Remedy (2014) s02e07 Episode Script

Everything in Moderation

I slipped.
I stopped, 5 days now.
I've been going to meetings.
Are you kidding me? Get away from me.
New chief of staff called a stakeholders meeting.
People aren't going to stand by while you dismantle everything they love about this place.
You might be in for a fight, Dennis.
Dallas Trauma Center called, looking for a reference.
Why leave? - It's what I do, I guess.
- I wouldn't tell that to my daughter if I were you.
You're going to get the offer, Peter.
- Not necessarily.
- Of course you are.
And you're going to take the job.
In your position, I'd do the same thing.
I need a research assistant.
You interested? OK.
- OK, I guess I'll see you soon.
- I messed up, Zoe.
But look at me, I'm clean.
The only way that I can do this, is with you, Zoe.
- I need your help.
- I'm going to bed.
You, sore throat, it's going to be a while.
You're free to wait, or there's a walk-in clinic down the street.
You deserve it.
Sip this.
Miss? - Migraine.
- Have you had one before? Light and noise sensitivity? Any nausea? Have you taken anything? Pills.
I need a shot.
Have a seat in the waiting room, - we'll try to get to you before lunch.
- Help! Can somebody help here! - Dr.
Conner, trauma coming in! - We need some help here! Where are the paramedics? We're fixing the water main down the block, one of my idiots didn't secure the circular saw.
The damn thing bucked loose and cut Bobby's hand off.
We need a stretcher.
Alright, hang on.
Keep the arm elevated.
Where's his hand? - Don't throw it out - Wrap this in moist gauze, get it in a bag, put the bag on ice.
Call plastics, ortho, vascular and the OR, tell them there's a priority one coming up.
Cutler, get that one.
- Where does it hurt? - My gut, my back.
I must've pulled something carrying Bobby.
- It's a smart move for him.
- I'm not saying it's not a smart move.
I'm saying, if Peter wants to go be a fancy pants trauma doctor in Dallas, why didn't he tell me that he was applying? - Maybe he thought you'd pressure him to stay.
- Why would I pressure him? It's not like we have a commitment.
We don't even have a relationship.
- You have regular sex with him.
- Yeah, but that's not we don't call it anything.
Has Ms.
Lin eaten anything yet? Barely drinking water.
Says everything makes her nauseous.
Nothing's showing up on the tests.
- I know.
- Family? Still looking.
The patch repair for her ulcer was textbook.
Everything looks OK, but I have to know that she can digest food before we release her.
I have to go.
She needs to eat.
- We'll keep looking.
Mel - What? You're having regular sex with someone who pisses you off - and you're worried he's gonna leave.
- Your point? I think that's called a relationship.
Where's my coffee? You said you'd have coffee ready.
I'm beat.
Griff, get up.
Have you showered? I have, like, thirty minutes to get to I want a double Americano misto, skim milk extra hot.
I have to get to the hospital to work on this study thing.
What is it with night nurses? They're just mean.
You should have heard what they said about Griff? - How much longer? - We're doing our best, Ms.
- Is there somewhere else that I could - You're gonna have to speak up.
- It's very busy and very loud and I can't - Alright.
Let me see if I can find somewhere quiet for you to wait, OK? The other construction worker still needs to be seen.
- OK.
How's that traumatic amputation? - He's on his way up to the OR for an attempted reattachment now.
Heads up.
What's the buzz? - Dr.
- Cara.
- And this is? - Cutler, 5th year resident.
With time to work out.
Don't get too attached.
He's not staying around long.
- Oh, why's that? - Greener pastures.
I may be, I Yeah, I'm heading down to Dallas.
Trauma centre there.
So it's official? Actually it is, yeah.
As of this morning.
- Congrats.
- Good for you.
Well, you are dead to me, Doctor - Y'know, I don't actually remember.
- Yeah, me neither.
- So, what can we do for you? - I just wanted to make sure you're squared away re: the study.
Happy to help.
Study? We're taking snapshot surveys on patient satisfaction here today in the ER.
- Patient satisfaction.
- Allen People come into the ER, they wait for ages only to be told they're not sick enough and there's nothing we can do, or they're sicker than they thought and they have to stick around.
No one's satisfied in the ER.
- Well, that's an attitude.
- That's the truth.
Ben Lasalle and his assistant will be running the survey, and, well, they'll give me a call if anything turns up.
A call.
It's just a study.
- Thin edge of the wedge.
- OK, what's next, boss? He's all about specialization in high-margin clinics.
We aren't that.
Yeah, well, if you feel so strongly about it, maybe you should have taken the job.
OK, we've got a sprain in room 2.
Darryl Darryl Sittler?! Darryl Sittler's in 2? Number 27 in the house! Guy's a Hall of Famer.
It's my dad's favourite player, I'll take it.
No, no, no, let's get him a local doctor.
- Allen? - Yeah.
I love hockey.
You get three toddlers and their dad in room 6.
It's an honour to meet you, sir.
- Call me Darryl.
- Thank you.
So I hear you sprained your ankle playing shinny.
Thought you were retired.
Well, played today.
Scored ten points.
Matched the record.
And how old were the other guys? Six and ten.
But they were big.
Alright, that hurt? Right there if I move that? - Little bit tender.
- Alright.
Couple weeks in a walking boot and you should be fine.
In the old days, tape it up, and grit our teeth.
Well, this'll be a little more comfortable.
- You hang tight, Captain.
- Thanks, Doc.
Lasalle, I am so sorry.
- I was wondering.
- I didn't have your number.
And I worked late, when I got home, my boyfriend - It doesn't matter, I'm sorry.
- Is everything OK? Sure, yeah.
I'm here, I'm sorry.
Just sit down, and catch your breath.
It won't happen again.
So, you worked late last night? - Couldn't change my shift.
- Well, you need a coffee? No, no, I'm fine.
- Just take my coffee.
I haven't touched it.
- No, it's OK.
Just take it.
Um, anyway.
I read the material.
Yeah, it's pretty straightforward, right? I ask questions, check boxes.
- It's actually pretty boring, right? - I just spent the last 10 hours cleaning beds in the basement, so this is this is heaven to me.
Rivera! Is your boyfriend gonna grace us with his presence? Mr.
Kanaskie, I - It's my boss.
- Snappy dresser.
'Cause I've had it, alright.
I mean, where is he? What, did he forget to sign in again? Mr.
Kanaskie, this is Dr.
- I'll be assisting him today.
- Hi there.
So, Prince Conner.
Is he coming in or not? Honestly, I don't - I don't know.
I haven't seen him.
- Well, if you see him, you tell him there was a straw, there was a camel, and there was a back.
OK? Griffin Conner.
You seen him? - I don't keep track.
- No, of course you don't.
Ah, Dr.
- Your son? Didn't sign in again today.
- OK, Frank, OK.
If he's not going to show up for his shift, - I really don't - Sure there's an explanation.
Oh, there's always an explanation, isn't there? - Hey, what was Darryl Sittler like? - Still looks like he can play on the third line.
- Are you serious? - What, Frank? - You want me to call Griffin? - No, Darryl Sittler's here at Beth H? Yeah, just over there.
The Darryl Sittler? In my ER? - Really, is that - Frank, Frank It's not a big deal, - I just want to shake the guy's hand - Ah! - I'm sorry, sorry.
- Don't! Stay away! Ah! I need to get out! - I need to get out! - It's OK.
It's OK.
You're OK.
It's OK.
You're OK.
Give me some gloves.
Just lean forward, lean forward.
I'm sorry.
- I'm so sorry.
- Just take your time.
- Let's get her in Iso.
- Got it.
Morning, everybody.
Donut? Bear claw? Cruller? Conner! - I'm busy, Frank.
- No, the other one.
What are you doing? - I gotta get to work.
- Yeah, you and me, downstairs, five minutes.
- You look good.
- Don't.
I got up early.
I got donuts for the gang.
Did you get my message? My phone's been pretty wonky.
I'll talk to you soon.
Frank's been on me.
You on the reattachment? That's what it is? Page from the staff didn't say.
Yeah, left hand, at the wrist.
Sounds like fun.
I got Dallas.
So we should talk.
Why? - How about dinner tonight? - Dallas.
That's great.
Good for you.
A nice dinner.
A real dinner, - at a nice restaurant - Can't.
I have something.
- So cancel - Peter, it's OK.
You're going to Dallas.
You don't have to take me out - to dinner to soften the blow.
- That's not come on, Mel You made it very clear, we both made it clear, this, us, was, is an interesting thing - but not a thing thing.
It's fine.
- Don't be like this Donut, Frank? - Where were you this morning? - Guilty.
I forgot to sign in.
- I warned you.
You were on notice.
- I was here.
The whole time.
Except for ten minutes when I went out to go get these, these little morale boosters.
- What's this? - Don't.
That's don't.
Darryl Sittler's autograph.
Darryl Sittler in our hospital.
He's a hockey player, right? Really? OK, transport needs somebody in Surgical Short Stay, and I cannot be short-staffed today.
Go to work.
And Conner? I'm not an idiot.
If I catch you high on the job, or you miss a shift or you screw up again, you're gone.
You will be a ghost.
You've hit your last foul ball.
Two strand Kessler flexor repair.
You ever seen the Kessler, Dr.
Conner? Not in the flesh.
Get in there, have a look at it.
Very impressive, sir.
Thank you.
Now, let's give Bobby a chance to work again.
- It's all yours.
- Minimal tearing on the major vessels.
I told Guerra I'd convince you to play floor hockey again.
I'm retired, Dr.
Removing the radial clamp.
Deflate the tourniquet.
Need to check arterial flow.
OK, I bet Guerra.
He has $200 on you never showing your face again.
Proximal vessels are bleeding nicely.
Tourniquet back up, please.
I'm going to repair the radial and ulnar arteries followed by the cephalic vein.
Double approximator clamp, please.
Placing the clamp.
Length looks good, no need for a vein graft.
Playing Physiotherapy tonight.
Oh yeah? Those women can run like gazelles.
- Tonight? - Yeah.
It's fun.
Remember? Yeah.
Remember? Unless, you know, you you have plans to have - do something less fun somewhere else.
- Actually, I don't.
So you're in? You'll play? Tell Guerra to pay up.
I'm in.
Beginning anastomosis Hi, Faith.
That's a pretty extreme way to jump to the head of the line.
I'm sorry.
Too many doctors.
Then that guy Sorry.
It's alright.
No need to apologize.
We're here to help.
I just need a shot of triptan.
- It works.
- Faith, your blood isn't clotting properly, which is why we can't stop your nose from bleeding.
And the sores in your mouth I chew my cheeks, it's gross.
I'm sorry.
- We need to do more tests - No.
Just just the migraine.
My mom had them too.
Your mom.
Is she somebody we can call? No, she's No.
She died.
- Is there somebody else we can call - No, no, it's just me.
It's pounding.
We can give you something for the pain, but you can't go anywhere until the bleeding stops.
- When I stop bleeding, I'm going home.
- Alright.
I have to go.
She let us start the coagulants, but she's refusing any further treatment.
- You think she's infectious? - She's not well.
White blood cell count is high.
I'm running a second round of blood work to see - what caused the bleeding.
- Fever? Vomiting? Some nausea.
- Could be the migraine.
- I don't think so.
Clearly she has anxiety issues.
I think we need a psych eval.
Go ahead and try, but if she continues to refuse treatment, you gotta let her go.
Mmm You should try one.
They're goooood.
Nom nom I'm sorry.
I have a baby.
They are good, though.
No to grapes, Ms.
Lin? - Sister Sandy.
- Oh, hey.
Lin to imaging? - Grapes.
Help yourself.
- No, thanks.
I don't eat green food.
She speaks Foochow, it's a rare Min Chinese dialect.
They'll need to use Translation Services.
They're really good for you I'm gonna puke, I mean it.
- Have you talked to Zoe? - Yeah.
She texted me this morning.
Said you were out all night? No, she That's just a mix-up.
If I were Mel, I'd think you were using again.
- Come on, Sandy.
- Griff.
If I was on drugs, would I be here talking to you about fruit? - If it's not drugs, what is it? - You know, I gotta get Ms.
Lin to imaging.
Is it something with Zoe? - Moving in was a big step.
- It's personal, so can you - You're not fooling around on her, are you? - What? No, I didn't think so.
- Forget it.
- Actually yeah.
Yeah, yeah, I was.
- God, Griff - It was a one-time thing.
- How could you? - Hey, hey, look.
- It meant nothing, OK? - Zoe will be so hurt.
- It's not gonna happen again, I swear, Sandy.
- Go.
- I swear - Go.
I'll talk to you later.
You need to sign this form to confirm you're leaving against medical advice, - and that you understand - I understand.
You're not well, Faith.
Your white blood cell count is high.
It could mean an infection or something as serious as leukemia.
- We should take more tests.
- I just need to go home.
Pardon me, have you been discharged? We're doing a survey No, no, get away! Don't you have patients? - How'd the surgery go? - The hand's getting blood.
They're repairing the nerves now.
- Why won't you come to dinner? - I'm busy tonight.
- I don't believe you.
- Too bad.
It's true.
Mel Come to Dallas with me.
- What? - You heard me.
Go to Dallas.
With you.
- Yeah.
I mean, there's more to it than that - No kidding.
- They need a vascular surgeon, I mentioned you.
- You mentioned You want me to actually move there? Sure.
Why not? So all of a sudden, this is what? A relationship? I wanted to do this at dinner.
But since you're busy - I am busy.
- Really? Doing what? I'm I'm I'm playing floor hockey.
Go back to work.
- So, it's a complicated case.
- My guess? Probably agoraphobia, undiagnosed.
- Worse around doctors.
- You said the mother died, right? Recently, yeah.
Her only family.
The mother may have been part of a coping mechanism, and now she associates doctors with losing her.
Like a magnified White Coat Syndrome.
She signed an AMA, refusing treatment.
Her blood work should tell us why she's haemorrhaging, - but I don't want her leaving before then.
- Then use my study.
- What? - Non-medical.
- Zoe.
- Hey.
We want to hold on to that woman until some blood work comes back.
Do you think you could do the questionnaire with her as a way of keeping her here? Um, yeah, sure.
- What's her name? - Faith.
Thanks, Zoe.
Dad? Do you have a couple minutes? - Is this about Griff? - What? No.
Why does everything have to be about Griff? - Don't eat that.
- What? Why? - It's cake.
- It's a muffin.
Cake without icing.
Take my apple.
Peter got Dallas.
- He told you.
Good for him.
- There was no guarantee of a job here.
You said it yourself, the new chief will be cutting staff - That's not why he's leaving.
- And it's a great opportunity.
- That's not why either.
- Dad Peter Cutler is a guy always looking for the next new thing.
He's trying to expand his experience.
- That can't be bad.
For anyone.
- You're ambitious, you don't feel the need to go anywhere.
You understand everything you need to be a great surgeon is right here.
I'm sorry, sweetheart.
I know you liked this guy.
- I did.
I do.
- Peter is a lone wolf.
Gotta let those go.
There are some things a father should never say to his daughter.
- But I'm gonna risk it.
OK? - Sure.
You're better off without him.
Level of confidence in your physician.
Excellent, very good, good, fair, poor? - That's Dr.
- Yeah.
Did Dr.
Conner was everything OK? I don't like doctors.
Any doctors.
I don't trust them.
Hospitals are the worst.
I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't say that, but my dad died after an operation.
My mom's doctors just made her sicker and sicker.
So what happened today? I took all the meds left from my mom, but nothing worked.
- You took your mother's medication? - It worked before.
- Faith - She gave it to me.
My mom had migraines too.
Did you tell Dr.
Conner? When you spoke to him? Can I go? Why don't you want any treatment? It's just a headache.
I don't like being I'm not good around people.
Not just doctors.
Do you have anyone you can talk to, - someone that can help you through this? - No.
Not since Mom died.
I mostly just stay home.
I feel sick.
Is there a I'm sorry.
What happened? She threw up.
Is she going to let us treat her? I don't think she's seen or talked to anyone in, like, forever.
Not since her mom.
She may not have left the house.
OK, thanks.
Oh, and she was taking her mother's drugs.
She tell you that? What kind? I don't know.
For the migraines.
I need to go change.
Yeah, of course.
No problem.
Then we can get some coffee? - No, I can keep working.
- No, it's break time.
- Faith, can I talk to you? - I'm leaving.
I think I know what caused the bleeding.
Zoe told me you took some of your mother's pills.
- Was she on blood thinners? - I don't - Did she have heart issues? - Yeah.
Well, when you took her meds for your migraine, you might have taken her warfarin.
That likely caused the severe bleeding.
So I'm not sick? Your white blood cell count suggests that you do have an infectious disease.
When I get upset, I get dizzy.
Sometimes I throw up.
Is that true? Really? Faith? No.
I know this is hard for you, dealing with so many strangers like this, but if you leave here with an infectious disease, you could hurt a lot of other people.
If I don't see anyone, I can't infect anyone.
How will you get home? The subway.
If I stay, what happens? We just need to take another test, just put a small needle in your spine.
I'll put a rush on the results so you don't have to be here any longer than you need to.
You can do the test.
Thank you, Faith.
Thank you.
We will take care of you.
- Ms.
Lin is coming back up from Imaging.
- Anything? Her GI tract is clear.
No obstruction, no diverticulitis.
The repair is holding.
So there's no reason for her not to be eating.
Get the translator to focus on the positive.
Ask her what she'd like to eat.
It's hard to ask for a special order when food services has been farmed out.
Try it, try anything.
- So, I need to talk to you about something.
- Griff.
Why does it always have to - no, Peter.
- I think Griff is in trouble.
- And it's not the drugs.
- What then? He screwed around on Zoe.
Last night.
And that's why he didn't come home.
- He didn't - And Zoe doesn't know.
I told you.
He's using.
Why do you always have to go there? No, this makes sense, - and it's a best-case scenario - OK, Griffin sleeping around on Zoe is your idea of a best-case scenario? Sandy.
Look me in the eye.
- Why? - Do it.
- No.
I'm working.
- Do it! Now tell me you think our brother is not on drugs.
I feel awful.
Like I'm gonna throw up.
What the hell was the holdup, I've been waiting four hours.
I'm sorry, Mr.
Sarkey, very busy day.
Does it feel any worse when I press here? No, it's all the same.
I really did it, didn't I? There's no sign of injury there.
Can you roll onto your back for me? The kid with the hand? That's my nephew, right.
I got him a job as a favour to his dad.
Have you had any pain in your lower back or abdomen before today? The past few weeks, yeah.
Y'know, Bobby, was trying to get him on the straight and narrow, then I go cut off his goddamned hand ah! Doc, ow! Holy hell! Ah! OK, there.
Can you stand for me? I need to feel your groin.
I believe you have an inguinal hernia.
What, from carrying Bobby? What a mess.
And by the feel of it, it's strangulated.
I'm gonna kill my crew when this is all over.
A section of your bowel has broken through your lower abdominal wall.
When you lifted Bobby, your muscles clamped around it, and it cut off its blood supply.
You need emergency surgery.
- Hey.
Zoe - I gotta go upstairs.
Whoa, you look good in this little T-shirt.
- Let's get you in a storage closet - Stop, Griff! That's funny? Why is that funny to you? - No, it's not.
I don't know - You're high.
- No, I'm not.
- You're high, aren't you? - No, I'm happy to see you - You need to go home or go wherever, but you shouldn't be working.
This is a hospital You sound exactly like my sister.
Zoe, I'm happy to see you, I'm happy I'm in love, - and this morning - I don't want to hear it.
I wasn't out getting donuts, you're right.
I mean, of course I was, but I was out all night, thinking.
- Thinking.
- Stop.
Zoe, stop.
I was thinking.
I was I went for a walk.
It was freezing, but I didn't care.
I went down by the lake.
It was so beautiful, with the moon on the water.
And I just kept on walking.
And I ended up in like Scarborough or something.
I knew you were working all night, so I crashed on a buddy's couch in Oshawa and I couldn't get a train back.
Scarborough, I mean.
I swear, if you guys cut the wrong thing or leave something in there You've got nothing to worry about, Mr.
Listen, when the kid wakes up, you tell him I'm sorry.
Alright? You'll be able to tell him yourself.
- But yeah, I will.
- Thanks.
That's your strangulated hernia.
- Are you serious? - Yes.
- About what? - About us.
- Us going to Dallas? - Forget Dallas for a sec.
I can't.
Look, this doesn't have to be so complicated If you were serious about us, why would you jump at the first chance to leave? My residency is up at the end of this year.
- There is no job for me here.
- There could be.
- If you really wanted - OK, so I pass on Dallas and nothing happens here, - then where am I? - Here.
With me.
- I have a career, Mel.
- And I don't.
- Don't be so angry.
- I'm not angry, I'm freaking out! - I have a family here that needs me.
- And you're responsible for all of them.
That's what family is, we take care of each other.
No, that's not, no.
Family should support each other.
- That's what I meant.
- When do they support you? Seriously, Mel.
What about your life? - Your dreams.
- No one dreams of going to Dallas.
My dad is right about you.
I'm sorry, your father is right about what, exactly? OK.
I'm glad we had this little chat.
Thank you.
When was the last time you did something, anything, without thinking about how your family might react? Try it.
You might surprise yourself.
Why are you wearing a mask? We've got the results from your lumbar puncture.
Oh God, it's bad, isn't it? White blood cells in your cerebrospinal fluid, along with increased glucose and protein, indicate that you probably have meningitis.
- Meningitis? - It's treatable.
We're going to put you on some strong antibiotics, and a cortisone medication.
Will it work? I'm optimistic.
You need to stay here, Faith.
OK? So I can take care of you.
I'm sorry.
I know I shouldn't, but What is it? I want my mom.
I really want my mom.
You ordered a chariot? She was waiting.
They had to call me up here.
OK, Mrs.
Gaston, - we all set? - All set, thank you.
I can help you take some of these? Oh no, it's too much.
Give them to other patients.
- So that's going to make up for it? - Excuse me? Screwing around on Zoe.
- I didn't.
- Sandy says you said you did.
- I told her that but I wasn't - I spend more time talking about you and thinking about you.
- It's insane.
- You don't have to be my sister, you can pretend I don't exist.
People do that.
Thanks for the offer.
She had it in her head that I did.
I gave her the satisfaction of thinking she was right.
You're not fooling anyone, Griff.
Incision should be 2 centimetres inferio-medial to the ASIS - to the pubic tubercle - Want a ride? What? - Tonight.
Floor hockey.
- No.
I that's OK.
The pubic tubercle, parallel to the inguinal ligament Guerra can't make it.
- Jerry.
- Sorry.
Go ahead.
Expose the external oblique fascia and superficial inguinal ring, and isolate the spermatic cord I'm not sure that I can make it.
- OK.
- Yeah, I dunno.
OK, look Whatever happened.
You and me.
- Happened.
- Jerry No, I want to say this.
Maybe I moved too fast.
And you, we But I want you to know I overreacted.
I still think of you as a friend.
And I hope that you think of me the same way, because, as a friend, I'm there for you.
- As a friend.
- You don't need to And because Guerra can't make it, you might need to play double shifts.
You're that good.
This is the part where you just say "OK.
" OK.
OK, Mr.
Make sure you get this filled, follow the directions until the pills are gone, even if you're feeling better, alright? Porters are delivering flowers now? Shouldn't you be working, - especially after this morning? - Gimme a break, I'm trying to give flowers to my girlfriend.
Griffin, if you've hurt that girl, - you better make it right.
- Dad, I got this.
That's what the flowers are for.
- Hey.
- I'm working.
I just want five minutes, I just don't want you to be all mad at me Well, of course I'm mad, you've been coming home later and later, last night you didn't come home at all.
- That's what I want to explain.
- Not now.
Zoe! - Just take the flowers! - Excuse me, is there a problem here? - No, there's no problem.
- Zoe? - It's none of your business.
- Griff It is my business if you're harassing her.
Now let her I'm not harassing her, this is my girlfriend, - why don't you back off? - Security! Griffin! Griffin! There you are.
I'm sorry.
Don't be.
You didn't do anything wrong.
Yeah, well, you're still gonna fire me.
- No.
- Yes, you are.
OK, I'm gonna fire you, but can I fire you inside? - It's pretty cold out here.
- No, I can't go inside.
Then you'd better take my jacket.
- No, I can't.
- Just take the jacket, Zoe, come on.
I've been up for, like, too many hours, you must think I'm a complete nutjob.
Well Actually, I think you're an enthusiastic researcher and I enjoyed working with you today.
No, you're a psychologist.
You're thinking way more than that.
Am I? Tell me.
Really? Yeah.
OK, um You said you were a foster kid.
No, I didn't, when did I say that? OK, you didn't.
Another PSA told me.
Why were you asking another PSA about me? Zoe, most likely you didn't get the kind of unconditional love a child needs to develop a strong sense of self-esteem.
So you end up with a boyfriend that's not good enough for you, because you don't think you deserve any better.
That's just off-the-cuff, free analysis.
It's probably not worth any more than you paid for it.
I'm cold.
My chest feels Why does my chest feel so heavy? It's OK, lie back, we'll get you some oxygen.
Were you short of breath before? I thought I was getting better It's OK.
Let me talk to Dr.
Conner, OK? He said he would take care of me.
Frank, Allen Conner.
If you see my son, can you call me? Thanks.
Faith Duncan.
- What about her? - She's complaining her chest feels heavy.
I put her on oxygen.
Her chest? - That doesn't fit with meningitis.
- She's getting worse.
We missed something.
What else changed? Fever hasn't come down and her BP's a bit on the low side.
Call radiology, have them get her into trauma for a chest X-ray.
What's next? stepped on a rusty nail.
- Have a minute? - Not really.
I need to talk to you about Mel.
Well, if it's personal, it can wait.
I ask her to go to Dallas and you get right in there between us.
- Peter, I didn't know you asked her to go to Dallas.
- That's not what she said.
OK, Peter, I told her she was better off without you.
If I had known you had asked her to go to Dallas, I probably would have told her it was a bad idea.
- Now, don't you have patients? - Why would you do that? Mel is my daughter, I'm going to give her advice if she asks for it.
You know who might benefit from some of that great fatherly advice? Your son.
Hey, Ms.
Lin still not eating? She told the translator she has a sore throat.
From the endoscopy, I guess.
It's gotta be tough.
Different language.
Different food.
Mel told me that you lied to me about the one-night stand.
You know, I'm really I just get tired of people thinking the worst of me.
So you were kind of the last straw.
- I'm trying to help you.
- Mel's trying to turn everyone against me.
That's not true.
What happened down in the ER? She's gotta eat.
Griff, - Devi called me and she said that you and Zoe - Maybe I'll go in there, I'll turn on the charm, you know? - Griff, you can't just - No wonder she's not eating, look at this crap you're trying to shove down her throat.
Come on.
She's hemorrhaging again? No.
Coughing up blood.
- And her 02 sats keep dipping.
- X-rays are back.
Significant pulmonary edema.
This isn't just meningitis.
Call RT, get them down here right now.
Faith, your lungs are filling with fluid and we need to figure out what's causing that.
Now you said you hadn't done any travelling, but did your mother? She died.
What's happening to me? Before she passed.
No, she never left me.
Alright, I know this is hard, but you need to stay calm, take slow deep breaths.
Slow deep breaths.
That's it.
Now, what caused your mother's death? Heart.
Was she sick with anything else? No.
You lied to me.
- This is important.
- Just like they lied to my mom.
Was she treated for TB? Do you know, maybe - RT can be here in 15.
- Turn up the oxygen.
O2 sats down to 92%.
You don't know anything, do you? Faith? Faith.
Faith, stay with us.
Stay with us.
Faith? Faith.
Faith! Faith! Stay with us.
- That's it, you stay with us.
- Pulse is weak and thready.
We need to intubate.
Was she around any harsh cleaning chemicals? Cleaned the mice - I was scared of the mice - Mice? Lots of them? - Filthy animals.
- And you cleaned up? They were everywhere.
This is important.
Did you mop or did you sweep? - Swept - You swept.
- OK.
- Everything Sats coming back up.
So, we keep the tube in, keep up supportive care, and order a course of ribavirin - and she'll have a shot.
- Ribavirin? Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome.
Rodents shed the virus in their feces - and the droppings dry out - And Faith's sweeping put the dust into the air.
And she inhaled the virus.
No, hey, don't worry, I'm not here to take you to any tests or anything.
I brought you a gift.
Whaddaya think? That's what I thought.
I got this place in Chinatown I know about.
It's so good.
You know, people around here, they don't really get people.
They're so busy wrapped up in their own thing, they don't see what's staring them right in the face, yeah? Congee is what you've needed all along.
Soup for the soul.
It goes down like honey.
You gotta eat your fortune cookie.
Let's see what we got here Lucky number 5.
And here it is, "Everything in moderation.
" Boring.
That's totally boring.
You OK? Griff? What is going on? I didn't do anything, I just got her congee from Chinatown.
This is anaphylaxis.
She's allergic to something.
Call for epinephrine! - It's OK.
- We need an epi in here.
Just try to breathe, OK? Look, it's just rice, - it's chicken, broth, pork, seafood - Shellfish? - I don't know.
- Outside food.
You of all people should know better.
Come on, they give it to sick people all the time.
- They give it to kids - What the hell is wrong with you? Get out.
It's OK.
We got you.
Administering to the weak and helpless.
I have a message for him.
From his uncle.
Who cut off his hand.
It was an accident.
Hey, Bobby, I'm Dr.
- Do I still have a hand? - You do.
Not quite good as new, but it should work.
Bobby, your uncle Don wanted me to tell you that he had emergency surgery himself.
Otherwise he'd be here.
- He OK? - A hernia.
He'll be fine.
Construction's a nightmare.
He wanted me to tell you that he was sorry.
Yeah, well.
Could be worse.
I could have to work tomorrow.
What? I hate my job.
My whole family works construction.
I was hoping for something like maybe not this bad, but So I didn't have to.
You could've just quit.
You don't know my family.
I'm tired.
You rest.
Zoe, you have to listen.
It doesn't matter.
Doesn't matter where you were, what you did.
- I maybe had two beers.
- I can't do it.
I can't worry about where you are at 2AM, 4, - all night.
Not anymore.
- It'll never happen again You're a liar and I deserve better.
If you want help, I mean really want help, I'll be there for you.
But not right now.
Not like this.
My office.
How'd it go today? Griff I don't know what's going on with him.
Do you? Alright.
Don't worry, I'll speak with him.
Is he here? He's in there.
- Griff.
- Not now, Dad.
Yes, now, Griffin.
- Griffin! - Allen.
I fired him.
He's done.
- I think it looks better on you, Mel - Let's talk.