Reservation Dogs (2021) s01e08 Episode Script


- Psst.
- Fuck off.
- What the fuck?
- Ha-ha-ho!
You're awake. Good morning.
Ha-ha, hey-ha!
- How you doing?
- Why are you here?
That's a good question there,
grandson, nephew, cousin.
I had a vision.
It's kind of crazy
'cause I'm already a vision.
Anyways, your ancestors,
they came to me
and they said, "Hey, you know
that young warrior?
You should go talk to him, go say hi."
And so I'm here.
- My ancestors?
- Yeah, that's right.
And, you know, it might
interest you to know
you got some colonizers in your line.
Yeah. Real recent, too.
Yeah. You know your
Great-Grandma Susie?
Did you know she liked to smash
white guys like hotcakes?
Oh, c-come on, man
Anyways, what's new?
Finally going to California today.
That's what I'm talking about.
Young warrior taking action. Ah.
Tell me more.
We saved up money. A lot of it.
So we're hitting the road.
Looks like you got it all
figured out there.
Proud of you.
Leaving this place better than it was.
- Ain't that right?
- Right.
Yeah. Nothing left undone?
You finished all your deeds
that you need to finish around here?
Are you implying that I should
fight the bad guy gang?
Whoa, whoa, hey, hey.
Slow down there, cowboy.
I don't-- I don't got
any answers, only questions.
So you got any plans today,
or are you?
Yeah, yeah. I think I should be going.
- I got another vision to do, uh
- All right.
Vision out.
- Was good seeing you.
- Yeah, yeah, cool.
Oh, fuck, um
♪Wasted days and wasted nights ♪♪
♪I have left for you behind ♪♪
♪For you don't belong to me ♪♪
♪Your heart belongs ♪♪
♪I have left you behind ♪♪
♪If you could just
get me one more beer ♪♪
♪When I know that
you're not true ♪♪
- What is this?
- Shh.
It's your anniversary.
♪Call your name,
when you're to blame ♪♪
Dinner for two at the casino buffet?
Where did you get this?
I have my ways.
You stole it.
♪That you went away and left me? ♪♪
Mom, did Dad give you
your present yet?
Present for what?
Your anniversary.
Oh, is it? I forgot.
Well, yeah.
Falls on the same day every year.
50 bucks?
Yeah. But you're worth it, baby.
♪And why should I call your ♪♪
It's your move.
I know.
I have to tell you something.
I'm not your grandson.
Sure you are
even if you're not.
I just wanted to tell you
because me and my friends
are moving to California really soon.
Thanks for everything, Grandma.
Put gas in it when you're done.
♪Ever since I was a kid ♪♪
♪You sure looked good to me ♪♪
Nephews. Nieces. Niblings.
Want to cruise on my new ride?
I just borrowed it
from the hardware store.
I was looking for an ax. Look at that.
Oh, detox shakes.
My uncle has those.
You know, there's meetings for that.
Tornado. When my hand
quivers like that,
there's going to be a tornado.
It just stopped raining, though.
Maybe a light drizzle.
Y'all got an ax?
I can stop it.
I know a tornado ceremony.
Just need an ax and some tobacco.
Do it right and I can make the tornado
go in another direction.
That's not a thing.
What, are you gonna throw
an ax at a tornado?
What if you had, like,
a samurai sword?
I got a sword at home you can borrow.
Wasting my time.
Lives at stake.
What if your grandma
reports us as car thieves?
Nah, we'll be long gone.
Today's the day.
Yeah, okay.
It's crazy how it's finally happening.
You know, we got enough money
to take care of us,
drive us there.
I don't know how we did it,
but we're finally doing it.
You know? We're finally sko-ing.
Finally stoo-ing dis.
I'm not going.
That's not funny.
Wasn't supposed to be.
So, what, you're just gonna stay here?
And do fucking what, man?
Whatever the fuck I want.
Damn, man, you really
bailing out today?
Yeah, fuck it, I just decided.
I don't care.
Jesus Christ, this place eats people.
You've fucking seen it.
Who else is gonna bail?
- You gonna bail, Cheese?
- Not even.
What about you, Bear?
No, fuck that.
We're getting out of here.
Aw, fuck, just 'cause I'm not going
doesn't mean you got to act like that.
You guys are still my fucking friends.
You guys are like my siblings
that were mine. Here.
My cut. Help you get there.
Try to visit when I can.
Maybe you could come visit
when we get settled.
Anybody got anything
else they want to share?
- Mm.
- What?
Aw, never mind.
It's not that big a deal.
All right.
All right, fuck it.
I've been meaning
to tell you guys this.
I've been seeing this spirit
for a while now.
You mean, like, dating a spirit?
No, man, I'm not dating no spirit.
Oh, fuck. Misunderstood.
All right, well, he's a Lakota warrior
who died at the battle
at Little Bighorn.
He didn't kill Custer
or, like, literally anybody
because, you know, him and
his horse fell in a gopher hole.
He always talks about how
his nipples are always hard,
but that doesn't really matter.
- But, really, what he told me is that
- Bro, this is why
I need to go to ceremony.
- Or therapy.
- Anyways
he says we got
unfinished business to do.
We got to fight the NDN mafia,
- once and for all.
- Fuck that.
And fuck them. We don't
fucking need to do that.
We're getting out of here.
Shit, I don't know.
The ancestors are
telling us to do something.
Maybe we got to honor them.
You've got a good point.
Fucking skoden.
I'm fucking bored. There's
nothing to do here.
At least in the city
we had shit to do.
Jackie, it's Saturday.
You don't got no job.
You don't got shit to do.
Let's get high.
I have a job.
I don't think axes
chop down tornadoes, bro.
Yeah, unless it was made
by Hattori Hanzo.
You don't know the powers I got.
I can flatten your tires
with a single whistle.
- Watch out.
- Prove it.
Oh, don't say that, man.
That boy trying to get us.
That dark magic.
Bear, hey, we don't have to do
this; we could fucking leave.
No, my spirit friend
said I had to, so fuck it, let's do it.
What up, motherfuckers?
Hey, go grab your daddy.
Go grab your daddy.
Shut the fuck up
Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!
- Hey!
- Double fuck you.
There's a tornado coming.
Man, who the fuck
- What a fucking world, man.
- Hmm.
Yeah. You know this is bullshit.
You got fucking warrants, Brownie.
And this is stolen.
You got no
jurisdiction here in the village.
This is Indian land.
What are you talking about, Brownie?
I'm a tribal cop, you shit-ass.
Well, you ought to
call yourself a traitor,
po-po blackheart.
Brownie, what is wrong with you?
What the fuck?
Ow! Oh, shit!
- Run!
- Run! Fuck!
Every Rez Dog for themself.
Get in here. Shit!
You're a lucky man, Brownie.
Take that lawn mower back.
I'm heading to the church.
This is not the time to be
praying to the white man's god!
The church basement.
There's a tornado coming.
If you got an ax, I can stop it.
You're lucky I'm not
arresting you, Brownie.
Thank you, Creator.
♪Askin' me for favors ♪♪
Find your own trash can.
Let's go to the church.
Oh, fuck!
Hey, we've got some candles.
Pass 'em around.
Here you go.
Why are we using candles?
What the fuck are you guys?
Bear. Language.
Fuck, you're lucky.
We would've dropped
the gloves right there.
Hey, hey, hey, hey. Settle down.
Have some respect.
Got elders in the room, shit-asses.
- Hey, Big.
- Yeah?
Did you ever find out
who took that chip truck?
No. Not yet.
Still following a couple leads.
Why? You know something or?
No. Just asking.
Aho, then.
Eat shit.
You're a bitch, you know that?
You're lucky there's elders, bro.
Oh, the elders.
Hey, Bulldog!
My medicine is strong today.
Hey. Found that video.
Look at those shadows right there.
You know that's staged.
Shit, we ain't never been to no moon.
That's Stanley Kubrick
who filmed that, bro.
Big and his videos.
Can't wait to leave
this stupid place in the dust.
Well there she goes again.
Hey, uh, did you see my mom today?
Who's your mom?
Did you text her?
Yeah, I did twice.
Maybe her phone's dead.
Yeah, maybe.
♪I'm Mose, and that's Mekko ♪♪
♪Two little Natives like you
start with a sequel ♪♪
♪Your boy's so dangerous,
you can call me Knievel ♪♪
♪Some of these rappers
can't even wrap a burrito ♪♪
♪M-O to the S-E ♪♪
♪You don't want to test me ♪♪
♪I should come with a warning ♪♪
♪'Cause yes, sir, I'm deadly. ♪♪
♪I don't freestyle,
I set styles free ♪♪
♪Just give me the beat
and let me be me, uh ♪♪
♪Straight off the
reservation, no hesitation ♪♪
♪The Great Spirit within me
so you can feel creation ♪♪
- ♪Sacred with the rhymes like medication ♪♪
- What?
♪Poison ivy flow,
irri-irritating. ♪♪
♪Call me White Steve
like white bread ♪♪
♪White on the outside, inside Rez ♪♪
♪No yolk, all white,
not scrambled, just right ♪♪
♪Every time I walk around,
my pants is too tight ♪♪
♪Do I get mad?
Pfft, not out of spite ♪♪
♪My freestyle makes 'em
go nighty night ♪♪
♪Standin' next to y'all
got me feeling so tall ♪♪
♪Makes me wanna say, "Yo,
you're killin' me, Smalls" ♪♪
♪Is it hot down here? ♪♪
♪'Cause I think
I'm catching a fever ♪♪
♪Watch me hit this out
the park like Derek Jeter. ♪♪
♪Don't you look tough ♪♪
♪'Cause you're in a little higher ♪♪
♪If you got it, then you know
you got to get it on ♪♪
♪On you ♪♪
♪Where'd you get your stuff? ♪♪
- Oh!
- ♪Would you know if you've been loved? ♪♪
♪Look good on you ♪♪
♪Look good on you, on you ♪♪
♪One hand on the wrist ♪♪
♪Two hands on the mirror ♪♪
♪Oh, what ♪♪
♪Oh, what ♪♪
- Heylah!
- ♪This spot feels rough ♪♪
♪Only you're dryer ♪♪
♪Look fits too much,
gonna get it on you ♪♪
♪On you ♪♪
Have you seen Elora?
Seen her go upstairs with Jackie.
Maybe they're trying to figure
our shit out one-on-one?
I don't know.
Trial by combat?
Can I get some water?
I wonder what they're talking about.
Damn, man. What are you doing here?
I don't know
if you realize this, but, uh,
I'm called here by
the fear in your heart.
I like churches.
- Shh.
- What do you mean, "shh"?
They can't hear me. I'm a spirit.
You know, Jesús and me,
we're like this.
Two brown men.
Both cut down
in the prime of their life.
Body of Christ?
- No.
- Hmm.
Your loss. You know,
you really shouldn't interfere
in the ways of the women.
What the fuck do they have
to talk about, though?
A million things
you wouldn't even understand.
You know, one time,
when I was just a
young, tiny,
little, petite warrior like you,
I was at a ceremony
and I accidentally went
into the women's society lodge.
And the shit I saw in there
shook me to my core.
Anyways, you're doing
good stuff out there.
Helping the people
so that they may live.
I seen it.
I watched it.
there's still something
you haven't taken care of.
And, deep down, you know it.
I tried to fight them. Okay?
The damn tornado was coming.
What else was I supposed to do?
Like I said,
I have no answers.
Just stoic wisdom.
But maybe,
just maybe,
that's not what the fuck
I was talking about.
Well, shit.
They're moving.
- Oh, shit.
- Better get going.
- Okay, okay.
- Aho, grandson.
Walking that red road that way.
Aho, aho, aho.
Sup, White Jesus?
- Can I sit there?
- No.
- Really?
- Yeah. I'm comfy.
Shouldn't you be sitting over
there with your new friends?
Fuck are you talking about?
I saw you over there
talking with Jackie, man.
You were talking to our sworn enemy?
First off, don't fucking spy on me.
Yeah, sexist.
Women can talk to whoever they want.
But you were talking to
someone who jumped me, man.
It's none of your business
why I was talking to her.
Women also don't owe men explanations.
Shut up, Cheese.
Cheese, shut up.
You know what?
You're the reason
why I was talking to her
in the first place.
Getting more money for California.
Bullshit, man, we have money.
I have money.
You spent yours on
dick medallions and tracksuits,
trying to live out your daddy dreams.
I'm sick of it.
I'm always cleaning up
after you, Bear,
fixing things before you
even knew they went wrong.
- I'm fucking sick of it.
- All right, then.
Why don't you just go
to California yourself, then?
Of course, 'cause that's
the solution to everything.
You just sit back
and you let me do all the work.
Do all the work?
I did work, too, man.
I was with you, stealing shit.
I was raising money.
Yeah, and I was the
one saving the money.
I'm the one who got the car.
I'm the one who got the license.
Where's your fucking license, Bear?
You know you never really wanted to go
to California in the first place.
And now we're gonna go there
and you're gonna mooch off me
the entire way.
Your dad would be fucking proud.
Did you really fucking say that?
Are you kidding me?
At least I'm going for
the right reasons, man.
You know that?
You think you're the only one
who thinks about Daniel?
You think you're the only
one who stays up at night
fucking thinking about him?
I think about him all
the fucking time, man.
I think about him when he was alive,
and you can't stop
thinking of the fact
that he's fucking dead, bro.
There's a difference.
You didn't fucking see.
Fuck you, Bear.
You don't know what the
fuck you're talking about.
Can I get everyone's attention?
Will you stand with me?
I don't usually talk like this
in public, but
Fuck it. Today's
a very special day today.
My mom and dad's anniversary.
And they deserve all the
happiness in the world.
they're really good parents.
Not just to me
but they were good
to my cousin Daniel, too.
And my friends.
When they need it.
And ever since Daniel's been gone
I haven't seen them happy.
Shit, I don't blame them, 'cause
I haven't been happy either.
Which is why I'm gonna stick around.
I'm not gonna have 'em
for the rest of my life.
I have so much more
to learn from them.
So, happy anniversary, Mom and Dad.
I love you guys.
you two. Shit, I remember
when you were just rugged, bro.
Snagging around
- and tepee-creeping at the stomp dance.
- Oh.
- Oh. Uh
- Sh-She was shaking shells for you, ennit?
Excuse me.
Excuse me!
Excuse me!
I'm not going to California either.
Sorry, guys.
We will rebuild. Hey?
♪Hey, hey, hey, brother ♪♪
♪Where are you going? ♪♪
- Willie Jack. We'll see you back home.
- Huh?
Okay. See you.
♪Show me where you're going ♪♪
♪If you show me ♪♪
Oh, shit.
Everything's still here.
Must've missed us. Hmm.
Somebody's got strong medicine.
- Elora.
- Hmm.
Huh, why the fuck's
she acting like that?
I think she's struggling
with the patriarchy today.
She's being weird.
No, that's my fault.
I said some stupid shit
I shouldn't have said.
But it's cool. We'll talk about
it in the car or something.
All emotional.
This ain't how the Rez Dogs
are supposed to go down.
I guess this is a goodbye.
Send us pictures of the ocean.
Quit spending money on hvshwv art.
Watch out for smog levels out there.
Come here, you fuckers.
Come here.
I love you, bitches.
Love you, too.
All right. I'm-a get going.
All right.
All right. Bye.
Guess I'm the leader now.
You wish.
I was texting you.
Didn't you know there was a tornado?
Where'd you go?
I'm not afraid of a little tornado.
You okay? Did you get to the basement?
You all right?
I love you, Mom.
I love you, too, weirdo.
I'm gonna make dinner.
Gonna move all the clothes
off the table.
- All right.
- We'll eat on the blue willow?
- Okay.
- Okay.
This is some bull, man.
These tires is flatter
than an Indian booty.
What's up, Bear?
- Hey.
- Sup?
Man, you know what?
I think Brownie got
♪All over you, you, you ♪♪
♪You ♪♪
♪You're the biggest
chocolate-covered lie ♪♪
♪I've ever seen ♪♪
♪Oh, was it good, good, good? ♪♪
♪Oh, was it good? ♪♪
♪Why did you do it, babe? ♪♪
Surprised you actually showed up.
- You got gas money, right?
- Yup.
♪If you keep kickin'
it around this way ♪♪
♪Ooh ♪♪
♪You may think I'm joking ♪♪
♪But I'm turning blue
from choking ♪♪
♪On your lie, lie, lies ♪♪
♪I'm at my point ♪♪
♪Of no return ♪♪
My Uncle Brownie's weed jar.
That weirdo.
Bet you're glad you don't
have to see him ever again.
Or anybody else in this stupid town.
I bet you're glad you're
leaving those kids, too.
Everything in the city is better.
Everybody sticks to themselves.
Nobody fucks with anybody else.
Sounds dope.
♪Oh, baby ♪♪
♪I can't look back ♪♪
- ♪Oh, baby ♪♪
- ♪Oh, no. ♪♪
Old warrior!
Fuck, you seen my clothes?
Your clothes--
they went to the place
where the spirits go.
You know, you put up
that prayer. We heard you.
And so we had to take something
from you in return.
It was either your clothes
or your life.
So I thought, "Hey,
chonies is a good trade-off."
Who the fuck are you?
I am grandson, nephew, cousin,
your dad.
I am the spirit.
Kind of nippy out, huh?
- Buggy.
- Yeah.
You here
- to take me with you?
- No.
I'm here to guide you,
to show you the good life.
♪Yeah ♪♪
♪Seeing red, so rosy ♪♪
♪Ready, set, go,
down, little brownie ♪♪
♪I will not go pop, pop goes me ♪♪
♪I put on, I put on ♪♪
♪Back when the whip got repo'd,
cousin had a Beetle♪♪
♪I was gettin' teased so bad
'cause I read slow ♪♪
♪Ballin' on the dirt,
no concrete was laid ♪♪
♪No regulation hoop,
known reservation ways ♪♪
♪I was designated pay ♪♪
♪Because I visited from ♪♪
♪Another place from the state ♪♪
♪But state labeled us scum, huh ♪♪
♪Seeing red, so rosy ♪♪
♪Ready, set, go,
down, little brownie ♪♪
♪I will not go pop, pop goes me ♪♪
♪I put on, I put on ♪♪
♪I put on. ♪♪
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