Remington Steele (1982) s03e01 Episode Script

Steele at It

Tonight's the night! One can order breakfast without ever leaving bed.
There has been a robbery, you see.
You stole the Hapsburg Dagger! I'm delighted and honored to have you with me on the hunt.
But those gentlemen back there- They'd like to kill me! Well, they'll have to take a number! You won't mind if I monopolize the lady's time for a while.
I wish you better luck than I've enjoyed lately.
- Let's have some fun! - Ooh! Ah! Oh! When this case is finished, so are we.
Oh, boy.
Oh, boy.
Magnifique, honey.
Thanks, Mildred.
Where's Mr.
Steele sitting tonight? Oh, he's out there somewhere.
He wouldn't miss your last concert for anything.
- You okay? - Just a little nervous.
What are you nervous about? The concert is going great.
- Mildred.
- What? - Tonight's the night! - For what? A new chapter to begin.
These past two weeks- I don't know.
It's something about being in Europe for the first time.
It's opened my eyes, given me a new perspective on life.
- All I got was a tan.
- I've always been so analytical, Mildred always needing to know how everything fits before I make a move.
No more.
You can't live like that.
You gotta let go a little, take a chance! - Que será, será.
! - Exactly! Oh.
What are we talking about, honey? Let me put it this way, Mildred.
- I've had certain reservations about Mr.
- Mm-hmm.
But he and I have worked side by side for two years now.
We've grown together.
He's more responsible, more caring.
And I feel bolder, more confident.
So- Tonight's the night? Oh, that's great! How did Mr.
Steele put it? Actually, Mildred, he doesn't know yet.
Am I missing something somewhere? This is my decision.
It's up to me to tell him how I feel.
So you're gonna jump him? I'm sure, when the moment comes it will be romantic as only Mr.
Steele can make it.
- Mon chéri.
- Time to go.
Ah, ah, ah, ah.
Take off.
- Oh, hi, Ron.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Uh, yeah.
I- I- I just thought maybe, uh, you know, you and I could, um grab some dinner tonight after the reception.
Thanks, but, uh, I have a date.
Maybe a drink tomorrow, uh, then? Oh.
That would be nice.
If you don't want him, can I have him? - Stood up? - Yeah.
- It's beginning to look that way.
- Laura.
! Laura.
There you are.
- Where have you been? - Oh, uh- I had to go out for a breath of fresh air after that final number.
I was deeply moved.
Deeply moved.
- By "Yankee Doodle Dandy"? - Mmm.
Stirring rendition.
Well, uh, we don't want to be late for the reception, do we? Uh, shall we go? Yes.
Well, it must be exciting, Inspector Vouvray, solving murders and such.
Hélas, monsieur, not many murders to solve here.
Not like your country.
Here it is mostly, as you say, the small potatoes- the drunken people hitting each other, the auto crashes, des choses comme ça.
No, no.
Much better to talk about your work, Monsieur Steele.
When I heard you were here, I said, "Ah.
This is a man I must meet.
" Not to dishearten you, Inspector but, you know, after a while, even solving the most sensational cases of national importance becomes, as you say, you know, a tad routine.
- Monsieur Inspecteur, viens ici.
- Uh, excusez-moi.
You know, Ron, I'm fascinated by the way you conduct the glee club.
Oh, really? Well, gosh, I, uh- I didn't realize you were such a music lover, Miss Krebs.
Who's talking about music? Shall we get some more bubbly? Oh.
Three cheers for Mildred.
Thought I was gonna need an iron bar to pry that aging altar boy away from you.
What do you say we get out of here? We just arrived.
Isn't that a tad, uh, rude? - Uh-huh.
- Oh.
I'd love to.
Hélas, mademoiselle, monsieur, I'm afraid I must go.
There has been a robbery, you see.
- A very big robbery.
- Oh.
- What's been stolen? - The Hapsburg Dagger.
- The what? - The Hapsburg Dagger.
Ajewel-encrusted gift presented to the Hapsburgs in the, uh, 16th century.
Excellent, Monsieur Steele.
I thought the Hapsburg Dagger was just a myth- like the Maltese Falcon.
Oh, hélas, no.
The dagger is all too real as the number of those who have died trying to obtain it can attest.
- The dagger is priceless.
- What was it doing here in Cannes? Uh, we are still gathering the facts but it appears the last gentleman to own it came here from Hong Kong to sell it to a gentleman from Frankfurt.
It sounds more like one of your cases than one of mine, Monsieur Steele.
It does have a certain flair to it, doesn't it? Ah.
If only we had an expert like you in our department.
Well, uh, why don't you help the inspector out, Mr.
Steele? I don't think that's such a good idea.
I must confess the same thought, uh, crossed my mind.
But, uh, how can I ask such a thing of you, Monsieur Steele, on your holiday and all- Are you kidding? He could find that overgrown butter knife in no time.
Couldn't you, boss? Yes.
Indeed, Mildred.
A shame we have to be back in Los Angeles in two days on important business.
Two days with the great Remington Steele is better than none.
I'm delighted and honored to have you with me on the hunt.
- Uh- - Now, tell me.
How would you begin? - Oh- - Excuse me.
I'm sure he'll want me along.
Dance? - Your thoughts, Monsieur Steele? - Hmm? Ah, yes.
Uh, well- I must confess, Inspector, uh, I'm as baffled as you are, you know.
- Yes.
Quite a smooth job indeed.
- Yes.
- Clearly a professional at work.
- Mmm.
The thief has left us not a clue.
Hmm? - Excuse us.
- Ah.
- Huh.
- Ah.
You know.
The same everywhere, n'est-ce pas? - Mmm.
- Well, I think we've done all we can for this evening.
- Oh.
- Ah.
Mademoiselle Holt.
What have you there? - I just found this in the alley.
- Ah! - Collecting men's clothing, are we? - It could be a clue.
- Mmm.
- It looks brand-new and was recently discarded.
It rained this afternoon, but this is dry.
You think perhaps it belonged to the thief? It's a long shot, but it, uh- It could be part of a disguise.
- There's a label in it from a local shop.
- Oh.
- Something to check out anyway.
- Excellent.
I also talked to a woman who lives over the alley.
She said there was a black motorcycle parked there this evening about the time the robbery occurred.
Again excellent! This, uh, assistant of yours obviously has learned a great deal from the master.
Oh, yes! Uh, my prize pupil.
That inspector was a real character, don't you think? I'm sorry.
I didn't hear you.
- Nothing important.
- Hey.
Uh I'll see you in the morning, okay? It's a little early to turn in, don't you think? Um, I, uh- I have a bottle of Dom Pérignon in my room.
- Would you- - Sounds lovely.
How convenient.
One can order breakfast without ever leaving bed.
- Mmm.
- Uh, can I, uh- Can I get my key in the door? Oh.
Mon chéri.
I need you so desperately.
I come in the house put down the groceries, hear something then boom! - C'est tout.
- The same man must have been waiting for me.
- And you didn't get a good look at him.
- It was so dark.
It happened so fast.
He threw me against the wall.
Then when I opened my eyes the dagger was gone, and so was he.
Well, this is splendid.
I'm deputized by the police to investigate my own burglary.
My associate is gonna expose me if I can't stop her.
In the meantime, I've gotta find out who stole the dagger from us.
Ah, it's all right.
It's all right.
Well, at least we can comfort ourselves with one thing.
Can't get any worse, can it? Hmm.
Steele must already be gone, Inspector.
Following his own leads, no doubt.
Ah, oui.
Je comprends.
Such a man as Mr.
Steele works best alone, huh? Not really, Inspector.
He can just be a bit mysterious about his partners.
- Yes, de Guiche? - We found a black motorcycle, Inspector just as the mademoiselle described abandoned behind the Cannes Theatre.
It was rented to a John Robie.
The given address was fraudulent.
- John Robie? - And, uh, what about the black dickey? An inquiry is being made.
Uh, hélas, Mademoiselle Holt, I must go.
Uh, please tell Mr.
Steele to stay in constant touch, will you? - Yes.
- À bientôt.
Au revoir.
John Robie? Hi, honey.
How's it goin'? - Good morning, ladies.
- Good morning.
Laura, I have got two tickets to the harbor- to the harbor cruise, and, um I thought, maybe if you weren't doing anything, that maybe you and I could- Ron, why don't you take Mildred? Yeah.
Shall we weigh anchor? Oh.
John Robie.
That louse! Wait! Wait! - Wait! - Laura, what are you doing here? - Stop, Mr.
Steele! - What are you doing here? - Stop! - I'd love to, but those gentlemen back there- - They'd like to kill me.
- Well, they'll have to take a number! Could we continue this conversation somewhere else? Come on.
This is larceny! On the other hand- John Robie indeed! I would have expected a little more originality! - What are you talking about? - To Catch a Thief.
Cary Grant, Grace Kelly.
Paramount, 1955.
Grant plays a retired cat burglar named John Robie.
- I'm impressed.
- You took me to see it three weeks ago.
Typical of you to rent a motorcycle in that name.
I rented a motorcycle? - More than that.
You stole the Hapsburg Dagger! - I did? No wonder you were so insistent that I join the glee club tour.
All this time I thought you were being nice when the whole time you just wanted to come to the Riviera so you could steal that dagger! Laura, could you just move a bit to starboard? - Admit it! - Laura! - Admit it! You stole it! - It's not what you think, Laura.
Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to help us live to fight another day! I think one of the gentlemen back there has a gun.
They all have guns, Laura.
Big guns.
- Who are they? - Oh, nice of you to inquire.
They call themselves the Palermo brothers only they're not from Palermo, and they're not brothers.
What they are, however- are three of the deadliest thieves on the Continent.
Why are they chasing you? - Because they think I have the Hapsburg Dagger.
- But you do have it! But someone stole it from me.
- What? - It's a rather complicated story.
Well, don't worry about the Palermo brothers.
If we ever live through this little escapade, I'm gonna kill you myself! If we can just get 'round that point in time- How do you know this coast so well? Misspent youth.
Now, if you'll be just good enough to hand me your purse.
All right, Mr.
Let's have the whole story.
Not now, Laura.
I have a pressing appointment.
You're not getting away from me this time.
Now talk! - Really, Laura.
- I mean it! I'm tired of your games.
Now, just once you're gonna level with me.
Now talk! You're right.
But just now it would be a lot easier to come with me, and you'll understand.
- I promise.
- No tricks? No.
No tricks.
I promise.
Come on.
Thank God you're all right.
What happened to you? It's okay.
It's okay.
Henri and Joelle Lebret, may I present, uh, Laura Holt.
Oh, forgive my abominable manners.
- Joelle is- - My daughter.
Come in.
We, uh-We owe Miss Holt an explanation.
Uh, you see, back when Henri's name wasn't Henri and mine wasn't Remington Steele uh, we did a little work together on the Mediterranean.
- Work? - Uh, smuggling.
He was just a lad, but he was superb on the boat.
That's when we made the acquaintance of, uh three small-timers known as the Palermo brothers.
- Uh, fellow craftsmen.
- Competitors.
Who have since gone on to, uh, bigger and better things.
Henri has too.
After, uh business got a bit too hot for us to continue, uh, he bought a hotel in Cannes which over the years has developed a reputation for, uh, some discretion.
Thank you very much.
Uh, many transactions of a highly sensitive nature, uh, transpire there.
All perfectly legal, I assure you.
Just involving people who want absolute privacy.
The Hapsburg Dagger was gonna be sold there but, uh, our old friends the Palermo brothers got wind of it.
They said they would mutilate my beautiful Joelle if I didn't help them to steal it.
- They would do it too.
- So Henri called me and I told him what we should do.
- Steal the dagger first.
With my help, of course.
- Of course.
Later, when the Palermo brothers left town Henri was gonna return the dagger to its rightful owner.
Um, when your invitation for the glee club tour arrived, um- It was like divine intervention.
So, uh I stole the dagger last night and gave it toJoelle.
And when I got home last night, the house was dark my father was knocked unconscious, and someone grabbed me.
- And took the dagger.
- Oui.
- The Palermo brothers.
- Ah.
But it wasn't.
Because they came looking for the dagger later that night themselves.
Obviously our little ruse didn't fool them.
They threatened us.
I said I would show them where the dagger was.
Henri got their attention, and I, uh- through the window.
They think he has the dagger.
When they ran after him, Joelle and I escaped.
Quite a story.
So, correct me if I'm wrong, Mr.
Steele but if we don't retrieve this dagger immediately, one of two things will happen.
- Mm-hmm.
- Either Inspector Vouvray will expose you as the thief or the Palermo brothers will find you and chop you up into tiny pieces.
I- I think that's an adequate summation.
Where are you going? To change clothes.
We haven't got much time.
I think it is beautiful, Mademoiselle Holt, to sacrifice yourself for your partner.
Ex-partner, Monsieur Lebret.
When this case is finished, so are we.
Well, this is ridiculous, Laura.
How are we gonna solve anything if we don't talk to each other? Look, if you're so bloody hostile, why don't you just let me fend for myself? I would.
But I have my own career to think about.
It wouldn't look very good if my alleged boss ended up in a French jail.
Disgrace can be contagious.
What makes you think I'm gonna get caught? - Why didn't you trust me? - Ah- All right.
Suppose I told you about Henri's problem? Would you have approved of my plan? - Of course not.
- There.
You see.
It was a stupid plan, amply demonstrated by our present circumstances.
It was an excellent plan, and I would have been in the clear if you hadn't been so intent on playing Nancy Drew.
I suppose it's also my fault that the Palermo brothers didn't fall for your little scheme.
At the moment, the Palermo brothers are easier to cope with than you.
We're partners, remember? We're supposed to share information, trust one another.
Hi, kids.
! Hi, Mildred.
Hi, Mildred.
Oh, don't worry.
I won't intrude on romance.
Where's Ron? He's gone somewhere.
Have you been to the gardens, Mildred? Lovely vista, beautiful walkways.
- That's for lovebirds like you.
- How about the museum? - You've seen one museum- - I know you haven't been to the casino, Mildred.
Uh, use my personal line of credit, okay? - It's a great place to meet people.
- Absolutely.
Try the baccarat tables.
That's where the fat cats hang out.
- I don't know how to play.
- You'll learn.
- Remember.
My personal line of credit, okay? - Okay.
- Where was I? - I think it was something to the effect - that I can't get it through my head that- - I count in all this.
I wanted to include you, but I couldn't because I knew damn well how you'd react.
- My friend needed help, and he needed it fast.
- Well, you've done a great job.
With any luck, we can stay alive and out of jail for at least another hour or two.
Wait a minute.
That's not the point.
This partnership you keep trumpeting has a rather lopsided lean to it.
I couldn't come to you in my hour of need because I knew that if you disagreed there would be no room- no room whatsoever for discussion.
Hmph! That's a partnership? - How do you think that makes me feel? - But it's my agency! - Using my good name! - You don't have a name- good, bad or otherwise.
- I gave you your blasted name.
- And I've lived-And I've lived up to it.
I've not only maintained your little deception but I've been a steady partner, putting my hide on the line with yours, going on for three years.
So why do I get this feeling that every time I leave your sight, I have to ask permission? I never realized you found our arrangement so stultifying.
I thought we had a rather democratic procedure.
Oh, yes.
As long as you're in control.
Some bloody democracy.
I mean, take last night.
- What about last night? - It was typical Laura Holt.
You decided unilaterally, without discussion that we were finally gonna consummate our relationship.
- Isn't that what you wanted? - Yes, but I'd like to have some small say in the matter.
I thought you were pretty involved.
That's not what I mean.
That's not what I mean at all.
I'm not an equal.
I'm more like the errant schoolboy who needs your guiding hand.
No matter how many times I prove myself, I always get the same look from you- this gazed veiled look of suspicion.
- "What's he up to now?" - Can you blame me? Yes.
- I don't know how much longer I can live with it anyway.
- Well, good.
We finally agree on something.
We do? It's obvious our differences are irreconcilable.
It was a mistake to think this partnership could ever work.
- Business and pleasure have never and will never work.
- Beau Geste.
I'm really not in the mood for one of your movie quotes right now.
No, no, no, no, Laura.
That yacht- It's called the Beau Geste.
It's a boat.
So what? - Well, it wasn't there yesterday.
- What does that boat have to do with what we were talking about? Regardless of who actually swiped the bloody dagger, we now know who it was stolen for.
Where did I lose control of this conversation? There are three collectors who have lusted after the Hapsburg Dagger for years.
The first is a Russian named Kemidov.
He also hired the Palermo brothers before so I suspect his hand is involved in this somehow.
The second is a Japanese merchant named Suribachi.
Presently he's in no financial position to engineer such a job.
So that rules him out.
The third and last collector is a South African playboy named Freddie Smith who's made his fortune running guns to anybody with money.
And he just happens to own a yacht, which just happens to be named- The Beau Geste.
Laura, look out! Taxi! Taxi! Follow that car! Suivez cette auto- No, no, no.
Off duty.
No, no, no.
- This is an emergency.
- Uh-Ah, ah, ah.
- Perhaps you'll understand this.
Mon ami.
Mon ami.
- Ah! Ah, yes.
The universal language.
A chicken! Follow that car! Allez, allez, allez.
! Ah.
I don't think I'm gonna like this.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Laura.
- What bad news? - No brakes.
Well, that's cleared out the nasal passages, eh? - Êtes-vous blessé? - Non.
Ça va.
Attention, toutes voitures.
Si vous voyez le détective américain, Remington Steele, arrêtez-le immédiatement.
Inspector Vouvray has just issued a warrant for your arrest.
Well, it's been that kind of day, hasn't it? - I suggest we get the hell out of here.
- Uh-huh.
Capital idea.
Madame a gagné.
Ah! Bingo! - Non.
- Whatever.
Téléphone pour Madame.
- Téléphone pour vous.
- Pour moi? Merci.
Countess von Krebs.
Oh, hi, Miss Holt.
Now? Oh, no.
I'm on a hot streak.
Okay, okay, okay.
Wait, wait, wait.
I didn't get it all.
Wait just a minute.
What? Weight belts? - Not a bad move.
- Goldfinger.
Sean Connery.
Gert Fröbe.
United Artists.
This might be a bit trickier than I thought, Laura.
You better stay here.
And let you have all the fun? I wouldn't hear of it.
You are, without doubt, one of the most obstinate women I've ever met.
Flattery will get you nowhere.
Having trouble? Ah.
My guess is it's somewhere in his stateroom.
How do we get down there without Smith seeing us? - That's your department.
- Oh.
I don't recall seeing you two on my guest list.
Then I leave that sort of thing to my steward.
In fact, I don't know who half these bloody people are, and it's my party.
Freddie Smith.
Frances Stevens.
And this is John Robie.
I must remember to thank whoever invited you here.
You flatter me.
You won't mind if I monopolize the lady's time for a while, will you, matey? I wish you better luck than I've enjoyed lately.
- I haven't seen the bow yet.
- Then that is where we will start the grand tour.
- Oh.
- Ah.
- Ah.
- Oh.
Not too subtle, Freddie.
Now, don't be shy, love.
This is the deluxe tour.
Mmm! Mmm.
Well, I'm glad to see you're not one for preliminaries.
- Neither am I.
Let's have some fun! - Ooh! Ah! Oh! Disgusting.
I haven't found it yet.
Oh! Mmm! Oh, you're a little tigress, aren't you? I love a woman with spirit.
! Oh.
! Oh, who the hell is that? Yes.
What do you want? There's been a slight altercation at the bar.
I think they need your, uh, services.
I'll be right back.
Now, don't lose that feeling.
Don't worry.
Come on.
What happened, Laura? Your libido get in the line of duty? We were halfway to the bow when he stopped and said "Why don't we start with my stateroom?" - What was I supposed to do? - You managed to hold me off for two years.
The least you could have done was hold him up for five minutes.
- Surely that's not jealousy I detect.
- We're talking business.
Are we? I think your whole problem is that you don't know the difference between what is professional and what is personal.
I don't know the difference? Just finish the job, please.
It's done.
What do you want? Applause? He's coming! I don't know what your friend was talking about.
There was no problem up there.
Oh, he's probably looking for me.
He's the jealous type.
Oh, yeah? And what are you? Me? I'm the adventurous type.
- Oh, my gosh! - What? What is it? What is it? Mr.
Robie's antiseizure medicine.
- I forgot to give it to him.
- That can wait.
I wouldn't want him to interrupt us at an inopportune moment.
Don't lose that feeling.
Laura, I was beginning to worry.
About Smith or me? Come here.
Oh, no! No.
! Oh! Oh.
The dagger.
And now, arrivederci.
Oh, my God! Oh, blast.
Of course the dagger's gone.
Right here.
Right here.
That's where the killer stood.
This case just broke wide open.
Monsieur Steele.
Mademoiselle Holt.
Come in.
Come in.
I was desolated to issue the warrant for your arrest.
- Ah.
- You've come to turn yourself in? No, no, no.
I've come to clear my name.
More than that, Inspector.
We know who has the dagger.
- Well, this is good news indeed.
- Mmm.
- First, though, I have a confession to make.
- Oui? I did steal the dagger from the hotel, but I meant to return it.
- Uh-huh.
- I'll explain about that later.
The most important thing you should know, though is someone stole the dagger from Henri Lebret and myself.
- Uh-huh? - That someone had to have extremely good connections to the criminal element to even know that the dagger was being brought to the Riviera.
Furthermore, this person had to have the means to monitor conversations.
That sort of thing.
Uh, excusez-moi.
Such excitement.
Uh, I must get a notepad or I forget.
Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.
Thank you.
It was the matches that gave you away, Inspector.
How cold-blooded of you to calmly smoke a pipe while waiting to murder three men.
The, uh-The stuff dreams are made of.
- Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.
- You were clever, Inspector.
Through your sources, you learned that the dagger was being sold.
You saw the Palermo brothers approach Henri and you tapped his phone and learned about Mr.
Steele's plan.
That must have been about the time when you contacted Freddie Smith and told him you could supply his long-sought prize.
Ah, for the right price, of course.
I mean, enough to retire on, I'd wager.
It was your plan all along to enlist Mr.
Steele at the glee club reception.
That way you could hold him as close as you wanted and monitor his progress.
Of course! You saw us looking at the Beau Geste.
Then you decided to run us down.
We were getting too close, were we not? - When that didn't work, you made Mr.
Steele the prime suspect.
That must be Lieutenant de Guiche.
Hmm? Hmm? Tsk, tsk, tsk.
Good evening, Lieutenant.
We have the dagger and somewhere in this apartment you'll find the submachine gun that killed the Palermo brothers.
Then it's true.
I'm sickened, Inspector.
Shall we, uh-Yes? Come on.
That's my car over there.
Turn around.
Slowly, s'il vous plaît.
Now carefully place your pistols on the ground.
Kick them this way.
I would have liked to have done it all myself, mes amis, but, uh, unfortunately for you I needed help.
Now, into the car.
Laura, duck! Aaah! Ah.
Don't move.
Don't move.
Inspector, please.
Thank you very much.
Come on.
Come on.
Move it.
Come on.
That's it.
Justice prevails after all, Inspector.
I, uh- I think he got the point, Laura, don't you? Henri and Joelle certainly seem to be happy to be out of hiding.
They do, don't they? You're not going to count it again, are you? Laura, this is our first finder's fee.
I'm entitled to, uh, savor it.
Mildred! Where have you been? - Uh, the casino.
- All night? - Since yesterday afternoon.
- How much did you lose, Mildred? Oh, I was way up there for a while, boss.
I really was.
- How much, Mildred? - Then when it was all gone I thought if I just had one more hand- one more hand.
- How much? - 224,000 francs, monsieur.
- What? - Oh, Mildred.
That's a lot, isn't it? Mmm.
- Merci.
- Au revoir.
- Toodle-oo.
- I believe these belong to you, Mr.
I'm sorry.
So, does, uh, Remington Steele return to Los Angeles with you or does he, uh, disappear back into the misty night again? How can he disappear? You're not only a nationally known detective - you're an international hero.
- Oh.
Well, if the shoe fits, Laura.
Only a joke.
Only a joke.
I know.
Why deny it? We're a terrific team, you and I.
Our only problems arise when we try to cross the line between the boardroom and the bedroom.
I know you care about me.
I care about you too.
A great deal.
But if we care about preserving this partnership of ours then we can't try to conduct a romance at the same time.
That's why I've decided not to see you anymore outside ofbusiness hours.
It'll be hard at first, but it's for the best.
We'll just have to give it up.
Well, say something.
It's obvious, uh, you've given this decision a great deal of thought, Laura and I'm not gonna try and talk you out of it.
- You're not? - We must try and respect each other's feelings even though they may run counter to our own.
Especially then.
What a relief.
I thought you'd fight me all the way on this.
Not at all.
Not at all.
I mean, if you feel this strongly about it I suggest, uh, we try this plan of yours and, uh, see how it works.
I give it a week.