Rent-a-Girlfriend (2020) s01e11 Episode Script

Truth and Girlfriend

Sakurasawa Sumi, College First-Year
Occupation: Rental Girlfriend
I'm Sakurasawa Sumi,
a first-year in college.
My job: rental girlfriend.
My mornings begin at 4 AM.
I wake up five minutes before my alarm rings,
change out of my pajamas,
brush my teeth,
indulge in a session of morning calligraphy,
throw it away,
walk the dog I took with me when
I moved out of my family's home,
Oh, morning. Another fine day, eh?
get greeted by the old man I always run into,
take a shower,
and head to college,
where I'm a brainiac who loves Japanese
history and hates international comms.
65th percentile
Good at humanities
Q: What does "rental girlfriend" mean to you?
I get bookings about twice a week.
Funny and cute,
you'll want to protect her smile
Sometimes I'm personally chosen,
and sometimes it's a random assignment.
We watch movies,
And what do you think the
manager said to me then?
or have tea.
While I never run into troublesome clients,
He said, "That's your job"!
I hate myself when I'm in girlfriend mode.
There was no way I could do all that myself!
Okay, I'm off.
Sakurasawa Sumi, College First-Year
Occupation: Rental Girlfriend
Her favorite anime
for little girls
There's someone I look up to.
You want my advice? Sure.
Café Kanoir
She's Mizuhara Chizuru-san, age nineteen.
She's currently ranked #1 in the rookies batch.
We're the same age,
but she's way nicer, prettier,
and can vocalize her
dreams without hesitation.
Ah, your shy side kicked in again?
She's the kind of girl I want to be.
That sucks.
Q: How do you see Sumi-san?
She's a lovely girl!
She's so cute, diligent, and pure of heart,
it's a mystery how she can be so shy.
I believe that what you need is confidence.
I was nervous at first too, and it
takes time for people to change.
But I know there are clients out there
who'll love you for who you are.
Maybe that knowledge will give you strength.
You have a new message.
Where are you?
You're late
I'm waiting for you ♥
If you don't hurry up
I'll charge you for an extension
Who does that girl think she is? A romcom heroine?
And that stupid virgin's pissing
\hme off, too!
Not like they'll last more
than three months, anyway
It's not real
Kinoshita Kazuya-sama Rent-A-Girlfriend
Itemized Bill
Base Fee/hr\h\h\h\h\h\h 5000 yen x1
\hChoice Fee (Rookie)\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h5000 yen x1
\h\hCosts (City Limits)\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h2000 yen x1
Total: 12,000 yen + taxes
1 PM
Tobu Nerima Station
South Exit
"Truth and Girlfriend"
This is the place, right?
H-Hey, are you Sumi-chan?
I'm Kazuya.
I mean, since she's here,
she must be the right girl right?
He llo
That aside, she's adorable! She's a total
cutie pie in both looks and voice!
I had no idea I was going on
a date with a girl like this!
She's not talking at all, though.
M-Mizuhara told you about me, right?
"Introverted" doesn't begin to describe her!
It's amazing how I can already tell.
It took me just thirty seconds
to see she's a total social giraffe!
Am I supposed to take the lead here?
O-Okay, shall we go?
Hey, uh, you don't have
to be nervous with me.
Just think of me as a shadow
you're boxing or something.
So, how long have you known Mizuhara?
Do you two hang out and stuff?
Even that didn't work?
Damn, I still don't even really
know what she sounds like.
What does a rental girlfriend
do for "practice," anyway?
I-I know! Smiling!
Do you wanna try smiling practice?
Slap Slap
Slap Slap
She has to pump herself up?
You suck!
U-Uh, sorry! I meant more like awkward!
A thousand-yard stare?!
But man, she can't talk or smile.
She's just
not fit to be a rental girlfriend!
I figured you'd be a safe bet since I know
who you are and how you do things.
I'll do my best, okay?
She's the
Souls of
I'll try to live up to your expectations!
Pretty crowded for the afternoon.
I figured a light workout
would help you relax.
Yeah, she's not a bad girl.
Check out that chick.
She's right up my alley.
Lucky guy. I want a girlfriend like her, too.
Well, sure.
If you're just looking,
she's totally got it going on.
She's a hottie on equal
footing with Mizuhara.
She's not very stacked,
but her legs are long and slender
If she weren't a rental girlfriend, I would've
never gotten to go on a date with her.
It's Sumi-san's first frame
You're up first, Sumi-chan.
She's staring a hole into him!
You okay, Sumi-chan?
Is this your first time bowling?
Wh-Why are you doing this job, anyway?
Oh, I'm not saying you can't,
but I think even you realize
it's not really a great fit.
Is she saying she hates how she can't talk?
Oh she's trying to fix that.
She's trying to change herself, huh?
I want to help her, but how can I?
I'm gonna go get us some drinks.
What would you like?
Gotcha! I'll get us some Ocari!
Man, Mizuhara's so nice for
not giving up on Sumi-chan!
Her shyness isn't something you can just fix.
Gotta take the long-term view here.
You in college?
How cute. She's turning beet red.
They're chatting her up?
Yikes! It might start a fight if I go out there!
Maybe they'll go away if I just wait?
That's one short skirt.
What do they call it, a skort?
What's goin' on inside it?
I figured you'd be a safe bet
No! I can't look Mizuhara in
the eye if I wimp out here!
Hey, Sumi.
Sorry I took so long.
There was a line in the restroom.
You guys need something?
We were just about to leave.
Let's go, Sumi.
The hell, man?
You were just showin' her off?
What a dweeb. Does he realize
she's way outta his league?
Beauty and the Least.
You wanna fight, asshole?
Girl, you know you can get mo'
satisfaction with me than that wimp!
You goin' there, man?
Um, thank
She talked?!
Oh, no prob.
Sorry They badmouthed you.
That's the first thing you say?
Save the apologies.
They were actually jealous. Talk about dumb.
If they knew our deal, they'd just laugh.
Don't let it get to you.
I'm used to walking around with
a top-class girl on my arm.
Do you wanna stop by downstairs?
We still have time.
Well, that's one small step forward.
Wow, they have a bunch of stuff to do.
I know it's just practice,
but holding hands still tenses me up!
Let's take a little break, shall we?
C-Can I really have a bite?
Is she really sure about this?
I know she's trying,
but this is trying too hard!
She's even blushing!
It's obvious she's pushing herself!
It'd be rude not to play along, huh?
Wow, it's great!
Stop right there!
What am I picturing
with such an innocent girl?!
God damn, I want a girlfriend so bad!
Well, this is a practice date.
I guess she wants to give everything a shot.
Rare Footage of Sumi-chan Giving Things a Shot
Rare Footage of Sumi-chan Giving Things a Shot
Rare Footage of Sumi-chan Giving Things a Shot
She's surprisingly stubborn
But yeah, it's clear she's
a good girl deep down.
Y-You okay?
Looking at her up close,
she really is super pretty!
And right now, she's my girlfriend
Looks like I hit my nose.
Let me go wash it off.
Grab a seat and wait for me.
If Mizuhara ever found out about this
Quit getting hot over my girl, you ape!
Sorry, guess I did hit it pretty hard.
But I'm back now?
Oh, hello, Kazu-kun.
Wh-What brings you here?
I was here with a friend.
I was just on my way out when I spotted you.
Holy crap! My luck sucks!
I go to college with Kazu-kun.
And uh you?
O-Oh, this is Sakurasawa Sumi-chan.
I can't tell her she's a rental girlfriend!
But if I call her my girlfriend,
she'll think I'm two-timing Mizuhara!
Just a friend? Grew up in
the same neighborhood?
Sh-She's just a
She's trying so hard to play
my girlfriend for me!
Thank you, Sumi-chan,
but that's the wrong move right now!
It'd be bad news if she thought
you were my girlfriend!
Hey, Sumi!
Stay! Stay, girl!
Your supply is outstripping my demand!
I can't worm my way outta this!
Sorry, Sumi-chan,
could you give us a few minutes?
That clearly got her down
This is a disaster on multiple fronts!
Does Chizuru-san know about this?
Huh? Oh, uh, no
See? She thinks I'm two-timing!
You're like a different guy now.
You've changed since we broke up.
You immediately moved on to
a pretty girl like Chizuru-san,
and now you've got another cute girl.
You're more of a ladies'
man than I thought, huh?
I don't know
Welp. There's nothing I can
do but take it on the chin.
Well, I should go.
I'm keeping my friend waiting.
I didn't see a thing, okay?
As your ex, your secret is safe with me.
I thought I was done for!
She really doesn't care about me anymore!
Guess it's time we wrapped this up.
I had a real scare back there.
But it looks like Mami-chan's gonna
keep quiet, so I guess I got away with it.
Thank you.
Oh, don't mention it.
I think you can take it
nice and slow, honestly.
Sure, you don't talk much,
but it was painfully obvious just how
hard you tried to make this a fun date.
I don't know about introverts,
but there's no way a girl as nice
as you can't be a rental girlfriend.
I know there are clients out there
who'll accept you for who you are.
Maybe that knowledge will give you strength.
See you!
So cute!
Maybe I should rent her
No! This is my whole problem!
I already have Mizuhara!
This is the
actual problem
Rental girlfriends are scary.
There are way too many cute
girls in the world, man.
Hello, Sumi-chan? How was the date?
What? He saved you from punks?
Anyway, I guess you're one
step closer to your goal now.
Why am I so fixated on that guy?
Hey, you-know-who's here.
Tell 'em I'll be there in a bit.
What? Again?
Sis Please don't tell me you
hooked up with someone in college.
Die, jerk!
I'm done with all that love crap.
I just picked whoever was convenient
I didn't care who.
But now he's two-timing? Him, of all people?
And it's not like the girl wouldn't have
a long line of suitors, so why him?
Is she really his girlfriend?
Maybe I can find her on social media.
I think her name was Sakurasawa Sumi
Wait, how does she spell it?
Probably doesn't matter.
Funny and cute,
you'll want to protect her smile
A first-year in college, Sumi-san is a growing girlfriend
who takes on any challenge with optimism.
Though she typically wears an innocent expression,
her surprisingly serious and assertive moments
will make your heart skip a beat. You'll be able to relax
with this brave, hard-working girlfriend smiling by your side.
Rookies Batch #
You know what feels the absolute best?
It's not sex with the one you love.
It's the fap after sex with the one you love.
Where the heck did that come from?
Either way, sex with the one
you love is a prerequisite.
Do Chizuru-san. You have my permission.
I never needed it, but thanks.
Don't you agree, Kuribayashi?
He should do her already, right?
Huh? Y-Yeah, just get it over with.
Thanks, Kuri! You're a real bro
for not exposing me!
Kibe, what are you doing?
Dating Site for Grays
Reading an email from Nagomi-san.
She's an advisor for the site I run.
You two really get along, huh?
It's not that simple. We have a pact.
Yeah, if Kibe finds out about Mizuhara,
he'll tell Gran and it'll all be over.
Is that
Yikes! Kibe can't see her on
a date with someone else!
H-Hey, let's hit up the arcade, yeah?
Huh? We're in college, and you
still wanna go to an arcade?
C'mon, what's the problem?
Uh, are you panicking?
Who, me?
Nothing again.
I'm such a fool, getting
worked up over a measly note.
I haven't heard a peep
from Mizuhara since then.
I don't even know if I did
a good job on that date.
A wood chip?
Oh, sorry.
Couldn't you think of a
better way to call me here?
I just got back.
I realized I hadn't thanked
you for helping Sumi-chan.
She was over the moon.
H-Hey, all I did was go on a date with her.
So I can have these moments with her
And there are many more to come!
You called me out just to say that?
I'm thinking of quitting
the rental girlfriend job.
Remember that director Umi-kun was
talking to? I landed a role on his play.
It's pretty famous,
and my agency says it'll lead to more
roles down the line if I deliver.
I've been at it for a year already.
And if I can make enough money as an
actress, I can devote all my time to it.
So I figure it's about time to move on.
What do you think?
I did make you a promise,
so I felt I should talk to you about it.
Listen to yourself!
I just dragged you into my mess!
I already can't thank you
enough for all you've done.
Don't worry.
It's not like I have other
roles lined up already,
so it won't be an immediate thing.
I'll be your girlfriend until the time comes.
Anyway, I should go to bed.
I have a morning date booked.
I knew all along. Or, well, I should've.
She's been working as a rental
girlfriend to help fulfill her dream.
She didn't spell it out,
but she'd have no reason to be my
"girlfriend" once she quits the business.
There's no better chance to come clean.
I can't tell her
I have no right to tell her that
she's the one I really want.
This sucks ass!
This sucks ass!
Is Maya-san not here yet?
I'll be wearing a beige
coat and a gray skirt. That
should help you find me.
Got it.\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h
\hSee you at the station
\hat 10 AM, then.\h\h\h
\h\hI can't wait.\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h
Me neither! I'm really looking
forward to seeing you!\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h
Maybe he's nervous. It is his first time.
1 new message
Dear Chizuru, I went for my
scheduled checkup, and they
want to retest me. Feed\h\h\h\h
Peter for me, will you?\h\h\h\h\h\h\h
I already can't thank you
enough for all you've done.
This is for the best. I know it is.
No, bad! Focus!
None of this has anything
to do with Maya-san!
Let's do this!
Five minutes early? You're such a pro
Mizuhara Chizuru-san.

You're so
Puts men
to shame
Already a chief
at her young age
I need your help
with homework!
Did you know, Mizuhara?
The next episode is the last!
No way. But there's nothing we can do.
I know it's hard to let go, but
Want me to ask the fans and bigwigs for more?
I'm really good at that.
No, Mami-san!
There's lots of money involved!
And how would you ask for more, anyway?
Isn't that obvious? By doing a favor or two.
Whoa, we're outta time!
On the next episode of Rent-a-Girlfriend!
and Girlfriend."
Guys, we need your help!
"Confession and Girlfriend"
Sumi-chan out of nowhere?!
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