a bit.
- Good.
- This is not the end no, it's The start of something The start of something