Remedy (2014) s02e08 Episode Script

Looking for Satellites

Previously on Remedy Come to Dallas with me.
I have a family that needs me! When's the last time you did something, anything, without thinking about how your family might react? - I think Griff is in trouble.
- I told you, he's using! Tell me you think our brother is not on drugs.
- Natasha! - I tried calling, silly, for a month.
It wasn't that whole night with the coke thing, was it? - You and me had a good thing.
- I was used! Now I need you! Allen, I fired him.
He's done.
Let's talk.
Jesus, she's a cop.
What the hell happened? Fell through the floor at an abandoned factory chasing some jackass.
- How's her airway? - Looks clear, but her sats are low, 93 percent.
I'm taking her up to 10 litres of O2 let's push ***.
She's tachypneic but breaths are shallow.
Where are those chest tubes? - Laryngoscope? - Kelly clamp, now.
Got no radial femoral pulse by palpation.
- It's already at the carotid.
- That's not a good sign.
- How is she? - Right tube is placed.
- You need to find her husband.
- I'll call dispatch, let them know.
Let's get another tube in, keep pumping in the saline.
We need to get her BP up.
- (cop): What can I tell them? - Nothing, say nothing! Just get him here, fast.
Ready to insert the left tube.
Got no response to stimulus at any of the extremities.
Right pupil's blown, left is slow to dilate.
We need to get her - She's in V-tach.
- Damn it! Who the hell was she chasing, anyway? Lanagan Pike; fell into a shallow pool of water and sodium hydrochloride.
Burns to the right side, deep laceration to the left thigh.
Frig, man, that burns! (Moaning) I need that one for questioning.
- You can have him when I'm done.
- A police officer's been injured.
- 1, 2, 3, up.
- (Crying out in pain) (loud club music playing) Backstage is off limits! Listen, man, just get Yannick.
Yannick knows her, man! Her name is Natasha, she has brown eyes, she's a dancer in there, - Yannick knows her, she's totally sweet - Hey, HEY! - Take a walk.
- Dude, listen to me.
I'm sorry about what I said about your lack of neck that was hurtful, OK? But I gotta find her, man, you gotta help me! Dude, come on! Trust me, you're better off.
You? Hey, buddy.
This place has gone totally downhill.
Hey, buddy, where'd you come from? I saw you inside, raising hell.
Yeah, that chump took my backpack! So, Natasha Yeah.
Man, what about her? Have you seen her? Long gone, bro.
She hasn't danced here in months.
You know where she is? Last time I saw you, you wanted to punch my face in.
You remember that? - Vaguely.
- It was that chick.
- Out of the picture? - Out of the picture.
- You got blow? - No, man.
Why would I have blow? Natasha Got a couple ideas where she might be.
(plastic bag rustling) (laughing): There he is! Welcome back, Conner! - Ah! That really does hurt, man! - Chemical burns will do that.
Not too serious.
Looks like the EMTs did a good job irrigating.
That ambulance guy brought my camera? I gotta find my camera.
It can wait.
Those pictures are important! I need to do another round of irrigation on your burn before I can dress it, then I'll clean the stitches up.
No, listen! That building is toxic, OK? I didn't risk my life in there so the cops could say I was getting my rocks off.
- If you knew it was so dangerous, why did you - It's my job.
It's what I do.
And what's that? Urban explorer and environmental activist.
Go to school for that? I started climbing buildings, taking pictures, posting them online, whatever.
Then I started hacking into these abandoned factories, saw all this toxic crap, right? So I started taking pictures and posting them to hold the owners responsible.
- You ever think about the risk? - It comes with the territory.
To others, I mean.
The risk to others.
No, these places are empty.
It's just me and the bats.
Not this time.
- (long beep) - Clear.
(alarm beeping) - Clear.
- (Machine whirring) - (thumping) - (long beep continues) One more time.
Charge to 300.
- Clear.
- (Thumping) (long beep) Time of death, 8:37 PM.
(radio static) How's she doing? We couldn't revive her.
She's I know she looked bad, but you guys usually Stephanie's injuries were overwhelming.
We did everything we could.
He'll be OK, it's, um, just rough.
I'm sorry.
- OK, Doc, time's up.
- Stay away from me.
- Come on, get up.
- I'm not finished treating.
She died! An officer's dead and we need to interview.
Just back up, right now.
Throw some bandages on him.
This piece of crap needs to get charged! Come on! (clamouring) Come on, get up! - Come on, get up! - (People shrieking) - (clamouring) - OK, OK! (theme music playing) We gotta get him to division before his lawyer gets here.
- OK, calm down.
- I am calm! Call the divisional detective, tell her what happened - so she can call homicide, OK? - What about Pike? Dr.
Connor isn't going to let him walk out of here.
- Are you, Dr.
Connor? - No, I'm not.
Stephanie was 34 years old.
What a waste.
What a god damn waste.
I want Lanagan Pike in the back of my car.
As soon as you can.
They're going to kill me! - Take it easy, Mr.
Pike - Are you kidding? Hanging a protest sign off a coal plant smokestack, I got thumped so bad I couldn't see out of this eye for 3 days.
- Just breathe.
- Look at what he did to you, and you're a doctor! Stay still.
I told her I was coming down, she came after me anyway.
She didn't know what she was doing, how to walk up there.
We both fell right through the floor.
She shouldn't have been there.
You were trespassing.
She was doing her job, too.
OK, bend your knee.
It was an accident.
I'm going to keep you here for a few hours to monitor you, check for toxicity in your blood.
(PA): [Dr.
Young to the NICU.
Young to the NICU.
] We need to start questioning him.
And I need to be sure he's medically clear before I release him.
Excuse me.
What's happening with the jackass? - Excuse me? - The kid who caused all this.
He's OK.
I mean, he's not, but his injuries are.
- He'll be fine.
- Jackass! - Stop calling him that.
- Climbing in places like that? - He got a good person killed! - It was an accident.
Peter a cop died! There was no intention.
In fact, he tried to stop her.
You're defending him.
He was just trespassing.
It was a sad and tragic accident.
I think you're minimizing just a little.
I have to get to work.
Can we talk about this later? - Or we could not talk about it at all.
- Mel No.
I'm just surprised you feel that way.
Alright, buddy, much as I love spending time with you, where the hell is this bar? Where is Natasha? Um She works at this bar She works The bar is, uh somewhere.
Hey, you and Natasha, - you sure she's going to want to see you? - Dude, she loves me.
She never judged me.
- Worst thing I ever did - Dumped her? Yeah.
You gotta listen to me: I got a vision.
- It's important.
- Alright.
Hey! Whoa! - Yeah.
- What is this, Thanksgiving? - You mean Halloween? - That's right.
- Hey, kids! - Don't scare them! - You got any more of those? - Yeah.
We just need two.
How much? - Give me some money.
- What? Come on, I lost my wallet.
Yeah, that'll do it.
Here, 20 bucks.
You gotta light us up, though, huh? There you go.
- Alright.
Stay in school! - Gracias.
(kids laughing) Alright, buddy, here's what I'm thinking, here's my vision: I am thinking simplicity.
- Drugs! - Med school.
- Med school! - I'm going to get a farm, maybe something simple, I'm going to start a practice, a fertility clinic Dr.
Conner, helping bring light into the world.
The only thing I need is Natasha.
Ah! I remember where it is, it's this way! Let's get a drink.
I'm so totally weirded out right now.
- It was so weird! - Oh, come on, it happens.
- Peter was defending him! - Who? - The jackass.
- Oh, the jackass.
He said it was an "accident".
Well, that's a way of looking at it, or it's criminal negligence causing death.
Why didn't I say that? Well, my guess is that there's plenty of weirdness to come.
What? You're moving to Dallas with a man you barely know.
It's going to be a voyage of discovery, that's for sure.
I gotta get downstairs.
I'm going to try to get your brother's job back for him.
Anybody hear from him? Sandy hasn't heard from him, neither has Zoe.
OK, it's just been a couple of days, give him some time to cool off, - then if I can just - He's not cooling off, Dad.
He's in a crack den somewhere.
You don't know that.
None of us know that.
Night, hon.
Sorry! - Trauma.
- No problem, I just have to hurry.
How come? - Don't get upset.
- Why would I be upset? I need to clean for Sandy? There's a real estate agent coming by first thing in the morning.
I need more milk.
A A real estate OK, I give.
Why? I was going to tell you on the way home.
To value the townhouse.
Value? I just want to see how much it's worth.
- I know what value means.
- I'm not selling, it would just be good to know in case.
- You're going to be in Dallas - I told you I'd pay my share! - It's too big for me and Maya.
- It's only a contract! You don't know that! And it might be nice to be close to Mom.
Mom? Yeah, in case I need help.
Sandy, Mom dropped Maya on her head.
It was an accident.
Mel, you can't just go and make changes like this - You can't sell the townhouse! - and not expect other people to make changes too.
I'm going to go.
Conner? Dr.
Conner I Can I Sorry to I need to Can I talk to you? - Nicole, you OK? - Stephanie.
You were with Stephanie? The police officer? - Yes.
I'm sorry, did you - She was my wife.
Oh, Nicole, I don't know what to say - Yeah.
- I'm so sorry.
I I want to I need to see her.
I think it might be good if you waited a bit.
Yeah, no, I need to - Stephanie's injuries - I'm an EMT! OK? I'm sure I've seen worse.
I need to see my wife.
(whispering) Please (knocking) Got a minute? I'm off the clock.
I want you to give Griff his job back.
- No.
There, less than a minute! - Well, let's talk about this.
- He almost killed a patient.
- It was an accident! It's still no.
- Just like that? - Yup.
- No discussion? - Uh, no.
I'm not leaving until we talk about this.
Close the door on the way out.
I need to eat.
Frank, wait! Nicole It's OK, I just, I just wanna sit with her for a bit, OK? OK.
(rolling chair) I yelled down the stairs.
- What? - When she left for work, I was too tired to go downstairs and kiss her goodbye.
You didn't know.
No one does.
I never in a million years thought I'd marry a woman.
I had a boyfriend, we were serious, and I met Stephanie at some first responders thing, fundraiser, and all my everything turned upside down.
I do.
I do, I do.
(sobbing) I do (gasping) Nicole? - (groaning) - Nicole! Nicole (hyperventilating) (cell phone vibrating) (groaning): - This better be good, Conner.
- I have a heart failure patient.
- [You've seen my face, right?] - I'm sorry? Beauty rest.
It's the only shot I got, Conner.
She had a loss and she She just collapsed.
Short of breath, complaining of pain in her chest.
STAT echocardiogram suggests acute heart failure, ejection fraction is 20 per cent.
Oh, and I got your email about Dallas.
- [They sucked you in, did they?] - Looks like it.
- This patient, she's - Yeah, look: you and Peter Cutler, you're doomed, Conner.
And then where will you be? You'll be in Dallas, surrounded by strange, Dallas-like people who don't understand you.
Sir, the patient is an EMT and her wife died - [and now I think she's had a heart attack.
] - An EMT? - Nicole Foster.
- Book an angiogram.
I'll be right there.
Mel, we need to talk.
Are we OK? Actually, I'm not so sure.
We're allowed to have a bit of a difference of opinion.
Tell me we're not rushing Dallas.
We're not rushing Dallas.
You know what I'm talking about, right? No, not really.
Mel, Dallas is happening.
I have job and it looks like you have a job too, - if you want it.
- Maybe I don't want it.
You said you did.
Things change.
People change.
- So you're not coming? - That's not what I'm saying.
- What are you saying? - I'm saying that I'm nervous.
- I'm getting scared.
- Doc? Sorry Just hang on a sec.
- Mel - I have to get back to Nicole.
Doc, the nurse says we got a green light.
He's all yours.
- Thanks.
- And Officer? I've taken a strict inventory of Mr.
Pike's injuries.
There are detailed notes on every bruise, scratch, and cut.
OK So if he ends up back here with a new injury, I'll know where it came from.
Get him out of here.
- - I don't see her.
She works here.
I'm positive.
She a waitress, bartender, like, what She's a waitress.
I know the manager.
I'll go talk to him, see if she's on tonight.
Give me some money, I'll get drinks.
Is that Marla? - Come on! - Tired and wasted That's where I'll be Keep looking, I'll be right back.
Tired and wasted That's where I'll be Stars that only Sing to me Desperation Found on your street Donna was the chef.
Antoine was her number two.
Back there was Ray and César, they were the kitchen staff.
Gunther was the catering manager, Candace was his assistant.
Lots of other people.
Good people.
They were here, then they were gone, and nobody came down to say, "Can we please keep them on?" It wasn't fair.
You think? - But Griff is different.
- Oh, yes, he is.
Because they didn't do anything to deserve to be turfed.
That was a board decision about an entire department.
Griff is one person who slipped.
- We're calling it a slip? - Work is structure.
It's a support system, Frank.
- Employees, when they stumble, desperately need - Oh, now it's a stumble? I'm not running a rehab program.
Relapse is inevitable, if that's what happened.
Oh, that's what happened.
Griff had one, two bad weeks.
Before then, a year where he wasn't a problem.
Hey, I warned him, Allen! Think about the stress that he was under - the explosion, the suicide - It's still no.
- He just needs another chance.
- Allen, stop! It's no.
One for the road? - You hungry? - I could eat.
I heard you got fired.
Yeah? Whatever, I couldn't stand it there, to be honest.
My whole family works there.
- Nightmare.
- Total nightmare.
To freedom.
So you and Zoe, huh? Yup.
- Can I tell you something? - What? Don't take this the wrong way I never got it.
I never thought she was right for you.
You're too wild, too alive.
I was wondering if maybe you needed a place to stay tonight.
Griff! Natasha's not here, but don't panic.
I got an address from the manager for 20 bucks.
Hugh, we were thinking about maybe calling it a night No! No way.
We're on a quest.
He's on a quest! With a vision.
I did not know that.
- You have a vision? - Yes, he does.
It involves a fertility clinic and a stripper.
It's beautiful.
Sounds gross, actually.
- You can come too.
- No, you can't.
You're not in the vision.
She's not in the vision.
It was good seeing you.
You too, Griff.
Good luck.
(heart monitor beeping) You OK, baby? Uh, um OK.
I've done the catheterization.
Yeah, no, I wasn't talking to you.
Hey, Sam.
You two know each other.
Yeah, that's right.
Biblically, even.
We dated.
We did not date.
We were in love.
Or at least I was.
I'm really sorry about Stephanie.
Sam Hey, sweetie.
- I don't want to.
I can't.
- I know.
- Not without Stephanie - I know.
I don't want to go on.
I know, listen: I gotta tell ya, I have never been afraid of anything my entire life, except for your father.
So I have got to go in and look for blockages and try to fix them so he doesn't kill me, OK? OK.
OK, let's do this.
Alright OK, Dr.
Conner, you are looking at perfectly healthy arteries.
There's no blockages here.
So it's not a heart attack.
OK, let's check the ventricles.
Thank you.
Pushing more dye.
Oh yeah, there we go.
Look at the shape there.
All squished up like a Takotsubo vase.
like a Takotsubo vase.
See that, that's textbook.
Um, Nik What you got baby, you got a broken heart.
- Oh Sam, don't - No, baby.
No, I'm serious, baby.
You have stress cardiomyopathy.
Yeah, it's also called broken heart syndrome.
It's associated with sudden, intense emotional or physical stress.
The muscles around your heart took such a beating when you got the news about Stephanie that they're just having a hard time keeping up now.
You really do have a broken heart.
But we can treat this.
I can't lie to you, we've got to go through this entire night incident-free.
If we can do that, you're gonna be fine.
(man): Hey! We need a doctor! What the hell happened? Kid started complaining of a sore throat in the car.
- Started wheezing, choking - Let's get him on the bed.
Pike! No verbal or motor responses.
What the hell is That's bruising around his neck! Looks fresh.
Sats at 90 and falling.
There's some cyanosis in his fingers.
- Heart rate - 185.
I've gotta tube him.
Scope! - I'm here, what's up? - Sudden acute respiratory distress.
Looks like trauma to the neck.
Obstructed airway.
- Kid's circling the drain.
- I need the endoscope.
- What? Why? - This temp airway the cops put in, I can't take it out.
I gotta intubate through it.
(both): Damn it! - What's yours for? - I can't No landmarks.
- O2 sats down to 88.
- Hurry, Jerry! - There's too much swelling! - We don't have time.
OK, hold on, I think I got it.
ET tube.
- OK great.
Let's get ready - No, sorry.
It's totally closed.
- Heart rate up to 190.
- He needs an airway now.
- I'm gonna cut.
- Prep the area.
(monitors beeping loudly) Here we go Tube! We have an airway.
I was looking for rings, trying to butter up her parents.
I just called them, by the way.
They're going to be here in the morning.
Hard to imagine.
Losing your partner like that.
So, Dallas.
It's a great opportunity.
You got all kinds of opportunities here.
- A state of the art facility.
- Come on, you're a surgeon.
All you need is a sharp knife and some thread.
"State of the art"! You're not going there for any opportunity.
- You're following a fella.
- I'm not following a Peter and I are going together.
Whatever gets you through the night.
You know, she She told me in the doorway of a Portuguese bakery in Montreal.
She was in love with a woman.
And she was happy, you know? I mean she was crying when she told me, but she was happy.
Took a lot of guts, falling in love like that.
You guys stayed friends? Yeah, mostly.
It took some time.
Will she be OK? I don't know.
Her heart's gonna be weak for a while.
Maybe forever, I don't know.
You know Dr.
Jerry Gordon is the guy for you.
You do know that? Thanks for your help.
- I couldn't get in.
- It happens.
And Dallas.
Big trauma centre Congrats.
That's great.
You don't mean that, do you Jerry? Sure I do.
I'm thrilled you're gonna be thousands of miles away.
Doc? - I didn't touch the guy.
- No, that bruising around his neck just appeared like magic.
What was it, a choke hold before you put him in the car, or after? I wouldn't make accusations like that, Doc.
I'll do whatever I want.
He almost died.
Which would have been a real tragedy.
We still need to talk to Mr.
He's going to be a little busy, what with the CT scans and the trip to ICU.
Well, we'll just wait.
There it is.
Casa Natasha.
- Let's go make our vision real, dude.
- Yeah, no, my vision.
- Yeah, I know, but we're sharing it.
- Yeah, no.
We're not.
Get out of here, man.
Do you even know what friendship is, dude? Does it have anything to do with taking all my money, my drugs, and apparently trying to share my girlfriend? - She's not your girlfriend.
- Go.
Get out of here.
- Go, go.
Get out of here! - 'Til next time, Conner.
You need help.
Griff, get out of here! Griff! - Griff, what - Natasha, listen to me.
One of the greatest regrets of my life is that you and I - No! - Natasha, I have so much to tell you.
- Griff, my boyfriend's upstairs.
- So leave him up there.
- You're high! - I have important news.
I am no longer clean.
- Listen to me - Griff, I haven't used in months.
You're taking out the recycling in the middle of the night in your pyjamas.
I mean, what happened? - Life changed.
It got - Boring? It doesn't need to be.
Come on.
Oh, my God You know Candace, in catering? - My first wife.
- I didn't know that.
Candy Kanaskie.
No wonder she left me.
Sure, a bachelor's standby.
Oh, I'm married.
Oh yeah, you said first wife.
I assumed that meant there was a second.
And third.
I was talking about me.
Omelettes are my standby.
Sausage? Kielbasa! So what, after the lawyer who went gay, you figure, what, one then done? Well, the job, the kids, it got hard to find a serious - No cheese? - No.
No, no, no.
So it's not a classic, then.
Kanaskie classic.
Yeah, my exes, they blamed the job too.
No kids, though, unless you count the ones I supervise here.
It's a lot, but they just didn't understand what it takes.
- Your wives.
- Yeah.
You have to care.
(Sizzling) You're not going to stir? - Stir? - Yeah, you mix it - quick while it's cooking.
- No, no, no, no.
My omelette, my way.
Your PSAs, your porters they're your family.
Why won't you give one of 'em a break? - Come on, Allen - We all fail.
You failed at marriage.
- Twice.
Someone gave you a third chance.
- I didn't do drugs.
Frank, all I'm asking, as a colleague, as a friend And it's still no.
What are you doing here? You're not on graveyard.
A friend was admitted so I thought I'd stick around.
Everything OK? Think so.
I hope so.
- Cup of tea? - Green.
(clearing throat) Thanks It's dirty, there's something in the - Jerry.
- What? What are you doing? Being forced to work quickly.
- Normally, I'd be much more charming.
- Take it back! It was the biggest mistake I ever made, in my life, - not giving that to you.
- Don't don't - Don't do this.
- The situation calls for a grand gesture.
That's all I got.
I love you, Mel.
And not being with you, it hurts.
Every day.
- And it's my fault, I blew it.
- Stop.
You're right, I should stop.
Jerry this - isn't going to work.
- It could.
It did.
And then it didn't.
Keep it.
I don't want to throw it away.
(door opening) OK.
So, like, hmm, I am I'm, well My boyfriend, Luke, hi Luke, he.
he said that he he wants me to do this, and he told me he doesn't think that I will.
I, Stacey Ragota, hereby accept the cinnamon challenge.
(choking) What a dumbass! Well, probably not your finest hour, Stacey, but No, him.
I didn't want to.
Luke dared me.
Your boyfriend dared you, so it's his fault? What was I supposed to do? Stacey, just because he asked you, doesn't mean you had to do it, you're the one who's responsible for you, and We're in a relationship and you are not my guidance counselor.
Where's Luke right now? At his mom's.
He thought I was funny.
Well, Stacey, you now have aspiration pneumonia.
How funny is that? Not.
You may have also done lasting damage to your respiratory system.
- Wait, for reals? - Yeah, for reals.
Stacey Luke sounds like a bad boyfriend.
I love him so much.
I just wanted to make him happy.
Hmm, it's interesting.
That's it, that's all you got? - The eggs are brown.
If you - They're supposed to be brown! - Not really.
- It's a country omelette! What would it take for you to reconsider your decision? Little appreciation of my cooking! I want us to work together to remove the obstacles to Griff being rehired.
Allen, I'm the obstacle.
- Last word? - Last word.
You like the kielbasa? - New chief came to see me.
- Gillray.
He's planning on eliminating supervisory and middle management positions, so I'm a supervisor.
Allen, you gotta do your best to protect me, I (muttering) This is not the Allen Conner I know.
- He's my son.
- Mm-hmm.
You're not even a little ashamed of yourself maybe? A little bit? He's in trouble, Frank, I know it and you know it, and I just, I (sighing) I just gotta keep him close.
If I can, if we can do that, I can I have a chance to help him.
Otherwise, I don't know where he is, or - how to find him or he could be dead in - OK, OK.
- OK? What does that mean? - OK.
Griff gets his job back and I keep mine.
I won't forget this, Frank.
Yeah, well, I'm going to try.
I just, when I started these classes I had this feeling that it was all part of my destiny, but I didn't know how, - but now I do.
- It's so great that you're back in school, Tash.
I promise you, when I get my licence you can quit and go back.
I already quit.
(laughing) Yeah, OK, but you can dance - and go to school can't you? - Not really.
Alright, but it's kind of expensive for both of us to go to school, so, you know It's not gonna happen.
Drugs, med school.
OK, but I can, I I got this.
I can control the drugs.
Duh! (stammering) No, it's cool.
Listen, you'll dance, you'll put us through school, - and then I'll - Decide you're too good for me? It's not gonna be forever, babe.
Stop talking to me and hope I get the idea? How 'bout I be the doctor and you be the stripper.
(chuckling) - Where are you going? - I have to pee.
Calm down.
- Cool, yeah.
- OK.
When you come back, we'll get a little more coke.
We'll get out of here.
- We'll figure all this out.
- Yeah Yeah.
(knocking on door) Brought you something.
- Is it chocolate? - No.
Oh, wait it is chocolate.
How's she doing? Couple more hours, and she should be out of the woods.
Mel I don't think you should come to Dallas.
I said I was scared.
I didn't say I didn't want to go.
I know, but You're getting cold feet.
- No my feet are fine - Liar.
I think you're going for the wrong reason.
Is this your thing? Thrill of the chase and then lose interest? I'm the bad boyfriend you want to make happy.
- Peter, what the hell? - And you don't even know it.
- I'm going to Dallas.
- I don't think you should.
Tough! You made your bed, you're gonna sleep in it with me.
I saw you kissing Jerry.
- That wasn't I wasn't kissing - Looked like you were.
He was kissing me.
- I actually came up here to see a patient.
- The jackass? - Don't - He's in the next room.
- So the chocolate was for him? - Mel - It was a retropharyngeal hematoma.
- What? I snuck a look at his CT results.
- So he wasn't choked.
- No.
It happened earlier.
Probably from the fall.
I need to go.
My place after shift? Sure.
Why not? - I was getting worried.
- I can't do this.
- What? Tash, stop - Griff, just stop.
That's my sponsor.
I texted her.
- What, you're in the program all of a sudden? - Yeah, I am.
Come on! I was sober for 8 months - before you showed up at my door tonight.
- Tash, listen.
We can work out the whole stripping thing, I was being an idiot, OK? Don't leave! If you leave, I'll have nothing.
We have a future.
We have a vision.
Ugh Hey, come on, don't go! Natasha, come on.
- Officer Scott.
- Doc.
So Lanagan Pike had a retropharyngeal hematoma.
Blood pooled in his neck, most likely as a result of the fall.
So we need to keep him here for a few days.
- So to be clear, I didn't strangle him.
- No.
Well that's good, that's real good, 'cause I was worried I got carried away.
I was out of line.
- I apologize.
- Thanks.
Means a lot.
- Mr.
Pike's intentions were - Intentions? I don't give a rat's ass about Lanagan Pike's intentions.
He didn't break a window.
A police officer's dead.
I'm not saying he's not responsible - for his actions - Hey, hey next time an ER doc dies in the line of duty, give me a call.
Pretty, pretty blanca, as ordered.
That's great man, that's really great.
Look man, I kinda ran into a little bit of trouble tonight.
Oh yeah? That's too bad.
- I don't have any money.
- You're hilarious.
- Hey, you know I'm good for it.
- Hey, Griffin, I come out here late at night, my 13-year-old is watching my baby I appreciate that, man, I really do.
I don't expect gratitude, man.
I expect you to have the money.
(groaning) (grunting) Go home, Conner.
I got this.
What about your beauty rest? I'll exfoliate, I'll be fine.
Plus, she's getting better.
- Call me when she wakes up? - Mm.
- (moaning softly) - Hey Hey, Nik.
How you doin? - Hi.
- (Mel): Hey, Nicole.
(sighing): Hey.
Good news.
Your vitals are strong.
Your dad's gonna let me live.
- You fixed my heart.
- Yeah.
You know, most of it.
- Thanks.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
(crying weakly) Yeah I miss her.
It's OK, it's OK.
- It's OK.
- (Knocking) Alright, alright! - Griffin Oh, my God! - Hey, Sandy.
What happened? I'll call 911.
- No, no, no don't.
- OK, I'll get some ice.
No I don't have time for that, just sit down.
- What? Griff - Sandy just sit down.
Sit down.
I need money.
I got into some trouble with some guys tonight, and, uh, they say that if I don't pay them tonight, I - We have to call the police.
- No, don't.
Sandy, the police won't, just It's better if I hate to ask.
(crying quietly) You want me to beg? You want me to beg from you? - OK.
- No OK, Sandy, I'm begging.
I am begging from you Sandy.
I need some money so please, could you give me some money? Sandy, I'm scared, I am scared, - and I am begging you for money - How much? - A grand.
- $1000? Hey I'll pay these guys back, I'll be back here - in an hour, tops.
- Griffin I'll come back here Sandy, we'll call Dad.
We will work this out as a family OK? I promise you.
(sobbing) (cell phone ringing) Hey, it's Griff.
You know the drill.
- (tone) - Hey, Griffin.
It's me, your father.
I just want you to know that I love you.
And that we all make mistakes.
You're responsible for your actions, I'm not saying you're not, but I want you to know that you're not alone; you have me and your sisters and even your mom.
I got you your job back.
I know it's not It's not the best, but you know, maybe you're doing some good there and we're there for you, and um, you can So just call me OK, just call me please.
Would you do that, please? And you're not alone, Griffin.
You're not alone.
(Cutler getting into bed) - Long night? - Yup.
- We should sleep.
Talk later.
- No.
Talk now.
Jerry kissed me.
It was a Hail Mary and it failed.
Total fail.
- You believe me? - Yeah.
- Poor bastard.
- Jerry's a good guy, so don't No, I'm not.
It's just that, I mean, man, it's gotta hurt.
One time I kissed this girl who I was, - I had such a crush on - I don't need to hear this.
- I had to watch you kissing Jerry.
- Yeah but that's not Anyway, I did the Hail Mary thing, and it was great, I thought, and after the kiss, I was like, here we go, this is gonna happen.
- OK.
- Yeah, OK, that's what I thought.
" Except she said, oh, kissing me was like kissing wait for it her brother.
- Oh that's so gross.
- Right? That's not what it's like kissing Jerry.
What? He's a good kisser.
I'm just being honest.
But not as good as kissing me.
I forget.
Mm Still not sure You win.
I'm going to Dallas because I love you.
Do you love me? I can't believe I have to ask, but Yeah, I do.
I love you.
I knew that.
So we're going to Dallas.
But first we sleep.
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