Remedy (2014) s02e03 Episode Script

Playing Doctor Conner

Previously on Remedy - I want to come back.
- Why? I need to.
Does that make me a bad mom? Hello, my name is Linda, and I'm an addict.
First day.
You think you're ready, - you're ready.
- I'm ready.
- 02 sats are dropping.
- I've got this.
Peter, take it.
I'm gonna tell you the truth.
He doesn't belong in ER.
I'm not family to you.
And I don't think that's ever going to change.
It's over.
Linda, just slow down, slow down.
Are you talking to anyone else? - Because this feels like a witch-hunt.
- Allen, you need to calm down.
The fact that you're hauling him up - here after hours - Griffin was there, Allen.
- For, what, this interrogation? It's unacceptable.
- The woman was in his care.
She wasn't.
He's a porter.
We have to talk to Griffin, it would be irresponsible not to.
She wasn't in his care.
- That's the kind of language - There will be lawsuits, there could be press, and yes, we will be speaking with everyone involved.
Now I have to I have to Excuse me.
They're worried they're gonna get sued, I guess.
- They're looking for someone to blame.
- Whatever.
I'll be fine.
You should get a lawyer.
You should call your mom.
- She's in Vancouver.
- Then go in with your dad.
- Yeah, right.
- You shouldn't go in alone, Griff.
Zoe, I didn't do anything wrong.
- I got nothing to hide.
- I don't trust them.
Go home.
I should stay.
I'll wait here.
Hold up.
Griff Zoe, this could take hours.
Go home.
Read a book.
- Shut up.
It's not funny.
- I know.
- What are you gonna - I'll tell them the truth.
It's the easiest thing to remember, right? Come on dear, stay with me.
Run for 2 to 4 units of O-neg.
Go! Hypovolemic shock.
- Get 2 large bore IVs and pour in fluids.
- Elevate her legs, come on! There you are.
- We need to talk.
- I can't.
- I'll come with you.
- I got this.
I said I got this.
I'm in the ER.
Call if you need me.
'Kay? Stop worrying.
- There should be food coming.
- I'm not hungry.
It's late.
If it takes we're here for a while.
Oh, we'll be here for a while.
Where do you want me? Anywhere you like.
Griffin, this is Eric Reckell.
He is the hospital's lawyer.
That means I'm your lawyer too.
There's coffee, water.
Help yourself.
Yeah and food, there should be some food coming, right? I'm good.
Don't tell me you got the sandwich plate from downstairs, with the plastic cover and it's I don't know.
I'm starving.
We should order Chinese.
- Um, you, you're not veggie are you? - No.
Let's do that.
Any chair.
So, as Dr.
Tuttle may have told you, this is a fact-finding session.
- That's it.
No agenda.
- A lawyer without an agenda, that's a first.
There was an incident today, with a patient: Jayne Baugher.
I want your version of events, beginning to end.
Every detail.
In your words, whenever you're ready.
Go ahead.
- It was about 3:30, I guess - I'll stop you right there.
You were with Ms.
Baugher all day, were you not? - Most of it, yeah.
- Well then, give me the whole day.
- Give me the whole shebang.
- You said you weren't hungry.
- I'm sorry? - Before, when I came in, you said "not hungry.
" You're ordering Chinese food.
- What's that all about? - Griffin, you should allow me to ask the questions.
Little bonding exercise, soften me up.
Earn my trust.
- Let's get home before midnight.
- And I'm supposed to believe he's my lawyer? Okay, from the top.
Your day.
How did it go? - How much detail you want? - You got up.
You got ready, went to work.
Maybe grabbed a cup of coffee? More or less.
So this is what living together is like.
I've always been an early riser.
That's a lot of books.
- You read 'em all? - Yeah.
They're for school.
- So why keep 'em? - Uh, 'cause they're my books.
Why don't we sell them, and we use the money to take a trip? They're cultural studies textbooks.
They're not exactly going to bring in the big bucks.
Well then, we'll get a new lampshade or a rug.
- I'm not selling my books.
- We need a new toaster.
I just mean come on! What about your books? Gray's Anatomy? Good show.
- I'm going back to med school.
- Maybe I'm going back to school.
Oh really? You never talk about it.
Are you going back to school? We're gonna be late.
I gotta take a shower.
How was your mood? My mood? Yeah.
You know, were you distracted? Skip breakfast? Maybe have a little fight with your uh, who do you live with? - How's this relevant? - Uh, again, - I'm the one who should ask the questions.
- No, seriously, - why does this matter? - It matters Griffin because, after spending the whole day in your care Do you even know what my job is? I'm just the guy who pushes the wheelchairs, that's it.
I'll let you know what I know.
I know that a patient - has died in this hospital.
- That has nothing to do I know that her family is shocked, and they're devastated.
I know they will demand answers.
I know Bethune could well be liable.
- This is a mistake.
I'm done.
- Griffin.
- You're looking for a scapegoat.
- Hey, just doing my job.
- What happened in there was not my fault.
- Then prove it to me.
Convince me, right here in this room.
Right now.
So Tell me about your day.
Jayne Baugher? - That's me.
- Hey, I'm Griffin Conner.
I'll be taking you upstairs.
So how ya doin'? How's your morning? Uh, I'd rather not talk, if that's okay.
No offence.
Griff! Have you seen a short woman? Black hair and glasses.
She's chatty, she talks a lot.
She's a talker, she's loud.
Uh, no.
Hey, missymiss.
- She was gonna meet us here.
- This is Jayne.
- Sorry, hi.
- We have a little nanny issue.
God, nannies.
Take your time.
The new one? Whatshername? Carlotta.
Over here.
First day, she doesn't show up.
You believe that? We waited half an hour.
I told her to just meet us at the hospital, it's closer.
- Didn't we, Maya? Look! It's Carlotta! - You told me Tuesday.
- No, we didn't.
- Wait, how's it going with Zoe? - I gotta work.
- Right, sorry.
- Oh, it's OK.
- Call me later.
Your sisters? Yeah.
Are they always so hysterical? Yeah.
No, sometimes.
Uh, there's a new baby.
Sandy's first day back at work.
You know.
You have kids? Oh right, not talking.
If that's okay.
Uh, I printed out a copy of her feeding and nap schedule.
You poor thing, what are you wearing? They must think it's -40.
And the app Carlotta, remember the app? We showed it to you.
Uh, I I think so.
Um, oh.
- Hello.
- Feedings, bowel movements Just call if you have any questions.
Bye, mommy.
- Say bye! - Ok then, bye Maya.
I love you.
- Will you cry in the bathroom? - What? No.
So what? I can cry if I want to.
- Do you want me to go with you? - You'd cry too.
- Shut up.
Just shut up.
- What? - Morning.
- Good morning.
Shut up.
I said nothing.
I didn't speak.
Sandy's the nurse.
Mel's the surgeon.
Uh, one of them was written up, were they not? Uh, which one? Ah, Sandy, yeah.
Breach of patient confidentiality? I'm not talking about my family.
Why's that? This has nothing to do with them.
Seriously? This is what we're doing? We're letting Eric do his job.
There's, uh, - some questionable behaviour here.
- I'm not going there, sorry.
There will be lawyers, Griffin, other lawyers, lawyers for Jayne Baugher's family.
They're going to be a whole lot less polite than I am.
Now he's trying to rattle me.
A nurse, a surgeon What about your dad, former chief of staff, bumped down to ER? Was that like his punishment? What did he do? Well, whatever happened, he's not the chief.
So I guess that means he can't help you.
Not like he used to.
Well, Mr.
Crane, I think I know what happened.
Looks like you may have fractured your tibia.
That's no small task.
Let's get him to X-ray, get an ortho consult and 50mg morphine, intramuscular, alright? You sit tight, you're doing great.
- What's next? - Fentanyl is easier to manage.
Sorry? Faster, shorter, less impact on BP, easier to titrate dosage.
Just saying.
Softball injury in 6.
Looks like a broken nose.
Stomach cramps in 2.
But first Let's change the morphine to fentanyl.
50mcg, intravenous.
You bet.
But first And not because of what Dr.
Cutler said.
If that's what you're thinking.
I had a change of heart.
First up is Mr.
He's a regular.
Shows up every couple of weeks.
Needs a friend, not a doctor.
Today he's presenting with "generalized pain.
" - Do you have a stopwatch? - I have a phone.
Time my interactions.
My patient-per-hour ratio is too low.
Devi is looking tired.
I'm worried.
Dobbs, I'm Dr.
Can you tell me where it hurts? Well, I had a terrible fall.
- It's very painful.
- How did you fall exactly? Uh, I'm a complicated person.
My life is full of pain.
Multiple traumas on their way.
- Hello Cara.
- Something about a stampede at a livestock expo.
Calvin can wait.
Now Allen.
Need you now.
Bet you didn't know this, but I'm not just a porter.
I'm also the patient whisperer.
You seem to know the ropes, like you spend a lot of time in hospitals.
Here we are.
Pulmonary Function Clinic, which can mean almost anything.
- Asthma, tuberculosis - Wrong.
How about histoplasmosis, which, interestingly, is a fungus that lives in the soil and is associated with bird droppings Nice try.
I know it's unusual.
Most people want to extend their mat leave and not come back early.
- You'd be surprised.
- It really Andrew.
Department heads at 4.
Bring the stats, make sure they're colour-coded, with the stickies.
- I can't put you back on ICU.
- Ah, that's okay.
You'll be floating.
Different wards, wherever the hell I need you.
And no overtime, so don't get any ideas.
- Whatever it takes.
- Jason.
Is that her? I'll be right there.
- I have to.
Jason will just be - Yeah, yeah, Go, go.
Has it been a year? CT's in.
It's, uh, bad news.
She has a definite bleed.
I'll tell the mother.
You, uh, you page me if I have zero time to train you right now.
Train? Oh, I've actually worked here for 7 years, so Well, Sandyn, you're gonnal find some changes, starting with the WMS: that's Workload Management System.
You'll need to get up to speed.
Are you kidding me? Who did this? Every time you complete a task, whether it be bathing a patient or suctioning phlegm, you tick it off.
Each task is then given a number value which is used to evaluate job performance.
Can you, um? - Yeah.
- Tick it off when you're done.
Just called our new nanny.
One ring, straight to voicemail.
- Mel! - She is still on the phone.
Can you call her please and check in? I have a consult.
- I'll find you later.
- Oh, clear the way.
I'm running with the bulls on this one.
I gotta get this horse back to the barn.
We're in the middle of a major urban centre.
How can there possibly be a stampede? Melissa.
There you are.
Follow me.
- A stampede? - National livestock exhibition.
Bull got loose, people started running, some got trampled.
Hey, now that you and, uh, don't tell me, tall, - weird looking - Jerry? The RT.
You split so there's probably a cooling off period? - Before, you know - Before what? This is Butch.
Hoof to the groin.
You're welcome.
Four more.
Two chest pain, possible rib fracture, one potential pelvic fracture, one forehead lac.
Got 'em on stretchers out in the hall, nowhere else to put them.
- No problem.
- Your frequent flyer's still here.
What's up with that? - Calvin Dobbs? - I ordered some X-rays.
I thought he was a I thought he comes in every couple weeks.
- Yeah, he does.
We need the bed, Allen.
- I'm not ready to let him go.
Yeah well X-rays just came in.
Everything's fine.
Case closed.
Send him home.
Chronic bronchitis.
It fits because your next test is a bronchoscopy.
You know, those suck.
I'd be in a pissy mood too.
- So? Am I right? - Not even close.
You know, I'm not just being nosy.
I have an educational interest.
I am a med student, kind of, sort of.
It's complicated.
- A med student? - Yeah.
I was a med student once.
But you're not a doctor.
Also complicated.
Three more guesses.
You get all three wrong, you shut up and leave me alone.
- And if I get it right? - You shut up and Leave me alone.
Porter calls are randomly assigned, right? And yet you portered her for every single trip she took, all day.
I swapped out with the other porters.
Anytime they got a call for Jayne, I took the call.
- Why go through that trouble? - I don't know, she was smart, - she went to med school - But she wasn't a doctor.
- No.
- She tell you why? - She said it was complicated.
What's the point here? Oh, no point.
Two hours later she was dead.
I guess that's my point.
And that's my fault? You have a history of substance abuse.
- Are you currently using? - Eric.
Would you be willing to take a drug test right now? We can have one sent up here, right? Yeah, tell you what.
I will if you will.
In fact, how about - the three of us all take a drug test? - Griffin - Griffin, sit down.
- I'll go pee.
Be right back.
Griffin, you walk out that door, you're probably gonna end up in jail.
Which is fine by me.
I can take the food home.
Three guesses, so I gotta make each one of them count.
What do we know? In for regular testing, so presumably chronic.
Including pulmonary function tests, bronchoscopy, and we can rule out the bird thing.
- Also, I'm on corticosteroids.
- Really? You're giving me that one for free.
Hey, there you are.
Couldn't find you.
I swapped out some calls.
This is Jayne.
Can I talk to you for a second? Okay, about that thing, this morning? The book thing? - Oh, I shouldn't have.
- I should go back to school? - I didn't say that.
- Because it sounded like you think I'm wasting my life working here.
- What? No.
- 'Cause I don't think I am.
- Wasting my life.
- I don't think you are either.
There's not much I can do with an MA in Cultural Studies.
But I'm not selling them.
My books.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Just so you know.
And it was nice this morning.
- Dr.
Roberts to ICU.
- Dr.
Roberts to ICU.
- Why don't you tell her? - What? - She might be wasting her life.
- It's none of your business, and she's not.
- Oh, but you get to be in my business? - "BronkeyeckTAYsis.
" Caused by some underlying condition such as a viral pneumonia.
It's pronounced "bronkeyECKtuhsis.
" Nice guess, but wrong.
One down.
Two left.
- Really? - You officially kick ass.
I'll have a blueberry muffin.
What was, uh, what was Cutler's average? - You see, now why do - Just tell me.
Close to 6.
That's alright.
What's Calvin doing here? I discharged him.
He usually loiters for a while.
He's lonely.
Well, he doesn't know we're looking at him now.
He doesn't need a friend, he really is in pain.
Hey Calvin.
I know it's hard.
I'm so sorry.
She fought, she was very, very brave.
You should be very proud of her.
You just take all the time you need to say goodbye.
My charge nurse, literally, I'm about to stab him to death with a 10 gauge.
- Happy to be back? - You know, happy-nauseous.
So, How's it going? Has Zoe domesticated you yet? No, that's not gonna happen.
So there's this patient.
Female, fortyish.
She's in for regular tests, including pulmonary function, bronchoscopy, she's underweight, on oxygen, a bit wheezy.
- Interesting.
Emphysema? - No, not emphysema.
- Mel, good.
- Pneumonia, bronchitis What are we talking about? Female, forties, in for a bronchoscopy.
Chronic histoplasmosis.
- Goodpasture syndrome.
Restrictive lung disease.
- Okay, settle down.
I gotta go.
Did you call her? - I've been working.
- Seven times.
Still on the phone.
And God knows what the baby is doing, lying on the floor somewhere, feebly crying.
Stop it! Alright look, I get it.
You hate that I'm back at work.
- I never said - Don't put those pictures in my head, because - now that's with me and I have work to do.
- Fine, whatever.
- What's up with Dr.
Stubble? - What? - Nothing, just a second.
- I smell a rebound.
You've been a total misery since you and Jerry split up.
You could use a palate cleanser.
Conner, good.
Your carotid endarterectomy in 404? - Fever's still up.
You should take a look.
- You bet.
- You check on Mr.
Ratofski? - I did.
Hyperactive bowel sounds, abdominal distension.
Jason, if you're gonna monitor every conversation I have with every Code Blue, Purple Zone Room - Out of my way.
Move! - He was feeling faint, and then he passed out.
Point one of epi.
Stat! You, get me the defibrillator.
Charge to 200.
Jason, stop! Look at the QRS.
He's in SVT.
Defibrillating could kill him.
- We need to cardiovert.
- What the hell happened? He went into an SVT, no output, loss of consciousness.
Female in her mid-forties.
Comes in every couple of weeks.
- Where'd you take her? - Pulmonary function test, in for a bronchoscopy.
It's chronic and obviously respiratory.
So, non-infectious.
- Something inflammatory maybe? - Yeah, that's what I thought.
She has sarcoidosis.
- Explains the regular testing.
- You are a genius.
I should've asked you sooner.
If I get rid of those books, it's like It's almost like that part of my life never happened.
- Not true.
- Well, it feels like it.
And then all I'll be is a glorified cleaning lady.
Yeah, how terrible is that? That's not what I meant.
You know what I I didn't mean I get it.
I toured with a band for 10 years.
Since I quit I haven't sung in public.
Not once.
I don't even know who that girl was some days.
I don't know who I am these days.
Look you might be the wife of a doctor, right? Keep the books on tennis, child rearing, entertaining and exotic holidays and ditch the rest.
You want meaning? Find a charity.
Life changes, change with it.
He feels pain in his abdomen, isn't that right, Mr.
Dobbs? You remind me of my daughter.
She lives in San Francisco.
- X-rays are clear? - Yeah.
I'm just not sure it's surgical frankly but I just needed some fresh, unbiased eyes.
Did you give him anything? Couple acetaminophen, that's it.
I'm very grateful.
My life is full of pain.
The human experience, Mr.
Excuse us.
Mel, I'm the only person around here who seems to buy his story.
I could use a little backup, because I I can order a CT, head and neck.
Or you can.
Nah, there's, like, 5 other patients I need to be seeing right now.
I don't know, maybe it was a mistake, taking this job.
I get too invested.
I need to let things go, - keep the pace up.
- Hey.
Don't overthink.
Trust your gut.
Order the tests.
Read 'em and weep.
I'm right, aren't I? Sarcoidosis.
Say that 10 times fast.
How'd it go in there? Uh my doc wasn't there.
- So? - So I wait.
Which is fine.
I think I, uh, I get the picture.
Thing about sarcoidosis, there's always a chance it's gonna progress.
Into something worse.
If you're such a hotshot, you must know about PF, right? - Pulmonary - Fibrosis.
It's always been there in the background, lurking.
Scar tissue builds up on the lungs, and what happens? Basically what happens, you end up, uh You suffocate.
Was she in distress? - No.
- What would the, uh, symptoms Breathlessness, dry cough, dizziness.
- Any of those? - No.
- You sure? Any visible signs? - Ask me all you want, she was - Okay, Griffin.
- Fine! She seemed fine.
You know what? Let's go for a beer.
I'm buying.
You have an ECG in 40 minutes.
Screw the ECG.
Alright, tell me exactly what the doctor said in there.
It was the nurse.
And he didn't say anything, he didn't have to, I saw his face.
Wait, so this diagnosis is based entirely on the expression on the nurse's face? - Where was your doctor? - Family emergency.
She could be gone a week.
Total nightmare.
Honestly, I need a beer.
Are you coming or not? - I got a better idea.
- You're right.
Martinis, let's do that.
- No, we're going back there.
- Where? - The clinic.
You left your phone in there.
- I did? You're going back to get it.
And I am going to find out exactly what's going on.
I lost my phone.
Okay, it's the brown file folder by the computer.
No, this computer, this computer.
He's probably out getting coffee.
He'll be back in like two minutes.
- Hey, switch his screensaver.
- No.
Give him something to think about - for the rest of the day.
- Just watch, okay? Okay, let's switch his chair.
Jayne Baugher, it's all here, I got it.
- I feel like James Bond.
- He's coming, just take it.
Take the whole thing.
I'm in the middle of something.
I know, sorry to interrupt.
I realize it's my 1st day back.
But maybe we should talk about what happened in there? - About what? - You almost, you could've You know what? It's fine.
Forget it.
- Good.
- I ask how long did she nap for.
You need to make a note.
- Is that Carlotta? - Well, what about feedings? We asked you specifically Hey Carlotta, it's Sandy.
How's it going? We've been getting a little worried.
I swear my phone didn't ring, not once.
- Oh, it's okay, don't worry! - Do you want to talk to the baby? Hello mommy.
- Oh hi, boo! I miss you! Hi bunny! - You're wrong, what you said? I'm thrilled you're back at work.
- Tell her you're fine.
Tell her you need to go, the connection is bad.
- Could I just talk to you - You're my sister.
Of course, I support my sister.
I just want to make this work, Mel, whatever it takes.
Did she hang up? Are you kidding me? - Unbelievable.
I'm calling her back, right now.
- This isn't over.
Oh! Jerry.
- I didn't realize you were - That's okay.
How are you? Great.
Really good.
Excuse me.
I checked on Mr.
He's stable, they want to move him out They just need your okay.
of post-op.
- You bet.
- Mel.
Yeah? I know I that we and that it's - But still, with everything - Use your words.
We still need to work together.
You don't have to avoid me, we don't have to - We're pros.
We got this.
- Okay, I'm glad we had this talk.
And they took it back.
So If you were - They said it happens all the time.
- What? At the jewellers.
The ring.
If you were Right.
'Course you wouldn't be.
Forget it.
I should go.
- You're the king.
- I really am.
Does this show what I think it shows? C-spine fracture.
Both pedicles.
- With anterior subluxation.
Which patient is this? - Dobbs.
- Out of my way! I'm outta here! - Get me a cervical collar - Allen.
Bilateral fracture of the C2.
CAT scan just came in.
Calvin, don't move, don't move.
- Don't move.
- What what's the matter? I'm gonna put this on you.
Try not to move, okay? What are you doing? It's good news, Calvin.
There's a reason for your pain.
You broke your neck.
Alright, we gotta make this quick.
I gotta get this back.
It's my chart.
They're my lungs.
If I want to look at it, I'm entitled.
Well, if anybody knows I took this I could lose my job.
You're gonna be a doctor anyway.
What do you care? What's in there? Uh, test results from the last few months.
Notes from various doctors.
Looks like it might be a screen grab of your bronchoscopy.
Here we go.
Report from the radiologist.
What? What is it? - I really can't tell.
I mean, the handwriting on this thing - Griffin.
- I'm not a doctor, I can't interpret - Give it to me.
I'm sure I can It could mean anything.
"Consistent with PF.
" Look, even if the Even if if the scarring is minimal, you Just wait for your doctor, okay? I'm gonna die.
The thing about PF, it is not a great way to die.
Gasping for air.
What I can't bear is what it's gonna do to my family.
So, in your role of porter, - you gave her a diagnosis? - No.
No, I was very careful not to do that.
- You looked at her chart.
- I gave it to her.
She was It's her file she has every right.
I mean, she she went to med school, she can read it.
Is that what you're telling yourself? Because what I'm hearing is that you confirmed it.
- That wasn't my intention.
- What was your intention? - I just wanted to help her, I - Here's what I want to know.
How did she end up in that room? She was in a ward room when she died.
She was an outpatient.
How did she get in there? Uh I have to go home.
No, forget it.
We're going to your ECG.
One wrong move, one jolt, Mr.
Dobbs would've been paralyzed for life.
Full quadriplegic.
It's called a Hangman's Fracture.
Yeah, I know what it's called.
The spinal canal was expanded at the C2 in Mr.
Dobbs's case because the cord wasn't damaged.
I get it, you had an instinct about this guy and It had nothing to do with instinct.
I was right because I didn't rush.
You're gonna make an excellent doctor, Peter.
I don't have a problem with confidence, Dr.
No, that much is clear.
But you need to slow down.
When you're with a patient, there should be no one else in the world.
Doesn't matter what they look like, or what they sound like, or how they act, or what other people think about them or say about them.
They're your patient.
Look them in the eye.
Listen to them.
Make up your own mind.
- I fired the nanny.
- You what? She was a disaster! - No, no, no! - Just listen.
- You can't just unilaterally - The fact that you couldn't see it You fired her and you left her with Maya? I have to go.
Right now, I have to go home.
Calm down, I called Mrs.
Foster, she's on her way over.
She was thrilled.
She's 85! - I can't believe you fired the nanny.
- Sandy I have to work.
- What am I gonna do tomorrow? - Did you know about the ring? Jerry bought a ring.
Actually he just returned it, so he says.
Did you know about it? Mel, you were so upset when he dumped you.
I didn't want to make it worse.
I'm having a great day.
This was such a good idea.
They usually never fight.
Abnormally happy family.
Really, we have zero issues.
Jayne, the report said "consistent with PF," that doesn't mean - I don't want to talk about it.
- It's not a diagnosis.
You're not a You have to wait for the You gotta wait for the doctor.
Are you okay? Someone's trying to reach you.
Yeah, there's sort of a crisis happening right now.
Go ahead.
I'm fine.
I'm upset, but who wouldn't be, right? Go.
I could use a minute.
I'll just be a second.
Why was she alone? You spent all day with her.
You made a special effort to make sure that she was never alone at any moment.
See what I'm saying? And yet she was by herself.
Why was she by herself? Why did that happen? Why did you leave her alone? I was getting these texts.
These, um, - these urgent texts.
- From who? My sister Mel.
She was having some kinda nanny crisis, so I went and talked to her.
She wasn't far.
In a storage closet, having some kind of meltdown.
So, you know, I went and talked her through it.
My my sister.
Shut the door.
I've been a doctor for over 20 years.
I've lost a lot of patients.
Some of them children.
Including this morning, a girl with acute myeloid leukemia.
She died from a hemorrhage.
She was 14.
She was 14.
And then I had what, all of before my meeting with the CFO in which he informs me that he's cutting my budget by 12%.
And you know, you know what my shrink tells me? That it's like pouring water out of a pitcher into a glass.
Doesn't matter how slowly you pour, or how long it takes, eventually that glass gets full, and then it just goes everywhere.
I've been trying to get a hold of my sponsor all day.
How many did you take? Nothing drastic.
A couple.
Maintenance dose.
Can I trust you? Yeah.
Get to a meeting.
And then I, uh, I left her, and I went back to Jayne.
- How long were you gone? - 10, maybe 15 minutes.
And when I got back, she was gone.
Jayne? Jayne? Hey What's going on? Why was the door stopped up like that? You okay? - Oh god.
- Wait, wait, wait.
Please don't.
Please don't.
Thank you.
She cut herself.
Get the clean, get the four by four.
Hi, I'm a nurse.
I'm just going to apply some pressure, okay? Come on dear, stay with me.
How did she get in here? - What do we have? - Knife wounds, self-inflicted.
Got the radial artery on the right side.
She has a weak carotid.
Thready pulse.
Run for 2 to 4 units of O-Neg.
Go! Hypovolemic shock, get 2 large bore IVs and pour in fluids.
- Elevate her legs, come on! - Keep the pressure on those dressings.
I'll be honest, Griffin: Your actions very likely put the hospital in a position of liability.
- What does that mean? - Well you helped a patient gain inappropriate access to test results.
Inapprop It was her file.
- Then you gave her a terminal diagnosis.
- Eric.
- That's just not true.
- And then you left her alone.
You're gonna have to testify.
- You may lose your job.
Or worse.
- Enough.
Nobody gets fired.
Griffin isn't trained in patient care.
He went beyond his duties to give this woman support.
Jayne Baugher had a medical background.
She knew what she was looking at.
- She knew what she wanted.
- That's not the question.
The question is whether Griffin here knew what she wanted.
- And did he assist her.
- He won't talk to any press.
- Or any other lawyers either.
- Oh, just like that, huh? Just like that.
Griffin, I really want to thank you for your openness and candor.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
And for the record, I truly believe that there was nothing you could have done.
I need to find a meeting.
And so do you.
What did you do with those pills? Took care of it.
Good then.
You were running this hospital high as a kite.
Not quite.
I was able to manage until the I should go.
I need to go.
Goodbye Griffin.
- You heard from Griff? - No, you? Listen.
You go.
I'm coming back to work tomorrow.
And the day after that.
This is the way it's gonna be Mel.
And I can't do it without you, so get it together.
When did you become a tough guy? People change.
This is the new me.
The new you is scary.
- He just got out.
- How'd it go? - I'm heading up there right now.
- He's okay? Should we call mom? - I don't know.
- Mom should not be his lawyer.
She shouldn't be anybody's lawyer.
- How did it go? - It was fine.
Fine? What does fine mean? They wanted my version of events, I told them.
All good.
Patients die sometimes, Griff.
You're gonna lose a lot of them in your career.
Over time you'll learn to let it go.
Something to look forward to.
I gotta go guys, I gotta find Zoe.
I'll talk to you later.
- Griff.
- Yeah.
- You okay? - Yeah.
- Griff.
- What? - You know what I mean, right? - Yeah.
All good.
Hey listen, if they ask, I was with you when it happened, okay? We were dealing with a baby crisis.
I'll explain later, I promise.
What'd he say? I'm not sure.
He's fine.
He'll be fine.
You need to get home, we should get back to work.
We'll touch base tomorrow.
You're working late.
Look, I get it.
You went to grad school.
And while that qualifies you to be a charge nurse, it also leaves you with certain gaps - in your practical knowledge.
- We're really gonna do this? This is the real world.
This is about saving lives, not managing workflow.
- This is none of your business.
- Jason, you're putting patients at risk.
I'm gonna show you what you did wrong, and you're gonna shut up and listen.
Let's go! Allen.
How's your son? He okay? Griff? Yeah, he's a little shaken up, but he'll be fine.
- We'll keep an eye on him.
- Good, good.
That's good.
You know, I got this to go.
Do you want to grab a bite? A bite.
Or a drink? Something? Oh, right.
I decided to work a double.
- Right.
- I need the practice.
You do.
Two drunk guys came in, fighting.
Put them in 2 and 8, try to keep 'em apart.
Gastroenteritis in 3, nice and juicy, all yours.
That hangman's fracture.
Good work.
How'd it go? What happened? It was fine.
What are you doing? I'm gonna store them at Beth-H.
There's space where linens used to be.
That way, if I want to go back, I know where they are.
Griff? Griff.
Why did I, uh Why didn't I - Why did I leave her, Zoe? Why did I do that? - Stop it.
Stop it.
Griff, it's not your fault.
It's not.
Come on, let's go to bed.
You go in there.
I'll be in in a second.
Griff, you okay? Griff?