Reporting for Duty (2023) s01e06 Episode Script


And now, we bring you
the weekly summary
on The Carioca News, Evening Edition.
After successfully seizing
an enormous amount of slot machines
from Tijuca's mafia in Campo Manso,
the withdrawn Chief Suzano
is welcomed back to his position
at the 8th PD in Rio de Janeiro
by regional Chief Ivone Cruz.
Chief Suzano first arrived
in Tijuca only a short while ago
after making national headlines
for apprehending a top player
in the so-called Slot Machine Mafia.
Since then, the chief has been
What's bothering you, Chief?
dozens of slot machines
Wah, wah.
Oh my Lord, Serrote,
murdering me inside the station
is the stupidest thing.
Do you think I'm an amateur
or something, Chief Suzano?
Is that what I really look like
to you, dude?
- Oh my God.
- You think I don't know that, man?
- That's why I'm staying here with you.
- Don't kill me. I'm begging you, please!
But you're a murderer, aren't you?
What are you talking about, man? No way.
Well, explain to me
what this recording means then.
Let's get the loose end
we missed at the Anchovy Festival.
Leave no trace, all right?
Jeez. You thought you were the loose end?
- Yeah.
- No, man, no.
- That's about the slots, dude. The slots.
- Okay, but come on
Why did you have to put a gun
right against my side then?
- Criminals are
- Don't shit your pants.
I'm sorry about that.
Forgive me.
I just wanted to get you out of there.
Assume I believe
this whole story you're weaving here.
Why didn't you say all this
when we were there?
With a bunch of mobsters around?
No, Chief, I ain't crazy.
The people there,
who had cherries stitched on them, right?
Do you guys copy?
We got pigs here.
Let's call it!
We've gotta bounce right now!
- But, man, so young to be a criminal. Boy.
- Sign of the times, you know?
Horrible thing, you gotta admit.
It just is.
And these motherfuckers
wanna grab me now.
Oh, really?
So I'll be safe here with you, right?
Ah, fu Listen, not for me.
For me, pfft. No, I'd enjoy the company.
But it looks pretty bad
for the district chief
to be sheltering
an actual fugitive in his office.
- You've got no concern for me, man.
- I mean, that's not it.
- You don't know my story?
- I'm fine not knowing.
- Bring out the lie detector now.
- Oh, please, no.
- No, bring it out. We need it!
- I trust whatever you say.
Chief, look, I'm only gonna talk
about this if you get it out.
So right now, find the lie detector!
When I got out of jail,
I couldn't get help
from the Jehovah's witnesses even, man.
It was the same answer
wherever I went, no.
That hurts.
I feel you should be aware,
I am not such an emotional guy, okay?
The only open door was a little offer
from the mafia to work for them.
Please no more.
Do you really think those motherfuckers
would wanna help me out?
Those motherfuckers?
Anybody? A zero like this guy?
Took everything and left me in the gutter.
Yeesh. Man, everything I owned.
I only had one option,
but it wasn't very good.
Wait. I'm not following.
You lost me a little bit.
You say you aren't a criminal,
but then you've turned to kidnapping.
It doesn't make a lot of sense, you know.
No, no, kidnapping those stinking slots,
you know, Chief?
Oh, okay.
I just stole and hid them,
and I was gonna return everything
when they paid what they owed.
- But they didn't like my idea, Chief.
- Yeah.
I'm just a dead man now.
Yeah, the mafia does have that habit.
They say they'll kill everyone,
even police chiefs,
so, you know, it happens every day.
It's nuts.
That's why I've been after you
all the while.
- Because I've got no one.
- Yeah.
Will you allow our justice system
to fail once again?
Will you just sit around
and watch it happen?
Uh, no, no, no.
No, I I trust you completely.
I believe you completely, Sese.
There's just a little something
I gotta ask.
What's this background music about, man?
Is it really all that necessary?
Yeah, sorry. I'm sorry, man.
I'm desperate, is all. I'm trying.
I brought them from Campo Manso.
I just need your signature on this page.
It's Carnival today, and I'm supposed
to catalog a bunch of these machines?
- It's the end of my shift.
- Ma'am, it's nine in the morning.
For Carnival, that's pretty late.
I can't.
I've gotta pick up my costume at Portela.
External vendor, sorry.
Sorry, can't do it, Chief.
Estevão, got any plans for Carnival?
I'd like to travel with Counselor Dani.
- I've got another 40. I'll bring them.
- Great.
Hey, have you heard that people use
their cell phones to send voice memos,
flaming fire emojis, and even nudes? Hmm?
Actually, don't.
Don't send nudes. It'll look bad.
- Hey, do I look like a psychopath?
- Yeah.
I don't just like all of her photos.
Oh, really? You don't like
every single photo of hers?
Just the ones she posted after 2011.
Oh man, these boys look like they
came out of Leblon this morning, huh?
Yeah, urinating in a public area,
drug use, and attempted bribery.
Boys, move it.
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
Next time the cuffs will go
right on your dicks, you hear?
"Vaginaterian," really?
This joke should be an aggravating factor.
I love when we can book the playboys.
To me, that's
the true meaning of Carnival, Wi-Fi!
Hey, Rabecão,
do they already have a lawyer or no?
Because I know a big-time lawyer.
Hi. May I have a word with you?
- The PD's most talented inspector!
- May I have a word with you?
- Sure, come on. We can go for a walk.
- No, I feel we should go inside.
- It's about Serrote.
- No, because I'm doing some cleaning.
It's very messy. Very dusty,
so the allergies are
- No, no, it's better inside, okay?
- No.
It'll be quick.
I won't tell your mom, I promise.
No! B b because I farted!
And if you pressure me,
I could fart a second time.
- Fine, okay.
- Okay.
- Come here then.
- Okay.
Chief, look at what Serrote's up to here.
I don't think that's him.
There's no way he'd be so totally stupid
as to go and post a picture
with a location tagged on it.
He wouldn't do that, would he?
He'd have to be so stupid.
If he were to do a thing like that,
I mean
Serrote's in the mafia.
The mafia exterminates police chiefs.
It's the day before Carnival,
and you seem absolutely unfazed.
Aren't you afraid at all?
Well, afraid of what exactly?
If I get a hangover?
No? Okay.
Big holidays, around the office
- Don't you know?
- Hm-mmm.
The mafia murders chiefs
on big holidays, when their guard's down.
All Souls' Day.
01/01/1973 - 11/02/2018
Christmas. New Year's Eve.
Don't you get it? Chiefs around here
get murdered on big holidays.
It's the Friday
before the biggest one of the year.
The enemy has more chances than ever.
Whoa, party on, people.
Yeah! Ooh!
One moment, everybody. I'd like a word.
Oh my. That's fine.
- Yeah!
- Oh, such joy here.
My friends of the 8th,
I have a little something to share,
some important news to share with you.
Uh, we were asked to be on duty
for Carnival. I know, awful.
- No!
- What?!
- Yeah!
- No!
Alexa, stop the music!
Thanks, princess.
Look, I can't even call in sick now.
I mean, we need notice!
Yeah, I'm outraged too, you know?
It's perplexing.
My jaw seriously dropped
all the way to the floor. I'm shocked.
I just wanna find the person who did this
and smash their face like this. Look.
I'll phone up Ms. Ivone.
She'll have an explanation for all this.
Hey, hey, hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
No, it's my responsibility. I've got you.
There's no need. I called her.
She's on speakerphone.
- Estevão
- Spit it out.
How are you, Ivone?
Uh, I'm sorry to call and, uh, bother you.
I would like to ask you about something.
Do we really have to be
on duty for Carnival?
Well, my dear, it was Suzano's idea,
and he's the chief.
- Ha! Brilliant, way to go.
- Come on, Chief!
Look, guys, here's the deal.
I was made aware of the fact the mafia
The mafia?
They attack during big holidays,
and it's Carnival, so the biggest holiday.
What am I doing? Here? The mafia?
No way, not here.
I'm protecting the team! The team!
Chief, it's all cool for us.
The mafia only murders
the guys at the top, huh?
"It's all cool for us."
"The mafia only murders the guys
at the top, huh?"
I mean come on, really.
For days, I've been sleeping
on this hard couch here, you know?
Jeopardizing my lower back,
saving lives every day!
Any empathy?
- Yeah, they really take advantage, man.
- I appreciate you noticing.
- Hey.
- Hmm?
- Hold this. Relax a bit.
- Yeah.
I'll see you in a minute.
Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Where do you think you're going?
- I gotta drain the snake. Wanna come?
- Now, don't even pretend.
After you took that selfie at the bakery,
the inspector's watching you close.
I said I'm sorry, Chief. What do you want?
That really was just meant to go
to the group chat with my best friends.
How was I supposed to know
they updated the app?
It doesn't matter,
'cause you're not going anywhere, hear?
Come again, Suzano?
I say it with the utmost respect, sir.
Use this soda bottle. Mmm.
It's fine. I'll forgive it today,
because obviously you're upset here.
True. Things are tough around here.
- Want advice, Chief?
- Always helpful, yeah.
You give with one hand
and shoot with the other
- Don't think that's the customary saying.
- It is in jail.
- But wait a sec!
- Ah!
Sorry, bud.
I believe that I have an idea.
That's good.
Hello! Pleased to meet you there.
They call me Paçoca the Clown.
And I'm a close friend of Chief Suzano.
He told me that he was so very moved today
by the enthusiasm
shown by our dear friend Rabecão,
and that put him to thinking
and thinking and thinking and thinking
How might he find a solution
that everyone on the team likes?
How about strolling into a mafia den
without a weapon?
Jeez, that's rude.
Not exactly what I had in mind.
Actually, I figured it could be fun
to maybe hold on to our shifts
and celebrate the festivities
at the same time.
That's fun, right? Here at the 8th PD!
Yes, guys! It's a great idea!
Then we can help protect
everyone's lives here, okay?
Maybe some music to brighten the mood?
Yeah, music. Let me check my playlist.
This one's pretty cheerful, yeah? Look.
This song is awesome,
and I haven't heard it
since my grandma was in grade school.
A bit of gospel.
You know I like that, sir.
Ah, Zuleide, because you're happy
about the song, how about this?
Maybe to make it nicer, how about making
a little sort of snack plate for folks?
So in addition to cleaning up around here,
you want me to turn into a chef and cook
for all these miscreants, huh? Is that it?
You look at me and imagine that I can
materialize hors d'oeuvres
out of thin air.
Jeez, how rude.
Guys! Guys, it's not over yet!
Wait a minute. Look!
I got all these costumes to try on
from the Robbed and Found.
I took it from there.
I got this nose from there too.
That's for your anus.
- No, it's a clown nose.
- It's an anal plug.
A butt plug was in the seizure box, so
Why would someone have Got it. Got it.
Sanitizer! Sanitizer! Sanitizer!
Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
No, it's Super Pardal!
- I'll save you, Chief. Don't worry.
- Oh yeah! That's the spirit, huh?
This guy here
knows how to enjoy himself, right?
He's a first-class superhero.
He has fun and fights crime
at the same time.
I'd like to show you my costume
for this year's Carnival.
I've dressed up as an inspector.
And now, I'll go and get Serrote
and do my job, huh? Good?
See you. Hope you all have a nice time,
'cause I have to go and actually work.
Can we get this over with quickly?
I'd prefer to go
and enjoy the festivities.
Your clients had suspicious objects
on their persons.
Wow, a bike horn.
And what's inside
of this simple bike horn?
- The devil's herb, I think. Check it out.
- No, please go ahead.
So how come it's silent?
Man, is she Wednesday?
I think I'm in love, dude.
I mean, you have nothing to lose,
so why don't you just go all-in
and ask the woman to go out with you?
I'm kidding. I'm kidding.
I've got you. You've gotta be cool.
I'll work out a habeas corpus
for you and the counselor, bro.
Just trust me to do the talking.
You missed a spot.
This is ridiculous.
I need a costume
if I'm gonna be locked up here.
Guerra, what is this?
I'm being a police officer, a sexy one.
- Hmm.
- Which is what I am anyway.
- Come on here.
- Hmm?
Just come here.
How'd you like somethin' blessed to drink?
All of a sudden you're Scheherazade.
You hand over a fiver,
and you're off, huh?
- But it's, uh
- It's blessed, yes, my friend.
- blessed?
- It's good stuff. Give it. Come on!
Very, very good.
Have fun at the party, hun.
Gotta make another. Let's go.
I bless you, little juice,
in the name of the Lord.
In the name of the Lord,
I bless you, my child.
It's blessed.
Oh my Lord.
I'm screwed.
This place is disgusting.
Talk about a pig.
Oh God.
Man, this is humiliating.
I'll grab some stuff with some color!
I'm loving this day today.
Ah, these guys are always fun.
Oh, Zuleide.
You said you wouldn't help,
but you made brigadeiro, you silly.
Yeah, brigadeiro,
just how I like it.
I'll take a little.
You know, it's just irresistible.
I can't say no. Mmm.
Oh man.
You can't have just one, though, can you?
You have one, then you have another. Mmm.
But why not have three?
If you had two, it's no problem, right?
Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.
Odd numbers, though, you gotta watch out.
But four is good. Mmm.
Four is good.
Where's the door?
Where's the door?
Shit. I can't see.
What the fuck?
- Hmm. Hmm.
- Hmm. Hmm.
Hmm? Hmm.
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
- Mmm. Mmm.
- Mmm. Hmm?
- Hmm.
Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm.
Wha wha what the
What's going on?
Zuleide's juice really packs a punch.
Hey, come on, rookie! You're a mummy!
That doesn't mean you're dead though.
Ah. Why you crying, butterflies?
This year's first-place prize
for the Seizure and Arts awards
R$ 5.00
I know it's gonna be mine.
You're gonna cry, you pothead playboys.
Serrotinho, do you want some briga
Where could he have gone to?
Get in here, idiot!
I said pee in the bottle
and don't leave, didn't I?
Stay in the office.
You're grounded from now on, okay?
I'm not gonna debate this.
Seems the juice is working its magic, huh?
I've gotta sleep it off. Hmm.
My God my hands are enormous!
Beautiful woman.
- Whoo!
- Little bird
I'm flying, Mantovani.
Ah, I'm a parakeet! Look!
I'm a parakeet! Look!
I'm flying, Mantovani.
Hey, Manto Mantovani, where did you go?
Mantovani? Mantovani?
Where's Mantovani?
Mantovani's doing an inquiry right now.
How you feeling, sir?
Yeah. Good, yeah. So good.
Yeah, super fine. Super fine.
Whee! I'm just great.
Whoa! Whoa! No, no!
Yeah, great, no, super. Whoo!
I'm super. I'm just fine.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, Guerra. Guerra,
let me tell you something real quick.
I have an idea
and you're positively gonna love it, yeah?
Today, I'm in. I'm in. I'm in, yeah.
We'll gather the team,
and there's a cell in the hall
that's not in use.
We'll have some fun, sure.
Maybe leave out Super Grandpa,
because he likes to be hit and I'm gonna
No, that's not the idea.
That's not the idea.
The idea's to make this
a party with some life,
call some friends,
bring some musical instruments
Hey, hey!
Hey, joy and peace to everyone!
Oh, my cell's ringing. I've gotta check
Hello! Hi! You've reached
the mailbox of Chief Suzano.
- He can't come to the phone now.
- You're a bad liar.
Ah, hey, Inspector! How you been?
You at the party? You're dressed
as a ballerina today, right?
What are you talking about, Chief?
I went looking for Serrote.
What party?
Uh, uh, parking's what I said.
Not party, no. I said parking.
You'll find Serrote in the streets,
where the cars are parked.
He's not here at the precinct. No way.
But if he shows, I'll certainly call.
Everything's cool here.
So cool. I mean, so cool.
Oh, I'm so happy to hear,
'cause Ms. Ivone's dropping by today,
so you should turn that little radio off.
Guys, guys, guys! We're toast!
Police on the way!
So you're saying
all these police officers at the precinct
gave up their day off to work on Carnival?
You heard me.
That's how it is here.
No Carnival, only serving you.
Cut it.
That's your scoop, honey. Let's go.
Regional Chief Ivone Cruz!
Boy, it's so great to see you!
I'm just so happy you're here.
Apologies about the whole mess
in the office. It's just
these slot machines, I tell you
I really need to do some feng shui,
because I wanna
I'm trying to make things better
for us around here.
But you're, of course, very welcome!
- Where's the team?
- Ah, the team, huh?
The team is in the streets.
No, not living in the streets, of course.
They're working in the streets.
Working very hard, our team. Yeah, very
Maybe you'd be interested in seeing them.
I'm not telling you to go,
but you might wanna see
Chief Suzano, how are you feeling?
I'm good!
- And you? Feeling fine?
- Yeah, thanks.
Oh, pretty thing. You good?
You good, dude? How are you? Cool.
- And you, Buddy, how are you?
- So good.
And Pedro Henrique? Pedro Henrique,
who isn't Buddy. How are you?
- Please, listen
- No.
- Here.
- I'll hold it.
Yeah. I suppose it's pretty obvious
Suzano is so very thoughtful.
He has a certain cheerfulness
that he brings to police work, which,
of course, is such a stressful profession.
You can cut.
Exactly. But now I think you should leave,
because the work is about to begin
in this office, you know?
The party's off that way, outside party.
- Here though, labor!
- The party?
- Listen you.
- Mm-hmm.
Some advice here.
- Embrace your insignificance.
- Yep.
'Cause if there's one thing
I'm not gonna miss,
is an opportunity to show all my features
for Mirante Carioca News. So, pssh.
Shut up.
So now, we're all gonna have
a complete tour of the 8th precinct.
Let's get started with the room
where the seized property goes.
This is gonna go south very quickly.
You have a wonderful tour guide with you.
I'm actually certified in Campo Manso.
Few folks know this, but it's actually
one of the top tourist destinations
to the north of our city.
That's the truth.
- Very neat.
- Uh, please turn right.
Sh! Sh!
Uh, recalculating route.
Please turn left, if you will.
Come with me.
Don't turn right. Don't turn right.
Please watch out. There are
lots of killer slot machines here,
and you might stub your toe.
And then man, it hurts!
Man, it hurts! I did it myself, not funny.
Hey, police are being reported
in the area!
Go, go, go, go.
So, guys,
this here is the Hallway of Glory.
I usually call it the Hallway of Death,
because there are only dead folks.
The whole gallery is dead.
This one, for instance,
they wrapped him up in plastic wrap
and they buried him inside of a shoebox,
size six. It was so sad really.
But now we can go back to a happier place,
where they aren't so dead.
It's pretty sad here.
- Let's get inside. Let's go. Let's go.
- Come on in.
- Come on, guys. Be my guest. Get in here.
- Come on in, please.
- Come on in, guys.
- Take your places around here.
Darlings, this room right here Film this.
This here's the seizure room
dedicated to the officers
who have kept our community safe.
Chief Suzano,
would you do the honors for us?
Yes, sure, I would.
I'd just like to say that this is likely
the result of an erroneous seizure,
maybe from a child's party
or something like that? I don't know.
Sure, a kid that goes to get
Visine in bulk and pays taxes.
But look, guys, this
this is clearly
the famous Briga-weed-o.
Look there. Briga-weed-o, yeah.
It's got a funny name,
but it can ruin you.
God forbid, watch out.
By the way, I know a few cases
of people eating a little
and never returning to normal.
- See?
- Ooh.
The important thing is
that the people feel secure in the city.
Sorry, chief, one thing. Your dog
ran off again, somewhere, you know?
What if he eats some special candy?
- I feel that'd be a serious problem.
- Darling, you don't have to worry.
PH is a dog. He's not stupid enough
to eat Briga-weed-o.
It's not stupid.
- PH!
- Sorry, Chief, one second.
- What if it's an accident?
- Adorable, look. He wants the ball.
Is that what you want, honey?
- Well, no fear, mommy's here, okay?
- No, I'll open it!
- Ow, my nail! Man, you broke it.
- No, no, I'll open it.
Because we store a lot in here.
It's just our little junk room, you know?
It's where we put some really serious
some really dangerous stuff.
I don't want anyone to see
what a mess we made of it, you know?
It's serious, mysterious stuff, so
- Oh, hey, I found it!
- Oh, perfect.
- Here's the ball, little guy!
- Look, the ball!
- Where is it, Pedro Henrique?
- Where's the ball?
You go, Pedro Henrique!
Look, he's so fast.
My word, look at him go. He's quick.
He should be running marathons, right?
- That's very true.
- So fast! A real athlete!
Of course, he's gotta keep pace
with this vision
that we're all blessed to see here
Ow! Don't push, guys!
- some rest to stay beautiful?
- I'm fine.
This tour is pretty long
and I think you ought to
Surprise, guys!
Is this a party for Carnival?
Suzano, you've gotta stop
humiliating me on live TV, huh?
Boy, I'm underdressed.
A Carnival party and I seem
to have forgotten my usual little costume
with the gold and pearls, and
- Swarovski!
- Swarovski, yeah!
Very nice.
Police have a good time too.
You know, they do!
I'm always saying, Dagmara,
our best stories are made with a
a beginning, middle, and gin.
Mmm, that's right. Look!
This is psst!
Man, this is important.
Police work is joyous.
Police work's not about death.
- No to the cross, yes to the star, okay?
- Whoo!
Police are all about life and love and
Hello, mafia.
While I've got you here with me
Hello? Hello?
Mafia, I'll tell you something.
You want to kill me, huh?
You keep saying I'm a fat ass.
Well, come here for a free taste
of what my ass can do surrounded by cops.
I'm here! Right here!
Come and find my fat ass!
Come and find my ass!
Focus in. Get my ass here.
Take that fat ass here!
Take it! Take it! Take it!
- Come on, Buddy! Spank me, Buddy.
- Okay!
- We've got the party going!
- Yeah! Whoo!
Guys, let's make out!
Watch out, Chief!
It's over now, Serrote!
Inspector, what the hell? Why Serrote?
Sir, the room was just feeling
too claustrophobic,
and the bottle wasn't gonna work,
so I left and put the key back.
Yeah, sure, sure.
I thought for sure he was Serrote.
Oh no, Inspector.
For the love of God, Inspector!
It's pretty obvious that's a fake profile.
Serrote here with all of us?
No way! You gotta relax!
Enjoy the party! Enjoy the party!
Music! Come on!
Let's cheer up! Let's go. Let's go!
- Gosh, Inspector.
- Man, my bad, dude.
It's Carnival. It's okay.
Serrote? Serrote? Serr
My God, just
Ooh. Hey, have you seen Serrote
You guys are missing an amazing party,
an incredible party.
But I bet all of you are in a fancy place.
You never know.
But I'm looking for Serrote. He's missing.
It's a shame y'all aren't here anymore.
You're here!
I've gotta make sure though.
Oh, I've missed you, my friend!
Be my best friend forever,
Serrote, please?
- Forever? With you?
- Huh? Yeah.
- No way I can be friends with you.
- But why not, man? We're buddies.
- Your behavior is so messed up, man.
- What do you want? You have to go, right?
- You're free to do it here.
- It's not about having to pee.
- Do you know what you've done?
- I don't.
You showed your big butt on television
to the mafia, man!
I can't be here for it.
I'm not gonna be here
to see the shit hit the fan,
because they're coming for you.
They want you.
So now you gotta watch your back.
- I'm out.
- Sese.
Not you. You're already dead.
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