Reprisal (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

The Horse Cabbage Heart

1 Beer? Your six blade knife do anything for you Anything you want it to One blade for breaking my heart Ahh.
I'm on the road quite a bit.
Long time now.
And I am a fan of establishments like this right here.
Oh, yeah.
Believe it or not, not easy to find.
Really is.
'Cause a lot of places well, lotta places are full of lowlifes.
Mm, but not not this establishment.
No, no, no.
Good cold beer like this right here, good company like you.
You know folks that come to a place like this, they, uh they deserve bigger, yeah.
Folks that come to a place like this, they they deserve freedom.
Yeah, good people like yourselves here they deserve a Bang-A-Rang.
How do you get your hair so smooth and gummy like that? Now these, these are the spine tremblers.
Space Time Sally and Rocket Horn.
They're a duo, one hell of a duo.
They likes the horn.
They find their best expression in little jazzy numbers.
Where's the rocket? The one who got away.
Snare drums, bass, power.
She will leave you with a powerful sense of abandonment.
But have you coming back for more.
The Bang-A-Rang, gentlemen, is an escape.
It is a goddamned haven.
Anything you need.
You need a drink? Welcome to the Bang-A-Rang.
You need a fight? We got a fight pit.
welcome to the Bang-A-Rang.
You want a show? Boy, buddy, do I have something for you.
Welcome to the fucking Bang-A-Rang! What about that one? Huh? In your pocket.
Who's that? Oh, uh, this, um it's Katherine, uh K-Katherine Harlow.
She's not around much anymore.
Um But when she was Those were special times.
She was the original siren of the Bang-A-Rang.
She paved the way for all the others.
Well, you can't get me Honey from a bone Can't get no loving While your man is gone Love, don't you weep Honey, don't you moan You can't get blood From a stone Well, what happened to her? What you boys gotta do, you gotta make your way down to Bopa's.
Bopa's? Get a haircut.
Then ask for a ticket.
Amarillo by morning Up from San Antone Everything that I got Is just what I've got on When that sun is high in that Texas sky I'll be bucking at the county fair Amarillo by morning Amarillo, I'll be there They took my saddle in Houston Broke my leg in Santa Fe Lost my wife and a girlfriend Somewhere along the way I'll be looking for eight when they pull that gate And I'll hope that judge ain't blind And, uh what's the organization you say you work for? It's more of an enterprise, really.
It's a private organization.
Well is this something you think they'd be interested in? Owen, my friend, I appreciate you showing me around, but this is more work than we're looking to take on.
Say, you got any good steak recommendations around here? - This is for you.
- Thank you.
Uh, excuse me.
Yes? May I help you? I you just Uh, nothing.
Um, you just, uh you look familiar.
Have we met? No.
Not officially, but, uh You used to go by Katherine, right? I'm afraid not.
You sure? Hope you have a wonderful afternoon, sir.
You mean to tell me that that is not you? You're not Katherine Harlow? So you're a Brawler? They never, um No.
I used to, um, used to help spread the word.
Like guerilla marketing.
Yeah, back in the early days, and uh Now I'm I'm just a scout.
Yeah, I drive around, look for old properties that they might want to convert.
How'd you find me? I You okay? In a million years I never thought anyone from that world would walk through those doors.
And now I understand why.
My, uh.
my husband and I, we uh We just got some news.
And it, uh well, it put some things in perspective.
Was wondering, Witt If I might ask for a favor from you.
There was something that I was hoping you could retrieve for me.
Witt I'd like to discuss with you how we might move forward.
You know? From here.
What is that? Betty's phone.
Been awhile.
Yeah? Are you sure it was her? When I say it was Katherine, Joel, does that make you uncomfortable? Said they had a mask on.
And you said she just disappeared.
Ask you something, Burt.
Why did you all do it like that? Why not just shoot her? Was it the thought of it, huh? The idea behind what you could make her feel? She deserved better than a gunshot.
Kill some Brawlers, that adds up.
But rob the vault? I don't get it.
Kept lots of money in here when Katherine was around.
Maybe she was looking for an added bonus, I don't know.
I'll let you two figure it out.
Holy fuckin' shit.
We should've been here.
It wouldn't have made a difference.
Had every one of us after 'em.
They still got away.
We're gonna find her.
When we're on the river, we're gonna find her.
I mean, she can't be far You're gonna lay low, Matty.
You're gonna lay low right here is what you're gonna do.
We didn't call you back for a task.
You just gotta stay off the river for a few extra days until all this is sorted out.
All right, now, don't go looking for trouble.
I'm telling you, now is not the time.
Johnson, you believe this? Yes, I do.
What if it's been her this whole time? What? Katherine Harlow coming back to finish what she started, coming back to start a war.
Yeah, yeah, Bru already told us Need your help with something.
Come on.
You need us, too, Joel? I'm proud of you girls.
All of you.
Because that's what we mean when we say we protect our home.
What's going on? What's going on? You were there.
Something is wrong.
I can tell.
You know if you ever do leave this place I want you to remember something.
The past doesn't ever stop.
And you and the other one.
Doris, yes.
You set out to frame Lander Graham so you could take the restaurant which was so rightfully his.
And was this your idea Molly? Or was it Doris's? It was Doris.
I tried to numb everything with some We we didn't have any numbing agents, so Nothing.
I'm on my way out? Oh Goodness, no.
I have to be honest, I wasn't so sure at first.
Ain't the first time I've been stabbed.
I'm sure.
The 37th was primarily stab wounds.
Just a big ol' stab fest.
I guess when you run out of ammo, that's what bayonets are for.
Were you scared last night? Yeah, sure.
Were you? I guess it was more Where do I go from here? Fuck you mean? You're here.
No, I I killed five men in that club.
Think it was six.
It was five.
So what you mean? Like, go home? No.
I don't feel like there is any going home at this point.
- You like movies? - Sure.
Ever see "Blood of the Heart?" What's that about? The battle of the 37th.
Did it No.
Ain't nothing capture what the 37th was like.
Just that the shit that change you, ain't no coming back from that.
You are what you are because, admit it or not, this is who you wanted to become.
Your boy fucked up.
I'm not sure I would agree with that.
Oh, you're not sure you agree with that? - Because I think - It wasn't his fault.
It was mine.
I just I assumed.
Used to carry a lot of money in those vaults, and just I never thought that they would switch up their routine.
So if the money's not in the vault, then where is it? I don't know.
And if this vault was empty Means The other ones probably are too.
There you go.
Dottie You're gonna leave.
I almost got killed 100 times last night.
Cordell? My man is lucky to be breathing.
All for nothing.
If it's any consolation It ain't.
Whatever you're gonna say it ain't.
Listen, I think that you went about this all wrong.
I think that you didn't need a crew.
You knew how to get in there, you knew how to get out.
I think that you were just scared.
Yeah, shit ain't easy to admit to, right? But you were, you were scared.
And you don't gotta own up to it, but it just is what it is.
You don't need us, Dottie.
Look at me.
You just need To work your shit out.
And move on.
Found that in the old caution room.
Could've never got through the doors.
Yet here it is.
A bag.
It had guns in it.
It ain't always gotta be so simple, Bru, okay? Think about it.
How else would they have gotten them in here? We don't let bar patrons in the back now.
We're pretty good about that.
Unless someone helped them.
That's your family you're talking about.
Is it, though? Okay.
- Hey, I'm just trying - No, no, no, no, no, no.
What you're saying makes sense.
Just hard.
'Cause, you know Don't none of us really like you, Avron.
You guys left the fucking bag? What's that, sweet pea? Of guns.
You left it here and now they know.
Know what? That there's a fucking guy on the inside, Doris.
Fuck! I have to be done with you.
This whole thing it's over.
This isn't, uh, the first thing you'd like to hear, but I have an idea.
If you'll just, well hear it out.
Thought you'd come alone.
Well it didn't feel like the smartest move.
Not always about numbers.
Your guys made a move on Burt's daughter.
The hell were you thinking? Does that really matter now? Yeah, Konstantinov was a problem, but we had an agreement.
And I thought you broke that.
- We didn't.
- I know.
We were set up, Jukes manipulated.
By whom? The past.
The point is we can end this right now.
You asked me to get him under control.
- And you didn't.
- You didn't give me a chance.
And then you up and killed Konstantinov.
So now it's starting to feel like there's only one way this can go.
Imagine it were one of yours.
That I just well, you know what you did and you know why.
Embrace the war, old friend.
It'll all be over soon enough.
What should we do? Well I haven't been drunk in a long time.
What? Jesus fuck! Uh, all right, well this is your chance, kid.
Get the hell out of here right now.
Go someplace and lay low for a while, do something.
Because if they find out that it was you You understand that it's my ass, too, right? Leaving was what you wanted, isn't it? Well, fuck me.
You're in, ain't ya? Well, god damn it, I guess it's my fault.
I mean, I told you to adjust.
You you fuckin' adjusted.
It's not just that, it's What? It's what? Camaraderie? Are you one with them now? I was fuckin' wrong.
There hadn't been a war in a long time and now now there's a fuckin' war, and I'm telling you, you do not wanna be around here for it.
Neither of us sure as hell want to be around if they figure out that we helped start it.
I think it's ugly.
I like ugly.
You hear it was her? I heard something about that.
Did you know her? When I was a girl, sure.
I was very young, though.
I was just gonna say, if you needed anything That's very sweet.
Whatever business my aunt has with my father, or for that matter any of the clowns here that's for them to figure out.
Your boyfriend's back.
You boys missed a hell of a party.
Hey, you wanna get out of here tonight? And go where? Somewhere fun.
Fun sounds fun.
Never seen you drink like this.
And I see you drink like this too often.
Haven't been out here in a long time.
Used to look forward to it.
Rig up shitbox little motor cars.
Race 'em around.
Some would win, some would lose.
In the end we'd all fight.
Drunk idiots.
Don't do what we used to.
All about money now.
Protecting it.
No, it's not.
My parents were good people, but they didn't they didn't know what to tell me.
They didn't know how to tell me what was the right way.
They lacked vision.
Fucking vision.
Didn't have it you know? So I did well in school, and then I heard about the Brawlers.
And that's when I knew That's when I knew where I belonged.
That's when I knew where to find that vision.
Well being a Brawler, Matty Makes you do horrible things.
Right here, at this track I fell for something that didn't exist.
You might feel okay with it in the moment.
But then the years go by.
And the real consequences All the fucking bullshit you've done? Well There they are.
Katherine Harlow She's come back for revenge.
And I don't blame her.
Her revenge? Don't answer it.
No good news is coming this time of night.
Strange thing, this life.
I gotta say.
What was the name of that bar that, uh they sent me to look for you in? She wasn't a threat to us.
She was just looking out for us.
But you you told us that all these others that all of them wanted to devour us.
That's colorful language.
When, really, they just wanted their own.
They didn't want trouble.
You You wanted the trouble.
And I followed that want.
I believed in all the in all the bullshit you'd spew.
Lost souls building a family redefining ourselves all of it.
About Shit.
What's belief? Because, see, the one person I remotely cared about The one person on this fucking planet I let you kill her.
I let you kill her Because I believed.
And yet, you still sit here.
You still believe, Bash.
I don't, actually.
She killed Percy.
She killed him because she knew what it would do to me.
She knew no matter what she knew I could never forgive her for it.
She knew I'd want to kill her.
So yeah I sit here.
Popcorn? Yeah.
You haven't stopped moving since we sat down.
Did you forget your breathing? You seem all right.
As opposed to what? Just everything last night, Ghouls last week, had your own breakdown.
Just tons to deal with.
The Ghouls were different.
I was alone, outnumbered.
But last night Last night I was home.
She's your aunt.
From what I've always been told.
You ever find out what happened to her? A lot of rumors over the years.
Lot of different versions of one story.
You never really knew your mother.
It's why you've really wanted to leave, isn't it? Excuse me? I don't I didn't hear it anywhere.
It's just call it instinct, I guess.
I don't know, I don't know.
I knew mine, though.
My mother.
And I'll tell you, she wasn't a great person.
Put me through a hell of a lot.
And once you Once you asked me what brought me here.
And honestly, I didn't really have an answer.
But now Shit, now? Feels like the only place I belong.
Dollface I knew you belonged here from the minute I laid eyes on you.
I'm gonna go to the restroom.
I haven't been to a puppet show since I was a kid.
What the fuck are you doing here? Yeah, I know.
Weird, ain't it? To be honest, I was looking for that a big-ass Cadillac, and then I got lucky when I saw you and lil' mama pull up in that rust bucket.
Anyway, we gotta talk.
- I'm here with someone.
- I'm sure she'll understand.
- No, you don't - Ethan.
The vault was empty, so we need you for plan B.
You gotta come with me, and there really ain't no discussion about it.
You feel me? Let's go.
Hello, Pumpkin.
What the fuck is wrong with you? I was in a public fucking place, Doris.
Well I needed to speak with you, and it couldn't wait.
I'm done.
With all of this.
Yes, you are done.
That's what I wanted to tell you.
What? I I just have one more call to make to one of Thomas's lawyer friends, and then all of this is over, and you can go off back to Detroit or or wherever you fancy.
Just just like that? Just like that.
Where's your phone? What? Your phone.
Don't answer it.
No good news is coming this time of night.
Matty, you fucker, you fucker.
Excuse me.
Give me the key to room 126.
Did you know the vault was empty, Ethan? No, I told you I've never seen the vault.
If I were you, I'd I'd leave tonight.
I'd leave tonight before shit just She was dangerous, right?