Remedy (2014) s01e10 Episode Script

Quit the Horizon

Previously on Remedy This is a bad idea! Dad finally got Chief of Staff, and he doesn't need to deal with your crap.
(Gasp) Do you remember - what you did with the needle? - You drew blood from an unconscious patient? - The hospital could get sued! - Only if the wrong people find out.
The more you look at me, the less you're gonna like what you see.
Trust me, it is the opposite.
I realized, even with Brian, I have been alone.
I don't think I can marry Brian.
(Alarm clock buzzing) (Sighing and moaning) Nice ring.
You could get a week - at an all-inclusive for it.
- Don't.
- You're not thinking about putting that back on? - No.
I don't think you should go in today.
I need to.
I can't just I can't just mope around here for another day.
I need to work.
- No, you don't.
- I have to get out of your hair.
Or I could go home, sleep in the spare room.
Or Brian could.
No, no way.
The backslide.
- I won't, I - Sandy Ah, I can't stay here forever.
I'll help you find a place.
It will be fun.
- Are these crumbs? - Maybe.
Were you eating?! You were eating in my bed! I made a grilled cheeser in the middle of the night.
(Sighs) I have to go.
I'm on call.
How did I miss How did I sleep through a grilled cheeser? You sleep through everything.
Stay home, sleep.
- You're great.
- No, you're great.
(Sigh) - (Nurse): You're an idiot! - (Brian): Stop calling me that.
- How long has it been? - Six days.
- And you haven't talked to her? - I'm trying to be I'm being sensitive.
- And you're not angry? - Seriously, I'm not.
You want to get back with your fiancée? Talk to her, let her see your face, your beautiful body.
What? It's an asset, use it! Sandy said she needed space.
She doesn't need space; she needs you to demand an explanation as to why she called off the wedding.
She needs to see you care.
You should be hammer dialing her until she's forced to look into your beautiful beautiful eyes and realize the mistake that she's making.
Double trauma a minute out.
He's got third-degree burns to his face and neck, and she's gunshot wound to the abdomen.
- Another happy couple.
- Have you talked to Sandy yet? - No! - Idiot.
- Right.
I don't know.
Maybe Brian needs to move on, You know, maybe, he needs to find a buxom nurse who's game and get back on the horse.
- (Brian): Hmm-hmm-hmm! - Can you page plastics? And let the burn unit know we're gonna need a bed.
- Who's the on-call surgeon? - Present and accounted for.
- How are you doing, Brian? - OK.
How's Sandy doing? - Good, yeah.
- Alison Pears.
GSW to right upper quadrant.
Lost a lot blood on the scene.
She tachycardic.
Heart rate 135.
BP 110 over 65.
OK, Dr.
Conner, you're with me.
Decker, you get the burn.
- Let's go.
- Is she OK? Is my wife OK? Michael Pears, 33.
Burns to the left side of his face and neck caused by cooking grease.
Where is she? I need to talk to her.
Vitals stable.
Started IV's ringer's lactate on scene, flushing the burn regularly.
- Tell her it was an accident! - Let's go! Let's go! - Dr.
Conner, why do you want to be Chief of Staff at Bethune General? I love looking at the big picture.
I believe it's an exciting and challenging time in health care.
I want a seat at the table where decisions are made.
- So, power then? - Influence, yes.
I've received a letter from a colleague expressing unease at your professional judgment where your family's concerned.
- Dr.
- A colleague.
If one of my staff, whether it's my family or not, if someone colours outside the line just a little, before I rush to judgment, I look at the outcome.
Did the patient get better? Did they live? Was anyone hurt? Is Bethune Hospital at risk? And then I make my call.
- Very lone wolf.
- Not at all.
I found Allen to be very communicative, very on board.
OK, Allen, we'll let you know.
OK, let's start pushing the saline and hang a couple of bags of O Neg.
- Alison, can you hear me? - Hmm Alison, you're in the hospital, but we're gonna help you, OK? She's responsive, but non-verbal.
Log roll.
Let's check for an exit wound.
It It hurts like a son of a bitch.
Pears, I need you to lay still.
Heart rate 85.
- BP 145 over 95.
- I was just fooling around with my new gun and and Alison thought I was She threw a pan of baking grease at me, and the gun went off.
I thought she was joking, then all the blood.
Alison! One, two, three.
No exit wound.
Bullet's still in there.
Bring her back down.
- (Michael): Alison? - She's hypertensive.
You get me that portable ultrasound.
I need to take a look in her belly and see what's going on.
- (Woman): Lie still, please.
- Alison? Am I the only one who knows the beginnings of an outbreak? Do I have a volunteer to flush out this mess? - Lonnie Masterson, you.
- Ah, sorry, boss.
Two doubles this week and a Mama Bear, I don't care, OK? I just want the fridge - cleaned before you go.
- Seriously, boss, I am exhausted.
Why do you ask for a volunteer? It's a figure of speech, OK? Well, Masterson, never mind.
I need you to do a double.
They need a reverse Iso room cleaned stat for a fresh transplant patient.
I am so wiped I can barely stand.
See, it's just that I have performance reviews coming up.
You know, I'm just saying.
(She sighs.
) OK.
Yeah, OK.
Atta girl! Woman! Conner, they need a porter up in trauma stat! Chop-chop! Mr.
Pears, I'm gonna check on that plastics consult, - then you'll be transferred to the burn unit.
- (Fast beeping) She's gonna say I did it on purpose.
OK, Mr.
Time for you to stop talking and let us do our jobs, yes? Positioning of the entry wound suggests possible damage - to the pancreas, liver, bowel.
We need to get her up to the OR.
- Alison? - Alison? - Sir? Sir! - Somebody, get Security.
Now! - I need you, sir I need to speak to my wife! - No! - Someone call security! No! - Brian! - (Woman on PA): Code white! Trauma, code white.
Code white.
(Woman): Call security! (Guard): Are you alright? Are you OK? Doc? (Brian): Are you alright? (Theme music) I'm telling you, Dad, I saw the look in Brian's eyes, he lost it.
He totally lost it.
Well, he says he's OK, and Dr.
Summers agrees.
Well, he drilled the patient in the kidneys twice.
And he saved the nurse's life.
I know.
I was there, but you're not gonna let him back on the floor.
Why are you doing this? When are you meeting Zeb Krinsky? - Tomorrow.
- Good.
Get Zeb on your side, you're back in med school, back on track.
And don't talk too much, you could end up sabotaging yourself.
So wait a minute, if you don't get Chief of Staff, does that mean that you sabotaged yourself? - Dr.
Conner? - Here he is.
Some nice jabs in there, man.
Right from the shoulder.
I, uh Can I ask you a question? Well, Brian, maybe you should just take the rest of the day off.
- The adrenalin alone is just - Oh, no, no.
I feel good.
Um I was actually hoping you might be able to help me out with Sandy actually.
- I'm in a tough spot here.
- I don't know what to do.
The best I can offer is just don't get too close but don't get too far away.
And just give Sandy time, yes, but don't disappear.
Just stay on her horizon and see if she comes back to you.
(Pager vibrating) Ohhh, God, there's a kid with hep C just coming off a liver transplant.
Sorry, Brian, I've gotta - We'll talk later.
- (Phone ringing) Nurse Conner! No honeymoon? - Saving for the baby? - Uh, yeah.
Your new husband caused quite a stir in ER.
A doctor and a warrior, quite a catch.
Good for you.
Sorry, Dr.
Tuttle, I thought you We actually called off the wedding.
Oh? Oh! Oh - I assumed you knew.
- No.
So sorry to hear that.
I'm fine.
How sad.
How tragic.
(Sigh) How many women shot by husbands and boyfriends come through ER every year? It's infuriating! We'll come back once we cauterized the rest of the bleeders.
Mel, don't tar all gun owners with the same brush.
Hang another bag of blood; we're gonna need it.
Most gun owners are responsible and law-abiding, - and they have rights.
- You're a gun guy, aren't you? I just shoot targets every once in a while.
So you drug people for a living and shoot plates for fun.
There's nothing wrong with understanding how to properly use a firearm.
Do you know how to sew? Nothing wrong with that either.
- She's in V-Fib.
- Start chest compressions.
Up the flow on those fluids, Jerry, and push an amp of epi.
You, take over suction now.
I need a clear field if I'm going to repair the damage - before she bleeds out.
- We need more sponges.
She's still in V-Fib.
No pulse by palpation.
Come on, Alison, don't give up.
Charge to 200.
- Clear.
- (Others): Clear.
- (Jerry): Nothing.
- Charge to 300.
- (Others): Clear.
- Asystole.
Now, I've got to crack her chest.
Cross clamp her aorta and open cardiac massage.
It's her only shot! Push more epi, Gordy.
This room ready? They said this room would be ready.
Uh, yeah, yeah.
I think so, yeah.
We got a severely immuno-compromised post-op transplant patient out there.
We need him inside before we risk infection.
Yeah, OK.
OK, uh Uh tray.
Uh Brian, I-I can't talk right now.
I'm here to check on a patient.
Is Dr.
Tuttle here? Yeah.
Um, room 2.
How is he? - (Tuttle): How is who? - (Decker): The patient.
Why? Dr.
Decker? Good.
Glad to hear it.
Could you do me a favor and talk a little bit longer? Oh Yes, I see.
Well, happy to help a young couple find their way back to each other.
Well then, my lemon tart recipe.
Combine butter with half a cup of sugar, vanilla, and salt in a mixing bowl and then mix the ingredients together thoroughly with a paddle.
Excuse me.
Alison Pears.
Abdominal gunshot round.
She arrested in the OR.
Cracked her chest and managed to get her back, but post-op CT showed massive cerebral ischemia.
- Probable brain death.
- I've scheduled an EEG tomorrow morning to confirm.
I lost her.
I'm sorry.
What is Brian doing in there? Says he needs to talk to Dr.
- Sandy.
- I mean, there's nothing.
Uh, was there a directive for for Alison? - None in her records.
- Who's the next of kin? The shooter! I mean, husband.
- He's the one who gets to decide whether to pull the plug or not? - Yep.
Some days are easier than others.
(Machine beeping) "Remo" failure, you know what that is, Dr.
Conner? - Renal.
Yes, I do.
- Yeah, I'm pissing blood because of that crazy-ass doctor punching me for no reason.
You strangled a nurse with her stethoscope, Mr.
Yeah, I'm I'm guessing that's the reason why I'm being graced with the presence of the acting Chief of Staff.
Your renal failure was brought on primarily as a result of the burns you sustained.
Primarily, right.
Pears, your wife lost a lot of blood in surgery today.
But more significantly, her heart stopped beating for several minutes.
Her brain was deprived of oxygen.
Tests confirm that she is in fact brain dead.
I'm sorry.
I know this is difficult for you.
But Alison's family will be arriving soon, I suggest you start thinking about the next steps.
Next steps, what does that mean? When to discontinue life support.
Possible organ donation.
- I-I need to think about this.
- Ah, Mr.
Pears I SAID I NEED TO THINK ABOUT IT! He's the one who shot her; how come I'm the one who feels guilty? The bullet fractured the liver, - I couldn't save her.
- I know.
What about this one? It's cute.
You could fix it up.
- I need a yard for the baby.
- We could clear out the car parts.
I can't believe how expensive - this city is.
- Brian's a standup guy, - he'll help.
- I have to talk to him, which I don't seem to have the guts to do.
Good! You need a minimum two weeks of radio silence.
- Better yet, three.
- Brian isn't a bad person.
You're just asking for the backslide.
I'm not gonna backslide.
I'm not.
(Kid coughing) - How is he? - Woke up with a fever and a cough.
Cultures just came back and it's RSV.
Could this be our fault? You know this isn't good timing for you, Allen.
Infection is impossible to predict.
There's no telling where he picked it up.
- But we followed protocol? - Of course.
Next step is antibiotics and then we wait.
Where did he get that toy? Sure little guy's got enough air in there? (Laughs) We suspect it carried the respiratory syncytial virus.
A transplant patient is very ill, and his parents are very very angry.
What? The kid picked it up in the hallway somewhere? - In his ISO room, Frank, attached to his bed.
- One of your PSAs missed it.
Look, Frank, we've already traced an outbreak back to your department this year; - I don't want to go through that again.
- We need a zero tolerance - policy on things like this.
- Zero tolerance, I got you.
The parents have called their lawyer.
So you're saying the OK, what are you saying? - We need to send a message.
- A message.
- Find out who's responsible.
- Lonnie Masterson.
You need to fire her.
Today, Frank.
(Fast beeping) Let's go! Liz Moorcroft, 42.
Pinned between a bumper and a brick wall, twice.
Broken pelvis, ribs, possible internal injuries - to the abdomen and chest.
- Alright, I forgot which one was the brake and which one was the gas! Haley Moorcoft, 16.
Daughter and driver of the vehicle.
Probable nasal fracture from the airbag.
OK, let's get them straight to trauma for x-rays and a FAST.
- Decker, daughter.
- Haley, I'm Dr.
How about we take a look at that nose? So where is my mom now? She's in the OR, then she'll be transferred to the ICU.
- Haley - But she's not I didn't kill her, did I? Well, your mother is seriously hurt, but she's stable and she's settled.
- You can talk to her.
- I really did it.
I did it.
I ran over my own mom.
Can I call someone? Your father or, uh He split when I was a baby.
I don't see him much.
My mom I didn't mean I only just wanted to nudge her.
I think we can rescue you from your basement purgatory here, Griffin, get you somewhere where there's windows.
- I don't mind it.
- I'm satisfied you put the past behind you.
No reason you can't return to our med school next semester.
The hard part isn't just getting in; you do know that? No, you gotta buckle down, study hard.
Yes but no.
This is off the record.
Plenty of people with drug and alcohol - addictions go to meetings.
- I was never addicted.
Which is what you'll get at this address.
Small group, top-flight guys.
Sir, I-I don't need a meeting.
Neither did I.
Then I stitched up some guy while I was high.
Now, I'm in admissions instead of an OR.
Anyway, thanks for the tour.
Another world down here.
I won't do it.
She's still breathing.
- Technically.
- Technically, my kidney's broke, but it's still working 'cause of this.
There's a big difference.
You're alive.
Your wife is not.
Pears, Alison is gone.
Lack of oxygenation has led to total necrosis - of the cerebral neurones.
- What what the hell does that mean? A healthy brain has around - connected by hundreds of trillions of synapses.
- Here we go.
For Alison, every single one of those cells has gone dark, silent.
She has no dreams, she feels no pain, sends no instructions to her organs.
This is not a coma.
Your wife isn't coming back.
Look I know that I shot her and that I'm sorry for that but I can't kill her.
I can't.
I can't kill my wife.
- So, how did it go with Krinsky? - (Lonnie): I can't believe he did that! (Griffin): Well, not great.
Looks like it's gonna be uphill climb.
- Why? What did he say? - All because he was so pissed I wouldn't clean the damn fridge! - Lonnie? - They fired me.
- What? - They say I it was my fault some transplant kid got sick - 'cause I-I missed something.
- They can't do that.
God, I was tired.
I-I remember checking, - but I don't know.
- Who actually fired you? Your dad.
- Lonnie - I gotta go.
How fast do you think the union will stop it? They actually might not have any leverage.
It was her third double! She made one mistake! - Yeah, but - But what? - It was a serious mistake.
- You think it was her fault? Really? No, no, no, no.
Not fault, really.
- Are you protecting your dad? - No.
Zoe, I I'm just saying he's a Chief of Staff.
He's gotta hold people accountable.
Like when I got stuck? Who was accountable then? Clearly different situation.
We don't know who put the needle in the garbage.
It was your sister.
- What? - Sandy threw the syringe in the garbage instead of the sharps container.
That's why I got stuck.
Oh, uh wow.
When I told her that I knew, she took a blood sample from the patient without consent.
- What are you talking about? - The boy was HIV positive.
Sandy told me.
- She told you that? - Yeah.
And I took a deal to keep it quiet.
- Why would you do that? - Because it was a mistake.
Your dad knew about me, Sandy, the whole thing.
He didn't report her, didn't tell Farina or Tuttle, nothing.
But today, he fires Lonnie? We both know that there's two sets of rules, Griff: one for us, and other for you guys.
Hey, hey, no.
Wait a second.
- (Door closing) - Lonnie Masterson, - you fired her? - Griffin, don't get involved.
You think it's fair that she was fired? I'm just curious.
- She made a pretty big mistake.
- Doctors and nurses make mistakes all the time; when was the last time you had one fired? Listen, Griffin.
If this is about you helping another one of your strays - My strays? - Your friends.
- I can't.
Not this time.
- I know about Sandy.
- What? - The needle, the HIV test, everything.
That was a different situation.
It sure was.
Sandy got to keep her job, and hey, so did you.
I seem to remember someone else in this room needing a little family support a couple of years ago.
You think it's fair what happened to Lonnie? No, son, it's not fair.
But that's the way of the world sometimes.
Must be nice to be king.
- (A door closes.
) - (Allen sighs.
) Wait.
How are you getting there? A cab.
I'm gonna go home and get her some things.
- How are you feeling, Liz? - Throat sore.
That's normal after being intubated in surgery.
Is it also normal when your own daughter runs you over with the car? Haley's a disaster behind the wheel.
God help us if she gets her license.
Releasing her into unsuspecting traffic is like releasing a lacrosse player into a library.
Oh, God, the humanity.
She'll learn.
When are you due? - 20 weeks.
- Make sure your husband teaches her how to drive.
He may or may not be in the picture.
Know that feeling.
Kicked Haley's dad to the curb before she turned 2.
I can beat that.
Called off the wedding.
Was supposed to be three days ago.
OK, you win.
If I were just a little more paranoid, I'd swear she hit me on purpose.
I knew it would be hard to raise a kid on my own.
I had no idea how hard.
- I'm sure it is.
- Oh.
Might be nice to have - someone else for her to - (Machine beeping alarmingly) - run over for - Mrs.
Moorcroft? Liz? Code blue! (Woman): Get a crash cart! - Dr.
- Glad you could make it, Conner.
Liz Woodsomething got hit by a car.
Ortho operated on cracked pelvis and she crashed in ICU.
Went into V-tach, secondary acute heart failure.
But her TEE revealed something pretty cool.
- An aortal valve malfunction.
- The hell, Gordon, that was supposed to be my line.
- Anyway, you want a piece of this or what? - You mean assist? - Yeah.
You got to be pretty fast though.
- Yeah, yeah, I'll be fast.
Scrub in.
Puck drops in five hours.
- There's a hockey game tonight? - Floor hockey.
Biweekly shinny.
Hey, you should suit up, Conner.
Floor hockey? What are you guys, in high school? - It's pretty intense.
- Sure, it is.
Love to, but my sister's at my place, and I Yeah, the one who got knocked up and left the baby daddy in the dust.
I heard about that.
Kids complicate everything.
I mean, who wants a lifetime of picking cereal stuck up the bottom of your socks? No, thank you.
Come on! Let's get this party started.
(Indistinct PA message) I'm trying to give you space.
- I know.
- And I was trying to be on your horizon and - Yeah.
- Now, I don't know what to do.
Let's go.
Here's what I think happened.
I think you and your wife were having a fight.
You pulled out your gun.
She was frightened and threw hot baking grease at you.
I was sleeping just there.
And then you shot her.
That's what I think.
That's what I think the jury will think.
Why are you saying that to me? Because I think you're trying to avoid a murder charge.
Cases like this, Michael, a judge very often will sentence a person as if he were charged with murder even if the victim is still breathing.
I-I love my wife.
- Then, let her go.
- I can't.
Michael, you need to act like you care if you want any chance of not spending the rest of your life in jail.
Any compassion you show now will only help your cause.
Do it.
Hey, Doc! You tell her that I said goodbye.
(Sighing) (Door closing) - (Zoe): You're sure you wanna do this? - (Griff): Gotta be done, right? 'Cause when I told you that stuff, well, I didn't mean for you - Come on.
Part of you kind of wanted me to.
- I just needed to vent, - you know, boyfriend stuff.
- Yeah, well, we're committed now, so Ha! Ha! You know, you never struck me as the committed type, Conner.
- Frank, you're gonna need a lawyer.
- Frank? Those parents aren't just gonna come after Beth H; - they're gonna come after you.
- Nah, nah, hey I didn't leave a bear - in the bed.
- You put Lonnie at one - of the most sensitive wards in the hospital.
- On her third double in a week.
What? You're gonna blame me for the crappy weather too? - Or that haircut? - It's gonna come at you from all angles, Frank.
Lonnie's meeting with a lawyer too.
- (Zoe): Wrongful dismissal.
- Workplace harassment.
- Unsafe work environment.
- Sexual harassment.
- What? - You called her a girl.
- I call everyone a girl! I call him a girl! But that's what we're talking about, Frank.
Look, I-I hate assigning doubles too, you know? They just won't let me hire anyone else! - Frank - No, you don't understand the pressure! Keeping you people on track, it's like The Matrix.
You know, I'm working Shingles! You have no idea, OK? None! Sandy, you in bed already? Hopefully not with a grilled cheeser.
Melissa, hi.
- Hi.
- Just getting a snack.
Mel, uh, um I wanted to text you, but - Please tell me you weren't in my bed.
- No, just on the couch.
- We were just talking.
- Really? - Hey, Melissa, I'd Maybe it's a good idea I'd appreciate if you kept out of this for a while.
I'd appreciate it if you put a shirt on.
- Sandy, you need to - I know you like to control everything, but this is not your business.
Actually, you're sleeping with my sister in my condo, apparently on my couch, so it just became my business.
Well, smart as you are, you might not know what's right for Sandy! - So how about you butt out? - Do you know who does know - what's right for Sandy? - SANDY KNOWS WHAT'S RIGHT FOR SANDY! Sandy knows.
And Sandy already canceled the wedding.
Let's go home.
You know what? Take your time.
Do what you like.
I'm sure I can find something better to do.
(Man): Let's go! - (Man): That's it! That's it! - (Man): On the wing! On the wing! (Man): Argh! - Dr.
- Hey.
You're here to cheer for Dr.
Gordon 'cause he's getting his ass handed to him.
Uh, I'm not here to watch, I'm here to play.
Oh, OK.
Ha! Ha! Ha! Get outta here.
(Referee blowing whistle) OK, folks, let's try not to hurt the new girl.
Ow! What is that?! (Jerry): Pick it up! Pick it up! (Mel): Here! Over here! (Cheering) - (Guerra): Come on! - (Mel): Right here.
Here we go.
I get it! - You OK? - I'm good.
(Guerra): Come on! Get her! Get her! No! (Cheering) - Woo! - Alright! Yes! Floor hockey and root beer safe to assume you'll be asking me to prom next? Hey, I might if I thought you had your night free.
How did you escape sister duty tonight? Came home to find her and Brian half-naked at my place.
Well, maybe they're meant for each other.
Ah, please! Classic backslide.
Except that Sandy's pregnant.
Sandy needs to be alone, find a good place to live, and settle down with her baby.
Then, things will get back to normal.
First-time parents are exhausted, terrified, obsessive, overwhelmed she's gonna need help, - not time alone.
- She's been taking care of everyone since 10 years old.
Once this baby's born, Sandy's not gonna be the same Sandy anymore, so you can't be the same Mel.
You know that, right? Then, I better not waste any more time.
(Overlapping chatter) - I can't do this.
- We're just talking about one ten-minute break.
It puts the patients in danger.
You think there's lawsuits now Essential services won't be affected.
Trauma, code blue, stat blood, supplies to the ER, OR, ICU Those are all gonna continue as usual.
We're not gonna put - anybody in harm's way.
- You guys are nuts.
- This is about making doctors, nurses and big wigs as uncomfortable as possible.
Ten minutes, that's it.
The shingles have turned into postherpetic neuralgia.
That's from stress! I have a weakened immune system! We only need you to do one thing.
What? Page all the porters at the same time; we'll take care of the rest.
(Zoe): Don't worry, we have a plan.
Oh, man.
(Woman sobbing) It's OK.
Sandy called in sick.
Oh, I didn't know.
How do things look from the horizon? As confusing as ever.
You, you you got divorced.
- I did.
- How hard did you try to save it? Spent a few unhappy years trying to get Rebecca to love me the way I thought she should.
Couldn't do it.
- You have to help me.
- No, actually, I don't.
We had sex last night.
She just threw me out.
Brian, stop! OK? Sandy will always be my daughter; you, very likely, won't be my son-in-law.
I think you know that.
When did you know it was over? When she left, Brian.
When she left.
(Indistinct PA message) (Pager beeping) Excuse me, you can't just leave that there.
(Indistinct talking) Can I get a PSA over here, please, stat? Sorry, I'm on break.
(Pagers ringing) (Pager vibrating) (Inaudible talking) Hang tight, OK? It will just take a minute.
There was a dead body - left in the hallway.
- Imagine that happening every day.
Every PSA, every porter, every coffee break.
So what? Do you want this hospital to turn into a free-for-all? - We want Lonnie's job back.
- Who is this Lonnie to you anyway? - She's one of us, Robert! - Well Thanks to your father, that boy in Iso is getting better, so So? No lawsuit? No.
No lawsuit.
So, Lonnie gets her job back.
No thanks to your little circus act, yes, she gets her job back.
(Laughing) - Thank you.
- Yeah.
I lied.
I got back into med school.
Oh Oh OK.
I'm not going back.
I don't want to go back there.
I mean, I-I loved it, but the drinking and the drugs, I Griff, I don't care whether you're a doctor or not.
But if the only reason you're not going back is 'cause - you're afraid you'll relapse - Maybe I belong here.
We both know that won't last.
I don't know that.
You need to get help, real help, and until you do, I don't think you're gonna know where you belong.
Hey, we sure showed those suits what we're made of today, huh, guys? High five! Yes! Five! Yes! Ah! Another day, another day.
Until we meet again.
(Indistinct conversations) (Decker sighs.
) (Soft jazz music) You could take off your coat.
Brian, I'm gonna try to explain to you, but I don't think that it's gonna Why did you say yes when I asked you to marry me? It seemed like the right thing.
We were in love, Brian.
" It wasn't anything that you did or I It was me.
I You don't have to try and explain.
And I can stop trying to make sense of things.
It's over.
Please don't be angry.
I'm not angry.
Why do people keep I'm not angry.
OK, well Yeah, well I'm gonna go.
Wait, wait.
What? I wanna say good night to the baby like I always do You can't just So now I have to ask for permission? It's my baby.
It's my body.
I think that I need to put some distance between us - for a little while.
- You can't do that.
- Do what? These aren't all your decisions.
You can't just put space between us I know that, Brian.
We will work it out - I'M STILL THE FATHER, Sandy! - I have to go now.
You're gonna have to deal with me! I'M THE FATHER! - Robert! How am I doing? - Allen.
I'm, uh I have to run to a meeting, but I wanted - to find you, so you're prepared.
- Great.
Looks like you lost the job.
What happened to "You're the guy"? - Some allegations came to light.
- Allegations? - About you and your family.
- How? No idea.
I know your daughter is involved.
Something about patient confidentiality and blood tests.
- You've got to be kidding me.
- I wish I was.
Looks like Linda Tuttle will be the new Chief of Staff.
- Is there anything I can do? - I don't know yet.
- Anything? - I will let you know.
I always said you had a blind spot where your family is concerned.
(Sandy): Mel? Hi.
Uh Sandy, hi.
- Hi.
- I was just, uh getting a drink.
I thought you'd be staying with Brian.
No, I'm not.
I won't be.
Didn't backslide.
Honey - It's OK.
- I'll call you.
(Sandy sobbing) - You had quite a day.
- Can we just skip it? Skip what? What was I gonna say? That I shouldn't have disrupted the entire hospital.
No, that's not what I was gonna say.
- You're a selfish person, Griffin.
- OK, I'm gonna go.
Not this time.
This time, you don't get to walk away.
I lost my job today because of you! - What? Why? - Because you decided in your righteous indignation that it's more important to take a stand for a PSA who couldn't do her job properly.
And your sister Sandy, she'll have to go in front of the College.
They'll probably suspend her.
So congratulations, Griffin, You saved a job, but you lost two others! - What are you talking about? - You told Farina about the sharps incident, about Sandy and me, and the HIV test.
- Dad, no, no, I - So, if you want to waste your life downstairs in a basement, go ahead, but don't - I've wasted my life now? - YOU'VE HAD EVERY OPPORTUNITY! THERE ARE 500 PEOPLE IN THIS HOSPITAL - YOU SAY I'M WASTING MY LIFE? - YEAH! NO, THAT'S NOT WHAT I'M SAYING ABOUT THEM; I'M TALKING ABOUT YOU - AND THROWING IT ALL AWAY! - THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT YOU SAID YOUR ENTIRE LIFE, DAD.
Is this really your fight, Griffin, or are you just - mad at me? - You know what? I didn't tell anyone about you and Sandy, and neither did Zoe.
And the fact that you even think that of me is just sick.
You think I would ever do anything like that? (Bang!) Well then, who did? I don't know.
Probably Brian.
- Brian? - Sandy blows off the wedding, she doesn't call him back for two weeks I told you.
He was gonna blow.
I can go with you.
- Oh yeah, you're an addict? - No.
Well, chocolate.
- I'll see you later.
- Alright.
- Good luck.
- (Indistinct talking) (Man): Thank you.
Thanks guys.
(Applause) (People coughing) Hello, my name is Linda and I'm an addict.
Pills mainly, painkillers.
I'm 11-month sober, but stress is a major trigger, and it looks like business is about to pick up at work, so I didn't think that I needed to attend these meetings.
I just gotta get back to the place I loved before All for me Not for those who Bringing me down and they say I gotta go I stayed at Jerry's last night.
Why do men always have dusty bathrooms? Anyway, we both had today off, and as tempting as it was to stay in bed, we went to the mall instead.
I have a proposal.
- I'm not very good at those.
- Let's do this together, - me and you.
- What are you talking about? I'm asking if you'll let me be a live-in aunt.
For a while.
We'll find a bigger place and I'll help until you don't want my help anymore, and then I'll stop.
- This is crazy.
- Yes.
So? Sandy, we can do this.
I've been drinking out back trying - To keep this thing alive - It could be fun.
- Could be scary.
- But how could one - OK, let's do it.
- (Both laughing) Good.
Now, we tackle the crib.
- (Knocking on door) - How hard can it be? Dad, what are you doing here? Mel said we were having a celebration dinner.
- Why not? New beginning.
- I brought extra - since you're eating for two.
- (Mel): Dad, which one is the HFastener? It's the one that looks like a bone screw without the hollow.
- (Mel): OK, got it.
- A little early to be setting up a crib.
Have you seen these instructions? - It's gonna take the entire third trimester to put this together.
- (Knocking on door) - I got all the time - (Sandy): Griffin! - You're getting big.
- Shut up.
Oh, we need plates.
She doesn't know anything, don't tell her.
Just give me a few days to sort this out.
- Yeah, sure.
- Griffin, you're gonna run for union prez now? Who knows? Gimme a chance to take a few shots at management first.
- Hmm - What can we do to help? Uh, you guys get dinner started, and Mel and I, we we got this.
I got all the time To fall in love OK, this Wait.
I wasn't done looking at that.
I got all the time To fall in love