Rent-a-Girlfriend (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Hot Springs and Girlfriend

Mizuhara Chizuru is just a rental girlfriend.
A fake one who won't last,
and one you're not allowed
to really fall for.
But But I
You have a new message.
Where are you?
You're late
I'm waiting for you ♥
If you don't hurry up
I'll charge you for an extension
Who does that girl think she is? A romcom heroine?
And that stupid virgin's pissing
\hme off, too!
Not like they'll last more
than three months, anyway
It's not real
Kinoshita Kazuya-sama Rent-A-Girlfriend
Itemized Bill
Base Fee/hr\h\h\h\h\h\h 5000 yen x1
\hChoice Fee (Rookie)\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h5000 yen x1
\h\hCosts (City Limits)\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h2000 yen x1
Total: 12,000 yen + taxes
"Hot Springs and Girlfriend"
Where am I?
Oh, right. I fell off the ferry
He jumped in to save me?
This keeps getting worse!
Not only can I not take care of myself,
I even put my client in danger!
Hey, are you okay?
Hey, wake up!
You're kidding, right?! Come on!
Quit playing around! Wake up, come on!
S-Someone help!
What was it Pump the chest thirty times?
What are you playing at?!
I told you, how you deal
with me is up to you!
Why put yourself at risk like this when
I'm not even your real girlfriend?
How stupid are you?!
I keep telling you,
I'm just a rental girlfriend!
He's not a bad guy, honestly.
How could I ever be angry with
the lady who did fall for you?
Two people, seemingly a college
couple, fell off the ferry!
Ferry Pier
The male was wearing an orange T-shirt!
It's Kazuya!
Crap I'm fading.
Did I die?
I thought I could do it.
I guess real life isn't as
easy as movies or manga.
Sorry, Gran.
I never got to introduce you to a nice girl.
Sorry, Mizuhara. I couldn't
even clean up my own mess.
Man, seriously
Talk about pathetic.
Mizuhara? Did you just
I'm sorry you had to jump in to save me.
Uh, n-no
Found 'em! Over here!
We've got them both. They're conscious.
After that,
the Coast Guard guys gave
us a royal chewing-out.
Then our friends snapped at us.
Ultimately, I skipped
out on meeting Mami-chan
and had to spend the night
in a nearby hospital.
Hey, uh Thanks!
For, you know doing all that to save me.
Why wouldn't I? I'm your girlfriend.
What's going on here?
You call off the breakup? She just
said "girlfriend," present tense.
Nah, it's not that.
Mizuhara's a rental girlfriend,
and real mature.
She wouldn't think anything of a mere kiss.
Nervous? Try to relax.
I'm fine I'm perfectly fine.
Hey, there's the big hero.
Oh, yeah! Give me an autograph!
Aren't you guys even a
little worried about me?
Wait, where's Chizuru-san?
Huh? Oh, she said she was going back home.
That's too bad.
Thanks for coming to pick me up.
M-Mami-chan, about yesterday
Of course she hates me now.
No Girlfriend
Sorry, Gran! It's back to the drawing board!
Quit standing around and get in, Kazuya!
Well, later.
Don't drown in the bathtub.
Come save me if I do.
That's not funny!
See ya. Give my regards to Chizuru-san.
I won't tell Nagomi-san about
the stupid "blues" thing.
Just stay with her.
What? No, we're still breaking up.
You're still going on about that?
This is way more complicated than you think.
Why'd you hit me again, jerk?!
Life ain't as easy as you think,
but it ain't as hard as
people make it out to be.
You put your life on the line for her.
If that's not love, then what the hell is?
Don't let her go. Your entire lifetime
supply of semen depends on it.
What a
vulgar ass
Not happening.
Mizuhara feels nothing for me.
Nothing at all
Seriously, no! Not Mizuhara of all people!
Don't forget her cold stare when she
demands you fork over the money!
Her face might be smiling,
but her eyes aren't!
Her eyes
aren't smiling
Could you go be gross somewhere else?
I-I already made the booking for next week.
No actual date.
I'll put the money in your post box.
So, uh Once again
I'm sorry and stuff.
I see. Thanks.
That was just CPR to keep her client alive.
Part of her job.
Only a fool would fall for
a girl like that for real.
Reminiscing already? We just got back.
Yeesh. Can't you even lay
low for two days in a row?
No, Kazu-kun.
Whoa This is gonna be a big one.
Sheesh, stop it!
No, don't!
You must be Kazuya-kun, right?
Hell no!
You're such a bad boy, Kazu-kun.
Whenever you find yourself
feeling like a rabbit,
feel free to call me.
Come on, Kazu-kun.
You can rent me out for just
one hour every Wednesday.
Don't badmouth my Kazuya-san.
You know you can't do that.
If you want, I can give you both.
I'm Mizuhara Chizuru,
Kazuya-san's girlfriend.
I guess you can be a man if you try.
If I told her this was how it all began,
Mizuhara would be pissed.
But that was definitely
the moment I realized
N-No I can't be
that these feelings had passed
the point of no return.
Lab and Seminar Wing
College Wing 2
Auditorium | Cafeteria
What'd you do over summer break?
Gotta find a job.
You do know that urban legend
about summer break, right?
Again, I'm sorry. My tummy
started hurting really badly
Oh, we met at the beach.
Okay, let's get going!
Huh? What's gotten into you?
Let's just go!
What's going on?
I've never reacted to her like that
No, stop it!
Mizuhara's just a rental girlfriend!
That's it! Nothing more!
Man, am I really
Hey, keep your eyes on the road.
Yeah, yeah, I know.
Why are we going into the mountains?
Health tourism, my boy.
I snagged a booking for a hot springs resort
known for helping your organs recover.
I hear they serve pheasant for dinner.
It's Mt. Akagi's local specialty!
Pheasant? That takes me back!
Haven't had any since I got some
from a customer at the bar
Well, can't complain if it's for health.
International Resort
We're here! Nashigi-kan, Gunma's
hidden-away hot springs resort!
We get welcome drinks for free!
And we can get up to thirty ice creams
from the lobby machine at no extra charge!
Thirty? I'd spend all day on the can!
Is our friend not here yet?
Huh? Friend?
Oh, there she is. Sayutaso!
Oh, Nagomin!
Mizuhara's grandma?!
Oh, Ichinose-san. Good to see you again.
Thank you for looking after
my mother in the hospital.
No, I should be the one thanking her.
Come on, say hello.
Wh-Why's Ichinose-san here?
She got all better and was discharged, too,
so we decided to go on a
trip together to celebrate.
Thank you so much for inviting me.
What are you doing? You're acting strange.
U-Uh, well,
I'm just wondering if the person whose
name starts with "Chi" is here, too.
"Chi"? None of our hospital
buddies had a name like that.
You're over there.
I could only get one room
in the luxury Haseo-tei,
so I got you one elsewhere.
Do you want to force Ichinose-san
into a regular room?
Sorry about this, Kazuya-kun.
Here's your key.
Let's sleep together, Sayutaso!
Sure, Nagomin!
Gotcha. Never mind me.
Just enjoy your discharge trip.
Wow, I have such an understanding grandson.
There he goes.
There he goes, indeed.
Why's it unlocked?
Nobody's here.
Huh? Did the previous guest leave those?
Clean it up, staff!
Well, I guess I can chill out more by myself.
I feel bad 'cause our grandmas
seem to be having fun,
but I have to tell them during this trip
that we broke up. For Mizuhara's sake, too.
Hey, Grandma!
Can you help me do my hair?
Wh-What are you doing here?!
H-Hey, wait up!
Where are you going, Mizuhara?
How haven't you realized? We've been set up!
The Grandma Axis is conspiring to get
the grandkids to form an alliance!
"Conspiring"? That's a bit overblown.
I don't mind them getting along,
but they're meddling too much in our affairs.
I'm giving them a piece of my mind!
Stop right there. Take the stairs.
Oh, right, closed elevator and all.
Sorry about that, Chizuru-san.
It's okay, Chizuru.
You have fun with Kazuya-kun.
Don't give me that!
I was waiting for you in the room!
Sh-She's right, Gran. This is too much.
Look, we had them arrange for yukata
and personalized dinners for us.
Changing rooms now would
inconvenience the hotel staff.
What's the problem, Chizuru?
You two are dating.
Sure, but sharing a room is too much.
We haven't crossed that line yet.
"That" line?!
What? You haven't done it yet?
We assumed you would have.
You two are so reserved.
Well, no time like the present.
Go all in.
Don't give me that!
Run along to your room now, you two.
W-Wait a second!
What now?
Telling them we broke up now
would just ruin the trip.
We could ask for another room, I guess
But I'm broke.
Don't go there. I'm low this month, too.
When you're that expensive?
Something to say?
When you're that expensive?
God, this sucks.
Sharing a hotel room with
a client is a disaster.
All that aside
Yukata Mizuhara is out of this world!
There's no way I'd last an entire
night with her in the same room.
Forget it. I'm just gonna enjoy this.
My grandmom paid a small fortune for this.
Can't let it go to waste!
Such resilience!
I'm hitting the bath.
I know it's awkward,
but this can't keep going on.
I'm gonna tell them we broke up.
Got that?
Yakushi Bath
This gacha's rates suck!
Am I living the lucky lecher trope now?!
Our relationship was a lie.
It was all a lie I told.
My feelings don't factor into it.
Ah, I see. So that trope only
counts when it's the opposite sex?
You learn something new every day.
Um, Mrs. Kinoshita, I shouldn't
be making you do this.
Don't sweat it.
'Tis an honor to be washing my future
granddaughter-in-law's sultry back.
Oh, please. What's sexy about a back?
Says the girl with this spunky bottom
and these bountiful breasts.
You're truly a ray of hope that
shines upon us Kinoshitas.
I'll take great care to wash you inside and out.
After all, the father's
genes won't be worth squat.
I apologize for my grandson.
Uh, you don't have to.
This is also a remembrance trip, you see.
Today's the date my husband passed.
What? Then
Oh, don't worry about me. I'm over it now.
That said, it was always a day
that made me feel a little lonely,
but I got out of the hospital,
made a new friend,
and even got to take a bath with you.
It has become a special day for me now.
Can I ask you something?
What would you do if I were lying?
What if I weren't the kind
of person you think I am?
Nobody goes through life without lying.
I'd love you even if you were an alien.
I've given up on trying
to figure out this mess!
Gotta get our money's worth!
Here, cheers.
So yummy!
Uh, isn't that the sauce?
I thought it was soup!
I drank quite a bit
You're such a dolt!
I've never seen her laugh
like a normal girl before.
I guess I really am a bother to her.
Well, night.
I can sleep in the bathroom or by the door.
I know you won't have pleasant
dreams with me around.
What's the big deal?
Why can't you just sleep here?

You're so
Puts men
to shame
Already a chief
at her young age
I need your help
with homework!
Mrs. Kinoshita, there's
something we must tell you.
I know.
What? You knew?
It was obvious.
That makes it easier, then.
Yeah. Gran, we actually
You're finally doing the deed, right?
Huh? Doing what?
Having sex! S-E-X!
Ah, how wonderful!
This is the best day of my life!
Now, on the next episode
of Rent-a-Girlfriend:
and Girlfriend."
"Girlfriend and Girlfriend"
Bring out the champagne!
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