Replacing Chef Chico (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

[jazz music playing]
[Rye] Chef, it's ready!
The crust isn't bad,
it's just a little dry.
And it needs a little more pig brain,
it will make it a little bit thicker.
Copy, Chef!
- Good morning, chefs!
- [chefs] Good morning, Chef!
- Uh, Wena?
- [Wena] Yes, Chef?
Let's recap
who our guests are for tonight.
- [Wena] Okay.
- [Carlon] What's going on?
Chico isn't coming in?
He texted that he was running late,
Chef, so
- Oh, god.
- Aw.
- Yeah, so let's get going.
- [Wena giggles]
Okay, so for tonight,
we have an intimate wedding dinner.
- I think Oh, what's that? The empanada?
- [Rye] Dinakdakan from the Ilocos region.
- This must be their request with
- Yes, Chef.
The filling is Chef Carlon?
It's called empanada dinakdakan.
Empanada dinakdakan.
All right, let's try it.
[crunches] Mmm! Mmm!
[Ella] Yum.
- We should add more filling, because
- A bit too dry, right?
- Yes, but
- That filling.
But it's very good.
I don't understand why the guests want
to make dinakdakan the empanada filling.
My gosh, Chef Carlon,
you just invented a new dish for Hain
that can be added to our menu.
Congrats. You should be proud!
God, it is special.
It's crispy like a pastry.
And soft in the middle.
[chef] Passing.
Let's recap. Tonight, we have 15 guests.
Um, actually, for 20 people now, Chef.
However, we may have five
less than we originally thought.
They said that, um, family
of the other groom hasn't confirmed.
- Not yet.
- Okay.
Then we'll still prepare for 20.
- Seventeen courses?
- [Carlon] Yeah.
- All right, let's go.
- [Carlon] We got this.
- [Ella] So, one, two, three
- Ay.
- Juancho, you're late.
- Again.
- Traffic.
- [Ella] Traffic?
Yeah, right.
Chef Carlon, fire him today.
This has Chef Chico's approval.
Why me? Why not have Chef Chico do it?
You'd leave it to Chef Chico?
Think about the poor kid.
- You'll do great.
- [sighs]
- Yes, Chef.
- Okay.
We're back. Sorry.
A 17-course menu
for an intimate wedding dinner.
- What's the first
- Seventeen, Chef?
- Yes, 17.
- [Juancho] That's a lot!
Yeah, for their 17 years
of being together.
Seventeen years of being together,
and they decided to get married just now?
What's it matter to you?
Keep your opinions to yourself.
Juancho, there's no same-sex marriage
in our country.
Yeah, it still isn't legal,
so it's just a ceremonial celebration
of love, okay?
Gay marriage. Oh.
Should we put, um, rainbow sprinkles
on every dish, Chef?
No, they didn't ask for that.
How about dick designs? Dick cakes?
We'll treat them just like how we treat
any other guest that we have here at Hain.
I don't know what your stand is
on same-sex marriage,
but here at Hain, we serve everyone.
Food has no gender. Remember that.
So, please don't say any stupid comments
that there are two boys,
two girls kissing.
Just keep it to yourself, okay?
- Yes, Chef.
- Okay.
- Should the waiters be topless, Chef?
- Oh, no.
[Juancho] You know, like Magic Mike?
You know? With
Juancho, this is a wedding.
Not a bar, not a bachelorette party.
It's marriage.
I know it's a gay marriage.
How about we play Madonna songs?
Juancho, a gay wedding
is just like any other wedding.
How did you know, Chef?
You've been to a lot of gay weddings, huh?
[chuckles] I see your true colors, huh?
- I'm gonna handle it.
- Hm?
It would be my pleasure to fire
that fucking entitled brat.
[classical music playing]
- [Ella] Oh.
- [Raymond] Hi.
Are you supposed to be in here?
- He's not here yet.
- Uh-huh.
- Hopefully permanently.
- Mm-hm.
I already sent my report.
The numbers are in,
and they don't lie, Ella.
Revenue has increased by 2.5 times
when you took over.
We were just gaining ground
when Chef Chico came back.
As I told you, how will Hain survive
if they're not going to fire their son?
It's up to you, and I already
Hello, Chef.
Was I not clear
that you're not allowed in my kitchen?
Chef, I'm doing my job as
Yeah, you've done your job.
You submitted your report
to my dad, right?
How come you're still here?
Chef, can you taste
the requested empanada?
Wait, wait, wait. Another request?
Uh, yes.
It happened last month
when you weren't here.
Um, I agreed to it, so
It wouldn't be good to cancel last minute.
That's bad for our image if we
Why did you say yes in the first place?
Um, because I was the head chef?
You fixed the crust, right?
- And added more filling?
- Yes, Chef.
[crunching] Mm-hm.
[Ella] Yeah.
No, no.
No. I'm the head chef.
I'll taste from now on, okay?
[Rye] Sorry, Chef.
What do you mean this is good?
It doesn't taste like an empanada.
Tastes like dinakdakan.
Um, the client requested for dinakdakan
stuffed inside the empanada,
so it should taste like dinakdakan.
[Wena panting]
- Yes?
- [Wena sighs]
Um, sorry, Chefs.
Um, there's something important
I need to tell you.
The wedding venue for our guests,
Mr. Vince and Mr. Rick,
has canceled last minute.
The grooms, they're asking
Not really asking.
They were actually begging us to let them
use the restaurant for the ceremony.
- Okay.
- No!
- Uh
- No, they can't have their wedding here.
We're not having a wedding at Hain.
Okay? It's a restaurant.
- Chef.
- I
- I don't
- [Chico] Look, Wena, no!
Uh, Chef, copy, but what should I
- [Wena] Um
- What's wrong?
I just have to say something
to the wedding organizer.
He's setting up already.
- What?
- [Ella] Um
[Ella] Hi.
Hi! You must be Chef Ella.
I'm Matt. I'm a friend of the grooms.
And I'm also the wedding organizer.
Oh! Thank you, Chef,
for agreeing to the changes.
- Um
- Hm.
This is, uh, Chef Chico, our head chef.
Oh, hi, Chef.
I'm sorry, we don't normally
allow events here at Hain.
[Ella] Normally.
But since this is a very special day
for the grooms,
you can continue setting up.
Oh, thank you so much, chefs!
[Matt chuckles] Thank you.
Thank you for being allies
and thank you for supporting gay rights.
Hello, hello, hello, girls!
Are the grooms here?
Well, Auntie Baks is here
to inject fun and love!
- And a great wardrobe. Hm?
- [Auntie Baks] Mm.
Ella, can I have a word with you
in the kitchen, please?
- Here, I can help you with that.
- Okay.
- Here, the bag, please.
- [Auntie Baks] Oh, thank you.
Please. Go get ready. See you soon.
Oh, okay.
What the fuck, Ella?
Look, for the nth time, I'm the head chef!
You're sous chef, Ella!
Chico, please.
I was the head chef
when we agreed to this.
So please.
For just this once.
Just this one, I promise.
[somber music playing]
It's a gay wedding, Chico, come on.
They've suffered enough.
Can't we make them feel
that Hain is a home? A safe one?
[breathes sharply]
Thank you.
[exhales deeply]
[background chatter]
Of all places
you could've gotten, why here?
- Babe, let me
- Don't call me "babe."
I haven't told them.
All right. Chef Carlon.
The other place left me no choice.
It's on purpose.
You're pressuring me.
You want me to come out in the open.
Except I'm not ready.
[sighs] Babe I-I mean, Chef Carlon.
No, this is not about you.
It's Vince and Rick's
- I know what you really mean. But
- [approaching footsteps]
Hi. Do you two know each other?
- No.
- Uh, no. Not at all.
- Uh, we just met.
- Yeah.
By the way,
I can help you with the playlist.
- Oh?
- I used to DJ at a bar in Pobla.
Are you playing "It's Raining Men" later?
[Carlon laughs]
Oh, wait, I have a suggestion.
I prefer "I'm Coming Out."
Juancho, come with me to the stockroom.
We have something to discuss.
- [Juancho] Oh?
- [Carlon] Yes, Chef.
- [staff] Excuse me, where does this go?
- Yeah, it needs to be coming
[Juancho exhales sharply]
Are we going to clean this mess, Chef?
Juancho, I hate to do this.
Um, Chef.
I don't swing this way. I'm sorry.
I'm straight.
I mean, I have gay cousins.
I can hook you up with them.
- [sighs]
- But I'm just not into this.
Sometimes, I get curious
but I'm not yet ready to act
on that curiosity.
At least not with you.
What are you talking about?
I am here to tell you
that we are discontinuing your internship.
What do you mean?
You're fired, Juancho.
We just don't find
your performance satisfactory.
You have the potential,
but you just don't seem
to be the right fit for Hain.
I had an internship in New York!
Oh, come on, you've been very good
at making sure everybody knows that.
- Under three-Michelin-star Chef Rosenburg.
- Shh.
Your dad paid for that internship.
Not my fault, though.
How about you, Chef?
Did you study culinary arts?
If we're both being honest here,
I actually think I'm as good as you,
if not better than you.
I'm the future chef. You are a has-been.
Since we're trying to be honest here,
you are fired because you're incompetent,
you're a lazy, entitled spoiled brat.
And it shows in your cooking skills.
As far as your potential,
you are just like one of those rich kids
cooking in their lavish kitchens,
selling mediocre,
overpriced food on Instagram.
No, Juancho.
You are not the future.
You will not be a has-been
because you won't even get there!
You won't get to where I am!
[melancholic music playing]
I hope this is the last time I see you.
Because you are what?
You're fired.
Oh, fuck, we're locked in.
The pig's face, is it on the grill?
Yes, Chef!
[lively tense music playing]
And the brains?
Already boiled, Chef.
How's the pastry
for the dinakdakan empanada?
It's prepared, Chef.
Uh, Chef, final taste test?
Hmm Chef.
[Ella] It's ready.
Try it.
[music playing]
[Ella] How is it?
Ten out of ten.
[lively tense music playing]
Good job.
[chefs] Thank you, Chef!
You heard our head chef!
Chefs, excuse me.
But the grooms want to talk to you both.
They're outside.
- [laughter]
- [Vince] It's wonderful.
- Hi. Congratulations.
- [grooms laugh]
- I'm Ella.
- [grooms] Hi.
- And this is Chico, our head chef.
- Hi, Chef. It's a pleasure to meet you.
And thanks for letting
Rick and I get married in your restaurant.
It's an honor.
Everyone is welcome here at Hain.
[Rick] Chef.
Thank you for this and for honoring
our request for dinakdakan empanadas.
And I just had a taste.
And it's heavenly!
Just perfect!
[Rick chuckles]
[Vince] We're from the northern region.
And our guests' favorite food
is dinakdakan.
And I'm sure it's gonna be so delicious,
especially wrapped in an empanada shell.
We're sure it's the dinakdakan
we grew up with.
Well, Hain is a home.
And like Ella said,
everybody's welcome here.
Anyway, we only have 15 guests coming.
Um, my family won't be here tonight.
It's not easy.
Although it's been so many years,
Vince's family won't acknowledge me.
[Vince] Love, that's okay.
Don't worry about it.
As long as you and I are together.
Besides, your family and friends
are coming, right?
But they're your family, Vince.
You're my family.
We'll go ahead. [chuckles]
- [Vince] Thank you, Chef.
- See you later!
- Congrats.
- [Vince] Don't worry about it.
It doesn't matter.
Pre-wedding jitters?
I have a drink for that.
Jitters, yes, but not about the wedding.
What is it, family issues?
[waiter] Gentlemen, excuse me.
I want to confirm something with you.
Babe, I'll be back.
Hm. My dad has an issue with me.
I never had an issue with my dad.
He's a pastor. Tsk.
[scoffs] Well, I can relate to that.
My dad hasn't talked to me in five years.
You're gay?
Uh, no.
If I was, I'd be as talented
and creative as you guys.
[Rye] My dad doesn't approve
of my career choice.
I'm just a lowly bartender.
He's still upset with me
since I didn't become a doctor.
A doctor?
I'm a doctor, my dad doesn't give a crap.
But you're happy, aren't you?
I am.
Are you?
- Am I? You wanna know if I'm happy?
- Mm-hm. Mm-hm.
How happy do I look?
[ice rattling]
- It sure looks like it.
- Right?
[Vince laughing]
[Rye] To answer you,
I'm just the right mix
- of happiness.
- [Vince] Good.
[Rye] Here's your drink.
Cheers to that.
Bottoms up.
Please! Can someone help us
and open the door?
[sighs] Fuck. Come on.
- [sighs]
- Where's your cell phone?
I left it in my bag.
Damn it, you call yourself Gen Z?
You don't have a cell phone?
Well, I'm an incompetent,
entitled brat, right?
[exhales deeply]
Sorry, Juancho, I didn't mean that.
It's all true. I mean
I only went to culinary school
because I didn't know what course to take.
You do have potential.
In fact, you might be right.
Given the right environment,
you could even be better than me.
I'm sorry too, Chef.
I also didn't mean it.
I respect you so much.
Even if you're gay,
you still managed to excel
in this male-dominated industry.
What did you just say?
- "I respect you so much"?
- No!
That I'm gay?
You're not?
Tonight, we are brought together
to witness the union of two
of my closest, most fabulous friends,
Rick and Vince.
As you know, I have witnessed your love,
your 17 years of tenderness
and understanding.
It reminds me
of my longest relationship, 17
17 days.
I know there's no legality
to what we're doing.
The state doesn't recognize it as lawful,
but who cares?
[Auntie Baks giggles]
Tonight, this is not about legality.
Well, hopefully soon.
Tonight is a celebration of love.
[Auntie Baks] So, Rick and Vince,
you may now say your vows.
[gentle music playing]
[Rick] I've been telling you this,
so much, maybe you're tired of it,
but I will never, ever
get tired of saying
you are the love of my life.
Some days I wake up with you next to me,
and I say to myself, "Rick
You're the luckiest guy
in the world, 'cause this
amazing person loves you so much."
And then, my love, there are days
when I see you sleeping soundly,
and I'm thinking of how to restrain myself
from smothering you with a pillow.
Because, Vince,
you can also be frustrating.
But you know what, love?
My heart beats for you.
I love you so much. Love is a choice.
My choice was easy 17 years ago.
And it's easy to choose you now.
I promise that I'm going to choose you
every day for the rest
- Stop this!
- Ay!
- Vince.
- Dad?
[tense music playing]
We all thought you were gay.
Yeah. Everybody knows.
- All of the staff?
- Uh
I mean, I'm sorry if you're not, but yeah.
No I mean
[breathes deeply]
I'm gay.
Juancho, you're the first person
I've told in Hain.
Thank you, Chef.
But everybody knows already.
But still, thank you.
They still all look up to you.
The people here, they respect you.
Dad, please!
You can't stop this!
This is happening, Dad!
I love Rick!
I want to officiate your wedding.
[guests shrieking]
I'm sorry it took me a while.
I realized I was wrong,
thanks to your mom and brothers.
So, where should I position myself?
Ah, right here. Sorry.
I'll just sashay away.
[guests giggling]
[soft music playing]
I believe, son,
it's your turn to say your vows.
I know we are talking
about buying a condo together
and we can't seem to decide
if it'll be in the South or the North,
and it's really been a big argument
where we want to call home.
But here today,
I will end it.
I can live in either of them.
I don't care.
Because home is not an address or a place.
You are my home.
And what do you do to a home?
You nurture it.
[Vince] You protect it.
And you fight for it.
So I will take care of you.
Protect you from harm every day
and I promise to fight for us,
'cause you are my home.
I love you so much, Rick!
I love you so much, Vince.
[Vince sobs]
Do you take Vince as your husband?
Yes, I do, Dad.
Vince, do you take Rick as your husband?
I do.
And now, I will declare you
as husband and husband.
You may now kiss the groom.
["The One" by Leanne & Naara playing]
[cheers and applause]
You know, the first thing I'll do
when I get out of here
- [Juancho] What?
- is to kiss and hug Matt.
Oh, when I get out of here,
I'm going to book a trip to Europe
and do soul-searching.
Oh, good for you.
I still don't understand
why this damn stockroom is so far away,
and why they didn't fix this lock!
- One, two
- [grunts]
What the fuck just happened?
I have no idea. Come on, let's go.
[cheers and applause]
[indistinct chatter]
Oh. Hi, Chef. Where have you
[romantic music playing]
[cheers and applause]
Go, Chef!
[Ella] "I've never had a laing,
a Filipino dish made from taro leaves,
- so immaculate, so luxuriously"
- so luxuriously flavorful.
[critic] The taro leaves?
It was braised to a velvety tenderness.
Wow. And the
smoky, fruity asin tibuok?
It was a memorable flavor.
"I have dined in restaurants
all over the world,
and I always have had
a soft and special spot for"
female-led kitchens.
The truth is, we still got
a long way to go, but
"kitchens who may have women heads
still have more male than female chefs,
but progress has been made!"
- [giggles]
- Aw.
"And it's thanks
to female head chefs like Chef Ella,
who have endured harassment,
the misogynistic culture, and habit
of ignoring women's achievements
in culinary cuisine!"
I've heard about
the Hain kitchen before you,
and my wish is that
you grab the power
to change the working environment
where you are.
With this. Maybe it's a small kitchen.
But this is bigger than yourself.
Claim it!
This is yours.
"There was love in every dish,
and it was Chef Ella's heart
beating through and through."
There was love in the dish,
I can taste it.
We always cook with love,
cliché as it may sound.
- Love is a necessary cliché.
- "is a necessary cliché."
- That's right.
- Aw.
I know.
[Carlon] Wonderful, huh?
- [Wena] Really.
- [Carlon] We made it.
[Rye] Chef Ella!
Chef, you did it!
- Everybody, come on.
- [overlapping chatter]
That's all of us.
- Says it here.
- Oh, group hug.
[overlapping chatter]
- Congrats to us.
- [Wena] We did it together.
What'd you do? Huh?
What did you fucking do?
Chef, we just made it
to Asia's Best of the Best
as an honorable mention,
and also the only Asian restaurant
with a female head
You fucked that critic
of Asia's Magazine, didn't you?
[Chico] Hmm?
I mean, there's no other way!
You're on the headline!
Where? Here? In my fucking kitchen, huh?
In your room?
[Chico pants]
You're the best, right? Ella's the best.
You fucked me!
Just like you fucked Raymond!
That's why he recommended you
as head chef, right?
You fucking whore!
[uneasy music playing]
It's true! Go on, admit it.
- [thumps on table]
- Answer me, Ella! Say it!
["Evergreen" by Leanne & Naara playing]
[table clanks]
Don't you walk away
Ella, don't you walk away from me.
[doors slamming]
What are you doing?
Back to work! Now!
[indistinct chatter]
Hey, thank you, Chef.
Chef. Chef, thank you.
- Thank you, Chef.
- So good.
["Evergreen" continues playing]
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