Remedy (2014) s02e04 Episode Script

Blood & Guts

Previously on Remedy Maybe it was a mistake taking this job.
I get too invested, I need to let things go.
- Keep the pace up.
- Hey.
Trust your gut.
- What's up with Dr.
Stubble? - What? Nothing.
You've been a total misery since you and Jerry split up.
You could use a palate cleanser.
Jerry bought a ring.
Did you know about it? - A patient has died in this hospital.
- What happened in there - was not my fault.
- Why did you leave her alone? You've been running this hospital high as a kite.
Can I trust you? - Yeah.
- Goodbye, Griffin.
Griff, you OK? Griff? - Oh, nice plant! Big.
- Thanks.
Bullpen? - Yeah, right down that way.
- Always get lost.
- Here, you want to use this? - Huh? C'mere, use this.
You wanna raise the head, lean it back for ergonomics.
- Remember, look into the future.
- Right.
What? Point it where you want to go, not where you're going.
Look to the future.
Look to the future.
- Dad, what the hell? - It's just just a housewarming present.
- For who? - You.
- Both.
It's for you both.
- Thanks.
I don't know where you live, so I brought it here.
It's a big deal, you guys moving in together.
Griff, you want to give me a hand with this? Uh, yeah.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
- I should - Get back to work.
Yeah, me too.
Me too.
- Is he keeping it together? - What? Oh yeah, yeah.
He's OK.
He's good.
- Good.
Is he going to meetings? - He went to one last night.
- Great, great.
- (pager beeping) Oh, I got to get upstairs.
Trauma team leader, and it's my first ever gunshot wound coming in.
- Congrats, I guess.
- Thanks.
Just keep me posted on Griff, OK? - His sisters are worried.
- Sure.
Thanks, Zoe.
Enjoy the plant.
- Thanks.
- Zoe, Zoe.
So, just now? I'm coming into work, and I'm coming in upstairs, ER, I know we're not supposed to come in there, but anyway, there's this woman.
And she's asking everyone - if they know you.
- OK.
Didn't you say that you were a foster kid or something? - Yeah? - Zoe, that lady? She says she's your mom.
I'm just saying, every time I look over, he's already looking at me, you know, with hunger, - like a wolf.
- Are you kidding me? I know, right, he's shameless.
- No.
Jason wants me to work an extra four.
- What, tonight? Yeah, and he tells me this morning? Can you be home with Maya? Yeah, no.
Cocktail thingy with the head of Vascular.
I have to leave right from work.
Good morning, Melissa.
- Dr.
- Sandy.
- Right.
- Like a wolf.
Yeah, and it's not like You should go for it, it'd be good for you, - after the Jerry fiasco.
- Stop calling it it wasn't a fiasco Have you talked to him yet? To Jerry? No.
Why, why would I want to marry him? - Talk to him.
I meant talk to him.
- Mel, you need closure.
Or open what's the opposite of closure? - Initiation? - Maybe Griff and Zoe can babysit.
Pardon me.
I forgot my apple.
You mind? Thanks, Melissa.
- That's a nice looking apple.
- What, you like apples? I prefer ice cream.
But yeah.
I like apples.
Well, it's yours.
On me.
You gonna eat that, or put it under your pillow? Can I have a coffee, please? That's not my dad being nice, Zoe, that's my dad checking up on me.
Sandy wants us - to babysit tonight.
- Whatever, sure.
And not in a good way, not in a "I care about you" way, in a "I'm trying to control your every move" way.
I mean, God, I feel like I can't breathe.
- Griff, he's your dad.
He's worried.
- Can we just drop it? - Are you OK? - Yeah.
You seem - Are you OK? - Zoe A woman committed suicide in front of you.
If you think you're gonna relapse - No, I'm OK.
Really, really - 'Cause I couldn't handle it.
- Not now.
- I'm OK.
I promise.
- Marla.
- Griff.
- Whose ugly plant? - It's a housewarming gift.
I kill plants.
Every plant I touch.
They just die, - I don't know why.
- I like it.
She's still up there.
What do you want to do? I can tell her you quit, you don't work here anymore, whatever you want.
Your call.
Go get her.
- Why d'you wanna talk about it? - Because We broke up, Mel, it's over.
I know that, Jerry, I was there.
It's actually better for me, it's less distracting.
- I agree.
- I just, I wouldn't mind knowing the, you know, the basic facts.
Not Sandy's version of the facts, the facts.
Just so I can process.
For closure.
You bought a ring.
You were going to propose, and then, because we had a fight, you suddenly, you just, you what, you changed your mind? - Is that what happened? - More or less.
Well, I think we dodged a bullet.
Because if one single fight could completely derail What would you have said? - If I'd asked you.
- Why? - I just want the facts.
- I would have said no.
In a second.
I wouldn't've even had to think.
Marry you? No way.
It would've been a fiasco.
- Allen.
You got a minute? - Imena.
What brings you down - in the trenches? - Looking for you.
Can I have a word? - Can it wait? - No.
Linda Tuttle just resigned as Chief of Staff.
Why? "Personal reasons".
- OK.
- Pulling in now.
Right behind you.
The board wants to announce a replacement asap.
- First thing tomorrow morning.
- Good luck with that.
- You still have a lot of friends upstairs.
- Imena, we've been through this.
You didn't want me in that job.
- Now excuse me, I have a gunshot victim.
- I was wrong, Allen.
Allen, you don't belong down here, you belong upstairs.
(siren blaring) Call the OR, let them know we're gonna need a room.
Gunshot victim, one bullet to the chest.
Make sure the trauma room is stocked with O-neg.
Call the blood bank, let them know we might need more.
to lower right quadrant, significant blood loss on-scene and in transit.
BP 70 by palpitation and falling, heart rate 160, resp rate 26.
- You got a name? - Danny Rutlidge.
OK, here we go.
One, two, three, lift.
Alright, Cutler, start a primary.
Let's get two large bore IVs and a rapid infusion of O-neg.
Airway's patent, but breathing's pretty shallow.
He's barely conscious.
GCS is only 8.
Let's get him intubated.
Push sux and roc.
OR four needs to be cleaned, Let's get him up for a log-roll, and look for an exit wound.
Where's the trauma surgeon? Surgeon's stuck upstairs, something about a bleed.
- Call the Gen Surgeon on call.
- He's out.
Let's do it.
Alright, nice and easy, here we go.
Nice and steady.
And, up.
No visible exit wound.
Let's bring him back down.
- Bullet's somewhere in the chest.
- OK.
BP still falling but the wound's pretty clean.
Internal bleeding.
Let's do a FAST and see if we can't sort where it's coming from.
Heart rate's falling.
He's in trouble.
Keep pumping in those fluids.
- Dr.
Conner's flying down now.
- My daughter? - How's it look? - OK Fluid in the pericardial sac.
Lots of it.
- Cardiac tamponade? - Bullet could've nicked the heart.
OK, I see it.
It's lodged in the ribs.
OK, let's we can lose the collar.
Give me a 16 no, no, sorry, a 14 gauge on a 60 cc syringe.
And we're going to do a pericardial tap and drain this until Mel gets down here.
Look to the future.
Oh, my God.
You look so much like your father, it's freaking me out.
You shouldn't have come here.
- Sweetness - Don't call me that.
- You want me to stick around? - No, no, you can go.
- Thank you for your help.
- Stay.
- I know I shouldn't have just - Ambushed me like this? - Out of nowhere? - I know.
It's very, very strange.
For both of us.
But I couldn't I didn't know any other way to I don't even know if it's you.
It is.
I'm Leona, honey.
- I'm your momma.
- You could be anyone.
I was five.
Can we go somewhere more private? I'm sorry, I've been so nervous.
I couldn't eat a thing this morning.
- Are you OK? - I apologize I just need I feel - I have to work.
- I'm feeling I feel a little I need some help here! That's 420 CCs.
It's not working.
Fluid's accumulating faster - than it's draining.
- We keep draining, insert bilateral chest tubes.
That'll buy us some time.
- (beeping) - Flatline.
Starting compressions.
Allen, it's too late for tubes.
We need access to his heart.
Thoracotomy? No, I've never done one before.
- I've never seen one.
- Me neither.
This kid has four minutes max.
Then he dies.
We need to cut open his chest and start massaging his heart.
You, get a set of rib spreaders now! OK.
Locate the fourth intercostal, and then skin.
Fascia, fascia, muscle, muscle (mumbling) - Locate the fourth intercostal - Hurry, Allen, we have no time.
You got it? - Scalpel.
- Scalpel.
Try not to hit the lung.
Anything else, don't worry.
This isn't gonna be pretty.
Just get in there.
Pour in fluids, O-neg, move it! We need more sponges down on the floor, get some towels A plant.
A giant friggin' plant.
I bet he's got a camera in there so he can track my every move.
Cut Dad some slack, Griff.
He's reaching out, trying to help I don't want him shoving that type of stuff in my face.
I mean, the other day he suggested this pre-med seminar or something Nobody's shoving anything.
We're proud of you.
We all are.
Well, he should just stop worrying, you all should just stop.
It's not gonna happen.
So, babysitting? You guys good? Yeah, no problem.
We'll be there.
- Thanks.
I owe you.
- I gotta go.
Dad, I don't want to go to computer camp.
- Those two words are, like, incompatible.
- Well, you can't row, - and you got to do something - I have no interest in writing code You have no interest in anything.
Do you have any interests, any passions besides - feeling sorry for yourself? - I don't feel sorry for myself.
Maybe he doesn't know.
- What? - Maybe he doesn't know yet.
Or maybe he doesn't want to tell you about his interests.
I'm sorry, but who are you? My name's Griffin Conner, I'll be your porter for this evening.
Well, Griffin, you don't know what the hell you're talking about - Dad.
- What? I'm going to take advice from a porter? - Come on.
- (phone ringing) I gotta take this, hang on.
Hello? - Nice try.
- That's a cool leg thing.
- How long you need that on for? - Like, five weeks? - And you're Tommy? - Yeah.
Going to the X-ray, - and then the Ortho clinic.
- Yeah, I'm hopefully getting it off today so I can stop hearing him lecture me about how lazy I am.
Alright, buddy, let's ride.
- What about my dad? - He can catch up.
Hope you like speed, Tommy.
I can't see a thing, there's blood everywhere.
Get suction and sponges in.
OK, I'm about to cut into the pericardial sac.
At least I hope that's what I'm cutting.
You want me to take it? If you're not comfortable, Allen No.
I'm fine.
I'm good.
We're down to one minute.
You're good, you're good, that's gonna happen.
I've got it.
I have the heart.
Beginning compressions.
- Alright, just gently squeeze.
- I know, I know.
Once a second.
Oh my God, Dad.
- There it is, that's it.
- Welcome back, Danny! Pressure is tanked.
There must be a perforation to the heart.
We need to get you a visual.
Let's drop the lungs.
Can you see the source of the bleeding? OK.
OK, I think I see it.
Take this.
You need to guide it into the perforation.
- OK.
- Good.
I'm clamping the cath.
Hand me a syringe to inflate the balloon.
Let's get the lungs back up and keep compressions steady.
- OR four will be ready.
- Let's go.
Hey, move, move it.
Out of the way! Here's the thing.
I know, I know.
I've double wiped everything, every surface.
She's not my mom.
I haven't seen her since - Still your mom.
- No.
She's not.
And I need you to shut up about it.
I don't want anyone to know.
- OK.
- They took me away when I was five.
They were deemed unfit parents.
I never saw them again.
She's still in the ER, you know that, right? - And I think she's gonna be admitted.
- (door opening) Tell me we're ready, 'cause they're getting off the elevator now.
We're done.
Simon's going to take over.
- Compress every second, gently.
- I got it.
You ready? Three, two, one.
We're good.
Just like that.
I've got to go scrub in.
Good work.
I gotta restock my cart.
Dobutamine, ketamine, atracurium, atropine How's he doing? We've infused three more units of O-neg but his BP is still in the gutter.
80 over 60.
- And the heart? - It's beating now.
It's weak, but Alright, let's see what this kid's made of.
- Stop compressions.
- Stopping compressions.
Jerry, any signs of life? Nothing.
I got nothing.
(beeping) - I got a pulse.
- OK, so he's a fighter, that's good news.
Let's take a look.
Wei, you can remove your hand.
No visibility, too much blood.
We're gonna have to crack him.
How's Dr.
Guerra doing? - 15 minutes out.
- We can't wait.
Convert to central sternotomy.
Let's do this.
- OK, what's next? - What are you doing here? Working.
- You should be somewhere getting hammered.
- You think? You, sir, are the master.
You are the king.
You should let the rest of us toil down here in the salt mines while you put your feet up and bask in the glory.
OK, settle down.
I have never seen anything like that, ever.
You are the man.
- Do you have anything for me or not? - Sore throat and fever in five, a sprained ankle in one and an ear infection in the cubicle known as two.
Knock yourself out, my lord.
You didn't just do a thoracotomy.
- How did I miss it? - You know what, it was no big deal.
Allen, that's a once in a lifetime opportunity.
I'll take you out tonight, you can fill me in on all the gory details.
I should, uh maybe.
I have a thing.
- Allen.
- Yeah.
Are you alright? Yeah, I've got an ear infection in two.
Why don't you just take a break, decompress a little? I'm good.
Thanks, though.
You hear about Tuttle? - Yeah.
- "Personal reasons?" Please.
And don't go getting any ideas, by the way.
I need you.
- I mean it.
- Allen.
What? They're comfortable.
I bought those insoles.
No big deal, huh? - Is your dad always on you like that? - You mean is he always trying - to run my life? - Yeah.
Whatever, the man's obsessed.
OK, I told him that you had to get me to the X-ray room and I'd be there all day, so he might as well go to work.
Oh, you know how to do those emoticon things.
I never figured that out.
I spent a lot of time in this hospital.
I met this girl Patti, she's still here.
She hot? Yeah? Wait, like the only girl within ten blocks hot or actually, empirically, smoking hot? Empirically hot.
My dad can't stand her.
Says she's a disincentive to me growing up.
Let's go pay her a visit.
There he is.
The man himself.
Allen Conner, - ladies and gentlemen.
- Are those them? Had the whole world in his hands, this guy! OK, OK.
Show me what you got.
Orphan shoes and booties, previous guests of Beth-H.
- Frank, these are all women's.
- Is it true? Don't men lose their shoes? - "Personal reasons"? Come on.
- What? What? I hear things.
In the pipes.
Moving upstairs.
What? Frank, no.
- There's no way.
- Allen, you gotta do it, you gotta do it.
- You're the devil we know.
- What the hell is that supposed to mean? Look, we need a Chief of Staff who gets it.
Even a little.
And you get it.
A little.
But hey, you sent us one of your own, and we took care of him, didn't we? Take the job.
- I don't need the job, I need shoes.
- Take mine.
- Stat call for blood services to OR four.
- Specially made, I got bunions, so try not to get blood on them.
Blood services to OR four.
Stat call, - blood services, OR four.
- OR four, that your guy? Yeah.
- Guess it's too early for a victory lap.
- I need to get back to work.
These are all women's.
What the hell am I going to wear? No kidding, thoracotomy? Who did it? - My father.
- Good for him.
Keep the sponges coming, that's it.
Right in there.
I'm getting ready to suture, but I can't get a clear field.
on a large needle.
OK, just be careful.
Do it tight, but not too tight.
Damage the muscle, it's gonna take us an extra hour.
Tight, - but not too tight.
Don't want to - Where's all that blood - coming from? - Pressure's not rising.
Get a second suction going.
Call down for more blood.
We're gonna need it.
- Secondary injury from bullet? - More likely Papa Conner, I'd hate to say.
Thoracotomies are a hatchet job.
We could be dealing with anything here.
I am so bored, I could literally scoop my eyeballs out with a spoon and eat them for lunch.
What did I tell you? Empirically.
Who's the frat boy in brown? My name's Griffin and I'm his porter for the evening.
Griff rocks.
- Do you wanna climb in? - Do we have time? Go for it, man.
Come here, geek boy.
I've missed you.
Two minutes.
- Hey.
You hear about Tuttle? - What about her? She resigned.
She's out.
- I need a you want a salad? - No.
- She's out, what do you mean she's out? - "Personal reasons".
No notice even, she's already cleared out her office.
- What do you think happened? - How should I know? - You think Dad'll want his old job back? - You'd have to ask him.
What are you doing now? - Uh, patient call.
- Oh, who? I didn't call, did I call? No, I just I'm on my way to one.
- I thought I'd drop by, say hi.
- Oh, that's nice.
I need a salad.
Come with me.
Yeah, no.
No, I mean, I, uh Go, but I gotta get back to work.
- Well, I'm gonna fall over, so.
- Go, go, go.
Eat a salad.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What's going on? I'm just looking for Marla.
Who's that? Hey, look, what I meant to say before is my entire life, there's been this constant scrutiny.
- Whatever, Griff.
It's your family.
- OK, but in my family, this smothering is relentless, and you don't live with that kind of pressure, Zoe.
Yeah, 'cause it's so much easier growing up in a foster home.
No, it isn't, that's not what I said.
It's just it's different.
And you don't know how it feels, that's all I meant to say.
You're right, I don't.
See you later.
Time's up.
There's no way that is two minutes.
Cindy Walker.
Abdominal pain, nausea.
No recent surgeries.
Hi, Cindy.
Let's see if we can't sort this out, OK? Can you tell me exactly where the pain is, Cindy, - exactly where? - (gagging) - (coughing) - What has she eaten? We had fish tacos for lunch, but I had them too and I'm fine.
Let's get abdo blood work, urinalysis, beta HCG, cardiac enzymes, ultrasound and an ECG.
You hang tight, Cindy.
- We'll figure this out.
- You don't think maybe it was myocardial infarction can be accompanied by indigestion, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting.
I need you to do me a favour - Dr.
Two words Fish tacos.
- I understand that If I eat a chorizo sausage and it comes back on me, it does not a myocardial infarction make.
- I crossed the line, didn't I? - A little.
Do me a favour, call up to OR four and ask how it's going.
Actually, forget it.
I'll go up myself.
(vomiting) We need a cleanup on bed four.
Leona Park.
She came in through the ER.
They're the ones that made the call to admit her.
What's wrong with her? - Sorry, can't tell you that.
- You have to.
Why? What's going on? What? What is it? She's my mother.
- She's your really? - I know, - I actually have one.
- No that's not I just thought She was gone forever? So did I.
I mean, she can't just show up out of nowhere and just expect me to give her a hug.
How sick is she? Some blood irregularities.
They want to do a bone marrow biopsy.
- That sounds serious.
- It is.
It could be.
- You retrieve the bullet yet? - Not a good time, Dad.
- How's it going? - How's it look like it's going? We've repaired the initial injury.
Danny's hanging in.
Initial injury? Does that mean - Nothing we can't handle.
- Hold steady.
So there was another one? Another injury? My cut? - Something happened - Your cut was fine, Dad.
I'll come down when we're done, OK? - If my cut was fine - You put a hole in the kid's heart, Allen.
With your finger, you poked it right through.
That's what happened, alright? - (beeping) - Heart rate's up to 207.
Get me the paddles.
Don't you die, Danny boy.
Do not.
OK, charge to 5.
Still no output.
- Charge to 10 joules.
- Get out of my OR, Allen! Now! Clear! Shock! Do I look like her? A little.
Zoe I don't think I look like her.
I always wondered if I did, but I don't think I do.
What's happening? The needle's going right through the bone.
They're pulling out some fluid, just a couple drops.
- Is it painful? - Uh-huh.
But she's sedated, so.
- Here goes nothing.
- Zoe.
She's sedated, right? How bad can it be? I'm not your friend.
Or your daughter.
Well, not really.
But I I'll listen if you have something to say.
- Sit down.
- No.
I've thought about you every day for twenty years.
I wondered where you were, who you were.
My mind would race and race How did you even find me? The internet.
Your nametag thing, I could read it.
I tried with you, with your father, we're we were a mess.
I did terrible things.
But I've changed, Zoe.
I promise.
I don't have any money.
No, sweetness, no.
I don't want money.
I'm sick.
They don't know what it is.
But if it turns out to be genetic, I thought you should know.
You deserve that much.
So you're just looking out for me.
I wanted to see you.
I needed to see you.
That's the truth.
If that's selfish, then I'm so sorry, Zoe.
I'm so, so very, very sorry I'm so sorry, Zoe.
The X-ray says I'm totally healed, so now I just want to rip this thing off.
That thing's actually screwed into your leg, man, so I'd leave that up to the professionals.
An hour before Ortho can take you, then you'll be free.
Well, can we go see Patti? It's not actually a private room, dude, plus the little old lady might object, so Actually, I think I can do something about that.
PJ! Patient call on five! Ms.
Bonner, today is your lucky day, we're gonna go on a nice long ride.
We'll maybe get some lunch, get your hair done, - get your nails done.
Whaddaya say? - Hi.
- My man.
- Spoke with my charge nurse.
She's going to leave you guys alone.
No interruptions for 48 minutes.
Check out my "sexy times" playlist.
So, what, a little Buble? Maybe some Kenny G.
Really? Is that my vibe, man? Hey, don't you have another patient, or piece of equipment to move? If only your father could see you now.
OK, place the heart back down gently And look at that.
That is a thing of beauty.
Pressure's coming back up, heart rate's coming down nicely.
OK, now let's do our part to help the police catch a baddie.
I'm gonna get you.
I'm gonna get you.
(humming) (chuckling) You want to close, Conner? Thought you'd never ask.
Let's remove clamps, please.
Is the sponge count good? Kelly, clamp and drain.
This right what I'm hearing, you two are done? - Suture.
- That's right.
You're not thinking about the ball hockey team, are ya? She is our top scorer.
- Scissors.
- We got three tournaments coming up, and I gotta get this team back into shape.
So you two work it out.
You think I'm joking, I'm not.
I mean it.
Work it out.
- Nice work today, Conner.
- Thank you, Dr.
Work it out.
OK, the drain is in place.
Let's remove retractors.
Your dad seemed pretty freaked out.
He'll be fine.
He's a pro.
About the other thing, the Yeah? I think we should just It should be like I never found out.
About the ring.
- Sure.
- Too weird.
Like it never happened.
I should close.
Removing the retractor.
Bringing together the rib cage.
- You're obsessing.
- No.
I'm I'm catching up on some Yes, you are.
All the potential mistakes you could have made.
I mean, you were pretty much cutting blind, and all the blood - Shower sandals? - I had a PSA run across the street for me.
I put my finger through his heart.
During the massage.
I pressed too hard, didn't even know it happened.
OK, fish taco lady.
Abdo blood work, urinalysis, beta HCG, cardiac enzyme, ultrasound and ECG all came back clear as a bell.
Also girlfriend has started to hurl.
Are we still thinking - myocardial infarction? - Nah, we're thinking tacos.
Three more charts.
Sore throat in room 6, I'm thinking angina.
Room 3, diagnosed with laryngitis last week, he's back.
Probably don't want to rule out a heart attack.
- These are yours.
I'm out.
- Allen I'm out, I'm out.
- Aplastic anemia.
- What's that? It's serious.
And it's getting worse.
I need a transplant.
- I don't understand.
- Zoe I've been getting blood transfusions for years.
You said You knew you were sick, but you didn't know what it was.
No, no, that's not what I wasn't being clear, I guess.
I I've known for a while.
- What kind of transplant? - Bone marrow.
Like, from a relative.
And that's why you're here.
No, of course not.
Zoe, wait! Zoe, I had no idea Wait! - We weren't doing anything! - Say goodbye to your friend.
Come on.
His friend has a name.
- How did you know I was here? - I asked the charge nurse.
- Her name is Patti! - Well, Patti, say goodbye to my son, because when his leg is better, you will not see him again.
I'm sorry, OK? You promised me you weren't going to see this girl again You promised him? Sir, this is my fault.
- Excuse us.
- He's just a kid, - they're just kids, give them a break.
- No! Yes, - he's just a kid, but he needs guidance.
- Dad! And I am his father and I need you to get out of our way.
Man, that's just Tommy's up against it, man.
Do me a favour, piss off.
- I've been looking for you.
- So it's over? It's over.
He's stable, he's in the ICU.
That's that's something.
I just assumed, I kept hearing calls for blood, - and I was up there - Kid's got nine lives.
He went into V-tach three times on the table, - just kept coming back.
- Well, he got lucky.
Lucky? Dad, you cut him open in trauma, you massaged his heart.
I just spent four hours in surgery! That wasn't luck, that was us.
I was panicking, Mel.
I swear, I didn't know what I was doing That's what it felt like, maybe, in the moment I put a hole in his heart So what, we fixed it.
That patient should be dead.
He got lucky.
He had you, he had Guerra.
Just a second.
Dad - Hey, Melissa.
How you doin'? - That's not charming, OK? So you know.
You calling me Melissa.
I told you that's what my mother calls me, and if you knew how I felt about her, you wouldn't Well, I think it's a beautiful name and you should take it back.
You want a is this juice? Is it communal or I don't know, I don't drink juice.
- It's good for you.
- Too much sugar.
Nature's candy.
Peter, I just spent four hours in surgery.
I don't have the energy for this, whatever this is.
That's fine.
I'm sorry, what are we talking about? - I'm not going to sleep with you.
- Alright.
No rebound sex, no palate cleansing, none of the above.
So you can stop with the whole, you know, the wolf thing.
Kanaskie's gonna kill me.
I'm supposed to be in ICU doing a room turnover.
Severe aplastic anemia.
The mortality rate in the absence of a bone marrow transplant is over 80%.
I'm just giving you the facts, OK? OK.
Best odds of a match are from a sibling.
Next best a child.
Here's how it works.
You get tested to see if you're a match.
If you are, they would stick a needle into your hip, through your bone.
Is that dangerous? Not usually.
They give you a general anesthetic.
Then they would pull out your bone marrow, a lot of it, couple quarts.
They would process it, and then give it to your to Leona.
We're huddling up in the boardroom right now, and I was hoping you could find the time to come up and make your case in person.
- My case.
- We're with you, Allen.
Some of us just want to hear you say you want it.
Give them confidence.
Excuse me.
- First of all, I was outta line.
- So was I.
I shouldn't have yelled.
You know, I just get into the OR, and I get a bit keyed up, I'm working on that.
Second of all, and this is what I called you down here to tell you.
- Don't worry about it.
- Sam, I put my finger Just don't worry about it, y'know.
Here's what I know.
It's not up to me.
Alright? Patient lives or dies, I don't know who it's up to, Allen, but it isn't me, you understand what I'm saying? You do what you can.
You say a prayer, and you cut.
That's the job.
Alright, look, I gotta go.
You done good today, my friend.
Tomorrow, who the hell knows? Look at you, you're almost back to normal.
You'll have to work extra hard, - get that leg in shape.
- Tommy.
Hey, Tommy, man.
- Yo, I just want to say - Do I have to report you? Do whatever the hell you want.
Tommy, I want to say I'm sorry, man, I know Patti's upset and OK, that's enough.
- I'm talking to your son.
- No, you're not.
Can we go, Dad? Look at you, man, do you even know what you're doing to him? - Why don't you tell me? - You're shoving things down his throat, - look at you - No, he's not, can we go? He doesn't know what he wants, he's too busy thinking about what you want, and what you need.
That girl could be the love of his life - That girl has been in jail! - You don't know her, you don't know him - Oh, and you do? - You're blind, you are completely blind! - You couldn't - Shut up and leave my dad alone! You're the one who doesn't understand, OK, you just pushed me around for a day.
So just just go, OK? You came back.
I'm glad.
Zoe, you have to believe me.
It was a misunderstanding, I'm sorry.
I thought I told you.
The sedatives, I don't know I'm going to get tested.
If I'm a match, I'll do the transplant.
Truth is I'd do it for anyone.
I'd do it for a total stranger.
In return, don't come near me, don't talk to me ever again.
That's the deal.
OK? Yes or no.
- Griffin.
- Oh.
- So how was your day? - Pretty good.
Zoe and I are babysitting tonight for Sandy, so That's nice.
Yeah, she's already there, so I should probably Are you gonna take your plant? Uh, yeah.
- OK, see you later.
- Sure.
- Brought your shoes back.
Thank you.
- What'd you think of those? - Outstanding.
- Spent a lot of money on them.
You'll have to get them cleaned.
Not blood, don't worry.
Someone did throw up on them, though.
- OK, well.
Have a good night, Frank.
- Yeah, you too.
- You know, you surprised me today, Allen.
- I surprised myself.
- I didn't think you could do it.
- That makes two of us.
You don't see a thoracotomy every day.
I'm talking about the Chief of Staff job.
- Oh, what about it? - You didn't take it.
Yeah, no.
Well, Hail Caesar.
For turning down the crown.
Lotta blood with one of those? An unbelievable amount of blood.
I mean, honest to God, Frank, you'd never think that there was so much blood in a human body.
- (chuckling) - It was something.
It really was a sight to see.
You know, I don't know what happened, but somewhere along the line, you got the wrong impression.
Yeah? - I don't want to sleep with you either.
- Is that right? Could not be less interested.
You look good, by the way.
- So why are you still flirting? - I'm not flirting.
You're flirting right now.
You can't help yourself.
We'd be terrible together.
You're exactly what I don't need right now.
You know what I think it is? You know you can't control me.
You're an addict.
You have to be in control, of everything, all the time.
- God, you have no idea - Including this conversation.
How about this.
Let's go for a coffee.
Or tea, let's go for tea.
A nice cup of tea.
And you can tell me about your day.
Your surgery.
And everything you didn't screw up.
What do you say? I have a cocktail party with the head of Vascular.
The night is young and I'm all wound up After all, I work all day and I don't wanna talk about it Tonight I'm drinking, come along if you want Have a ball with what you say I'm pretty sure that I'll forget it Everybody's talking 'bout the new world order All I really wanna talk about is me and you together We gotta go so you can show me all your sensitive parts Give it to me straight now Will you give it up You gonna give it up (cooing) Shh, shh.
- How's she doing? - Good.
Like a baby.
She's crazy about you.
- That's because I'm her favourite uncle.
- Without Brian, - you're basically her father too.
- Don't put that on me.
You are going to be your own woman, right, Maya? You'll be a little heartbreaker, breaking all the rules.
(cooing) This thing happened at work today.
I should have told you, but I'm telling you now.
I met this woman.