Remedy (2014) s02e05 Episode Script

Life in Technicolour

Previously on Remedy There's this woman, and she says she's your mom.
- I need a transplant.
- And that's why you're here.
A woman committed suicide in front of you.
If you think - you're gonna relapse - No, I'm OK.
I'm OK.
I promise.
I can't believe you fired the nanny.
I have to work! What am I gonna do tomorrow? Somewhere along the line, you got the wrong impression.
Yeah? - I don't want to sleep with you either.
- Woo! I'll do the transplant.
In return, don't come near me ever again.
Get up.
- We have to get to work.
- We just went to sleep.
Yeah, I think we did.
Ten minutes ago.
Half hour, ten minutes, what year is this? We have to get to work.
It's not fair, we just went to sleep.
And whose fault is that? What can I say? I'm possessed.
- Really? Again? - We can be late.
- My shift starts - Nobody in this bed cares.
You are possessed.
And you, you're bad for me.
You're a bad influence.
You're one of the bad kids.
Stop talking now.
Why? What are you gonna do if I don't? Sandy, where's Mel? Hell if I know.
She's deserted me, she's totally AWOL.
I haven't seen her in weeks.
I mean this new guy is Well, he's turned her into You don't want to know.
- Good for her.
- No.
Not good for her, not good for me! Don't tell her I said that.
Thank you for coming.
I know it was last minute.
You're a lifesaver.
First time I've been asked.
Maya's 8 months old.
- I I know.
I'm Mom - It's OK.
No, it's just that Mel got issues and she's always Trust me, I know about your sister's issues, especially the ones dealing with her mother.
And put some makeup on, you're getting a bit splotchy.
God, will I ever sleep again? Griffin! Hey! Wake up! What are you doing? - Whoa, man, I fell back asleep.
- I have my procedure today.
I'm up, I'm up, I'm up, I'm up.
- I don't want to be late.
- I just gotta shower.
You don't have time, just brush your teeth.
What time - did you get in last night? - I don't know Uh, 2? I thought it was later than that.
I have a vague memory of What were you doing 'til 2? Eating pie.
- What? - Pie.
I was down at the Lakeview with PJ.
He was having this existential crisis.
He got dumped.
- Third time in two months.
- Ouch! He was a total mess.
Would not shut up.
They had three different kinds of pies, he had to try them all.
Wouldn't let me leave.
How you doing? You ready for this? You good? They use this 15-gauge needle.
It-it has this handle like some sort of medieval torture device.
Bone marrow harvest, like it's an autumn festival or something.
I shouldn't have agreed to do this.
- You're doing it for your mom.
- Don't call her that.
Well, she lied to me, right, to get this? She had her reasons.
For my bone marrow.
I hate liars.
I hate them.
- Yeah, me too.
- I could die.
You're not gonna die.
It's this giant indoor amusement park.
It's out by the airport.
It's open all night long.
And so, we're there, and we decide - to ride the Whiplash.
- Big mistake.
Bob hates those kind of rides, he always has.
- You get nauseous? - Dizzy.
I passed out, bashed my head on the safety bar.
Oh, my God, the blood! It was like a fountain.
Well, Bob, you're gonna need stitches.
I'm dizzy.
From the blood loss? Have some water.
Just keep drinking water.
Tell me something if I was to pull some blood and run a tox screen, what would I find? Not marijuana.
MDMA? Ecstasy? Oh, wow! Haha! You're good.
OK, he's good.
- Marg, no, no.
- Bob, he's a doctor, he's not gonna arrest us.
Yes, it was our daughter's E.
- We found it by mistake - Mm-mm! Be honest, Bob.
We were looking for it actually.
Marg guessed where it was.
I did.
It was hiding in the toe of her good shoes.
We're gonna keep you both around, keep an eye on you.
Cutler, - we had to do something.
- About? Life is very stressful, and certain things can suffer in a marriage.
I understand, Bob.
I'll be right back for those stitches.
Lau, to pediatrics.
Lau, pediatrics.
- I'm just getting some air.
- Ah.
Didn't sleep at all last night.
I mean, even a bit.
- Yeah.
Too much ice cream? - That must be it.
- What time do you - 7.
12-hour shift.
We could always find a storage closet.
Here? At work? Who's a bad kid now? OK, well.
I have patients, so Can they wait? I need you on this.
Monica, you know Dr.
Cutler? - Peter.
- Hey.
Uh, Steve Afton, trail riding in the ravine.
My fault.
I went over the handlebars, landed right on him.
I cut you off, - it's all on me, buddy.
- BP 100 over 65, shallow respirations, and decreased breath sounds on the left side.
Got him on 12 litres of 02, IV ringers lactate, and pushed 50 of fentanyl.
Sir, you have to wait out here.
We'll check in later.
- What? No, I wanna go with him.
- Waiting room, over there.
Breath sounds are absent on the left side.
- What's happening? - No movement on the ultrasound.
- O2 sats and BP dropping.
- Neck veins are distended.
You're suffering from something called a tension pneumothorax, Mr.
Is that bad? You'll feel a little pinch, it'll help with your breathing.
- It's in.
- Sats coming back up.
There's something up his belly.
He's guarding - the left upper quadrant.
- Let's do an ultrasound.
I've got it, I'm already on it.
Free fluid in left upper quadrant.
Looks like a splenic injury.
- He's losing consciousness.
- BP's tanking.
60 systolic.
Call upstairs and have them prep an OR.
- I don't think we can save this spleen.
- He's surgical, - you must be crushed.
- What can I say? I love my job.
- Stop defending her.
- No, I just I'm not, - it's just that your mom - Don't call her that.
And yes, you are, that's exactly what you're doing I'm just saying, people, they just they, they, uh - People make mistakes, right? - I was taken away when I was 5.
- That's not her fault.
- She was declared unfit, Griff.
Maybe there were extenuating circumstances.
- Yeah, for 20 years? - Maybe you don't know what's - going on in people's heads.
- I don't care what's going on.
- People are flawed.
- Why are you so wound up? - She didn't do anything to you.
- Oh, man! - What? - "Kanaskie Where are you? - Your shift started an hour ago.
" - I thought you took a sick day.
I did.
I told him I couldn't work on Friday.
- Thursday.
- What? Today is Thursday, not Friday.
You took off the wrong day? OK, I'm gonna go fix this.
Go get started, I'll see you up there.
Hey, Griff.
Hey, Zoe.
What's going on? You know.
Dread, misery, incompetence.
Ah, your procedure.
How are you feeling? I hate needles.
And I could die from the general.
You're not gonna die.
Come on, I'll walk you in.
Steve Afton.
Trauma laparotomy.
We'll remove the ruptured spleen and assess for further damage.
There's a playlist on there.
"Mel's badass tunes.
" - How are we doing, Dr.
- We are good to go.
Ultrasound showed significant internal bleeding, so could get messy.
What is that? Is that alt-rock? Make sure we have lap sponges ready.
We'll need two suctions.
- Since when do you like that? - What do you mean? Always - You have never liked alt-rock.
- I'm trying to concentrate.
- Then turn off the music.
- I'm making a midline incision from sternum to pubis.
You're cutting freehand? Seriously, where's your marker? I love this part.
Everybody's talking about the new world order All I really want to talk about is me and you together We got it, girl, so you can show me all your sensitive parts Give it to me straight now Will you give it up? You want the day off? You should have booked it off.
- I did.
But I thought I did - It's all about the math.
I got X amount of porters, I got Y amount of calls, it's got to add up to stuff gets done.
- Alright, look - Another day where the thing doesn't descend into chaos, it's what it's got to add up to.
Zoe's got this procedure today, that's all, man.
- A trooper, she'll survive.
- I could start a little later.
Tell you what, when you can change the laws of math, man, you can have the whole week off.
Until then, get dressed, get to work! PJ! Man, yo.
Nurse Ratchet on the fourth decides all the IVs on her ward gotta be cleaned.
Guess who gets to clean 'em.
If Zoe talks to you, I was out with you last night, OK? - What? - Your girlfriend dumped you, we went out to the Lakeview, got pie, left around 2 o'clock.
What, are you asking me to lie for you? - Only if it comes up.
- Are you stepping out on Zoe? - No, man, come on! - Look, that's not cool, man.
Hey, Zoe's high class, - good quality.
- I'm not screwing around.
- So then why are you asking? - Because I went out with a drinking buddy last night.
I didn't have a drop, but Zoe would freak out if she found out.
She's got so much on her plate right now.
Come on.
Hey, whoa! Look, OK, alright, I'll tell you what.
You look after this for me for a little while, I go for a nice long walk, I'll think about it.
Big guy.
So the extraction doesn't take long, less than two hours.
I know.
You'll be under, so you won't feel anything.
- Where is she? - Upstairs.
She's had three weeks of aggressive chemo and radiation.
That's to prep for the transplant.
She's gonna be in pretty rough shape.
- I don't want to see her.
- You don't have to.
No one's gonna make you.
We're ready.
- Still no Griff.
- Sure he's trying to make it.
I can't believe he screwed this up.
OK, thanks for being here.
Zoe, you're doing the right thing.
Is it time? - No, not yet.
- Soon though? Yeah, soon, soon.
Leona, I'm, uh I'm Griffin Conner.
I'm Zoe's, uh I'm her, uh I'm her boyfriend.
Did something happen? Is she OK? Yeah, no, she's good, Zoe's good.
- She changed her mind? - No.
She is getting prepped right now.
I think she's gonna do the procedure for sure.
Still doesn't want anything to do with me, huh? No.
Zoe know you're here? No.
No, but I'm gonna tell her.
I'll tell her I just I thought that, you know, maybe you can tell me something first that might help her understand what happened.
You know, then I could tell her, then I could get you guys in the same room, and then she can You know you can Bygones.
You get her here, I'll tell her myself.
I'll give it a shot.
- I got a one-track mind - Ligating the splenic artery.
Three birds raining on my telephone line Suture's in place.
Remove the hemostat.
It's done.
Let's do a full trauma lap to assess for any further injuries.
OK Liver, stomach look good.
OK, checking the Whoa, what's? Make one final call - Perforation? - He has a tumour.
Sigmoid colon.
Feels like it's going to obstruct, it's pretty big.
Get the staff surgical oncologist on the phone.
It's T4, it's gone through the bowel wall.
And it's infected.
There's a visible abscess.
If it ruptures, we're in trouble.
He hasn't had a full workup.
You're talking about a complicated resection on a trauma.
You're not prepared If you think I'll close with a nearly obstructing tumour It's probably been there for months; wait for Oncology.
Have you reached the on-call? It's Amala Bhaduri today.
I left her a voicemail.
Get the senior resident down here.
In the meantime, get me the stapler.
- I'm resecting this thing now.
- Dr.
Conner Mel I'm feeling good, Dr.
Let's do this.
Pushing more propofol.
You close my eyes and you curl my toes She's fine.
- She's sleeping.
- Trust me, it won't last.
There's a gel in the upstairs cabinet; it doesn't seem to work but you can try.
Oh, and I put a washcloth in the freezer; see if she'll chew on it I have three children, Sandy, - all of them have teeth.
- Also, her car seat.
She loves it.
She's like Pavlov's baby.
- As soon as you put her in it - I'll keep that in mind.
- Sorry.
- Sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- Oh, my God! - I can't believe what you've - Sorry.
Uh, bus drops Nate off at 4.
He's got soccer - at 5 so maybe an early dinner - You are? See what you're missing? Tell your sister where to put her issues.
Well, call me if you need me.
- Thanks, Mom.
- Thanks, Mom.
Hahaha! What would parents do without their parents, right? Spontaneously combust, I think, from sheer exhaustion.
I'm a single mom, so Me too.
I mean, parent, obviously.
How old is? Maya.
She's almost at 8 months.
Oh, wow, so you've been getting a ton of sleep.
I should get back to work.
Hey, you got a picture? - Stupid question, right? - I'll just pick one at random.
- It's Maya driving.
- Really? Maya sleeping.
It's a hard one to get these days.
- She's gorgeous.
- Hmm! - She looks - Black? - I was gonna say wise.
- Oh, yeah.
Of course.
She does.
Sometimes people get confused.
By what? Modern life? So how about you? - What do you got? - Oh, yeah, sure.
Hmmm Are you, uh, are you still breast feeding? 'Cause, uh Oh! Look at that.
I mean, it's the pictures, right? You look at them, you see your baby, and the body, the body sometimes reacts.
Awesome! God, this is so, so awesome! - I'm, I'm good with it.
- Yeah, no.
I have to go now.
Staples in place.
Let's start mobilizing the sigmoid.
Resident's caught in surgery, he'll be another hour at least.
Keep trying Dr.
Bhaduri, and work the list.
I'm gonna have this thing out and off to pathology in no time.
His tissues are pretty friable.
Worse than I thought.
- Damn it! - What? I got into the abscess, it was perforated.
- You're kidding, right? - I've got pus everywhere.
Give me the suction.
Suction, let's go! And somebody turn off that damn music! Dammit! Get the sponges out.
More irrigation.
Gordon, make sure he gets anaerobic coverage.
How are the vitals? BP steady, but he's still a bit tachy.
- No, no, come on.
- What? Second abscess in pelvis.
Just ruptured.
Suction, let's go! We're gonna need more of these.
I've got Dr.
Bhaduri on speakerphone.
Bhaduri? - It's Dr.
Melissa Conner.
- You have a situation? Routine trauma splenectomy.
Incidental sigmoid tumour, likely cancerous, locally perforated.
I made the call - to take out the tumour.
- You made the call?! During mobilization, we found an abscess cavity next to the tumour.
I got into it and there was plenty of pus.
We just discovered a second ruptured abscess - in the pelvis, and - And? It looks good.
I'm thinking I've got it under control.
You think you have it under control or you know you have it under control? I'll be there in 30 minutes.
Get it under control.
Where are my sponges? Let's go, we're not finished yet.
OK, Zoe.
We're going to give you some drugs and then do the extraction.
You'll be done in about an hour, and you can get back to driving the boys crazy, how does that sound? - It's a miracle.
- Doctor, is it OK - Griffin? Sure, it is.
Come on in.
- You're allowed in here? I've known Dr.
Kane since I was 2, he went to med school with my Dad.
So how you doing? You ok? - I just want this over with.
- So I've been thinking - of this whole mother situation.
- Griffin I'm thinking, you know, people aren't strong like you, Zoe.
They're not strong.
I mean, sometimes your expectations can be a little, you know It's kind of just all like one strike with you, you know? - No, I don't.
- Well, you know how sometimes with most people, it's three strikes and then you're out? With you, it's like one strike then boom, you're out.
- Can we not talk about this? - No second chances.
I think you should give her a chance to explain herself - Have you spoken to her? - No, no, I promise.
I just 'Cause I don't want you talking to her.
I mean it! OK, uh, Griffin, time to move.
Good luck.
OK, dear, I need you to count down from a thousand.
You have the worst timing, Griff, I swear to God.
- Anal singeing? - Mr.
Tran drank setting his farts on fire.
He's been waiting all night, along with Mr.
Whiteside, who has 4 beer caps lodged up his nostril.
Let's start with the Can I just say that in all my years of med school I never thought I'd have to use the words anal and singeing - on the same sentence.
- You're in a good mood.
Let's get some topical antibiotic cream.
The good stuff.
OK, Bob, labs are back, everything's normal, more or less - I'm feeling dizzy.
- MDMA makes your heart race.
Just stay horizontal.
- No problem.
- You probably have sex a lot, - don't you? - I'm sorry? We haven't had sex in three years, two months, and ten days.
- He was counting.
- You're not having it now, are you? - No, sir.
- Let's keep it that way.
He thought that it was important for us to remember what it felt like to be in love.
- No.
That's not what I said.
- In lust then.
I wanted to remember what it felt like to be in lust.
How's that working out for ya? Hmm.
Get this to the pathology lab stat.
- How's it looking? - Better.
Much better.
How about I judge how it looks, Dr.
Conner? Talk to me.
I've got the sigmoid out with the lesion.
Cleaned out - the pus.
Should be fine.
- Excuse me.
We've started IV antibiotics to lessen the risk of post-op infection.
Conner, I'll take it from here.
Gordon, patient's vitals, have they remained stable? All within normal range.
No change of the rupture.
BP currently 120 over 74.
Heart rate 65.
What are you doing right now.
Now right now? - Can you get away? - Where? I'm up on three.
There's a storage closet across from You're serious? You really want to do this? No, I just need to see you.
- Are you OK? - No I think I screwed up, badly.
I'll see you in five minutes.
Sandy Stop checking up on me.
How's it going? It's fine.
Maya's fine.
Did you hear from your sister? No.
Not a call, not a text, nothing.
- Interesting.
- I'm entitled to be upset, right? I'd be furious.
I mean you're either doing this together or you're not.
Exactly! I mean, she can't just disappear like that! Where are you? I was taking Maya for a walk; she needed a double espresso.
I've got to go.
Yes, it's Mommy.
Uh I'm sorry, I'm not They told me this was gonna be my buddy's room.
Steve Afton, he just got out of surgery.
I just have to, uh, attach the BVM.
I've got to attach the mask.
- Oh.
- Of course it's missing I'm I'm Gord.
Would you go out with me, Sandy? I live out of town, so I needed to act fast.
Uh, uh, out of, out of town? But I'm usually in town Monday nights.
How's Monday for you? This Monday? Any Monday really.
I mean we could have coffee, drinks.
A well-lit public place.
You can even set up that thing where your best friend calls with a fake emergency in case you need to bail and it's a disaster Sorry.
It's the escape hatch.
Exactly, the escape hatch.
So what do you think? - Uh - I'm sorry.
- No, that's - No, no, I'm sorry.
I had an impulse, I should always ignore my impulses.
No, it's OK, it's just I-I-I can't I should Need to get some supplies.
Right, uh Oh, my God! Mel! - What are you doing here? - I'm looking for a BVM mask.
- What are you doing here? - Nothing.
- Nice night last night? - I didn't sleep much.
Ah, is Peter teething now too? - Have you heard from the nanny? - They fired us.
What? We've been blacklisted by the nanny service, which you would - know if you spent time at home.
- Why would they blacklist us? Why do you think? You confiscate their phones, you yell at them for texting - I DO NOT YELL AT THEM! - Mel, I'm not gonna argue So, wait, so then who's with Maya? - Mom.
- WHAT?! - Don't even start.
- Mom is with Maya?! Alone?! - You don't get to have an opinion! - Since when? - Since you've been gallivanting! - I'm not gallivanting! This would all be so much easier if you weren't involved! First, the apps, the schedules, the impossible standards, - and now you're never there - Really? I'm never there? Yeah, you just make everything harder! So the last 8 months, I've done nothing? I haven't put my entire life on hold to help you? - I didn't ask you to do that.
- So I should move out.
- Do you want to move out? - Maybe I should.
Fine! I'm all about solving problems, making it easier for you.
Why is your hair down like that? You look like you're in a shampoo commercial or something.
- Oh! Hey.
I can come back.
- Are you kidding me? - Are you kidding me? - Sandy.
- The storage closet? - Mel and I just wanted to talk.
With that hair? Give me a break.
- Sandy! - No.
You go.
Be free.
I just broke up with my sister.
I'm gonna need a place to stay for a while.
This is what it's like, by the way, dating me.
It's not all incredible sex.
Hope you're up for it.
This girl's got me going crazy, but it just can't be like this 'cause I'm tired of the fighting and And I'm tired of the tricks.
I'm tired of trying to fix the things that ain't broken, breaking the things that still ain't fixed.
But that's what happens when emotions get in the mix.
In the mix, yeah, so I think I gotta send shorty off goodbye without a kiss.
Haha! You guys should take that on the road.
- He couldn't keep up with me.
- Hey, Peej, I heard you're a free man.
Griff told me you got dumped.
Do you want to talk about it? No, no, no.
It's too soon, you know, cut just open, too raw, you know.
She says she loves me too much.
How does that work? Him and Griff went out last night.
- Coffee and pie.
- Really? - We should get back to work.
- I got-I got time.
- She needs to rest.
Come on.
- I'll see you later.
Tell Griff I need chocolate.
Dude, you told me you had a gig last night.
Coffee and pie? Don't ask.
Oncology on five with a pit stop on two - for Diagnostic imaging.
- I don't want to know? No, you don't, you really don't.
Dad, great! Can you give me a hand? - You're doing two at once? - Long story.
- You're just coming on shift? - Today's the day, is it not? - Zoe's procedure? - Yeah, she's upstairs.
- I thought you'd take the day off.
- That was the plan.
- You left her alone up there? - Awesome, Dad, totally awesome.
- What? What did I say? - You're nothing if not frigging predictable.
Five please.
And also two.
It's possible the fish bone's gone and what you're feeling is the scratch.
Spencer in cardiology.
Spencer, cardiology.
No, wrong.
There it is.
That's gonna hurt.
Don't worry, we're gonna get this out.
You betrayed me, Bob! How am I - supposed to get past that? - Three years ago.
Yeah? that might as well have been yesterday.
- One sec.
Don't move.
- It wasn't yesterday.
It was one drunk night at a conference Well, maybe once was one time too many.
- I am sorry.
- Hey, hey.
- Oh, great! Here's the doctor.
- I am sorry, - what else can I say? I'm sorry! - Sorry, sorry, sorry! - Yeah, yeah, yeah! - HEY! HEY! Keep it down or I'm calling your daughter! Here's the thing, they call it suicide Tuesday.
Most people take E on the weekend.
The hangover's brutal, - and by Tuesday - I think we are already there.
- Yeah, well, it sounds like it.
- Can we go? Not yet.
You have zero serotonin levels in your body, so depression, anxiety, paranoia, fatigue, they're all gonna set in.
You could even have nausea, diarrhea, muscle pain, insomnia.
- I just want to see if - Marg? Seizure! I need help over here! - What's happening? - 5 migs high potency Midazolam.
- What's happening? - Is your wife epileptic? No! - Diabetic? - No.
Could be undiagnosed.
I need her blood sugar level.
Let's get a glucometer.
- What has she been eating, drinking? - Water.
Lots of it, all day.
It's diluted out her sodium.
Devi, IV sodium chloride.
- Quick as you can, thanks.
- Got it.
OK, Marg, OK.
While we were operating, we found a tumour.
- A tumour? - On your colon.
It's been removed.
This is good news, Mr.
Good news? Are you kidding me? - If you hadn't - What Dr.
Conner means is that if you hadn't injured yourself, we may not have found the cancer for some time.
I'll check back on you.
Um, Mr.
His chart lists Gord Mathers as significant other.
He doesn't have any other family? No idea.
They could be married.
Common law.
Would you mind giving him to another nurse? - Why? - Well - We have a system, Sandy.
- I know.
- Is there a conflict? - No.
No conflict at all actually.
Patients are assigned on a rotating basis.
In the interest - of fairness, we don't - Absolutely, it's fine.
- I just can't go around flopping nurses - I said it's fine, Jason.
Forget I asked.
No flop required.
- OK.
- Thank you.
Appreciate it.
I'm gonna ask you to refrain from speaking to this patient about his tumour.
- Dr.
Bhaduri - Your area is the spleen, - leave the rest to me.
- You think I shouldn't have done it? I should have left the cancer alone, even though he was open? He was on the table, I was looking right at A T4 sigmoid tumor, an infected abscess, a secondary infection in the pelvis an environment sufficiently complex to give me pause.
I tried to reach you Proceeding without a proper workup, with minimal experience, and no supervision was irresponsible.
- I took a calculated risk - You're a fellow.
Close the patient, wait for help.
There was nothing calculated about what you did, you were reckless.
You are the kind of surgeon I like to avoid.
Much better.
Ooh, that's much better.
Yes, it is.
Yes, it is.
Ooh! Do we want to talk to Auntie Mel? No.
No, we don't.
Oh, my God! Maya! Oh, my God! Bob and Marg Henrickson.
They took their daughter's MDMA.
Bob sustained a forehead laceration.
This is Dr.
I'm going off shift soon; he's gonna look after your discharge.
I'll just check the pulse.
So you took your daughter's ecstasy? - Maybe a little.
- Mr.
Henrickson, if you know your daughter is taking E, the best course of action is to discuss issues of drug abuse with her, not consume it yourselves.
- Tell me about it.
- Dr.
Cutler, trauma pulling in! Infant, 8 months old.
Possible TBI.
- All yours.
- Can we go? We just want to go home and be miserable.
You're gonna be OK.
Just hang on.
- Oh, my God! - We're right here.
- Tell me that's not - It's Maya.
Airway's fine, - those lungs are working.
- Phone fell, went to get it - No one's blaming you.
- We need to call Sandy.
Where's Sandy? OK, baby, OK.
- Give it to me, I'll put it in.
- Allen, we got this.
Let us do our jobs.
Did she vomit or lose consciousness? No vomiting, but she was out for two, maybe three minutes after she fell.
Any abnormal pupillary response? Seriously, Allen, you're family, out of the room.
- OK.
Come on.
- OK, call imaging.
Tell 'em we're coming up with a baby, 8 months.
Oh baby, it's OK.
You talked to Zoe? Zoe's stubborn.
She grew up in foster homes.
She's been on her own since She's tough.
- I guess so.
- So back to plan A.
You talk to me, tell me your story.
I'll go talk to her.
I know you don't know me, I just I wanna I wanna get you a second chance.
So, you wanna hear my story? Yeah, I wanna help.
You wanna hear how after Zoe was taken, I hit the skids and couldn't escape, how I ruined my life with jail and total self-destruction? That's the sort of thing you want to hear? Why are you doing this? She's my girlfriend.
That's not the reason.
I've been around, Griffin.
Second chances.
What have you done? What are you trying to make up for? What is it, money? No.
No, you're a rich kid.
You don't need to be spending her money.
Is it drugs? That's it, isn't it? Yeah, I recognize the look.
You be careful, Griffin.
You hurt my baby, I will find you.
What's going on? Mom, what are you doing? It's Maya.
She fell and hit her head.
She was unconscious for several minutes.
Mel, stop.
You're gonna stay out here.
You need to stay out here.
- How bad? - We don't know yet.
How many bottles of wine before you dropped her? Calm down, I didn't drop her - "Calm down"? - I wasn't drunk.
Of course not.
God, you never drink.
Sandy, this is Dad.
You need to come to the trauma bay - right now.
- It could've happened to anyone, Mel.
Come on! You sound like an idiot! Lower your voice.
This isn't helping.
Now text your sister, she's not picking up.
You've never poured yourself a couple of glasses of wine It's Dr.
I need you to page Sandy to the trauma bay.
You've never done that.
Shut up, Goddamn it! - So you're telling me you did? - I did what? - Want to kiss me? - Of course I wanted to kiss you.
You're an insanely attractive man.
That's not the point.
So? So it's unprofessional.
I'm a nurse, you're his emergency contact - What does that have to do with anything? - It means we can't kiss.
Or have coffee.
Not to mention the fact that I've known you for all of 90 seconds.
- Who cares? Go out with me.
- Nope.
- Conner, please report to trauma bay - Come on, that's crazy.
- Was that my name? - Sandy Conner.
Maybe I can sign something, or I can get Steve to sign something.
What is it? Whoa, hey, you need to stay out Maya.
Hi, baby.
Mommy's here.
Status? She's stable, but she has a scalp hematoma and her left pupil is a bit dilated.
- We're heading up right now for a STAT CT.
- Let's go.
Move it.
Maya, my love, Mommy's here.
We're going on a little ride.
Sandy, I'm so sorry.
Look, Maya, Auntie Mel's coming.
It's OK, sweetheart.
It's OK, we're both here.
It's OK.
- How are you feeling? - Tired.
A little sore.
Happy to see you, though.
It's been a ridiculous day.
I honestly haven't stopped running around.
I'm sorry for screwing it up.
All of it.
What you said earlier, about my mother - Zoe - I don't think that everyone should get to be forgiven.
There should be consequences.
For hurting people, for lying, for never coming back.
For coming back too late.
- You're right.
- I am? You shouldn't talk to her.
You should move on.
Who needs that kind of that, in their life? I mean, she lied to you, she'll do it again to get what she wants.
You can't trust her.
It could be Kanaskie.
- What's wrong? - Maya's in the ER.
- Hey, where is she, is she OK? - We don't know yet.
She's up in CT.
She hit her head, it's pretty bad.
- OK, can I go up, what should I do? - No, no, just go find your mother, she should be outside.
She's in rough shape.
First cigarette in five years.
- I bummed it from an EMT.
- You OK? Peachy.
I wasn't drunk.
They're not gonna believe that, but - I believe you.
- I wasn't.
I believe you.
You don't count.
I want her to be OK.
- I know.
- I want that this had never happened.
It doesn't matter what I say, she's never It was an accident.
I mean, I was never a great mother, but I didn't make a habit of throwing you three Stop, Mom.
Don't do this.
- You know what I really want? - What? A drink.
I want a drink.
I'm pathetic.
Or that time we came home from soccer practice and found her unconscious on the floor, you remember that? My first call to 911, I was eight.
Or that one Thanksgiving, she was so drunk she didn't realize she'd cut her finger, and she was bleeding - all over the turkey - Mel, please.
I'm sorry.
No fractures.
No internal bleeding.
This is good.
So Maya has a concussion, that's it.
It's OK.
She's gonna be OK.
Sandy? I have to wake her again in another hour.
They're worried about a subdural hematoma.
- Sandy, I'm sorry.
- I know, of course you are, Mom.
I mean, I wasn't It didn't happen because I was I know.
It could have been me.
Or Mel.
I'll call you later.
- Goodnight, Mom.
- Goodnight, sweetheart.
- You look exhausted.
- I am exhausted.
I'm sorry.
Me too.
I'll stay with Maya.
You go find a bed.
- We have to wake her again - In exactly 53 minutes.
I've got this.
What are you doing here? You shouldn't be up, not yet.
I couldn't get any information, what happened, - is she OK? - She hit her head, she has a concussion, - but she'll be fine.
- Oh God, thank God.
- OK, back to bed, let's go.
- What about you? Will you be fine? If she had died, if Maya had died My life would be over.
- How's she doing? - Waking to full alertness.
Normal pupillary reaction.
I brought ice cream.
My drug of choice.
Last few weeks, you and me we've been on a bit of a binge.
Flooding our systems with dopamine, norepinephrine, phenylethylamine Hearts racing, palms sweating, elation, sleeplessness, - euphoria - You think a crash is coming? I think we might be capable of more.
You said "I hope you're up for it.
" I am.
You scare the hell out of me, but I am.
I'm up for it.
I don't know what this is, what we've got, but I think we should find out.
- Good speech.
- Thanks.
You know what I think? I think we should talk about it tomorrow.
Is everything OK? You kinda left in a panic.
Can you stand up for a minute? I have to go to sleep now.
- Couldn't sleep.
- Can't blame you.
You want some ice cream?