Remedy (2014) s01e05 Episode Script

The Beast Within

- Previously on Remedy.
- Three months before I know if I have HIV.
- Trauma leader, seriously? - What do you wanna do Dr.
Decker? Dr.
Summers, I need you in here! Medicine's a contact sport, Brian.
You did fine.
You told Dad.
You told Griffin! You weren't gonna tell your like your only sister that you're pregnant? I need to sell pharmaceuticals.
This is your tux.
So shall I cancel the gala then? - Yeah, I can't promise that we'll be out of this.
- I bet you look good in it.
Three-year wait list.
Carl can't wait three years.
We'll find a better place for Carl to live.
If you do this for me, I'll go to med school.
- I'll make a few phone calls.
- Thank you.
Griffin, thank you.
- Where were you last night? - Trauma's five minutes out, I have to finish the checklist.
- BP cuffs? - Check.
Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a sitter on a weeknight? - I'm sorry.
I forgot.
- You forgot? Yeah, no, I'm not buying it.
Surgical tubing? Check! Catheters? - Where were you? - Catheters? Check! How do you forget an HIV test? - Get her out of my car.
- You OK in there, Miss? Yeah, I No.
Bad headache.
Don't hurl, please don't hurl.
I got my wife's birthday; I need the car clean.
- What's your name? - I have, I have a deadline.
My lecture.
But Devoe.
Gwen Devoe.
God, it won't go away! Want that I should get in the other side and push her through? Gwen, I'm Bruno.
Let's get you checked into the ER.
No I took, I took a pill.
I just - It really hurts.
- Just take my hand, OK? OK? Auntie, don't do it yourself.
You need to see a doctor.
No, don't squeeze it.
That will make it worse.
Auntie, I gotta go, OK? I'll call you back.
OK, bye.
Trauma's two minutes out.
Summers wants me to take it.
- Congrats! That's great.
- Thanks.
We'll see.
You're gonna be great.
So was that Aunt Priscilla or Aunt Mimi? Priscilla.
She's trying to lance a boil by herself and she wants to add 20 more to the guest list.
- Is she insane? - They're cousins.
It's our wedding, Sandy.
I want our family there.
I know, it's just it's more expensive.
- I'm a doctor.
- You're a resident.
- Salt water will dry it out.
- What? Your aunt's boil? Salt water.
It'll It'll heal faster.
Look, I'll I'll take care of the guest list.
You go, go do your trauma Mr.
Big Big.
They're ready for you, Dr.
I just don't understand; I never get headaches.
Gwen, it's going to be OK.
These guys are the best.
Devoe, are you currently on any medication? Sandy? What are you doing here? Hey, I tried calling you last night.
You got a sec? - Nope.
- I need to talk to you.
- Hello.
I'm on the trauma team.
- Why are you pissed? - Who's pissed? - You.
That's your pissed face.
This is not my pissed face.
This is my resting-bitch face.
I can't help this face.
Hey, Trauma Leader! Hey.
Jacob Taylor, 42.
Apparently, a sheet of glass - from a condo fell on him.
- Wow! Death by yuppie window.
You sort things out with Sandy.
What does that have to do with this? You're her "Maid of honor"; she needs you.
Oh, now she needs me now.
So what? I can plan a big party for her? And wear a big dumb dress for her? I don't know the first thing about sisters and their issues What issues? I think Sandy thinks you're upset because she didn't tell - you about the baby right away.
- She told you I was upset? - No.
- I'm not upset.
- She didn't say you were.
- So, what exactly did she say? - I don't know.
- Nothing.
- Then I don't see what the problem is.
In fact I don't think Sandy needs me at all.
I don't even know why we're talking about this now.
Code 50, incoming.
Code 50.
Responsive but minimally conscious.
BP 90 by palpation.
Initial pulse of 100, but now he's tachy on 130.
Where's he bleeding from? I can't tell where he's bleeding from.
Major laceration to femoral artery.
May have sliced the vein.
Big blood loss at the scene and still losing.
- We've got a gusher.
- Alrighty, on my count.
- IVs ready? - Alright.
Alright, get me a second IV and pour in 500 mL of warm saline.
- Let's get his BP up, people.
- No air entry on the left side.
He's got a pneumothorax or his chest is full of blood.
Let's get a chest tube in, and get me 4 units of O Neg stat! And tell the blood bank we're gonna need more.
- Oh! Blankets! We need blankets on that blood.
- Stop, stop, stop, stop! - Excuse me.
Where can I find Jacob Taylor? I'm his husband.
They said he was in an accident on the street? I'm so I'm sorry, I can't You need to talk to a Please just tell me where Jacob is! Doctors are working on him.
They're what?! They're working on him? What happened?! So how did you get in here? You need to wait in the waiting area.
At least, let him know Wait! I have a right to - Oh, my God! - Sir, you need to give us space.
- BP's dropping.
- Come on, Jacob, stay with us.
- Oh, God, no.
- Nurse! - No! - Barely have a pulse.
I'm losing it! Oh, he's in V-fib.
Get me the paddles.
Got it.
Crash cart coming.
- Alright, charge to 200.
- Charge.
- Clear? - Clear.
- Still in V-fib.
- Alright.
Charge 300.
- Charged.
- Clear? - Clear.
Come on, come on, come on! - Come on.
Come on.
- Asystole.
- Crack open his chest.
- Cross clamp his aorta.
Open cardiac massage.
- Brian.
- Brian.
- What?! - It's over, call it.
Hypovolemic shock.
He bled out.
There was nothing we could do.
Call it.
Time of death: 11:15 AM.
Now what? Now we clean up.
Yep, looks like a possible staph infection.
Get me a culture stat and put the patient under contact precautions.
- Nick.
- Ultralite Premium shaft.
Turns your slice into a fade.
Don't break it.
- Thanks, Nick.
I appreciate it.
- Don't break it.
- I won't.
- Today is the big day.
Morning, Griffin.
Farina's making me do it.
Time to shake some hands.
And pick some pockets.
It's freezing out there.
We needed to replace the charity casino with this.
And this is it, this is what we got.
This is when we got it.
You suck at golf.
This is an Ultra-lite Premium shaft.
Apparently, it will turn my slice into a fade.
- Not gonna happen.
- How's it going with the med school thing? You need me to make some calls? - How about I get back to you? - I thought we had a deal.
We don't have a deal You said that if I made that call, that you would I said that, sort of, not really.
Not really?! So you didn't mean it?! - I'm thinking about it.
- But you're not planning to do anything? Eventually.
I don't know.
Aren't you the one always complaining how no one trusts you? Is that you? That's you.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
- Sir, your partner, Jacob - Husband.
Jacob is my husband.
Your husband suffered significant blood loss in addition to having sustained major internal injuries.
We did all we could, I'm sorry, but Jacob didn't make it.
All all you could Great.
I want to hear every single little thing, every move, every procedure you performed that caused my husband to die by your hands.
- Christopher - I'm an architect, if I design a bridge, and it collapses, and people die, that's on me.
This is on you.
So I want to hear what happened.
I understand that this is a very emotional - Hey, how's it going? - Hey.
- How's Carl? - He's OK.
I gotta get back.
So, I'm thinking, you and me take a sanity day.
- A what? - Sanity day.
We'll blow off, relieve the pressure, you know? Road trip to Buffalo.
You and me.
Right now.
How about it? Now? - Yeah.
Why not? - We're working.
- We'll tell we've got the flu.
- You're weird, you know that? - I know.
So let's go.
- Don't you have any friends? They're actually, they're all in Thailand or jail or jail in Thailand, or they're all doctors.
So no, not really.
I I gotta get back to work.
You know, I was just kidding.
I don't actually know anybody in jail in Thailand.
We gotta be quick.
Food poisoning in Exam 3.
Sounds chunky.
- Did you at least reschedule the test? - Don't worry about it.
- Zoe! - I said don't worry about it.
Jamilla's killing me with these cinnamon buns.
It was supposed to be a low-carb week.
What are you doing here? I got some grease on my shirt.
Changing, heading back right now.
Have you seen Conner? He's ignoring his pages.
What's the call? I can take it.
See? That's why you're my guy, Bruno.
You got a great work ethic.
You care.
I see that, you know? That's why this is killin' me.
You know what I mean? Not really.
I got sticky fingers; I just gotta a get a napkin or something.
They're talking, like, upstairs, lay-offs.
You're my best guy, but you haven't been here that long.
You know how it is.
From seniority.
And you're next in line, so you see anyone slacking, anyone named Griffin, say, not doing their job or what have you, you just let me know, and maybe I can do something about that.
Pager's pooched.
Yeah, I think I got the flu or something.
You got a fever? - I think so.
- You think so? You want me to feel your forehead? Suck it up, buttercup.
ER One needs a wheelchair.
You - What's Kanaskie on you about? - Nothing.
- There you guys are.
- I know you.
- Hello again.
I need you two to take Ms.
Gwen Devoe here to Imaging for a CT scan.
Oh, I-I have to finish writing my lecture.
Well you said you don't normally get severe headaches.
I think we should play it safe.
I can walk.
This is ridiculous.
It's OK.
I keep it clean for my wife's birthday.
Hey, Griff.
I hear you're going back to med school.
Who told you that? - Back on the horse, I think it's great.
- Yeah, well - You remember Aaron Krinsky? - Aaron "Shark Week" Krinsky? Yeah.
He and I, we play racquetball.
Got in med school 'cause his dad's the dean of admissions.
I can talk to Krinsky, talk to his dad.
Couldn't hurt! OK.
I'll let you know.
Why not? It's a waste of time.
There's no point.
You don't want to get tested? that I've contracted HIV from that needle.
- Zoe.
- Maybe I just don't wanna know.
You don't want to Zoe, what happened to the girl who fought for full-time with benefits? - What happened to that girl? - Maybe I just don't wanna know.
OK? Maybe that makes me crazy or stupid but you know what? You're not my boss, and you're not my mom.
So yeah.
I'm gonna go give this to the husband.
But you better come back and clean the bed! - Aaron Krinsky? Unbelievable! - Who's Aaron Krinsky? Aaron Krinsky never left his dorm during Shark Week.
That's who Aaron Krinsky is.
Now, I gotta suck up to him and his dad? - How's your paper coming? - My lecture? - It's not done.
- Let's hear some.
It's not exactly riveting stuff.
- Griff? - Yeah.
I love a good lecture.
"From Shawarma to Jerk:".
"The Cultural Appropriation of Street Food.
"The myriad forms of cultural appropriation "have shown us that once certain objects and practices" "are removed from the indigenous cultural" Gwen? Gwen, are you OK? I'm fine.
I'm fine.
"cultural contexts, they can take on meanings that are significantly divergent from those they originally held.
" What?! What do you want? What, I'm sorry, I didn't say anything.
- You just said my name.
- You heard someone say your name? No, I Nothing.
I'm, I'm fine.
Griffin! Hey, Griff, got a sec? - I'll catch up to you guys.
- Hey, so Mel's still pissed that I told you about the baby before I told her.
You told Brian to talk to me about med school? No.
Dad did.
Sandy? You're not gonna do that thing where you say you're gonna take Brian up on his offer but then don't? You gonna do that thing where you complain about Mel behind her back but then act all passive aggressive to her face? Tell dad to tell Brian not to talk about Aaron Krinsky again, OK? - I'm not passive aggressive.
- Oh Oh no.
- Oh, honey, it's OK.
- Oh, no, no, no.
- It's OK, it happens.
- I have to get out of here.
- We're almost there, Gwen.
- No.
I I can't breathe.
- Gwen.
- Get me out of here! Can you take a deep breath for me, OK? - We're almost there, almost there! - I'm DON'T TOUCH ME! Let go of me! Stop saying that! Just, just stop saying that! - I have to get out of here! - Gwen? I'm a nurse, - can you tell me what's going on? - Get away from Get away! - Oh! Oh! Oh! - Let go of me! Let go of me! - Sandy, you OK? - I said, LET GO OF ME! - It's OK.
- You can't! - Hey, it's OK.
Get her back to the ER.
She seems fine now, - but she may need to be sedated.
- I I'm, I'm sorry.
It's OK.
These fine gentlemen are gonna take you back to the ER.
- Are you OK? - Yeah, I gotta get back.
- The baby? - It's alright.
I'm OK.
What happened? Did I - Is she? - She's OK.
She's OK.
- What's happening to me? - Try not to worry.
We're going to find out.
I'm going to get you a gown to change into, OK? - What was that? - I don't know.
I was going to drive Jacob to work, but he I'm sorry, where's his ring? - What ring? - His wedding band.
It's white gold.
It should be here.
Where is it? Mr.
McNaughton, is there someone I could call for you? No.
I don't need you to call anyone.
We're not talking about that right now.
We're talking about this right now.
His ring! I need you to find his ring - Mr.
McNaughton - He was wearing it this morning.
I checked with Occ Health.
They can fit you in for a blood test now.
NOW, Zoe.
McNaughton Christopher.
Has anyone offered you a grief counselor? That's not what I need right now; what I need is my husband's ring.
Are you gonna help me or not? OK.
I'll see what I can do.
Hey! Can you clean Trauma for me? Thanks.
I owe you.
Why are we here again? I have patients.
Because it's all about relationships.
Golf is about relationships? There they are.
You are going to play golf with Wendy Goldman, and you're going to like it.
- I hate golf.
- No, you don't.
You love golf.
And you love how Ropreva is sponsoring this event.
- You're the boss.
- Boss.
So very old school.
I like it so much better than CEO.
Stop squinting and smile.
- Hey, how are you doing? - We were just talking about you.
Wendy was just telling me about the new Ropreva drug.
- Oh - Of course she was.
It's not a new drug, it's an old drug.
And I'm recommending you use it at the hospital off-label.
Wendy, why don't you ride with Dr.
Conner? You can tell him all about it.
- Nice driver.
- Premium shaft.
Oh, no doubt.
What's your handicap, Conner? Hard to say.
I'm not very good at parallel parking.
Can't be good at everything.
Do you like to golf, Allen? - Love it.
- Gonna be fun.
We're short-staffed today, send them to Memorial.
What are you doing back here? There was a bit of an episode.
- She needs a gown.
Nurse? - Right away.
- What happened? - The patient urinated and became delusional in the elevator.
So what do you think we should do next? Don't pimp me, Brian.
- Come on, take a shot.
- You're not my attending and I'm not your resident.
- You were second year.
- Exactly.
You're a doctor; I'm not.
And that kinda blows my mind sometimes considering You failed psych? I didn't fail psych.
I had mono and I had to retake the exam.
She was hearing voices earlier.
- Like voices, voices? - That's what she said.
- Do a Psych consult.
- Good idea, but let's rule out organic pathology first.
Hey, Brian, listen.
Ah, on the elevator, there was a bit of an incident, kinda got out of hand, and Sandy was there.
- OK.
- Gwen, Ms.
Devoe, she she went a little She kicked her.
What? She kicked her? Is Sandy OK? - She says she is.
- OK, I should go check on her.
No, no, no, listen.
I think she's gonna be OK, she didn't want me to I'm gonna check in anyways.
Alright, first things first.
I'm gonna order a tox screen.
You and Bruno.
Yeah, you two take Ms.
Devoe back to CT for that scan.
- What are you doing here? - Griff told me.
Are you OK? Yeah.
Why? What did he say? - He said someone kicked you.
- I'm fine.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
You didn't need to check up on me.
Of course I did.
You're my family.
Speaking of which I called my mom to ask her about your, you know, your extra cousins, but she says she's already ordered the invitations.
Your mom ordered our invitations? Yeah, she offered to help so yeah.
- So, can we order more? - Brian know how freaked out I'll be if I have to walk down the aisle in front of all those strangers? - They're not strangers, Sandy.
- They are to me.
Which is a good reason for you to meet them, don't you think? Just promise me you'll call me if something happens.
I will.
Sweetness! Thanks.
Over to you.
- What's it called again? - Laproxil.
It's an antibiotic.
It's a great little drug.
Officially, it's for pneumonia, but basically it's a cure-all.
Skin rashes, urinary tract infections, you name it.
Actually, it would come in real handy in your little mobile clinic.
- Take a mulligan.
- No thanks.
- It's a do over.
- I know what a mulligan is.
- So take it.
- I don't want it.
I've seen your score, Allen, take the Mulligan.
This drug sounds promising.
What do you think, Allen? Oh I don't like to prescribe drugs for off-label use.
It can be dangerous.
What about Viagra? It was developed for hypertension, but that little blue pill has worked - wonders in other areas.
- You count headaches and long-term hearing loss as other areas? That's why we did a drug trial for Laproxil.
I read the report; I found the methodology faulty.
You think I'm trying to turn Laproxil into a million-dollar drug? I'm not gonna apologize for that.
When your million-dollar drug causes adverse reactions in my patients in my hospital, are you going to apologize for that? Nice shot! - Brian's loving this.
- What are you talking about? - Trying to pimp me.
- What is that? It's when a doctor asks a student a question that he already knows the answer to.
You know, just to be a jerk.
Sounds like he's trying to help.
It's got nothing to do with helping me.
That's not Brian's style.
It's complicated.
Complicated? You don't know the meaning of the word.
She's seizing! Code Blue.
Imaging Department, CT Scan.
We need them now! Gwen? Hang on, Gwen.
So let me see if I follow: that previously healthy woman presents with a headache in ER, displays a confusional state, has a psychotic episode in the elevator, and then a seizure in CT, and now she's comatose.
That about sum it up? I ordered a tox screen, but it came back clean.
- Did you do a Psych consult? - No.
Even though she displayed strange verbal behaviour? - I wanted to rule out neuro first.
- Typically, it's a good idea to get a Psych consult before the patient falls unconscious.
Or did you not take Psych in med school? Were you in the elevator during her episode? - No.
But they were.
- What happened? - We thought she was hearing voices.
- Well, this is an interesting one.
Her psychotic episode could indicate a schizophrenic break.
And then again, it could be an infection in her brain.
Encephalitis, meningitis.
And how do we test for that, Dr.
Decker? Lumbar puncture to test her spinal fluid.
And since we're doing a lumbar puncture, we might as well do - a full body CT this time as well.
Yes? - Uh sure.
We can run the sample to the lab as soon as it's ready.
Since when do porters volunteer to do anything? - It's a light day.
- We'll wait.
Want me to read that for you? - Ever heard of Carrie Parsons? - It's gonna break left.
Carrie Parsons was a patient of mine.
She had lupus, so I prescribed her Vizeral.
Now, Vizeral was not approved to treat Lupus, but it was recommended as an effective off-label drug.
Wow! We can give that to him that, right? Sure, pick it up.
- Agreed.
That's a gimme.
- No, I want this one.
I didn't know that one of Vizeral's side effects was that it can increase the chance of viral infection.
Carrie got a rare brain infection and died.
- That's a million-in-one case.
"A million-in-one case.
" See, that's what I hate about the drug companies.
They can't see beyond the statistics.
- I'm not the company.
- Guys, we gotta keep moving.
I think what Al is trying to say is that while Laproxil might look great on a year-end report, Wendy, the last thing anyone wants is another Carrie Parsons on the front of the newspaper.
Of course.
Do you want me to read that for you? No, I'm good.
Excuse me? Hey! Hey, Dubstep! - What? - I need to see Jacob Taylor's body.
Bagged and tagged, but he hasn't been put on ice yet.
Can I see his hands? His left hand actually.
He had a wedding ring.
You seen it? You can check the Lost and Found.
Dead people bling.
Go nuts.
Any luck? Is it possible that Jacob left the ring at home? Absolutely not.
Obviously, someone stole it.
Maybe, maybe it could have fallen off.
Jacob lost weight after the wedding.
He was so proud of himself.
Kept it off too.
He said he wanted to train for a half marathon next year.
But he never did get his ring resized.
It could have.
I'll go tell the EMS people to search their truck.
You stay here.
I'll go look in the ER.
Maybe it rolled into a corner, under a chair or something.
Spinal needle.
Tell the lab to put a rush on this.
Ooh! No shop talk, don't worry.
Perfectly comfortable checking my email in total, absolute silence.
Fine by me.
So how's the What is that? The, the pulled pork? No talking, remember? Just email.
- So you have any kids? - Always want what you can't have? I usually get what I can't have.
"I usually get what I can't" What does that mean exactly? Not sure.
Um, I have a daughter.
She's in university in France.
And you have 3, right? - The surgeon, the nurse, and - You did your homework.
Drug addict, right? Griff had a drug problem, but he's home now - and he's finding his footing.
- Tell me you didn't let him move in with you.
Oh! Oh.
That's just a trial period.
Trial period, that's good.
- What? - Nothing.
It's just that now he'll never leave.
Unless that's what Is that what you want? - Why would I want that? - You wouldn't.
Unless you thought his addiction was your fault.
Do you think it's your fault? It's a pretty personal question, Wendy.
I'm direct.
Gift and a curse.
I'm his father; I'll help him any way I can.
You didn't really answer my question.
Don't get me wrong.
I wouldn't be surprised if you felt responsible.
I know I would.
I should Maybe I should go back to checking my email.
I don't think she has a brain infection.
- How would you know? - It's clear.
It shouldn't be clear.
What are you doing, man? You're making notes? Griffin.
You OK? I'm cramping.
- What can I do? - Ah, go get Mel.
Sandy, you in here? I'm bleeding.
- A little spotting is totally normal.
- There's something wrong.
- Hey, it's OK.
It's OK.
- What if it's not? Nurses always make the worst patients.
A patient freaked in the elevator and kicked me.
In the stomach.
Here, lie down.
It's been a while since I've done this.
- Where is it? - OK, just gimme a sec.
Uh why do they Stupid computer.
Why do - they make this so complicated? - I don't see it.
Hey, can you just stop talking just lie there? But where Shut up.
See? Look.
It's OK.
It looks like an eraser, but it's OK.
How do you see that? My baby does not look like an eraser.
When you see things in clouds, if you look at it like that, - well, it looks like an eraser.
- Will you please stop talking? Your eraser is adorable.
There you are.
Why don't you come on inside? Nah.
I'm fine out here.
Listen, I want you to phase in Laproxil at Beth H.
- Wendy talked to you.
- Made a convincing argument, yes.
Her job is to make convincing arguments.
It's an important relationship, Allen.
That drug needs more testing.
Better methodology.
Are you suggesting another trial? I think that would be a good idea.
So do I.
Are you thinking a trial at Beth H? Another good idea.
Now I wonder who could run it.
I will.
And if it meets my standards, I'll get on board.
If not I'll reconsider.
OK then.
I'll let Wendy know.
- You a spy? - No.
- What's with the notes? Something I like to do sometimes.
Writing up your own charts? Alright, so lay it on me.
What's wrong with Gwen? What's your diagnosis? She's disoriented, she's having headaches, now she's in a coma.
- It could be West Nile virus? - Nah, She doesn't have a fever - or aches or fatigue.
- So, what is it? - Are you pimping me now? - Maybe.
This isn't a game.
Forget it.
The CT will tell them what they need to know.
- Come on! - I'm just a porter.
I don't know nothing.
Alright, let's put him in this one.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! - Hang back.
Hey, get me another bed now! - Yeah.
Hey, you! Isn't it your job to clean the beds before they're put back into circulation? Uh, I'm so sorry, Dr.
Decker, it won't happen again.
Didn't I tell you to clean the trauma bed? - I took care of it.
- You took care of it? - Yeah, asked Joe to do it.
- Joe? You asked MOPPY JOE? - What? - He's a walking blunt! Sorry.
Again, sorry.
Let's go.
How did the blood test go? You didn't do it.
- I was busy.
- What is it with you? You're being so irresponsible! And now you're scared - to take a stupid blood test! - It's not the test, OK? I'm not afraid of the stupid test.
It's it's what happens after.
What if I am sick? If you're sick, then you're sick.
- Then what? What do I do then? - Deal with it.
That's what you do.
You deal with it.
You have no idea what it's - like to live with this - What makes you so sure?! - You're? - Positive.
Six years.
I don't broadcast it.
So, yeah, I have a pretty good idea what it feels like.
- I'm sorry.
- Pull up the mattress.
Lonnie - Pull up the mattress, I want to clean the frame.
Spinal fluid is crystal clear.
Pretty much rules out CNS infections.
It has to be some kind of infection.
Definitely neurological.
Well, CT scan and spinal tap are normal.
What are we missing here? Abdominal CT shows nothing out of the ordinary.
There's an ovarian cyst, some gallstones.
We could do an exploratory laparotomy? That's a very risky procedure.
Thank you.
You can go.
Hey, if you know something - Just drop it.
- Excuse me.
- Was I not clear? - He might know.
He might know what? Well, I'm listening.
Say something.
I think what is presenting as an ovarian cyst - is actually a teratoma.
- Oh, I don't believe this.
Teratomas are harmless bundles of cells with teeth and hair.
Linda, stop.
Why do you think it's a teratoma? Because I'm a surgeon.
When I was practicing in Colombia, I saw a case that presented like this.
My patient had a mass in her abdomen, but we didn't have a CT scanner, so I decided to remove it.
What I thought might be an ovarian cyst turned out to be a teratoma.
There's no correlation between a teratoma and Gwen's clinical condition.
My patient's teratoma contained neurons.
Brain cells.
You're suggesting this patient has a second brain growing in her abdomen? That is exactly what I'm suggesting, yes.
Traction, traction.
Vitals are stable.
May I have the traction? Wait for it.
Wait for it Here comes the money shot.
Ohhh! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! That's it? It's smaller than the other one, but yeah, that's it.
So her body was creating antibodies to destroy the brain cells in her teratoma? But her antibodies were also attacking her actual brain.
That's where the voices came from.
Ah Hm! There you are.
Would you mind? I need you to move a patient bed to Room 413.
I heard the good news.
You know if you wanted to spend more time with me, you could have just asked me out.
You knew I'd never let Laproxil into my hospital without extensive testing.
You planned this.
Planned what, exactly? A drug trial for a drug I already know is good? I don't know if Laproxil is a good drug.
I know it has potential.
But in my book, potential just means "unproven".
My standards are not unrealistic, they're rigorous.
Very rigorous.
Well, in that case, I think we should find a place to discuss how this trial is gonna work.
Because I think we should talk.
- Well, I think talking's a good thing to do.
- Good.
So let's talk.
- Mm-hmm - Mmhmm? Mm-hmm.
This it? Yes.
This is Jacob's.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I always drive Jacob to work.
Why did he decide to walk today? A window falling from a construction site and The probability of that happening is what? I'm an architect, I should know - Why today? - I don't know.
What am I supposed to do now? Go home.
Call your family.
Then what? What am I supposed to do then? Then, you go to sleep.
And when you wake up, you'll get out of bed even though you might not want to.
This wasn't supposed to happen.
- There you are.
- Almost ready.
Yeah, listen, uh I had some spotting after I saw you.
It wasn't serious, but it was scary a little.
- I know.
- You A nurse told me.
You alright? Yeah, I had an ultrasound.
Everything's fine.
That's I know.
I should have called you.
It just happened so fast.
- I was scared.
I called Mel.
- I get it.
She's family.
- Brian.
- It's OK.
I just I would love if you would I'm looking forward to you thinking of me that way too.
That's all.
I do! I'm sorry, I Come with me.
- Where are we going? - Come on.
Come on.
Dude, there you are! Slow down! Where you going? What? Where are you going? - I'm done for the day.
- You saved somebody's life man.
No, no, that doctor did.
You're a doctor.
You're a doctor, you gotta get your accreditation.
I'm an orderly.
And I'm fine with that.
What is this? Some kind of pride with you or something? Pride? Did you talk to me about pride? Your sister's a surgeon; your father is the Chief; they have a white coat with your name on it, and they're just dying for you to care enough to put it on! Everybody's bending over backward to help you, but you won't let them because you're too proud! You know what's killing me about you Griffin? You say you don't want to go back to med school, but you do.
You have everything that I want at your fingertips, and you are just throwing it all away! Bruno.
Bruno, hey! Ooh! Look who it is.
Why didn't you tell us you were such a big shot, Bruno? - Get out of my way, Kanaskie.
- Hey, hey, hey, I'm busting your balls, buddy.
For real.
People, let's give it up for Doctor Bruno Dias! Nice job! Hey, Brian! What's up? So, I thought about it, and I'd appreciate it if you could make that call for me.
Aaron "Shark Week" Krinsky? - The one and only.
- I'll call him in the morning.
Zoe Rivera? Not, not, not now Not, not, not now Not, not, not now Not, not, not now Now-owwww Now