Remedy (2014) s01e06 Episode Script

Scary Bears

Previously on Remedy You invite Griffin to come in here and wander around a hospital where there's drugs, and you can't support me in my clinical decisions.
They're two very different situations.
When love comes knocking, - dear Scorpio, expect the unexpected.
- You interested? I'm pregnant.
- I went to school, you know.
- To be a stripper? Reflexology, actually.
- How do you forget an HIV test? - Maybe I just don't wanna know, OK? What if I am sick? Zoe Rivera? Mel, wait.
What the hell are you thinking? - What are you thinking? - How drunk are you? - Don't change the subject.
- What the hell is the subject? What is a natural surgeon? Today was a big day, Dad.
I was First Assist on a hepeta - on a hepatonic - I am taking you home.
And And Kitleman, and the liver, and magazine covers.
And then I walked out in the middle of surgery! I left! Ensure team is clear on procedure and protocol.
When patient is sedated and stable, begin.
Incision midline, clearly.
Open abdomen in layers using both sharp and blunt dissection.
Visually assess upper abdomen for presence of adhesions I really can't talk.
Because it's 7am, and you're on the treadmill going over your prep notes.
- Yet here you are.
- Yet here I am, calling to say how proud I am of you.
- It's just another surgery, Sandy.
- Please.
Since when is a hepatic hepotope Hold on Hepatectomy-autotransplant.
- Which how many other surgeons have performed? - In the world? - Not many, but And who did the top transplant surgeon flying in all the way from Johns Hopkins - personally request as his First Assist? - Me, but that's just And you say this isn't a big deal because? If I say it is, - will you let me get off the phone? - Maybe.
It's a big deal.
Look, I know it hurts, we're just waiting for the X-rays I took.
- Can you tell me how this happened again? - I just fell down, OK? I just fell down, I'm OK.
- Are you on your own? Husband? - I live with a family.
I'm a nanny.
Just give me the pills, I have to go home, - I need to get home.
- OK.
I'm definitely looking at a broken rib.
But I'm seeing there's a lot of bony callus on here already.
- Did you break this rib before? - No, no.
No, I never broke a rib.
Well, looking at this, I'd say you did.
And in the last 6 months.
Did you get it looked at? X-rayed? X-rayed? Ms.
Are you safe at home? No Yes.
The family is good to me.
- Because if you're being abused - No, I told you before, - I just have pain, you gave me the codeine.
- "Told me before"? - What do you mean? - When I came here the last time.
I saw you.
I don't No, I'm sure I would have ordered X-rays Dammit.
Where is Angela Candido? I keep asking you - He's here.
I have to go.
I can't talk to him.
- Is that who did this to you? - No, no, no, no! Please, I have to go! Stop.
Wait here.
And do not move.
- Sir, please stop yelling.
- I want to see Angela Candido now! Sir, please.
Why can't anybody tell me what's going on here? There's no need to raise your voice.
Comin' through, guys - I was looking for you.
- Oh yeah? Something up? No, I just Yeah, there is.
I'm negative.
- The HIV test? - Yup.
That's incredible, you must feel amazing.
Your family, - your friends - Totally, totally.
Lonnie, she came with me.
She's great.
And I just told you.
And That's it.
- That you don't know anybody else, or? - No, I mean, yeah, but I just I I I don't know what I want.
I I should go back to work.
Yeah, me too.
Conner! Sorry.
There's something in the bullpen.
You're gonna want to go there, now.
Okay, I'm surprised.
Could have called.
I tried calling, silly.
For a month.
It wasn't that whole night with the coke thing, was it? Because I am done with that.
Lesson learned, believe me.
How 'bout we go talk about that somewhere else, OK? It's just bronchitis.
I was using Echinacea, but I ran out.
I figured that my doctor boyfriend could get me some antibiotics.
Right? - Natasha, OK, I am not - Not what? I'm sorry, you cannot see Ms.
Candido right now, so if you would just take a seat I get a call from the school, "Where is Kyle?" I go home, he's alone.
He says the nanny Says Angela had to go to the hospital.
He is home alone.
You can stay, you can go, but you cannot see Ms.
Candido until she's done with social services.
With "social services?" What the hell is she doing Why can't I see her? - What's "social services"? - I don't know, Kyle.
Not now, alright? - But is she gonna be OK? - I said not now, Kyle, dammit! What, no kiss? Natasha, seriously, knock it off! - What, are you embarrassed by me now? - I'm not embarrassed, - you're sick.
- No, I'm not.
- Let me find you a room.
- Now we're talking - You stay here, I'm going to find a doctor.
- I don't need a doctor.
No, no, I don't want to Hey.
Big day, Conner.
Big surgery.
You nervous? For a little old hepatectomy-autotransplant? Please.
Still don't get how you scored First Assist.
Doesn't Kitleman usually bring his own? Well, unless he's in a hospital where the vascular fellow just happens to be his favourite former resident.
- Oh.
Sounds impressive.
Do I know her? - You should.
She's pretty awesome.
Yeah, so she keeps telling me.
Well, I'll certainly be watching.
Oh boy.
Napkin balls.
Bad case? ER walk-in 6 months ago.
vague abdominal pain.
I gave her acetaminophen and codeine.
Didn't X-ray her.
In and out, maybe an hour.
Turns out her employer was beating her up.
Broke her rib, which I missed.
Now it's happened again.
- So what'd you do? - What I'm supposed to.
I called social services.
Kept the employer away while they - y'know.
- She gonna press charges? I dunno.
Not my case anymore.
You did everything you could, hon.
I mean, if she's not going to tell me, what am I supposed to do? The cops can press charges on the guy anyway, right? They're not married.
If she doesn't say anything, and the guy doesn't admit it, they still need corroboration, I think.
So maybe.
I gotta get back.
Get back Get back and move on, that's what we do, right? - Hey.
- Hey.
Crazy day, huh? - Yeah, that's one way to put it.
- I've been getting power paged to clean the ER office, I think somebody puked in there or something - Oh, I should probably - I was thinking Um Sorry - No, no, no it's just, I have to go - It's just that since we're both free - I mean, if you're free - I'm definitely free.
See you later, then.
Babkin, I'm just trying to understand Natasha.
From the club.
I'm just trying to figure something out here.
Are you on any kind of steroids? Something that might compromise - your immunity? - Does Betamethasone count? Betamethasone.
For arthritis? - Pole work is hard on my joints.
- Of course.
Now, have you or anybody at the club recently been abroad, overseas? - Doshinka.
- Is that a place? Feature dancer.
She parties in Dubai every other month.
Sweet gig.
- Griff.
Isolation masks.
- I just need some antibiotics.
- Griff - Natasha, it's my belief right now that this isn't just bronchitis You may have tuberculosis.
And you need to put that on right now.
Tash, you're not gonna die.
You just gotta listen to my dad, OK? This is his thing.
Whatever he says.
You're in what we call an "active contagious mode.
" So on top of strict isolation, I need to know who you've been in close contact with recently.
- You kissed a girl with active TB.
- No, she tried to kiss me.
- Well, isn't that a relief.
- It wasn't exactly consensual, so you know, a little empathy wouldn't be totally out of the question - Haven't you moved past all this, this girl - You know what, Dad? I haven't talked to Natasha in over a month.
What are you doing? I'm trying to move on.
Whatever happened to you going back to med school? Being a doctor? Look at your sister.
Do you know - what she's doing today? - What does this have to do with Mel? - Mobilization is - Dad, we're not the perfect family.
Who said anything about perfect? Mel isn't perfect, she isn't even a natural surgeon.
- But that's not the point here - Mel? Hey, Mel! - Yeah, just on my way to OR.
- I was just telling your brother about the surgery, and uh Here.
I wanted just It's It's silly.
I saw it in the gift shop, and I thought of you and the big surgery today.
The Operation game, when you were little.
I stood in the doorway every night, watching you.
Remember? - Playing with those little tweezers.
- Right.
- I-I remember.
That's - Anyway, - just a little thing.
I gotta go, this case - What case? Why don't you tell your brother about the surgery? It's very cool.
Good luck.
- So.
Surgery? - We're just taking out a cancerous liver.
Cleaning the tumors off, then putting it back in.
Good as new.
Pretty rare procedure.
Hello, Kyle.
What's your dad up to? He's with that social worker lady and the police.
Kyle, can I ask you, do you know what happened to Ms.
Candido? To Angela? - Are you feeling OK? - I'm fine.
Can I see her? Not right now.
But it would be helpful if you could tell us Please.
Please just let me see her, and I promise, I can tell you everything.
Come with me.
You can look in quickly, Kyle.
But then we have to know.
Angela? - Kyle, you shouldn't be here.
- Are you okay? - I'm so sorry - No, stop.
Don't say anything.
Ah! - I'm sorry - Stop, let go! - Hey, hey, hey! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to! We've got a possible pneumothorax, we need a 14 gauge catheter Please, ma'am, you might have punctured your lung, - you need to stop moving - Let me go! I didn't mean to! Let me go! - Nice to see you, Dr.
- Why is suction on the left? I have it on the right.
Who doesn't know this? Me.
But that's how I like it, Conner.
Good to hear your voice.
Wondering how you plan to do a major surgery over the phone.
Yeah, working on it.
Plane was delayed.
I just landed.
Still about an hour away, I'm afraid.
I warned them not to bring in some bigwig from Johns Hopkins.
Always with the "My jet plane was delayed.
" Well, now you get to show them all, because I want you to start without me.
I Dr.
Kitleman, I can't do the surgery, that's that's not my Can you clip vessels? Lyse adhesions? I'm fairly certain I taught you all that.
If you're comfortable, that is.
- Patient's fine to wait an hour.
- No need.
Hope you got me something expensive at Duty Free, Dr.
This should be fun to watch.
And two sponges to my assistant.
Once the liver has been freed from the diaphragm, mobilization diaphragm, mobilization diaphragm, mobilization You sedated him? You can't do this to him, - he's only twelve.
- Ms.
Candido, you're going to the ICU, - the boy won't hurt you again.
- No, no.
It's not his fault, he has fits, he can't Please, he needs help So, what are you going to do to him? Where are you taking Kyle? Your boy's in a violent, psychotic state.
He's been sedated.
No, no, no, he's not crazy.
He's not stable.
Psych will take him for a 24-hour observation, to diagnose.
After that it's up the police.
- What What will you check? - Not me.
I'm ER, and I'm off the case.
Adhesions taken down.
Vessels dissected and clearly identified.
Ready for ligation.
Keep this up, Dr.
Conner, and I may have to treat you to a celebratory drink.
Not really thinking about a date right now, Dr.
- Clip, please.
- No, not a A drink is not a date.
- Is it? - Relax.
You couldn't afford what I drink.
She didn't even actually kiss me, so I don't even really need the test, plus she's my ex-girlfriend, which I keep trying to tell you.
Like I keep telling you, not my business.
Alright, fine.
You just seem kind of mad.
- Not my business.
Not mad.
Excuse me.
- Maybe you don't mean to be, - but you're definitely coming off as mad.
- Tell me more - how I'm "coming off.
" - Clearly not mad.
- You said you were "free.
" - Because you meant right then.
- Now you're telling me what I meant? - Y'know what? Yes, I am.
- Because you asked me if I was free later.
- If you're free "later," - kind of assumes that you're "free" before.
- Well, what did you mean No, but I wasn't "free" then, I was helping my - "Girlfriend?" - Let me clarify something here, OK? Whether or not Natasha's my girlfriend or whatever, pretty sure you're not.
Exactly right.
So go and kiss the one who is.
I keep telling you that I didn't kiss her.
Hey, hon.
- Angela Candido.
Is she stable? - Yeah.
Stepdown when she wakes up.
So that kid Were you there? Brian? - Yeah.
- Wow.
Can you believe it? He's crazy I dunno.
What do you mean? I just can't stop thinking what it must be like for that father.
If it was ours? I know.
But I can't.
- Don't do that.
- Do what? - That you know "what.
" That look.
- What "look?" That "I know what you're doing more than you do" look.
I didn't come up here - for that look.
I'm not like you, - OK.
I can't give everybody in the ER a hug.
I'm not that kind of doctor.
I'm gonna go do my rounds.
You're welcome to stay around here if you want.
Thought you were off the case.
I just talked to her nurse.
Candido, she'll be in stepdown soon.
Well, I still can't see my son.
He's under "limited observation.
" Whatever that means.
Well, they're waiting for his sedation to wear off, so they can do a proper diagnosis of his psychological condition.
You should hear soon.
You have kids? No.
But one on the way.
She was always so worried about him.
Candido? His mother.
Before Kyle had a bad rheumatic fever when he was a baby.
- That's pretty rare these days.
- Left him with mitral stenosis.
A weak heart.
I always thought we needed to protect him, not Did you know - about any of these violent outbursts before? - No.
I'm not home a lot.
The mitral stenosis.
You said it was due to his rheumatic fever? - Mr.
West? - This doesn't make any sense, OK.
He's a good kid.
How could How could he do this to her? He loves her.
Maybe she's upset because you called the place she works at - a "petri dish.
" - I'm sorry, I don't mean to insult these people.
"These people?" Could you be more judgmental about Natasha and what she does? I don't care what she does.
I care about where she does it.
- There's a lot of good people at the club.
- And drugs, and TB, and machetes.
Don't make this about me.
- She's your girlfriend.
- She's not my girlfriend! Fine, fine.
Go in and see her now, cheer her up.
No, I don't think she feels good, you know.
- TB and all.
- She was asking for you.
- It's perfectly safe - What happens now? Public Health will contact the club to get TSTs done.
But unless everyone complies, they'll shut it down.
Can't someone go down there and do the tests on site? Public Health doesn't have the resources to do that, Griff.
What if I did it? - What? What are you Why? - Why not? Because a porter doesn't go sticking people with needles, for one - So I'll get an RN to come down with me.
- What is this about? - Why do you want to do this? - I dunno.
Do I have to go to med school to want to help people? - Whatever it is, ain't the bed's fault.
- Can't I just be in a bad mood? After you got a negative HIV test? You're asking me this? You know what it is? You've been so wound up the last 3 months, you need a change of pace.
Just switch things up.
Nah, I'm Or Who's working the Iso ward? I could switch with them.
Iso ward? Ugh.
You gotta gown and glove in every room, all that linen.
My arms ache just thinking about - Oh.
No no.
- What? Don't "what" me.
You gonna just happen to clean a certain stripper's room? Think they prefer the term "exotic dancer.
" - I prefer you not be an idiot.
Why would you go up there? I dunno.
See if her and Griff are still together.
- If he's lying.
- What does it matter? Why do I care if I believe what he says to me? - Are you two together? - No.
So, what's to believe or not? Why do you care, Zoe? You're right.
I don't.
Looks good.
Patient's stable and ready for the next phase.
And anaesthetists are actually some of the highest paid specialists.
So, we can actually afford very good drinks Dr.
Gordon, I think we all need some quiet time, don't you? Hello, everybody.
How's my liver? Ready for you to remove it, Dr.
- As am I to move over and start assisting.
- Better watch out, Doctor.
- Conner here might have your job soon.
- Hardly.
- Don't listen to him, Dr.
- Nothing would make me happier.
That's very kind, but Alright.
Let's have a look.
Perfect, Conner.
You're a natural.
Thank you.
Sorry, guys.
Call Caplan.
I'm out.
- Are you OK? - Was afraid of this.
First felt it in my throat this AM, didn't want to believe it.
- But yeah, I am definitely sick.
- Sick? Tough it out, Conner.
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, you're going to be on magazine covers.
I know.
Believe me, I know.
I'm sorry.
Can you page Dr.
Caplan to OR one, please? Made the incision midline.
Opened the abdomen in layers, as planned Alright, Conner, I got the most expensive bottle I could find.
- I'm busy right now.
- Sure.
- Nice place.
From what I can see.
- Thanks, um, but this is not a good time.
- Hey, you asked me to come over.
- No, I didn't And we're past that now.
Come on.
Don't you wanna show me how the Surgeon Half lives? One drink.
Pandas? How'd the kid get a panda, aren't they nearly extinct? Not "pandas" the bears some children with recurrent cases of strep throat, they've been known to exhibit symptoms that include OCD, night terrors, violent outbursts.
PANDAS stands for Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders.
Associated with Streptococcal Infections.
I know, Brian.
You were joking.
I was joking.
What makes you think the boy has it? Well, the patient has mitral stenosis, brought on by infant rheumatic fever, which is also associated with recurrent strep, which would account for the violent outbursts.
- OK.
But his last recorded strep was two years ago.
Since then, he's had several outbursts.
Doesn't that rule out PANDAS? - Possibly, but I want to - What's Psych say? They're looking for a psychological explanation.
I think it could be physiological, if you could talk to them Brian.
You're an ER doctor.
You send them home, or you bring them in.
They have him for another 12 hours, then the police charge him.
If he doesn't belong in juvie His doctors, the right doctors, will make sure he doesn't end up there.
Aren't you off shift now? Are you Have we met? Do I know you? - I don't think so.
- Weird.
I feel like I do.
Or like I should.
Is that weird? You're my first visitor today so far.
TB's a pretty good way to find out who your real friends are.
Name three animals.
- Sorry? - Don't think, just name three animals.
Uh Lion, zebra, snake.
Don't you have a boyfriend? - Interesting.
- Interesting how? Well, the first one is how you see yourself.
The second one is how others see you, and the third one is how you really are.
- So I'm a snake? - They're very strong.
And flexible.
And no, I don't have a boyfriend.
Well, I mean, I did.
Then I guess I didn't.
Actually, I have lots of "boyfriends.
" Well, regulars.
I'm a stripper.
Oh, I thought you all preferred "exotic dancer.
" Please.
I strip off my clothes.
I'm a stripper.
Why lie to yourself? What about you, boyfriend, girlfriend? No, I just went through this thing, so A good thing? Bad thing? Tell me all the things, please.
- I actually should get back to work.
- Oh.
I can maybe come back.
After my shift.
If you want anything, there's a shop downstairs.
A candle.
Probably not a good idea in an oxygen-filled room.
You know, boom.
OK, well, just, anything that you can find.
Trust me, it'll be amazing.
Hey, "hanging in strip club with Dad" wasn't exactly on my bucket list either.
It seems very nice.
Let's just get this done, OK? Griff.
This isn't gonna take long, is it? They're already setting up the buffet.
People eat here? Butter chicken's pretty good.
Dad, the nurse is already here.
- Why did you have to come? - Didn't I ask you the same thing? Alright, ladies.
If you could all line up in front of the doctor, or the nurse.
- Nothing.
They said nothing.
- And you mentioned PANDAS? I did everything you said, I The psych didn't even blink.
He sent him up for a CT scan, looking for I don't know what.
They're looking for something to explain Kyle's outbursts.
If it's not psychological, it could be brain trauma.
Yeah, so what about the strep? Can't you just test for that? You're a doctor.
But not the MRP.
"Most Responsible Physician.
" Once I admit a patient, I'm not really supposed to order anything.
That's the MRP's job.
Well, that's great.
So I guess it's time for me to go get a lawyer, huh? Thanks for nothing.
Where do we keep the culture swabs? Operation? The board game? With the buzzer? Can't help it.
Doctor's kid.
I just I just remember my dad standing in my doorway every night, watching me.
You two are pretty close, huh? How'd today go anyways? Good.
Kitleman's a bit of a dick.
But what surgeon isn't? Here's where you say "present company excluded.
" Nah.
Though he was pretty pissed when you left.
So you like my place, huh? Yeah.
"The Contemporary Classic Collection," right? Down to the off-white area rug.
Wow, what, did you walk in and buy the whole showroom, or? - You saying I don't have my own taste? - No.
I'm saying - you're a top flight surgeon who has no life.
- Yeah.
A trophy wife, that's what I need.
Yeah, don't bother.
They take the trophies when they leave.
What do you prefer? Random, awkward attempts at doomed romances? I saw your hand shake.
I saw.
- Before you left, and I just wanted to tell you.
- I don't know what you You should be careful.
- That kind of accusation - "Accusation?" - Mel, I look at you all the time.
- Why? What are you looking at? What the hell are you Because I like looking at you.
And I've never seen you shake.
But it happens to everyone.
It's It's not a thing.
Unless it is.
- What happened? - Nothing.
It's You know, if if you came over here to get lucky, this is You picked a weird way to do it.
- That's not why I came.
- So, then what? What do you want, Jerry? I'm not the one who ran out of surgery.
I'm not the one who's cleaning my I'm gonna say - already immaculate apartment.
- I like to be clean.
- Come on, Mel.
Just because you dope people doesn't make you a shrink.
It doesn't mean I can't worry about my colleagues either.
Is that why you came over here? To check up on me? No, I I mean, yes, I'm checking I think you should go.
But Yes, this is Dr.
Conner, Dr.
Conner's daughter.
Wow, yeah, haven't heard that one before.
Where is he? When it happens, it's like I don't know who I am.
I just get so mad.
And I go down to the basement The basement? Why? Well, it's dark.
I can be alone.
My mom used to find me down there, hold me.
- But you're bigger now.
- The doctors think I'm crazy.
Do you think I'm crazy? I think you might be sick.
It might not feel that way - I'm not sick! Kyle, this test could tell me why you get the way you do.
And then I can talk to the police.
Just say "ah".
Doctor, I'm supposed to take this young man up, - but if - You can take him.
When am I going to hear back from that doctor? What are they going to do to me? The doctor wants to help you.
Let's see what he says.
And what if he can't help me? I want to see my dad.
Can I Can I see my dad? I will get them to call him as soon as we get to One second, Kyle.
Oh no, don't Kyle! Excuse me, doctor.
Kyle? Hey, buddy, where are you? Kyle! Kyle! Your attention, please.
Code Yellow Where is he? Where is my son? - What are you doing to find him? - I'm not He's going to be fine.
West, I have the strep test results, this could be important.
I don't want to hear about your PANDA crap and your Psych, and none of you - helped him, none of you.
- This could be what's wrong.
What's wrong? He's a 12-year-old boy in a hospital and none of you helped him and now you've lost him, and what are you even doing about that now? Tarot cards.
They have the answers.
- Sit.
- No, really, it I'm actually an MA, Cultural Studies, I have a lot of respect for alternative religious practices.
It's just really not my thing.
You were nice to me.
Now I'm giving you a reading.
Now cut and pick three.
The Lovers.
- The Fool.
- I know a guy who fits that description.
Doesn't really work that way.
The Fool is you.
- Excuse me? Not necessarily a bad thing.
The Fool is potential.
New beginnings.
OK, I have to get going, can we - Seven of Swords, what's that? - Lies.
You trying to get away with something? - Wait, I should explain - Y'know, it's okay.
I felt bad for you, I got you this nice fake candle, and you call me a liar.
So I'm good.
But that's not what it means! We'll check back in 48 hours, and if there's a little raised red bump, then - we'll take it from there.
OK? - Okidoke.
By the way, you know that "they're doing TB tests in the back" wasn't exactly great for business tonight.
Sorry about that.
- Sorry enough you wanna buy a couple lap dances? I No.
But good luck.
- Hey, you can't go back there! - Back off, buddy.
- I'm a doctor.
- Hey! Hey! - Why did you come down here? - Because I need to talk to you.
- Mel, this really isn't the time or place - Oh, I think this is very much the time.
And as for the place, what are you even doing here, Dad? Your brother needed - Oh, of course, my brother - Right here, Mel.
Wasn't enough to come back, now you have to drag us all down to this - I don't remember "dragging" you here - You wanna finish that thought? If I do, I'll let you know, Rayven with a Y - It's Cindi! With an I.
- Oh, of course! - Of course! - Get your hands off me! - Don't you touch me! - Mel! Griff, who the hell is that chick? Honestly, I have no idea.
I'm sorry.
- Are you following me? - What? I'm not.
I'm just looking for the Code Yellow, the missing boy? - And the door won't open.
- So am I.
I'm the one who lost him.
- He said something about hiding in basements, and my card won't open the door, and It's just broken.
Anyone can open it.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
But I'm coming with you.
Mel, wait.
What the hell are you thinking? - What are you thinking? - How drunk are you? - Don't change the subject.
- What the hell is the subject? What is a natural surgeon? Today was a big day, Dad.
I was First Assist on a hepeta - on a hepatonic - I am taking you home.
And And Kitleman, and the liver, and magazine covers, and then I walked out in the middle of surgery! I left! - What? - I did everything like I always do.
I went over my notes, I talked myself through it, like I always do.
And then I hear this: "Your sister isn't perfect, Griff.
She isn't even a natural surgeon.
" Melissa, listen I can't stop hearing it, and my hand And those tweezers, why would you give me No, you don't understand, the tweezers were just - a silly Honey - You said I wasn't a natural surgeon! Well, you're not! I mean, you're better than that.
You busted your ass, every night I watched you.
- That Operation game.
- Oh, don't with the game, stop.
Your brother was a "natural," and look what he did with - The game was his! - He never even What? - The Operation game was his.
You bought it for him.
His 11th birthday.
You were so proud to give it to him.
And he just threw it away.
- No, I I don't remember that.
- I know you don't.
I took it out of the trash.
I took it inside.
And I started to play.
Do you know why? Because you wanted to be a doctor.
- Mel, talk to me.
- No, I'm done.
- What happened in that surgery, tell me - You don't care.
Don't pretend you care, not now.
- Look where we are - And why? Why are you even here? For Griff.
Honey, he needs help.
You don't, you never do.
You're fine.
Does this look fine to you?! This Oh.
Thanks, Shirley.
Hey, is Mel? Anyways.
Good job.
- Yeah.
- What? I just woulda thought keeping the club open would get me more from these people - than "thanks for ruining our tips tonight.
" - "These people?" Really? We don't do this to be appreciated.
- I'm not looking for appreciation.
- No? - Then what are you looking for? - Just trying to help Natasha.
Natasha? How do you know what she wants? You've been avoiding her ever since she got into the hospital.
I'm just trying to not hurt her.
You know what hurts? When you disappear.
Don't call for a month.
That's what hurts.
Come on, let's go home.
So look.
I have to be honest.
I know Griffin Conner.
So did you come here on purpose? - I guess so.
- Why? I wanted to know if you guys were still together.
- Oh my God, - are you two - No.
- So then why? I don't I Do you know why you always do stupid things? I knew we were broken up when I came here.
I just wanted to hear him say it.
Is that stupid? No.
That's not stupid.
About those Tarot cards? - I don't believe in them, but if you do - "Believe?" The cards aren't magic, Zoe.
So why do you do them? There are 78 cards in the Tarot deck.
And the amazing thing is that no matter how you lay them out, you'll always see what you want to see.
Sometimes what you need to see.
Which is kinda magic, I guess.
Right? I heard about you were a doctor? Must have been a hard change.
I can't imagine what that's like.
Change, it's what people do.
When they need to.
Did you hear that? - Do you want me to call security? - No.
I want to help him first.
Kyle, it's Dr.
Kyle! - Hey, big guy.
- No.
Get away! - Kyle, are you feeling not like yourself? Because we can help you.
Don't tell my dad.
- Cause I'm worried about your heart, Kyle.
- Just stay away from me, - just leave me alone! - No, no, Kyle, don't Kyle! - He's in cardiac arrest.
- I'll call a code, get a response team.
Come on! 12-year-old male, VSA witnessed collapse.
He's got mitral stenosis I did chest compressions, but I'm not getting a response.
Come on, Kyle.
Come on.
Kyle, Kyle, don't talk.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Don't talk.
We got you.
- Back to Iso? - Six more days.
- Yay - Well.
Give you some time to work on your Sexy TB Patient routine.
Went to the club.
Cindi says Hi.
You can go to the club but you can't call me for a month? - Look, Tash - No, seriously.
I don't wanna hear it.
The least you can do is tell me why.
If we're done.
Let's sit over here.
I guess I'm not the guy I was when we first met.
Not better, not worse, but definitely not the same either.
And you are.
Well, at least that was honest.
Thank you.
You're a jerk.
The recurring strep, episodes of psychosis It's all consistent with PANDAS.
This study from McGill, it's focused on the syndrome.
Kyle can stay there, be observed.
Get help.
Doc, this is Thank you.
That's You're welcome.
Hey, you get the party started without us? - Let me see him, let me see him.
- Angela! - Kyle, uh - Are you okay? I will be.
Okay then.
I brought some bagels.
From the place at the corner.
Poppy seed.
We need to talk.
Whatever's going on, I want to help.
I can hear you in there, Mel.
Zoe, look, I'm sorry about yesterday, but I don't have the energy for round two.
No, I I owe you an apology.
- You do? - Yes.
- You were wrong.
- Huh.
That's not exactly how I would expect - You thought I was "mad" about Natasha.
But I wasn't.
I was relieved.
Because so long as you're a two-timer and a liar, I could forget about you.
And who needs that in their life? - Again, Zoe, that's not an apology, that's not how But that was a lie.
Do you know Natasha does Tarot? Yeah.
Wait, how do you know? I wasn't being honest.
With myself.
About how I felt.
Wait, just Can we go back Because when I got that negative test, you were the first person that I wanted to tell, and I don't know why, and when Natasha did my reading, it hurt, and you were the first person I wanted to tell about that too.
And I still don't know why.
- I'm just confused.
- Yeah, I know the feeling.
When I look at you, I don't know if I'm seeing what I want to see or who you really are or what.
Zoe You don't really know me.
You're right.
So let's just start over.
I'm Zoe Rivera.
I work at Beth-H, and I'm a PSA.
I'm Griffin Conner.
I used to date a stripper, but we just broke up.