Reservation Dogs (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

California Dreamin'

MEKKO and MOSE: ♪Sure
to blow up, haters talkin' ♪♪
♪They ain't gon' stop us,
they gon' have to kill us ♪♪
♪You just mad, 'cause your
friends is our fans now ♪♪
♪And we the ones that write the
show that your friends buy♪♪
♪We on the TV and the posters
that your friends have ♪♪
♪And if you talk about us,
then we all in your mind ♪♪
♪You got a problem,
homey, you got a problem ♪♪
♪You got a problem,
homey, you got a problem ♪♪
remember that one bible camp
my parents sent me to
and I came back with, like,
- 13 hornet bites all over my legs?
- Ugh.
- Yeah, I mean
- Man, hornets will sting you
- just 'cause they're dicks.
- That was the one
That was the one where they
made us play in a graveyard,
Fucker. Playing Lord of the Rings
- and I was like, "Fuck that." I'm not going in there.
- Yo, that's
I wouldn't want no one
running over my body
- if I was passed. Fuck that.
- Should've just went with
- The Lord of the Rings.
- Willie, you remember
- when we went to the drive-in movie theater
- (shouting in distance)
and that girl tried to holler at me?
(woman shouting)
- Yeah, look at you!
- (loud crash)
- Fuck.
- (shouting continuing)
Daniel, hey. Let's go for a walk.
All right. I'm down.
Yeah, I can't.
My mom's making me eat
at the dinner table tonight.
Some new stupid thing we're doing.
But you guys can come if you want.
You own a dinner table?
Yeah, there's usually clothes on it.
Yeah. I got a table.
- All right, y'all want to go?
- CHEESE: I'd really like to,
but it's Monopoly night
with my uncle, so,
- sorry.
- WILLIE JACK: Yeah, I can't.
- We're having deer stew.
- All right.
WILLIE JACK: You know how that is.
- I'll see you.
- WILLIE JACK: See you.
- ELORA: See you.
- I'll see you, bro, all right?
- I'll holler at you.
- See that.
You sure you're gonna be good?
- Eh, you know how it is.
- All right, man.
See you.
See you, man.
WOMAN: Hello?
You Elora Danan Postoak?
You got a permit,
some other form of ID?
All righty.
Permit revoked twice.
Prior ticket
for driving without a license.
And you failed three times before?
Four is a sacred number.
Sign here and here.
All right, you're all set.
Instructor'll meet you outside.
Take this with you.
And, girl, you can't fail again.
How the hell you fail three times?
There she is.
Saw your name-- I couldn't believe it.
Number 11.
Hits a three. Gets fouled.
Starts a fight.
Tells Coach to fuck himself.
Storms off the court.
Hell, J. R. R. Tolkien couldn't
write more dramatic endings.
School just wasn't for me, Coach.
I know, but you were good.
I mean, the fuckin'
Oh. Sorry. Language.
Oh. I don't play for you anymore.
Yeah, I know,
but I still need to work on it.
Why'd you leave?
I had to work.
Oh, yeah?
Where you working?
("Tom Cat" by Jim Sullivan
♪I'm a hoot owl ♪♪
♪I like my night prowl ♪♪
♪I go out when the sun. ♪♪
Casino. Part of my heart just broke
- when you said that.
- What are you doing here?
Thought it was more obvious.
You're doing my driver's test?
That I am.
And I'm tough, too. So I heard.
So you best have
your shit tight with me.
10:00 and 2:00, Miss Elora Danan.
10:00 and 2:00.
This your hunker?
Oh, goodness.
How the hell
you see out this windshield?
Put the wipers on, Postoak. You crazy?
Okay, copy that, copy that.
You have no rearview mirror.
Oh, uh, I have that.
Just, uh, one sec.
Got new tape.
That's completely insane.
I mean, I don't even know
how to mark that down.
What the hell is that?
Is that a pigeon?
- Pigeon feather?
- Eagle.
- (engine starts)
- You got Duck Tape on the engine?
Only on the hood.
(deep exhale)
You okay?
Um, that lady said this was the
last time I could take the test.
(chuckles) I've known people
took it ten times.
I mean, you should
have your head examined,
you fail it that many times,
but still,
walking's underrated anyway.
I've been walking my whole life.
I don't want to walk anymore.
Tell you, you know what's great
about a little town like this?
Not a lot of traffic.
I'm not staying here.
I'm going to California.
In this car?
(laughs) Horseshit.
You ain't making it to Tulsa
in this piece.
Not this car.
This is my grandma's car.
How is old Mable?
Man, she must have been the
- sweetest person I
- She's still mean.
She doesn't really talk to me anymore.
Yeah, well
she loved your ma.
Imagine that took a toll.
Uh-uh, not a chance. Not a chance.
It's a distraction.
You don't listen to music in the car?
Not when I'm giving tests.
Want you to park it
between these two cars here.
Moment of truth.
Okay, I got this.
BOBSON: You're about to hit
that damn car.
I'll try it again. I'll do better.
ELORA: Fuck!
Just flunk me. Fuck it.
Don't Look, don't freak out
on me, now, all right?
I just just haven't had
anybody to teach me, and
- (sniffles)
- Aw, shit. Okay.
All right, okay, just
just switch places with me,
all right?
I-I'll give you a quick lesson.
- Okay? Just hang on.
- Okay.
Keep your composure, now.
- Heh.
- Aw, such an emotional age.
(sighs, sniffles)
Thanks, Coach.
Okay. Okay, okay, let's just
put our seat belts on,
pull ourselves together here.
Okay, watch me closely, Postoak.
Nothing to it.
Oh, what did I do here, what'd I do?
- See? You can't do it, either.
- Well, that's not true.
If you'd quit talking,
I could concentrate.
And your mirrors are all dirty.
- (horn honking)
- Hey, go around, asshole!
Go around! There's plenty of room!
Oh, shit. Did I bump it?
ELORA: Pretty sure.
- Oh, I swear to God.
- (ringtone playing)
Oh, of course.
- Of course it rings now.
- Ah, no, no. No phones.
- They're a distraction.
- I'm sorry, I got to take this.
Hello. What's going on?
Saw her now?
You just gonna sit in the street?
You saw her now She's there now?
At the motel.
Okay, all right, thank you.
Who was that?
We're gonna have to take
a slight detour here.
All right. Buckle up.
This guy parked too close,
is what he did.
Damn it. Am I clear over there?
Are you fucking serious?
You're the one who started
this parking job, not me.
ELORA: Oh, okay, uh,
I'm pretty sure
you just broke, like, ten laws.
BOBSON: Look at this piece of shit.
ELORA: What are we doing here?
That's got to be the one.
Definite criminal activity.
There she is.
There she is right there.
All right, that's her.
All right, buddy.
You had that this whole time?
It's an open carry state.
For protection.
- You wait here.
- What?
What the fuck?
(people whooping, chattering
in distance)
- You're gonna hit an alarm.
- Goddamn it.
That's why I'm picking
the shitty cars.
Goddamn it.
- Ready to go home soon?
- Fuck no.
(country music playing in distance)
There's got to be
something in this bitch.
I love country music.
Come on.
- They don't card here.
- (laughing)
(singer exclaims)
♪Now, you hung up your winter coat ♪♪
♪And got out your summer skirt ♪♪
♪And then started acting
like T-town's biggest flirt ♪♪
♪Now, with guys buzzing round you ♪♪
♪Like flies on a screen door ♪♪
♪And I don't think I can take it ♪♪
♪I can't take it anymore, and I got ♪♪
♪Three good reasons ♪♪
♪For leaving Tulsa ♪♪
♪I got three good reasons ♪♪
♪Not just one or two ♪♪
My grandpa-- he actually
he actually used to play the bass.
He was a cowboy, too. Well
In-Indian cowboy.
♪Come on, now ♪♪
You want to two-step?
What? No. No, no. No way.
- Oh, fuck
- Come on.
Okay, so,
you put your hand here.
And then I grab here.
You go like that.
♪Well, I might be better off ♪♪
- ♪Rollin' down 66 ♪♪
- (chuckling)
♪And all I got this summer ♪♪
♪Was a heartache and a sunburn ♪♪
♪Aw you never really loved me ♪♪
♪Well, I guess it was my turn ♪♪
♪And I've got three good reasons ♪♪
♪For leaving Tulsa. ♪♪
♪Pavement in the day ♪♪
(Daniel laughing)
♪Sweep the main drag all night long ♪♪
Come on, dance.
No, I'm I'm done. Let's go.
What do you mean?
Aw, come on, come on.
Come on. (Clicks tongue)
♪Move along so slow ♪♪
♪Just listen to the radio ♪♪
Fuck yeah, man. Come on,
come on, play that shit.
♪Now I just go out ♪♪
♪And drink my fill ♪♪
(grunts) Be careful there, son.
Careful? How about go fuck yourself.
♪Cleveland summer nights ♪♪
♪You know I'm gonna ♪♪
- ♪Get it right ♪♪
- Sorry.
- Fucking honky-tonk bullshit.
- Hey.
Daniel, what are you doing?
Going home.
Home's that way.
I can't go home.
So I'm just gonna walk around.
You sure?
You know you could
text me if you need me.
All right.
Love you, bitch.
Love you, too, bitch.
You better text me.
I will.
Hey, Elora.
Would you ever
want to go to California with me?
Always wanted to go.
I'll go to California with you.
WOMAN: Fuck you!
- Go, go, go, go, go, go!
- What the fuck?
- You see where she went? Go! Go!
- Who? What the fuck?
What are you talking about?
I'm not moving this car
until you tell me
what the fuck is going on.
It's my daughter, all
right? It's my daughter. Go.
That was Ashley?
She looks like shit.
MAN: You motherfucker!
- Go, go, go!
- Go, go, go!
- ELORA: Fuck,
- my grandma's gonna be so pissed.
- Go! Go!
- ELORA: Did you shoot someone?
- BOBSON: It was a leg shot.
- He was reaching for his gun.
- (gunshots)
ELORA: Wait, you brought a gun.
BOBSON: Well, you always
bring a gun to a gunfight.
- (groans)
- (cackles)
ELORA: Anything?
Aw, man.
Aw, somebody must have
picked her up.
I'm sure she's all right.
Hell with it.
She don't want to be found.
We could keep looking.
("Cleveland Summer Nights"
by Jacob Trover playing)
- ♪We'd beat the pavement in the day ♪♪
- So, what happened to Ashley?
She don't look so good, huh?
♪Sweep the main drag all night long ♪♪
You know, I taught her
how to walk, how to talk.
How to swim.
Then one day these little humans
that you've been keeping
alive all these years
just start running
with the wrong crowd.
Couldn't stop it.
♪Now I just go out and ♪♪
It was like a train.
Methamphetamines. Opioids.
I mean, I haven't seen
or heard from her in weeks.
Worried she might be dead.
♪You know I'm gonna get it right ♪♪
What are you gonna do?
I mean, I just
shot someone in the leg--
I should probably pump the brakes.
She's got me acting
all crazy out here.
Well, if not showing up back
to work doesn't get me fired,
shooting a methhead
in the knee certainly will.
I won't say anything.
Fuck that tweaker.
I can keep a secret.
tell 'em we broke down.
Well, I ain't sending you home
with a busted taillight.
I know a place that'll fix it.
Oh, yeah?
(chuckles softly)
Why does that not surprise me?
Did you know that 73% of beach litter
around the globe is plastic?
Was the guy that invented plastic--
was that his last name?
- Quit talking about plastic.
- (car doors close)
Garrett Bobson, as I live and breathe.
What brings you
to the wrong side of the tracks?
Oh, Kenny Boy. We need
a taillight for this old hunker.
Yá'àt'ééh, Elora Danan.
That's "hello" in Diné.
I mean, actually,
it means "it is good,"
but I go with "hello."
Good to see you.
How the hell you know each other?
- Sold us a stolen chip truck.
- Old coworkers.
Old crazy Kenny,
I always said you could
make it as a stand-up comedian.
Too many joke thieves out there.
I'm not gonna do that.
Were you in a shootout?
Driver's test.
Parallel parking.
"An innocent girl, a harmless driver--
what could possibly go wrong?"
That's the the tagline
from License to Drive.
- Oh. Okay.
- The second
- of the Two Coreys trilogy.
- Sure.
Even though they
worked together many times
after Dream a Little Dream,
all their subsequent movies
went straight to video.
Rest in peace, blondie.
Uh, you-you can get this done
in an hour, right?
Well, we can definitely start it,
- make the effort.
- Okay.
BOBSON: Postoak.
Still rusty?
It's in my blood.
Yeah, your mom could shoot.
I got to say
you two are a lot alike.
Yeah. Apparently it's
where I get my attitude from.
Yeah, probably.
Cookie gave you that smile, too.
And that caring heart.
But I don't I don't care.
(ball swishes through net)
Sure you do.
I shot someone--
you're my getaway driver.
- That's caring, Postoak.
- You jumped in as I was leaving.
(chuckles): Oh, come on.
You came up with that alibi
right off the top of your head.
Do you know what happened to her?
My mom.
No one ever really
told me what happened.
I've never really known,
other than a wreck.
Whew. Well
didn't see that one coming.
yeah, they were drinking.
Uh, I mean, we all were.
Threw some wild ones back then,
and, uh
In fact, uh, you know,
my nickname used to be, uh
Nah, never mind about that.
But, yeah, we, uh, we tried
to get Rodney not to drive.
They were dating, and, uh,
your Uncle Brownie and Rodney,
they, uh
fought about it.
Uh, well, your
cousin Brownie, whatever.
- Cousin/uncle.
- Yeah.
Well, uh, they were
in a tussle for sure.
The ground, the house--
they fought everywhere.
But, uh
he wasn't having it, though.
They took off, and there you have it.
That's wha-what your
mom used to call me.
Said it meant, uh
"great white warrior" or something.
Yeah, she used to yell that.
"Chukogee! Chukogee!"
Yeah, but
Losing friends like that, though
Pardon me. Sorry.
It just, you know,
we grew up together.
I mean, there's
before they died and after.
Ripples in between.
Daniel, I brought you catfish.
TEACHER: You want to isolate X
- (phone vibrates)
- on this side, here
by dividing the number
that appears on the same side.
See how I did that? Now, for example
(sobbing continues)
Are they crying?
Uh, so, the war pony is done,
and we also fixed
your rearview mirror.
What do we owe you?
"We do not want riches.
We want peace and love."
That's a quote from Red Cloud.
Oglala chief.
Real warrior.
We'll also take 20 bucks.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
Plus tip.
How about $40?
Is that what your heart says?
It's what my heart says.
Well, then that's enough.
Good seeing you again.
All right. Ansel.
("Sky-Man and the Moon"
by David Campbell playing)
♪Northern lights ♪♪
♪They call you, but what do they know ♪♪
♪They lost your story ♪♪
♪When they started taking long ago ♪♪
♪And the black cloud in the sky now ♪♪
♪Is all they really have to show ♪♪
♪The sky-man and the moon. ♪♪
Thanks for the ride home, Postoak.
Told you you cared.
Thanks for paying
for the taillight, Coach.
Aw, don't worry about it.
I'm gonna turn in your paperwork
for your test tomorrow.
on getting your license,
and, uh, good luck out in California.
But be careful.
Got to tell you something.
Yeah? What?
Chukogee doesn't mean
"great white warrior."
It means "toilet."
Do you know how many
people I told that to?
Do you know how many
Indians didn't correct me?
Yeah, your mom had
a great sense of humor.
All right. Toilet.
Good lookin' out, Postoak.
See you, chukogee.
("Cleveland Summer Nights"
by Jacob Tovar playing)
(starts engine)
♪Well, I remember
Cleveland summer nights ♪♪
♪Just a bunch of kids ♪♪
♪We could do no wrong ♪♪
♪We'd beat the pavement in the day ♪♪
♪Sweep the main drag all night long. ♪♪
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