Remedy (2014) s01e08 Episode Script

Shadow of Doubt

Previously on Remedy That's you, right? I'm a doctor, you're a clown, and - this is not what I came here for.
- I can help you.
- No, I don't think you can.
- You knew I'd never let.
Laproxil into my hospital without extensive testing.
You planned this.
I think we should find a place to discuss how this trial's gonna work.
Sorry guys, I'm out.
- I saw your hand shake.
- I think you should go.
My hand did not shake because of Jerry.
You want him to think you're perfect, but you can't, because you are not perfect.
Who wants an imperfect surgeon? - Coming through! - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! - Where to next, brothers? - You OK, man? I'll see you, Decker.
Take it easy.
- Later guys.
- What? No! Where ya going? They're going home where you're going.
I got a bottle of bourbon in my desk drawer.
- I say we go get it! - I say another time! I promised Sandy I'd get this guy home in one piece.
I told me ma when I get home The boys won't leave the girls alone Why the hell did you invite Kanaskie to my stag? Guy wouldn't stop hassling me when he found out there was karaoke.
I'll tell me ma when I get home The boys won't leave the girls alone - Wanna dance? - Ignore him, I'm sorry.
Me! - Congratulations.
- To your To your sister.
We're gonna be family, bro.
- Sort of.
- Oh.
Life is weird.
- Isn't life weird? - Yep.
- TAXI! - I once loved a boy I didn't see my life to pan out this way at all.
I want your Hey seriously, bro, I want your advice.
I don't give advice, man.
Unlike you, I gotta get up in the morning.
I gotta work.
Hey, taxi! U-turn.
- But you Hey, you did it right.
- Yeah, OK.
You Hey! Oh! - Oh, my God! - Call 911, now! OK, thank you.
Where is Brian? Griffin hasn't texted either.
I'm sure they're fine.
Face deep in strippers.
The on-call surgeon has the flu and they need me to go in.
Brian doesn't approve strippers.
He doesn't appro Seriously, he told you that? - Yes.
- And you believed him? Anyhow, he should check in.
Sandy, please don't turn into one of these women who needs - their guys to check in.
- What? No, I'm not! I just want us to be able to communicate better, that's all.
- Did you tell him to check in? - No.
I didn't want to ruin his night.
Sorry I threw up in your bathroom.
This morning sickness - won't go away.
- Don't worry about it.
You can throw up in my bathroom all the time - when you're pregnant.
- Hopefully, sooner than later.
- What's that supposed to mean? - Nothing, just I'd love it if our kids could grow up together.
So you want me to have a kid so your kid can have someone to play with.
- No, that is not what I - I am not on your clock, Sandy.
- I know.
- You guys didn't even set a date for the wedding until you were Until what? Hmm? You think we wouldn't be getting married if I wasn't pregnant? - I'm saying you're on a life clock.
- Maybe you should get on a life clock! My job's a little bit demanding.
Demanding? You haven't done any major procedures since - you got back from vacation.
- That's not true.
Four laparoscopic appendectomies last week.
- Pretty bunnyhill stuff, Mel.
- You checked up on me.
We're all a bit worried.
Crash here.
Or not.
I have to go.
Where does it hurt? - I I can't breathe.
- Air's building up in her chest, I need to release the pressure in the pleural cavity.
Brian, no.
Brian, you can't do this.
If her baby's deprived of oxygen, it will it will die.
- My baby.
- A blade, I need a blade.
- I got, uh, I got this, I got this.
That'll have to do.
No, no, no.
Hey, hey, man! Are you crazy, man? Brian, you cannot do a procedure when you're drunk.
You do it then.
- No, no, no, I - You're sober, you went to med school, Here, you do it! You need to uh, make the incision in Second and third rib, I know.
I know, Brian.
- What are you doing? - I'm gonna make an incision.
It's gonna hurt, but it's gonna help you breathe.
- Oh, God, I can't watch this.
- Shhh! Shut up, Kanaskie! Come on, Conner.
Conner, come on! Conner! What's happening? - Clear the way please! - Clear the way, sir.
We've got it.
Clear the way please, sir.
Tension pneumothorax, her lung collapsed.
She's pregnant.
Conner? We got a problem here.
Did you make the incision? Did you cut her? Don't leave me.
Coming through, folks! Suffered a tension pneumothorax.
Decompressed on scene.
Slightly elevated heart rate, BP is 105 over 80.
Heard something in her heart.
Could be a murmur.
Let's get her into trauma and put in a Heimlich valve.
And we'll connect an echocardiogram.
- What's happening? - You're gonna be OK, Tess.
- Out of the way, sir.
- Griffin? What happened? Where's Brian? Are you with? Who's she? Brian's OK.
Her Her name is Tess.
She was hit by a cab.
- Dr.
Conner? - On my way.
Sandy's been worried sick.
Brian's fine.
He's not coming home tonight, but he's fine.
- Heyyy Conner! - This way, guys.
- What's going on? - Never been in one of these.
Don't worry about it.
Nurse Conner! Great guy you're gonna marry.
And the pipes on him? Wow! - You were at Brian's stag? - You know, I had no idea that Decker loved Whitney as much as I do.
- Right.
Where is Brian? - I'm sure he's fine.
- Have you seen him? - Not since he passed out, no.
- What? Passed out where? - In the street.
- Or the ambulance - What?! I'm not exactly sure, because I You know, I gotta go now, but maybe we could Yeah, OK.
Where's Griffin? No, no, no, Dr.
Hello? Hello? Hello? Hey, Bruno, you OK? I tried all the hospitals in Bogotá, they don't have it.
- Don't have what? - My mother's having emergency surgery tomorrow.
She didn't even tell me she was sick! - If they don't - Hey easy, easy.
Take a breath.
My mother is having surgery on her throat.
- She needs a trach tube.
- They don't have a trach tube? She's over 300 pounds.
They don't have one long enough to perform the tracheostomy.
One extra inch is all I need! - Can't they just order it? - My ma? Money, no, no, she can't.
Back home, I could help.
I was a doctor, I could get anything, but here I'm I-I don't know what I am! Useless! Extra-long trach tube, they gotta have one here.
It has to be there by tomorrow.
Maybe you could I hate to ask, but maybe your father can - help.
- Yeah, yeah, no, I'll ask.
- I'll try.
- OK.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You're not supposed to - be here.
- Just wanted to say hi.
- Hi.
- And you're welcome.
Thank you $50,000 for what? - Your mobile clinic.
- I don't understand.
The CEO at Ropreva asked how we could show our appreciation for Bethune's cooperation in the drug trial.
I suggested funding your mobile clinic.
Thank you.
You said that already.
It's fun doing a hospital trial when you have a crush - on the Chief.
- I bet you say that - to all the Chiefs.
- Hmm.
Hospital Chiefs aren't really a sexy bunch.
But you're not a typical Chief.
What are you doing one week Friday? Um, what's happening one week Friday? My daughter's wedding.
You want me to come as what? As your date? Well there's a rehearsal dinner first.
I mean, it's not not a date, it's more of a re rehearsal.
"Rash in ER.
" Don't you have people to deal with this sort of thing? It could be a trial candidate for your drug.
In that case, go get 'em.
Allen I'd love to be your rehearsal date.
- Oh! Ohhh - Um - Sorry.
- Mel! Hi.
No, come on in.
- You know - No, I actually, I.
- Wendy Melissa.
- Hi.
Melissa Conner to OR.
Melissa Conner to OR.
- I gotta go, so.
- OK.
I cannot believe you work here.
- I'm a porter.
I push beds.
- I'm glad you were there - last night.
You saved my life.
- I didn't really do anything.
So, Tess, how are you feeling? Your breathing sounds better.
- Hey.
How was last night? - About as fun as you'd expect considering I was the only sober guy at a bachelor party.
- Sounds awesome.
- You have no idea.
So, Tess, why were you walking all alone in the middle of the night? Looking for olives.
Cravings have been crazy lately.
Kevin, my husband, usually does the midnight food runs, but he's in Singapore for work.
They said I have a heart murmur.
That's bad, right? They just want to rule out heart trouble.
- Where the hell is Brian? - Excuse me.
You had one job, one, get him home.
You know how he is when he drinks.
Don't worry, he's OK.
I'm just getting him hydrated.
Hydrated Wake up.
- What I? - Dr.
The woman, is she OK? She's fine.
They need the bed.
- I know you.
- Dr.
- No clown nose? - Not today, no.
- It's Josey.
- Right.
What are you? Where are you? Is this for one of your standardized patient things or No.
No, this is real.
They say if you're in remission but I guess you're never really cancer-free.
I'm I'm sorry to hear that.
Me too.
But Beth H is a good place to be.
Oncology is amazing.
I-I know.
Not sure if I'm up for chemo this time though, so Yeah.
I'll see you.
Must be a lot of pregnant women in the gift shop.
Life saver! Thank you.
Carter? Excuse me.
How are you doing? Better now.
Actually, I'm I'm gonna ask you to not eat anything for a while.
Your echocardiogram confirmed - you have a cardiac myxoma.
- A what? It's a mass, a tumor, in your heart.
A a tumor? I, I don't understand.
Because of the accident? No.
You've had it for quite some time.
Actually, that car accident saved your life.
We wouldn't have found the tumor otherwise.
But we do have to remove it right away.
What about my baby? My husband's on a plane.
Can it wait? He won't land for another 18 hours.
It can't.
You need emergency surgery.
- Surgery? - Mm-hmm.
- But, that's not - Here Here's what we're gonna do.
I'm gonna get you a surgical and OB consult.
They'll explain what your options are, and they can answer - any questions you may have, OK? - OK, but this isn't, um This is not in my birth plan.
It's it's indexed.
And laminated.
- And when I'm full-term, I'm having a natural birth with my doula, Grace.
That's the plan! Mrs.
Carter, sometimes plans, they need to change.
Tess, your tumor can grow to the size of a grapefruit.
I'm sorry, I've forgotten your name.
Conner, I'm the on-call surgeon.
This is Dr.
Guerra - a cardiac specialist.
- Yeah, like a grapefruit like that.
Look at that.
It's amazing, right? Only the problem is, it could cut off the blood flow from your heart.
So I gotta cut that sucker right outta there.
What about my baby? - You'll be in very good hands.
Pollock here - is head of Obstetrics.
- There are risks, Tess.
If you elect to have the cardiac surgery, it's possible you could go into preterm labor, and there could be complications.
You're saying my baby could die? Which is why there will be a neonatologist in the OR room - the whole time.
- But if it's so If my baby, if it's so dangerous, why? - What's that? - Birth plan.
- What's a birth plan? - It's a schedule for my birth.
Ca Do you mind if I? What do we got here? Lamaze technique, labor positions and music playlist.
Enya? It's a perfectly logical There is nothing perfectly logical about human birth! It's barbaric, yes? It's primal, yeah? Look, you have got to let this go.
Right now, the priority has got to be getting that tumor out of your heart.
Why can't we do the C-section first? We don't want anything to happen to you.
- Can I think about it? - Sure thing.
Unfortunately, you don't have a lot of time.
We'll come back.
Savine in the ER.
Savine in the ER.
One of my girlfriends, Doris, wanted us to make a rock garden with cacti.
OK, Violet, when did this happen? Two days ago.
And I must have had too much champagne, because I grabbed the cactus instead of my mimosa.
I tried tea tree oil, but the smell puts me off.
Violet, we're involved in a drug trial for a new antibiotic called Laproxil, very stable and, we hope, very effective course of treatment for cases like this.
Would you be interested in participating? Drug trial? Is? Uh, I'm not sure.
Have a read of this and I can answer any questions.
We would give you an injection here in the ER, once a day for 5 days, which would bring swelling down immediately and clear the infection right up.
Uh! Are there any side effects? Possibly.
They're listed clearly on the consent form.
I do have to take the bus every day.
fixed income.
I hate to ask, but do you pay for this? - There is compensation, yes.
- Well, that certainly helps.
If you keep off my age and weight, Doctor I'm happy to oblige.
Were you serious about skipping out on chemo? Why not? Didn't work last time.
- You went into remission.
- And then I came out.
Josey, uh treatment for lung cancer is better now than it's ever been.
Last time, I did it all.
Lost my hair.
Bought a wig.
I was a tough one.
The fighter.
Look how that turned out.
You got 5 years out of it.
Right? I could spend the next into my body, and then die.
Who wants that? Well, chemo could buy you more time.
To get sick again? To do things.
To go places, somewhere you've always wanted to go.
Where? Where would you go? I don't know.
I would, uh I would go somewhere.
Burkina Faso.
Africa? Doctors Without Borders.
Yeah, I'd work in the field.
So why aren't you doing that now? I don't know.
Life happened.
- "Life happened"? - You know, med school, met my fiancée.
You know, life.
Tess seemed pretty overwhelmed.
Maybe we should downplay the drama next time.
Downplay the dra I'm going to be putting my hand inside her chest.
I don't see how you can downplay that.
Listen, I'm gonna need someone to help me do the purse string sutures on the bypass.
Are you up for that, Conner? I-I've never done purse strings on a real heart before.
There's a first time for everything.
I'm putting my team together.
I got Conroy and Martin, and Jerry's my gasser - Jerry Gordon? - Yeah, is that a problem? - No.
Of course not.
- Good.
You need good hands when you're messing with a heart.
You lose the heart, and the rest doesn't matter, right? We cannot afford to be less than perfect on this one.
You've got the hands, Conner; have you got the balls? - I got the balls.
- Good.
Mel? Just wanted to follow up, you left my office pretty quickly.
- You were busy.
- Yeah, Wendy, - is that something you want to - We don't have to talk about your relationship, Dad.
It's not a it's not a relationship.
- OK.
- I don't what it is, so - OK? Good? - Good.
I guess.
Are you two I mean, is isn't she a drug rep? Wendy's a senior executive at Ropreva.
More of a brand manager.
- A brand manager.
- Running the trial with me.
And you don't see a problem with that? It's OK, we don't have to talk about it.
I was pretty serious about Doctors Without Borders.
Training local doctors would be amazing.
Treating refugees.
Wow! Sounds intense.
Incredible but but intense.
So, your turn.
It's Africa as well.
- Really? - Yeah, - since theater school.
- You should go.
- So should you.
- Naw, I got a whole - I have a whole thing here.
- You don't have cancer.
I'm getting married next month.
- Take her.
- And a baby on the way.
- Take her too.
- Um no way.
That's not, uh No.
Why not? That's not what? Not part of the dream? But you know what? Africa will always be there.
Hey, Mel, can I ask you a favor? Make it quick.
I've got a consult.
My buddy needs a tracheostomy tube, extra long, for surgery.
Who's doing the procedure? - It's in Colombia, but they don't have the trach.
Ask Dad, he's got access to inventory.
Can't you ask? Last time I asked Dad for a favor, I promised I'd go back to med school.
It's pretty important, you know.
You know I haven't even I haven't even I don't even think I've seen Dad today.
I wouldn't ask, but he's really - She needs a surgery tomorrow.
- OK.
Leave it with me.
Now I gotta take Tess Carter to Pre-Op.
- Follow me.
- OK.
What surgery is she getting? Cardiac, hopefully.
She just needs to agree to it.
I can't reach my husband.
Kevin's still in the air.
- I know it's difficult - I just I don't know what to do! There are risks either way.
But you can't wait any longer.
- Why can't I wait? - Because a piece of the tumor could break off at any time and cause you to have a stroke.
- It's not like I feel sick.
- Mrs.
Carter, we have two surgical teams one cardiac and one OB.
Other surgeries are on hold.
I'm sorry - but we really do need you to - What do you think? I think you should listen to Dr.
- And have the heart surgery first? - That's our recommendation.
Kevin and I tried for years.
We did it all.
Hormones, In Vitro, none of it worked.
Figured that window was closed, and then just like that pregnant.
This is my shot.
I haven't missed a single ultrasound.
I've painted the nursery.
I am ready.
- I cannot lose this baby.
I can't.
- Mrs.
Carter There are risks to both, right? Right? So maybe you should get the C-section.
- What Griffin means is - You're right.
I want to hold my baby.
I want the C-section first.
Griff! Tracheostomy tube.
Extra long.
- That's it? - That's it.
This little piece of plastic's gonna save Bruno's mom's life.
Thanks for your support back there with Tess.
What was I supposed to do? - She wants to protect the baby.
- She's our patient.
Our job is, first and foremost, to protect the patient.
I AM protecting the patient.
This is what she wants! She's going to be a mother; mothers always want to protect their babies.
If I said nothing and she lost the baby, I-I couldn't live with myself.
And if she dies, can you live with that? Here we are.
The nurse is gonna come prep you.
I guess this means today is gonna be my baby's birthday.
Am I doing the right thing? - You listened to your gut, right? - Right.
- Then you're doing the right thing.
- This wasn't part of the plan.
Maybe this is the plan.
A year ago you gave up on being pregnant, right? A year ago, I was lying on a beach in Thailand thinking I was never coming back.
You never know.
Will you stay with me during the surgery? Don't you want someone family? It's just me and my mother, and my mother gives me anxiety.
I get a lot of anxiety.
That's why this, doing this, it relaxed me.
I just I don't want to be alone.
I had some poached eggs this morning When did you administer the Laproxil? About an hour ago.
She was under observation.
And then this They may have been bad.
- How are you feeling now, Violet? - Well I'm queasy, but you know what? Fine.
Get me a CBC and a tox screen.
And keep her hydrated.
No, I've got night classes.
If I feel worse, I'll come back.
Violet, you may have had an adverse reaction.
Oh, there's nothing wrong with the drug, it was the eggs.
Poached eggs can't make you vomit blood.
You could be very sick.
I need you here, until we find out what's wrong.
OK? But this is a waste of your time.
You sure it's Oncology? Never mind.
Found him.
Yeah, thanks.
He passed out a little while ago.
- I know you.
- Oh, I used to be the therapeutic clown.
Of course.
I'm sorry, but why is Dr.
Decker? Oh! Brian came to my studio for a workshop once.
- He did? - Yeah.
A lot of doctors keep that to themselves, so Congrats on your impending wedding.
And the baby.
That's exciting.
Thanks, yeah.
Oh, where are you guys going on your honeymoon? Oh.
We haven't really We've just both been so busy.
No, of course.
Of course.
What about Africa? Africa? Brian was talking about wanting to live there, so I-I figured Live in Africa.
Anyway, sounds like he had quite the night last night.
Yeah Oh! None of the other subjects have shown side effects.
Violet Patterson is healthy with no pre-existing conditions.
I need to report it.
Why don't you wait for the tox screen to come back first.
Because she's exhibiting serious side effects.
- It could be a signal.
- Or it's a blip.
- Vomiting blood is not a blip.
- It is if it isn't caused by my drug.
- Still.
I need to document it.
- Or you could wait for the tox screen to come back, then decide.
- Are you worried? - On the contrary.
I have confidence in Laproxil and you should too.
Because you're asking me to withhold reporting a possible causal relationship between an adverse event and No, I'm asking you to hold off until you know what to report.
- Wendy, this is not - Allen, if it's a signal, of course, report it.
- But don't if it's a blip.
That's what you're saying? All I'm saying is you don't have to worry about it right now.
Don't decide, wait for the tox screen.
OK, fine.
I'll think about it.
Saw your name on the board for the cardiac myxoma excision.
- Yep.
Well I just wanted you to know that I'm the anestho for that surgery.
But I'm getting Ravi - to sub for me.
- Thanks.
I'll see ya.
Suture, 2 to 3 millimeters apart forming a circle around the centrally located opening - Dr.
Conner? - What.
My name is Bruno Dias.
I want to thank you.
The tube you sent, it will save my mother's life.
Oh, right.
No problem.
Happy to help.
When I was a doctor I could, but here, I didn't know what else to do.
- I'm so grateful to you.
- It's really it's fine.
If there is anything I can do, anything, please let me know.
Know anything about purse string suture techniques? Didn't think so.
It works better on bananas.
The texture is more like human flesh.
Oh, you're Bruno Bruno.
Or surgeon-porter.
Thank you again, Dr.
Where are you going? Keep a close eye on her vitals.
You're comfortable? Yeah.
I can't feel anything.
This is weird.
Making a low transverse incision.
Sponge please.
I can't I can't see.
It's looking good so far.
I wanted to feel something.
Distract me.
Tell me about Thailand.
- Thailand? - What was it like there? Um We stayed at a place called Surin Beach for a while.
That was pretty great.
- What was the water like? - It was clear, warm.
My best friend Drew he really wanted to catch this barrel.
You know what a barrel wave is? It's this huge wave.
And uh so I'd go out there and I'd surf with him.
All day.
Just drink beer and surf, drink beer, surf, drink beer Why did you come back? It's complicated.
- Placing a stay suture at the bottom of What happened? Was it a girl? No.
No, no, it wasn't a girl.
Tess, you're having a baby.
I can't think about that right now.
So what happened? Nothing.
I need a clear field.
Did Drew did he catch his wave? Yeah, yeah.
Was it amazing? Griffin? OK, we're looking good.
- He died.
- I'm so sorry.
Everyone told us not to go out.
We were pretty out of it.
And um he really wanted to catch that barrel.
I say, Yeah, go.
Catch it.
So he went out there.
I stayed on the beach.
And got hit by a wave.
Took him under.
I was so wasted, I was so out of it I couldn't save him.
So I took off, I ran away.
I left the next day, I haven't had a drink since.
- BP's dropping! - Dammit! Pick up the pace, people.
- I'm not feeling good.
- You OK? Tess? Page Guerra and give him an update.
- Tess, can you hear me? - What's going on? There's a little bit of bleeding but it's it's gonna - I can't, I can't see.
- We need to get this baby out.
- Where's Kevin? Can you get Kevin? I'm here.
I'm here for you, Tess.
Pushing the units wide open now.
- You have a son, Mrs.
- He's OK? It's a he? He's perfect.
We're gonna take him down to NICU.
- Congratulations.
- I want to Can I see him? We're gonna close you up.
You'll be able to see him as soon as we're done.
- Congrats.
You're a mom.
- It's a boy! I have a baby boy! BP's still dropping.
80 over 55.
- Tess? Open your eyes, Tess! Tess? - Wake up.
- We need to intubate! Unresponsive.
- She's hemorrhaging.
- Tess, Tess, wake up.
- Just just get him out, alright? We need to find the source of the bleeding.
We're losing her.
You're sewing towards yourself.
I always sew towards myself.
This technique has always worked for me.
Then why do you need to practice? The purse string is not a complicated suture.
I just It needs to be perfect.
Aha una perfeccionista.
But even for someone like you this is a bit much, no? - Shut up.
- Maybe something, something - maybe didn't happen so perfect? - I said shut up.
So back in med school, my roommate got straight A's.
But in our last semester, he got one A minus.
Do you know what he did? - Uh, no, I never met your roommate.
- He cried.
He cried and cried and cried.
He couldn't leave our room for 3 days.
The only way I could help was bring him food.
- You're kidding.
- It sounds funny, but it's sad.
- What happened to him? He's a surgeon now.
He tells me that's the best thing that ever happened to him.
Because before the A minus he thought he had to be perfect to do the work well.
But in trying to be perfect, he couldn't do the work at all.
He was just paralyzed.
So I don't What's your point? Have you not listened to me? You don't have to be perfect to do the work well.
And do the suture backwards.
Pardon me? - If you do it backwards, you won't be able to think of anything else.
It's a little trick.
They bumped up the cardiac surgery.
- Purse strings? - Purse string.
I gotta I - You gotta - I go.
So I had a chance to look at your tox screen.
Why didn't you tell me that you were on blood thinners? Oh, Doctor, at my age, I can't even remember what I had for breakfast.
Poached eggs as I recall.
Yes, right.
The culprits.
Taking blood thinners and antibiotics at the same time can be dangerous.
Couple of weeks ago, I was experiencing chest pains, and this quack at a walk-in thought that I had a blood clot.
I shouldn't have listened to him.
You have no history of embolism or heart trouble.
I think we should just give this bed to somebody who's really sick.
I don't want to be a bother.
You know, we can only compensate you, Violet, if you disclose your complete medical history, so sorry.
No dough.
You must have grabbed that cactus pretty hard to get a nettle stuck under your skin.
Now why would I do that? Because, so you can participate in the trial.
I was trying to help! And how many clinical trials have you participated in, Violet? Do you have any idea how much it costs to maintain a condo in Orlando? The maintenance fees alone - You are playing with fire.
- No, don't be dramatic.
By the time they give these things to people the kinks have all been ironed out.
- Not true! - Usually, it's just, I throw up.
I-I have the trots for a couple of days.
I have a tinny taste in my mouth.
It's nothing I can't handle.
Tendon ruptures? Organ failure? Death? It happens.
I know, I've seen it.
Well, let's say, Doctor, I'm playing the odds.
Yeah? Well.
You're cut off.
I'm reporting you to every major pharma company in the country.
Time you found a new job, Violet.
What's going on? Patient haemorrhaged during the C-section.
I am taking that tumor out now.
You don't want to wait till she's had some time to recover? Don't want to risk embolism.
Scrub in and meet me in there.
I called Ravi, he can't sub for me now.
Too short notice.
- Don't worry about it.
- You're sure? It's fine.
Aren't you supposed to be in surgery? - I need to get out of here.
- Where are you going? Mr.
Kanaskie, can I talk to Griffin? What are you doing? I don't know why anyone thought I could be a doctor.
Did something happen at the bachelor party? Party was great, but, oh, did I mention the car accident? This woman - wham! - Got hit by a cab and I saw the whole thing.
- Is she OK? - And you know what? She needed my help, and I didn't do it.
I froze, I couldn't help her.
And now she could die, it's my fault.
- Screw it.
- Griffin, don't! - What are you doing? - Griffin, DON'T! Wow.
- God, I'm my mother.
- Zoe No, I know where this goes.
I am NOT going there again, Griffin.
I'm not.
Then, I'll save you the trouble.
Almost there, people.
- Suction.
- OK.
Now, Dr.
Conner is going to step in and place the purse strings on the right atrial appendage.
Ready, Dr.
Conner? Ready, Dr.
The bottom limb of the purse string is placed.
The top limb is placed.
Backwards, cool! Never seen it done like that before.
I join the bottom suture to the top.
Good work, Dr.
Thank you, Dr.
Thought you went home.
I passed out.
The booze caught up with me.
- Where were you? - I don't know.
Griff dumped me in some bed somewhere.
You ready to go? - Why are you lying to me? - What are you talking about? I saw you asleep in her room.
OK, you need to relax.
Don't tell me to You didn't text me back, you didn't call me all day, and then I see you lying there.
- She's a cancer patient.
- NO! You don't get to do that! - Sandy - I have to pee! - Why do you want to marry me? - What? Sandy.
I didn't even know you wanted to live in Africa.
- Why are you? - She told me! - First, there's nothing going - Africa.
Why didn't you? - I was 22.
I thought about joining Doctors Without Borders.
That's it! - That's the whole story! - But if it's important to you, we should go.
We should move to Africa.
- We're not moving to Africa.
- Why? I could live in Africa.
You don't think I could live in Africa? That's not what I thi It's not who you are! It's not who I am? You don't know who I am! - Yes, I do.
- Well, I don't know who you are.
Yes, you will.
We will.
- We're not even married yet.
- Don't say this is the hormones! Don't! Why do I want to marry you? Yeah.
Why? Because when I'm with you, my life makes sense.
And I can see our whole plan unfolding and it's exciting.
Us together.
With our baby.
Buying a house.
- Living our lives, you know? - I don't want you to stick to the plan just to stick to the plan.
It's a good plan, us settling down.
It sounds like you're just settling.
It's not true.
We're gonna have a baby.
I know.
Why does it feel so strange? Griffin.
Just checking in.
How are you feeling? The nurse brought me by the NICU.
- Snuck a peek.
- That's great.
- He's so beautiful.
- That's so great.
He's so small.
I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
Are you are you OK? During your surgery, I left you.
Oh, Griffin, don't worry about it.
- No, I should have stayed.
- I'm fine.
My baby's fine.
- I shouldn't have told you what to do.
- Don't take so much credit.
It was my decision, not yours.
I just It wasn't your fault.
None of it was your fault.
Not me.
Not your friend in Thailand.
OK? Thanks.
Glad you're OK.
You're still here.
I thought we could grab a bite.
Violet's tox screen showed trace amounts of Warfarin.
Blood thinners? She said she wasn't on any drugs.
She lied.
It's not her first time.
She's done over 30 drug trials across the country.
She was a professional guinea pig.
So her reaction wasn't a side effect of Laproxil.
Technically, no.
The blood in her vomit was caused by an interaction between Laproxil and the blood thinners.
She's out of the trial.
Well thank you for holding off on reporting it.
I know that made you uncomfortable.
Uncomfortable? Yes, it did.
She could have serious internal bleeding.
And that is awful, but she knew what she was getting herself into.
Allen Now what do you think? Italian? I can't.
- Do you have plans? - No, I can't do this.
I'm recusing myself.
- From? - From all of it.
From this.
I'm sorry.
And this, you should take this back.
- Keep it.
- Wendy Guess you got what you wanted.
- What are you doing down here? - Why did you leave surgery? You never come down here.
Paramedics told me what happened last night.
What? That I had the chance to save Tess's life and I froze You had the chance to stick a pen knife in a woman's chest.
Of course, you didn't want to cut into a perfect stranger.
On the street.
At night.
Come on, Griff.
Out! OUT! - Have you been drinking? - Coffee.
That isn't a coffee smell.
Don't lie to me, Griff.
It's just I have some bourbon - on my clothes.
- Oh, is that it? Is that all? Zoe smashed the bottle before I could drink.
This business, it isn't easy.
Some people don't know how to deal with it.
Griffin, listen to me.
I used to think you were weak.
With all the drugs and the booze and everything.
I thought it was pathetic.
- OK.
You're lecturing.
I'm leaving.
- You're not weak, Griff.
You're not! You just fell.
We all fall.
I know that now.
So I'm I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for being so hard on you.
Stay at my place tonight.
- I don't know - I'm almost out of wine and believe me, there are no dealers in my neighborhood.
You might want to pour the rest of that wine down the drain.
Forget that.
I'm drinking it.
Not exactly a polite host.
I can only stretch so far.