Replacing Chef Chico (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

[classical music playing]
[indistinct murmuring]
What the fuck is going on here?
Chico. You're back
It's Chef Chico.
Chef Chico.
Good to see you're okay.
- What is this? What, what's going on here?
- Chef. Bro.
Am I talking to you?
No, so shut the fuck up!
What is this fucker doing here, huh?
You're using my kitchen to flirt?
What's your problem? Seriously?
What happened to my kit Come here.
What the fuck is this shit? Huh?
What the fuck is this?
And this?
- What is this, a new item?
- [Ella] Hey. Wait.
I'm asking everyone to contribute
to changing the menu.
You're changing my menu?
You're changing my fucking menu?
[Chico slams table]
Fuck that! No!
I'm back as your head chef,
effective immediately!
So bring back everything
the fucking way it was
before I fucking left! Now!
And you.
Get this motherfucking asshole
out of my fucking restaurant!
Get the fuck out of my house!
[Chico] Now!
- Chef.
- Ivan.
- Is this for the laing tonight? Mm-hmm.
- Yes, Chef.
- Are you okay?
- Yes, Chef.
- Oh.
- Sorry, Chef.
Why do you all seem so uptight?
- Relax, guys!
- [Hain chefs] Yes, Chef!
Good morning!
[Hain chefs] Good morning, Chef.
What's up?
It's all good.
[radio music plays]
Relax. Loosen up.
- Hey, I can feel your anxiety.
- Chef.
- Hm? Why?
- We're just nervous because, you know
Come on.
I'm gone for a month,
and you're blaring music?
[Ella clears throat]
Sorry, Chef.
[Chico] Good morning.
I said, good morning!
[Hain chefs] Good morning, Chef!
Ella, have you seen my knife?
- Hm? Your knife. Ah
- My knife.
I'll look for it, Chef.
Ella, please. You know me.
I can't function without my knife.
Yes, Chef.
All right. Staff meeting.
[Chico] Let's go.
'Nay Ditas.
- Have you seen the chef's knife?
- No.
So, I know you guys missed me.
But now I'm back for good.
[Chico] Nothing, not even an injury
can keep me from my home.
Hain is my home.
Especially since I was told
that anytime this week,
a foreign food critic
who most likely is a member
of the voting panel
for Asia's Best of the Best
will be here at Hain.
As usual, they will not disclose
the identity,
but most likely
he is a male Caucasian in his 40s.
So Wena, if anybody walks in
with that description, let us know.
Yes, Chef.
I want all of you
to give him top-class service.
Yes, Chef. We always do that
for our guests, food critic or not.
[Chico] Yes, Ella. I know. Thank you.
And I'm excited to serve you again
and lead you
and bring back the glory of Hain.
[Raymond] Um
Sorry, I overheard you.
Actually, Hain's never been better.
And it's because of Ella's leadership.
We're actually in the process
of improving the restaurant.
I was in a coma for one month,
and you still storm in here unannounced?
Are you one of my cooking staff?
- Uh No, Chef.
- Are you one of my chefs?
- No, Chef.
- No, so get out.
Look, from now on,
if you're not part of my cooking staff,
then you have no right and no reason
and no business to be in my restaurant.
So get out!
Chef, Raymond is
Get. Out.
- [door closes]
- Okay, Wena, let's recap the guests
with special requests.
[Wena] Okay, Chef.
Our guests for tonight
are Kaela and Winston!
- [Wena giggles]
- [Rod] Wait, really?
KaelaWin? You're kidding,
they're eating here, Chef?
- You know who they are?
- Yes, Chef.
[both] KaelaWin!
Chef, they're an influencer power-couple!
It's unbelievable, Chef.
They have 3.5 million subscribers
on TikTok.
On YouTube,
they've got 900,000 subscribers
to their channel, Chef!
And they're celebrating
their third anniversary.
They plan to dine with us
for three consecutive nights,
all to countdown
to their, ah, third anniversary.
The official anniversary
is on the third day,
And the request
they had for dinner is, um,
three different versions of laing per day.
Wait, wait, wait.
Three different versions of laing?
- Yes, Chef.
- [Chico] That we don't have?
That's the client's request.
They're doing a countdown
to their anniversary
and they chose to spend it with us.
So that's a little request
that we should honor.
- And did you say that they're influencers?
- Yes. Chef.
Yes, that would be good exposure for Hain.
Look, Ella, there's no better way
to do laing than the traditional way.
But you wanna ruin it?
[Ella] I'm not ruining anything, Chef.
It's "innovating" and "experimental".
We're telling their story.
I am the head chef here.
I am Hain.
I have the final say. Clear?
Yes, Chef. Sorry, Chef.
Are you done? I'm asking
only because I'd like to move on.
Okay, that's over. Meeting adjourned.
[Hain chefs] Yes, Chef.
- One hour
- One hour
I'm sorry, Chef.
One hour before we open.
[Hain chefs] One hour!
Now let's serve them
the best Hain experience again,
or get the fuck out of my kitchen!
- Yes, Chef!
- Scram!
[Wena] Oh, my god.
Hi. Our reservation should be under
Winston and Kaela, of course! KaelaWin!
[Wena] We'd like to welcome you to Hain.
We're excited to prepare you
a very special meal.
- Right this way.
- [Kaela] Wow!
That's so Pinoy, I'm so delighted.
So far, so good.
I love following you guys on TikTok.
I'm a fan. Hi!
- KaelaWin!
- KaelaWin!
Thank you, bubu. Aww.
Anything for you, bubu.
Thank you, Wena.
Are you good with my special request?
Of course, Mr. Winston.
Our chef made sure. Don't worry.
Um, what special request, bubu?
We'll be having our dinner here, bubu,
for the next three days,
with our favorite dish.
Mm-hm, I'm not kidding.
You're so sweet, bubu!
Thank you so much, aww.
KaelaWin is already here.
They said, "so far, so good."
Off to a good start.
- Table 6, prep
- Two of version one
- Table 6, prepare
- Two of version one
Table 6, prepare two version one laing.
[Hain chefs] Yes, Chef!
And one clay pot fried rice
with asin tibuok.
[Hain chefs] Yes, Chef!
Excuse me, Chef.
- No, I'm sorry, Che
- [male chef] Copy, ma'am.
I'm sorry.
[classical music playing]
Hi, I'm Ella, I'm the head
I'm the sous chef of Hain.
Here at Hain, we don't simply serve food.
[Ella] We tailor it to your unique story.
And tonight, we celebrate the love story
of Mr. Winston and Ms. Kaela.
We appreciate you for choosing Hain
for your very special anniversary.
And we are happy
to prepare your special request,
the three variations of laing.
Wait. Laing?
Yes. Laing. Our favorite food, bubu.
It's not my favorite food, bubu.
You told me before
it was your favorite, bubu.
[clears throat]
It's okay, Chef.
Um, I like laing just fine.
But it's not really my favorite dish.
But I'm so excited to try
your different variations of laing.
Thank you so much, Chef,
for accommodating my request,
even if it's not Kaela's favorite.
We're very, very honored
to have you both here,
to celebrate your third anniversary.
even if your favorite isn't laing.
So, shall this celebratory dinner begin?
Let's begin with your main course.
We have prepared a traditional laing,
since your story started traditionally.
As with many relationships,
your courtship started when the two
of you met each other's parents.
So here is your traditional laing,
with pinangat from the Bicol region.
[Ella] We used a whole taro leaf
- [Wena] Yes, ma'am.
- Hi. Good evening.
- I'll have what they're having.
- Ah, well
As with most Filipino dining tables,
especially when serving laing,
you'll find a plate of garlic rice.
[Ella] And what makes
this rice special is the
[Kaela] Is that a dinosaur egg?
[Ella chuckles]
That's a very precious and rare salt
from Alburquerque, Bohol.
[Ella] Only one family's left
to still make this,
so quantities are limited.
It takes three to seven months
to form this unique kind of salt.
It's a meticulous process to create this.
[Ella] It comes from pre-Hispanic times
about 500 years ago.
The asin tibuok is made
from filtering seawater through ashes,
that's what gives it
a smoky and salty flavor,
with a hint of both umami and sweetness.
That's why it's undoubtedly
one of the rarest salts in the world,
and it's found here in the Philippines.
Thank you again. Enjoy!
- [Winston] Thank you, Chef.
- Bye.
- [Kaela] Let's eat.
- [Winston] Looks so delicious.
- [Wena] Chef Ella.
- Mm? Yes?
Chef, the woman
who's sitting at that table,
she was asking if, uh,
she can have what they're having.
Of course. Sure, I'll make her one.
Okay, thank you. All right then.
Our chef will have that ready
for you in a bit.
All right, serv
Fuck! What the fuck!
What the fuck happened to my kitchen?
Chef Ella changed the layout here, Chef.
- Service, let's go!
- [furiously rings bell]
Where the fuck the fuck is my knife?!
[glass shatters]
My knife! Where the fuck is my knife?
Hold on, Chef.
Uh, I think I put it here.
You even moved my fucking knife?
Uh, I just misplaced it.
Hold on. It's my fault, it's my fault.
[Ella sighs]
You can use mine.
No Ella, I want my knife.
Look, this is my station.
No one's supposed to touch this!
Yes, Chef. But I was the head chef then,
so that was my station.
Just bring back my kitchen, okay?
This is my station now again.
End of discussion.
Copy, Chef.
Ella, you better find my knife.
It's from Bohol.
The ashes and seawater give it
a sweet and savory taste.
- Okay.
- Yes, enjoy it, please.
[Kaela] I like a lot
of different food, Winston.
[Winston] I thought we shared
the same favorite food.
[Kaela] Why is it such a big deal?
I still like laing.
Hi, how is your dinner,
is it to your liking?
OMG, super delish, Chef!
Delicious. The best.
But it's not her favorite, Chef.
[Kaela] But it's still delicious!
Winston, it's all right.
After trying your laing,
it might be my favorite dish now.
- Oh?
- [Kaela] Mm-hm!
"Might be" your favorite now?
Okay, fine.
It's my favorite.
[Kaela] It's officially our favorite.
Thank you, Chef.
[Carlon] Bye, Chef!
- Bye! Take care.
- [Rye] Bye, Chef!
Chef, can I help you with that?
No, Rye, it's fine.
- Sure about that?
- Mm-hm.
- All right, Chef. Good night.
- I got it.
- [Carlon] Good night!
- Bye-bye.
Hey, Rye. I said I got it.
How's your fiancée?
Look, Ella, I was going to break up
with her like I told you so, okay?
I've been thinking about it for a while.
Even before the accident.
You thought about it,
but you didn't do it?
You think, "it's the thought that counts"?
I'm sorry, okay?
And I'm sorry about earlier.
It's all right.
I mean, there's
just so much stress.
There's there's pressure
and even more stress and
It's okay. I'm used to it by now.
[sighs] Ella.
Chico, come on.
I'm tired.
Look, my my driver's here, okay?
Jump in with us.
- I'll take you home. Come on.
- I'm good. Thank you.
Ella, come on.
- I'm good.
- Come on. I'll just take you home.
I'm okay. Thank you.
Good night.
[door closes]
Hain is closed for the day,
maybe now I can be in the kitchen.
How is that asshole?
He glared at me like I'm the jerk
and he's Prince Charming.
You okay?
Kitchen's toxic again.
I'll talk to VLG about you.
You should be running the kitchen, Ella.
Chico owns the restaurant.
No, his mom and dad own it.
I was starting to love being head chef.
Really, a female head chef, you know?
Who was followed and respected
and being listened to
by the male chefs here.
It seemed impossible once.
This kitchen became
everything I wanted it to be.
Relaxed but still efficient.
Light, but also
very inspiring.
You should be running your own kitchen.
Start your own restaurant.
Be your own boss.
You make it sound like it's so simple.
I've seen what you've done here.
I know you can do it.
I have plans.
And unlike Chico, my plans include you.
Not as my subordinate, but as my partner.
I shouldn't say anything
until it's final, but
Anyway, I got a job offer
to manage a restaurant in Singapore.
part of the negotiation is that
I get to choose my own head chef.
This is it.
What you've always wanted.
What you're destined to be.
The head chef of a restaurant of your own.
It's okay.
I'm aware how problematic
things are right now.
First, let's help out here.
No pressure.
I'll be here, okay? Patiently waiting.
On the outside of the kitchen.
[Ella chuckles]
[jazzy music playing]
[Ella] For the second variation of laing,
this is Seafood Laing Pasta a la KaelaWin.
Let us look back
at your second year of being together,
when you both became pescatarians.
Besides coconut milk,
we also used a special crab sauce.
Thank you so much, Chef!
This looks so good!
I can't wait to eat it.
[Kaela] Oh, wait, um
- Can we take the photo first, please?
- [Winston] Ah, yeah.
Uh from this side, Chef. Uh
- Because that's my good side.
- Okay.
- [Kaela] Thank you!
- [Winston] Bubu.
We can just call the waiter
to take a photo of us.
[Ella] Oh, sure. Alvin.
[Alvin] Yes, Chef.
- Can you please take their photo?
- Sure.
- From there, though. Over there, yeah.
- [Winston] Yes, please, from there.
Thank you!
- With you, Chef.
- Oh, me?
- Yes. You too, Chef.
- Okay. I'm camera shy.
[Alvin] Ready, and
One, two, three, smile!
- Let me see. Thank you!
- Okay.
- Thank you, Chef.
- See, bubu?
You're blending into the background.
Remember I told you not to wear white.
You're always on my case.
You said to switch up the aesthetic
for our IG feed, Kaela.
Again, no.
I told you to wear bright colors
because I wanted you to pop more.
Excuse me.
[Ella] Ma'am. It's so wonderful
to see you back at Hain.
Wow! You remember me?
Of course, ma'am.
It's the Hain experience.
I'll have the laing they're having.
Laing again?
Yeah, I got curious as soon as I overheard
what you prepared for them.
It's an interesting dinner experience.
How do you do that?
You interview your guests?
Um, for our personal dégustation,
we talk to the guests first.
It takes an hour for me to become familiar
with their story each time.
At that point, it becomes a collaboration
between the guests and Hain.
This is too thick. I mean, look at this.
And I ordered a medium. This is rare!
This is still bleeding all over my plate.
This is disgusting.
I'm, I, I'm very sorry, sir. Look, I'll
[Chico] I'll, um, I'll get you
another steak right away.
Please. And cook it properly.
- Yeah.
- And
It tastes like a tire. I mean, come on.
Put some salt and pepper on it, season it.
I'm so sorry. I, I don't know
what happened with
- Yes. Please.
- the chefs in the back. But I will, uh
This is
I'll get a replacement for you right away.
Yeah, thank you.
Sorry, sir.
The fuck! You idiots are incompetent!
[Chico] I've only been gone a month,
and this is how you slice beef?
And you, hey! You got a paid internship
in New York, right?
And that's how you slice beef?
It's an embarrassment!
Sorry, Chef.
The person who complained about
your slices being too thick
is the fucking food critic
from Asia's Best of the Best!
How's "I'm sorry" supposed to fix it?
Fucking moron!
Is everything okay?
Look, we served bad food
to the critic of Asia's Magazine!
Nothing is okay!
Oh, the same critic who's on the panel.
What gave him away?
I just know, okay? It's obvious.
Look, he knows his food.
He's made comments
about the service, the restaurant
He's name-dropping chefs.
And then these stupid fucking
amateur-hour chefs fucked it all up!
[soft jazzy music playing]
[Wena] They come across
so sweet on TikTok, you know?
But in real life,
it's like they want to kill each other.
That's why we don't judge people
based on their social media.
- Oh
- Actually, we don't judge people at all.
- Oh, hold on, I need to go.
- Yeah.
That's why I put
the red polo shirt on the bed.
You didn't, though. This was on the bed.
I think I would remember.
I even ironed it for you.
This was on the bed.
- [quietly] Whatever.
- [Ella clears throat]
Ms. Kaela and Mr. Winston,
it's time for dessert.
[Ella] We learned that you both have
a sweet tooth and you both love ice cream.
So, um, we made a combination
of two unlikely flavors.
You may question
their compatibility at first,
but they do pair nicely.
It is most delicious
when these opposing flavors
bring out the flavor of the other.
Our laing ice cream. Enjoy.
- Laing and ice cream?
- Yes!
Thank you so much, Chef!
[Kaela] Let me taste it.
Mm! OMG, it's so delicious!
Take a bite, bubu. It's awesome!
Wow, unbelievable!
- So delicious!
- Thank you, Chef.
- Enjoy!
- Thank you so much!
Wow. Have some!
[Ella] Ma'am,
a complimentary dessert for you.
Oh, wow
[female guest] Thanks, Chef.
How was your special laing, ma'am?
Hm You know
Because I'm from Bicol, finding a laing
that I like can be challenging.
[female guest] I'm based in New York
and I'm only here for a short vacation.
That laing?
- It is very special.
- Thank you.
You know what, they're right.
Hain is an experience, Chef
Oh, Chef Ella, the head chef!
- My pleasure!
- No, I'm not the head chef.
Um, I'm the sous chef
and the head chef's name is Chico.
Am I right that this Chico
just returned as head chef?
And so I assume this menu
is still yours, right?
Claim it, Chef Ella. You've earned it.
Thank you, ma'am.
You're welcome.
[Ella] Enjoy your ice cream.
Will do!
[jazzy music playing]
For the third and final night
of your celebration,
we have our laing mille-feuille
with shrimp mousse. For your
Really? You're not gonna say sorry?
Wait, why should I be sorry?
It wasn't my fault.
What are you talking about?
It's like you did it deliberately.
Are you kidding? Deliberate?
I was following Waze.
[Kaela] I told you there was traffic.
If you listened to me,
it would've saved us 30 minutes.
So you know better than Waze?
So you trust Waze more than me?
Is Waze your girlfriend, boo?
- What are they fighting about today?
- [whispering] Traffic.
Manila traffic has ruined
many relationships.
My turn to watch, go check on that table.
- [glass shatters]
- Fuck!
Hey, what's going on?
It's confirmed that the food critic
from Asia's Best of the Best
was here and I fucking knew it!
[Chico] It was that white guy
who kept complaining!
And because of the stupidity
of the chefs here
Chef, maybe he liked
the other dishes that we served, or
"Liked"? No chance in hell.
Everything got fucked up because
you lost my fucking knife, Ella!
- It's your fault!
- Hang on.
It's not important what knife you use,
what's important is the talent behind it.
Are you saying I'm not talented? Hm?
[Chico] Ella, answer me! Did I hear that?
Are you saying I'm not talented?
No, I'm saying this fixation
on your knife isn't good.
A chef's talent isn't found in a knife.
Look here.
This onion.
[Ella] Does it change the taste
if I use this knife?
Isn't that still an onion?
You put the reputation of Hain on the line
because you lost my fucking knife!
I'm actually trying to save Hain.
If anybody here's trying to ruin Hain
I'm sorry Chef, I'm super tired.
[Wena] Uh, sorry to bother you,
but we will be closing in ten minutes.
Thank you for coming.
Sorry about that.
They are about to close, bubu.
We have the table for ten more minutes.
I'm going to sit here
for the rest of the ten minutes.
Same. Okay.
[serene music]
So good
So good.
This is good.
Happy anniversary, bubu.
[Kaela] Thank you, bubu!
Thank you! Wow!
[chuckles] Thank you so much, boo.
Happy anniversary, bubu.
How'd you
How'd you get this?
Ah, I love it, bubu!
[Kaela] Thank you for your gift too, love.
[Winston] Sure, bubu, anything for you.
It's crazy how toxic
they've been acting for three days.
Right? I love that they patched
things up, though, huh.
I'm surprised. On social media,
they're super sweet to each other.
In person, they're fighting a lot.
I just don't get it!
It makes no sense for
Uh, well, it's not for you to get it.
Oh, I'm sorry.
No, it's okay. Um
- May I steal a smoke from you?
- [Ella] Here, of course.
- I appreciate it.
- Ms. Kaela.
Thank you.
Sorry. I asked the guard
where I could sneak away
to smoke without having my picture taken.
Because this won't sit well
with our branding.
Oh, don't worry, you're safe here.
We won't take pictures. [chuckles]
You might also be wondering about
The arguments I had with Winston.
- Huh? No.
- No.
I mean, your relationship,
your business, ma'am.
To be honest, I love Winston
and I know he loves me.
Uh, is that why you guys always fight?
The moment we stop fighting,
I really think it's
the moment we stop loving each other.
Must be tiring.
It isn't. It's our fire.
And I'm going to protect that fire
as long as I can.
We just need a little more time.
Or couple's therapy.
Oh [chuckles nervously]
Right, well, uh
- Bubu, you ready?
- Okay.
- Let's go. Thank you.
- [Ella] Of course.
Wena, Chef, thank you.
- [Wena] Anytime.
- Thanks.
"Bubu", huh?
- What a waste. She didn't even really
- "Protect the fire," right?
[Wena laughs]
- Chef.
- Hm?
Chef, we didn't have any luck
finding Chef Chico's knife.
Could be in the trash.
I'll look. Don't worry. You guys go home.
But I'm afraid he'll get mad again.
Chico's always mad, bro.
You're right.
- Okay. Take care!
- Thank you, Chef. See you tomorrow.
[jazzy music plays]
Nothing special about it.
[Raymond] Can I bum one?
This was my last one.
Wanna share?
[light music]
["Till The Morning Comes"
by Leanne & Naara plays]
Shake the blues away
We can dance all day ♪
Until the morning comes ♪
Shake the blues away
We can dance all day ♪
Until the morning comes ♪
We'll be dancing like
There is no tomorrow ♪
No tomorrow ♪
I gotta get close, gotta get close ♪
Yeah, we do I'm moving
Likе there ain't no trouble ♪
Thеre is power in this groove ♪
Ooh ♪
'Cause I see sadness in your eyes ♪
That I wish to take away, won't you ♪
Let me give you what you like ♪
And I will keep you satisfied ♪
Shake the blues away ♪
We can dance all day ♪
Until the morning comes ♪
Shake the blues away ♪
We can dance all day ♪
Until the morning comes ♪
Release the tension, let it go away ♪
I'ma be the one
That makes you wanna stay ♪
Shake the blues away ♪
We can dance all day ♪
Until the morning comes ♪
From the rooftop to the basement ♪
Turn the lights off
If we're making love to the music ♪
Feel the ground shake ♪
As we move along to these vibrations ♪
Patience ♪
Do catch your breath ♪
I seem to get through stress ♪
When I put up resistance, and I ♪
I don't wanna cry ♪
So I hopped on a train back to 1995 ♪
I don't wanna be alone anymore ♪
I don't wanna be alone anymore ♪
Shake the blues away
We can dance all day ♪
Until the morning comes ♪
Shake the blues away ♪
We can dance all day ♪
Until the morning comes ♪
Release the tension, let it go away ♪
I'ma be the one
That makes you wanna stay ♪
Shake the blues away ♪
We can dance all day ♪
Until the morning comes ♪
Midnight, moonlight ♪
I'll dance my nightmares away ♪
'Til the morning comes ♪
Midnight, moonlight ♪
I'll dance my nightmares away ♪
'Til the morning comes ♪
Midnight, moonlight ♪
I'll dance my nightmares away ♪
'Til the morning comes ♪
Midnight, moonlight ♪
I'll dance my nightmares away ♪
'Til the morning ♪
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