Remedy (2014) s02e02 Episode Script

When You Awake

Previously on Remedy - Who are you? Who is this? - The new guy, Peter Cutler.
You just gonna stand there Jerry? OW! Buy you a drink? - I have a boyfriend.
- Jerry? - The ID lab at Bethune is closing.
- So I need a new job.
Beth-H is your home.
Think twice before letting her take that away from you.
- Oh, my God! Lonnie? - (heart monitor flat lining) There's a staff position open in the ER.
The ER is a young man's game, Allen.
It's all yours.
The new staff doctor hasn't worked ER in 25 years, but they send me out on this milk run.
- No offense.
- There are worse fates.
A lot of residents find these "milk runs" pretty intense.
- Haiti was intense.
- You got pictures? - You make the 911 call? - He wouldn't answer so I peeked in.
Guy's name - is Tyson Danko.
- (dog barking) Could be a stroke, brain aneurysm, OD; - we need to get in there.
- Cops are 6 out.
- We have a tire iron in the truck? - Yup.
He's breathing.
Let's connect the cardiac monitor and get - the baseline vitals.
Danko! - Hey, that's The Pitbull.
What? I got nephews.
You think he's sleeping one off? What the hell is this? You were unconscious.
You know what happened? - I can't feel my legs.
- OK, OK, try not to move.
Tyson Danko, you've been served.
Your soon to be ex-wife says hi.
Did you talk to her? Where where is she? I dunno.
Why don't you ask her boyfriend? HEY! Get off him! Hey! - Get him out of here! - Tell my wife you tell her she can take those papers and (grunting indistinctly) He's arrested.
Monica, defib.
Starting compressions.
- Charging.
- (defibrillator whirring) - Call Beth-H, tell them we're on our way.
- OK.
Clear! - (baby gurgling) - Toast.
Where's my toast? I'm actually excited for immunizations today.
- Does that make me a bad mom? - No, maybe a bit of a ghoul.
- The shots, I'm dreading.
- What? - Buttons.
- Damn it! It'll be so good to be back at Beth-H.
- Feels like I'm missing a limb.
- We're late.
So late.
- You didn't wake me.
- You looked so cute, - all sleepy and curled up.
- Yeah, for a total of what, two hours? I swear, she only cries all night when you're here.
Kid's got pipes like Freddie Mercury.
Bye bye, my little fat-bottomed girl.
(baby babbling) Oh, man, my wallet! I, uh Ok.
Mel, can you bring the car around? Should I wash and wax it first? - Jerry.
- See? I'm just I'm I'm out of it.
Please? Can you please bring the car? You owe me, Jerry Gordon.
Big time.
Um, listen, you OK if Mel's out late tonight? Yeah, I think so, yeah.
Seriously? Today? Reservation's at 8:00.
Oh Jerry, it's beautiful.
- So I have your blessing? - Sure.
I mean yeah.
It's great! - Found it.
- Ok.
- Toast.
- Uh-huh.
- Bye Bye! - Bye.
- Wrong.
- What? So, so wrong.
- Why? I like these shoes.
They're brown.
- It's not the colour, Allen.
ER is the land of running shoes, Dr.
CTAS 1, 5 minutes out.
Work a shift in those, you'll end up in traction.
- I'll be fine.
- He'll be fine! Sure, he will.
- First 5 charts.
- Day one.
You ready? - Feeling great.
- You know, there's a reason why most docs get out of ER by the time they're 40, Allen.
It's a high-stress, high-volume environment.
Do you have a problem with me transferring to your unit? No, every ER should be so lucky to have a former Chief - and ID specialist on staff.
- Good, because I think so too.
You think you're ready, you're you're ready.
I'm ready.
So, we're ready then.
Just keep those charts moving.
- 5 patients waiting.
- Right! - (woman groaning) - Go! Heal the masses.
I'll check in with you later.
Hey, can we get some help here? She needs someone now.
Come on in.
Straight through.
Patel? - Hey, Allen! - Yeah, I've got the charts! Lesson one first responders go to the head of the line.
She's yours.
Oh, God! Please, painkillers, morphine, holy frig! OW! - I'm Dr.
- Renee Hudson.
We were on our way to a two alarm and she just doubled over outside the house.
Get her up, get her up! I've got Crohn's but the cramping's never been this bad before.
AWW! Nurse Patel, do a workup, let Gen.
Surge know we're gonna need a consult and get her up to imaging right away.
OK, what do we got? Tyson Danko.
Found him unresponsive in his house.
Regained consciousness, then went straight into V-fib.
Shocked him, got a rhythm with good output.
Started an IV, ECG.
OK, good work, Peter.
Trauma's open, let's get him in there.
BP 100 over 60, heart rate is 55, we've got him on twelve litres of O2.
Hey Allen, this is Dr.
Peter Cutler, your new resident.
You should come in here and give us a hand.
Easy, easy.
OK, on my count.
Unh! Let's get the board out of here.
And roll.
Strong carotid pulse.
- What do you have? - O2 sat's 85.
- How was his airway on scene? - After he arrested, GCS fell to 8, so we bagged him en route.
Tube him.
I'm on it.
Summers): Push drugs.
No cyanosis, perfusing pretty well.
- We need a 12, stat.
- Get cardiology in here.
(mumbling): It's almost One sec.
Damn it.
- I can take it if you need - I've got it, I've got it.
- Doesn't look like you got it.
- He's got it.
It's hard to see the cords.
Conner! O2 sats are dropping.
- I've got this! - Allen Allen, I need you to check for signs of IV drug use.
Peter, take it.
(theme music playing) It sounds crazy.
Do I sound Should I be this freaked out? Nope, it's perfectly natural to be nervous.
I run into burning buildings for a living, I see blood - all the time, but my blood, I - You scored a top surgeon surgical team.
We've got your back.
Listen to your anesthetist, Renee.
He's very, very tall.
I can live with the pain.
I had a nail through my foot once, it was fine.
You've got a complete bowel obstruction.
It won't improve with conservative treatment, so we have to remove it.
Even the name of the surgery sounds awful.
Bowel resection? - Not as bad as flexicystoscopy.
- Renee.
I know, I know.
- It's time.
You ready? - As I'll ever be.
- (gas hissing softly) - (inhaling) - I'm starving.
- Could've got a breakfast sandwich if we didn't have to stop by your place.
- I have a granola bar.
- You should keep some clothes at my place.
Actually you should keep all your clothes there.
They're happy where they are.
I'd have to sublet my place.
Trust me Zoe, your sweaters are desperately unhappy.
- (Ding!) - Got words inspired by her curves, but I want to be the one she that can trust, before we get all caught up into this lust.
I want to know the things that bring her joy, while these verses and words are poetically deployed.
I rearrange You're finally going to live above ground, the water pressure is amazing Can we not talk about your apartment anymore? What the hell Rivera, you have not cleared this out yet? - Lonnie's lock was still on it.
- I know, I know! I'll do it! The linens department's been outsourced, and Marla here, she's been bumped over as a PSA, she's going to need a locker.
- And P.
, you're training her.
- Soon as I have a place to put my stuff.
No food in the locker.
Put your name on and in the fridge.
- Why don't you just get another locker? - There are no other lockers! It's time, Zoe, clear it out.
She was a friend? I'm sorry for your loss but this is not appropriate, sweetie.
- Sweetie? - It's a workplace, you gotta - leave that stuff at home.
- Just put your luggage - in Kanaskie's office.
- Like that's gonna happen.
I come back, he'll be wearing my makeup.
Cutler, hold up a sec.
That was an impressive performance back there.
- Thanks.
- Apparently intubation - isn't like riding a bike.
- Apparently! Dr.
Conner, would you be more comfortable getting up to speed in the ER without having to worry about supervising me? I've supervised residents for - Is that the Pitbull's ECG? - Yeah.
A little young to be having heart problems.
- How'd you find him? - Folded up like an accordion - sleeping one off.
- Alright, interesting.
Buildup of potassium in his legs.
Soon as he got up would go to his heart, causing V-fib.
Conner, ready for your next batch of patients? Still working on the last ones.
Of course you are.
I want you to check Danko's blood alcohol.
He had a cardiac episode.
I'm not sure that's a priority.
It'd take a lot of booze to make a man that size pass out on his own legs, you know! - We want all the info we can get.
- I don't think it's necessary.
Well, let me know when you get the results.
I'm really looking forward to the spinach salad in the caf.
Meet me for lunch? Better plan, get Dad to babysit tonight and we'll go out for a grown-up fancy dinner.
- Ok.
Sounds great.
- What? I mean, no, I I'll be tired.
I can't.
- And you already have plans.
With me.
- I do? We do? Sponge.
- Eight o'clock at Bellissimo's.
- Sorry.
Jerry, is the patient properly relaxed? Sandy, I need to get off the phone.
OK, meet me for lunch, OK, Mel? Bye.
She seems a little tight.
Anything on your side? BP and heart rate are a bit high - and climbing.
- OK.
Another sponge, quick.
I don't like this.
Push more propofol.
Already on it.
Drug reaction? Allergy? BP would be going down, not up.
Anything in her chart about a family history of malignant hyperthermia? - Pretty rare.
Temp's normal.
- She was fidgety and flushed in pre-op.
Could be a pheochromocytoma on her adrenal gland.
- Seemed more like just nerves.
- If it's a pheo tumor, - this will only get worse.
- So we abort.
Then she's going to have to be back on the table again, fast.
- Then let's get it done.
- I haven't even started the resection.
Damn it! No, too risky.
Let's close up and get her straight to imaging now.
- That stays in the hallway.
- What, we have to go back and forth? Shh.
Bring in a spray bottle and a rag.
He looks uncomfortable.
Listen, sweetie.
Just watch.
There's a process.
You need to learn it.
I've been cleaning up other people's messes my whole life.
That guy downstairs, tall, dark and porter.
What's his story? Uh, we can't touch the patients.
- You shacked up yet? - Griff? What? No.
And seriously, don't touch him.
- What if he touches me first? - Who, the patient? Your boyfriend.
Reminds me of this drummer, Declan.
Moved in with him on our second date.
He sold all my clothes.
Don't trust him.
- You don't even know Griff.
- I know the type.
Morning, sunshine.
My leg's itchy.
- I can't reach.
- I'll get you a nurse.
Don't bother.
We got this, right? Hey, Zoe.
Have a look.
- Bed bugs! - Worse than crabs.
Oh man, did he come through the ER? Why? Is that bad? Dad.
What do you know about pheochromocytomas? Not much.
The first day is going great, thanks.
I just had to abort a bowel resection.
The firefighter? Renee Hudson.
BP went through the roof and she just - felt weird, tight.
- What did the imaging tell you? - Still waiting.
- Was there significant blood loss? Shock? No, actually, the BP would go down, not up.
That's why I went straight to pheo tumor.
- Where's Cutler? - He wouldn't know the answer.
No, I He called for a consult.
Oh! Oh, right I can I'll take you to his patient.
- Maybe I should wait.
- It's fine.
He's my resident.
Really? Wow.
Good luck with that.
Tyson Danko.
Found unresponsive.
Woke up, to V-fib, secondary to a rush of potassium to the heart.
- Other than that, I'm golden.
- Mr.
Danko, - this is Dr.
- Call me Pitbull.
- Lift your gown please, Mr.
- I'm setting you down, sir.
You a wrestling fan, sweetheart? Greco-Roman or freestyle? Sudbury.
I fell through a table, but it broke funny.
- 35 stitches.
- Abdomen looks good.
I do Hindu squats.
Those'll make you puke.
What are these? - Dr.
Conner have you seen these? - Can I get you tickets? Maybe after the show, we could go for a drink.
- It looked recent.
Cigarette burns, or - She says I'm good, can I bail? Well, quite the party.
Anything I should know about? - You requested a surgical consult.
- On bed number two.
Oh! Ok.
When can I Guys, I gotta get outta here.
I'm feeling better.
Pitbull, just sit tight.
I'll be back in a minute.
Allen, I respect the fact that you're my staff doctor here, but there's no need to be checking up on me.
I have to get upstairs, so - What about my consult? - Gonna have to wait.
Next time, include the patient name on the request.
Did you notice those small marks on your patient's torso? I'm used to a certain amount of autonomy Then we're both going to need to adjust, aren't we? They looked like burn marks.
Did you see them? Doc the hospital's for sick people.
I ain't sick.
Sir, I need you to go back to bed I'm supposed to be training today, sorry We need to talk about UNH! - DON'T TOUCH ME! - Hey, get back I'LL BREAK YOU.
I I WILL BREAK YOU! - Security! - (alarm sounding) (screaming) AHH! AHH! AHH! (Renee screaming) OH, IT HURTS, IT HURTS! Why does it hurt so much? Renee, it's OK.
Where does it hurt? - WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME? - OK, hang on, Renee, hang on.
Where is the pain? 2 milligrams of morphine, quick as you can.
- Your bowel obstruction - No, it's not like that.
Do something! - One to ten, how bad is it? - PLEASE JUST MAKE IT STOP, PLEASE! - Try to take deep breaths.
- WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME, WHY? It is a sharp pain, or throbbing, Renee? STABBING! MAKE IT STOP, MAKE IT STOP! - AHH! - OK (Renee groaning) Do you see this smooth radiant skin? I moisturize, I exfoliate, I avoid refined carbohydrates; this skin will be like Thanksgiving dinner to bed bugs.
Get rid of them.
My guys, they'll scrub, they'll clean, they'll launder like crazy, but after that, - just cross your fingers.
- Cross my fingers? The suits believe that exterminators are too expensive.
Too disruptive.
I'm gonna leave little Conner in charge, deal with him.
And you.
I want Pitbull out of here, pronto.
He's sedated.
Won't be a problem.
The rule is two F-bombs or you swing at a staff and you're out.
Cutler, did you get his blood alcohol results? It was .
06, so yeah, he was drunk.
- Coming through! - .
06 blood alcohol; pretty low numbers.
The body processes one drink per hour.
Allen, it was a simple cardiac episode.
We should move on.
A guy his size, he'd need - So he can't hold his liquor.
- And if he drank that much, his numbers would still be high this morning.
- Sorry, guys.
I need that bed.
- Not right now Griffin.
- It'll just take a second.
- Griffin, we're in the middle - of something, if you got a - We can move! - No, he can wait! - Can't wait, it's got bedbugs.
So, take the bed.
He should be in psych.
He's violent, radical mood swings Not yet.
Can I call for a consult? Absolutely.
After we find out about those burn marks.
His name is "The Pitbull".
He's a wrestler.
The man has marks all over his body.
So, talk to him.
See where they came from.
Take it from there.
You should have seen She was in so much pain.
She's sedated now.
- Renee has Crohn's.
- That would be crampy, aching.
She looked like she was being stabbed.
My point is we have to get her back on that table fast.
I can't go to her without some sort of answer.
We didn't fix her bowel obstruction.
Imaging came back and there's no pheochromocytoma.
We don't know why her BP spiked or why she's in pain.
Maybe I twisted the small intestine, - or nicked a nerve.
- You said she felt tight, - were you pressing too hard? - It's not tight, like that.
I meant she was tight.
It's a feel.
You wouldn't understand, - you're not - A real doctor? a surgeon.
Right, 9 years of med school, how could I possibly understand? You know that's not what I meant.
Have you seen Guerra? - Now there's a real doctor.
- Never mind, I'll find him.
Oh, hi! - Where's Donna? - Nothing to worry about, Mom, I've done this hundreds of times.
Excuse me.
I'm not worried.
- She's a friend.
- So am I, hun.
Just have a seat.
Do you have any questions? - No, I'm fine, I'm a - Perfect.
If you need a tissue, we've got plenty.
Needles can be more upsetting for Mom than baby.
- nurse.
- Of course you can nurse her.
Breast feeding often helps.
Good thinking, Mom.
- Yeah.
- (whispering): Yeah What was the first thing I told you? - Don't touch patients.
- Leave your cart in the hall.
- Whoops.
- How many rooms did you - bring that into? Marla? - I don't know 5? Great.
They're all contaminated.
- With what, cooties? - Bed bugs.
We haven't actually seen We've seen two in one room.
Marla, we still have to scrub the rooms.
There's a procedure! Listen, I know you're still grieving, and apparently you're dealing with some trust issues with your boyfriend.
But keep taking it out on me, we're gonna dance.
I'd smoke too, if they let me do it inside.
So your post-op patient basically woke up screaming.
- Is that it? - Could I have nicked a nerve? That new guy in ER, you think he's into floor hockey? 'Cause we need a goalie.
Cutler? Why are you asking me? You never know with these buff doctors.
He might just be the kettle bell type.
- Not really into sports.
- I don't know him.
OK, lighten up, hat trick, I'm just asking.
- So who was your gasser in surgery? - Jerry, why? No, Jerry's one of the best.
Moving on - What, wait a second.
An anesthetic error? - Well if it was, she'd have woke up with PTSD and that could've caused the phantom pain.
She was She was awake? Oh, well I'm not saying But you know, if that was the case, then the patient would generally, uh, have some kind of memory, remember something.
Maybe start there.
Yeah Hey, but don't tell Jerry until after shinny tonight, OK? Exam room one is opening up.
- Get that bed out of there, fast.
- We have patients.
Disturb it and you've made the wrong enemy.
- Hi, Uncle Griffy! - Maya! Fist bump! You wouldn't believe the nurse I just had upstairs.
She wouldn't listen - Hold on.
They on the move yet? - Stand by.
Have you spoken to Mel or Jerry today? - Mel? No.
Why? - Something big is gonna happen.
You gotta be kidding me! Patel just filled bed two! PJ, call up a couple more guys, get 'em up here quickly.
- We gotta do this whole floor.
- Seems busy around here today.
I gotta get on this, sorry.
Dad's around here somewhere.
Check the trauma room.
Wanna go find Grandpa? OK.
Let's go find Grandpa.
Sweep the tongue out of the way.
Tip of the blade into the vallecula.
You want to be sure to find the epiglottis.
- There's my favourite grandkid.
- What are you doing? - Practicing.
- Speed bump on your first day? Yeah.
Immunizations go alright? Maya was a little rock star, but the gal in Paeds was a piece of work.
Well, our best nurse is on maternity leave.
Hey, have you seen Mel yet today, or Jerry? - Ah, that's the esophagus.
- Those marks? Electrical burns - from a stun gun.
- On Pitbull? Yeah, very distinctive.
I did a safety consult for the Regina police.
- My daughter, Sandy.
This is Dr.
- Hi! This is Maya.
Oh, hey, Maya! Nice to meet you both.
A stun gun would make Pitbull pass out for sure, but who did it to him? He's getting a chest X-ray to follow up on the cardiac incident, - but he should be back soon.
- Find me when he's back.
- Hot doctor! - Aw, thank you.
Renee, we need to get you back into OR as soon as possible.
We need to get that bowel resection done.
- I can't.
I don't want to.
- I know the surgery - was tough on you.
- The worst nightmares.
You looked, you were like 10 feet tall.
(coughing) The pain, it was so bad afterwards Was there Did you dream anything else? Hear anything in your dream? Blurry, it was It hurt.
God, it hurt! Someone was talking Italian, or something.
Calling me some kind of name.
Bella something.
Bella's I don't know Bellissimo's.
(sobbing) I feel like I'm losing my mind.
Oh, I feel sick.
You need to rest right now.
We've got you on meds for the pain, but it can't wait long.
We need to schedule - your next procedure.
- No! I NO! I don't - think I can.
- If I come back to you with some answers, will that help? I don't know.
I don't know, I just What happened? How's your gut? Did I hurt ya? We need to talk about those burn marks.
They said I hit you pretty hard.
"They said"? You mean you can't remember? Yeah.
It happens, I don't blackout, it's just my memory isn't, um I get stressed, y'know.
Worked up.
This happen a lot? You forget things? There's all that stuff with my wife, work, travel I'm just stressed.
Those burn marks, they're from a stun gun.
The thing with my heart was um potassium? Because of how you fell.
- After you were shocked.
- Was it the police? You were drunk, things got a little out of hand Can you just let it go? - If someone is doing this to you - I did it to myself! OK? It's It's the only way I can get any sleep.
This noise in my head, it won't stop.
- So you electrocute yourself.
- It's the only way that It's the only thing that works.
What noises? Tell us about it.
- I'm fine, I'm dealing.
- No, you're not.
- And we can help you.
- No, you can't.
No one can.
I'm (sobbing) I think I'm losing my mind! try to help me I'm losing my mind! I asked about her nightmares.
Why would you do that? Did Guerra tell? - Does he think I made a mistake? - No.
Then why would you If you thought I screwed up, you - should have come to me first.
- I wasn't thinking of you - Obviously! - at the time.
I was thinking of the patient.
And I didn't want to alarm you.
You just said you weren't thinking of me.
We need to work backwards and figure out what went wrong.
We need to look forward and make sure she gets into surgery.
Which is why we need to give her an explanation.
Jerry All we need to give her is an adjusted dosage of anesthetic.
Could you have made a mistake? It's an inexact science.
Sometimes the meds don't take.
- How do we find out? - The anesthetic vials.
We need to check them.
Where are they? You'll know which vials are yours? These are them.
If there was a mistake, I'll find it in here.
- So? How many should there be? - Just let me count.
There's an extra purple.
Why is there an extra purple? What does purple mean? - And we're missing a red.
- Stop speaking in code! Renee got an extra dose of paralytic and missed a dose of anesthetic.
She wasn't properly sedated.
- How much would she have felt? - Enough.
- We have to tell her.
- I could lose my job.
No, this happens.
Not often, but it happens, right? - Are you listening to me? - People make mistakes, Jerry.
Let's talk to Tuttle and Cutbacks, performance reviews, I don't have seniority! Renee is terrified of going back into surgery! - I could get sued.
So could the hospital.
- So what? Do nothing? I'm just saying, give me a second to catch my breath and figure out the next step.
OK? (knocking) I called psych.
- I wish you hadn't.
- They're completely backed up.
Consults in this place are impossible.
I expressly asked you not to.
The man attacked you, Allen.
He's violent, he's dangerous.
And I'm not convinced this isn't medical.
He's shocking himself into unconsciousness.
He shows signs of schizophrenia.
We need psych.
He needs psych and he needs meds.
Alright, book a CT scan we'll take it from there.
We're not doing this guy any favours by keeping him here.
- Are you kidding me? - The storage room is completely full.
It took us, like, two hours to get all this stuff down here.
- These all have bed bugs? - I haven't seen any, but Kanaskie wants them all done with your sprays - and whatever, your creams.
- My creams? - And whatever.
- Alright, well, the only thing that kills bed bugs is extreme heat.
49 degrees Celsius.
Boiler room, let's do it! What do you mean she was awake? Does she have any idea? - No.
- Yes! - She thinks they're nightmares.
- Memories, and at some point, - she is going to figure that out.
- We don't know that.
Jerry, she has a bowel obstruction and she's refusing surgery because she's terrified - and that's on us.
- We tell her it's a common - reaction, we've seen it before.
- So we lie.
- Her life is in danger! - We'll make an adjustment.
Your socks.
Fashion statement? No I I was tired, I was in a rush this morning.
- Renee needs to know the truth.
- "A rush.
" You were tired and in a rush.
exactly what happened and why it won't happen again.
I can't believe that you're Dr.
Conner! My concern, if either of you are interested, - is to avoid any and all lawsuits.
- I think I think after the death of two staff members in the recent explosion that we are in a very precarious position with both donors and patients, and something like this will not help our cause.
- That's not - What you will do, Dr.
Conner, is that you will go and talk to Ms.
Hudson, and you will encourage her to look forward instead of back.
And as Dr.
Gordon says, you will be adjusting her medication.
You want me to Assure her that it will not happen again! Because that's the truth.
You might want to talk to your lawyer.
- (Ding!) - Hey, I was looking for you.
- Ready for lunch? I'm starving.
- Right, lunch.
Sorry, can't.
Tell them you're on break.
We'll have pudding cups.
- I have to get to the ICU.
- Lunch! I miss our lunches - We live together now - talking about cases, - cute patients - Sandy! - What? - I'm working.
See you later.
Come here and learn something.
How does an ID guy know how to read CT brain scans? Been in the game a while.
Look at that.
- What does that look like to you? - Looks like dark spots.
- That's bad right? - Dead tissue.
Brain atrophy.
- What does that mean for Pitbull? - It isn't good.
- We have to go back in.
- You said you'd have answers.
People react differently to surgery.
You had some anxiety going in Every time I doze off, I have nightmares.
Do you have any People react differently to medication.
What does that even mean? Do you hear yourself? We're going to change up - your anesthetic.
- I close my eyes and I see shadows.
I get these weird stabbing pains.
- I'm not doing the surgery.
- Renee, that isn't an option.
- You risk tissue death, infection - I want a second opinion.
I have no idea what to believe anymore.
I don't even think I trust you.
If Renee calls a lawyer, the whole thing is going to come out.
Tuttle already told us how to handle this.
She has PTSD, she's scared.
If she puts off the surgery She's not going to put it off, she's too sick! We'll fix her meds, she'll have the surgery, she'll feel better.
Jerry, stop! I lied to her.
We can't keep hiding this! No one's hiding anything, Mel.
I went to the Chief of Staff! She thinks that she's losing her mind.
She can't sleep, she's in pain - Phantom pain.
- If we don't tell her, we're only making it worse for her and us.
Not us.
My career.
Not yours.
So then we'll deal with the consequences together.
Together, right, just like it's been all day.
Can we please just move past that, Jerry? Yeah, you know what? I'm going to It was my mistake.
I'll deal with it.
By myself.
(porter): Alright so how hot does this bed bug Armageddon - have to be? - (Griffin): 49 degrees minimum.
My man, we're not even close.
How are we going to heat up only this room? - I think I got it, hang on.
- (valves hissing) - Careful, Griff! - Ha ha! That's dope.
- I'm getting the door.
You guys in or out? - (Both): No, no, out.
You guys might have bugs on your clothes.
Guys! Might want - to take them off.
Guys? - (porter): Ciao, ciao! That's a good idea.
- (door closing) - Just like moving in with me.
You're an idiot.
Why not? I've been on my own since I was 16.
That's not why you don't want to move in with me.
My mom, my dad, those foster homes, I I go to meetings, I'm committed to med school.
- I know.
- I have a job, I have a crappy apartment and an incredible woman I want to come home to.
What if you're not there when I get home? You think I'll relapse.
Maybe I don't know! - Zoe, I'm not gonna relapse.
- I'm not part of your 12-step program! - This isn't even about you.
- I never said it was.
And if things go sideways? It's been a year.
Things aren't gonna go sideways.
And if it does? If it does, you have people to go back to.
I don't.
(machine beeping) If I could read a brain scan, do you think I'd be driving to Windsor this weekend for a ladder match? You have, um, brain atrophy consistent with Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.
- It's an injury, Pitbull.
- Likely a result of multiple concussions over your career.
We're just learning how they affect the brain in the long term.
We'll get a neurologist in here to confirm with a PET scan, but that would explain your symptoms.
So I'm not crazy? No.
This isn't a mental illness.
(sighing) My wife, she couldn't be around me anymore.
I kept forgetting things, important things.
You know, like how to get home.
Anti-depressants, therapy, diet and rest.
There are people who can help you manage this.
- It'll be tough, but - I was in a match last week, I forgot I was at work.
I kept pounding this guy.
He didn't deserve that either, you know? I'm so sorry You need to retire.
- I'm not crazy! - Pitbull! I need to know that you heard me.
Another blow to your head would be disastrous.
Your career My career Who cares? Thank you, doc! - Thank you so much! - (mumbling) - Oh, God, thank you! - OK, OK You said you had my back.
Here's the truth.
My job is twofold: render the patient you unconscious with an anesthetic, and then paralyze them for surgery.
But I made a mistake.
I'm listening.
I mixed up the vials and gave you an extra dose of paralytic instead of an anesthetic.
- So you were very likely - Awake? Only for a few minutes, but yes.
- So these nightmares - Are memories.
- Distorted ones, but - So everything that I saw, - everything that I heard - Happened.
I was It hurt me Dr.
Gordon, it hurt! We're going to get you counselling.
And I'm going to And so now I have to go back in there? This will not happen again.
You don't have to worry.
Yeah, right! I'm sorry, Renee.
Truly, truly sorry.
(crying) I wanted to tell you.
- But you didn't.
- We're going to make sure I'm getting the surgery, there's no other choice.
But I want different doctors.
I understand.
I'll refer you to the three best surgeons at Bethune.
You'll get past this.
You come to a hospital to get better, not worse.
(crying) I know.
I'm sorry.
Those really are nice shoes.
- Yup.
- So, day one? I'm going to bring the practice dummy home.
Intubation it's not going to be a problem.
- It better not be.
- My granddaughter.
- See you tomorrow.
- Yeah.
You can get insoles.
They'll help.
So, what do you think? - Good doc.
Wrong department.
- Peter If you're gonna ask, I'm gonna tell you the truth.
He doesn't belong in ER.
- Just remember who the boss is.
- He's the staff.
I know.
I meant me.
The Pitbull was lucky Allen Conner was there and so are you.
Go home.
- Hey, Grandpa! - Come here, come here! - (all laughing) - Well, how was it? All the excitement, thrill of the front lines? Good.
I feel good.
- And hot doctor over there? - He knows all there is to know about everything there is to know everything about.
Look at that, what's that? You? Weird to be back? I miss it.
A lot.
Yeah, well.
It'll be here when mat leave is over.
Which is a lot sooner than I thought.
Dad, I want to come back.
Soon Now.
Mm, too soon.
Why? Why? It's just another 6 months, it can't be financial.
I just want to.
I need to.
Does that make me a bad mom? - No.
- (Maya babbling) It takes a village.
We'll support you.
(smacking lips) (door opening) Knew I'd find you here.
I'm on my way to see a lawyer.
We can meet at the restaurant after.
If I had been a member of your family, would you have done it differently? - Jerry - Just answer the question.
I don't I Who knows if it was There's no way you would have spoken to that patient or Guerra without speaking to your dad or your sister or even your brother first.
No way.
So? Alright.
So, OK OK.
I'm not family to you.
I'm just some doctor you sleep with.
And I don't think that's ever going to change.
Jerry It's over.
Let's talk about it.
(sobbing) - So the boiler room, huh? - Yeah.
- With the drummer, nice! - Griff's not a drummer.
- See any bugs? - Nope.
So we moved that old guy for nothing? I bet they came in with him.
Maybe Griff is a drummer, I don't know.
If he is, make sure you have your own ride home.
Drummers always own the van.
About the locker Lonnie was your friend.
You take your time.
It's ok.
Hey, I think I'm getting the hang of this gig.
(whooping) Ah! Damn it I expect steadier hands in a surgeon.
- Can I just have my phone back? - Shall I send that to Sandy? No.
He dumped you? What an ass.
Rough day then? Bowel resection.
Should have been a slam dunk.
Anything I can do? Dr.
Cutler? I'm ready whenever you are.
- I could cancel.
- And miss out on that? No.
Have a good night.
- Hey Well, let's go.
- Hey.
Sandy? So? How was dinner? I wasn't expecting you back tonight.
Actually, I just went for a walk.
- Where's Jerry? - He's We broke up.
I thought we had a future.
Uh, apparently he doesn't see it that way.
No Mel, this morning - This morning what? - Nothing.
Just He was tired.
Come on, I'll make you a grilled cheezer.
I thought she'd have more stuff.
Griff Ever since Lonnie, and the explosion, I've been You don't trust me.
People in my life, they disappear.
They always have.
And Lonnie dying, it made me It's weird.
It made me want to be with you more than ever.
And run away at the same time.
(Kanaskie): Bloody maintenance guys.
It's hot as the red sun in my office! (slurring): Oh-ho-ho! Ah, beds in the boiler room, huh? ER and wards are clear.
You kicked some bed bug ass today, Conner! Ha ha! You showed up.
- Team effort, bro.
- Oh Needed that win.
The powers hate us.
Lonnie and Clary dying, they think it's my fault.
We needed that win.
Publicity purposes.
Frank, how about I call you a cab? I'm a cab.
Ha ha! No I'm good, I got a bus pass.
Zoe, you give this guy a little responsibility, he runs with the ball, touchdown.
Two points! Huh? In the paint.
In the zone, at the buzzer.
BOOM! Ha! (sighing) Zoe, anything we do is going to require a huge risk from both of us.
If you don't think that I'm terrified of relapsing, of letting you down, I mean OK.
Let's do it.
Seriously? Yeah.