Rent-a-Girlfriend (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Beach and Girlfriend

My place is close by. Wanna stop by?
B-But didn't you say you have a boyfriend?
Sorry, I lied.
I made it up because you brought
along such a pretty girlfriend.
Imai Miharu\h
Good job getting through that! Night!
Oh, sorry!
My little brother has his friends over,
so we can't go to my place.
Gah, I wanna go! I wanna see her room!
O-Oh, really? Are you and your brother close?
Be a Gentleman
No way. He's a total brat.
But wait, she was trying
to invite me over, right?
I've totally got a shot!
I can take her home instead!
You okay?
Oh, sorry. I guess I was drunker than I thought.
Oh, I have water on me.
Here, Kazu-kun.
Mami-chan smells so good!
And she's being nicer to me now than
she ever was when we were dating.
The thought of other guys getting
in your pants is sheer torture!
Do taxis even come down this way?
You'll never get a chance like this again.
Go for it, Kazuya!
Mami-chan Do you wanna come
over to my place now, maybe?
You have a new message.
Where are you?
You're late
I'm waiting for you ♥
If you don't hurry up
I'll charge you for an extension
Who does that girl think she is? A romcom heroine?
And that stupid virgin's pissing
\hme off, too!
Not like they'll last more
than three months, anyway
It's not real
Kinoshita Kazuya-sama Rent-A-Girlfriend
Itemized Bill
Base Fee/hr\h\h\h\h\h\h 5000 yen x1
\hChoice Fee (Rookie)\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h5000 yen x1
\h\hCosts (City Limits)\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h2000 yen x1
Total: 12,000 yen + taxes
"Beach and Girlfriend"
W-Wait, I wasn't implying anything by that!
Fish Yeah, I wanna show you some new fish!
It's not like I'm being a creep because
I'm still not over you or anything!
But, you know,
every time I see you at college,
you're just so cute,
and your legs are so sexy, and I
I get it.
Sorry about that. There, there.
What's wrong with me?
I'm such trash.
I keep pining for something I won't get back.
I even hurt Mizuhara over it.
Then I jumped to conclusions, made a move,
got rejected again, and now
she's patting my head
But I just can't help it!
Deep down, I still want her approval!
Have you sobered up a little now?
Anyway, that's one funny girl you're dating.
Just when I thought she was being
awfully quiet, she had that outburst.
Does she have a few screws loose?
I find it hard to deal with someone
who blows their lid over every little thing.
She's a tough type to hang with,
and honestly, a little cringey.
Hey, there's nothing wrong with going by looks.
But you're a big boy now,
so you should consider personality, too.
She's not like that.
Mizuhara's not the kind
of girl you think she is.
Wh-What's the matter, Kazu-kun?
You're scaring me a little.
Sorry. I
I still like you, to be honest.
It doesn't even bother me
when you diss me in public.
I'm just happy you're still talking to me.
I mean, I seriously wanted to be
the one to make you happy forever.
Hearing you badmouth Mizuhara
doesn't sit right with me.
H-Hey, I wasn't really
Why did I do that?
I'm sure she hates me now.
But right now, I just want to see Mizuhara
and apologize to her!
Isn't she home yet?
Or is she mad at me?
Well, duh.
I kept pushing her to do things she didn't
want to, and then embarrassed her to boot.
Why would she ever want to see my face again?
Hey, uh
I'm sorry. I don't really know what to say.
I'm not mad or anything.
Like I keep saying, I'm a rental girlfriend.
How you choose to deal with me is up to you.
Of course your ex would be more important.
So? Did you manage to get back with her?
I didn't.
Hell, I even went and got on her bad side.
I'm such scum, huh?
Getting all pathetic over
something that's in the past
I even dragged you into it and hurt you.
I'm so sorry, Mizuhara.
I really don't know what's wrong with me.
It's not pathetic.
Not being able to let go
shows how much you care.
Much better than a relationship
you can easily forget.
Do you want to try
continuing with the rentals?
Some nights, you may want to die
if you don't have company,
and some goodbyes can only
be healed by a "See you again."
If you want, I can give you both.
Woohoo! It's the ocean!
This is just the best!
One night, two days on the Izu Peninsula!
No better way to get to know one another, eh?
What's up, man?
Well, uh, I'm just wondering
if I should really even be here.
Yeah. Same group as last time and all.
Mami-chan probably doesn't
want me around, though.
You'd be surprised, actually.
We probably shouldn't invite Kazuya, huh?
What? Why?
Kazu-kun and his girlfriend should come along!
It's the beach! It'll be hype!
Is she not mad at me?
Don't worry about it, Kazu-kun.
What an angel!
So, Kazu-chin,
you couldn't get Chizuru-chan to come?
Huh? U-Uh, well, this happened
on such short notice, you know.
You better have made up with her, man.
O-Of course!
Dear Kinoshita-sama,
Thank you for your patronage.
I haven't received the 17,000 yen
extension fee from the other day.
Please enclose it in the attached envelope
and mail it to me.
(P.S.: I paid the agency for you with my own money.)
From Rent-A-Girlfriend Diamond,
Mizuhara Chizuru
How business-like
& bitter
This is
Extension fee, right.
I completely forgot.
Of course she'd be nice to a customer, huh?
I can't keep this up forever.
Well, it's between the two of you.
I know just how hard you
fell for Mami-chan, but still,
you should really treat
your current girlfriend right.
He doesn't know anything.
Of course I'd want to treat her right
if she were really my girlfriend.
If you want, I can give you both.
Why did she go out of her way to say that?
Whoa! This place is beautiful!
You're in room number 714.
Change into your swimsuits
and meet up here in ten minutes.
Mami-chan in a swimsuit?
What does she think about me and Mizuhara?
Does inviting us mean she doesn't mind us?
I need to find out how she really feels.
Even if I tell her I broke up with Mizuhara,
I'm sure Gran will accept it
if I have Mami-chan with me.
I need to get with Mami-chan on this trip.
I'll leave my aimless rental life here in Izu!
Dating another girl within a month?
Is it to get back at me?
What was her name again?
\hChizuko? Tsuruko? I forgot.
\hI can't believe he stood up
to me for her.
I'll make them break up for sure.
The guys are waiting for us, Mami.
Oh, talking to a friend?
Oh, man! I'm starting to get excited!
I mean, we're at the beach! Let's enjoy this!
Izukyu-Shimoda Station
Whoa, Perry Road?
I wanna eat a Shimoda Burger!
Hurry up, Chizuru!
Oh Coming.
How to get back with ex
Well? Enjoying yourself?
Y-Yeah, I'm loving it!
Summer in the first year
of college only comes once.
Not enjoying it would be
an insult to life itself.
Stay Cool
Stay Cool
Stay Cool
Wait, I'll regret it forever if I don't look.
Stay Cool
Stay Cool
Do you want some, too?
Huh? Yeah, sure.
I would've liked to get two more angles.
Oh, right.
Sorry about the other day.
We may have been drinking,
but I shouldn't have said all that.
That was insensitive of me.
What? I shouldn't have said what I did—
Your girlfriend was absolutely right.
I was being awful.
I didn't know she was worrying about it.
She really is a nice girl.
We only went out for a month,
but I made so many memories!
We went to an amusement park,
to Skytree, and to Tokyo Dome.
We even kissed in the heat
of a moment, just the once.
Her lips were so soft
Do you remember?
We even picked a name for our future kid.
M-Maya, right?
Yeah, Maya!
We took a syllable each from both of our names
and decided to use it whether
we had a boy or a girl.
And when I asked you how many kids you'd like,
you said you wanted enough
to fill up a soccer team.
H-Hey, the more the m-m-merrier, right?
Yeah, but my body has to keep up!
Keep up? Keep up with what?!
I'm sure that would've been fun.
But your girlfriend is a nice girl,
and you two seem very in love.
Maya can never be born now, huh?
It's not what you think.
Mizuhara's a rental girlfriend.
I'm paying her to be with me.
She and I have no future together.
I want to be with you
The truth is,
Chizuru and I are really
What's up? You know each other?
Yeah, we're in international comms together.
Fancy running into you here!
I guess we both decided to
take a post-exam holiday.
What's Mizuhara doing here?!
Wait, "Mizuhara"?
No, that's Ichinose!
I know the other two from literature.
Kawanaka-san and Ichihara-san?
It's Ichinose.
Oh, sorry.
Nobody's realized that Ichinose is Mizuhara?
Wait, don't Kazuya and
Ichinose-san know each other?
What? Oh, uh
It's our first time speaking,
isn't it, Kazuya-san?
N-Nice to meet you.
That's some pressure
I don't believe it!
I mean, are you really
wearing glasses at the beach?!
His brain's what's busted!
Let's go, Yoko.
Yeah, okay.
Sorry, see you later.
No worries. Later.
Thank goodness.
She must've been freaking out, too.
Mizuhara Chizuru's got nerves of steel.
Kazu-kun, Kazu-kun.
What were you about to say?
You two are really what?
O-Oh, that wasn't
I wanna know.
Tell me.
Tell me the truth about
you and your girlfriend.
W-Well, the thing is
Kazuya, we're playing to
see who goes shopping.
I suck so much.
I need to tell Mami-chan the truth
if I want to know how she really feels.
Racks his brain in the restroom a lot
But if I tell them about
the rental girlfriend thing
I'm so sorry I let this happen, Nagomi-san!
I feel you, bro.
Pretending they
heard nothing
Y-Yeah, well, you are a virgin.
And virgins gonna virgin.
I wouldn't be able to live after that!
Oh, sorry, I forgot to lock the door.
What are you playing at?
Didn't you agree to stay away from me?!
Why are you in Shimoda?
Right back at you!
My friends wanted to hit the beach,
and I was forced to tag along.
So, what do you want?
I'm not lending you any money.
What do you think I am? That's not it.
Then what?
Why did you say what you did last time?
I didn't mean anything by it.
You seemed to be down in the dumps,
so I told you it was okay to rent a girlfriend
to heal after getting dumped, is all.
So she was only saying that
as a rental girlfriend.
But still, she's definitely a nice girl.
That's a relief, then.
Well, uh, I'm getting pretty cozy
with Mami-chan right now.
I might actually have a chance.
Really? Good for you.
You were just a rental girlfriend,
so I did think it'd be weird to say this
But, hey, we're Wednesday partners and all,
and you've been so nice to me.
I was a little worried you might take
offense if I got back with Mami-chan.
Man, I really can't thank you enough
Let's get one thing straight!
Me and you are rental girlfriend and client!
I have zero interest in you!
I was just being nice to you out of pity!
Does your brain misinterpret everything?!
Don't come talking to me about crap like that!
Have you no self-preservation instincts?!
Talking to you fries my brain
Hey, that's going too far.
I was trying to express my thanks.
What now?
You go!
What now?
Are you in there?
What now?
You go! What other choice do we have?!
What now?
What other choice
do we have?!
What now?
What now?
H-Hey. What brings you here?
I thought I'd help you with shopping.
Is someone else inside? I heard voices
Nah, nobody! I-I was on the phone!
Liar. You left your phone back on the table.
I don't have it!
Sheesh, boys are such lousy liars.
Especially you, Kazu-kun.
I'm done!
If she sees Ichinose in there,
she'll realize that she and Mizuhara
are the same person!
We meet again. It's me, Mizuhara Chizuru.
Th-The girlfriend?
Y-You were here?
Why are you barefoot? Where are your shoes?
I left them at the beach.
Ah, so you can be forgetful at times?
Wait, why'd you guys even come here?
We got extra orders!
C'mon, Kazuya! You should've
told me you invited her!
Yeah, I did.
Huh? But wasn't she supposed
to be busy with something?
V-Visiting family!
She's from Shimoda, you see.
A-And she got some free time.
So I was like, wanna meet up?
Y-Yes, something like that.
Kazuya, what were you and her
doing in the restroom?
Were you doing her? Is that it?!
U-Uh, no, nothing
Are you insane?
I told you your sex life would be ruined
if you lost her virginity to her, didn't I?!
No sex until she's confirmed
your partner-for-life!
Why are you two so obsessed with this?!
Listen, just don't do it!
Don't do her!
So scary
I'm glad you're here. I've been
wanting to apologize about last time.
I'm sorry.
Oh, I'm sorry about what I said, too.
Oh, shoot! I need to make a phone call!
This is a trip with friends, y'know?
Who invites their SO?
Trying to show off to me?
This is why virgins are
so damn cringey.
"We meet again," my ass!
\hI never wanna see your face again!
Die in a fire, stupid couple!
Wow, you're cute.
S-Sorry! Never mind!
I'm leaving. Think up some excuse.
Huh? Already?
We can't risk it anymore.
You're the one who showed up as Mizuhara.
What choice did I have?
Besides, we could've avoided all this if
you'd just told them we'd broken up already!
What, sneaking off to talk?
You two are so lovey-dovey.
Come on, let's go.
So you're from here, huh, Chizuru-chan?
Any tourist recommendations?
Huh? Uh
Sh-She was a sheltered rich girl,
and she's still a little frail because of it!
She doesn't know much about
hangout spots and stuff.
Is that so?
Y-Yes Cough.
You are really fair-skinned
Control your eyes, dude.
So how'd you two end up meeting, then?
I-I randomly hit on her in Shibuya!
Wow, you were surprisingly easy to win over!
I-I guess
How many more damned lies
are you gonna tell?!
No way. My nerves can't handle this.
I'm gonna go wash off all this sand.
He's running away?!
Check out that girl with the black hair!
The one in the pink bikini? She's super hot!
Think she has a boyfriend?
I'm so jealous.
Well, yeah.
She's a top-ranked beauty in anybody's eyes.
Way out of my league.
And I made her pretend
to be my girlfriend again.
Paying her might not get me
off the hook this time.
Forgive me, Mizuhara.
Once this trip's over, I'll tell them.
I'll tell Gran and these guys that we broke up.
I bet Mami-chan's totally disgusted with me.
Who calls their girlfriend
to a trip with friends?
I lost my bracelet.
What? That sucks!
Yeah! It was really expensive!
It should still be around here.
Awfully clumsy today, eh?
Hey, wai—
Are you listening?
I-I am, sorry.
I'm amazed you let your boyfriend
go on a trip with girls.
I could never.
You're too possessive, Miharu.
I trust Kazuya-san.

You're so
Puts men
to shame
Already a chief
at her young age
I need your help
with homework!
The beach! A field of dreams!
The adventure of a summer!
Sorry, Mizuhara.
I might be taking the next step to adulthood.
What are you talking about?
Hello, Kazu-kun!
Wait, what?
He's not listening. Busy taking the
next step to adulthood, apparently.
Nothing! Let's move on!
On the next episode of Rent-a-Girlfriend:
and Girlfriend"!
Little Kazuya's finally gonna make it
"Friend and Girlfriend"
He's still going on about that?
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