Reprisal (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

The Tale of Harold Horpus

1 [Roky Erickson's "You Don't Love Me Yet" playing.]
ROKY: Lightning never strikes anymore But I can't make it rain Because it would only - [engine revving.]
- Lightning [tense music.]
[engine humming.]
BURT: Ah, damn it, Katherine.
What are you doing all the way out here with that? How could you do this? BURT: Had to be done.
[breathing heavily.]
[gun cocking.]
[eerie music.]
[exhales slowly.]
I'll tell everyone it was you.
I'll tell them it was all of you! [metallic creaking.]
BURT: You gonna pull the trigger first? You know, Mom always saw her strength in you.
[gun clatters.]
I always thought that you of all people could really see what I built.
I've seen what you built.
And you're destroying it.
There's chain in the truck.
[footsteps crunching.]
[chains clinking.]
Bash, not you.
[chains clinking.]
BURT: You shouldn't have come out here, Katherine.
Hey, Burt.
I will see you again.
I know that.
I know.
[car door slams.]
[engine turns over.]
TV NEWS ANCHOR: And the mystery in the North Pole continues today with a controversy brewing over leaked satellite images that appear to depict what many are calling a bizarre hoax.
The matter at hand involves what can only be described as a celestial event that should surely whet the appetite of stargazers across the NURSE: Mrs.
Quinn? Your husband, he's awake.
Oh, thank you.
TV NEWS ANCHOR: Have stepped forward to voice their own theories about what these leaked images might mean.
With that, we go to Caroline Simmons outside Brendert's.
[remote clicks.]
[monitor beeping, respirator hissing.]
[Thomas moans.]
DORIS: You're up.
Been laying here trying to remember what book it was you were reading that day at the library.
There were many days at the library.
Many more books.
You know which day.
Was it The Language of Legumes? There's no such book, silly.
- Far as you know.
- Far as I know.
[both chuckle.]
[Thomas moans.]
Guess it's a shame, that's all.
What good's living a good life if you ain't gonna remember the good? Or maybe you were just too busy focusing on me and not the book I was reading.
Got me there, Doris.
[both laugh.]
I've had you here, Tommy, for a while now.
Time is it? [groans.]
[smacks lips.]
Almost time.
And who all's coming? Um, most of them.
Well, don't worry.
I'm sure they'll all be in more of a hurry to leave than you will be to see 'em go.
You shouldn't say that.
I enjoy their company just fine.
[Thomas moans softly.]
I'm gonna finish up.
You rest, look your best.
They'll be arriving shortly.
[timer ticking.]
[solemn music.]
[timer dings.]
Good afternoon.
Come in.
GUEST: Thank you.
Oh, my, Molly.
You look lovely.
Thank you, Doris.
DORIS: Colin, your father's been looking forward to seeing you.
Yeah, all right.
[indistinct chatter.]
[indistinct chatter.]
It's a nice spread you've laid out.
You really know your way around a charcuterie board.
- Thank you, Molly.
- Hmm.
- May I pour you more wine? - Mm.
How are you holding up with everything going on? It's a process.
He doesn't like not knowing things.
What's not to know? It's more the restaurant and you that he's concerned with.
Can't say I blame him.
You ever feel this way too? Like an outsider? I'm sorry.
The wine Surely Colin had his charm once.
What do you plan to do when all of this is over? - COLIN: Molly.
- Yes, dear.
- Go start the car.
- MOLLY: Mm.
[ice clinking.]
[inhales deeply.]
You're gonna be there tonight.
I can make it.
I wasn't fucking asking, Doris.
[ominous music.]
[door clicks open.]
[indistinct chatter.]
- BIG GRAHAM: What took so long? - COLIN: Yeah, sorry.
BIG GRAHAM: How's your dad? Well, not good.
Yeah, shit.
Some well-earned years, that much I can tell you.
Evening, gentlemen.
You didn't tell me she was pretty.
[Colin scoffs.]
Hey, kitchen.
Time to go.
[objects thudding.]
[Big Graham groans.]
[teacup clinks.]
You know me? DORIS: Lander Graham.
They call you Big Graham, but semantics.
We've met a time or two, actually.
BIG GRAHAM: Is that right? I don't recall.
You know what I do? Come to think of it [chuckles.]
It was just once.
[clears throat.]
Anyway He wants to leave you this restaurant and some money to boot.
I mean, you been married to him for, what, six years? It'll be eight in August, Colin, but I'm sure you knew that.
Eight in August.
Look at this kid.
I know him since he was born.
Tommy gave me my first job when I got out of the joint, washing fucking dishes.
[clears throat.]
I'd like for you to ask yourself something.
You know, all those people that were in Tommy's corner, you know, all those years, you know What in the Mary mother of fuck makes him think you're entitled to this place? Well, if I had to guess, uh, it's because all of this was me.
Your father hired me to start our catering branch, and now we're Detroit's premier catering service.
Won all sorts of awards.
I'm sure you know.
BIG GRAHAM: Listen to me, Darla Doris.
[teacup clinks.]
Nobody knows who the fuck you are Doris.
Waltz in here ten years ago.
All of a sudden, everybody's talking about how you're gonna get Tommy to marry you.
DORIS: It was the other way around, I'm afraid.
But sure.
You shook shit up.
And people don't like strangers shaking shit up with people that they love, especially when they been here before you.
And they're gonna be here long after you.
[clears throat.]
You are gonna sign all this over to Colin here.
Graham, I know plenty of what it is you do.
You two have been using this place to funnel your dirt money for Lord knows how long.
I don't know why poor Tommy ever allowed it.
But if you're asking yourself, "Why Doris?" rest assured it's because he wants to get this place cleaned up.
[object clattering.]
[exhales sharply.]
What's a little lady like you gonna do with all that big money? Buy a new hat.
What? Buy a new [grunts.]
[objects clattering and clanging.]
[exhales sharply.]
Come on, don't be dumb, Doris.
Your father wants so much for you, and here you run with gangsters and thugs.
- [yells.]
- [objects clattering.]
BIG GRAHAM: "Gangsters and thugs.
" The fuck you think Tom does? You know, I could make it so that Colin here inherits this place.
Why can't you fucking figure that out? This offer, this was a fucking courtesy.
[sharp bang.]
BIG GRAHAM: I think you should sign it before this gets really dirty.
[menacing music.]
[grunts softly.]
[breathing shakily.]
You're a nice lady, Doris Quinn.
Let's keep it that way.
[light bulb crackling.]
[heavy breathing.]
[engine roars.]
[phone ringing.]
Hello? BRU: Ethan, you alone? Yeah, yeah, I got dropped off at the truck st BRU: Okay.
Go inside.
Order two coffees and some pie to go.
And I'll be there in 17.
- How will I know it's you - [line clicks.]
- [dial tone humming.]
- Hello? [phone clangs.]
[breathing heavily.]
[soft music playing.]
SERVER: Have you had a chance to decide? SINGER: Unwritten love Is a most important rule Although you can't find it In books you read in school It's known by the few - [engine puttering.]
- [footsteps crunching.]
[exhales deeply.]
Right on, let's go.
[car door squeaks.]
[car door slams.]
[tires squealing.]
[foreboding music.]
[engine revving.]
[indistinct chatter.]
[engine revving.]
Don't have a damn clue where you are, huh? [grunts.]
Yeah, well sometimes I don't either.
[indistinct chatter.]
MAN: Ow! WOMAN: Who wants to buy me a drink? [car door slams.]
[indistinct chatter.]
Wouldn't wanna miss your cue, Daddy's girl.
MEREDITH: Hey! What the fuck did you just say to me? Hmm.
[band playing rock music.]
[crowd cheering.]
[indistinct chatter.]
PATRON: Oh, man! PATRON: Come over here and sit down! [patron whistling.]
One day, and it won't be long You're gonna have to sing that song From midnight until the break of dawn You're gonna be dead and gone You're gonna be dead and gone You're gonna be dead and gone Ah-ah-ah-ha-ha-ha Ah-ah-ah-ha-ha-ha PATRON: There! Go! Kick his ass! Go! BOUNCER: Hey! SERVER: Oh, baby.
That was on the house.
- PATRON: Hey, baby! - BOUNCER: Get yo' ass down! [patron grunting.]
Get yo' ass down! What is wrong with you? PATRON: Hey, sweetheart.
Sweetheart, this is for you.
[crowd cheering.]
PATRON: Oh, I like that.
[doors bang open.]
[doors thud shut.]
SINGER: Midnight until the break of dawn You're gonna have to sing that song One day, and it won't be long You're gonna be dead and gone You're gonna be dead and gone Hey, Joel.
This is him.
SINGER: Ha-ha-ha Ah-ah-ah-ha-ha-ha Looks fragile.
What's that? I said you look fragile.
This is your candidate.
Take him back.
Do your thing.
Come on.
Go on, kid.
SINGER: Midnight until the break of dawn You're gonna [stool rattles.]
MATTY: Sit down.
[drill buzzing.]
Let me guess.
College boy, right? I dropped out.
Didn't like what you were studying? Didn't know what to study.
MATTY: That there's Johnson, my other third.
He ain't all that talkative, but I can rely on him.
I heard your parents are dead.
How long's that been going on? My dad, since I was 12.
My mom, not dead.
She uh, she bailed a little after.
And what do you know about The Banished Brawlers? - Just that you guys - And the Phoenixes? The what? The Three River Phoenixes, the reason you're here.
I don't I don't I don't know.
How could you wanna be a Phoenix if you don't know who we are? I heard it pays.
You heard it pays? And and that it could be an opportunity.
May-maybe if I knew a little more, I I I could explain to you guys wh-why I I'd be a good MATTY: This isn't an opportunity.
This is my trust.
This is Johnson's trust.
This is privilege.
You don't walk in here because it's something to do.
You walk in because you wanna leave whatever dark bullshit you've got behind you to be a part of something bigger than any of us.
[dark music.]
You walk in because you wanna be a Phoenix.
So, Ethan You better start telling me why.
'Cause I killed a guy.
And for a while, I thought he was gonna live.
Maybe if I would have stopped hitting him sooner, he would've.
But I got nowhere to run and no one to run to.
But I thought this might be a good place to start.
MATTY: Out of the car.
[Ethan panting.]
You know what to do with these? JOHNSON: Five of 'em.
You say you got nothing.
Well, this is your chance at something.
You come in here with us, no questions asked, you walk out a River Phoenix, yeah? [door bangs.]
[Aaron Neville's "Tell It Like It Is" playing.]
AARON: If you want Something to play with [Matty clears throat.]
AARON: Go and find yourself a toy MATTY: Hey, the five of you.
You're Ghouls, ain't ya? GARY: Fuck you, Matty.
You know who we are.
This here's a Brawlers bar, Gary.
This ain't no goddamn Brawlers bar.
This here is a Brawlers bar.
Got no room for no stool-pigeonin' Happiness Ghouls.
AARON: If you are serious This place has been a part of the Ghouls' turf since before you were born.
Besides, what-the-fuck-ever.
You three ain't even Brawlers.
Yeah, well, we're throwing it back tonight, reclaiming a little territory.
[soft laughter.]
Leave, Matty.
Ethan, got those knucks? AARON: Tell it like it is Don't be ashamed Let your conscience be your guide But I know Deep down inside of me I believe you love me Forget your foolish pride Mm-hmm [door bangs open.]
[Matty grunts.]
[Ethan groans.]
MATTY: What about Johnson? [Ethan groans.]
GARY: You come back here, we'll kill ya.
Yeah, yeah.
[Ethan groaning.]
Johnson, rejoice.
We got a new Phoenix in our midst.
May trumpets sound and the heavens shine upon this fucking moment.
- Gotta get you a jacket.
- [grunts.]
I got stabbed.
What? No shit.
You got stuck, son, not stabbed.
Don't worry.
Ole Johnson here is a regular wizard with the gauze.
It'll be good.
[Ethan grunting softly.]
[actress grunting.]
[both grunting.]
[dramatic music playing.]
Wh-what happened to your face? They have beer here.
- Thomas give you that? - [scoffs.]
Of course not.
[indistinct dialogue in movie.]
[roller skates clattering.]
Excuse me, could we get a lager for the gentleman, please? Thank you.
[roller skates clattering.]
[indistinct dialogue in movie.]
We have a problem with the will.
Thomas' son and an associate of his.
Have you heard of Big Graham? [banging on window.]
[roller skates clattering.]
I'm sure I don't have to tell you, without the inheritance, funding this expedition might prove difficult.
I can deal with Colin, but this Big Graham fella, I'm I'm gonna need you to find me a crew sooner than we thought.
It's hard finding guys without cash to front.
- I'm sure.
- Look, what you're asking, Doris It's ambitious.
I understand.
[indistinct dialogue in movie.]
What if you call it off? I'm sorry? Look, maybe you need to read the tree leaves here That's not how you say it.
- Well, what I'm saying is, maybe - No.
- That it's a sign - No.
- Doris, you have - No.
And how am how am I supposed to raise a crew, Doris? Hmm? "Hey, fellas, there's a really nice woman "over on east side, and she wants to hire you "to drive 900 miles to take on The Banished fucking Brawlers.
"Oh, but one more thing.
"Before you leave, "you gotta kill the most notorious mobster "in all of Detroit.
Oh, also, fellas, we ain't got no money.
" [indistinct dialogue in movie.]
What if it's just them? I can lure them out.
We take them and go.
No bloodshed in the process.
Except maybe I wouldn't mind shedding a little blood in the process, Witt.
Any one of those motherfuckers to ever put on that idiotic shirt.
WITT: It's a suicide mission.
And if I have to do it on my own, if you don't think you can help me, then Gonna be hard to get a crew of guys with no money.
That's all I'm saying.
- I'll see what I can do.
- That'd be nice of you.
- Yeah.
- You don't have to go.
I'd rather not stay.
[indistinct dialogue in movie.]
Thank you.
[dramatic music.]
[car door squeaks and slams.]
[people panting.]
[distorted music.]
Let me explain how this works.
Want you to meet Betty the Brougham and our dear Uncle Lug.
[Buzzcocks' "Autonomy".]
- And us, we're not Brawlers.
- We're more than that.
We're The Three River Phoenixes, the lifeblood of The Brawlers.
JOHNSON: We're quicker.
We're slicker.
MATTY: We're a little less thicker.
JOHNSON: There's 13 Bang-A-Rangs, all of 'em across the southland.
MATTY: And we're here, branch 707, the original Bang-A-Rang.
JOHNSON: Burt's Bang-A-Rang.
Now, you can call it our fucking homeroom if you want.
MATTY: And what we do? We make sure 707 keeps its satellites provided for.
JOHNSON: Can't rely on banks, can't rely on fucking FedEx, so they rely on us.
MATTY: Cash, booze, supply, we handle it all.
JOHNSON: Bang-A-Rangs are all off the grid.
Someone wants in, they gotta hit a checkpoint, pass a test to get a ticket.
MATTY: We deliver.
We pick up.
- JOHNSON: And we leave.
- MATTY: Every checkpoint.
JOHNSON: Every branch.
- MATTY: And then we drink.
- JOHNSON: A lot.
- MATTY: And a lot.
- JOHNSON: And a lot.
A sensible amount.
PETE SHELLEY: It leaves us all wondering And it should MATTY: And then we rinse, we repeat, and go right back where we started.
[no audible dialogue.]
[coin jingles.]
[upbeat rockabilly music playing.]
PATRON: Oh, yeah, she butter-soft, man.
SINGER: Came from nowhere To San Fran street, uh-huh Ju-bop, baby, playin' a beat, uh-huh Cadillac King, watch for the heat, uh-huh Ju-bop, baby, ju-bop, baby Ju-bop, baby, ju-bop, baby Ju-bop, baby, ju-bop, baby Agnes, three beers, three strychnines.
AGNES: Sure thing, Prince.
AVRON: Running late tonight.
How's the road? Better now you're off it.
You shouldn't be sore about this, you know.
You weren't ready.
You don't take your hand off me, I'm gonna drive this glass through your heart.
Problem, Matty? No.
No problem.
Jukes phoned me the other day.
Said you and your dandelion boys tuned up some of his Ghouls this week.
Little initiation for the new guy.
Since when's breaking truces ever been part of initiations? Ghouls ain't gonna start a war over a bar fight.
JOEL: A truce, Matty, with the Ghouls.
You been around long enough to know better.
And long enough to know they ain't gonna do shit.
They're calling a meeting tomorrow at the track.
We could turn all three of you over to them.
That don't scare you, huh? How 'bout when Burt hears of it? Hmm? Think he's gonna wanna protect you three for running around, digging up old fights when we got a fucking business to run? Burt ain't been around in forever.
The answer's no, he won't.
Because when we fought, when The Brawlers fought, not the fucking Phoenixes, The Brawlers, it was for a reason.
And we ain't had a fight in a long fucking while, Matty.
Until maybe now after you three waltzed into a goddamn Ghouls bar.
MATTY: Come on, Joel, it was a fucking There's no "Come on, Joel.
" You're fucking errand boys.
Goddamn pledges.
And you work for The Brawlers, which means you keep The Brawlers' interests your fucking priority.
Tell me you understand that.
I understand.
It was my turn, you know.
Been running that river seven goddamn years.
Avron was a Phoenix, what, seven months? Before I ever came around, I heard about what The Brawlers did, and I wanted to be a part of it more than anything, where I'd know everyone had my back same way I had theirs.
Let me ask you, then.
How is it you got our backs when you keep putting your people in danger? [The Cramps' "Goo Goo Muck" playing.]
[crowd cheering.]
LUX INTERIOR: Oh, when the sun goes down and the moon comes up Hey, Johnson.
You're new.
You like scratch? I got 22s for 15 or 2 for 22.
Uh, what is that? What's your name? ETHAN: Ethan.
Yours? Where you from, Ethan? ETHAN: Michigan.
You got a lady back in Michigan? MATTY: You got somewhere to be, Meredith? LUX: Looking for some head Here was working just fine.
All right.
See ya around, Ethan.
LUX: Yeah, I'll get you, baby With a little luck Ouch.
Never seen it before, not in all my life.
This toxic shit's not allowed in here.
How many times I gotta tell ya? How many times Burt gotta tell ya? Burt's a million miles away.
He's a phone call away.
Burt ain't never been a phone call away, Joel.
But if you do get ahold of him, you just tell him I said hi.
MATTY: Any girl in here, anyone you want, but not her.
She's tethered, man.
Tethered? Besides Johnson, how many pinups you fall in love with since you been a Phoenix? Probably all of 'em.
How many of 'em loved you back free of charge? Probably none of 'em.
LUX: Yeah, I want the most But I'll take the least AVRON: What do you, um what do you suppose a china doll like you is doing around a group like this, huh? LUX: The goo goo muck I mean, look at you.
Look around you.
Look where you are.
You're just a little boy in a man's world.
That shirt you're wearing, you know what it means to wear that? [scoffs.]
MATTY: Yeah, of course you don't.
See, Avron's big Uncle Burt put him on a fast track.
Did his time as a Phoenix a whole few weeks or months or whatever it was, and now here he is.
The pride of The Brawlers, Burt Harlow's nephew.
That's right.
MATTY: Is it, though? 'Cause from what I hard, that's hardly the case.
What was it again? Your mother's sister's Aunt Veronica married Burt for a week or something.
- Am I right there? - Hmm.
Then he gets drunk on the road and tells us how he lost his virginity to her.
Ole Aunt V took his V.
But what's said on the river stays on the river, so [distorted music.]
[glass shatters.]
[both grunt.]
PATRON: Come on, now.
[Avron grunting.]
What'd I just tell you? - Joel, this guy - Picking fights with Brawlers? [gasps.]
AVRON: It was the new one.
LUX: The goo goo muck That right? Let me give you some pointers, fragile one.
You don't touch Brawlers, and you sure as shit stay the fuck away from Meredith.
[Doris chuckles.]
THOMAS: All these years, you never told me where you came from before we met.
DORIS: I told you a great deal.
None of it true.
[cutlery clattering.]
[Doris sniffs.]
I I come from bad blood, Tommy.
Bad blood and dark days.
You changed all that, though, a good man like yourself.
I'm not that good, you know.
DORIS: Perhaps that's why we've gotten on so well.
I can tell you about it if you want, if it'll help you about the bad in me.
Is that what you'd prefer? For this to end in full disclosure? Or perhaps we let the curtain fall untainted, just carry on with ourselves.
Who did that to you? Was it Colin? Big Graham? [breathes deeply.]
I'll give 'em a good talking to.
Tommy, any words you have with them will be gone as soon as you're [exhales heavily.]
- I'm sorry.
- Oh.
Don't trouble yourself.
You do what you have to do to move on, to be safe.
You spare nothing And you spare no one.
No one.
Promise me that, okay? [engine revs distantly.]
[indistinct speech on TV.]
LYLA: Sammy Simpleton lives in the forest.
JOEL: Lyla, you're supposed to be asleep.
He has a cabin.
What kind of cabin? Wood.
A wood cabin.
What does he do in his wood cabin? He reads and talks to his pets.
What pets does he have? A cat, a horse, and a night giraffe.
JOEL: A night giraffe? LYLA: A giraffe that's allergic to the sun.
JOEL: Sammy must have a big cabin to be able to fit a giraffe.
No, he spends all day fixing the roof 'cause he keeps poking holes in it.
And then there's Beatrice Beodorff.
Beatrice Beodorff.
What's her story? She has a broomstick that doesn't work anymore.
It broke 'cause she was flying too fast on it.
JOEL: Hmm.
She's a witch.
LYLA: No, but she knows magic.
So she's a good witch? LYLA: No, Daddy-o, she just knows magic.
And then there's Harold.
JOEL: Harold who? Harold Horpus.
I don't have his story yet, though.
[Joel exhales heavily.]
Well, you know the rules.
Everyone's gotta have a story before I draw 'em.
I can brainstorm.
You really should be asleep.
Can we have nighttime breakfast? NURSE: Should I contact the others? Mrs.
Quinn? Harlow.
NURSE: I'm sorry? - My maiden name is Harlow.
You can take the day.
I'll take care of the rest.
[ominous music.]
[knock at door.]
[Joel grunts softly.]
[knock at door.]
Yeah, so everyone's up and ready.
Um except Bash.
Ain't answering his door.
The fuck are you doing? You have a visitor in the kitchen.
- [bangs on door.]
- JOEL: Bash.
[banging on door.]
Come on, man.
[bangs on door.]
Gotta go meet the Ghouls.
[Bash scoffs.]
- Okay.
- Let's go.
Remember, no fighting.
Yeah? Bash? [exhales heavily.]
[engine revs.]
JOEL: Bash.
BASH: Joel.
You worry too much.
[indistinct chatter.]
DORIS: Your father met me at a very challenging time in my life, Colin.
I was very confused - Very young.
- You weren't that young.
DORIS: I suppose not at heart, no.
You both were right, you and Big Graham, about not knowing much about me, Tommy especially.
I guess I just always thought it'd be best to keep it all tight-lipped.
So I'll tell you.
There are some men down south, many miles from here.
Have you heard of The Banished Brawlers? COLIN: Yeah, you're not stupid, Doris.
DORIS: Hmm? You see him for what he is.
Just like you see me for what I am.
So please, listen to me.
Hmm? This is the 1/8 of a fucking ounce of shit that I might possibly give about you, and that's being nice.
Go away.
You don't want guys like Big Graham up your ass.
Your father loves you.
DORIS: It's one of his biggest fears in life that you'd inherit his flaws.
When I see that you already have, and that makes me sad.
Oh, yeah, well, life's tragic, ain't it? You can't file until he passes.
I wish we could have learned to understand one another.
Because then maybe you would have seen that the bad you have in you pales in comparison to the bad that I know.
[zip tie scratches.]
[wheezing and gasping.]
[objects clattering.]
DORIS: The honest truth of it, with everything that's happening, I feel as though something's waking up inside of me.
DORIS: It's an awful feeling, really.
This darkness like a a sickness.
Oh, Jesus fucking Christ.
- You fucking - [gunshot.]
[Colin gasping.]
I'm not sure this is what your father meant.
[sinister music.]
[exhales heavily.]
Okay, Molly, as we discussed.
[line rings.]
[line rings.]
[cell phone buzzes.]
ETHAN [over phone.]
: It's Ethan.
Leave a message.
Hi, Ethan.
It's me.
I was just calling to see how you were doing.
Check in on you.
MATTY: Come on.
Let's get this over with.
DORIS: I know this all must be a lot to process.
Big new world, a lot of moving parts.
I know it might be scary.
But I hope you're making friends.
I guess The reason that I called was well, keep it quiet, but I might be coming down there soon to take care of some business Tie up some loose ends.
So until I get there, you keep your head up and your eyes open.
And maybe I'll be seeing you soon.