Reprisal (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

A Flintlock & A Hound

1 ETHAN: Night.
Night, Doris.
Good night, sweat pea.
Sweet pea? What kind of stupid-ass nickname is that? [laughs.]
What are you, ten? HUBERT: Sir, last call was half an hour ago.
KEITH: I don't remember calling last call.
And I'm looking at my glass here and I'm looking at a, uh, fucking sweet pea and I'm thinking it's pretty far from last call.
I apologize, but we open again at 11:00.
Bar and all.
Nobody fucking asked you, princess.
She said it was last call.
[soft tense music.]
All right.
Fucking prick.
You know, shit like this, it's why you work here.
[ominous music.]
[buzzer blares.]
POLICE OFFICER [over intercom.]
: 73 cents and a Horn Bar.
Shit'll rot your teeth.
[buzzer blares.]
[soft dramatic music.]
[buzzer blares.]
[officers chatting indistinctly.]
Hi, Ethan.
You paid my bail? Why don't you hop in the car? It's chilly out.
I fucked up bad, didn't I? I wish you wouldn't curse.
Uh Ethan, sweetheart, there's, uh there's something urgent I need to discuss with you.
I was just at the hospital not an hour ago, and it would appear that the police don't know that he's dead not yet, anyway.
I didn't even hit him that hard.
Seems you hit him hard enough.
And pretty soon, if it hasn't happened already, the hospital will notify the police, and then Well However my friend Witt here, he, um, knows of some individuals, people who operate by their own rules outside of the law.
He can get you joined up with them.
What? Who? You'll only have to leave for a little while, and while you're away, I'm going to talk to some Legal friends of Thomas'.
And when you're there, it may be best if you don't mention my name.
Witt here has a story you can give them to remain anonymous.
The fuck? Ethan, sweetheart, I'm afraid this is your only choice.
Take this, okay? What is this? It's for anytime you may be too deep in the woods.
You're a good egg, Ethan.
We're gonna get you home soon.
I promise.
I didn't mean for him to die.
I know, pumpkin.
I know.
[tense music.]
[crow cawing.]
[crow cawing.]
[electricity buzzing.]
[soft dramatic music.]
[wind sock fluttering.]
[crow cawing.]
KONSTANTINOV: [exhales heavily.]
Long time, Joel.
Do you know this man? It's Konstantinov.
He's a lieutenant.
Your boys, the runners, they, uh, picked a fight with some of our guys.
From what we heard, your guys won.
KONSTANTINOV: Hmm, don't matter.
Violation of our truce.
They gotta pay for it.
Turn 'em over to us, forget it ever happened.
Turn 'em over to you? What for? [clears throat.]
That's up to us.
But what is it you'd like to do with 'em, huh? Turn 'em into your fuck puppets? You don't turn 'em over, you risk a war.
Does your boss know you're here? Does yours? Would you like Burt to know? KONSTANTINOV: [clears throat.]
See, that's the problem with you Brawlers.
All of ya, been on top so long, you've forgotten how far the fall is.
You talk good.
It's enjoyable to listen to, but We respect the truce, and our boys will be punished.
Can I ask you something? I grab you up.
- Like this.
- [groaning.]
BASH: Look at your men.
Look at them do nothin'.
- [gasping.]
- I can even I can drag you right in front of 'em.
Right along here.
KONSTANTINOV: [groaning.]
And look.
KONSTANTINOV: [groaning and panting.]
One will do something.
You there.
Will you do something? Maybe not.
Do you know why that is? KONSTANTINOV: [coughing.]
Because you all know, my brothers back there? You sneeze on me, and they do something.
You know this.
So you stand there.
You worry too much.
[engine turning over.]
[engines revving.]
He um, they they had an appointment.
FOWLER: Your husband and Mr.
Graham? Colin and Lander, yes.
[clears throat.]
FOWLER: Do you know what this appointment was regarding? No.
I They, um They always had plenty of business to deal with.
It was nothing unusual.
DORIS: It's just been a lot.
A lot to process with Everything.
FOWLER: Did you answer the door when Mr.
Graham arrived? Yes.
And were you upstairs when you heard the gunshots? MOLLY: Um he was here maybe five minutes.
They started shouting.
That's when I heard the first gunshot, the second not long after.
I got frightened, so I I hid in the bathroom.
DORIS: I'm not sure what Colin was mixed up with, but I find it sad.
Sad that his business might have kept him from saying a proper good-bye to his father.
Quinn, I want you to think very carefully about this next question.
Are you positive it was Lander Graham at the door? Positive.
[indistinct dialogue on TV.]
[tires squealing, horn honking distantly.]
[tires squealing.]
[tires screeching.]
[engine turning over.]
[tires squealing.]
Colin was not part of the plan.
No, he wasn't.
Been nice if you had told me.
Have you made any progress? 'Cause framing a guy like Big Graham, it's not gonna go over just like that.
Any progress, Witt? Look, if you'd asked me from the beginning And I didn't.
There's a guy in Indiana.
He's cliqued up, from what I know.
He's down to meet.
[pat on leg.]
That sounds promising.
Now we just need to pick up Molly.
Molly? [tires screech.]
Doris? Yes, dear? I know you said that that leaving was what we had to do, but are you sure? I I mean on on such short notice? If you stayed if we stayed, Big Graham would kill us, long before any trial they may put him on.
Well, when when can we go back? We'll have you back home safe just as soon as we can.
I promise.
What about you? [indistinct chatter.]
[Samantha Fish's "Never Gonna Cry" playing over speakers.]
BIG GRAHAM: Because what you gotta remember, Hank SAMMY: Fuckin' Hank.
Fucking guy, right? Jesus Christ.
I feel like I fucking raised you.
HANK: Raised? Raised raised, you son of a bitch, you! And I'm not gonna sit here and let you bullshit me that the 7400 sprocket didn't leave your ass high and dry last autumn.
Well, now, Lander, I wouldn't be so sure about that.
Yeah, 7400 sprockets may as well have been a war crime.
I need my leaves blown, not fucking scattered.
And the 7400, it scatters.
BIG GRAHAM: This is what I'm saying.
The 7400 sends the fucking leaves back where they came from in the first fucking place.
Right? You try to bullshit me last week, the week before that.
I wasn't buying it then.
I'm not buying it now.
Oh, Lander's just uncomfortable that he's actually gotten to this place in life, with the leaf blowers and the lawn mowers and the sky trimmers.
SAMANTHA: Because I, I made up my mind I'm never gonna cry, oh Looking out for you here.
With Molly's account, gets kind of tricky.
I can buy us some time, have you out by morning.
[soft dramatic music.]
The fuck you saying to me right now? I'm saying they're framing you and I gotta put on a show, Lander.
And by the way, I'm sorry for your loss.
[indistinct chatter.]
[griddle sizzling.]
Four Ham Pies, one runny, for Ethan! Ethan! [electricity buzzing.]
Ethan! DORIS [over phone.]
: Hello, pumpkin.
What the fuck did you get me into? Sweet pea, you sound stressed.
ETHAN: I don't need that "sweet pea" shit, Doris.
Why the fuck am I here? Remember what we say about breathing.
Yeah, I haven't breathed in two weeks, all right? I've been beaten up.
We've gone across the country transporting fuck knows what.
And today they almost turned us over to another gang because we got into a bar fight with them, and to be honest, I'm not sure they still won't.
Is all that language really necessary? Doris! I need to go home.
You know your situation.
I'm gonna turn myself in.
Fuck it.
Was never gonna make it anyway.
These things don't happen overnight.
Lawyers, lawyers.
What what happened with them? Did you did you talk to them? Who was the other gang? What? DORIS: Today.
They were called The, uh The Happiness Ghouls.
No one seemed to take them all that seriously, especially after this guy, one of the Brawlers, he kind of just choked one of the Ghouls out.
- Who? - ETHAN: [sighs.]
Name was, uh name was Bash.
You're gonna be just fine.
I promise, all right? ETHAN: Yeah, all right.
[toilet flushing.]
Is everything okay? [faucet squeaks, water running.]
Bash got in a fight with the Ghouls.
I-is he all right? I'd imagine so.
- Who is - It's fine, Molly.
[door squeaks open.]
Who's Bash? [griddle sizzling.]
[indistinct chatter.]
MATTY: Uh, I'm saying it's bullshit.
There was a time Phoenixes used to be muscle.
That's all I was trying to show him.
BRU: That was long before your time, so ain't sure what there even was for you to show.
MATTY: Runny.
You shameless slob.
What you boys do, it gets repetitive.
I mean, that much road will burn anybody out.
But you weren't around to see it get bloody the way it used to.
I mean, things ain't been this kind of good in, well, all my time as a Brawler.
That's why we all wanna keep it that way.
So if anyone's gonna fuck that up, it best not be any of you.
All Avron cares about is the shirt.
How the fuck couldn't you guys see that? Don't don't need to worry about Avron.
You need to worry about not pissing Joel off.
Three of you are lucky he ain't making you walk the fucking gauntlet.
Fuck knows with Burt clear off the map, he's got enough on his plate.
This thing's disgusting.
[crowd clamoring.]
QUEENIE: [chuckles.]
Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to welcome you all.
Welcome you to the beauty of heaven the wonders of hell and the paradigm of all good fortune.
Yes! Let me welcome you To the trenches to the holes of wrath, you hornblowers and bamboozlers, you [inhales deeply.]
Sweaty swine of breathing membranes.
Let me welcome you! Welcome you to the Bang-A-Rang! [cheers and applause.]
[The B-52's "Song for a Future Generation" playing.]
KATE PIERSON: Wanna be the ruler of the galaxy? FRED SCHNEIDER: Wanna be the king of the universe? BOTH: Let's meet and have a baby now KATE: Wanna be the empress of fashion? FRED: Wanna be the president of Moscow? BOTH: Let's meet and have a baby now La-la, la-la-la [muffled music continues.]
- She shorted us this time.
- She didn't short us.
Seems short to me.
You know that's 'cause you're an ungrateful bitch who's never satisfied.
God, I fucking hate you.
I hate you too.
You know the drill.
Cool and covert.
Cool and covert.
FRED: La-la, la-la-la La-la, la-la-la BOTH: La-la, la-la-la KATE: La-la-la-la-la Now FRED: Now Now BOTH: Now FRED: Now KATE: Now, now BOTH: La-la-la-la-la RICKY: Hi, my name is Ricky and I'm a Pisces I love computers and hot tamales BOYLE: Hey.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Give me another 22.
I think you've had enough, don't you? I think that's my decision, don't you? FRED: Wanna be the king of the Zulus BOTH: Let's meet and have a baby now KATE: Wanna be the daughter of Dracula? [bell dings.]
[teeth chattering.]
FRED: The son of Frankenstein? BOTH: Let's meet and have a baby now FRED: Wanna be mother-father Daughter-son captain Wanna be ruler-king Steady night.
What's the matter? Strange today, right? The Ghouls.
Little strange, guess.
We don't like the Ghouls, Ghouls don't like us, but to show up like that over a fucking bar fight with the Phoenixes? Ghouls been hanging by the same thread for a decade now.
Well You gonna tell Burt? If Bash made it worse, Burt would make it war.
[dull thud.]
[record scratches.]
[Pinups scream.]
JOEL: Son of a BRU: [sighs.]
Son of a [choking.]
[dramatic music.]
[crowd murmuring.]
PINUP: What is going on? [electricity buzzing.]
Said there's no cable.
But it's four walls and a room.
[switch clicks.]
You know, I best hit the road.
I don't want anybody asking any questions.
[match strikes.]
Do you have time for a coffee first, Witt? WITT: So you gonna keep her locked up in a motel room for this whole thing, you gonna let her go home? Can't let her go home, not until Big Graham's trial.
You gotta quit.
[sugar rattling.]
Do you actually know who Big Graham is? I know who he is just fine, Witt.
Well, then you know that trial or no trial, that man is not going to prison.
And when he doesn't go to prison, he's gonna come for you.
After he kills Molly, long and slow, of course.
What about Ethan? What about Ethan? You ever gonna tell the kid why you sent him down there? I just wanted to ask you about this meeting that you set up.
That poor fucking kid.
[clears throat.]
Look, he's a guy that's got guys.
If you can convince him, those guys might be your crew.
Anyway, um, it is Thursday.
I will pick you up right here.
Thank you.
See you then.
[electricity buzzing.]
[tense music.]
[door bell jingles.]
[crow cawing.]
[door slams.]
PERSON: [gasps.]
Wake up, little miss scoundrel.
Can't you knock? Ha! Princess.
When do I ever knock? [yawns.]
Joel's pissed at you.
Well, that's fun.
I imagine he will give you some shit.
Which I will happily take.
Quite a collection you've built.
Do you think any of them are her? I have told you this before, Meredith, but, um I never really knew your mother.
Except that she was a stuntwoman.
According to your father, sure.
Yeah, but it's not like Burt would actually remember anything anyhow.
Isn't that right? Hmm.
Just curious.
Why? Why what? Why so restless? - You think you'll find her? - Mm.
You and Burt say my mother's dead, then she's dead.
What, then? [soft music.]
Maybe I just really like the idea of taking a jump and soaring.
Well in the meantime, let's just focus on our work, then, hmm? [engines rumbling.]
BASH: Did you know him? Saw him around a few times.
A few sets here and there.
You healthy? Feel well? JOEL: Seems like it.
BASH: And Lyla? JOEL: Healthy.
Curious as ever.
Whole different view of the world.
Ain't got a damn clue where she gets it.
BASH: How 'bout Rita? [lighter flicking.]
How about you? You healthy? Got a cough I don't like.
Comes and goes, mostly at night.
Other than that [sniffs.]
You don't come around much anymore.
What's to come around for? What's to stay in your room for? Big wide world on those records.
Lot of stories.
Don't ever get bored? How many more times I gotta watch Pinups discover themselves? Tell you the honest of it? I miss it.
The constant uncertainty of it all.
All that fighting.
It was more than that.
We we were validating ourselves.
We weren't saying this world was ours.
We were fucking showing 'em it was ours.
Now we just drink with our dicks in our hands and feet on the stage and got no purpose.
We don't want war, Bash.
Things ain't never been better.
Remember that.
Take care of something else with me? MATTY: Wake up.
- What? MATTY: Come on.
ETHAN: [groans.]
Can't possibly be like this every day.
- What, you don't like it? - ETHAN: Like what? MATTY: This.
The river, all of it.
Yeah, it's no, it's good.
It's good.
That shit scare you yesterday? With the Ghouls? Nah.
No? [laughs.]
Shit, it scared me, man.
Thought I finally did it this time.
Johnson, it scare you? Nope.
Ole Johnson can't fear nothing.
How do you know Witt anyway? Dude who dropped you off for Bru? His hair is made of yarn.
Uh, he, uh [clears throat.]
Dated my mother long time ago.
She dated Witt? For for a tiny bit, yeah.
So he's, like, your stepdad? No, come on.
No, my m my mom, she, um she used to own a speakeasy in Detroit.
Met a lot of dudes.
What happened to her again? Said she bailed? Yeah, she just I was 15 or so.
Said she was moving to Tucson.
Told me I couldn't go with her, and and then she left.
Haven't seen her since.
Well You're on the river now, Ethan.
With me.
With Johnson.
And you know what? That's all that fucking matters.
[Matty and Johnson exhale harshly.]
To the river.
[dark music.]
[indistinct chatter.]
[slow music playing softly over speakers.]
PINUP: Hiya, sweetheart.
[Pinups giggling.]
PINUP: Came to see us.
It's nice to see you too, girls.
Would y'all mind giving Bash and me a moment here with Meredith and Tina? Need you to stop.
Joel, honey, it feels like we've had this talk before.
Yeah, we've talked about this, and I've said the same thing over and over.
And over.
That toxic shit, it brings death.
And we only get away with what we get away with.
When we ain't the ones to cause it? The death.
You think you're untouchable.
I get it.
But her? She's not.
She's a bitch is what she is.
So what you gonna do, Joel? You gonna beat it out of her? [sighs.]
Be the big, bad Banished Brawler all you tall men are? Up to you.
[sucks teeth.]
I don't think that's who you are anymore.
You know? Because I think if you did that, all you would be able to think about the entire time is Lyla.
QUEENIE: Ladies, show's on in 15 minutes.
What is happening here? [scoffs.]
Why, Joel and Bash.
What in God's fucking hell are we doing? Well, Queenie Meredith here Was just getting ready to go on.
Her and Tina and the rest of the girls wasting my time in the fucking hallway.
If you wanna talk to one of my Pinups, you gotta talk to me first; you know that.
She's not just one of your Pinups, Queenie.
She is if I ask her.
What about you, Bash, honey? Anything you want to say to me? No, ma'am.
QUEENIE: Excellent.
Bye, Joel.
QUEENIE: Gentlemen.
QUEENIE: All right, ladies.
As much as I'd like to, we can't sit around all day.
Let's get back to fucking work.
[insects chirping.]
[dramatic music playing over TV.]
I feel like like I shouldn't have involved myself.
[tires squealing over TV.]
You and I deserve the restaurant, Molly.
It's ours now.
We'll do great things with it.
[sirens wailing over TV.]
We just need to get over this hump.
How do you know the man with the hair? The the one who drove us? Witt's an old friend.
Were you having an affair? [cars crash over TV.]
I didn't mean to pry.
- Doris? - Yes, Molly? MOLLY: May I ask you a question? Sure, Molly.
Had you ever killed anyone before? Not that I can recall.
And how does it feel now that you can recall? [tires squealing over TV.]
I don't feel much at all.
They had the same laugh, you know? Thomas and Colin.
I guess you always think you're prepared for someone to die.
Then they actually do.
[gunshots over TV.]
[knock at door.]
DORIS: [clears throat.]
That's Witt.
We're going bowling.
You're going bowling? I'd invite you to come, but Perhaps you should get some rest, hmm? Hmm.
[sirens wailing, tires squealing over TV.]
[indistinct chatter.]
[ominous music.]
BIG GRAHAM: Hello, Grace.
Your brother-in-law was a very fine young man.
I ain't seen Molly around.
She all right? I hope so.
Forgive me for asking, Mr.
Graham, but are you sure it's a good idea for you to be here? - I mean, you were - Funny.
Huh? She ain't here.
What's-her-name, Thomas' wife, ain't here.
And yet you stand around buying into all their bullshit.
Ain't anybody thought about that? You think that looks okay? Would you excuse me? As your attorney, Lander, I would not have advised you to be here.
You didn't think I was gonna miss this, did you? No, I did not.
Fucking hoity-toity bitch.
I didn't see this coming.
No one did.
We gotta find her.
I could leave tonight, but you gotta tell me where they are.
I don't know where they are.
[phone ringing.]
Well, then meantime, you, my friend, can't go anywhere.
Not until we get this squared away.
It's your sister.
Tell me you're safe.
MOLLY: I'm safe.
I made a mistake, Grace.
GRACE: Come home to me, Molly.
Did he look healthy? GRACE: What's that? Colin in his casket, did he look well? GRACE: Casket was closed, sweetheart.
[moans softly.]
Yeah, um, I'm sorry, Operator.
I-I got disconnected.
OPERATOR: One moment, please.
[line clicks, rings.]
CLERK: Hello.
Donuts & Duvets.
Hello? [tense music.]
I think I got a job for you after all.
DORIS: His name's Bolo? WITT: It's what he goes by.
DORIS: Because he wears a bolo tie.
WITT: Sort of his signature, so yeah.
Look, Doris.
This is your last chance to think about this.
You can't just walk in and ask a career fucking criminal and his career fucking criminal buddies to help you not only rob The Banished Brawlers but to kill Banished Brawlers.
I hope you're gonna mention that little tidbit.
Look, if you ask me, if you're gonna hire men to help you kill Bash and Burt I'm gonna kill Bash and Burt.
I just need the fucking support.
How many times do I have to say it? Oh I think you need to part with more of it.
More of what? You married Thomas for the inheritance.
Excuse me? You married Thomas for the inheritance I did not marry Thomas for any inheritance.
His passing doesn't make me a fucking rich woman.
I am choosing to spend what little money we had outside the restaurant, and and I am choosing to spend it on very selfish things.
I know that.
And I loved Thomas very much.
And after this trip is over, I'll be able to move on.
BOLO: So look, Witt here, he told me the fee you're proposing, and, uh, I don't work with that.
Well, that's all that I have.
Well it ain't what I take.
And did Witt, uh tell you? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
We'll rob 'em, great.
I could do that on my own.
But I have someone on the inside.
No, I don't need a guy, okay? I've heard of The Banished Brawlers.
They sound like a bunch of dopes.
You see, it's all about the fee.
Well, I apologize, but that's what I have to offer.
Okay, let me explain something to you, little missy.
You don't come asking around for something like this and then tell me what's what like we're just out here negotiating.
The fuck I look like to you, a negotiator? I ain't a fucking negotiator.
There's no need to be so harsh, Mr.
Oh, no need to be so harsh, okay.
You know what? Fuck you.
Fuck out of here.
Forget it.
Answer's no.
I hope you get yourself shot a bundle of times over.
And you, you pickle-haired motherfucker, don't let me catch you in this fucking state again.
Wasting my time with bullshit like this.
Oh, my goodness.
Well, clowns, wish me luck.
You see this? This is what I told you, hmm? These people are not just gonna say yes.
I gotta take a leak.
WOLFMAN: Let me see your fucking hands! Open it.
- ZOMBIE: Not the register.
- WOLFMAN: The door.
- What door? - [gun cocking.]
Oh, that door.
WOLFMAN: Move, move, move, move.
[dramatic music.]
Hello, hello.
WOLFMAN: Move, move.
What's going on? Witt, you'll never believe this, but I think I may have just found our guys.
Doris! PERSON: Yeah? Could you open the door? PERSON: Why? Everything's fine.
Just, uh could you? WOLFMAN: First! Hands! All of them! Second, nobody move, or these go off.
You feel me on that? Show my man here where the cases at.
Cases! Cases! [grunts.]
WOLFMAN: Cases! [groans.]
WOLFMAN: No, no, no.
ZOMBIE: There's four.
We only have two.
ZOMBIE: There's four.
[engine revving.]
[engine turning over.]
[car horn honking.]
[soft crash, engine dies.]
[horn blaring.]
[exhales heavily.]
[engine turning over.]
[tires squealing.]
[engine revving, tires squealing.]