Rent-a-Girlfriend (2020) s01e01 Episode Script


I'm Kinoshita Kazuya, twenty years old,
and I'm a college student
living by myself in Tokyo.
Fun fact: I have a girlfriend.
I repeat:
I have a girlfriend!
I've fallen in love with someone else!
Let's break up, okay?
Let's break up, okay?
I got dumped!
She was the first girlfriend I ever had
And she dumped me after just one month?
Tried to casually hold her hand
I tried so many things to bring us closer.
All-nighter at a pub
I should go catch the last train.
Oh, yeah! Nothing beats taking
a train to get back home, huh?
\hYou are blocked from following @pyon-pyon210
and viewing @pyon-pyon210's Tweets.\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h
She blocked me.
Don't tell me
She's already moved on and gone
all the way with the new guy?!
This sucks!
And why am I getting turned on?
Junior's a big boy now! He's ready to move out!
Japan's most popular
Rent-a-Girlfriend site!
A gem of an app that heals your soul
134 reviews
Spend a dreamlike time
with our talents!
You're free to choose your girlfriend!
For just 5,000 yen per hour!
Perfect if you're worried or stressed out about your love life!
Man, I've had it.
Like I'm just fed up with it all.
Mizuhara Chizuru
A pure and refined
high-class girlfriend
Tokyo Underground
Ikebukuro Station
What am I doing here?
I bet the girl's gonna be fugly
without all the filters.
An orange shirt and striped pants
You must be Kazuya-kun, right?
Café Kanoir
You're in college? What year?
F-First year.
What? Me, too!
Oh, but I took a gap year.
Ah, you're older than me, then.
She's hot!
Anyone dating her would be living the life!
Hey, uh
Do you mind?
Oh, sure.
Crap I wanna leave.
I wanna go home and sleep.
Oh, so we're following
the date plan I sent by text.
This is my first time at an aquarium.
Really? That's unusual.
Wow, that fish is cute.
Oh, that's the glowlight tetra.
Do you know a lot about fish?
I-I guess? I love hitting up aquariums.
I'm so glad my first
aquarium visit was with you!
Well, I had lots of fun today.
Thanks, Kazuya-kun! See you!
The Head-over-Heels for Mizuhara Chizuru Thread
It's Anon's Fault
she held my hand at the end too, lol
It's Anon's Fault
She was only businesslike at first
I had fun after that
It's Anon's Fault
The "see you" - bright smile
totally makes you wanna repeat lol
It's Anon's Fault
I'm glad I wasn't the only one to fall for her,
but there's way too many of you guys!!!
It was all an act?!
Holding hands before the end
is just part of her routine?!
How dare she toy with my heart?!
She was a moron who didn't even know
the names of common fish
"She was a moron who didn't even
know the names of common fish."
Credit (yen)
Balance (yen)
Use this to get by.
I will not send you any more
money for living expenses.
Make sure you don't get swept up
in campus life and waste it all.
Are you stupid?
I'm not going to college to have fun!
I just
I just need to give her a piece of my mind!
Kazuya-kun! Did you wait long?
Sorry, it took me a while to set my hair.
I was worried you might not like this hairdo.
What do you think?
I-I don't hate it or anything.
Thank goodness!
Damn it! She's so cute!
Café Kanoir
Fee received. Thank you.
Hey, doesn't it make you feel empty inside?
Y'know, going on dates
with guys you don't even like,
and getting paid for it.
Doesn't it get to you?
No. I love this job.
I get to meet people like you, after all.
Flea Market 150 yen
Will one bag do for the mister and missus?
Huh? W-We're not ma—
We're dating!
No, we're not even that.
We're total strangers,
aren't we?
Oh, uh I guess I'll split your purchases up.
Sure. We can be whatever
you want us to be, Kazuya-kun.
Look, Kazuya-kun! Neon tetras!
Oh, yeah.
Garden eels hide in the sand
because they're afraid, right?
Wow She must've read up on them.
She did her homework all for today's date.
Enough already.
Seriously, what is that gonna achieve?
Is that just your professionalism?
It's meaningless!
Not like these relationships
last more than a day!
Hey, what's gotten into you, Kazuya-kun?
You just break up immediately!
It doesn't matter how much
you care for your partner!
Let's get out of here.
I know that was stupid
But I got it off my chest!
Why do all these girls
get into fake relationships
with people they don't even like?!
Okay, look
What is wrong with you? Are you stupid?!
Yelling like that in a public place
Way to get everyone's eyes on us!
What's your problem, anyway?
All day you've been like, "Don't you feel
empty inside?" and "We're total strangers!"
Seriously, are you stupid?
I'm your rental girlfriend!
This is just how it works!
Weren't you the one who made the request?!
You saw the user agreement
and clicked "I agree," didn't you?!
I did I'm sorry.
Also, why did you give
me a one-star review?!
Did I do anything wrong on our date?!
That brought my rating down
a whole 0.3 points, you know!
I'd only ever gotten
five-star reviews before that.
Here we go.
And I'm proud of that fact!
This is the real Mizuhara Chizuru.
I've always given this job
my all, including this date.
I don't even like fish, but I went and
bought a book about them for this date,
She's a completely different person than before.
and this is how you treat me?!
All I can say for sure is
Could you not get in the way of my work?
I can't believe you!
Ugh, this sucks! Guess I'm getting
another one-star review!
I'm sorry
I'm totally in the wrong.
So, what now?
Do you want to continue?
\h\hstill have time.
I'll tag along if you want to keep going.
Hello? What?
Hey! We're not done talking here!
What? Seriously?
Got it!
My grandma collapsed
I gotta go!
You still have time left!
Itabashi Third Hospital
It's not such a big deal. I only fainted.
But of course we would worry, Mother!
Your health is important!
Mom, you need to realize that
you aren't young anymore.
We do have a shop to run
And this isn't the first time
you've been hospitalized.
Does this room have Wi-Fi?
The phone is probably a bad idea
I'll get you some magazines for senior citizens!
Would you like something soft to eat?
Don't act like I'm on my last legs!
who might that young lady be?
I brought her in because she was with Kazuya.
Are you his classmate from college?
You couldn't be his girlfriend, right?
Not happening
with Kazuya.
We are talking
about Kazuya here.
No way, honey. This is Kazuya we're talking about.
Right. It's Kazuya.
She's my girlfriend!
It's a pleasure to meet you.
My name is Mizuhara Chizuru.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
My name is Mizuhara Chizuru.
It's a shame I had to introduce myself
under such circumstances,
but I'm glad to meet you all nonetheless.
Get me discharged!
We need to get home and prepare for a party!
Can we really manage
a full-scale welcome party?!
Don't be absurd, Mom!
You should get
other tests done
while you're here!
Listen to yourself!
Kazuya's brought home
a real hale and hearty hottie!
H-Hale and hearty hottie?!
Hale and hearty
Can you believe it? Our Kazuya
He has such a beautiful girlfriend!
Do you have any idea what this means?!
Our Kazuya, of all people!
After showing no signs of anything resembling
a love life for twenty whole years
Kazuya Our Kazuya has
We're heading back to the store.
Watch over her, Kazuya.
And make sure you walk
your girlfriend back, okay?
Chizuru-san, come visit our home sometime.
Thank you.
By the way, you two
Have you had sex already?
Physical compatibility matters
a lot in a marriage.
Kazuya-san and I have talked about it.
We both want to take these things seriously.
He's your family's eldest son, so we wanted
to hold off until we had your approval.
Her ad-libbing skill is on point!
Do it! You have my permission!
Day or night, whenever! As much as you want!
If you say so
I guess we could.
This is an act
This is an act!
This is an act! It's all an act!
Oh, right! Let me go get the other old girls!
They asked me to introduce my
grandson's girlfriend if he ever got one!
Hey, what's going on here?
You didn't mention
any of this!
Oh, this is the third time
she's been hospitalized here.
Sucks, right?
It seems she's made quite a few friends here.
What do I do? This is bad!
Why are you panicking?
Did I do
something wrong?
She's here
My grandma's an in-patient at this hospital, too.
I haven't told her anything
about the rental girlfriend job.
Isn't that really bad news?
That's exactly what I said!
Anyway, I need to get out of here!
Follow me, everyone.
She's a real babe, I tell you!
I've never seen a girl that hot!
Crap! They're here!
This way!
Try not to collapse in shock, Tanaka-san.
I'll be just fine!
The rest of you watch out for heart attacks, too!
I can't wait
Huh? They're gone.
A vacant room?
They were here just a minute ago!
It's true! Believe me!
We're not doubting you, Kinoshita-san.
It's only a matter of time
before they find us here.
They can't have gone too far.
Wanna exit through the window?
Let's look for them!
We're on the fifth floor, you know.
Fifth floor
(15m high)
Then what do we do?
We'll have to leave one at a time.
You go first and distract them.
I'll use that chance to get outside.
Distract them? How?
Figure that out yourself!
Did anyone check this room?
I thought that room was unoccupied.
Let's check it just in case.
Th-They're coming!
Get over here!
Not here, either?
Where art thou, Chizuru?
Hey, what's the big idea?!
Keep it down, stupid!
Easy for you to say!
This is
the biggest crisis of all!
What in the world is wrong with you?!
Nothing! It's not my fault!
It's a natural response for
any twenty-year-old guy!
Get it back down right now!
I can't, okay? I just can't!
If you keep it up, I'll report you to the agency.
Don't move! You're making it worse!
Are you all right?
I'm fine, thank you.
That's good.
If I may ask, have you seen
a young couple around?
I-I heard them talking about
leaving the hospital.
Really? Thank you!
The targets are outside!
Looks like she's gone.
This range is l-lethal
What a slender
and soft body!
Wait, right now
She's my girlfriend, isn't she?
Like hell!
What are you thinking?
Don't forget that I'm just a rental girlfriend!
Hell could freeze over, and I still
wouldn't be yours for real!
Is that you, Chizuru?
What's the matter, Ichinose-san?
What? So this is Kazuya-kun?
You mean your grandson's girlfriend is Chizuru?
Are you serious?!
Chizuru is my granddaughter.
I shouldn't make this worse for her!
Sorry, Gran!
I don't really have a girl—
Kazuya-san's grandmother and mine are friends?
What a coincidence!
Like it was written in the stars!
Or something
Ichinose Sayuri
I don't believe it.
To think Chizuru was your
granddaughter, Ichinose-san!
I don't believe it, either.
But it all makes sense now.
Of course your granddaughter would
be a bombshell in every possible way!
Oh, please.
I can also rest easy if Chizuru is
dating your grandson, Kinoshita-san.
Here's hoping we go from friends
to family when they get married.
Say no to collusion!
Sorry I made you lie for me.
It's fine.
Lots of clients want to
introduce me to their family.
Anyway, it's partly my fault
for keeping this job a secret.
Let's just tell them we broke up.
That's the best option.
My family runs a store called "Nagomi Sake."
It was started in my granddad's time,
and now my dad and mom run it.
Even after my granddad died early,
my gran kept it running, despite having
debts and my dad to worry about.
So, to our family, my gran's like a goddess.
And it's our goddess's wish that
I find someone nice before she dies.
I'm a real grandma's boy, so I want
to grant her wish before she goes.
I had a girlfriend for a month, recently.
When I asked her to meet my gran, she refused.
And ultimately, she dumped me.
It was out of desperation
that I pressed that button
and rented you.
Lame as hell, right?
What am I, a rabbit?
One that dies if it gets lonely.
There's no one alive who doesn't get lonely.
Just a lot of people good at hiding it.
They all fill the void in their heart
with work or significant others.
I'll apologize to my gran
and introduce a real girlfriend to her someday.
I'll figure it out myself.
After all, there's no way to
get your true self on rental.
What was that for?!
That was corny as hell! Gross!
Could you please not drag me into your
embarrassingly self-absorbed soliloquy?
Y-You're one to talk,
with the corny act you put on every day!
Hey, I do it for work.
Corny is perfectly fine by me.
Hey, uh Sorry about everything today.
And thanks.
I'm no different.
I want to make my family happy, too.
I just can't quit this job right now.
I don't want anything like
today's date ever again,
but whenever you find yourself
feeling like a rabbit,
feel free to call me.
I doubt I'll see Mizuhara Chizuru ever again.
I won't turn to her anymore.
I'm done with pretend dating forever.
Aquarium Lad\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h
Zero complaints! The cutest, hottest,
most fashionable, and greatest
girlfriend ever!\h\h
That dork.
And this is where my real story begins.
The story of my precarious,
yet optimistic campus life.
Yo, Kazuchin.
How many times did you jerk it yesterday?
The story of my rueful virgin life starts now!
Three times!
Whoa, hardcore!
Virgins gonna virgin!
Right back at ya.
The anime's finally airing, huh, Mizuhara?
Right, Kazuya-kun!
I'm so glad I get do the preview
in episode one with you!
Uh Are you in rental girlfriend mode right now?
Of course. Mind if we get
the formalities out of the way?
You'll have to pay the base fee, the choice fee,
and an extra fee for a
30-second preview, totaling—
O-On the next episode of Rent-a-Girlfriend:
and Girlfriend."
"Ex-Girlfriend and Girlfriend"
You've sure got it rough, Kazu-kun.
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