Remedy (2014) s02e01 Episode Script

Our Friend, Chaos

Previously on Remedy Our son will be charged with aggravated assault.
As acting Chief of Staff, I'm sure I can find something to keep you out of trouble.
He's a drug addict.
You don't tell an alcoholic to work in a bar.
I realize even with Brian I have been alone.
- I don't think I can marry Brian.
- Once this baby's born, Sandy's not going to be the same Sandy anymore.
So you can't be the same Mel.
Then I better not waste any more time.
I don't care whether you're a doctor or not.
Maybe I belong here.
We both know that won't last.
You need to get help.
And until you do, I don't think you're going to know where you belong.
Looks like you've lost the job.
Linda Tuttle will be the new Chief of Staff.
- You gotta be kidding me.
- I wish I was.
Hello, my name is Linda, and I'm an addict.
I lost my job today because of you.
You are a hypocrite, Dad.
You're all about family, unless your family isn't a nurse, - or a doctor - Is this really your fight, Griffin, or are you just mad at me? I'm asking if you'll let me be a live-in aunt.
Sandy, we can do this.
- OK, let's do it.
(laughing) - Now we tackle the crib.
(baby cooing) Oh my God.
How'd you get so stinky? - You didn't give her meat, did you? - No, I didn't give Maya meat.
At six months old, you have to introduce solids in the right order - I know.
- Sweet potato, banana Mel, I know.
Use the app, it's good for tracking.
You're turning into a Tiger Aunt, you know that, right? - Sandy, we need to get on the same page - I read this mommy blog; Tiger Moms are out.
Better to be a Dolphin Parent.
Dolphins are more intuitive, more creativity focused Who wants to be a Dolphin? No arms, no legs, eating fish all the time - Trauma two minutes out.
- Sandy, I gotta go.
- Don't forget the cake for the party.
- It's not Maya's birthday.
Babies have half birthdays now to celebrate the move to solid food.
- OK, OK.
- And I never get to see anyone.
I'll pick up a cake.
Kiss Maya.
- How's the little baccha? - Amazing.
We just got this new app.
It logs feeding, sleep, mood, medicines, photos and toilet events.
- I'm sorry, you log the baby's poos? - When Maya's older, she's really gonna appreciate all that data.
Excuse me, - you're Dr.
Conner? - One of them.
I paged you - for a surgical consult two hours ago.
- I'm sorry.
Who are you? - The new guy.
- Two hours.
You good with that? No, but the five pre-op patients I've seen this morning are.
Let's go, people.
Peter Cutler, Dr.
Melissa Conner.
It's Pete's first day.
Fifth year resident, transferred here - from U Sask.
- U Sask.
Pete's done residencies in BC, the Yukon.
He's been to Haiti.
Thought I'd drop in here and get some urban medicine - under my belt.
- And a good cup of coffee.
Single vehicle MVA with airbag deployment, van ran into a tree.
Two patients This one.
Bruising, lacerations to the head and arms, shortness of breath.
Exam Bay Two.
It wasn't my fault.
I can't go back Head and possible spinal injury.
Conscious at the scene but became unresponsive during transport.
Trauma One.
Let's go.
New guy, make yourself useful and start the ABCs.
Airway's patent, shallow respirations, palpable carotid.
Let's get him up for a log roll.
One, two, three up.
Got some swelling in his lower back, L3 and L4.
And down.
I need some X-rays.
Call CT, tell them we're on our way.
No response to stimulus on either foot.
- Neuro here yet? - I'll page again.
- He's tachycardic.
- O2 sats at 94 and falling.
- Let's up the flow on that oxygen.
- Already on it.
- Dammit, gauge is sticky.
- It's finicky.
Try turning right and then back to the left.
Sorry, guys.
Just scrubbed out with Guerra.
Whadda we MVA.
O2 sats are tanking.
Need to get your eyes on that airway.
- Who are you? Who is this? - Decreased air entry on the right side.
Possible Pneumothorax.
We should insert a chest tube.
Got it.
- Ultrasound.
- This is the new guy.
Peter Cutler.
Jerry Gordon.
O2 sats still falling.
You just gonna stand there, Jerry? Need a little light here.
- Ow! - Apologies.
These lights are so big.
- What the hell was that? - Cutler, focus.
OK, let's get that head lac cleaned up, get him prepped for X-rays.
Your infection is improving.
You couldn't have just given me a pill? These aren't some over the counter, run-of-the-mill maggots.
These are highly regulated medical devices.
Maggots eat bacteria and dead tissue, and they help wounds heal.
I've also prescribed leeches, but this was a job for maggots.
- You're really enjoying this, aren't you? - I love my job.
- Dr.
Conner? - Yeah? A word.
The board decided late last night.
Your position has been cut.
- Did you even try to save it? - The Toronto Health Network wants downtown hospitals to specialize and we all agreed that Memorial Hospital is better positioned - to handle Infectious Diseases.
- So you didn't.
The ID lab at Bethune is closing.
I'm sorry.
You stood by while they shut me down.
The Chief of Staff isn't all-powerful, Allen.
You should know that from your brief time in the job.
- What about my residents? - Traded.
For future considerations.
- So I need a new job.
- Find a place you'd like to apply, - I'd be happy to write a letter.
- What goes around - comes around, Linda.
- I'm sure you'll land on your feet, Allen.
There he is, our very own med school dropout - working his way to the bottom.
- Hey, Clary.
It's my last day at Beth-H.
- I'm making a, y'know, goodbye video.
- Good for you.
Fifteen years I give to this hospital, y'know, kid.
And boom.
- What do you think of that? - I think it sucks, man, it really does.
Yeah, well, you're damn right it sucks, y'know? I really gotta get changed.
I guess you're safe from downsizing though, huh, Conner? You got that last name.
- What? Zoe.
Give me the downside.
- Lonnie, stop it.
You'll get laid every night.
Your kid's gone for two weeks and all you can think about - is sex? - So what's the problem? There's no problem.
- I just like my independence.
- Independence is overrated.
Things are going good.
I don't want to jinx it.
So it has nothing to do with the fact that he's a former drug addict commitment-phobe? - Oh, hey.
- Hey.
Missed you last night.
- Oh, get a room.
- Oh, give 'em a break, Frank, - they're in love.
- There's no such thing.
Boss, we gonna do something for Clary after shift? It's his last day.
What? You want me to buy a round for every employee who loses his job? On my salary? No, I What, I gotta manage this place and be Julie the Cruise Director - too? - No, I was just asking Good.
'Cause it's not my fault.
You know what, go find your new best friend Clary Parr, OK? Get up to ER.
Equipment move.
Somebody's stressed.
- Yeah.
- What's wrong? Nothing.
My dad just Nothing.
Hey, I put first and last on that apartment.
Still looking for a roommate.
I'll ask around, see if anyone's interested.
Seriously, Zoe Zoe Rivera.
I need you to stay below.
Gonna hose down some ER stretchers in Room 474B.
- Talk to you later.
- Sure.
Parting is such sweet sorrow.
Now I gotta work a whole shift down here, no natural light, I get enough of that at home.
Move in with Griff.
Live above ground and get laid.
- I gotta go.
- I'll do the stretchers.
- Lonnie.
It's OK.
- No, I got this.
I'm just being a suck.
- Buy me a coffee at break.
- Seriously, it's OK.
- Coffee and cupcake.
I got it.
- Zoe.
- Dr.
- Frank.
I'm looking for my son.
- You should be where'd he go? - He was at the Oh yeah, he's looking for Clary.
Follow me.
See you tonight? - Wouldn't miss it for the world.
- So who's gonna be doing the handwashing seminar for the new scabs I mean outsourced employees? - My guess, Occ Health and Safety.
- Wrong.
Correct answer no one.
Because they are not actually employees.
So they don't have to take the seminar.
OK, Frank, OK You know the rate of cross infection in hospitals will plummet if we do this right, but they don't know, so they're gonna end up throwing Ebola around and not even know it.
'Cause we just lost Linens.
You know, if there's any advanced intel you can give me, 'cause we're cutting it pretty close to the bone down here.
Griffin Conner.
Your father has risked his life crossing the river Styx trying to find you.
You must needs to lead him back.
- See you, Doc.
- Alright, Frank.
So where you been living these days? - Crashing at a friend's.
- You're welcome - to come back home.
- I got a place lined up downtown.
- With Zoe? - What do you want to talk about, Dad? You're not gonna cut me any slack, are you? I gotta get upstairs - What did you hear? - What do you mean, - what did I hear? - This morning.
Tuttle and I.
Sounds like you lost your job.
Yeah, that's what it sounds like.
Look, I came down here I'm not gonna say anything, Dad, it's none of my business.
- Your sisters? - What did I just say? OK, because I want to be able to tell them myself.
- (alarm ringing) - Hello? Hello? Dad! - Dad! - Griffin! - You OK? - Yeah.
(moaning) I'm Dr.
Conner, what's your name? - I'm Paul.
- Paul.
Kanaskie? - Hey, don't move.
Don't move.
- What? You feeling any pain, Paul? - No, it's just this tingling feeling.
- Alright.
I'm ringing my ears.
I can't feel my hand, - I can't AAARGH! - Whoa, whoa, whoa, Frank, don't move! Don't move! We gotta stabilize this arm.
Is everyone OK? - Hey, is everyone OK? - Paul, Paul Can you I need you to do something for me.
You just look down that hall, let me know - when you see people coming, OK? - The cavalry? Yeah, the cavalry.
You keep looking that way.
- OK.
- I need you to keep this arm - very steady - My wife kicked me out! What? - Your wife - I'm living at the office! - Lillian! Lillian's back there.
- I got her.
Get out of here.
- I got you, Lillian.
- Get them out! Get them out of me My mother is flying in tomorrow.
You have to get them out - Stay still, OK, stay still.
- Griff.
I'll be right there.
Lillian, Lillian.
Close your eyes and be still.
Think of your mother getting off that plane.
I hate my mother.
Can we turn this water off? I'm going to get you out of here, OK? I need a sheet, gauze.
- Something, anything.
- Be right back.
Where the hell is that cavalry, huh, Paul? Yeah, no kidding, huh? The driver, Lou, is he is he OK? He looked really bad.
He's still in OR.
Sorry, Mr.
It's hard to breathe.
They're sending me back today.
- It's not right.
- I'm just trying to adjust your - You can help me.
Please? - Here, I got it.
- I'm from Mexico.
I work in a greenhouse.
- Mr.
Perez, your injuries from the accident aren't serious.
It's the chemicals.
From the flowers.
Yeah, I understand.
X-rays show bronchitis and what is likely the beginning of something called Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder.
My cousin can't even walk up the stairs anymore.
It's a serious illness.
- Over PA: Code Red on Service Floor, - Zone 7.
Code Red.
- Code Red? Fire alarm in the basement.
Could be probably someone just burned some popcorn in the bullpen.
They want to put me on a plane today.
Please, you can help me? - To keep me here? Please? - I'm sorry but I have to You're fit to travel.
We'll give you an inhaler for the trip.
When you get home you'll need to see a doctor right away.
- Por favor, please - I'll be right back.
- Excuse me, Dr.
Bruno Dias.
- Hey.
Thanks for your help.
- That man, if he goes home, he'll die.
- There are good doctors - in Mexico.
- He'll never get a chance to see one.
I know.
I know.
What do you do here? Here? Porter.
In Colombia? Doctor.
He was injured here, - he should be treated here.
- This is my first shift, I got nothing to work with.
I can help him.
But I need a few days, at least.
Maybe you can think of something? Hey! Hey, is everybody OK? - Where are the doctors? - Code Red is fire.
No, we're not Code Red, we're Code Black, Code Black.
Go back, bring everybody.
Just lean back.
There you go.
So, where you working? - Food services.
- Food services.
So the soup is your fault? Yeah, used to be.
But now we just we get it shipped in in bags, and I just heat it up, y'know? Take this.
Be right back.
- I don't wanna die in a basement.
- Don't! Don't touch that.
- You have to leave that where it is.
- Help OK.
I'm gonna get you out of here, OK? I'll be right back.
Oh, God.
(moaning) Lonnie.
Lonnie, I need you to look at me.
It's me, Griff.
We're going to help you, OK? - I just did your consult.
- Great.
- Acute appendicitis, right? - Yeah, no.
Ruptured ovarian cyst.
Very painful, worse than if I kicked you in the Outpatient treatment, oral painkillers and she'll be good to go.
- Who was that RT in the trauma? - Jerry? He's an anesthetist.
Hit me with that lamp on purpose.
I should kick his ass.
- He's my boyfriend.
- Nice guy.
Hallway bed 2.
What's happening? Chronic bronchitis, but I want to get him a consult - with a specialist.
- Prescribe albuterol and refer him - to the pulmonary function clinic.
- I'd like to do a CT.
- We need the bed, send him home.
- (beeping) - Code Black? - Explosion in the basement.
Oh God Griff.
Glove up.
And get this body out of here, I don't want anyone tripping on it - while we're trying to get her out.
- Holy crap, is this Clary, yeah.
You OK, PJ? Yeah.
- Glove up first.
- OK.
I'm HIV positive.
- It's OK, there's no risk.
- No so you know what meds I'm on.
There's a list taped Zoe.
She has the combination - She's losing consciousness.
- (screaming) Dad.
Look behind her.
- We're in here! - Cutler.
Dad? What are you what are you doing down here? Allen? - OK, where we at, what do you need? - Four victims.
This one - penetrating injury, upper left quadrant.
- OK, Mel, take it.
Intestinal evisceration, wrapped loosely with wet dressing.
Awake and alert.
Female with multiple small penetrating trauma and a male with a fractured forearm and probable perforated eardrum.
- I'm just gonna take a peek - OK.
Back door down here.
Here now.
He's going straight up to the OR.
- I'm so scared.
- It's OK.
Look, we're going to move you now, need you to hold my hand - and don't let go, OK? - I I can't.
It's itchy.
Need a stretcher over here, STAT.
Got a femoral bleed! Dammit! Listen to me.
I need you to stay awake.
OK? Hey.
Hey! Awake! You hear me? Keep those beautiful eyes wide open.
On my count, easy up.
One, two, three, up.
Easy, easy, easy.
Try not to move, Lonnie.
- I feel, it feels.
- I know, I know.
We're gonna help you, OK? - (whimpering) - Let's get her up.
- Steady, steady.
- Backboard! Let's get her to trauma.
Let's go.
My people.
How are my people? - Oh my God Lonnie? - They're taking her to Trauma.
I need that list of meds.
- OK, she has some in her locker.
Is she - Mel's gonna take care of her.
Go! Where is the cute young heir to my dwindling fortune? There was an explosion at Bethune.
- What kind of explosion? - I don't know.
I can't reach anyone.
Are we talking terrorists, - or a burst pipe? - Mom, I don't know.
(smoke detector ringing) - Oh God, the sweet potatoes.
Hold this.
- Oh goodness, - is Mommy trying to cook again? - Call Dad.
Find out what's happening.
Eric Reckell, please.
Rebecca Conner.
Bethune's new head of legal.
Piece of work, three wives Eric.
What the hell is going on down there? In the basement, yeah - Well, that's lucky.
Not lucky, but - Tell him to ask Thanks, Eric.
Please tell any Conner in the building to give me a call as soon as they can.
You're sweet.
Tut, tut.
It's contained to a small storage section of the basement.
Is anybody hurt? He doesn't know yet.
We are going to go - to lunch as planned.
- I think I should go down there.
And do what? Breastfeed? Someone will call.
Best to keep busy.
Right, Maya? Dr.
Conner? - Yeah.
- Neil Cowan, Fire Marshal.
- Nice job.
- We'll see.
I'm working with the police to try and determine whether or not this explosion was caused by a gas leak or some sort of device.
Well, I didn't smell gas, but there was a lot going on so it's hard to say.
- Alright, when you get cleaned up - My God, Allen, - are you alright? - Yeah, I'm fine.
Sorry, Neil? You don't you're not thinking that it was a bomb? - We're just starting our investigation.
- It's a hospital.
What are we talking about? - Linda Tuttle, Chief of Staff.
- Yes.
Were there any threats or disputes that either of you can recall that may have motivated somebody to do this? We're restructuring.
Our outsourcing initiatives - have the unions upset.
- The unions aren't setting bombs, Linda.
Do we need to go with a worst case scenario until you know more? That would mean full evacuation procedures.
It was a remote corner of the basement.
Allen Linda, you don't want to evacuate 950 patients - plus staff.
Not yet.
- We could lock it down? Alright, no new patients, cancel elective surgeries.
- I can live with that for now.
- Good for me.
Allen, you need to get yourself up to ER and get checked out.
I'm fine.
- I insist.
- I'm sorry, who am I supposed to be speaking with here? Linda Tuttle.
It's her call.
Excuse me.
I'm good with that.
Ma'am, we're dealing with a large-scale crisis at the moment.
- But my daughter could be very sick.
- Your daughter has the sniffles - and a low grade fever.
- But she's still entitled - to medical attention - She's entitled to a tissue.
Look, go to Royal Elizabeth.
Tell them Nurse Devi Patel sent you.
That might help, but really, you should go home.
Nice work on that femoral bleed, Cutler, but what's Mr.
Perez still doing here? - He's got a - Treat 'em and street 'em.
I want that bed opened up.
- How's she doing? - We gotta get her upstairs.
I just want to get a quick look at what's going on in that belly first.
- Ultrasound.
- Hey, Lonnie.
Can you hear me? - Do you know where you are? - What the what was what was the flash before She's tachy heart rate's up to 135.
What are you seeing, Conner? Lot of free fluid.
It's hard to get a clear read, but it looks like it went clear through the spleen.
I've got it.
She's on a fixed dose combo of tenofovir, uh, emtricitabine, and efavirenz.
Plus supplements - of coenzyme Q-10.
- Thank you, Zoe.
- What the hell? - I'm just trying to clear the way.
- Wait outside.
Somebody - Zoe, come on, why don't we I'm not leaving her! Heart rate's up to 140, BP's falling - Lonnie - Get her out of here! Bruno, I got her, I got her.
Zoe, Zoe, Zoe.
You gotta let them do their work, OK? Those were some pretty serious triage skills for an ID doc.
I did four years of residency in emergency medicine, but three young kids got a little tough.
Flipped to Infectious Diseases.
Stable hours, less stress.
The woman the one the one with the sharps? Look here.
- There was a little bit of bleeding.
- Serious? Nothing we couldn't handle.
Your first day at Beth-H.
- Yep.
- Everyone treating you OK? Yeah, so far so good.
There's a surgical fellow on the trauma team that's a real piece of work.
Total control freak with no interpersonal skills at all.
- Oh, yeah.
- Couple redeeming qualities, though.
- What are those? - Unbelievable eyes - and an amazing body.
- What's her name? Dr.
Melissa Conner.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
You're good to go.
- That should have been me.
- Zoe Kanaskie assigned me, - Lonnie offered - You can't do this.
Don't do this.
She could die.
Zoe, listen.
Right now, you need to focus on helping Lonnie.
- What's her son's name? - Jacob.
- He's in Austin with her sister.
- OK.
So you need to call Lonnie's sister and tell her what's going on so she can arrange to put Jacob on a plane.
- OK.
- I'll find out how she's doing.
- Zoe.
- What? I love you.
- You did a good job back there.
- You did the heavy lifting.
It's amazing how quickly life changes.
Griff, you handled that crisis better - than most doctors could - Dad, don't.
Why not go back to med school? - Why are you being so stubborn about this? - I am going back to med school.
I already accepted.
I asked everyone not to tell you.
The semester's already started I deferred it for a year so I can afford tuition and the rest of it.
That's that's that's great, but you don't have to.
I'm happy to pay.
Dad, I don't want your help for anything.
Money, advice anything.
(sighing) Can you believe this? I just told that guy his daughter has a nice ass.
How the hell was I supposed to know they were related? She's ready for transport.
You good to bring her up with Bruno? - Sure, sis.
- There's three of you? Four if you count Sandy, but she's still on mat leave.
Pressure's tanking.
Need to get her into an OR now.
She had a ruptured spleen and some lacerations to the kidney, - but we were able to repair.
- That's good news.
No complications, so fingers crossed.
What about her family? I talked to her sister.
She and Jacob are getting on a plane tomorrow.
The intensivist will be by to check on her in a little bit.
Thanks, Mel.
- Yeah, thanks, Mel.
See you later? - Sure.
And Griff, you were great down there today.
- Can I get you anything? You hungry? - No, I should go back to work.
No, you stay here.
They'll manage.
Griff, about earlier, what you said, I Hey, sorry.
Hold that thought.
Hey, PJ.
- Is Lonnie OK? - She will be.
- What's up? - Look, I found this when I was moving Clary's body.
I was going to give it to Kanaskie, but well, I don't know where he is.
I was thinking about going to the cops, but they'll probably check my locker and that's not good for anyone.
I don't even know any doctors, the nurses I know will probably just sell it.
So - There's a video on it that he was making.
- What kind of video? You should watch it.
- Conner, you got a minute? - Not really.
And my name is Melissa.
- Anybody call you that? - No.
My mother.
If you need a consult, log the request through You know anything about foreign agricultural workers? No.
I know it's a work program for foreign agriculturals.
Fernando Perez.
Presenting with early stages of C.
He got sick working with pesticides in a floral greenhouse.
Didn't see a doctor 'cause he was afraid of losing his job.
Now he can't work so they're shipping his ass back to Mexico.
They can do that? He's entitled to injury compensation, but the chances he'll get access to the paperwork, and it'll Look, even if it gets to him, which is unlikely, won't be enough to cover his medical expenses.
So you want me to what, consult on government policy? - Find something else wrong with him.
- Excuse me? Something that would delay his departure long enough for him to find an advocate, someone who can help with immigration and workman's comp.
And if I don't find anything? - Make something up.
- Yeah, right.
Why not? Gaming the system on your first day.
- Not really what we do here, Doctor.
- We send Fernando home, he'll die.
Is that what we do? - Dr.
- Dr.
New guy.
How're Griff and your dad? They're OK.
You're still coming tonight, right? Yeah.
What does one wear to a six month old's birthday party? Half of everything? I don't care, - just no vests.
- We going back to my place after? I thought you were gonna sleep at the townhouse? No one sleeps at the townhouse.
Maya's got lungs like Kid Rock.
See you in there.
Melissa? - I'm doing an ER consult for him.
- Ah.
That explains it.
Look, the Kid Rock thing It's not that I don't like Maya, I I love babies, I would be happy to lose sleep if it was our baby, - but it's not, so Yeah.
- Are you really gonna do that? What? Introduce the subject of having babies here in a hallway? - At work? - No, it was a joke.
That explains it.
You're really gonna need that vacation now.
I'll come with you.
I've never been to Austin.
Me neither.
Jacob's there.
With your sister.
I'm sorry, who are you? - I'm Zoe.
- Zoe.
- We work together.
We're friends.
- Am I Why am I You were in an explosion.
- Lonnie - I can't, it's a Do I have Who are you? Hey, everybody, this is the unofficial Porter Smoking Lounge.
I know a ton of guys who spend almost their entire shift in this room.
Think they're losing their jobs? Nah.
Not a chance.
They're all part-timers, right, guys too cheap to lay off.
The seniors, the old guys, the lifers, they got more seniority than anybody can shake a stick at.
You can't touch 'em.
Then there's me.
Yeah, good ol' Clary Parr.
Yeah, I fall right in the middle.
Fifteen years, three months.
Missed it by that much.
I get jack.
I get nothing to show for that.
What the hell.
Might as well have a butt break, huh? Don't be a dick, Clary.
Take it outside.
What's Kanaskie gonna do? Fire me? It was an accident.
His lighter, and and what, a gas leak? The O2 tanks are connected to some of the gurneys and the beds.
If one or two of them were to get stuck open You know we've been having problems.
Dammit! Dammit.
Tuttle? You've been under a lot of pressure.
Do you have anybody you can call if? I need to talk to the fire marshal.
I haven't seen you at any meetings lately.
Not now.
I just, I know how hard it can be, I just thought You just thought what, - you'd take an interest in my well-being? - Why else would I Threatening to expose me isn't going to accomplish anything.
I'm not threatening, I just It's certainly not going to save your father's job.
Although frankly, I thought that you'd be as happy as I am for the opportunity - to get rid of him.
- What's that supposed to mean? You are paid to push around beds and equipment, which you do very well, so let's just stick to that, shall we? And everything else, you keep to yourself.
- How's your friend? - Lonnie, she's, uh She's good, she's stable.
She should be OK.
Good, good.
Your sister's a fine surgeon.
- What can I do for you, Griffin? - You should fight it.
- I can't win.
- Dad, you've been at Bethune for 25 years.
It's been in the works for a while, I didn't think it would happen, but So fight it.
Griffin, this morning you say you want nothing to do with me, and now you you're giving me career advice? You can't just let Tuttle push you around like that.
I assumed you'd be happy.
Yeah, well, people make too many assumptions about me.
Well, I don't know, maybe it's based on experience.
What, you think I just don't care about you or the family? Beth-H is your home, everyone knows that, Dad.
So just think twice before letting her take that away from you.
Sorry if this is cold.
Take a deep breath in for me.
- (coughing) - And out.
- Good.
- You are going to help me.
I need to find something wrong with you first.
Don't ever repeat that.
Peter? I asked you to discharge this patient hours ago.
Well, I thought we needed to do a surgical consult.
I was gonna talk to you first I'm beginning to think you might have a problem with hierarchy.
- Me? No.
I'm good.
- Because I'm sure you understand that I, and whatever staff doctor I choose to oversee the final year of your residency, we can both make your life a living hell.
Severely decreased pulmonary function and some evidence of right-sided heart failure.
I'd feel better if we ran a few more tests an echo and a chest CT.
Summers? Go ahead.
As long as no one launches into a rousing chorus of The Internationale.
She was so confused.
She didn't know what happened, didn't know Could have been the side effect of the anesthetic.
Let's just wait it out.
When I first started working here, Lonnie She told me something.
She said hospitals are places where people's lives change forever.
And we had to remember that.
- You hungry yet? - No.
- You said "I love you".
- Yeah.
- You never said that before.
- No.
You said it because I was upset, to make me feel better No.
I said it because I was upset.
Because I meant it.
- Griffin - I was down there and I was scared, and I saw that flash of orange under all that metal and I thought, holy, I never said it.
We don't have to talk about it now.
We recovered Mr.
Parr's phone.
On it, we found a video that strongly suggests his actions caused the explosion.
His what? I don't understand.
He lit up a cigarette in a non-smoking area that he called the "Porter Smoking Lounge"? I I tell them not to.
They're like teenagers.
Frank, if you, as a supervisor, were aware that your people were using that room Linda, that cigarette didn't explode by itself! And the police and the fire department are looking into that, but the fact remains that none of this would have happened if Clary Parr hadn't felt he had the right to light up He's right there! He's right there under that sheet! Already you're trying to cover your ass? For months, O2 tanks have been coming in here half full, half empty, tight valves, loose valves, faulty valves.
My guys reported it, your nurses complained.
You ignored it.
I am the Chief of Staff, I am not the technical director for And in your effort for "efficiencies", equipment contractors were changed We've had this discussion, Frank.
These tanks, they have no government oversight, no required safety regulations.
They would be safer - if they fell off a truck - I'm a doctor, you think I don't understand that? - How dare you accuse me of - Everybody in this building provides care, not just the doctors! You ignored us.
This happened.
You know, there's bigger problems in this hospital than someone smoking a cigarette.
- Who's that? - Your son.
- Good looking kid.
- Takes after his mom.
Ugh Headache.
- I'll go get a nurse.
- No, don't.
I'm fine.
- That's right.
- When he broke his arm, his teacher said he was so excited.
Jake was finally going to get to see his mom while she worked.
- Where is he? - He's on a plane.
He's coming home.
- (machines beeping fast) - What's happening? - She's having a seizure.
- Lonnie! - She's seizing.
- Lonnie! - Do something! - They can't, they just have to wait.
The CT revealed an epidural hematoma.
There's blood pooling in part of her skull, putting pressure on the brain.
They're gonna do a "question mark incision" to get at the temporal and parietal regions of the brain, and then use suction and irrigation to get out the clot.
(machines beeping) (flatline sound) Come on, Lonnie (knocking) I knew this job would have its challenges, but How did you handle the stress? I never had to deal with anything like this.
On bad days, I'd eat.
I'd get into my car and go to Dangerous Dan's and have a burger called "The Big Kevorkian".
I have a meeting in a few minutes.
With lawyers.
- I want to stay.
- There's no department for you, Allen.
There's a staff position open in the ER.
- Don't be ridiculous.
- I'll brush up on a few things, - make sure I'm up to date - No.
It's time for you to go.
I have the residency requirements.
It was my original specialty.
ER is a young man's game, Allen.
Is that what you'll tell the board, Linda, when I appeal your decision? Because I will appeal, and I will win.
You don't want this fight, Linda.
Not now.
One minute you're covered with a drunken kid's puke, and the next you're holding a severed foot from a lawnmower accident.
You know what, Allen? It's all yours.
Fernando, we have some good news and bad news.
The bad news is that we have discovered a small mass on your lung.
Not an uncommon complication of COPD.
- And the good news? - It's enough to delay your trip.
You'll get admitted, we'll do a biopsy, and likely recommend a procedure that should keep you here for a while longer.
And in that time, I will contact an advocacy group who will look into your case.
- Le puedo dar un abrazo? - What's that? - Sorry, what does that mean? - He's asking he wants to hug you.
I'm not really a huggy person.
Creo que lo necesita.
- What did you say? - I said you needed a hug.
- Buy you a drink? - I have a boyfriend.
(scoffing) Jerry.
But if you want to buy me a bottle of wine to drink with him, that would be OK.
No? OK then.
If you hadn't found something, I think you would have lied.
We'll never know, will we? I don't really feel like going to a birthday party.
Half birthday.
Seems like a good time to be with other people.
- Says the guy who ran away to Thailand.
- Zoe, my family is your family.
- You need family right now.
We all do.
- Griffin, I You don't have to be anything, or do anything.
You don't have to be smart or funny, you can talk, not talk We should be together.
I love you.
But I'm not gonna move in with you.
One day at a time.
Let's go.
Oh, my God, it's Lonnie.
You and your father, working side by side in the trenches, saving lives.
It's so cinematic.
Inquiring minds want to know: - What was it like? - I didn't have much time to think.
How did you feel? I don't know, it was crazy.
All this talk about medical school, you must have felt something.
- Thirsty, maybe? - What? Holding lives in your hands.
I bet it made you crave a little something something - to take the edge off.
- Why would you even say that to me? Because I'm worried about you, Griffy.
Hey, you.
Fill that up for me, will you, please? - Did you hear what I said? - You're joking.
- I am not.
- Do we need to freeze his accounts - to keep him from buying a sports car? - As midlife crises go, this one's pretty tame.
Dad said it's time for a change, and working down in the ER feels like going back to his roots.
We're going to be working together.
When I'm on call consults in traumas.
- Give her back.
- To who? I'll take her.
Come on, Maya.
Want to go see auntie Zo-Zo? - Hey Zoe, how's it going? - Good.
Can I help you clean up, or? Thanks, Mel's got a routine.
Better for everyone if we just let her have it.
Oh, heavier every day.
You want to hold her? - Sure.
- Here.
- I'll be back.
- Thanks.
- (baby fussing) - OK, OK, OK.
- I'm sorry for your loss.
- Thank you.
We weren't related or anything.
No, but still.
You were close.
- Yeah.
- Bad day.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Smell her head.
- That's weird.
- Nah.
Baby head is the best smell in the whole world.
Makes it a little easier.
A little.
I'm glad you're here, Zoe.