Rent-a-Girlfriend (2020) s01e12 Episode Script

Confession and Girlfriend

I'm thinking of quitting
the rental girlfriend job.
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Kazuya-kun! What do you say
we go on a date before work?
A date? Oh, uh
So I figure it's about time to move on.
I can't keep using her as a crutch forever.
Sure. Let's do it.
That girl's hella cute.
That's her boyfriend?
More like chimpanzee.
I'm so glad I got to see you!
We saw each other, like, two days ago.
That's true.
It's only been two days, and yet,
why does this make me so happy?
Ta-da! What do you think?
L-Looking good.
Yay! Lavender's in this spring, y'know.
Now that you mention it,
Mizuhara had a lavender scarf, too.
Gah! S-Sorry!
It's fine. I know you still like her.
I've realized now that just forcing
my love on you isn't gonna cut it.
'Cause I want you to fall
in love with me for real.
She's a good girl.
Cheerful, determined, and passionate.
Sure, she may be a bit possessive,
but that's something that should
make any boyfriend happy.
How is she not good enough?
Karaoke Village
Uh Sorry, but I have to refuse.
Gah! I knew it'd be a no!
You must have a boyfriend, right?
Do I have a boyfriend?
Look at what you're making her say!
I'll be your girlfriend until the time comes.
I can't keep using Mizuhara as a crutch!
I've gotta at least manage my own love life!
Bear with me, Ruka-chan!
"Confession and Girlfriend"
There's something I need to say.
We agreed on a trial period, and now
I want to make it official!
Let's get this out of the way.
I can't accept that.
Just take it.
Come on! This won't be an enjoyable
date with cash just lying on the table!
Put it away. Here.
How long have you known about my job?
For a week or two, I guess?
I happened to look up rental
girlfriends and found out.
You're super popular, huh?
This Month Last Month Two Months Ago
It says here that you're
number one among the rookies.
This Month Last Month Two Months Ago
What do you usually sing at karaoke?
It depends on the client.
It'd be pointless to sing
a song they don't know.
Wow, you're versatile, huh? Then
How about when you're with
someone around your age?
You know, like Kazu-kun.
I've never been to karaoke with Kazuya-san.
But if I did, I would probably
go with the peggies or halca.
the peggies are great! I love them, too!
Sing one for me.
Centimeter queued
Would you mind telling me
why you booked this date?
I can't imagine this is just about karaoke.
Sing. For. Me.
What the hell?
Why are Mami-chan and Mizuhara together?
They don't have each other's contact
info. Did they run into each other?
And even if they did, would they
randomly decide to go to karaoke?
She must've realized something
was off last time.
Wait Did she rent her?
Does she know Mizuhara's
a rental girlfriend?!
What are you doing?
Is something up with this room?
N-No, nothing!
Let's get back to work before
the manager shows up!
Wow! You're a really good singer!
And Kazu-kun's never heard you sing?
He's totally missing out!
Where do you go with him?
I'm afraid I can't discuss that.
Ah, protecting your client's
confidentiality? How cool.
Yeah, no.
I can't focus on anything right now.
What are they talking about in there?
My brain's about to explode!
I have to return your money.
Money? So I was right!
I don't think I'm doing my job
as a girlfriend right now.
I don't deserve to be paid for this.
What are you talking about?
You're doing fine.
You're plenty cute as you are.
Besides, I wanted to meet
the real you, anyway.
You've played the role of Kazu-kun's
girlfriend perfectly for a whole year.
You totally had me.
That's so impressive.
Just consider that your prize money.
Sorry about the unpleasant surprise today.
But now I know what a rental
girlfriend is all about.
And I have zero intention of
criticizing your line of work.
But let me just say one thing.
Mizuhara Chizuru
A pure and refined
high-class girlfriend
Drop this fake couple business right now.
I mean, the people at college
seriously believe it's real.
I can't watch it go on.
I feel sorry for Kazu-kun, too.
As long as he has a rental girlfriend,
he'll never find a real one.
And this loveless "relationship" of yours,
his paying money to show
you off as his girlfriend,
and your fake-ass smile
It all pisses me off just a teensy bit.
Thank you! Come again!
Karaoke Village
Kazuya-kun, what were you
about to say earlier?
Sorry, Ruka-chan.
Not right now.
She knew!
I have to return your money.
There did seem to be money involved.
It all pisses me off just a teensy bit.
And Mami-chan seemed mad!
So did she rent Mizuhara after
finding out we were lying?
Mizuhara's not in the wrong here.
I am!
She's just going along with
my scheme out of pity!
I can't let her take all the heat!
Glug glug glug glug
What's wrong with you, Kinoshita?!
Did you throw up?
I'm sorry I just got sick all of a sudden
Are you okay?!
Don't apologize! Is it the flu?!
Go on home already!
Thank you. I'll go see a doctor.
I'll take you there!
I don't want to pass it on to you,
and we can't both take off work at once.
I'm sorry.
Which way did they go?!
The station? They can't have gotten too far!
This is all on me!
Drop this fake couple business right now.
It's all on me for trying to act
cool in front of my friends!
Mizuhara's about to quit the business, too.
Why'd this have to happen
right before it all ended?!
Sorry, Mizuhara
I'm so sorry!
F-Found them.
be seen
be seen
I'm good from here.
Again, sorry about the nasty surprise.
But hey, nothing wrong with
a girl renting you, right?
Has it happened before?
No, not with me.
Well, that's unexpected, with so many
lonely people around nowadays.
To be clear, I'm not about
to reject your line of work.
I just thought it'd be weird not
to let you know that I know.
Don't worry. I won't tell anyone at college.
I got my point across,
and I had fun along the way.
You're so cute.
I bet you have all the boys
up in seventh heaven.
Well, later.
How do you feel?
About Kazuya-san.
He has mentioned to me that he
swore he'd make you happy
That you aren't someone he could just forget.
Deleting those feelings so easily
just seems shallow to me.
I'm such scum, huh?
Getting all pathetic over
something that's in the past
I'm sure you still hold a
special place in his heart.
And you?
How do you feel about him?
What do you mean?
I mean, it's been a year.
You've played his girlfriend
for an entire year.
Does your agency know about this?
You could've fallen for him while
being his rental girlfriend.
It's possible, isn't it?
He's my boyfriend!
Wow. Way to dodge the question.
Is that part of your shtick, too?
Well, you must have your reasons.
I'm not gonna poke and pry.
But hey, you're only human, right?
That's enough.
I just thought it was a possibility.
You've done enough, Mizuhara.
You have no idea how much I liked Mami-chan,
or how hurt I was when she dumped me!
I'm so sorry, Mizuhara.
I really don't know what's wrong with me.
Wait, please!
We're not done here!
Give it some more thought!
Give him a chance!
Being a rental girlfriend helped me realize
just how important love really is,
and how difficult it really is
to fall in love with someone!
Have you ever faced his feelings
for you head-on and in good faith?
Have you ever seriously tried
to engage with his love for you?
Have you
ever considered that he could be
the one to make you happy for life?
Buzz off.
That's between him and me.
You're in my way.
And thanks.
I saw the whole thing with Mami-chan.
What do you mean, you saw it?!
I wasn't stalking or anything!
I wasn't
or anything!!
I work at that karaoke place!
You work there!?
You work there?!
I spotted you two there, and you know
Thank you. You spoke up for me
when I don't have the guts to.
I have to apologize to you, then.
I couldn't get you a girlfriend.
I tried everything I could,
but it was too tall an order for me.
Why are you apologizing?
I believe not moving on is a form of love, too.
Everyone has regrets in life.
Why are you taking this so
seriously outside of your job?
It's one thing to forget about them,
but coming to terms with them isn't easy.
Why are you putting my feelings first?
Have you ever faced his feelings
for you head-on and in good faith?
I'm just a moron who did
this to himself so why?!
Have you ever considered that he could
be the one to make you happy for life?
Yeah, I really do love you.
We're trying to get you a real girlfriend,
I love your long, black hair.
so your feelings take top priority.
That won't change.
I love your long legs.
You're blunt as all hell,
but also too nice for your own good.
And you're a harsh critic,
but you also show more
empathy than anyone else.
You do have that thing with Ruka-chan
But if you still can't forget about Mami-san,
it might be a good idea to ask her out
again, at least to get some closure.
As problematic as it may be,
every time I see you, I can't help but feel
that life would be so good
if you were my girlfriend!
Of course, I understand if you can't
work up the courage immediately.
I'll be there for you all the way,
as your rental girlfriend.
You're the one I want!
It's gotta be you!
I'm the one you want?
What's that supposed to mean?
As my girlfriend! Rental, of course.
You're the only one I ever want to rent.
So I'm gonna be sad when you quit!
Oh, that's what you meant?
Quit being misleading!
And at
the worst
time, too
M-My bad.
Sorry about that, then.
I'm grateful that
you're giving me such
importance, though
I only started this job
to help my acting dream.
If I get more acting gigs,
I'm going to have to quit.
I-I see! Yeah, that makes sense!
Later! And remember, lack of
sleep is bad for the skin!
Sweet dreams!
Yikes, I went and told her I want her!
"As a rental girlfriend,"
my ass! That was so forced!
I hope she didn't find that fishy.
I couldn't have made it more obvious
that I wanna date her for real!
I might be #1 in the global
"Needs to Be Put in Place" ranking!
Seeing her pleading with Mami-chan
brought back my feelings for her!
That aside, two things were
made very clear today:
that Mizuhara's an incredibly nice girl,
and that she's not into me or anything.
she's gonna quit her job as a rental girlfriend.
Once she does,
I might never see her again.
Man, when did I set my
love life to hard mode?
What the heck
was that all about?
You're the one I want! It's gotta be you!
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