Remedy (2014) s02e09 Episode Script

Fight or Flight

Previously on Remedy I ask Mel to go to Dallas and you get right in between us.
Mel is my daughter.
I'm going to give her advice if she asks for it.
You know who might benefit from some of that great fatherly advice? Your son.
I'm not harassing her! This is my girlfriend! - Why don't you back off? - Security! - GRIFFIN! - So you end up with a boyfriend that's not good enough for you because you don't think you deserve any better.
He's in trouble Frank.
I just gotta keep him close.
OK, Griff gets his job back.
I don't have any money.
- I need money.
I am so scared.
- How much? I don't think you should come to Dallas.
I think you're going for the wrong reason.
I'm going to Dallas because I love you.
Do you love me? I love you.
I knew that.
Aw, shucks Griffin.
Come on Griff, I can hear the TV.
We're gonna be late.
I've got coffee.
Come on.
- What the hell happened to your face? - Nothing.
Alright, I should look at that.
Open up.
- Dad I need another day, OK? - To do what? I just gotta get it out of my system.
You don't have to do this alone, son.
Yeah, I do.
Just um Why don't you call Frank and then I'll come in tomorrow, OK? I promise.
Griff, Griff Griffin, this is going to happen.
I am not standing by and watching you self-destruct.
Griff? OK? OK? I've called him, I've left him messages, I've texted him, I don't know, at least 15 times.
You know what that means, Sandy.
He's bleeding to death in a ditch somewhere? No, it means Griff doesn't want to talk to you, or me.
- Or anyone.
- Earbuds Have you seen my good earbuds? - So you're not worried.
- Of course I'm worried! So worried you're getting on a plane and flying to Texas? - OK, can you stop with - What are you doing? - Saline.
- Why are you injecting saline into a You know what? I don't care.
Sandy, my point is you need to stop obsessing, OK? You can't control Griff.
No one can.
And my point is if you're going to suddenly out of the blue just abandon this family I'm not abandoning Sandy, the job came up quickly, - I had to take it - Whatever, look It's a short-term contract, I could be back in three months.
I'm not having this conversation.
- Sandy, wait up.
- I'm still part - of this family.
- Shut up for a second, it's Dad! - "I could be back in three months?" - What? I What? I could! - He wouldn't let me through the door.
- Really? And he looked terrible, his face was all You need to go over there.
You and Griff have always had a You're the closest.
Mel thinks we need to give him space.
She would think that.
Can you please just do it for me? Please.
- Both of you need to calm down.
- I'm calm.
Who's not calm? Listen to me, you have to cut bait.
I'm not going to cut bait! I hate that phrase.
Sandy, we have tried and tried I'm going over there.
"I could be back in three months?" That's all you're taking? What about, you know, - furniture, cutlery - It's a sublet.
- You already have an exit plan? - You're a grown man living out of a duffel bag.
Quite the catch.
Come on, let's go.
Our final shifts at Beth-H.
My final shift; apparently you could be back in three months.
That was just because, for Sandy, she's Let's go.
Kevin Watrous, injured in single vehicle collision.
- Big pain! - Possible flail chest with substantial blood loss due to large lacerations on the Thigh and head, I see that.
What is that all over you, looks like icing sugar.
No, it's cornstarch or talcum powder from the airbags.
Older models use it as a lubricant.
- Are you making that up? - Nope, got a passion for cars.
Ask me anything.
Start a bolus of saline.
Draw blood for a CBC and tox screen, check his sugars.
What is that, what are you doing? Is this going to hurt? Kevin, my name is Dr.
Can you take a deep breath for me? OK, we've got some paradoxical breathing - on the left side.
- Blood sugar 24, heart rate up to 120.
- He's hyperglycemic.
- I'm diabetic! Alright, let's get him an IV bolus, 5 units of regular insulin, stat chest X-ray to check for a pneumothorax or pulmonary contusions.
- Saline.
- O2 sats and BP falling.
- Let's get his O2 up.
- Let's start that second IV.
I don't know what happened, but I'm seeing double - Kevin, try not to talk.
- Oh God, is my car OK? Head lac is superficial.
Let's get radiology, get a CT Why does it smell like Christmas? - Seizing.
It's the diabetes.
- Get the bedrails up now.
- Where's that insulin? - On it.
Griff? Griffin! I can hear the cartoons, open the door.
Everybody needs to calm down, I'm fine, I'll see you tomorrow.
- Hey, don't tell us - Sandy, I will pay you back your money, every cent - I don't care about the money! - I'll see you tomorrow! Griffin! I will stay out here all day if I have to.
I will pound on this door until I break my hand.
I mean it! Open the door.
I think I might have actually broken I'll save you! - Zoe moved out.
- Yeah, I heard.
She said I was just too messy.
When's the last time you were outside? Uh This morning.
I went down to the corner to get some eggs.
Dad's freaking out right now.
Griffin, you can't just say "Another day, I need another day.
" He got you your job back.
He didn't ask me if I wanted it back.
- God, what is with you people - "You people?" I just want to be left alone.
I don't need your help.
- I don't need anything.
- What are those? - Griffin, what are those? - Shut the door on your way out.
Griffin Reeves, carotid stenosis, Wilson, gallbladder Mrs.
Cavanagh! What's this about you leaving town? - I didn't know you were here.
- I came into the ER with shortness of breath, all of a sudden I'm checked in.
Your aneurysm has grown.
We're going to have to repair it.
" So, you're a mechanic.
Deep breath.
- Where are you going? - Dallas.
It happened suddenly.
Dallas? For work or for love? Oh, bit of both.
Have you had any pain in your back or your belly? How's Sandy, how's the baby? - Still no husband? - They're fine, and you're a troublemaker, you know that? Feel this.
That's your aneurysm pulsating.
Sandy was always the glue that kept things together.
You had the work ethic.
Never went outside, always studying, always full of doubt.
I was still your favourite though, wasn't I? I'm going to India next month.
Can you believe it? Two weeks in an ashram for my sins.
Think I'll make it? Of course you will.
- They said it could rupture.
- We caught it in time.
Don't worry.
I'm going to take care of you.
I know you will.
I trust you.
You're my doctor.
Excuse me, why wasn't I paged? I left specific instructions on Mrs.
Cavanagh's I thought you were a nurse.
- I'm Dr.
Conner, my patient - Jake Reuben.
- Uh, I'm the new you.
- I'm sorry? I'm taking over your vascular patients, including Muriel.
- You're taking Who are you? - Jake Reuben, we've been through this.
I'm a general first year staff - with dual subspecialties - I don't need your resumé.
- You just asked me - I will be doing the repair - on Mrs.
- What repair? Today? OK, that is unwise and I'm going to tell you why.
- Her creatinine levels - Are elevated.
I know, I've seen her in clinic for several years.
The patient has congestive heart failure, reduced kidney And so we should just let her die? - Did I say that? No I didn't.
- Dr.
Reuben, I've known her So take it back.
- Take it back! - What? Oh, can we just stick If you're going to be throwing around thoughtless comments I take it back.
Thank you.
We should wait until Muriel stabilizes, - then do the repair.
- If we wait, the aneurysm - could rupture - Mel.
Good, there you are - Excuse me, we're - We haven't met Dr.
I'm Sandy Conner.
I'm going to steal my sister, and you're not going to argue.
You're going to say nothing at all.
Nice to meet you.
You too.
Cavanagh's here.
She's going to want to see you.
- Where are we going? - Griff had track marks.
- What? - On his arm.
Track marks.
We need to do something, Mel, right now, as a family.
- Mom's on her way.
Come on.
- You called Mom? - Track marks? You're sure? - There were syringes too, - on the table.
- OK, Alright.
He needs to know that we still care for him.
He feels like he's disappointed us.
He has.
Griffin's massively disappointed us.
What did you expect? He's an addict.
This from the expert.
- Mel.
- We need to talk to him, all of us, together, as a family.
Tell him that we love him, give him, you know, the strength - and the support - An intervention.
It's not a No.
It's a family meeting.
- Won't work.
- You don't know that.
Griffin has to want to quit, and until that happens, until he hits bottom - It feels like bottom to me.
- Trust me, it's not even close.
So what would you do, Rebecca? What's your solution? Call the cops.
Put him in jail for possession.
He needs a slap in the head.
You're serious.
I'm sorry, you've got a God complex, all three of you.
- You can't fix everything.
- We can fix this.
We can try, at least.
I can't believe I'm saying this, but Mom is right.
She is not right! - Sandy, we can't force Griff - I understand that you have a plane to catch, we'll try and fit it in before you leave for the airport, how's that sound? A family meeting.
It's a good plan.
My place.
Our house.
Family house he feels safe there.
How will we get him out of his apartment? - Becca, you're gonna pick him up - No way.
Yes way.
And you, call around, see if you can find a rehab somewhere with a bed open.
We'll take him there tonight while you're on the plane.
- Fine.
- And I'll see if I can get Zoe, - maybe she'll want to help.
- OK.
So it's a plan.
- OK? - Total waste of time.
That's the spirit.
How am I supposed to get him there? Figure it out.
- Banana? - Thanks, I'm good.
Sure? They're super delicious.
Peak ripeness.
What's in it? Saline? Lidocaine? Propofol? And I assume this is me, by the way? "Dr.
That's funny.
Did I misspell your name? We're going to talk to him, today.
All of us, at Dad's.
- Like an intervention? - More like a "family meeting".
What are you, what is that face? You think it's a bad idea? - Don't you? - Well we have to do something, we can't sit back and watch.
Do you want me there? I can be there.
God no, you're the last person my family wants to see right now.
I may need to change my flight.
- There's a 6 AM tomorrow.
- You should get some help.
Someone who knows what they're doing.
Yeah, like that's going to happen.
Quitter, please call 443.
Quitter, 443.
- Mr.
Watrous, how you doing? - I'm in a ton of pain.
You have no idea.
Well, we can get you some fentanyl, that should help.
I'll do it myself.
You're very lucky.
Just a couple cracked ribs, some cuts and bruises.
Still have the double vision? It's because of my diabetes.
Eating a lot of sugar these days, Kevin? It's possible.
My girlfriend dumped me.
I may be a little depressed right now.
I'm spending a lot of time in my basement killing bad guys.
I think I might be on a bit of a self-destructive jag, you know? Kind of ice cream and frozen pizza fueled.
I also think I might have carpal tunnel syndrome - Doc? - Mm-hmm? You've, uh, caused some temporary damage to your nerve fibres.
Get those sugars under control and no more double vision.
Sweet! We're going to keep you around for a couple of days, as soon as a bed opens up, we'll get you upstairs.
It's not working yet! - No.
No way.
- Just, Zoe, just hold on.
You can tell him how you're feeling, the effects his behaviour had, he needs to understand the damage.
If he hears it from you I'm not going to play the victim.
No, that's not what I'm He loves you, Zoe.
- No he doesn't.
- And you love him.
- No I don't, not anymore.
- I don't believe you.
Sandy, I'm out, OK? I got out of that situation.
I don't want to be part of your little intervention.
It's more of a family meeting.
Zoe, he's in trouble.
I'm asking for your help.
I'm sorry.
We're not going to put you under, we'll sedate you.
You'll be out to lunch, but you'll be conscious during the procedure.
Sounds appalling.
Couple of hours, good as new.
Ready for India.
You mean apart from my bad heart, my crumbling hip - and 19 other ailments - Apart from all that, yeah.
Any questions? - What are you upset about? - What? Nothing.
I'm not.
Cavanagh Every Friday after school, you would sit in my classroom in tears.
Your mother was a drunk, your family was in chaos, you didn't want to go home.
You were in pain, a lot of it.
You forget, I know what that looks like.
I have to get prepped.
Someone'll come get you soon.
Griffin's in trouble.
He's using.
- The golden boy.
- Yeah.
You're leaving town and thinking maybe you shouldn't.
You're not coming in.
I don't want to come in.
Last three days, what have you eaten? - Look I don't know what Sandy told you - What have you eaten? Lots of stuff.
I ordered a pizza.
I'm taking you for lunch.
Get your coat.
You think I'm out of control.
I'm not.
I'm not leaving, sweetheart.
You might as well get it over with.
It's just lunch.
You'll be back in an hour.
Let's go.
Little bit further OK.
Alright, that looks good.
We're safely below the renal arteries.
Jerry? Everything's fine.
BP and CVP are stable.
- How are you doing, Mrs.
Cavanagh? - Peachy.
OK, let's open it up.
Deploying the top cap.
What the hell is he doing out there? Graft is secure.
- Pushing dye to check placement.
- He's coming in.
Good job, it's going well.
I've been watching.
Left guide wire is inside the gate - and I'm removing the sheath.
- How's her resp rate, Jerry? Her resp rate is fine.
Can I help you? She has congestive heart failure, so make sure - Go away.
- You need to keep an eye on Go away! Really? You're just going to use that tone of voice with me? Contralateral limb graft.
- Threading the guide wire.
- You realize he's senior to you.
- He's a staff surgeon.
- What do I care? I'm leaving.
Let's mag up again for placement, see how we're doing.
Your dad tells me that he got you your job back.
You're going to start back at work? - Apparently.
That's his plan.
- Think that's a good idea? I'm not going to ask about your face or what happened, I just hope there are no broken bones, although I doubt you're feeling much pain.
We don't have to talk.
We can just drive and eat and be miserable together.
You know, like a proper family.
- I owe you an apology.
- Hey, I'm just on my way out.
- I never returned your call.
- Or my text.
Or your texts, actually, there were three of them.
I just wanted to follow up on our conversation about The one where you told me I had no self-esteem and hooked up with lousy boyfriends on purpose because I wanted to be treated badly? That conversation? OK, that's not what I said, OK? And anyways, you insisted that I tell you my thoughts, which, trust me, now I'm regretting.
- Is that your window? - Yeah.
Is it just weird? I couldn't tell.
A little.
Anyways, I'm late for a meeting, can we talk about this? We broke up.
Griff and me.
Well, that's not the worst news I've ever heard.
Really, so you're going to hit on me now? - No, I wasn't trying - Griffin's family is having this intervention thing and they'd like me to be there, and I wanted your advice as to whether or not I should go.
OK, look, this isn't my, uh Do you not want to do this in the hallway? Maybe we could talk later.
It's happening today.
Do they have a plan? Are they talking with someone, - a counsellor? - You don't know these people.
Well, then my advice is to steer clear.
OK, well let me ask you this: what if Hypothetically, what if I've been lying awake at night, I'm talking 3 AM, lying there obsessing over all the things I'd like to say to him? How angry I am, how hurt, how betrayed Well then hypothetically, you should talk with a therapist.
Like you.
Except I would rather that it wasn't me.
You really think I shouldn't go? I really do.
I'm sorry Zoe.
I'll, I'll text you, OK? Peter.
Your final shift, how's it going? Fine.
Listen, Allen I see you brought your stuff to work.
Mel told me about the thing with Griff.
- You need to be careful.
- Oh, do I? Griff's going to be extremely volatile.
You could just You could end up making things worse.
Well that's good advice, thanks.
Allen, if you wanted me to, I could change my flight.
I could be there.
I might be able to offer some perspective or something Nah.
You know, it's probably better if, uh, it's a family thing.
- Yeah, sure.
- And you're leaving town, so no point.
I'll keep an eye on your patients.
How's that? That's a good idea, thank you.
Thank you.
You did great.
Want to hear what just happened? - Sure.
- I put expandable stent grafts inside your abdominal aorta, anchored them, overlapping the grafts to avoid leakage, then put a balloon in to seal it.
When did you get so smart? Franny and Zooey.
It's true.
You gave me a beat up old copy of Franny and Zooey I never looked back.
Reading Salinger made you a doctor.
No, you did.
You gave me confidence.
You gave me a vision of myself.
Someone smart, strong Independent.
Can I tell you something? That wasn't me.
That wasn't a book.
That was you, Melissa.
You did that.
You should trust yourself.
Conner? You need to rest.
I'll come back and check back on you in a while.
Muriel's post-op imaging.
The graft isn't working.
The aneurysm sac is still expanding.
Looks like an endoleak, type 5.
Always a risk.
It happens in a substantial percentage of cases like this.
I need to go back in.
Right now.
Open repair.
- Bad idea.
- I need to see what's going on.
She's even less stable than she was.
- If we wait, she could die - Her BP's low, her kidneys Are we seriously having this argument again? - She'll be fine, she's tough.
- She's 74.
- She's not your patient.
- Stop it, just stop! I'm senior to you, do you get that? You can't just ignore my opinion.
You It's Doctor Conner.
I'm going to need an OR.
Who can we bump? Of course I was a bad mother.
- You admit that? - I was a terrible mother, but it wasn't because I drank, Griffin, it was because I was married to an absent, - workaholic - Oh, please! Don't "please" me! You have no clue.
- Three kids and my own career - Which was always more important.
Yes, it was.
It still is.
Not everyone is suited for motherhood.
I love you desperately, all of you, but trust me, if it wasn't for alcohol, we would have stopped talking long ago.
- We're exactly the same.
- No, we're not the same.
- You are just as messed up as I am.
- Hey, I didn't vanish for two years.
I didn't drop out of law school.
I have never missed a court date.
You can't even hold on to a job pushing beds.
I'm smart, you're an idiot.
I'm a functioning alcoholic, and you are out of control, you're drowning and I'm And I'm terrified that you're going to wind up dead.
- How's her potassium? - It's not good.
- She wants to go back in.
- Dr.
Conner, what the hell? You're going back in? The abdo aneurysm? Did he call you? What's the rush? Why not just step up her clinic visits? - She isn't your patient.
- Look, he outranks you.
You're what was, you're yesterday's news.
- Dr.
Guerra - You're right, she's not my patient, but she will be, as long as As long as I don't kill her? I didn't say that! This woman is infuriating.
I take it back.
Here's why we shouldn't wait: the patient's aneurysm has grown almost half a centimetre since she was admitted last night and unless she gets surgery it will rupture.
I know this patient.
She is strong, she can take it, OK? If we wait, if we don't do something, she will die, so let's do something.
You see that's what I like, the passion, the cajones.
Future reference.
Alright, Conner, it's on you.
Don't screw it up.
More through to the peritoneal cavity, good.
Let's get the retractors in there.
OK, we need to be in and out in under 30 minutes.
Once I've placed the clamps on the suprarenal aorta, I want a clock started.
Jerry, vitals? On the low side, but we were expecting as much.
OK, let me know if they get any lower.
Sponge? Thank you.
And electro-cautery? - What time's your flight? - Tomorrow.
- Oh, you I thought you - I was.
There's a thing.
A Griff thing.
How's he doing? Abdo packs? Let's get the transverse colon out of the way, I need a clear field.
Alright, good.
There it is.
Spike in her heart rate up to 96.
It's under stress.
We're still OK.
Clamping the suprarenal aorta between the superior mesentaric and renal arteries.
Heart rate up to 160.
Damn it.
Push amiodarone.
- BP's tanking.
80 over 50.
- Stop it! Don't do this.
No pulse at the carotid.
We need to cardiovert.
Get the defib, move it! - I got it.
- Charge to 200 and push epi.
Clear! There's no output.
Come on.
Come on, Muriel! Fight! I've got a rhythm.
- BP's stabilizing.
- OK.
Retractors back in.
I need suction, fresh sponges and two more units AB.
Kevin Watrous, in three.
I need that bedspot.
Move him into the hallway, he's going upstairs.
- Watrous, the airbag guy? - Did you get some of these? The brown ones, the root beer? So good.
Yeah, I'm gonna pass.
Do you honestly think that I have the time to inject every single root beer jelly bean That's exactly what I think.
I'm going to get a coffee.
You think I'm trying to poison you? Are you a doctor? I'm in a lot of pain right now, alright? I think this ran out, I think this wore off.
We're a little slammed, as soon as they're ready for you upstairs Look this is not, this is not drug-seeking behaviour, OK? My, um, my, uh My head and my leg - are killing me.
- I'm out of here.
Two hours max.
- I'll see what I can do, just - I couldn't find the word.
- That patient, Kevin Watrous - Peter, I don't have time.
He's having trouble with his speech, he's aphasic.
What? No, he's diabetic.
We're regulating his sugar, he's heading upstairs.
- You do a CT? - It's all in his chart.
I have to go.
- How's she doing? - Creatinine's high, potassium's high.
They'll take some time to correct, right, couple days? - There's no urine output.
- What are you Insulin, dextrose, calcium carbonate, salbutamol inhalations, Kayexalate.
So it's wait and see then.
Fight or flight.
You know the psych thing - Yeah - The way you respond to fear or a threat.
Fight or flight.
- Mrs.
Cavanagh would fight.
- She totally would.
She is, she's fighting right now.
So are we.
We have to go.
Mom's already on her way.
We have to get there first.
It's possible I may have let a few things in my life get out of hand.
But the good news is I'm getting back on track.
There's no more drugs and no more partying.
- I believe in you.
- No you don't.
Are you lost? We're How long we been driving? I'm taking the scenic route.
What restaurant are we going to? We're not going to a restaurant.
This is Dad's neighbourhood.
What Are you serious? This is an abduction? Think of it as an adventure.
What's the status on Watrous, he's waiting on a bed? - Another couple of hours, why? - Leave it alone, Peter.
Try to get out of town without pissing off - your girlfriend's father.
- Have a seat.
Do some charts.
Out of your league.
- How are you doing Mr.
Watrous? - Honestly, not that Not that My head! You having trouble with your words? My head is My, my arm! - What about your arm.
- My hem, um, really Can you squeeze my hands, Kevin? GET OVER HERE, RIGHT NOW! We need to get him upstairs, he's having a stroke.
Let's go! What time did Mom pick him up? I'm just doing the math in my head.
We have to get him to rehab Before he starts coming down, otherwise he'll never do it.
Can you please? OK, Dad, but we still need to have a plan.
If mom picked him up at 11:00, maybe 11:30, we should still have time to get him to the rehab centre, right? I can't believe we're having this conversation.
Let's just skip the talking part.
Tie him up, throw him in the trunk, drop him off, done! Uh, go, get into position! Go, go! Is this a pot luck or 'Cause I didn't have any time to make anything.
We could order in? My point is this.
We're not blaming you Griffin, we're not pointing fingers.
You're in trouble, you have a problem, and we're going to tackle this, head on.
- Sorry, can I interrupt? - Mel - I know he's doing his - No, just jump in any time.
I think it's important that we - keep a sense of order.
- So do I, it's just The terminology, Dad, it's not a "problem".
Can we not minimize Griff has an addiction - that he is powerless to fight.
- I disagree.
Dad, he's getting beaten up by drug dealers.
That was a bar fight.
It wasn't a bar fight, you already told Sandy You see? He can't even remember what lies he told.
- Griff, do you think you're powerless? - Of course he doesn't.
The whole point is to get him to acknowledge I know what the point is, - Sandy.
It's not going to happen.
- So we should what, we should cut bait? That sounds like a great idea.
I swear to God, I don't know what you're thinking.
What is so difficult? What is so painful in your life that - What haven't we done for you? - Dad! What opportunities haven't We've supported you, we've given you money, a job, education Dad, stop.
- No, no, let him talk.
- We've bent over backwards for you.
- This isn't helping.
- You can't confront him, Dad, he's going to bolt.
Let's talk about the good things.
What we love about Griff, what we value.
- A happy memory, maybe - I got a question, you ever get sick of the sound of your own voice, Dad? OK.
That's a good start, let's take a break.
- That was my fault.
- You think? This isn't easy Mel.
It shouldn't be easy for you.
What does that mean? You sit on the sidelines, you throw in your comments Hey, turning on me is not going to help.
Can we get it together, please? I get that you're upset, it's upsetting, but this does not help.
How long do we have to sit here? Are you kidding? They're just getting warmed up.
Do you want some advice? You have to learn to function.
How to control it.
Forget medical school, the hospital.
You have to get away from them.
Is that why you left? Nonjudgmental, noncritical, direct but firm.
If he's going to agree to go into - Which one? - Ellerbeck, it's in Guelph.
Then he can't feel cornered or defensive.
- I have to make a call.
- Mel It's Mrs.
Cavanagh! And you, you have to walk it back, what you said.
- I know.
- OK.
We can do this.
I'm starting to think Mel was right.
We should just tie him up and throw him in the trunk.
- How's her breathing? - We can't wean her off the vent, her tidal volume's down, but that's not the worst part.
What? Her troponin is skyrocketing, her heart is incredibly stressed, and it wasn't in great shape to begin with.
- I know what shape it was - You understand, this is a courtesy call.
- I shouldn't have - Shut up, just God! Alright.
We should start a dopamine drip.
She needs a chest X-ray, and we might as well start dialysis.
There's no point.
Even if she regains Can you please just do it? I'm on my way.
Is he here? Is it happening? - Zoe! Good, you came.
Come in.
- I have to go.
- Mel, what? - She's dying, Sandy.
So is your brother! What are you I have I have to go.
So, how's it going so far? Good! You know, baby steps - I see we lost Mel.
- She had to, her patient You and your father, in the kitchen, right now.
Let's go.
- Hello, dear.
Welcome to the madhouse.
- He's in there.
- Hey.
- Hey, Zoe.
Your face, what happened? You got a speech prepared? You know, explaining to me the damage of my behaviour? The pain? - Are you OK? - Never better.
What are you on? What have you taken? Oh, you know, everything.
Oxy, coke, acid, mushrooms Zoe, come on, don't Don't do that.
Don't look at me like that, just Zoe stop it, just do your speech.
Hey You want to see a magic trick? I'm gone.
I'm not even here.
I'm far away.
I'm far, far away.
I brought you a coffee.
Double cream double sugar, just how you like it.
Griffin, I'd like to start over again.
What I said before, you're absolutely right, I'm a broken record and that's gonna stop right here, right now.
Turning the page.
It's OK, Dad, I'm gonna go to the place.
I assume you got a bed ready for me somewhere? The Ellerbeck Centre.
It's in Guelph.
Ok, I'll go.
I'm in.
I mean it.
And I'm I am sorry for everything.
Rebecca, he's upstairs sleeping.
Sandy's going to drive him.
I have to get back to work.
- She should go soon.
- She knows.
- He'll be coming down soon.
- She knows! You're supposed to be sleeping.
Can I bum one of those? I gotta go, Mom.
I know, sweetheart.
Tell them I'm sorry.
Are you going to be warm enough? Griffin Be careful.
Hey, good job with the stroke guy.
He's going to be fine.
- Good.
- Make sure you come see me, - say goodbye.
- I will.
Oh, could you Patient in five just passed away.
Could you deal with it on your way out? Really? Yeah, just call it, sign off on the paperwork.
Devi will get you a porter.
It'll take two minutes.
Hey, you're ditching me, it's the least you can do.
AHH! Woohoo! That's how we do it downtown.
Woo, woo! - Mel.
- I have to get upstairs.
- How did it go? - What, Griff? Apparently he conned us.
He nodded, smiled, and then escaped through the back yard.
- That was predictable.
- That's right, Peter.
- You called it.
- What's going on upstairs? Shouldn't you be leaving? You'll miss your flight.
I have a couple minutes.
You just missed the excitement.
Just had a guy stroke out right in front of me.
It was your father's patient, actually.
He thought it was diabetes.
And I suppose you're going to rub that in his face.
Little parting gift before you go? As if you haven't - done enough to him already - What are you talking about? It's not enough that Griffin turns his back on Dad every chance he gets, now you're going to Dallas What does that have to do with anything? Don't you get it? You're who Griffin was supposed to be.
Dad has been trying to mentor you, teach you, and you're leaving.
I can't, I can't just bail.
My family needs me, Peter.
I can't go to Dallas right now.
I have to help Sandy find Griff.
- OK.
Uh, do you - I don't know.
A few weeks, a month I don't know.
- What about your contract? - There are other hospitals, right? I'll figure it out.
Her CXR just came in.
Total whiteout.
Her lungs are shutting down.
I'm sorry.
- OK, so she needs higher FiO2.
- Dr.
Conner No, listen, this isn't over, we'll insert pleural drainage.
Her kidneys are already gone.
Her heart is barely keeping No! THIS ISN'T OVER! This isn't over.
Guess I'm outta here.
You're on your way out? Where's Mel? - She had a patient.
- Oh, Mrs.
Her old high school teacher all the kids.
Mel adored her.
So I hear I missed all of the excitement.
Air bag guy? Oh, yeah, it wasn't the diabetes, he was having mini-strokes all along.
I blew that call.
I'm glad you were here to catch it.
No, that's No way you could've known.
Even the CT wouldn't show it.
I shouldn't have missed it.
If you had, I'd have been pissed as hell.
You would have heard about it, trust me.
I'm sorry to see you go, Peter.
Hope it goes well for you in Dallas.
I have a cab waiting, so - Allen? - Yeah? I've learned a lot from you.
I should have waited.
You were right.
I don't think so.
It was a risk, either way.
She was very sick.
Doctor Guerra was right, about your cajones.
You fight for your patients.
You're also a pain in the ass.
You're right.
I need to talk.
It's me again.
I'm just going to keep calling over and over until you pick up.
You need to tell me where you are and that you're OK, Griffin.
I'm not giving up on you.
Answer the phone.
Whoa! So beautiful Come on, pick up Griff, hey! It's Sandy.
Where are you? Sandy, I, I I'm not him! I'm not him.
OK, look, you're not making any sense, what did you take? I'm not this boyfriend, I'm not this, this med student, this son, this brother - Griff, tell me where you are.
- I I'm this guy.
I'm this guy.
Where are you? Hey, remember when we used to pile up the leaves? Remember when we used to jump in all the leaves? Yeah there was We used to pile them up.
Oh, man, there were just bags and bags and bags of these leaves.
And then Dad, he would go get the ladder.
I would climb up to the top of that ladder I remember this.
Sandy, I actually remember this.
I looked down at the leaves and I spread my arms out, and I remember thinking, "I could fly if I wanted to.
" No, Griff, you couldn't fly, Griffin.
And I was happy.
I was so happy.
Griff, OK, listen.
Whatever you're doing right now, don't! Just stop! Sandy I could fly.
I could.
Sand Griffin? Griff, you couldn't fly, Griff! You couldn't fly! Griff Heartrate 85.
Breathing is rapid and shallow and diastolic BP is spiking.
- Trauma, now.
- Swelling in the abdomen - and legs, lacerations - Oh, dear God! - Fractured tibia.
- We need to let Mel know! Page neuro and ortho.
Call Dr.
- You don't need to go.
- Stop it! Anyone else involved? Head-on collision.
A truck hit her vehicle.
Sandy? Sandy, can you hear me? OK, start two large-bore IVs, two-litre bolus.
Get me fresh vitals, blood work.
Patel, call X-ray, tell them we're on our way.