Replacing Chef Chico (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[pensive music playing]
Six months minimum for her.
Three weeks max
until Ella decides to leave.
Three days.
- Bullshit, bro.
- I know, right?
He'll be back tomorrow.
There's no Hain without Chef Chico.
Come on now, what's that make us?
Are we just chopped liver?
Well, how can we be sure
that Chef Ella will be put in charge?
And who might you have in mind?
Is it Carlon?
There's more talent in Chef Ella's
little finger, and you know I'm right.
Nobody has more experience than Carlon.
Twenty years of experience
in six restaurants.
He's one of the best
chefs de partie that I know.
Uh-huh! But never as a sous chef.
Am I right?
Not to mention, you need heart,
and Chef Ella is passionate.
True. And she's creative
and innovative as well.
Sure, but Carlon has worked with Chico
longer than anyone else here.
He's the one who would know
how Chef Chico would do it.
Shh! Enough. You just want
another Chef Chico.
So, who here believes in Chef Ella,
show of hands?
- Me.
- Let's count. Only three.
[Wena] Who's Team Carlon?
- Carlon!
- Carlon!
- And you?
- I'm voting for myself.
I know it's a gamble,
but a New York-trained youngblood like me
is what Hain needs.
[laughs sarcastically]
Well, apparently, the air
is funny in New York, Juancho.
- [chefs laugh]
- Good morning, Chefs.
- Morning, Chef!
- [overlapping chatter]
Good morning, Chef.
- Hi, Ditas.
- Huh?
Let me know if we're running low
on vegetables,
so we can notify the new supplier, okay?
What happened to the old supplier?
- Why change them?
- Quality-wise, it will be the same
as the other restaurants.
But if you want, Chef,
we can check it out together.
Um, Wena, let's do a recap.
Isn't there a special guest tonight
with a request? Uh
It was, uh, Ms. Brittany, right?
Yes, Chef. We have a reservation
for two at 6 p.m.
Actually, they're requesting
the Chef's Adobo,
but can I just tell them
that it hasn't been
on Hain's menu for a while, Chef?
Maybe it has a sentimental value.
Right. They're wanting the adobo
made by Chef Chico.
- Most likely an old patron.
- Yes. From our early days in Hain.
[Ella] Have you prepped?
Of course,
I have never failed a restaurant.
Guys, accommodate the request.
But please, nothing over the top.
Our goal is to serve more guests.
Not to waste our time on one dish. Copy?
[all] Yes, sir!
Okay, next. For 6 p.m., guess what?
Another Chef's Adobo for Ms. Tina.
Double-check it.
- They really ordered two adobos?
- Same thing happened last week.
Must we review all this again?
It's just that, maybe
Actually, they have
the same request for adobo,
as well as the name
of the accompanying guest.
He was booked under different names,
a Ms. Brittany and also a Ms. Tina.
It looks like we have two adobos
for tonight.
It's a coincidence, I guess.
Um, and they were
different booking numbers?
- Uh, perhaps
- Next. We got it, Ella.
Yeah? Unless there's
something important to add,
let's move on already. Next.
- Ne
- Wait, how's Chef Chico?
So, what do we do now?
I mean, it's obvious
that without Chef Chico, we're fucked.
We will have an interim head chef.
Who's that?
[Wena] Ah, sir. Excuse me.
By default, isn't it
automatically Chef Ella, right?
Since she's the sous chef?
Usually, yes, but I still have to assess.
I'll announce it at the end of the day.
May the best adobo win.
Bring it on.
Back to work.
Yes, Chef.
Guys, back to work.
[all] Yes, Chef!
- Guys, one hour before we open!
- [oil sizzling]
[all] One hour!
Let's give her the best Hain experience,
or else you get out of my fucking kitchen.
[all] Yes, Chef!
Chef, just double-checking,
you're going to make pork adobo, right?
Did Chef Chico make you his sous chef
because he was a fan of your cooking
or 'cause he likes something else?
- [utensils clinking]
- [sighs]
- Chef Juancho, your hairnet!
- [Carlon] Hairnet!
Passing hot! Passing hot!
- Passing!
- Sorry, sorry, sorry.
[indistinct chatter]
Chef, are you okay?
Of course.
It doesn't look like it.
Are you going to follow me around all day?
It's my job to observe the kitchen.
- Passing hot! Passing! Passing! Passing!
- All you're doing is getting in my way.
[Rod] Passing, Chef.
Chef, we need to talk.
[background chatter]
What's this about?
Asia's Best of the Best.
It's been five years
since we made the list.
Exactly, but it doesn't mean
you can't make it back on the list.
What do you expect me to do
without Chef Chico?
Well, today, we're choosing someone
who will take his place.
Are you pressuring me?
No, I just need your help.
I'm thinking of changing the menu.
"Changing the menu"?
You're a consultant, Raymond,
and you know how hard it is
to change the menu.
That's why nobody cares about Hain.
It's not evolving like other restaurants.
You should know that.
Excuse me?
We have so many patrons
who keep coming back because of our food
And it shouldn't stop there.
By making it onto the list,
it means we're quality.
The popularity that you can get from
I already know what you're going to say
and I don't agree with it.
Sorry, but I'm not the head chef here.
[cell phone ringing]
Hi, hon.
Yeah, I'm still at the office.
Busy this time of year, as expected.
I'm good, don't worry.
Okay. Bye.
[dramatic music playing]
Rye, keep an eye on this.
In 30 minutes, it'll be 10 hours.
Yes, Chef.
Uh, Chef.
- Seriously?
- Sorry?
This is too thick. Come on.
Is that what New York calls quality?
Chef, why toss it?
Everything should be
consistent and perfect.
You should know that.
Do you know how much we pay
for those onions?
Patrons pay premium for this.
Is it wrong to give them
premium ingredients?
[light music playing]
Good evening, miss. And welcome to Hain.
Do you have a reservation for tonight?
Yes, I'm a bit early, but I have
a reservation for two, under Brittany.
It's a pleasure
to have you here, Ms. Brittany.
Allow us to prepare your dinner.
Right this way.
[background chatter]
[Wena] Just a moment.
What can I help you with, Ms. Tina?
"Mrs. Tina." I'm married.
Sorry, my mistake.
Aren't you gonna say hello?
I wasn't talking to you.
Hello, Brittany.
[nervous chuckle]
I'm sorry. Do we know each other?
Please. Sit.
[tense music playing]
I'll check back.
Hey, easy on the salt, all right?
That's enough. Just a pinch.
- Yes, Chef.
- Good.
You haven't started your adobo yet, Chef.
I know what I'm doing.
You're just creating problems for me.
You cannot avoid change
when you're the head chef.
Guys, what's this?
Clean as you go, please.
- I'll do it.
- [chef] Order for Table 2, guys.
You're doing it after giving order?
Either I do it
or someone breaks their neck.
Hey! What are you doing?
You're micromanaging, Chef.
Not very head chef.
- Are you sabotaging me?
- Ditas.
You were challenged earlier with a dish,
but you're all over the place,
unlike Carlon who's focused.
Thanks for getting in my head.
What do you really want?
We have the same goal here.
You'll have to learn
to trust me eventually
because I'm here to stay.
I'm on your team, okay?
[background chatter]
[pensive music playing]
Table 2, ten more egg rolls!
[all] Ten more egg rolls, table 2!
- [Carlon] Yes?
- Yes?
Ah, a major tea just spilled
about table six and nine.
Are we really gossiping right now?
Are you front-of-house or a tabloid?
They're now sitting
at the same table together.
The guests who made the request.
Is everything all right?
Do you need help out there?
I'll be fine.
Um, it's awkward out there.
You can feel it.
If I have to make a guess,
I'd say the young one's the mistress.
In any case, if a catfight breaks out,
I'll have my cell phone ready to go.
You better stop
or you'll upset Chef Carlon.
I really don't mind,
because he's not my head chef.
- You're I'm sorry.
- Wena.
I'm washing my hands now, okay? Thank you.
- Here's your order.
- Thank you.
[background chatter]
Ladies, excuse me, but, um
Tonight is a birthday celebration,
do I have that right?
But the guest of honor hasn't arrived yet?
It's a small celebration.
My husband's birthday was last week.
It's not a sin to celebrate again.
Also, we'd like to have the pork adobo.
And on the rice,
David likes extra adobo sauce.
That is, of course,
if you want to kill Dave.
You know he has problems with gout, right?
We will order something
a little bit more friendly for his health.
I've been married to Dave for 15 years.
I would know better.
It's only once a year, on his birthday.
He's not going to eat pork
every day, is he?
So once in a while,
a forbidden temptation is okay.
We will order two adobos.
- [Tina] You have two chefs, right?
- Yes, ma'am.
Then they can make
two different versions of adobo?
And then we'll see
which one Dave likes better.
Coming right up.
Chefs! Are these all
the marinated proteins we have left?
There. Thank you.
Yes. Chef, yeah, that's it.
I appreciate it, 'Nay Ditas.
[oil sizzling]
Please start on the chicken.
Wait, Chef.
Let's take a look at your salmon.
Wait a second.
Look at that. It's overcooked.
It's dry and chalky.
Next time, if you don't know,
you can ask me, okay?
Yes, Chef.
Chef Ella.
You're not mad? What about accountability?
Not now, please.
The salmon you just tossed,
how are we supposed to pay for that?
We have meetings set up
to talk about problems like that.
Not here in the kitchen
and especially not on the line.
The only goal back here
is to prepare food for our patrons.
"Okay"? That's it?
You're not going to be nitpicky
about something else? That's it?
Shouldn't you be starting on your adobo?
That's what I'm doing.
You know everybody in the kitchen
has been placing bets again?
Whose adobo tastes better?
I heard Carlon is doing
his famous pork adobo.
You hear about that?
No. Who did you put a bet on?
Same team, remember?
Why would I gamble?
What dish are you known for?
I know you can deliver, Chef.
[Tina] Nice necklace.
From Dave?
Dave is so cheap, isn't he?
He doesn't buy me anything either.
Is he romantic with you?
Define "romantic."
Grand gestures. Love letters.
What have you?
He isn't.
He wrote a love letter.
In the 15 years
that we've been married, and that's it.
[cell phone chiming]
Yeah, I'm already here.
It's just me.
Okay, sounds good. See you later. Bye.
No "I love you" s?
Yeah, Dave wasn't the "I love you" type
towards me either.
He said he's running late.
As usual.
What's this all about?
Are you nervous?
Meeting your lover's wife?
Why did you come?
I'm not here to compete.
- How did you meet?
- [scoffs]
I'm getting hungry. Do you want to eat?
Yes, ma'am?
What the hell am I gonna do?
Sorry, Chef. We haven't been able
to update the sheet for fermented garlic.
You fucking idiot!
What now?
Do I have to hold everyone's hands
to make sure things get done?
I cannot cook my adobo without
having my fermented garlic!
I made that clear!
Do you want to try fresh garlic for now?
What are you talking about?
It is not my white adobo,
not without fermented garlic!
- [door opens]
- There's no other way to cook it.
[approaching footsteps]
- Um Yes?
- Wena.
Cancel the pork adobo I was going to make.
- What?
- Hold on.
Just because you're missing an ingredient,
doesn't mean we can't make the dish.
We can't waste food like that.
In the first place, why is it
that there was no fermented garlic?
And who is in charge of inventory?
Are you really a sous chef?
Moronic and irresponsible,
and you want to be a chef?
[Raymond] That's enough.
Walk it off, Chef Carlon. Please.
Uh, Chef?
Uh, the patrons at table number six
just placed the order now
for the Chef's Adobo.
Is everyone here?
Um, one person's not,
but they want to eat.
[quirky music]
- Excuse me, Ditas.
- Huh?
Come and try this.
Tell me if it's any good.
[Ella] So, what do you think?
Mmm, delicious! Chef, it's so delicious!
- Come on!
- Mm-hm!
Delicious enough to sell it.
- Oh, stop that!
- [chuckles]
I hope it's good enough
for the celebration.
[Ditas] They're gonna love it.
[Ella] Wanna taste?
[background chatter]
This is great.
If they don't love it,
something's wrong with them.
Wow, really great.
Chef Carlon, where is your
I had to cancel mine.
How could I make it
without my ingredients?
[Carlon] Passing.
- [Raymond] Chef, what are you doing?
- You can deduct it from my salary.
- 'Nay Ditas?
- [Ditas] Huh?
- Hand me a green chopping board?
- [Ditas] Coming.
[lively jazz music playing]
[Ella] This is the pork adobo.
This was not made with soy sauce,
instead we replaced it with salt.
The color is brighter
than the normal adobo you've seen.
When you bite into the meet on the inside,
it will be tender but crispy
on the outside
because it's sous vide.
This is Adobo a la Ms. Brittany.
Thank you, Chef.
Most of the time, when I'm in a hurry,
I put together an adobo quickly,
but this one looks complex,
it looks delicious.
Thank you.
And for the second adobo,
we have a grilled chicken adobo.
In preparation, we marinate
and season the chicken before we grill it.
[Ella] Also, this is unlike
the usual adobo with a lot of sauce.
We prepared a glaze to accentuate
the adobo flavor.
For the glaze, we used sukang irok
or sugar palm vinegar from Batangas.
We sourced this from the women
of Santa Teresita,
mostly single moms,
some are survivors of domestic violence.
They underwent
a livelihood training program.
It works out and that they supply us,
and we also help them.
It's part of their healing and recovery,
and we also empower them in the process.
So enjoy your adobo.
Chef's Adobo a la Missus
Actually, I like the sound
of being a "miss."
Please enjoy your two adobos,
Ms. Tina and Ms. Brittany.
Two different versions.
Adobo a la Tina.
I've never prepared it like this.
I like it.
Brittany, this chicken
just melted in my mouth.
You need to try it.
[knives rasping]
[Brittany] Mmm.
It's impossible to say
which one is better.
I think it would be disrespectful
to even compare.
Both adobos are different,
with strong flavors.
Both unique. But different experiences.
[Ella] Thank you.
Um, should I prepare another adobo
for your guest who's coming?
We'll wait.
Ah, okay. Enjoy your meal.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
[Wena whispers] I told you.
So who do you think is the mistress?
[Wena continues whispering]
Hi, Chef.
You still haven't answered me.
Why did you come here?
If not to fight over him,
pull my hair and all that, then why?
Oh, darling. What an outdated
definition of a legal wife.
I was so prepared to defend myself.
I knew he was having an affair.
In fact, I wasn't surprised
because I practically begged him
to find himself a mistress.
I know that 15 years of marriage
doesn't really seem that long, but
over time, all that attraction
and love just fades away.
I didn't want our relationship
to be toxic, so
I gave him the green light
to do whatever the fuck he wants.
Do you have a lover?
It's not my thing.
Let's talk about you.
Do you like being with Dave?
I'll tell you the truth.
At first
it was for the money.
And then, maybe
And now?
Truth is
I feel sorry for him.
So we have more things in common.
Tell me.
Do you love him?
I try to convince myself
that I still love him,
but like you
I pity him.
Why don't you get a divorce?
["Di na Babalik"
by Leanne & Naara playing]
Yes, Chef?
You didn't have to take on my dish.
I wasn't able to improvise.
I should have taken the fall.
All of us here have a job to do.
I never asked for your help.
You don't always need to ask
to receive help.
You didn't have to do that.
I did it for Hain, it wasn't for you.
So save your reasons.
I don't need that or any extra drama.
[somber music playing]
[Wena] Good evening.
We're happy to welcome you to Hain.
Do you have a reservation?
Yes, under "Brittany."
- Mr. Dave?
- Yeah.
A pleasure. Welcome to Hain.
Please follow me, sir.
[classical music playing]
[waiter] Thank you, sir.
The guy they're fighting over is here.
- Has he ordered yet?
- Not yet. But
Then stop gossiping.
Come on, gossiping about people
is the only thing keeping me going.
But I'm prepared.
The minute the punching starts,
I'll get it on my phone.
- I bet it would be viral.
- Whatever.
- What's up?
- Okay, back to work. Gotta go.
- [Wena] Working! Bye!
- How's everything?
Um, two of our reservations
called and canceled,
but we managed to hit our quota
because of the walk-ins.
That's great, Chef. What about you?
I mean, you were observing all day, right?
Do you want another recap of it
or are we good?
I have been observing,
that's why I'm asking nicely.
Earlier, you weren't acting like yourself,
but you improved.
You ended strong, Ella.
Any other feedback?
What's wrong with you?
Excuse me?
The way I see it, you can handle this,
but you're lacking confidence right now.
Oof. I thought we were on the same team?
You want me to sugarcoat things instead?
I'm saying this, Chef, because I care.
Where the fuck are you?
Sir, excuse me, your bill.
What? I didn't even order anything.
Oh, yes, sir, you weren't
the one who ordered,
but the women here earlier did.
- Women?
- [Wena] Yes, sir.
Um, cash or credit card?
[playful music playing]
Thank you, sir.
[paper rustles]
- [indistinct chatter]
- Hi, everyone.
Well, I was looking
for someone worthy of the title.
Someone who knows why everything
works in the kitchen the way it does.
I've been a consultant
for other restaurants,
and an effective head chef is someone
who has vision and coordination.
Our new interim head chef is
- Chef Ella.
- [chefs] Ooh.
[Raymond] From now on, Chef Ella and I
will be working hand-in-hand for Hain.
Wow, congratulations, Chef Ella!
You're the head chef now,
you'll get your own restaurant
sooner or later.
Don't go overboard. It's much too early.
[Wena] All right, give it up
for Chef Ella! Come on!
Gimme your credit card, New Yorker kid.
Put it down there, come on.
[background chatter]
Good night. Thank you.
- [waitress] Good night, Chef. Take care.
- Good job today, guys.
- You too.
- Chef, are you headed home?
Uh, not yet. You?
That all depends
if there's a head chef here
who wants to have a celebratory drink.
Ah, not tonight.
I have other plans, sorry. Um
But maybe next time?
Uh, with the whole staff.
I'll keep that in mind.
Where are you headed? I can drop you off.
Uh, no, it's okay. It's just nearby.
Oh, it's nearby, huh?
Let me give you a ride, then.
Uh, I'm actually going to see Chico.
Uh, to ask for permission.
I want his blessing.
Because of what
of what you told me just now.
Sure, let's go.
[uplifting music playing]
[Ella] I want to thank you for earlier.
Why? Because I chose you as head chef?
Not that, for your help in the kitchen
and for calling me out.
But yes, thank you for that, too.
Making me the interim head chef.
It was the right choice.
I was ready to hand it to Carlon, though,
because more people listen to him,
and also, more people believe in him.
Hey, you've earned it.
I was just here to observe.
And based on my observations,
you deserve nothing less
as a chef and as a person.
Thank you.
And I also meant it when I said, you know,
I hope we can work together for Hain.
I know it's a job for me,
but you know, the place is growing on me.
Well, good luck
if you fall in love with Hain.
Is that what happened to you?
[background chatter]
[monitors beeping]
I honestly don't know where to begin.
Something's happened fast
and some slow.
[somber music playing]
We could have been together.
I suppose.
I'd be by your side in awe,
still impressed with how amazing
you are as a chef.
Everything's so messy now.
I wish I knew the reason
for why I'm so afraid.
If it's being head chef now,
or is it so scary because
Raymond is making me feel good about it?
I felt something with him today.
I know we're not together.
[door opens]
[Corine] Oh, my gosh, finally.
I'm sorry, but how do you know Chico?
I Chico? Chef Chico.
I'm Ella, his sous chef.
Sous chef?
Thank you so much. I was so worried!
But what happened to my fiancé?
[tense music playing]
["Di na Babalik"
by Leanne and Naara playing]
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