Reprisal (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

The Emboldened Conflict

1 - There we go.
- We good, cuz.
What time you got? - Coming up.
- Cool.
Yo, I told you I saw baby sis the other day? Anita? How's she doing? I think she finally fucking.
It ain't good, man.
She too young.
And how old were you when you started? That's different.
Fuck out of here.
Why? Because, uh, it's your baby sister? You're damn right 'cause it's my baby sister.
Why you feel like that anyway? I could tell by her ass, fam.
That body got a little attitude to it now.
Cordell You trying to tell me you been looking at your baby sister's ass? Shit, as long as it ain't Henry, little Dennis the Menace motherfucker.
Catch me slipping on that fool and get my ass locked the fuck up.
You talking about, uh, Stanley's kid, Henry? Yeah, that mark-ass motherfucker.
- Hold up.
- [watch beeping.]
It's time? - Time.
- [beeping stops.]
- [grunts.]
- Let's work.
[truck door closes.]
[dramatic music.]
Let me see your fucking hands! [tires squealing.]
[engine revving.]
[tires squealing, gunshots.]
[engine revving.]
[tires squealing.]
[alarm bell ringing.]
[tires screeching.]
[alarm bell ringing.]
You sure? Positive.
Fucking bullet hole in the windshield.
[exhales sharply.]
All right.
[engine turning over.]
Yes? You need, um directions or something? No, I don't I don't think so.
Where you coming from? Are you a police officer or ? What happened there? Hit a bird.
You should get that taken care of.
- Yes, I should.
- Mm-hmm.
All right, so, um Here's what you're gonna do.
You're gonna take the next right, make two more, and then take a left.
There you'll find the interstate.
Now, whether you go north, south, east, fucking west, it really don't matter, just so long as you're gone.
You got me? [knocks on car.]
Miss? I understand.
[exhales sharply.]
[exhales deeply.]
WITT: I've heard they're called "The Monster Ring.
" Not exactly a small-time operation, but nothing really big either.
Hit mostly a bunch of underground what-have-yas.
Domino game at Bolo's.
Last month a brothel in Muncie.
Nobody knows their names, but a hell of a lot of people wish they did.
People like Bolo? Yeah, people like Bolo.
These guys are legends.
They've pissed off a whole lot of so-called entrepreneurs for a lot of years.
I've heard they're war vets.
The the name on the side of the truck Alvin's Landscaping? Yeah, yeah, Alvin's Landscaping.
My guess truck's stolen, or it's a front.
But it's a start.
You're not one to take my advice They're what I need, Witt.
There's two of 'em.
Have you taken a Brawler head count lately? What they did in that room two is all it took.
They're smart.
Yeah, but they don't exactly seem like the kind of guys that are open to collaboration, Doris.
I got to get on the road.
[inhales sharply.]
But, Doris, you Witt I'll be fine.
I'm afraid if you approach those guys, you won't be.
[door opens, bells jingle.]
[door closes.]
JOEL: All right, Bru.
Branch relations.
Want to kick it off? BRU: All right, yeah.
Uh Yeah, they're, uh you know, they're fine.
Phoenixes did a good job this month.
Everything's on time sort of mostly.
Thanks, Matty, boys.
- Queenie, finance? - Yeah.
We're in the black.
Here, branch 812, 506, 902.
Name the branch, it made money.
More than it did the month before, even more than it did the year before that and so on and so forth, except there is one issue.
Since Bash choked the shit out of that Ghoul last week and you three pissed them all off to begin with, and I mean pissed, they haven't paid their tax.
Someone tell me why that's a problem.
It's a violation of our truce.
Thank you, Queenie.
It is a violation of our truce, but that's not the problem.
The problem is Now we got to do something about it.
We could make 'em, but then we got another fight on our hands, then another and another.
And what happens when the others hear about it? What happens when the Vipers hear of it? The Cleavers? Every other gang starts getting the idea they can skip their tax.
And then Burt hears about it.
What do you think he'll say? I think he'll say, "Pay up.
" And that's a war.
That's the war, all over again.
These are good times we're living in.
We make money, no one bothers us.
These are good fucking times.
Tell me you wouldn't be frustrated.
We can smooth this over.
But I want everyone in this room to be clear.
War is not something we shouldn't be afraid of.
We are afraid of it.
Remember that.
May I sit? I would prefer if you didn't.
This looks tasty.
- The fuck is you? - My name's Doris.
And you? Cordell.
Yo, would you shut the fuck up? What? And are you Alvin? You have a nice day, ma'am.
I was wondering if you two might be interested in a job that I have lined up.
I shouldn't get too into it, but I have to say what I saw you two capable of was talent.
You knew what you came for, and you knew how to get it, and none of those sweaty men with guns were going to stop you, which is why And I know I know we're complete strangers but, personally, I think we could make a good team.
I'm afraid you might be confused.
You know we're just landscapers, right? - Landscapers? - Mm-hmm.
Is that what I saw you doing? I'm not sure what you thought you saw, but the only thing I did the other night was sleep.
- Look - No, you look.
Now, we on our lunch break from being fucking landscapers.
But I'll tell you what I take one look at you, sitting here talking like you know everything about everybody.
Take one look, and I think to myself [chuckles.]
"That ain't nobody I'd ever want on my team, nobody I'd ever get behind," and I tell you why because arrogance is only gonna do one thing, and that's get motherfuckers killed.
- All I'm saying - Shut up.
You know see, if I wouldn't want you on my team, then why would you ever assume I would trust you to lead me on yours? Besides, it's like we said Landscapers.
Well thank you for your time.
[dramatic music.]
That ain't good, cousin.
No, it sure ain't.
[engine turning over, revving.]
WITT: Fellas.
Weren't at the meeting.
Starting to think you'd forgotten about us.
Lost track of time.
What'd you bring us? There's a couple of rural spots, Indiana, look really promising.
- There's a couple in Ohio - We don't want north.
I told you that.
And this is the same shit your brought us last time.
What? Didn't think I'd notice? I just I thought they looked promising.
We want west.
Hit the Sun Belt, check the desert.
Told you plenty of times.
Well, I misunderstood.
You've been slipping, Witt more and more lately, like you're distracted.
It's starting to worry us.
[exhales sharply.]
I'm not distracted.
It's just been a weird month.
- You all right? - Yeah.
I mean, I got a lot on my mind, but [sighs.]
If you don't want the gig I want the gig.
I want the gig.
A lot on all our minds, old friend.
Maybe take a load off.
Stick around for a steak.
Whatever you want, just west.
[jazzy music.]
WAITER: There you are, sir.
[indistinct chatter.]
ETHAN: She make any progress? WITT: Not that I'm aware of.
I mean, she do you think she can pull it off? Get me out? You're asking the wrong guy, kid.
You don't know the people she knows? I sure don't.
What aren't you telling me? I'm telling you that you might just be stuck here, all right? No.
No, not all right.
No? All right, all right.
Where are you gonna go? Home? You got two things waiting for you at home.
Zero family and prison.
I could run.
Yeah, life on the lam.
Look, I know that these guys, they got issues, but the law leaves them alone.
They had a dustup, they had a little showdown, but they haven't had a war in years.
Son, there is no place better for you to be than right here.
Come on, sit tight, kid.
Life's short.
Hopefully it's all gonna be over soon, anyway.
[person whistling.]
Matty! You guys leaving soon? Yeah.
I need a ride.
Where to? - Anywhere that's on your way.
- That's not a place.
Anywhere there's a pay phone.
I just need a ride.
Well, I don't want to give you a ride.
I'm not trying to help you do whatever the hell you're up to.
Matty Meredith.
Fucking loser.
We leave in ten.
[engine rumbling.]
I'm terribly embarrassed, you know? What? I had to look Michigan up on a map the other night.
Let me tell you, I was way off.
Looks like a mitten.
You ever notice that? Everyone knows that.
Oh, excuse me.
Show me where you're from.
Where? Detroit.
No, I really think you should show me on my hand, so I won't forget.
Oh, I see.
They gave you the whole "stay away from Meredith" thing.
Why are they so worried about you? It's not me they're worried about, dollface.
Definitely not worried about her.
Come on, Ethan.
Show me where you're from.
[light music.]
I'm trying to see it.
- MATTY: Meredith.
- [music stops.]
Would you give it a rest? [laughing.]
Thanks, idiot.
What are you doing out here, huh? I'm doing my business.
Yeah, well, just stay safe, right? MEREDITH: Oh, Matty.
- [zipper opens.]
- Always looking out for me when you never really needed to.
And for your troubles I don't need these.
Of course you do.
Be good, Johnson.
Take care of these big boys.
Until next time, Michigan.
[engine rumbling.]
[soft music.]
ETHAN: What is it with her? That's Burt's daughter.
[door bells jingle.]
- You boys are late.
- What the fuck you care? Oh, I see the new kid's still breathing.
Ghouls still ain't been by? Nope.
Way to go, probie.
[door bells jingle, door creaks.]
[clears throat.]
Need something, friend? Yeah, is this, uh this where I can get a ticket to the Bang-A-Rang? You ever been to a Bang-A-Rang? No, sir.
Goddamn right, no, sir.
Goddamn right you never been to a Bang-A-Rang, otherwise you wouldn't look so fucking stupid.
[chuckles mockingly.]
You think that's funny? Me calling you stupid, businessman? You look like a business Are you a fucking businessman? Um, I do I'm, uh I'm an accountant, yeah.
- What's your name? - Andrew.
Let me tell you something, Andrew.
The Bang-A-Rang isn't just a fun fucking time.
It's something you need.
You, not me, not him.
You fucking need it 'cause you're a square prick looking for your redemption as a man.
Not this contributing citizen bullshit you're on, no you're looking for forgiveness, redemption.
That's why you're here, ain't it? [dramatic music.]
300 even.
[cash register bell dings.]
[clears throat.]
Directions are on the back.
Go forth.
Learn a thing or two, Andrew.
[cash register drawer closes.]
What's your name again? Ethan.
Remember two things, Ethan.
You got to sell them even when they're already sold.
And if you want to read 'em confuse 'em.
Let's get out of here.
[door bells jingle.]
[The Count Five's "Psychotic Reaction".]
SINGER: I feel depressed, I feel so bad 'Cause you're the best girl that I've ever had I can't get your love, I can't get a fraction What's up, babe? Gertrude.
You know Meredith.
She's the one interested in Pointy Apple.
Want to show her? Cash, and it's yours.
[exhales sharply.]
How much work does it need? All of it, probably.
Two grand.
Really? 'Cause I heard that it was a grand.
It was a hard find, so now it's two.
Unless you don't want it, then [dramatic music.]
- You guys got a tow? - Depends where you live.
Pretty sure you know where I live.
Well, that's a no, ain't it? Gary.
Oh, no, Gary.
It's cool.
Guess I'll just have to figure something else out.
- [chuckles.]
- Sorry.
- He's a fucking brat sometimes.
- Yeah, I noticed.
I got that other stuff you asked for if you still want it.
I brought a joint.
I like being friends with you.
[siren whoops.]
[siren whoops.]
What the fuck? [indistinct chatter over police radio.]
What do we do about those? We shut up about 'em.
[exhales sharply.]
[exhales deeply.]
Help you with something? What you towing this morning? Oh, you know No, I don't.
That's fine, too.
License, registration, insurance.
MATTY: Officer, uh you'll forgive the frankness, but you must be new.
All right, out of the car, all three of you.
- Johnson, whose county we in? - Blanchard's.
And what's your name? Out, now.
Because I bet if you called Sheriff Blanchard and told him you had The 3 River Phoenixes pulled over on the side of a fucking highway It'd probably make for a real muddy first week on the job Officer.
Give him a call Blanchard.
And if he says it's okay, I'll let you take a look at our goods back there warrant-free.
How about that? Big haul for a big rookie.
[clicks tongue.]
Dispatch, this is Dr.
[indistinct chatter over police radio.]
MATTY: [groans.]
- [exhales deeply.]
Welcome to the force, asshole.
How many times you ever look at the ceiling of a car? [chuckles.]
GERTRUDE: Guy who makes this stuff's been slowing down, so this is all I could get for you.
I can make this last.
You want to see something? Where'd you find that? In one of the bins out behind the track.
I've watched it probably 60 times.
[people speaking French on TV.]
You think this is her? Mm-mm.
My mother never went by Camille.
[indistinct conversation in French on TV.]
[woman shouts on TV.]
It's a nice thought, though.
[dramatic music.]
ETHAN: Can I ask you guys something? Why the hell you want to be here? Bold question.
Complicated question.
Got those casings? Could, uh, un-complicate it.
[both snort.]
Same reason I wanted to be a Phoenix.
'Cause Burt found a road.
A road to family.
Back then, every gang from Sanderstown to Greenville was at each other's throats.
Burt was fine letting everyone fucking eat themselves because Brawlers had each other and they couldn't be beat.
[Ethan snorts.]
Which is why what was fucked JOHNSON: Was when Burt's own sister betrayed him.
Katherine Harlow.
Betrayed the family Burt built for him and her.
Katherine started to see things differently than Burt.
Group of Brawlers went out to negotiate with some Happiness Ghouls, and they were ambushed.
- Katherine set 'em up.
- Conspired with the Ghouls.
And then she mocked the dead Brawlers, put the Ghouls' masks over their heads.
It was the ultimate betrayal.
Then Katherine disappeared.
No one knows why.
She started one hell of a war.
What old Johnson refers to as the Emboldened Conflict.
Emboldened Conflict.
'Cause for Burt that was it.
His attempt at peace failed.
He was taken advantage of.
So he decided he would take everything by force because Burt knew if he stopped at the Ghouls, every other gang would just keep coming.
So he got proactive.
Led a campaign against every gang he could find with territory.
Burt's cause grew.
- And so the Brawlers grew.
- [echoing.]
Burt's cause grew.
Came from everywhere.
Misfits, fuck-ups, outlaws.
From coal mines in the East, to gold earth in the West to some central booking facility in Michigan.
No matter what you did before you got here, no matter how bad It all went away the moment you fought your first fight with us.
That's family, Ethan.
That's family.
That's family.
So he seemed anxious? Very.
You got to tell him, Doris.
You got to tell him what you sent him down there for.
When it's time.
What if you made it simpler on yourself, just keep it to Bash? Yeah, I could lure him out, get him drunk.
You can do what needs to be done.
Because it's not enough.
EARL: Dottie.
I recall that right? - Doris.
- Okay.
Why don't you shut the door? [door closes.]
Who's this bright boy? Name's Witt.
Who the fuck would name their child Witt? - It's a family name.
- Why don't you sit down, Witt? Yeah, with that hair, sit down.
Dottie, come on over here.
Still trying to figure you out.
I feel like I was pretty clear.
You caught us off guard with that public stunt you pulled earlier pulling up on us like that.
But it feels like here I mean, within the privacy of your own home here we can get a bit more real because I need to know something, Dottie.
Do we got to worry about you? Because me and my cousin there Cordell.
Cordell, yeah.
We don't like to worry.
You know what I mean? So then you come out of nowhere poking around acting like you just looked us up in the motherfucking Yellow Pages.
Oh, I did.
Alvin's Landscaping, uh in the Yellow Pages.
And that made us worry.
And when we worry, we get nervous.
And when we get nervous [gun cocks.]
Now, killing people, that ain't what we do unless we have to, you know? Like if we get nervous.
You don't have to worry about me.
I was serious with what I said.
That I have a job I think you Whatever it is you're doing you go ahead and do that.
But I'm telling you make us worry again [ominous music.]
- [exhales deeply.]
- DORIS: Witt do you think you could give Mr.
Bolo another call? I have something I'd like to discuss with him.
[keys jingling.]
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
Sixth run this month.
Busy out there.
Been running the numbers And we don't have it, Bernice.
I could lie to you if I wanted to.
Tell you my next run will be my last, but I don't think you No, I know.
Fucking bitch.
Slippery cockfucker.
Let me guess, you're getting a lot of nos.
- You could say that.
- [chuckles.]
Chili cheeseburger over here tells me you got some information I might be interested in.
- Potentially.
- Potentially.
Yes or no? 'Cause if I got to sit here another two I know who's in The Monster Ring.
Well, all right.
I can give you their names, their location, everything you would need.
I just need to know that if I'm gonna help you, you're going to help me.
You fucking brat.
Listen close here.
- You see this? - Mm-hmm.
- Or this? - Uh-huh.
Or how about this? You know what all that's from? My bosses.
Because every day I don't find the fucks that robbed us, I get beat.
[pounds table.]
You tell me you know who's in The Monster Ring, little lady.
Well, then guess what you're gonna do in exchange for nothing.
'Cause if not, I'll get it out of you.
One of you, one way or another.
So tell me, what's it gonna be? [slurping.]
What the fuck kind of sweatbox is this? Brought a couple friends.
They wanted to meet you.
Wait a second.
You two are The Monster Ring? [laughs.]
Sure, why not? [grunts.]
You know, this one, she might be off her fucking rocker, but she sent you two up shit's ass creek, clowns.
So wait a second.
Is it two of you, or is it you, too, sweetie? And what's with all this big noise surrounding you guys, making you out to be some kind of fucking legends and shit? And it's really just [scoffs.]
You know, a lot of people are gonna be very happy I found you because you're a bunch Whoa, what the fuck are you doing, little lady? Uh-oh.
Cordell and, uh forgive me, I-I still haven't gotten your name, but I want you to know that I understand your reservations, and I just I wanted to make something clear.
Okay, lady, give me my fucking Please be quiet! Mr.
Bolo Man.
You see all my life people have been underestimating me to the point where when my brother and his associates dragged me through a field with their truck, they didn't even check to see if I were still alive.
I mean, can you imagine? [chuckles.]
They were that convinced that if I were somehow breathing I wouldn't be a threat to them.
When I came to you this week, you were right.
I, uh I hadn't thought it through, and that was my mistake, and you helped me realize it.
But you also underestimated me.
And I want you to know that I understand, and I appreciate it, because over the years, I've come to learn that being underestimated is the greatest advantage you have over other people.
I mean, look at this knucklehead here.
Just set his shotgun down right in front of me.
Just knew I wasn't a threat.
Okay, that's enough, lady.
Give me my God damn it.
Call the custodian.
Might I put on a pot of coffee while we wait?