Remedy (2014) s01e09 Episode Script

The Little Things

Previously on Remedy.
Who wants an imperfect surgeon? Nobody.
But every patient gets one.
Griffin? What are you doing? - Griffin, don't.
- What are you doing? Relax.
Griffin, don't! I am not going through it again, Griffin.
I'm not.
It's not who you are.
- You don't know who I am.
- Yes, I do.
- I don't think I know who you are.
- Sandy - Careful, careful.
- I'm a surgeon.
- I know what I'm doing.
- You're gonna bisect the line I will if you keep talking, Dad.
Could have left the cake writing to the baker.
I didn't trust him.
Stubby hands.
Don't sweat the small stuff, Mel.
We have bigger things to worry about.
Little things matter.
Sandy asked me to organize this welcome dinner for the Deckers.
I'm organizing.
Caterer's late.
I'm more worried about your Balls! So sorry.
My fault, sorry.
Someone broke one of your crystal wine stems, darling.
Oh! I'm sorry.
If you're checking on my parents, - they landed an hour ago.
- I wasn't checking on your parents.
How about your auntie? How is she getting here? Relax, they're picking her up.
Oh, and thanks again for today.
I'm sure it wasn't easy.
I have to change.
What? Why? You look great.
And I have been trying to reach Massimo all day, and now the food is late, and I'm about to get angry.
I haven't seen you this nervous since our wedding.
- Don't worry, it'll be good.
- I'm not nervous.
I'm We're meeting these people for the first time, Rebecca.
It would just be nice if we were all This? This is me being pleasant, buddy.
Exactly! Maybe just not all bleeding and yelling so much! Sandy, Brian! - Yasmeena.
- Yes, hi.
- Oh.
- Curtis, finally we meet.
A pleasure and an honour.
And you must be Rebecca.
We've heard so much Oh.
What happened to your hand? It's just Allen.
He gets excited, and he flings - knives around.
- No, he doesn't.
Just a joke.
Ha ha.
And this is my dear sister, Priscilla.
You can call me "Auntie.
" Everyone does.
- It'd be an honour.
- You would honour me more if your children were having a proper religious ceremony.
Well, you know what they say about religion and politics.
- At a wedding? What's that? - It's been a long flight, - Auntie.
I'm sure you're tired.
- I am not tired, and I got here this morning.
I was at the hospital all day, and Oh.
You wore it? Oh, my dear, you wore it.
Anybody else missing something here? What do you mean you "went out of business,".
Massimo? Massimo, I don't care about Excuse me? Why are your doors padlocked? - Well, then.
Drinks? - I don't care if you didn't pay your landlord.
I paid you for food which I have been trying to reach you Massimo, let me tell you about MY day.
Melissa Conner.
I've spoken to Massimo every day this week.
I just need to confirm my order.
Yes, again.
- They said it was - I had to talk to you.
Don't know if that's a good sign or It isn't what we hoped for.
Your wife's cancer has spread so far, surgery isn't an option.
You'll need to speak with your oncologist to decide what your next steps are.
- Next steps? Is she gonna die? - I'm just you need to speak with your oncologist.
Doctor, is my wife going to die.
Honestly, the likelihood is your wife will die from this.
But if there's one thing I've learned, you can never give up.
Where there's where there's life, there's hope.
Oh, that was a bad one.
Sorry I'm smelly.
How long have you had IBS, Helga? About a year.
It got bad a couple of weeks ago.
I went to St.
Jude's, and the ER doctor said if it got worse, - I should come in again.
- Hmm.
Yeah, that would be worse.
If Massimo doesn't call me back within the hour, I will find him.
Hi, I'm Dr.
Conner, the general surgeon - on call today.
- Surgeon? I thought you were - calling the infections guy.
- I called him too.
Conner, Helga has been on antibiotics for two weeks.
Last five days, she's had bad cramping, bloody diarrhea, but no gas.
I thought we should consider C.
I usually go to St.
Jude's, but you were closer to my daughter's place.
Smell's definitely.
But I need x-rays front, back, sides.
I want to see that colon.
What a day.
Bad morning? Open and closed case in OR.
Cancer everywhere.
I just told the husband.
Can't get a hold of the caterer.
Oh, you're getting those mini Yorkshire puddings, right? - My father loves those.
- Dr.
Conner is aware.
Why is Sandy getting married instead of organizing this party like she usually does? Speaking of Miss Selfish Brian, honey, did you maybe forget something? Like who was flying in today? - From Ghana? - What? No.
Oh, no.
That isn't - Uh, hi Auntie.
Sandy - I actually have things to do today, Brian.
Dress fitting, wedding caterer - Caterers, right? - Why did you bring her here? She showed up at our door at 9AM, because apparently - you promised to - Wow.
News travels fast, huh? You heard about DeLormer already? Doctor Tuttle.
She got the go-ahead to follow the directive today.
- You didn't know? - Oh, Sandy, wait.
Brian, go talk to your auntie.
Oh, Brian.
You did not forget your favourite auntie, did you? - No, I When did you No.
- Oh, you promised! When I got to Toronto, first thing, you promised me a tour of your hospital.
Well, here I am.
- Auntie, I'm very busy - Shall I order those x-rays myself? Hey, stranger.
You don't return phone calls for a week? - Good morning to you too, Mel.
- Brian, who's this? - Griffin.
But, Auntie - Oh, Griffin, the drug addict.
I should probably get going.
- Griff, need to talk about the party.
- Hey, Doc, any idea how long the wait is? The desk is right there.
Auntie, listen to me.
I can sit here.
I won't be a bother.
You won't hear a peep out of me.
I don't think I'm gonna make it.
Get someone down here right away.
I'd like to call ID.
Strong possibility of necrotizing fasciitis.
You ever seen flesh-eating disease before? - No, this'll be my first.
- Try not to look so excited, Decker.
And deal with that personal situation out there, yeah? Auntie.
Brian, you can't leave me here.
Auntie, I'm sorry, I have an important case to attend But you promised.
I am here now, Brian.
What am I supposed to do? You know, I have an idea.
I don't understand.
My ma was just at St.
- They gave her pills.
- To treat her IBS.
But the antibiotics killed so much of the good bacteria, it made her susceptible to what she has now C.
So, just give me some pills to fix that.
This has gone way beyond what I can treat with pills, Helga.
You have what we call a toxic megacolon.
The C.
Diff has created a blockage that has turned your mother's colon into a massive gas-filled time bomb.
Just trying to paint a picture here.
- We need to operate.
- Ma, read this.
I don't understand how this got missed, this mega This isn't about missing anything.
It's just a side effect of treating with antibiotics.
"Major risks of surgery include heart attack, stroke, infection, major bleeding" - How major is "major"? - If we don't operate, your colon could rupture and kill you in minutes.
Hey, Griffin.
Look - Just what about tonight? - What about it? The party I was supposed to come to? - I bought a dress and everything.
- Oh, right.
So, is there anything you wanna say to me, Griff? Like "Sorry for freaking out on you," or.
- "Here's what's going on," or - Look, look, listen, all right? Can we talk about this another time? I mean, I get - that you're mad.
- Mad? That's what you think this is about? Griff, I don't need to be doing this.
- I don't need this in my life right now.
- This is what I like to call the bullpen.
The heart, the soul Too bad.
It's a hell of a dress.
- Zoe, wait.
- Conner.
This is Phillip.
- Stauffer from What's the company? - Iron Wine Productions.
Reality TV.
My Kitchen, My Chef? Sorry, Phil.
I'm not much of a TV guy.
I got a call from Samantha in Media Relations.
Stauffer emailed her about a request to access No, no, come on now.
Phil, please.
If Frank's OK It's good enough for everyone else.
Not you.
Anywho, last hour I've been showing Phil around - our humble abode of healing.
- We're thinking about a new show, set around a hospital like this one.
- Yeah, then he sees you in the bullpen.
- I just thought, y'know, "Now, there's a guy young, good-looking", y'know, face you could build a series around.
" - Bet you get a lot of access.
- Not exactly, Phil, but how about we go talk about this? If it's access you want, no one has more of it around here than me.
You know, except maybe the Chief of Staff, - and the CEO, and Security - We won't be long, Frank.
What did I just tell you about that? What did I just say? - "Phillip Stauffer?" - "Iron Wine Productions?" You'd be amazed at what you can get from people when you say you're in TV.
Hugh McCabe.
Griffin Conner.
I've missed you, buddy.
Come here.
- Brian, I can't.
I'm busy.
- I know, I understand.
- So why are you even asking? - Because I don't know what else to do.
I think I have my first case of nec fasc in the ER, we don't have much time to stop it, and I have an auntie - from Ghana who won't leave.
- Because of a promise you made.
And I have a fiancée who's not even on shift, so what do you think I should do? Why is it my job to tell you? I may not be on, but it doesn't mean I'm not busy doing something.
DeLormer, they might be taking her off life support soon.
I think there's a cousin in the UK, and I need to see if he can get here Come on, Sandy.
I got a live guy in ER.
You have a brain-dead woman in the ICU.
I mean, really? Right.
Leave her with me.
See? That's why I asked.
I gotta run.
I'll see you tonight.
Hi again, Auntie.
Why don't you come sit with me, and then I can take you on that tour? - You? But why can't Brian? - Oh, he's he'd really like to, but he's just so busy.
And I thought it would be fun for us girls to just hang out.
I'm fine.
Approach middle colic vessel with caution, as it will be extremely delicate due to toxic megacolon.
Patient's prepped, Conner.
Stick your hand in my pocket.
I warned you about this.
I will call HR on you.
In your dreams, Gordon.
I need your assist on a very important matter.
Yes, the "Light & Lively" bouquets.
Just confirming.
I'm sorry, what? Did you already call these people today? Twice? More suction.
I like to be thorough.
And double check on the undulating architecture.
The hell's an undulating architecture? Last time I let you confirm my flower orders.
"Rather than isolate one flower, the leaves support " OK, approaching mid-colic vessel now.
Be careful.
Helga's colon has made the tissue extremely delicate.
"support the centerpiece in an undulating architecture.
" You studied flower arrangement theory? This welcome dinner's a big deal.
I like to know the details.
Whoa, I'm getting a lot of blood here.
BP's dropping.
This tissue's like paper.
Mid-colic vessel tore, pumping blood everywhere.
I'm going to clamp and repair.
BP's still dropping.
Let's keep a running sponge count to track blood loss.
If we don't get this vessel repaired fast, it's gonna get a whole lot worse.
Send a stat CBC and INR to the lab, get me four units packed, four more FFP.
You're thinking possible DIC already? The speed and amount she's bleeding? Isn't that a worst case scenario? I always prepare for the worst, Gordon.
That way I'm never disappointed.
I just wanted to say, in this life, it is so easy to lose sight of the important things I am sure your cousin is very nice, Massimo, but I did not plan this dinner to feature pizza.
We often miss the important things.
But events like this remind us of what matters most of all.
- God.
- Family, Priscilla.
- To family.
- Well said.
- Massimo, I - Fine.
I have to go.
- To family.
- To family and God.
What's your problem? You're late, for one.
And you have a massive black eye, for two.
- How am I supposed to react? - Been a bit of a day, Mel.
I mean, you too, it looks like, with that FFP I delivered to OR.
- What was that all about? - Knock it off.
You were supposed to be here early.
Now the food.
Mom's already drunk, - Dad's all nerves - What else is new? You tell me, Griff.
I thought you said you were OK.
Want me to look at that eye? What happened? Lemme look at you, man.
- What are you really here for, Hugh? - To see you.
My little sister said she ran into you last month.
Can you believe she's with a band? Not even for the dope.
I mean Whoa, hey.
Seriously, dude.
What are you here for? An old pal can't look up an old pal? What are you so worried about? Relax.
I'm worried that you're here for some more pills, "old pal.
" - What, no - 'Cause I am done with that.
There's no more stealing pads and writing phony 'scrips.
Oh, so what, I don't get to freeze my ass off going store to store filling them out for you, is that it? You weren't complaining at the time.
I was high, at the time.
I'm clean now.
Yeah, two years and counting.
Hey, the TV thing, I'm just coming in here, I'm trying to make an entrance.
I'm having fun, like we used to do.
My sister said you looked good.
I wanted to see for myself, thought maybe you'd want to see me too.
Guess I was wrong.
Nice seeing you.
Two years? - How you find it? - Hard.
Jesus, nowhere near as fun as stealing pads and popping pills.
But, hey, y'know, I'm good.
You should come sometime.
Meetings help.
Yeah, no, it doesn't work for me.
What works for Griff? Y'know what you need? You need to have some fun.
Yeah, let's have some fun.
Huh? I've been trying to reach him for over an hour, but I keep getting transferred.
Yes, Sandy Conner.
I'm a nurse at Bethune Hospital in Toronto, and I think he's related to a patient here.
Yes, I'll hold.
Nurse Conner.
Aren't you getting married this weekend? I'm just here for Mrs.
If I'm in the way You know she signed a directive? Dr.
Tuttle, have you met This is Brian's Aunt Priscilla, all the way from Ghana for the wedding.
Well, hello.
That must have been quite the trip.
- Yes, very long.
- And are you - enjoying your time so far? - No, not really.
Ah OK.
OK, thank you.
Just, please, have him call me back.
In any case, it's been a week since she lost brain function.
At some point Well, there might be a cousin in the UK, if I can just get At some point, if we don't do this, we're not doing what she wants.
- We don't know what she wants.
- Yes, we do.
No, I understand.
Attempting to stitch again.
Tissue is extremely oozy.
Lotta bleeders.
Where the hell is my FFP? Blood bank's saying they'll send two units, hold two more in reserve.
Put them on speaker.
What's his name? - Tom.
But, Conner, be nice - Speaker.
Hi, Tom.
I have a patient bleeding heavily on my table right now.
- I understand that, Doctor - And there is a magical time when she could go from bleeding heavily to being unable to clot anymore, otherwise known as Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation, or DIC.
I would - rather not miss that time.
- Yes, Doctor, - but fresh frozen plasma - Is the best way to reverse DIC - if it happens.
- It is also a limited resource we can't reuse after you've thawed it.
Once the labs confirms it's a DIC My patient could be in total organ failure.
And then I won't be looking for FFP anymore; I'll be looking for your job, Tom.
I'll have four units rushed right down.
- Goodbye, Dr.
- Nice enough for you, Gordon? Is this morphine spiked with water, or what? I'm not feeling it yet.
Twenty more milligrams for Mr.
So, you saw it.
What do you think? I think necrotizing fasciitis is a good call.
- Nice catch, Brian.
- Any time, folks.
Any time.
Really, Decker? My last rotation and this is what you give me? - Livia.
- You two know each other? I let him copy off my notes all through med school.
Saved his ass.
Pretty sure it was the other way around.
So, still the plastics res, huh? That's right.
Last week, but yes.
Who's your attending today, Welski? He's in OR right now.
Sent me down to take a look.
So, nec fasc? Patient's Dave Seaver, Don't be stingy, hon.
I can't take it; I'm a big boy.
Scraped his leg last night trying on ski equipment, company trip.
This morning he had large black pustulant sores all around the wound.
- All in 12 hours? - Yes.
I drew a line around the area to track further progression.
I'll do a STAT biopsy.
And by this time next month I will be elbows deep in tummy tucks and martinis.
Private practice? Good for you.
- Only way to have a life.
- But cosmetic surgery? Thought you always wanted to do something more than chase a paycheque, Livia.
Sorry, do you do your job for free, Decker? Come on, what I do, what we do, it's actually necessary.
I'm sure C cups and Botox are important for your patients.
And, y'know, saving their lives is important for mine.
Why don't we continue this discussion after we've dealt with Mr.
Seaver, all right, Dr.
Decker? Thanks for the notes, Livia.
Obviously you know Brian.
His sense of humour can be I'm going to move the patient to trauma, do the biopsy there.
Not many people realize how important being the Housekeeping and Transport Supervisor really is.
I'm on the front lines of a war.
A war against - Malfunctioning pass cards? - Inefficiency.
Inefficiency, Conner.
On any given shift, I make sure that 52 people get to surgery; 38 to chemo; not to mention 300 tonnes of equipment that go rolling through these halls every day.
You're like a general, Frank.
I mean, a hero, even.
I'm just one guy.
Oh, speaking of, here is Zoe Rivera, one of our top PSA's.
What's this? OK, guys, I think we got everything we need.
- How goes the war, Ms.
Rivera? - War? Against inefficiency.
And germs.
Our PSA's are on the front lines.
I thought you were on the front lines.
- I am.
We all are.
Eh, Rivera? - Are you making fun of me? No, no.
Come on.
I gotta go.
I gotta rush a bunch of FFP to OR.
- Then you'd better get going.
- Sorry, Mr Stauffer? I'm sure Frank Mr.
Kanaskie's got a bunch of work he's got to do, so how about I escort you out? Uh, Conner, Why don't you just worry about your own job, OK? As I was saying, Phil Hey, Griff.
BP is still dropping.
I've got next to no urine output.
- Damn it.
- How you doing over there, Mel? Just another day at the office.
Oh, need you at the party early tonight, - keep Mom stable, Dad cool.
- Yeah.
Sure thing, Mel.
OK, who's got big boobs? Once I get this tear repaired, would rather not shock the patient with a massive influx of cold plasma.
Let's start warming it up.
Boobs, armpits, whatever you got.
Here we go.
Ooh, that's cold.
I think I got it.
BP? - Stabilizing.
- OK.
Tear's repaired.
Start transfusing with FFP.
Hopefully she'll clot like normal and we'll be OK.
Let's just pack and pray.
She hasn't stopped bleeding.
The FFP isn't working.
I'll order four more units of FFP.
- I waited too long.
- No you didn't.
- I missed something.
- You got the tear, you ordered the FFP, her BP's stable.
Look, Gordon.
Look at her eyes.
Look at Helga's eyes.
She is not clotting.
Bleeding profusely and uncontrollably.
Likelihood is full DIC.
She'll be dead within the hour.
- Curtis.
- I said that out loud, didn't I? - And check on your fiancée.
- Auntie, please.
Sandy's fine.
Then why is she still on that phone? - I don't know.
- And when are we eating? You know I have low blood sugar, Brian.
Not that I complain.
Oh, Rebecca, you are a wicked one.
You have no idea, but Allen does.
Why are you not still married? You seem so suited for each other.
- Old habits die hard.
- And what about sisters - from Ghana? - Curtis.
That's the pizza.
There, Auntie, dinner's here.
Oh, good.
And check on your fiancée.
Sandy, are you coming down for our party? Dr.
Roman to Psychiatry.
Roman to Psychiatry.
- So, Dr.
Fung, recommendations? - Based on the speed of the infection's progress, I'm going to recommend aggressive debridement amputation above the knee.
That's aggressive.
Has it gone past Dr.
Decker's markings? Dr.
Decker isn't a plastic surgeon.
- That's not what I asked.
- No.
It's If it isn't progressing, then don't you think we should wait for the biopsy to get back? He could be dead by the time the biopsy gets back.
He could also have something else.
Do we want to cut the man's leg off before we're sure? I don't WANT to cut his leg off; I want to do my job.
But it's Welski's call, and yours.
That's just my recommendation as a doctor.
- Hey.
Hey, buddy.
- Glad you stuck around, man.
I wanted to talk to you about those meetings.
Yeah, yeah.
But first, look at what your boss man leaves - unlocked in his desk drawer.
- You stole Kanaskie's access card.
Well, it's one of the copies.
And I borrowed it without asking.
You know, if that's what they're calling stealing these days - Dude.
No, no, no, no.
- Come on.
Come on, man, I know you're just having fun, but come on.
Hey you got $10,000 for me? That'd be fun.
What are you talking about? I owe some money.
So, what else is new? - Owe to who? - Some people you don't wanna owe to.
But a few bottles of pills, maybe some shiny new equipment Shiny new equipment Just wanted to swing by? Exactly.
Have some fun, help an old pal out.
Gimme the card, man.
You know, I'm not the only one who owes people, Griffin.
- What the hell does that mean? - You and me, we had a good thing, and then you're gone, and I'm nothing! I was a mess.
You used me.
- I was your friend and now I need you! - Gimme the card! Griffin, stop! I don't know who the hell you think you are.
A guy who used to know Griff, whether he likes it or not.
Don't forget that, Griff.
I won't.
- There's your card.
- So, you don't think - it's nec fasc? - No, I'm not saying that.
I'm just not sure we need to be so aggressive.
- I'll talk with Welski.
- Sure, OK.
Livia made the right choice going private, huh? What does that have to do with anything? Well, if she's making a bad call, think she can't handle the pressure? What I think is, that joke you made rattled her, Brian.
You might want to apologize when this is Apologize? For what, a little joke? Little things matter, especially when it affects your colleague's ability to make a clear diagnosis.
Hey, I'm not the one making a bad call.
I was right.
I'm not talking about that - But I was right.
- Being right is not enough! You also have to be aware of what you say and who you say it to, because right now you're not helping yourself, your colleague, or your patient.
Understand? Yeah.
Livia, if you've got something to say to me Sorry, I was looking for Dr.
She was here.
Oh, God.
You guys, man.
- Can't even make it stop itching.
- Hey, don't pull those Ah! That hurts.
It's killing me.
Seaver, you're on enough morphine to stop a horse.
I Are you on any other drugs? Hey, buddy, I don't wanna throw around the "sue" word.
Don't forget I'm a lawyer.
Because your threshold for narcotics is high, and before we amputate - we need to ensure - Whoa! Amputate? It's been 12 hours since your infection started spreading.
At this rate, if we don't amputate, you could die.
All right.
I was on a bender last week.
I ended up in a house known to be frequented by drug users.
A resident of the house fixed me up behind my knee.
Next day, sores had begun.
Why didn't you just tell me that? "Hi, I'm a big time lawyer who shoots heroin behind his knee so no one will see the track marks"? - I'm a doctor.
I don't care what you do.
- I know people.
They judge.
Four more units of FFP being rushed down, but at the rate she's bleeding Conner - what do you want to do? - Only thing I can do.
I'll let the daughter know.
Heroin doesn't usually cause that kind of damage.
Just got the labs.
Mix of opiates and paint thinner.
They call it krokodil.
Mainly used in Eastern Europe.
Known side effects of krokodil include pustulant abscesses around injection sites, presenting like - necrotizing fasciitis - But isn't.
Exactly, and if this started last week, it's on a much slower timeline.
So we can wait for the biopsy, maybe even save his leg.
- Thanks.
- Livia.
Sometimes I say things stupid things and it isn't until I say them I know what they do.
I'm sorry.
You're a great doc.
Swing by if you're ever looking to make some real money.
He's such a smart guy when he isn't being an idiot.
He's gonna be one of my idiots, though.
And he's learning.
I know this isn't the result we wanted.
But in all likelihood your mother But if there's one thing I've learned, where there's life Hey, Sandy.
Kinda busy.
I know.
Griff told me.
If your things are going bad today, don't worry about dinner tonight.
- I can take over - I've got it, Sandy.
For one night you don't have to I've got it.
- OK.
- It's just this morning with the cancer husband, And now I have to go talk to a patient's daughter, and I have this stupid speech, but it doesn't seem to fix anything.
What do they want me to say, Sandy? Just tell me what to say.
- Just the truth.
- What? That her mother is in DIC and bleeding to death because I blew it? Because I wasn't good enough to Is that true, Mel? Or is it that you did everything you could and it still didn't work? Maybe that's worse, but it's still the truth.
Conner, you need to see this.
I gotta go, Sandy.
- But thanks.
- Any time, Mel.
But why tonight? I thought No, I can't, I'm at a party.
But can she call me back? Yes, this number.
Thank you.
- Everything OK? - There's a big trauma coming in.
They're scrambling for beds, - taking Mrs.
DeLormer off.
- Who? Just Hey, where's Zoe? Isn't she coming? I told you she's not.
Hold on.
But why isn't she coming, Griff? What happened? Long story.
Just stop doing that.
What? Changing the subject every time I ask you about I need to take this.
Yes, yes, I can talk.
So, Nurse Conner, any luck with this cousin in the UK? I'm still trying, Dr.
Because if we need any beds for tonight, I'm afraid I am still trying! Doctor.
I just looked over, and there it was.
Like a miracle.
- A miracle? Really? - I'm excited.
Don't touch it.
I'm a surgeon, Gordon.
I try not to touch clots.
One minute she's dying, the next this little thing - saves her.
We saved her.
- No, we got lucky.
Why do you have to sound mad when you say it? Because, I'm a surgeon.
I don't I don't like things I can't control.
You're not scrubbed in.
You want a hug or something? Don't make me call HR, Gordon.
We still have a colon to remove.
I'm going to scrub in.
As soon as I'm done with this phone call, - I'll take you on that tour - I'm fine.
You seem very busy.
I'm just surprised you are so busy with a wedding to plan.
Your dress, your church.
Oh, we're not having a religious ceremony.
Brian didn't tell you? No, he did not.
That woman with the butterfly on the door that you're so busy with, who is she? Her name is Iris DeLormer.
She took a bad fall - last month, and hit her head.
- Well, where is her family? No husband, no children.
Just a directive she wrote years ago.
- Directive? - It's a letter saying if her brain ever stops working just to take her off life support.
So I've been trying to find somebody, anybody, just to be with her.
Just so that she doesn't die alone.
I'm sorry.
You don't want to hear that.
God, Sandy.
No, no.
I I'm sorry.
I am.
Um, so, tell me, what's in the box? Please? Oh - It was for you.
- Oh.
It's it's beautiful.
The pattern means sike fre moga.
For strong families.
I wore it to my brother's wedding.
But you don't want the dress of some some angry old lady - who never married.
- You're not old.
You're Why did you never marry? It was just not a part of God's plan.
Isn't it ever hard being alone like that? Sometimes.
But there are worse things than being alone.
Griff, get down here! You bring any food? Sorry? - You came.
- Yeah.
Well, I already had the dress, so Let me introduce you.
Everybody, I'd like you to meet Zoe Rivera.
Dad, you know her.
Sandy, there you are.
My auntie was asking if you were OK.
I have to go, Brian.
They're taking Mrs.
DeLormer off life support now.
Sandy, what? The dinner, my parents Just get out of my way, Brian.
I have to go.
OK, you want to go, fine.
I'll get the car, - I'll take you there - No, I don't want you to take me.
I want you to leave me alone! Sandy, I don't understand Yeah, I know.
Brian, what did you do? I didn't, I It's about some woman, DeLormer.
Who's DeLormer? What's going on? Yeah, I'm calling it.
Go ahead, you can start to disconnect.
It's all right, Iris.
It's OK.
Just relax.
That Brian? He wanted to come.
I thought that maybe it'd be better if I did.
Whenever you want to go back to the party, Sandy, there's no rush.
I'm not going back, Griff.
You're not going back tonight, or you're What are you saying? I'm saying, I don't think I can marry Brian.
None of you know - what she was doing today.
- Auntie, now is not the time.
- That's it.
I'm gonna go get her.
- That's not a good idea.
Brian, just come sit down.
He'll bring her back.
Griffin will bring her back.
That's where I am.
- I have to rely on a - On a what, exactly? Everyone, please, just Please.
When did you decide this? I don't know.
I guess, um I guess it was today.
I'm here trying to find someone to be with this woman, and all Brian can say is, "I've got a live guy in the ER, and you've got a brain-dead woman in ICU.
" Well, that's Brian.
- But, Sandy, that's always been Brian.
- Maybe I just got tired of it.
It's three days till your wedding.
Maybe I just needed to be here.
But why, Sandy? She said that there are worse things than being alone.
- Who? - Brian's aunt.
And I just I mean, I couldn't believe that, because I am so scared of being alone, Griff, it just makes I can't breathe.
It's the reason that I plan every party, that I make every phone call - And take every pee test.
- Because I'm afraid of being some old woman one day, in a room alone, without somebody to see me.
And today, I realized for the last few months, even with Brian, I have been alone.
It was one little thing that he said.
I mean, it was a stupid thing, but No, it was not just one little thing, Griff.
It is someone who can't tell me that their dream is to go to Africa, that thinks that I am "just a nurse," who won't kiss me in public.
- Well, that's a lot of little things.
- And it all just - Adds up.
- And then tonight I just had to come here, to be with this woman while she died.
And when they took her out, I think it was actually the first time I've been alone that I can remember.
How'd it feel? It felt OK.
But I'm not alone.
And I never will be.
But what am I gonna do now, Griff? OK, she's back.
- Hey, can I talk to you? - Where is she? - She's still at the hospital.
- OK, I'm going to the hospital.
- Just let me talk to you.
- Look, I don't want to talk to you! - Hey, hey, hey.
- Don't touch my son.
I'm not.
What is wrong with your daughter? Our daughter is not here to defend herself, so let's just - That's right, she isn't.
- Honestly, please, let's all relax.
- Look, I'm going to get my wife.
- She's not your wife.
She doesn't want to be.
Sorry, man.
I'm going to take my family to their hotel.
- Brian, don't leave.
- I'm not going to the hospital.
If Sandy needs more time, she can have it.
She'll come back when she's ready.
And in three days, we'll get married, and have our child, and, uh We don't know.
What do you mean you don't know? - Honey, Penny - Any time there's massive blood loss, a patient is at risk of DIC.
But why some go into it and others don't, that's what we don't know.
- OK, but how do you fix it, then? - We try to predict, to control it.
Sometimes we can't, but sometimes it works out, like this time.
I know you want a better answer than that, and I wish I could give you one, believe me.
But your mother, she's she's going to be OK now.
That's all that matters, right? OK, Ma, just No offence not exactly the most inspiring speech, Doc.
I'm working on it.
Any idea where she is? - She isn't answering.
- This isn't like Sandy just doesn't disappear.
We need to do something, start calling hotels.
I don't know, something.
- Mel.
Mel, I'll call you back.
- But, Dad OK, bye.
You spend the whole night here? I didn't know where else to go.
You want me to Do you want Are you hungry? You want a food tray? That ice cream that never melts that you like? What can I do for you, Sandy? I don't I don't think there's anything anybody can do, Dad.
Not anymore.
Doesn't mean you don't owe some people an explanation, at least.
I know.
Not yet.
I just need to be alone.
For now.
I'm going to get you that ice cream.
Just a little thing, but