Reservation Dogs (2021) s01e06 Episode Script


Can I help you?
I don't want any trouble.
Who are you?
S-Sup, shitass.
Really miss you, man.
Hope you're having fun up there,
wherever you are,
eating lots of catfish.
'Bout to take Dad hunting.
Got some unfinished business to do.
Chunk's still out there.
Did you know that?
See if I can get him
before California.
I heard Cali was your idea, too.
Help my bullet go straight, bro.
Have some backstrap by tonight.
Sup, white Jesus.
Dad! Wake up!
- Get up.
- What?
- Sko. Hunting.
- Sko where?
Is it even season?
Yes. First day.
I don't know. I'm just
I'm not feeling it. Coffee's on.
Oh, God.
- They're tied.
- You have to check the supports.
- Did you check yours?
- Yes. Sko.
You always keep
your hands at ten and two.
You never know
When an animal's gonna
dart out in front of you. I know.
I told you that before?
Yes. Like, a thousand times.
Do you swerve if a little animal
tries to run out in front of the car?
- No, you hit it.
- Good.
Even if it's
a cute little puppy, you send
that thing into the spirit world.
You don't know how many accidents
have been caused
by people trying to swerve.
- Did you clean your rifle?
- Ugh. Yep.
You know, the night before,
I take a toothbrush and Q-tips,
and I clean my rifle thoroughly.
It's your OCD. It's all flared up.
It's not my OCD. Missed you.
It's been flared
for about a year. Isn't hunting,
like, your favorite thing to do?
Just doesn't hunt for a year?
Yeah. I just haven't felt like it.
You always feel like it.
Well, things change.
Well, I'm not gonna
be around here forever,
man, so better get these hunts in
before it's too late. Fuck.
Well, where you planning on going?
They're already moving.
Yeah, we should've been here earlier.
Here, hold this.
- What?
- What is that? My war paint.
- Where'd you get it?
- Halloween store.
- Let me see it.
- It's for good luck.
Did you see all the
chemicals on this label?
You shouldn't put that on your face.
Probably get some
kind of face tumor from it.
- What's a face tumor?
- You know,
if you can't pronounce the names
of the chemicals on the label
- Give me that shit.
- Oh.
So, back to you leaving.
You know, if you go,
you're not gonna be
able to do weird stuff
- with your friends anymore.
- Well, they're going, too.
It's mostly their idea. And Daniel's.
We're thinking California.
- California?
- Way better there.
How's California better than here?
'Cause Snoop Dogg's from there.
Dr. Dre.
Shit, even fucking Dr. Phil.
But it's fun here.
There's things to do here.
You know, eat catfish and
walk around,
and you can ride your bike and
you know, just walk around
and look at things.
Yeah, well, the stuff
I want to do you can't do here.
Well, like what?
Like a deadly MMA fighter.
MMA? No. Too many bodily fluids.
Get, like, a brain injury.
Shit, a gourmet chef.
We got restaurants
here-- Rob and Cleo's.
Catfish is Life.
Dog rescuer.
There you go. High five.
Yeah, and you'll get bit.
Plus, there's tons of dogs here
that need rescuing.
Yeah, rez dogs.
Nobody cares about rez dogs. Fuck.
Not around here.
Just let them run the streets.
Damn. That's a lot of stuff.
You're the one that told me
I could be whatever I want.
Well, you're right.
I did tell you that.
- Why didn't you ever leave?
- Nothing out there for me.
Everything I want is here.
My family, my friends.
I just always believed
tend to my own garden.
Let everyone else
tend to theirs. You'll see.
You know, people
leave here all the time.
They come right back.
'Cause this is where their people are.
This is their home.
- Fucking turkey, man.
- Oh, my God. Goddamn bird.
- Get out of here.
- Shh!
- Get
- They're usually pretty skittish.
Fuckin' scare Chunk away.
You know, I still
don't remember Chunk.
Shit, here.
Even got a picture. What's this?
Chunk is that big-ass buck we seen
about three, four years ago.
- Me and Daniel named him.
- Where'd you get this?
Printed it off your laser printer.
Okay, first off, you're not
supposed to be using
my laser printer.
W-Where'd you get the picture?
- Off your trail cam.
- I don't own a trail cam.
What? What do you mean?
- Whose is it, then?
- It's probably the owners', then.
- The owners'?
- Yep.
- Don't we own this land?
- No.
We're Indian. We don't own land.
- Well, we always hunt here.
- Well, yeah, but we don't own it.
- None of it's ours?
- Used to be.
But my great-grandfather
sold it sometime in the '30s,
and couple years ago,
some Texas ranchers bought it.
- Do you know the Texas ranchers?
- No.
Fuck, maybe they'll give it back.
Texas ranchers don't give shit back.
I never seen 'em, so I just
started hunting the land.
But if you say you saw a trail cam,
they might be back. Could be poachers.
I mean, not like us, but,
you know, different poachers.
You need to show me
where that trail cam is.
I think you just
scared away every animal
for a five-mile radius.
Except that damn turkey.
Why do you want to go to L. A.?
They don't have trees
like this. I mean, this--
this is what's gonna bring you back.
Daniel wanted to leave.
Maybe if he left, he'd still be here.
Hopefully they
don't have us on camera.
Sit down over there.
See if we can spot anything.
Is there any hunting in California?
It's a big state.
I'm sure there's some hunting.
I hear they hunt hogs.
Mm. What about L. A.?
Not unless you're hunting
- or something like that.
- Fuck that.
I'm really sorry
the way I've been this past year.
I'm sorry for the way I am right now.
Don't even say you're sorry right now.
You're gonna make me cry.
Fuck. Wreck my war paint.
I do wish he was still here, though.
Yeah, me, too.
Scaring off all the deer.
Oh, yeah, with his atomic farts.
Daniel. Shitass.
Just, sometimes
I feel like he's still around.
- You ever feel like that?
- All the fucking time.
- Come on, you know it.
- Really?
Sorry, Unc, I'm just
I'm just fucking bored
and fucking hungry.
- Shh.
- We'll eat after were done.
I don't know if you
noticed or anything, but
there's no deer out here.
And there hasn't been any,
like, you know,
every single year we come out here.
Hey, hey, hey.
Chunk's still out there.
- You know it.
- Fuck Chunk. What?
You hear that, Chunk?!
Fuck you! You pussy deer!
Just come out here so
we can kill you already!
Got me out here
fucking sweating for you,
- and you won't even come out!
- Hey!
You fucking pretentious cunt deer,
with your fucking big antlers!
I bet you can't even
do shit with them!
Won't come out here
and die like a real one.
Any other deer will do fine.
I don't care about Chunk!
So fucking hungry!
Bugs flying in my hair!
I'm tired of this shit!
Hurry up! Now there's really
gonna be no deer around here.
- I'm tired of doing this boring-ass shit!
- Daniel.
- Jesus. Huh?
- Sko.
Thank you. Finally,
you're speaking my language.
Always acting up.
Got to.
- There's that goddamn trail cam.
- Fuck, finally.
- Ho-ho.
- Ah.
Oh, yeah, it's one of those
expensive ones, man.
You know, basically what
they shot the Titanic in,
you can shoot the Titanic
in that. 37,000 megapixels.
See that? That's what
I want for Father's Day.
Shit, I'll give it to you right now.
All right.
Got to get rid of the evidence.
God dang, that's in there good.
Whoa, fuck. Chunk.
No, it's probably that turkey.
- Longhorns, got to be.
- Aw, shit.
- Damn coach.
- Walking Texas ranchers.
- Stock market.
- Dow's down.
- Cattle prices.
- Feed price up.
- Want me to shoot them?
- No.
- Mexicans.
- Yeah, investments.
- Cancel culture.
- Taxes.
- Wokeness.
- Government overreach.
Don't forget the gays.
We'll just wait here for a little bit.
Maybe they'll go away.
- That Daniel's?
- Yep.
From two years ago.
Found it in the freezer.
Saving it. Still good.
All right, girl.
I need to tell you something.
Few weeks before
muzzleloader season
came up here at first light.
I was bringing bags of corn,
like I do from time to time.
And I saw something.
What'd you see?
It's just hard to describe.
It was a being.
It was covered in hair.
You know, and I
I-I thought it was Tall Man.
Just had these eyes,
and they were looking right
at me and they were glowing.
Just scared me to the bone.
That's why you didn't
want to come hunt?
That and Daniel.
It was Daniel.
Daniel couldn't even grow a mustache.
Uh, it was Tall Man.
Maybe it was Daniel's spirit.
Trying to say goodbye.
Trying to say, "See you later, pauwv."
You know, I'm glad we came out here.
I trust you. You know that?
Everything you said
about all the stuff
you want to do when you get older--
nobody says you got to go to
California to do all that stuff.
But, you know, if you need to leave,
I'm here for you.
I'll always be here for you.
Sure miss him, Dad.
Goddamn Daniel.
I couldn't help him in-in the way
that he needed to be helped.
You know, did I
did I fail him?
There's nothing
you could've done, Dad.
Can't control everything.
Come here, kid.
It's gonna be okay.
I fucking miss him, Dad.
I miss him, too.
Can I help you?
- It's me.
- Ah, Nephew.
What the hell you doing out so late?
I was at honky-tonk with Elora.
Just, uh, heading home.
- What are you doing?
- Just gonna
take some corn out to the mighty
hunting grounds tomorrow.
Do you need any help?
No, no, I'm pretty much done.
But don't worry, we're
gonna get you out there, man.
We're gonna do some hunting.
Yeah. All right.
- Well, you stay cool, Uncle.
- I'm always cool, brother.
Hey, hey. Hold on.
Here, put this on.
Running around like a savage.
Gonna catch your death of cold.
All right, turn around.
All right. You okay?
I'll see you later, Uncle.
All right. Boom.
All right. You be good, boy.
I will.
Oh, fuck. Fucked up my war paint.
- Shh.
- Go, go. It's Chunk.
Guess the fuck what. I got Chunk.
Fucking lined him up, shot
him straight through the heart.
Fuck yeah.
I'll let you know
how that backstrap tastes.
Hope you're with Grandpa
somewhere. Hunting.
Probably singing, dancing farting.
Everyone wants to leave
to California, but
it's really hard
leaving everyone here.
I don't know how you did it.
Maybe you didn't know, but
I'm not mad at you anymore.
In case you were hungry.
Watch over us. Love you, bitch.
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