Replacing Chef Chico (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Gosh, I'm sorry. I'm Corine, by the way.
I have no idea what's going on.
What happened to my fiancé?
"Fiancé"? So you didn't break up.
Yeah, we've been getting
into a lot of fights lately, but
Yes, we're still together.
And last I checked, we're still engaged.
Oh, never mind. I just thought
Uh, if you don't mind,
could you call the nurse for me, please?
- I just wanna know how he's doing.
- Yes, miss.
["Di Na Babalik"
by Leanne & Naara playing]
[door opens]
[door closes]
Good morning.
- You're here early.
- You didn't go home?
First-day blues?
No, the morning is when I prep everything.
It was the same when Chico was here.
Chef Chico.
Whatever, it's not a secret now.
How is Chef Chico? Is everything fine?
Chef, are you okay?
I don't have much of a choice.
Did something happen?
If you need to take the day off,
it's okay.
I've already wasted enough time on Chico.
I just want to focus on my work.
Are you sure?
Yeah. I have to be okay,
and get through the day now
without having a nervous breakdown.
Chef, take this, please.
It might help you to, um
get you through the day, here.
Wow. Thank you.
Fuck, no. [chuckles sarcastically]
Happy First Day.
[Ella] Everyone,
let's just move the layout
so it's not so crowded.
- Uh, Chef Diego, you're on chicken.
- [Diego] Yeah? Sure.
Uh, Rye, you're on the meat.
Chef, why the move?
Change of scenery.
[Ditas] Chef Ella,
I can keep this on my station, okay?
Hold on.
Oh, um, that's Chef Chico's.
You shouldn't be using it.
If you have a problem,
you can talk to him at the hospital.
When are we gonna have power here?
[Juancho] This is hell.
This never happened to us in New York.
- Chef, can I be excused?
- [laughs]
I'm just not used to this shit.
Welcome to the Philippines, brother!
We never stop working, come rain or shine.
We work just like robots.
Just make sure everything is prepped
and nothing's wasted, okay?
Chef Diego?
Go check the walk-in
to see if we still have ice.
The electrician is going to be a while.
If not, pick up ice
at a convenience store.
Sorry, Chef, I'm still on chicken.
Chef Juancho, please check.
Chef, I don't even know where to look.
What? Nobody buys bags of ice
in New York? Is that it?
Chef Chef Rod, you do it.
[Rod] Ah, Chef, not now.
I need to go on number two.
- [Diego] Over here!
- I'll do it.
Chef Carlon.
In this heat?
Just because there's a brown-out
doesn't mean we call it quit.
I'm just as hot as you are.
First day and a bad attitude.
Maybe she's got her flow.
My mom gets like this on her first day.
Bro, you can't say
things like that in 2023.
But she's crazy.
Hey, what is this? High school?
Back to work, please? Back to work.
You okay?
Yup. Passing.
[Rye] At least the new uniforms
aren't that bad.
Uh, Chef?
Hey, do you plan to tell me about
the changes you're making around Hain?
Is what I'm doing a problem?
I only ask you to include me
in the plans you're making.
[Raymond] So why the sudden change?
Why are you here?
I've been wanting to talk to you,
but the timing hasn't been right.
I wanted to give you a moment.
Do you want to fill me in?
Hm, I wanted to make
some minor adjustments here and there.
Um, it won't affect the quality
of food and service of Hain.
You want to talk about the menu?
What changes do you have in mind?
I do wanna ask something,
but don't make it weird, okay?
Now that I have the position
"Chef Ella's Hain"?
Is there more more Chef Ella showing?
Why does it matter?
Fuck. [chuckles]
It doesn't really, sorry. Sorry, sorry.
Forget I said anything.
Is your real question whether Hain
is becoming more Ella and less Chico?
Are you trying to erase Chico?
I'm not.
Okay, look.
I imagine this is difficult.
Maybe you have a history together.
If something bad happened to you
in your relationship with Chico
I appreciate it, I do.
But please don't go there.
[Carlon's partner]
So, what happened now?
Babe, one second.
Hello, babe.
- Can you tell me what's up?
- Sure.
Are you busy?
Actually, you have no choice.
I'm done working here.
[Carlon's partner]
Is it that Ella?
That bitch is at it again.
She thought that
because she was boning Chico,
she could control me as well.
I'm sure she's already
buttering up the consultant.
[Carlon's partner] Are you jealous?
I'm mad.
Is it because I'm too old?
That I'm by the book?
Or am I hitting a glass ceiling
because they hold gay men back too?
[Carlon's partner]
Why? Do they know you're gay?
[Carlon's partner] If it's not that,
why not just give Ella a chance?
Hell no! I'd rather be buried alive.
- [Rye] Just smoking and smoking.
- [Wena] Be nice now, okay?
Chef, want me to make you a drink?
Hmph, no. [sighs]
Are you sure?
Looks like you need one, Chef.
Why is it when Chef Chico was head chef,
no one ganged up on him like this?
We're ganging up on you?
You really think that?
What a load of bull.
Things keep piling up,
I can't catch my breath.
I wonder why.
I'll tell you why.
Because no one's listening.
Why are all my decisions
constantly questioned?
Is it that I don't have
a fancy culinary degree?
You're just assuming
that we care about that.
That I didn't go train somewhere
in Canada, Japan, New York?
Because I worked my way up, all on my own?
Remember, Chef Carlon did the same thing.
I don't wanna think this, but
Fuck, is it because I'm a woman
that no one will listen?
Sorry, Chef.
It's a sensitive time, I guess.
Have some cold water.
- Wena, you want some?
- [Wena] Nope.
Whew, this is a pretty stiff pour.
[Ella] You should consider bartending.
- [Wena chuckles]
- Chef, come on.
Hey, Wena.
- Hello. Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon, ma'am.
What name is your reservation under?
Uh, yes, under Concha Martinez.
Ah, it's a pleasure
to welcome you to Hain.
Ms. Concha, uh,
I'm sorry but you're a bit early.
You should know that 6:00 p.m.
is when the kitchen officially opens.
Is that right?
My sincerest apologies.
Senior moment.
[Wena] It's not a problem at all.
Madam, perhaps you can wait at the table,
so that you're more comfortable
and we will be open before you know it.
- I appreciate that. Thank you, dear.
- Yes, please follow me.
[Ella and Rye] Good afternoon.
- [Ella] Please come in, welcome to Hain.
- Good afternoon. Thank you.
[Wena] Here we are.
Two hours before we open.
[Ditas] Two hours!
[Ella] Two hours before we open!
[Hain chefs] Two hours!
Oh, you guys can hear me after all.
Chef Diego, how is your sinigang
coming along?
[Diego] Two minutes, chef.
Really, two minutes? Why isn't it thicker?
- I feel it's a bit thin. I'll do it.
- Sorry, Chef.
[Ella] Chef Diego,
please prepare the frozen vegetables.
[Diego] Yes, Chef.
[Ella] You didn't put this in, did you?
- I forgot.
- Almost there. See?
Chef Carlon,
how is your sauce coming along?
- [Ella] At least three, okay?
- [Carlon] Walking, Ella.
Chef Carlon, the sauce, how is it?
That's good enough, take over.
Here's the sauce, Ella.
It's really good.
- Hi, ma'am.
- Hello, hello.
- I'm Ella, I'm a chef at Hain.
- Yes?
I noticed you've been waiting
for a while now.
My apologies for being here so early.
My reservation was for much later.
Are you waiting for someone?
I'm expecting my children.
The plan was to meet up before dinner,
but they didn't arrive for that,
so I just came straight here.
My children have a lot going on nowadays.
Are you okay to wait here, ma'am?
- Concha, dear.
- Concha.
Yes. I'll be fine here, thank you.
Truth is, I'm getting used to them
not listening to me these days.
I guess that's the reality of getting old.
You lose all of your authority, right?
I get what you're talking about.
How could you? You're just a baby.
Well, they will come.
It's my birthday.
- Oh! Happy birthday, wow!
- Thank you, thank you.
Happy birthday.
Uh, I know we've asked you this before,
but for your dinner this evening,
do you have any special requests?
Any allergies?
I want to impress them.
Just make a meal
that leaves them speechless.
It would be my pleasure, Ms. Concha.
Thank you, thank you, thank you very much.
- See you later.
- Thank you.
[background chatter]
Changing the menu now?
Don't surprise me like that.
You're the one surprising me, chef.
I don't mean to overstep, but
Please be transparent
when it comes to Hain.
- Okay?
- Right.
What are you cooking?
[chef] Passing hot, passing hot!
Tinawon Heirloom Rice Arroz Caldo.
I know it's not a menu item,
but I want to make
a special dish before dinner.
[Ella] Don't worry.
I'm aware of how rare
and precious this is.
So the expensive rice
can be taken from my salary.
But I, I really wanna do this.
We have a guest waiting out there,
Ms. Concha?
Her birthday is today.
So we're giving away
free food on birthdays now?
Not everytime.
I don't know her,
but I felt something familiar.
Take a look.
This is the Tinawon heirloom rice,
and it's just for her.
"Tinawon" literally means "once a year",
and it's the first variety of rice
that's widely grown in the Rice Terraces.
Grown only once a year.
It's a big part of the lives
of the people in Cordillera.
Heirloom rice, it's been passed down
by several generations.
That's why it's so special.
Yeah, and this one is for Ms. Concha.
I say, she deserves a special arroz caldo
on her special day.
You're the chef. You know what to do.
Hello, yes, VLG?
[Raymond] Hello?
[VLG] Hello, darling.
I'm sorry I missed you earlier.
But I looked through
your initial report on Hain.
Let me ask you.
Are you confident
in the assessment you gave?
Um, it's still too early, VLG.
It's crucial, so we'll have to discuss it
when Chef Chico wakes up.
It's his menu, so it's only right
that we let him know what works
and what doesn't work anymore, right?
For the past three years, Chico didn't
seem to be awake when he was at Hain.
And two years ago, I actually told him
to overhaul his menu,
but he wouldn't listen.
[VLG] So, Raymond.
I trust you to make this happen
as soon as possible.
And I know that Chico
will thank the both of us later on.
All right?
Your call, VLG.
Yes, great.
Thank you as always, darling.
Sure thing.
[Ella] Tinawon Arroz Caldo a la Concha.
Made especially for you, ma'am.
Happy birthday to you, ma'am.
Ah, thank you. Thank you.
[Concha] I haven't even ordered yet,
and you already have a treat for me.
[Ella chuckles] Let's see.
[delighted hum]
Did you make this, dear?
Yes, ma'am.
Wow. You're unbelievable.
I'm not joking when I tell you
this must be the best arroz caldo
I've tasted in my 67 years in this world.
Ma'am, you have to promise not to tell.
It's not on our menu.
I'll be in trouble if word gets out.
Why would anyone be mad at that?
You're the boss
when you're the chef, right?
It's hard to explain.
Would it be too much
if I asked you to stay?
- Um
- Just for a little while, Chef.
All right.
They won't miss you, will they?
[chuckles softly]
I haven't gone to a restaurant
and sat with someone in a while.
Do your children live somewhere else?
Since you shared
your secret recipe with me,
I'll confide something too.
My own secret.
The truth is that it's been a while
since I've seen my children.
Ever since my children discovered that
after being with their father,
I fell in love.
Their father and I have been
separated for a long time.
You don't expect love at this age.
Wouldn't have believed I'd fall in love.
But now after all these years
Every second I spend with Fred
I feel young, like a 16-year-old.
[both laugh]
It's important that the evening goes well.
I've decided to tell my kids tonight.
I want to be with Fred.
I hope I can be
as brave as you, Ms. Concha.
This means so much, Chef.
I appreciate you listening.
You've made the night for this old lady.
- You're 16 years old, remember?
- [both laugh]
- Right.
- Enjoy your food.
Finally, the electricity is back.
- Thank you.
- Wonderful.
- I can finally see what I'm eating.
- [both laugh]
Service, please.
Everybody, line up. Two minutes.
This won't take long.
It's going to be an adjustment
for you having me as your leader.
For me, too.
But you should know
I'm not playing around.
I take what we do seriously,
and you should as well.
When you get yelled at by Chef Chico,
"It's okay, life goes on".
If I raise my voice at you,
you act as if someone's been killed.
That ends now, okay?
I'm not your head chef, true.
I'm not Chef Chico.
But I'm interim head chef,
whether you like it or not.
So as your head chef, you do as I say.
- Yes!
- Yes, ma'am!
Let's start with
calling me "Chef."
- Yes, Chef!
- Yes, Chef!
[Wena] Good evening.
We'd like to welcome you to Hain.
Do you have a reservation?
Yes, uh, Concha Martinez.
Con-cha Mar-ti-nez.
Okay, sir. Actually, sir,
the table reservation is for three only,
but we are more than happy
to accommodate you, sir.
Mom! Mom.
[Wena] Chef, we have a problem.
Table number 8.
The reservation was only for three,
but now there are five of them.
Okay, um, bring me the ingredients!
- Yes, Chef!
- Yes, Chef!
["The One" by Leanne & Naara playing]
Table 8, five brûlée kalabasa with oyster.
[waiter] Yes, Chef.
Holy shit, bro.
Five minutes and forty-three seconds?
She beat Chef Chico's record?
No fucking way.
She even did a lot more than Chef Chico.
And that's how you f
And that's how you do it.
[Juancho claps]
Table 8, two sinigang paella, two grilled
chicken adobo, and one crab rice!
[Hain chefs] Yes, Chef!
[Concha] This is nice.
You should've brought my grandchildren.
I miss them already.
[Jason] Uh, no.
Mom, they're too young to hear
your unfaithful stories.
[Concha] Jason.
Why? You're gonna lie about it, Mom?
Growing up, you knew.
Your father and I's marriage was terrible.
You're an old woman, Mom.
It's embarrassing
to be flirting at your age.
All we want is for you to apologize
and stay away from that man, okay?
You didn't have the courtesy to meet me.
It's my birthday dinner,
nobody arrives on time
for the reservation, huh?
- Please just be respectful.
- Mom.
Are you comparing us running late
to your infidelity?
Is that the kind of mother
you are to us now?
I love Fred!
[Concha sobs]
I have dedicated
most of my life
to all of you.
Now that you're all grown up,
is it wrong for me
to live my own life?
Whether you accept it or not
know that I am choosing
how I will live my life.
Like how you are living yours.
You are my children and I am your mother.
But I'm still human, all right?
We want different things.
And that is okay.
That is okay, my dears.
- Delicious.
- Unreal.
You know, the chef's
arroz caldo is a real winner.
Like us girls who won the bet.
- Yes!
- Big-time, am I right?
- So? Grab a drink?
- Yeah, man, let's go.
- Yeah, yeah!
- Your treat, man?
Got you, bro. I'll spot you all!
- How about you just hand me the cash?
- [Juancho] Come on!
- Are you crazy? I'm too old for that.
- [Rye] Ditas!
You guys go ahead, I'm going home tonight.
Bro, this one's for Chef Ella
and you're not coming?
Sorry, Juancho. Gotta go!
Bye, chefs. Bye, Chef.
- Wow. Bye.
- Take care.
- Bye, chef.
- Bye-bye.
[Wena] I'm going home!
You guys go drink one for me.
Ms. Concha.
[Concha] Oh. Hi, Chef Ella.
Why are you still here?
Is everything okay?
[Concha] I'm okay.
Uh, I had to make sure
I thanked you because
you didn't embarrass me to my children.
Oh, by the way, can I have your number?
Mm-hm, here.
Um, someday, when I finally marry Fred
would you please cook for me again?
That would be my pleasure.
There you are.
- Thank you.
- Thank you too.
Thank you, thank you very much.
Permission to enter?
Ah, hi!
Sorry about earlier.
No, I'm the one who's sorry.
I've got a lot on my mind,
that's not your problem.
I just wanted to be here
and make sure you're okay.
You're the head chef,
and I'm supposed to help where I can.
Chico really does care.
He cares about the people who come here
to dine, to have fun, to make memories.
I think it's important.
We don't have to talk about him
if it's uncomfortable.
No, it's okay.
It wouldn't be good to bottle it up.
I'll have to deal with him eventually.
That's something of Chico's
that I want to keep going at Hain.
We're here
because of our patrons' support, and
the moment we don't prioritize them,
it feels like a betrayal.
Maybe that's where Chico and I went wrong.
You know, we're both so passionate about
other people that we forget
to look after ourselves.
That part should be different.
Wow. Fine dining.
[chuckles] Yes.
- Hm.
- Oh.
Try it.
Since I've been honest with you
I hope you'll be honest as well.
- Hmm.
- How is it?
Five stars?
Four stars.
Only because you're working all the time.
Don't joke.
Actually, good.
But good isn't perfect yet.
What's missing, then?
Probably texture.
- You'll be perfect one day.
- Hm.
Uh, by the way, Raymond,
so about making changes to the
- menu
- Ah, no. No, no worries.
No, I'm ready now.
Are you sure?
I don't wanna force it.
No, if you think it would be helpful.
But let's take it slowly.
- Okay.
- Okay.
[dramatic music rising]
["The One" by Leanne & Naara playing]
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