Reservation Dogs (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Come and Get Your Love

MAN: Hey.
Where you headed?
Hey. I'm going to Carnegie.
Carnegie? Western Oklahoma, right?
Yeah, I know, it's pretty far.
- Mm.
(INHALES) Out in Apache country?
I got some family down there.
Hey, look,
I understand if it's too far.
MAN: Hell, if you
want to go to Carnegie,
I'll take you there. Jump in.
Well, all right.
Yeah. Fuck, yeah.
I got nothing else going on.
Get in this chick magnet ride, baby.
- Be a gentleman, will you?
- Yes, ma'am.
Next stop, Carnegie, Oklahoma.
Come clean your room!
Get in.
Hey. Get in the back.
I'm not a criminal.
- I'm sittin' in the front.
I thought Chubs
was doing the ride-along.
Chubs called in sick.
You're stuck with me, cvpon.
- Hey.
- What?
Broke. Look at this.
Of course it is.
Yeah, well,
I got a new cruiser on the way.
Brand-new radio in it.
Call it Redbone 2.
This one's Redbone 1.
Pretty slick when I first got it.
The band. It's a band's name.
I don't know them.
Well, it was before your time.
All-Indian band.
It's the only tape I play.
- You don't know that?
- I don't-I don't know it.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
You should know it, boy.
Part of your culture.
An old snagging song.
(CLEARS THROAT) You ever snagged?
- I don't even know what that is.
- Oh, yeah.
Well, we'll teach you. (SNIFFLES)
Wake up.
Hey, wake up. Shit. Hey.
Aho. Wassup, Big Baby Boy?
- (CHUCKLES) Hey, hey.
- What are you doing?
Hey-lah, what the hell
are you doing downtown?
- Ah. Damn, it's been a long time.
- Yeah. Shit,
-it has been. What are you
doing out here? -BUCKY: Ah.
Shit, you sleep on the streets now
- or what?
- Ah, nah.
- BIG: Huh?
- You know, me and Bethany, we
we live up the way a bit.
- Yeah, yeah.
- You know, she's mad at me, I think.
(CHUCKLES): Ooh. What
you do this time, Bucky?
BUCKY: Yeah.
You know, I mean,
she's a white woman.
- You know.
- Oh.
Uh, I just, uh,
sat down to read a book
- and fell asleep.
- BIG: Yeah.
Where's your book?
Um Motherfucker.
Somebody must've stole my book.
Gee, I don't know.
Can't hold on to anything.
You need a ride somewhere?
You want something to eat
- or
- No, kinfolk.
- I mean, I'm good.
- BIG: All right.
I just had a croissant.
- Hey, little man.
- Hey. Uh, my name's Cheese,
and my pronouns are he, him and his.
Hmm. Same as mine.
He's on a ride-along.
- Youth program.
- Ah.
He wants to be a Lighthorseman,
A detective, really, but I guess
you got to start at the bottom,
BUCKY: That's wassup, eh?
Hey, uh, now, playboy, listen.
Uh, I-I got a couple things
I'm getting into right now,
uh, so I'll catch you on the
flip. But, uh, if you happen
to see someone carrying a book
on string theory
Yeah, that's mine. Okay?
Little man,
don't let him corrupt you.
- No promises.
- Fight the man.
- It's good to see you, Bucky.
- Yeah.
- He seems nice.
Aw, shit, these guys. Goddamn it.
Hey, little guy.
(CHUCKLES): They ain't fired you yet?
No, I ain't been fired yet.
Shit. Listen, got a young, uh,
Lighthorseman in training here,
this young man.
Oh, shit. Hey, don't listen
to a fucking word he says.
- BIG: Hey.
- COP: Hey, he'll have you
accidentally shooting yourself
in the face.
BIG: (CHUCKLES) Pretty funny, guys.
Old football buddies of mine
back in high school.
Fuck, Big. You still rolling
around in that grandma car?
- Yeah.
- You'd think all that damn casino money
coming in, they'd get you
a better fucking cruiser.
- BIG: Yeah. Shit.
Mine's just on back order, boys.
Getting souped-up.
I'll be cruising around
in style. You watch.
You just let us know
you need any backup.
- Yeah, I appreciate that.
- COP: Yeah.
And we'll be sure not to show up.
Oh, you fucking assholes.
God! These-these fucking cocksuckers
are just jealous, man.
Those are the type of guys
that turn out to be detectives.
No, that's your future
if you're not careful, boy.
You got to be a Lighthorseman,
I'm telling you right now.
So there were catfish heads
- just scattered everywhere?
- Yeah.
All around this area here.
Couple days later,
they're gone.
Week or so goes by, shit,
there they are again.
Don't want to sound like
a crazy person--
this could be bigfoot activity.
Well, you failed.
You sound like a crazy person.
I mean,
there's no proof bigfoot exists.
It's merely folklore.
Shit, you sound
like a white person now.
Just 'cause you can't see something
don't make it less real. Eh?
Bigfoot is a spirit.
Shit, he don't want to be seen.
He just disappears
'cause he's sacred like that
in that way.
Hey, look.
That look like a footprint to you?
- BIG: No?
Not really.
So, you really want to become a cop,
or you just trying to get out
of school for the day,
- you little shitass?
- Detective.
Oh, detective. Sorry.
What made you want
to become a Lighthorseman?
That's personal.
Never told anyone that.
Next question.
All right. (SIGHS)
I don't know.
What do you do? What do you do
as a Lighthorseman?
Hunt bad guys. Mm-hmm.
Main thing around here is
meth heads and copper thieves,
usually one in the same.
Sometimes I deal
with the supernatural,
- like here.
- Like bigfoot?
BIG: I've seen a lot of
things you can't explain, boy.
Cvpon, when you finish that drawing,
run to the store for Grandma
and grab me some cigarettes.
If there's any change,
get yourself a sucker.
Yes, Grandma.
Well, good morning, youngin'.
You're back.
Grandma Imajene out of smokes?
- Yeah.
- 76 cents.
Up a penny.
Government orders.
There you go.
Got a bit left to play with here.
Can I use the restroom?
Right back there. Just past the mops.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
Come on.
- All right.
- What the fuck is this?
What the fuck's it look like?
It's a fucking bag.
Put the put the fucking money
in the bag.
You, blue jeans.
Sweetheart, don't turn around.
Don't move.
You got to fucking be
kidding me! (GRUNTS)
Sir, there's no toilet paper.
Sir! There's no
- toilet paper!
- What was th what was that?
That's-that's someone
on the shitter. Go.
Hey, no, keep-keep the gun on her.
BIG: There's no toilet paper!
Ma'am, don't turn around.
Ma'am, what the shit you doing?
What the shit you doing?
I'll This thing'll blow!
I'll blow it!
I never used this before!
Hello? I need help!
Holy hell!
What the
Did you see anything?
- DISPATCHER: Come in, Big.
- BIG: Aho.
DISPATCHER: Head over to Village 2.
Ray Ray just called in
about something.
- Couldn't make sense of it.
- BIG: Copy.
Yeah. Yeah, I'm coming. Coming.
Mm. What's up, Big?
What's up, little man?
- Hey.
- Ray Ray, you smoking weed?
Ooh. Yeah, man.
It's fucking legal now.
Read the Internet.
I'm a federal cop.
Kind of.
-It's state legal, Ray
Ray. It's not federal. -No?
Bitch, you a tribal cop, okay?
- Ray Ray. Put this shit out while I'm here.
- Hmm? (SIGHS)
- God.
What's going on?
Uh, there's more, man.
Must be meth heads, man.
They love copper.
I don't know if they're eating it
or what, but they
go crazy for this stuff.
And, uh, Donell over there--
he's got three on his porch.
And I heard Auntie Bent
got rocks in her mailbox.
- Rocks?
- What kind of rocks?
Mm. Copper, I guess.
- Put the fucking dope away.
- All right, all right.
- Geez.
- That all you guys do around here--
smoke weed? Shit,
put the weed out! Let's go.
Put that out, Grandma.
Not really ana
"anamonically" correct, is it?
- Mm-mm.
DISPATCHER: Say, Big, keep an eye out
for a baby blue pickup.
Got a call it's stolen
out of someone's yard.
BIG: Aho.
- Keep your eyes peeled.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh. Taillight.
- Hold that like that.
What? Siren's broken.
What you checking our trunk for?
Got a report yesterday
about a black car
being involved with stealing
road signs. That's why.
(SCOFFS) Wasn't us. Fuck.
- Watch them.
- Uh, gladly.
What you fuckers been up to, huh?
Surprised our car's still running?
Why would that surprise me?
'Cause we know what you fucking did.
I don't know what
you're talking about, though.
- ♪We keepin' it ♪♪
- Cheese!
MAN: Gonna grab some smokes.
You're a fucking dumb-ass,
anyways. It was the wrong car.
Yeah, man.
You fucked up my uncle's car.
Actually had to hassle a lot
for the insurance rates.
Had to pay a lot more than
we thought we were gonna pay,
but it's actually okay.
Why would you have the same car
parked next to each other?
- That's
- What the shit is this? Huh?
It's a paintball gun.
- Paintball gun?
- Yeah.
Every Friday, we have paintball
wars at the paintball spot.
BIG: It looks real. Mm.
You know,
you guys beat up my friend Bear.
Yeah. He's a little bitch.
Yeah. Okay.
I'll fuck you up, too, cvpon.
- Smash you, little man.
- Hey, can I spray him
with Mace?
He just threatened an officer.
You're not an officer.
Kind of am.
Let's go, Cheese.
I'm assuming this isn't over.
You damn straight.
See you around, cvpon.
Au revoir, as they say in Germany.
- That French?
- That was not correct at all.
- That's French, right?
- Yeah, no.
KENNY BOY: Way down beyond
all the atoms and molecules,
there's one-dimensional strings
that vibrate.
The vibrations
of these strings unfurled
include the three dimensions
we exist in plus time.
A funny thing about time, though.
No one knows why we only
experience it in one direction
when actual string theory
basically dictates
that it should be symmetrical.
Well, thank you for that.
But, well, we need your help.
There's, uh, there's someone putting,
like, weird copper sculptures
all over the village.
Copper sculptures.
Got it.
It makes sense
that you would bring a
tribal policeman here
'Cause it's a scrap field. Scrapyard.
And, uh, well,
I told Big that you two
were pretty, uh, outstanding
individuals, if you will.
I'm sure you guys have a lot
of copper coming in and out
'cause, you know, it's a scrapyard.
You keep saying "scrap."
That's derogatory.
It's got a negative connotation.
This is a salvage yard.
Not scrap. Salvage.
- Sorry.
Well, it makes total sense now.
Yes, Officer.
We watch out for these youngins
from time to time.
They are our future.
- Mm.
- KENNY BOY: I even call
this little fuck "nephew."
I don't mean to take up
much of your time.
Speak freely.
Let there be no lies between us.
Oh, there won't be any lies.
Have you seen
these little sculptures?
A two-dicked copper sculpture?
No, I have not.
Maybe an artist trying
to get his work out there.
It's tough being noticed these days.
But, sadly,
copper is not our forte,
- per se.
- ANSEL: Uh,
what about that big batch
that was stolen?
Yeah, there was a
a batch of legal marijuana
that was stolen.
- Legal?
- ANSEL: No.
It was It was over there
by the cockfighting ring.
- Copper.
- ♪Kumite, Kumite ♪♪
That song is stuck in my head.
I watched Bloodsport again
last night for, like,
-the 50th time. "Kumite.
Kumite." Join in. -Kumite. Kumite.
- I think I've seen enough here.
- ANSEL: Kumite.
- Kumite.
- BIG: Uh, yeah. Yeah,
- I think I've seen enough.
- CHEESE: Mm-hmm.
- Thanks for coming.
Walk in beauty, my friends.
BIG: Mmm.
- Mmm.
- Mm-hmm.
BIG: Ooh. Oh, shit.
That truck was called in stolen.
Oh, shit. Think we got a runner.
Oh, finally some action.
Did he use a blinker?
The recommended distance, too.
Oh, shit, that looks like Bucky,
What's he doing? Holy cow.
It's a slow-speed pursuit now.
Want to shoot his tires out?
I'm not shooting
his goddamn tires out.
What's wrong with you, boy? Shitass.
over or you're gonna get shot.
Shot. Aw, fink.
- Ooh.
- BIG: What the shit?
That's a lot of copper.
What are you doing?
Just riding. (CHUCKLES)
Uh, driver ran off that way.
Fuck, Bucky, I just seen you driving.
Shit. Get out of the truck. Come on.
(SIGHS) All right.
(SIGHS) Okay. Yeah.
BIG: Bucky, you know, this
truck was called in stolen.
- Who's it belong to?
You remember Tammy?
- Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
- Tammy and Charlene?
Well, they wasn't using it,
so I wouldn't call it stolen.
No? What's with all this copper, man?
You the one who's been
putting up those little men
all around town or what?
Yeah, you got me on that.
- Yeah.
- What for?
- Protection.
Protection? Wh From what?
It's copper. See, it has
this antimicrobial property.
It, uh, fights diseases like cholera.
- Cholera? What
- Well, all the old Indians
used to wear a whole lot
of this shit back in the day
because it warded off disease
and bad spirits, right?
But me and Bethany--
we got this idea, see. We could
make up a whole bunch
of these copper little people.
Kind of like wind chimes, right?
Part of the marketing,
'cause I don't believe
in that social media.
And so, once the people
are all into it
Bada boom, bada bang.
I show 'em the bracelet, see?
Hey, so, I just looked up
that thing he was talking about
with the cholera,
and yeah, he was-he was
- right about that.
- See what I mean, cousin brother?
Yeah, you know, I walk the line
like Johnny Cash. (CHUCKLING)
- Right?
- Where'd you get all the copper at?
Eh, I stole that off some meth heads.
They're messing up our town
with that shit, you know?
(SIGHS) Okern has always been
a good place to live, and, uh
got to keep that shit off the streets
so little man here can have a future.
- Ain't that right?
- Yep.
BIG: Hmm.
(SIGHS) All right, well get home.
Park this truck where it belongs.
Do me a favor, Bucky.
Stop putting little men on porches.
Shit, you're freaking fuckers out
- all over town, man.
- Yeah, well, that's what's up, you know?
- All right, man.
Word is bond. And, uh
Hey, little man.
- Yeah?
- We need you out on the streets
fighting bad guys
like Big here, you know?
He's one of the good ones.
'Cause we was raised right, ennit?
- Yeah.
- Get home.
When you get a chance, let me
get one of those bracelets, too.
- Huh? Huh?
- Yeah.
12 bucks.
Fuck, Bucky. You're lucky
I don't goddamn arrest you.
Shit. (LAUGHS)
So, why didn't you arrest him?
Oh, 'cause I'm after bad guys.
Bucky's a good one.
How do you know which ones are good?
You got to use your detective skills.
Mr. Detective.
You know, maybe being
a Lighthorseman's pretty cool.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah. I mean,
seems like it's
probably more fun than anything,
but it's kind of a crazy job.
Ah, I-it's a crazy job, all right.
All right.
I'm gonna tell you why I decided
to become a Lighthorseman, okay?
But you can't tell nobody.
I'll probably tell my friends.
All right.
It's okay.
I was a friend of your grandmother's.
We were kids together.
You know who I am, right?
Who am I?
You're the Deer Lady.
Do you know what I do?
You kill boys?
I kill bad men.
But you're not bad.
You're good, so you ain't got
nothing to worry about.
Just stay that way.
You're gonna want to give up.
You're gonna want to start drinking.
Become a shitass.
Have a bunch of kids
all over the place
and never see them.
You know, like your dad.
But, um
just don't do that.
You think about your grandmother.
You imagine her with you
every single step of the way.
You do that, you'll be all right.
So, I guess what I am saying
is be good.
Fight evil.
You do that,
and you'll never, ever
have to see me again.
- Oh.
My ride's waiting.
(WHISPERS): Be good.
Wow, that's
kind of like Batman's
origin story, in a way.
- Mm-hmm. Yeah.
- I mean, except your parents didn't die
and you don't have a butler.
You're not that rich, either,
or else you'd fix this radio.
Probably have a better car, too.
Not all that smart, either.
Not like Batman.
Hey. Easy.
I did something.
That's my jam. (CHUCKLES)
- ♪Yeah ♪♪
- I still don't know it.
♪Hail ♪♪
Sing along with me, bro.
Sing it.
- ♪Hail, hail ♪♪
- ♪Don't you feel right, baby? ♪♪
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