Rent-a-Girlfriend (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Ex-Girlfriend and Girlfriend

What's up, Kazuya? You know her?
Huh? No
Who is that, even?
I think it's Ichi Ichi-something
from the literature department.
So what's the story? Felt like
something was up between you two.
Yeah, tell us.
No I think I mistook her for someone else.
The heck? Don't get our hopes up like that.
Any girl you see makes you
think you've "met her before"?
Virgins gonna virgin.
Speak for yourself!
We'll be in touch later.
It's way too crazy to be true.
She's probably just someone else
File Storage D
Don't you dare tell anyone!
You don't know me at all!
And there was nothing between us!
Promise me that!
So you really are Mizuhara?
Yes, I am. I'm keeping my job a secret.
Problem with that?
I do it because I don't want
people talking behind my back!
Repeat after me! You and I are
Okay, okay! I get it!
Sheesh. Why are you even here?
I've been avoiding dates in
the same area as the college,
but this makes it all meaningless.
Goodbye. I pray that you never hit the
"I agree" and "Confirm" buttons again.
I can't believe Mizuhara
Chizuru goes to my college
You have a new message.
Where are you?
You're late
I'm waiting for you ♥
If you don't hurry up
I'll charge you for an extension
Who does that girl think she is? A romcom heroine?
And that stupid virgin's pissing
\hme off, too!
Not like they'll last more
than three months, anyway
It's not real
Kinoshita Kazuya-sama Rent-A-Girlfriend
Itemized Bill
Base Fee/hr\h\h\h\h\h\h 5000 yen x1
\hChoice Fee (Rookie)\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h5000 yen x1
\h\hCosts (City Limits)\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h2000 yen x1
Total: 12,000 yen + taxes
"Ex-Girlfriend and Girlfriend"
Wait, hang on!
Mizuhara-san? It's you, isn't it?!
Or wait, Ichinose-san?
Talk about coincidence, huh?
What are you doing here?!
Well, my apartment is next door.
I mean, why do you live here?!
Uh, I'm not sure how to answer that.
No interacting with me!
No meddling or prying, either!
The heck? Don't act like
I'm some kind of stalker.
She's living in my apartment
complex Right next door, even.
Mizuhara Chizuru, of all people.
Nagomi Sake
Hey, Kazuya. I finally got through to you.
Oh, you got internet in your hospital room?
It's 980 yen per month for Wi-Fi.
An unexpected expense!
I need to tell her the truth.
Let's just tell them we broke up.
Hey, Gran
I'm about head over to your place, Kazuya.
Can you call Chizuru over for me?
Huh? No way!
Did you know?
There's this popular new mobile game
called Hot 'n Steamy Hot Springs Matron.
Listen, Kinoshita-san
And this "Sen" girl in it is
a dead ringer for Chizuru.
Hot Spring
Thank you, Matron.
I ended up whaling for her.
See you in a bit, then! I can't wait!
Wait a—
What? Gran's coming over now?
You need to book a rental
girlfriend a week in advance.
It's too late now!
But she'll snap if I tell her
in person that we broke up!
What if she cries on me again?
Help me!
Be my girlfriend one more time!
Huh? Are you kidding me?
Please! Gran's coming over today!
Just an hour
No, even half an hour will do!
Didn't we agree to tell our
grandmoms we broke up?
I'm not ready for that conversation yet.
Why should I care?!
She's taken a real liking to you!
She looked so lively talking about you,
I couldn't bring myself to tell her!
Please! I beg of you!
Not happening.
User Agreement
Article 3 (c) of the user agreement:
"Demanding that our talents
accompany the user to
their residence, workplace, or other
private spaces is strictly forbidden."
You're old enough to know
what that means, right?
If you're going to lie,
you need to make it right.
Putting things off turns people into children.
And above all, I decided I'm
going to finish my report today.
Hey, Kazuya. Put on some tea.
You got here quick!
Gotta strike while the iron's hot.
Look at how filthy this apartment is.
No one would guess that the guy
living here has a girlfriend.
She's as sharp as ever.
When do you think Chizuru will arrive?
Oh, uh, I don't know.
Um let me try calling her.
Hello? It's me.
Gran's already here. You busy?
Oh, you're at work? Ah, I see.
Who is it?
Delivery for you.
Hel Huh?!
Please! Just a minute
even ten seconds will do!
I'm gonna call the cops!
I'll buy you sweets from the convenience store!
Get out!
I'm begging you!
Think of it as helping me out!
I mean, we've dated before, right?!
I was just a rental girlfriend, damn it!
If you're going to lie,
you need to make it right.
Putting things off turns people into children.
Yeah, I have to brace myself and just do it.
Hey, Gran
I need to tell you something.
You broke up, didn't you?
She got tired of your sloppiness and split.
I can picture it clear as day.
And you tried to cover it up because you
couldn't bring yourself to tell the truth.
That is no way for the heir to
the Kinoshita family to act.
Aren't you mad?
At me
At Mizuhara?
Never in your life have you
ever been a ladies' man.
And I mean that literally! Not even once!
All you ever brought over were stinky boys.
There was a time when I doubted there was
a single girl out there who'd come to like you.
How could I ever be angry with
the lady who did fall for you?
She showed me a beautiful dream.
Truly an angel sent by the heavens.
Yeah, I'm such an idiot.
A girl like Mizuhara would
never date me for real.
It was all an illusion.
She's a rental girlfriend.
I'm sorry, Gran!
I-I'm so sorry!
Here we go.
I got held up cooking.
How Why are you here?
What are you saying, Kazuya-san?
You've been calling me all day.
Of course I would go anywhere
for your grandmother!
~Girlfriend Mode~
My angel!
I believed in you!
I knew you wouldn't cast Kazuya aside!
A boy like him will never get
another girlfriend, after all!
Thank you!
Just keep it up a little bit longer!
You'd better come see me on Wednesday.
I do, every week.
Not by yourself. Bring Chizuru along.
You're not happy just to see me?
Absolutely not.
Also, make sure to walk her back.
You don't have to tell me.
Rest assured. I guarantee that
you two will get married someday.
Never mind that. We've gone too
far to tell the agency, anyway.
Not for that.
I'll rent you next week.
But you don't have to come.
You couldn't get your report
done after all this, right?
When do you visit her? Wednesday?
Huh? Y-Yeah, every Wednesday.
No other days, right?
Oh, right!
No meddling!
Make like a stranger at
college, too, obviously!
No talking to me!
If you need to contact me,
do it through the site!
Just one hour.
You can rent me out for just
one hour every Wednesday.
I'm not doing it for you!
It's for your grandmother!
Thanks, Mizuhara.
For just one hour every Wednesday
be my girlfriend!
First period is brand management, huh?
Lab and Seminar Wing
College Wing 2
Auditorium | Cafeteria
Hello, Kazu-kun!
We haven't talked since we broke up.
Damn, she's so cute when I see her up close!
Her eyes are so round,
and her hair is so fluffy!
Ask her!
Ask her why she blocked you!
What's wrong, Kazu-kun?
You're spacing out.
You dropped your reference book.
That's him, officer!
The guy ogling his ex's thighs
first thing in the morning!
I get it. Mami-chan is fine.
She's feminine as hell,
and she's a total looker.
To top it off, she seems kinda easy,
and she's sure to go the
extra mile in bed, too.
You're the one ogling her!
Her, on the other hand?
She'll just lie there and do nothing.
Anyway, let me give you a solid
piece of advice as an old bud.
Forget about Mami-chan.
She's way out of your league.
Mami, that was your ex, right?
He's totally not over you yet.
His gaze freaked me out!
Oh, really?
Wow, what a player!
Right? Acting like it's not her problem.
Oh, really?
Coming, coming!
What are you doing?
Isn't it time to head over to the hospital?
Let's pick somewhere else to meet up.
If my agency finds out we're meeting
by our front doors, they'll fire me.
We won't be socializing outside of dates,
but I'll do my job as usual
when I'm your "girlfriend."
There's no need to go easy on me in reviews.
Okay, do you mind?
It's better for both of us to get the
formalities out of the way, yeah?
Oh, yeah.
Thank you very much.
Kinoshita Kazuya-sama
Itemized Bill
Base Fee/hr
Choice Fee (Rookie)
Traveling Costs (City Limits)
Total: 12,000 yen + taxes
Shall we get going, Kazuya-kun?
Itabashi Third Hospital
Chizuru, my angel!
Stop by again!
Can we hold hands?
What? O-Oh, sure.
It's just part of her routine!
What're you doing here?
Oh, right! The hospital
Nagomi-san's in is around here!
Wait, who is that?
Crap! They'll realize it's Ichinose!
Sorry! He's a sheltered idiot,
but please don't sign him up to your cult!
H-He has no money, so you're better off
hitting up someone else to sell your urns!
It's not like that, you guys!
It's okay.
Don't worry! We're here for you!
The first step to healing is admitting
that you've been wronged!
I don't need your counseling!
I'm telling you, that's not it!
Open your eyes, fool!
There's no other explanation for you getting
to hold hands with an S-ranked hottie!
Is she a runaway?
Or wait, your long-lost sister?
Knock it off!
Y-You're being rude
to my
Hello, I'm Mizuhara.
Kazuya-san and I have been dating for a bit.
for a bit
Does he mean that thing where
you go on dates, eat pancakes,
put up couple selfies on social media,
and like each other's posts?!
What else is there?
D-Don't push your luck.
What the heck? This feels amazing!
Standing next to me is the GOAT cutie!
Like a raging storm, I've gone from last
place to winning in life in one fell swoop!
Get over here!
Did you do her?
We're asking if you've had sex!
Uh, not yet.
Good man!
Lose your virginity to a babe like
that, and you'll never forget it!
Your sex life will be ruined forever!
No other girl will satisfy you!
These jerks
Sorry about that!
My name's Kibe, ma'am.
And I'm Kuribayashi.
While you must be very busy on your date,
we would love to invite you
both to a drinking session.
Drinking? Now?
Sasano-senpai called us out of nowhere.
That's why we're here
You'll come, right, Kazuya?
shake shake
As a dude, you'll never get
another chance like this.
Of course. We were just talking
about getting some grub.
There we go!
Come this way, ma'am.
Now I've done it
You two take the elevator.
We'll use the stairs.
I'm sorry!
What are you playing at?!
How many lies must you tell
before you're satisfied?!
Also, we've gone way past an hour!
I'll pay for an extension, okay?
I've known that guy since we were kids!
He's friendly with my gran, too!
If he finds out about the rental
girlfriend thing, so will she!
What? I can't have that!
Even my grandmom will find out, then!
Please! I'll tell him soon enough
that we broke up, anyway!
Help me make him a believer for now!
Oh, they're here.
Come this way, you two.
Sorry we're late! I brought Kazuya!
What's more, he's with his girlfriend!
Uh What's with this mood?
My bad, Kazuya.
I had no idea she'd be here.
H-Heya, Kazuya. Come on in.
I'll start with a draft.
And for the lady?
I'll have a Shirley Temple.
So, like, I had no idea, but then my ex
I wanna go home, like, yesterday!
What is this hell situation?!
Could the mood be any worse?!
Kill me!
Just kill me now!
Should I pretend to hit
the john and run away?
Nope. I can't leave Mizuhara
all by herself here.
Is Mami-chan mad?
But, hey, she dumped me.
I've done nothing wrong here, right?
M-Maybe she's a teensy bit jealous?
C-C'mon, guys.
Why are we being so awkward?
I've moved on, too, so it's all in
the past. Let's enjoy our drinks.
Moved on?
Moved on?!
What, really? When did it happen?
Moved on, to what? A dog?
Not too long ago.
Same college? Do we know him?
Like hell. She means a boyfriend.
Duh. Mami-chan's a hottie.
Hear me out, Mami-chan.
Mizuhara's just a rental girlfriend.
I'm paying for her. Laughable, right?
Stop Drinking and Driving!
We don't serve alcohol to
minors and people driving.
If I don't agree with the terms of service,
she won't even come anywhere near me.
Let's just forget about it all.
It must be so awkward for the girlfriend.
Right, Kazu-kun?
So Mami-chan's been getting on just fine.
Y-You fool! Now isn't the time to rise up!
You're gonna stay homeless for a while yet.
Oh, welcome back, Kazu-kun.
Wh-What's brought you two together?
Oh, I just found her incredibly pretty.
But if you're that cute, you must have a
hard time dealing with Kazu-kun's libido.
Y'know, he doesn't have any experience.
He gets this scary look
in his eyes sometimes.
I wore a miniskirt on a date once,
and he was all like,
"I can't stand right now."
Once we kissed, he wanted it every date,
even if lunch had been packed with garlic.
And then he'd try to hold
my hand all the time,
and take me to pubs that
stay open late for dinner.
It was almost impressive
just how horny he was.
That's enough, Mami-chan.
What? Why?
I mean, aren't I right, Kazu-kun?
I can't take this.
Don't badmouth my Kazuya-san.
Hey, don't
Huh? Sorry, I wasn't trying to
But you did it anyway!
It's absurd that you'd tell a stranger
about things that happened when you dated.
I feel bad for him!
O-Oh Sorry if I offended you.
But this is our usual group dynamic.
You think that means you
can say anything you want?!
Okay, calm down, you two.
Apologize to her for me, Kazu-kun!
You should tell her off!
That's just how I am, okay?
I'm leaving.
You sure about this, Kazu-chin?
Would you like to order?
Uh, we'll have a virgin breeze
And another mug of draft!
Listen to me. Just call her.
Oh, buzz off.
Is he gonna be okay?
I know, okay? I know!
I know Mizuhara spoke up
for me because I didn't.
It's fine this way.
Ultimately, she's just a rental girlfriend.
The most shallow of relationships.
I knew you'd be down on yourself.
You okay, Kazu-kun?
Thanks for earlier.
It made me happy when you stood up for me.
My awkward side got the best of me.
I couldn't speak up like she did.
I failed as your girlfriend, huh?
I had no idea you had
such a manly side to you.
I'm Kinoshita Kazuya, twenty years old,
and I'm a college student
living by myself in Tokyo.
By a twist of fate, I ended up introducing
a rental girlfriend, Mizuhara Chizuru,
to my family as my real girlfriend, but it
hasn't changed anything in any real way.
My single, virgin life is still going strong.
My place is close by.
Wanna stop by?
Hey, Mami-san!
What are you trying to do with Kazuya-san?
Do with him? I don't understand the question!
S-Settle down, you two.
You know he'll take it seriously.
Stop messing with him.
I'm not! Right, Kazu-kun?
She's got him dancing
in the palm of her hand.
Oh, did I make you jealous?
That's that, then!
On the next episode of Rent-a-Girlfriend:
and Girlfriend."
"Beach and Girlfriend"
This is not going to end well.
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