Replacing Chef Chico (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

[light music playing]
Um I have somewhere
that I have to be, so
- Um
- I'll put this all away and then yeah.
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
Well, if you want,
I could give you a ride.
That's all right, I need to clean this up.
You go ahead.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
I'll head out.
[soft music playing]
I'll see you later.
- [Ditas] Wena, hey!
- [Wena] Oh.
[soft chuckle]
Do you have another gig?
You know it.
Are you getting enough rest?
I'm trying.
If I can afford to take a break,
I'd take a break, but that's rare.
I rode in on the bus,
it was so uncomfortable and crowded,
and now I'm sweating too.
- [Wena] I'm a mess.
- [Ditas] Hmm.
Bro, traffic was really bad.
I couldn't even get my drive-thru coffee.
Fucking not my vibe.
You poor baby!
Do you want me to get a binky for you?
- [Wena] Huh?
- What's a binky?
[Wena] Ditas, talk some sense into him.
I've had it up to here.
Get going, get in there.
[Juancho] Bro, what's a binky?
Refresher, which patrons
can we expect tonight?
So far, no one new,
mostly our usual patrons,
but if there are last-minute changes
or cancelations, we're open for walk-ins.
Not good.
I've only been in Hain
for a couple of weeks
and I've noticed that we keep seeing
the same familiar faces.
[Carlon] Excuse me?
But without them,
and without their loyalty,
there would be no Hain.
Tell him, Chef Ella.
I'm aware, Chef. But Raymond has a point.
It's true
that our regulars keep Hain going,
but in the future,
we won't be able to keep going
if we don't bring new customers in.
- Yeah.
- [Rye] Chef.
Do you mean what I think you mean?
Are things that bad for Hain?
So the rumors are true?
[Juancho] I knew it.
Ever since Chef Chico disappeared,
everything went downhill for Hain.
I'm sorry to say,
but even when Chef Chico was still around,
things weren't great at Hain.
Is this goodbye then?
So Chef Chico was lying to us before.
[Ditas] What about us, Chef?
What's going to happen?
Tell us, Chef.
If the restaurant really is closing,
tell us now
because we need to be prepared
to find another job if this happens.
[Carlon] Wow.
After all these years.
The end of an era.
No. No, we're not closing Hain.
It's not the end of an era.
Let's call it a new beginning.
I know, guys, Chef Chico's not here.
If we can come together,
I believe we can do it.
I know we can keep Hain open.
Wait, Chef Ella,
how are we going to do that?
- I talked about this with Raymond.
- [Ditas] Uh-huh?
He's been observing Hain
and had a suggestion.
It's time to change the menu.
- [chefs murmuring]
- That's bullshit.
How will that solve our problem?
We might even lose our regular patrons
if we start to change the menu.
Asia's Best of the Best.
Popularity and awareness.
If we can manage to get on the list,
the people will come.
I know it's risky for us
to overhaul the menu,
but it will be worth it.
- I trust Raymond because he's the expert.
- [soft music playing]
He's been consulting
for many restaurants in Southeast Asia.
I'm telling you all this because
for this kind of overhaul,
two people aren't enough.
We need the help of everyone,
if we're going to make this happen.
[Ditas] I'm not going anywhere.
Hain is my home,
and I'll do whatever it takes.
Count me in, Chef.
After all these years,
Hain has never let me down.
[Rye] We're in.
- [chef 1] I'm in.
- [chef 2] For sure, let's do this.
- [Rye] We got you.
- What now? Enough drama.
Huh? Let's work our butts off
and make Asia's Best of the Best, right?
Let's go!
Let's serve them the best Hain experience!
[chefs] Yes, Chef!
[Ella] Careful, you might overboil it.
The texture's good,
don't let it get thick, okay?
- Yes.
- [Diego] Yes, Chef.
[Ella] Raymond, can you observe elsewhere
so you're not in the way?
Sorry, I was just trying to make notes
I mean it, Raymond.
- [Raymond] Uh, hey, I got it, I got it.
- No, no, I got it.
Sorry. I'm sorry.
- [Raymond] Are you okay?
- Mm.
You two all right?
- Sorry. I got it.
- I said I can get it.
- Really.
- [chef] Coming hot, coming hot!
- Let me, let me. I'll do it.
- No, no, I
Just put it in the garbage.
All right. Sorry.
- [Ella] Hello.
- [Gilbert] Good afternoon, ma'am.
Are you the chef?
- Yes. Ah, you're new?
- Yeah, here you go, ma'am.
So you must be Raymond's supplier?
Yes, and this shipment's on Mr. Raymond.
Is he gonna be working here?
Yeah, he didn't mention a delivery today.
[Gilbert] We've been running a bit behind
on our orders.
We brought nothing but the best for him.
We added extra of everything.
Raymond said to add extra?
Oh? Oh, no.
We really owe a lot to Mr. Raymond.
He's been our customer for a long time.
[Gilbert] He taught us
that by selling directly to a restaurant,
we can earn so much more,
because it cuts off the middleman.
With all he's done to help us, really,
this doesn't even compare.
- There's Mr. Raymond. Mr. Raymond!
- [Raymond] Gilbert!
- How are you?
- Good, how are you?
- I'm good.
- I appreciate this.
Happy to be of service.
I hope you end up staying here.
- [Gilbert] I'll bring this in.
- Of course.
- [Gilbert] Okay.
- Great.
[Ella] Uh
You're leaving us?
[Ella] Where are you going?
Into the kitchen?
Can you please stop messing around?
Don't worry about it.
I'm waiting for an offer,
and I happened to mention it to Gilbert.
But nothing's final.
Who knows if I'll get the job at all.
Competition is high.
None of that's important.
What's important
is the here and now, okay?
We're changing suppliers?
Not without your permission, no.
I know, sorry.
But I've been using him as a supplier
for a long time now.
[Ella] Mm.
Well, I don't have a problem
with switching up the suppliers,
it's just
I can't move forward with this just yet
because it affects
the quality of our ingredients.
I know.
This is a sample of their product.
And it's on me.
- Uh
- Hey, you won't regret this, Chef.
- Uh
- I'm on your side.
We're all on your side. Promise.
Um, about last night, Raymond
What about it?
[Gilbert] Sir! It's done.
Again, thank you so much.
Two hours before opening!
Ah, wait, one second.
- There. Okay.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- All right, sir, until next time.
- [Ella] Two hours!
[Wena grunts]
I could really use a massage right now.
It's pricy,
but I deserve one, right?
But it's pricy.
I just won't get it then.
We've cleared that up.
[soft classical music playing]
What the?
[Wena clears throat]
[Wena] Hello.
Do you want me
to read your palm for you, ma'am?
Um, that depends. Is it good or bad?
[boy] Let me see.
You will become rich in two years.
Two years? But that's too long, come on.
And your name is?
Jake, is your mama around?
[Wena] You don't know?
Are you here with someone?
- [Jake] Mm
- Did you come here with your dad, or
- are you lost?
- Jake?
Is this your friend, Dad?
Uh, yes, son.
[Henry] I didn't know you worked here.
We wanted to try it out
but we'll go try someplace else.
Let's go, Jake.
[Wena] Uh, wait!
Uh, there are still tables available.
Let me handle it.
[soft emotional music playing]
[Henry] Are you sure?
Uh-huh, um
[clears throat]
I'm pleased to welcome you to Hain.
Allow us to prepare your dinner.
Follow me.
Sorry, you go ahead.
- No, you go first.
- Okay.
[indistinct chatter]
Look at them.
Table 6, one Bistek Tagalog,
and one crab fried rice!
[chefs] Yes, Chef!
- [chef] Passing hot!
- You need anything?
Can we talk later?
I guess.
Later, we'll find time.
[soft music playing]
"Later", huh?
- [Ella] What?
- [chefs murmuring and giggling]
[insects chirping]
- What's wrong, girl?
- What?
I mean, you look different
from before and
Is it Is it because of Chico
or the meeting earlier?
Wow, you assume it's about Chico
when I look worried?
[Wena breathing heavily]
Are you okay?
Fuck, my heart feels like
it's about to explode.
Tell me.
I just sat my son.
I last saw him as a baby.
[gentle somber music playing]
Does the boy know?
We don't know each other.
I can do this, um
I can't have a meltdown for now,
I need to breathe.
[sighs deeply]
- Let's just talk about you, come on.
- Okay, sounds good.
- What's up with you?
- Um
Like what's going on
with you and Chef Chico?
Uh, I don't know.
I haven't been to the hospital,
so I don't know.
He might still be asleep.
But still
I have to move forward, right?
Hmm So, um Like date someone else?
You think? Um
Raymond wanted to talk to me.
About what?
I don't know.
About Hain? I don't know.
Or about the new menu, or something else.
Hmm the traffic this morning?
Or about the new supplier?
No idea, no idea.
That's why I'm nervous.
So it's about you two?
[exhales deeply]
- Oh, my God. Fuck this.
- Ah, yeah.
Fuck this.
[Jake] Whoa! Are those nachos?
Uh, this is complimentary taco ch
Taro chips.
I want nachos!
Uh, nachos? Sorry, well, we don't
- [Jake] I really want
- Jake, Jake.
- [waiter] Would you like some water?
- [Wena] Let me. Ah!
- Sorry! Sorry, sorry. Sorry
- [Henry] No, it's okay. I'm okay, Wena.
It's okay, really. Thank you.
Uh, just call me
when you're ready to order, all right?
[Henry] Wena?
You don't need to be sorry.
I don't?
No. Don't worry about us.
We're fine.
[Wena] Okay.
Just call me when you're ready.
[Henry] Uh, wait.
We're ready now.
For what?
Ready to order.
Ah, okay.
We'll have one order of crispy adobo wings
and one order of sinigang paella.
[Henry] I'll leave the dessert up to you.
Mm. Got it. Um
And you? Doesn't he want anything?
Jake. What do you want
I want to go to Disneyland.
But I don't wanna live in Japan.
Daddy, I'll miss my friends.
[Henry] Uh son.
You'll have lots of new friends there too.
And there's a Disneyland in Japan.
Did you know that?
Would you like to go there every month?
Yeah, Dad! I'd love that!
[Henry] Then that's what we'll do.
I want to go to Disneyland every week!
[Henry] If you want,
- we can go there every day.
- [Wena sobs]
[Wena breathing shakily]
[Ditas] Wena? Sweetie, what happened?
What's wrong?
[breathes deeply]
I didn't know
what to do about it at the time.
And I was 16 years old,
without money,
without family to depend on.
I was, I was all alone, and
Wait, sweetie. Wait. Take your time.
I don't understand
what you're talking about.
I couldn't afford to be a mother,
I was just a girl.
This is shitty.
I was the only person
in my family who worked.
The pressure
was already about to crush me,
things were so bad already!
- How could I possibly raise a child?
- [somber music playing]
I could barely take care of myself.
It's never easy.
I know it's impossible to be a mother.
I was so scared, I didn't know what to do.
I didn't want to ruin his life.
I didn't want
[sobs, breathing heavily]
Where is your child now?
Where is your little boy?
He lives with his dad.
When it happened,
his family wanted the pregnancy to go on.
They said they'd take care of him.
[voice breaking]
They promised to raise my boy right.
I gave my child away.
I just heard that they plan on leaving.
They're in the restaurant.
He said they're moving to Japan.
They're never coming back.
Every cell in my body
wanted to hug my son earlier,
but I couldn't do it, why?
Come here, dear.
- [sobbing continues]
- There, there now. It's all right.
[Ditas] It's okay.
It's okay.
- [chef] Passing hot, Chef.
- [indistinct chatter]
[utensils clinking]
- Carlon.
- [Carlon] Yes, Chef?
- Take over, please.
- [Carlon] Yes, Chef.
[Wena breathing shakily]
- [Ella] Oh, Wena.
- [sniffles]
Um, oh
- Do do you want to take a break?
- [whimpers]
Why don't you go home, okay?
I swear, it's no problem if you want to.
If you wanna leave with pay,
I'll handle it. Hmm?
Thank you, Chef Ella.
But I think this is
this is the only chance
that I'll get to serve my son.
And maybe tonight, in some small way,
maybe I can make it up to him.
How about you and I serve them
a memorable dinner?
Please. Please.
[sobbing continues]
[Wena] Thank you, Chef.
[Ella] Chef Carlon.
You need help, Chef?
[Ella] Do we still have langka?
Do you need it?
Oh, copy, Chef. I'll get some.
Thank you. Chef Diego?
Yes, Chef?
Do we have apples?
Yes, Chef. I'll get some.
[Ella] Okay, you're the best.
Thank you.
[jazzy music playing]
[Jake] I know that, it's turon!
[Wena] Yes.
We call this Special Turon à la Jake.
What? Like my name?
Yes, just like you.
Why is my name used for food?
You're our special guest.
This turon is one of a kind.
[Wena] This was made just for you
with strawberries.
Jumbo strawberries.
Wow! How jumbo?
Like this jumbo!
[soft chuckle]
- Whoa.
- [Wena chuckles awkwardly]
Uh, and those strawberries
came fresh from a farm.
The Madaymen in Benguet.
They supply our strawberries.
When there was a lockdown in Baguio
because of the pandemic,
when it came time for harvest,
there were no tourists, no buyers,
they had to resort to a rescue buy.
And Chef Ella did a bulk buy then.
Since then, we've been getting
our strawberries from there.
Take a bite, it's for you.
Wow, yum!
Do you like it?
It's like a fruit salad in a roll.
[Wena] Really? What else?
[Jake] There's banana, green apple
Uh, Daddy, what is that fruit called?
- Langka? Yum!
- [Wena chuckles]
Can I see your palm?
I'll try guessing your future.
[soft music playing]
[Wena sniffles]
What do I see when I look at your lines
I can see that you'll go on many rides
at Disneyland.
- It says that?
- [Wena] Yes.
Here's something.
Your lines here say that
I can see you having some very yummy foods
with surprises, just like this turon.
- [Wena chuckles]
- What else?
What else? Um
At your next birthday party,
I can see clearly here that
the cake you'll eat at your birthday
is going to be
the most delicious cake in the world.
It seems the flavor is
Chocolate cake?
I want a really tall cake
with blueberries!
Is that your favorite flavor of all, Jake?
Um, and now I'll guess
your favorite color, okay?
No, green. The same favorite color
as my crush at school.
[soft gasp]
A crush, huh?
[Wena] Last one.
I can see clearly here that
you will have many, many friends.
It seems you
you will travel to different places.
[giggles, sniffles]
I can also see here that
You'll enjoy this adventure
you're about to go on.
With your daddy, of course.
And I can see that
There will always be people who love you.
[breathing shakily]
And you will make your daddy proud.
So, so proud.
[soft music continues playing]
Go ahead, eat some more.
Let's see if you like the other one.
Thank you.
[insects chirping]
[Ella] How'd it go?
You okay?
It took a huge weight off my chest.
- Thank you, girl.
- It's all right.
And you? Did you talk to Raymond?
Not yet.
Why not? What's stopping you two, huh?
You want me to handle it?
Hey, come on.
We're both trying to find a time
to talk things through, but
It's okay.
I'm pretty sure that he likes me.
Ah. So you like him too?
[Ella] Mm-hmm.
Well, you said it yourself once before.
You don't wanna keep guessing.
So you ready?
I'll find the time for it,
and the courage too.
- Ah, shit! Damn girl!
- Yes!
[both chuckling]
- Tell him today, okay? Do it.
- Hmm? How?
[in girly voice]
"Do you like me?"
[both chuckling]
- What was that? You're so
- "Do you like me?"
[chuckling continues]
[Raymond] Chef.
[soft music playing]
You called me?
Show plate for the new menu?
Try it, it might work.
[Raymond] Mmm.
Almost there, hmm.
You could improve consistency.
Are you ready?
For what? You have another dish to try?
Uh Raymond, I want to tell you something.
And I want to ask you something too.
[Raymond] Ella.
[Ella] Mm
[Raymond] It's okay.
- Go ahead.
- I'm doing it.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- [door squeaks]
- [chefs] Surprise!
[chefs cheering and laughing]
[Wena] Sorry! You can continue that.
All right, let them continue.
- [Ella] We were just
- [chefs murmuring]
What are you all doing here?
I know that you practically live at Hain,
especially now that we need a new menu.
[Carlon] So I gathered everyone,
you shouldn't have to do it alone.
I know I'm old, but I ran after them.
Told them, "Hey, if you care about Hain,
let's save it together."
[Ditas] That's right.
Chef Love,
just tell us how we can help out.
["Evergreen" by Leanne & Naara playing]
- [indistinct chatter]
- [Rye] Wow. Happy New Year!
[indistinct chatter and laughter]
Wow, smells good.
- [chef 1] That looks delicious.
- [chef 2] Get in there, man.
[indistinct chatter and laughter]
- Have some wine.
- Thank you.
[Wena] Okay!
[chef] Yeah!
[all] Cheers! Chef Ella.
For Hain!
[Wena] Hey! Take it easy Wait, okay.
[indistinct chatter]
[chef] Ditas, it's actually really good.
[chefs chanting]
Chef Ditas!
- This is the first time this has happened.
- [chefs] Cheers!
It's my first time
seeing anything like this.
Thank you, for going with my plan.
You were right.
It's not Chico's fight anymore.
It's their fight. Their fight for Hain.
It's a great start to a win.
For Hain, for them.
[Wena] You hungry? The rest is mine.
- [chef] You should make some more.
- [Ditas] It's a secret!
[indistinct chatter]
I have something to tell you.
I like you.
I didn't know how to tell you how I felt,
but I mean it though.
- I'm not done yet.
- [soft chuckle]
Hey, um
[clears throat]
Ella? Ella.
- [Raymond clears throat]
- [chatter fades]
[dramatic music rising]
[music fades]
["Evergreen" by Leanne & Naara playing]
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