Rent-a-Girlfriend (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Friend and Girlfriend

Huh? A girl?
Oh, there she is. Over here.
Nice to meet you. I'm Nanami Mami.
From the bottom of my heart,
I felt she was the one.
This guy's a virgin.
Wait, what? Did you have
to introduce me like that?
I was training to be a priest
until last week, you see.
Favorite Comeback (70 points)
What? Really?
That's kinda cute.
Please go out with me!
Let's go steady.
Look at the time\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h
Sorry, I'm getting\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h
I'm sorry for\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h
keeping you up!\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h
I'm sorry for\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h
keeping you up!\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h
If you're free over the
weekend, would you like\h\h\h\h
to go on a date?\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h
If you're free over the
weekend, would you like\h\h\h\h
to go on a date?\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h
I'm free\h\h\h\h
on Sunday!\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h
Let's go!\h\h\h\h
H-Hey, uh
I know I'm not used to
going on dates and stuff.
Like I said, I've never
had a girlfriend before.
It's the same for me.
I had two relationships in high school,
but they both ended almost immediately.
I'm not that great with boys, really.
So, you know
We're both sailing in the same leaky boat.
I'm gonna be there for her.
I'm gonna make her happy for life.
I had lots of fun today.
Bye-bye, Kazu-kun!
I trust Kazuya-san.
Forgive me, Kazu-kun.
I couldn't control myself anymore.
You have a new message.
Where are you?
You're late
I'm waiting for you ♥
If you don't hurry up
I'll charge you for an extension
Who does that girl think she is? A romcom heroine?
And that stupid virgin's pissing
\hme off, too!
Not like they'll last more
than three months, anyway
It's not real
Kinoshita Kazuya-sama Rent-A-Girlfriend
Itemized Bill
Base Fee/hr\h\h\h\h\h\h 5000 yen x1
\hChoice Fee (Rookie)\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h5000 yen x1
\h\hCosts (City Limits)\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h2000 yen x1
Total: 12,000 yen + taxes
"Friend and Girlfriend"
S-Sorry! Just forget about that!
Act normally when we're
with the others, okay?
Hey, I found my bracelet!
Hey, your face looks a bit flushed.
Oh, I'm just feeling kind of warm.
Your turn, Kibe-chan.
All right! What are my options here?
Forgive me, Kazu-kun.
I couldn't control myself anymore.
Like hell I could forget that!
She couldn't control herself?
So she kissed me?
Doesn't that mean she likes me?!
It looked like it was all over
when Mizuhara showed up,
but what if it only fanned
Mami-chan's flames even more?
This is it!
She Wants Me Back!!!
She wants me back!
Let's pick up where we left off.
Not even in death shall we part.
Nagomi Sake
Sorry, gotta take this.
Ugh, I might really be
coming down with a cold.
Gah! My ships all sank!
Hard mode is such hell!
I spent 30,000 yen on the gacha, too!
Kinoshita-san, please don't use
a tablet holder on your bed table
My Shimakaze My Ikazuchi!
Oh, that's too bad. Later.
Whoa, hold up, Kazuya.
What is it?
I'm going to be discharged next week.
All the tests are finally done.
Now I can come see Chizuru whenever I want.
That's great!
Bye Gah!
Discharged, huh?
I'm glad it wasn't anything major.
But I've been deceiving Gran all this time.
Chizuru-san, is your place, like,
some really huge mansion?
Huh? I-I couldn't say
It's probably in a neighborhood
full of mansions, too.
I'd wanna see that.
I-It's pretty far away, though.
Where in Tokyo do you live?
An apartment in a skyscraper?
Or, like, a fancy standalone house?
Why don't we all hang out at
her place when we get back?
I-I don't know
Cut it out. You're putting her on the spot.
You think it's a good idea, right, Kazuya?
Sorry I've been lying to you, Gran!
But I'll introduce you to
my real girlfriend soon!
This fake relationship
with Mizuhara ends now.
Thanks for everything, Mizuhara.
Th-The thing is
Chizuru and I were actually
talking about breaking up.
So that's kind of an awkward
question to answer.
I-I know it's not a great time
to bring this up, but you know.
Right, Chizuru?
Th-That's right.
W-Wait, why?!
W-We just kinda got the blues after
a while. You know how it goes.
Well, it's between the two of you.
It's not our place to say anything.
Th-This is for the best.
I said I'd leave my aimless rental
girlfriend life here in Izu!
What's wrong with you, dude?!
Kazu-chin, you ain't supposed to let
your dick dictate your love life.
Calm down, Kibe!
What makes you think you can
just sock me like that?!
Now you've done it, jerk!
Your balding ass is the one that started it!
Who's balding?!
My hairline's just a little shy, is all!
Yeah, that's called balding!
Oh, it's on, you total nitwit!
Say what?!
O-Ow Wait, s-sorry!
Stop it!
Knock it off, you two!
Don't hurt him, Kibe-chan!
I'm so disappointed in you, Kazu-chin!
When did you become such
a self-centered dirt bag?!
Don't think I haven't noticed you
fawning over Mami-chan! Blues, my ass!
I bet Chizuru-san just dumped you
because you're being so wishy-washy!
Yes, your brain's a dumpster fire, but at
least make it burn for your current flame!
If you can't treat the girl who chose to
be with you right, you're a lost cause!
Let's break up, okay?
What would
What would you know?
You don't know shit!
You have no idea how much I liked Mami-chan,
or how hurt I was when she dumped me!
Stop talking, Kazuya!
Chizuru-san's right there!
You're no better, Mami-chan.
You know Kazu-chin's a fool.
He jumps to conclusions.
Could you stop leading on a guy you dumped?
I wasn't trying to.
Kibe, you jerk!
Chizuru-san, you should
probably leave for the day.
I-I know.
If you can't treat the girl who chose to
be with you right, you're a lost cause!
You did well.
You did nothing wrong.
They don't know the full story.
Of course they don't get it.
Anyway, are you okay? Does it hurt?
I'll make a booking for next week.
No actual date. Just tell the agency we went
to eat sashimi in Shimoda or something.
And then we're done.
Gran's getting discharged next week.
She just called me.
We don't need to go visit her
every Wednesday anymore.
That's good to hear.
My grandmom's getting
discharged next week, too.
So it's the perfect time to end this.
It won't take people long to
forget that we were ever a thing.
That was a pathetic display
I put on back there, huh?
I feel bad about just how
much trouble I've caused you.
Hey, you came clean about the "breakup."
That's step one toward moving on.
No matter what the others made of it,
I saw it as a bold move.
I guess you can be a man if you try.
Goodbye, then.
Can I keep these sandals as a gift?
It must've sucked for you, huh?
Having to play the girlfriend
of trash like me.
Sheesh. Pull yourself together.
This is my job.
It was fun.
I had fun, really.
You're something else.
And all my stuff's still in the restroom there
Do you have time to chat?
She showed up at noon, so two hours?
Add to that the train fare to Shimoda
Twenty-five thousand yen! That's a lot!
This always burns a hole in my wallet.
But given all I put her through,
even twice that wouldn't make up for it.
Damn that Kibe
Who punches a guy before
getting the full story?
Just how undeserving does
he think I am of Mizuhara?!
I know, I know!
Well, I did show her off to him a lot.
You reap what you sow, I guess.
You're so stupid, Kibe.
You should know there's no way Mizuhara
would go out with me for real.
You just don't get it, man.
Can I drop the formalities?
Y-Yes, go ahead.
What? Kibe and Mizuhara?!
What are they doing by themselves?
And things seem kinda awkward!
Lives by the motto of
"Every cutie is probably
taken anyway, so might
as well go for broke."
Wait, is he asking her out?
Yeah, no.
Are you and Kazuya really breaking up?
W-We are.
I've known him since we were kids.
I've watched him his entire life,
including what a flop he is with the ladies.
Well, I almost gave up on him when he got
rejected three times in one month, though.
By the same girl, no less.
Why bring that up now?!
So I honestly couldn't believe my eyes
when he showed up with a cutie like you.
He's trash, isn't he?
He's a wishy-washy moron who always
needs others to clean up his messes,
but he still believes everything
will work out for him.
Hey! Tell him he's wrong!
But sometimes, I think it's a real
talent to be so stupidly optimistic.
Once, in grade school,
our class was growing morning
glories over the summer.
But I knocked his planter over by accident.
I couldn't tell where the
seeds had flown off to.
I just grabbed the dirt lying
around and put it back.
Amazingly, his sprouted first.
It was clearly just a weed,
but he was adamant that
it was a morning glory.
The teacher tried to stop him,
but he showed up first
every morning to water it.
Super green
Super big
And he even kept a journal for it.
What a moron, right?
I felt bad about the whole thing,
and decided to apologize to
him once summer break ended.
But then
What do you think happened?
The plant blossomed.
Into a flower prettier than anyone else's.
It was a rare flower called
"Hibiscus t-something-num."
It won him the gold medal
in our research project.
He was sad because it wasn't a morning glory,
The heck kinda flower is this?!
but I was mad jealous of that flower.
It never would've bloomed if he'd given
up and stopped watering the plant.
Reality's always out to grind us down.
The rent's through the roof,
the neighborhood strays always
poop by your front door,
the manga you love goes out
with a whimper, and stuff.
But you know what?
When you let reality win and
stop dreaming, you die inside.
When you stood up for Kazu-chin at the pub,
I thought he'd finally found
someone who noticed his positives.
I don't know what happened
between the two of you
but if you've just grown
sick of him being a dumbass,
could you give him another chance?
If he ever pisses you off,
I'll beat him up for you.
He's not a bad guy, honestly.
In the end, I know he'll make
sure you don't regret it.
Ferry Ride
Oh, here. I bought these
at the convenience store.
I figured you two needed some alone time.
Oh, I couldn't possibly accept them!
Don't worry about it. Let me do this for you.
My best bud landed the best girl, but I'd
done nothing to congratulate you two.
He's running?!
Hey, I'm sorry
I'm sorry I hit you earlier!
Shut it, you dolt.
Well, I'll leave you two to it.
Hey, wai—
This one's yours.
Mizuhara, uh
I'll go.
I can't say no after that speech he gave.
If it's just us on the ferry, we won't
have to worry about putting on an act.
A-Are you sure? What about your friends?
I've been gone two hours now.
At this point, all I can do is call them
and say I left because I felt sick.
Oh Sorry again.
But this really is the last time.
Kibe-san doesn't know our situation,
so he'll accept it if you tell him we
talked it out and decided to break up.
Y-Yeah, you're right.
It's the last time.
After this, we're done.
Y-You okay?
Are you actually sick?
I'm fine. It'll go away after a night's rest.
I'm more than happy doing this
to help get your story straight.
I don't want this whole thing
hanging over future jobs.
Sorry I didn't expect it
to turn into such a big deal.
Like I said, you did nothing wrong.
You can't get over your ex, right?
Then go get her back with all you've got.
If there's something you want, you have
to go all-out to claim it for yourself.
Life's more fun that way.
Anyway, I'll be inside.
Thank you, Mizuhara.
You've given me courage.
Once I get off this ferry,
I'm gonna ask Mami-chan out!
I'll clean up the rest of this mess myself.
I'll talk to everyone and
make sure they get it.
Sorry you had to do all this for us.
Why does the review scale only go up to
five? I'd give you ten stars if I could!
Oh, and I won't talk to you at college.
I'll try to avoid you while taking
out the trash and stuff, too.
And I won't rent you anymore.
I won't rent Mizuhara Chizuru out anymore.
Your phone's ringing.
O-Oh, it is.
Sorry, could you leave me alone?
LIVE audio
Kazu-kun? You free to talk?
Yeah, for a bit.
Wow, it's so loud there. What are you doing?
I I'm just outdoors.
I want to talk. Can we meet now?
N-Not right now, but in a bit, sure.
How long do you need?
Ten minutes? Fifteen, maybe?
Got it.
I'll be waiting here the whole time.
Wh-Where are you?
The hotel lobby? Just outside?
The pool.
The hotel's swimming pool.
I'm waiting all by myself.
And I'll wait till you get here.
Are you listening, Kazu-kun?
Y-Yeah, I am.
What floor is that?
Fourth floor? Got it.
I'll be there for sure.
Someone just fell off!
A girl fell!
Passenger overboard! Passenger overboard!
You okay?!
Is she gonna be okay?
It was the girl who was just here.
She was wearing a white
top and had long hair.

You're so
Puts men
to shame
Already a chief
at her young age
I need your help
with homework!
What's wrong with you?
Why would you jump off like that?
It was just a natural reaction.
Boys will be boys. Of course he'd react.
Uh Why does it sound like
innuendo when she says it?
God. Go get your lights punched out again.
Fight, Kazu-kun!
You're heartless, Mami-chan!
On the next episode of Rent-a-Girlfriend:
"Hot Springs
and Girlfriend."
It's the hot springs episode
everybody's been waiting for.
Is it gonna have a scene with
Mizuhara and me bathing?!
"Hot Springs and Girlfriend"
Nobody wants to see you
in the nude, Kazu-kun.
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