Reservation Dogs (2021) s02e02 Episode Script


Fuck. Fuck.
Get 'em!
You better hide!
Holy fuck, they're gonna kill us.
Fucking rednecks.
Floor it!
Go around!
Oh, fuck.
Hold up, hold up, hold up!
Stop the truck!
One little, two little ♪
Three little Indians. ♪
Come on, you little shitasses!
Think you can take people's property?!
Thieving fucking Indians!
- We don't want to have to shoot you.
- But we will!
Come on, let's get
the fuck out of here.
What you want to do is
land on your back
as flat as possible,
'cause if you miss it
you're just gonna be a total bitch.
Yo, slow down! Those are Jackie's bros.
Dude, you look fucking sick right now.
This is so cool.
Sup, fuck?
What's up?
You guys got any of Jackie's shit?
Jackie's shit?
No, she bounced on us.
So we forgot about her.
- Yeah.
- Why?
I got a stvheckti wizard
to put a curse on her.
Now all kinds of shit's
been going down.
I knew it.
I told y'all bad shit
was happening to us.
The other day my car
just caught on fire.
Whoa oh, shit
Oh, shit, it's gonna blow! Oh, my God!
Just like randomly.
And Bone Thug Dog got shot
with a little people arrow.
What the fuck?
It's like a
regular arrow but much smaller.
Hell no.
Wait, Weeze,
what happened to you, man?
Dude! My meemaw died.
Ah, she was a beautiful woman.
And God will look upon her
as the snowflakes fall
upon her speckled cheeks.
And they will sing hymns onto her.
Aah! Oh, shit!
- Fuck! You okay, bro?
- Oh, I'm good.
All right. We're in.
What you need from us?
Jackie's shit?
Yeah, like a sock or a fucking earring.
- I got her old bandana.
- I think I have something.
Heylah. Just give it
to her, White Steve.
Just fucking missing her?
Hey, nice ride there, Brownie.
Been a long time.
Yeah. Long time.
I think the last time you saw me,
I took most of your teeth out.
Oh, to rewrite history!
Last time I saw you,
I think I knocked you out.
Oh, how easily
we forget, ennit?
Can you guys settle down?
Fuck! We got curses to break.
Tomorrow morning,
we head to the river.
That right, Bucky?
Yeah, yeah, he's right.
Damn right I'm right!
Hey, what's up, Care Bear?
With the mean stare.
What's up, fellas?
Why you walking around
like you was at IHS all day?
- What?
- Yeah, like you about to cry.
Man, I ain't about to cry, bro.
Uh, where where's the gang at?
I ain't got a gang, bro.
What? The Reservation Dogs.
- Yeah.
- Where's Elora?
Yeah, well, she ran off
with Jackie, man.
Fucking left me in the trenches, shit.
Oof. Hard to lose the leader.
She ain't the leader.
Sound like stuff is
falling apart for you.
Hey, what about second
in command, Willie Jack?
Man, she's off doing kid shit, bro.
They all are.
- Hmm.
- Hey, hey.
What's up?
Do y'all know anyone who's hiring?
Like a job?
Hey, we're hiring.
We need social media, promo,
graphics, all that.
How much y'all pay?
It's for the exposure.
Yeah, and once we hit,
we're gonna be rich.
And we're gonna make it
rain, shawty, rain, shawty.
- Rain!
- Rain! Hey, for real!
Tell your moms
I said what's up, though.
- Your loss.
- Hey, write that down.
We gonna make it rain,
shawty, rain, shawty ♪
- Better make it rain ♪
- Make it rain, shawty. ♪
- I like that. It's gonna be a hit.
- Yeah.
Where there's chickens, there's eggs.
I'm so fucking hungry.
We'll wait till after dark.
Then we'll steal some.
- Okay?
- Okay.
It's a good sign.
I think that's a buzzard.
What's wrong?
- Hey.
- Hey, hi, no.
It's okay, it's okay.
Uh, was just
checking on you.
I just saw you up here.
I was gonna see if you want
to come to the house and eat.
I mean, you can
stay out here. It's nice out, but
I got food and an empty house.
Yeah? Come on.
Hey, hi.
I'm Anna.
I'm Mariah.
Hi, Mariah.
I'm Carrie.
It's like Mariah Carey.
Well, that's probably
before y'all's time, but
Big empty house.
My-my husband left me, so
don't get married.
Uh, listen, um
dinner's gonna be a minute,
so you guys can take a shower
or throw your clothes in the wash or
I don't know, whatever you want to do.
And, uh, you know,
just make yourself at home.
Everyone looks happy.
Hmm, yeah, we were or are.
Uh, I don't know, some of us.
Very weird getting a divorce at my age.
I mean, to be starting over.
My kids are off at college.
are you girls running away?
Oh, I knew it.
Damn it, I'm so jealous.
I always wanted to run away.
Hmm, never too late.
Maybe I'll go with you.
I'll pay for gas.
But, I mean, really
I would go.
I'm still not used
to cooking for one person.
All right.
Maybe someday.
It's okay. We appreciate it.
That is my famous
spaghetti taco casserole.
Flavors of old Italy
with a little bit of that
"south of the border" kick.
You mind if I pray?
That's fine.
Oh, your most heavenly gracious father,
thank you for blessing us
with another day.
Thank you for the food on the
table that you have provided
and the air in our lungs.
I'd like to ask for your guidance
and protective hands to be placed
over Mariah and Carrie
as they proceed on their journey.
Boy, they're gonna need a little help.
Don't we all, as ladies?
I'd like you to keep 'em away from men
who might want
to take advantage of them,
which basically is,
you know, men in general.
Because, as you know, sometimes men
don't treat women as equals.
Or fairly.
Please help me to finish
my Gloria Steinem book.
It's a long slog.
If I read even just a page
a night before I fall asleep,
that's all I ask, all right.
We are all precious in your
eyes, except for my husband.
He's a shitass.
I pray that you give him
a little comeuppance perhaps.
Nothing crazy. Don't want you
to hurt him, but
you know, if you could just bring
a little woe into his life
and into Joanne's,
I think that
we would all be better for it.
In your most holy, precious, blessed
long-suffering and glorious name.
Thank you for Gloria Steinem. Amen.
- All right.
- Amen.
- Ooh, that was a good one, gosh.
- Amen.
Did you feel that? I felt
the energy or, uh, the
It was like the air was,
was vibrating almost.
I don't even know what that was.
That was
that was kind of spooky. Ooh!
I had a dream like that once.
I woke up and
then I went to the bathroom
and I threw up.
Help yourself.
- Okay.
- Yeah, dig in, please.
Could you pass the rolls
and the ranch dressing?
Those are good together.
Have you tried it?
'Cause that's
kind of all I'm gonna have.
Yeah, it's a bad habit
I've gotten into.
Yeah, since Ed left,
it's like, who cares anymore?
It's just all carbs all the time.
There's so much sour cream
in there, you would not believe.
Now really eat up.
Ah, it's so good.
Oh, I'm almost out.
You don't want to see what happens
when I run out of ranch dressing.
What's wrong?
Why didn't you take me to California?
Why didn't you take me with you?
Those little sluts.
Do you feel bad?
About stealing her truck?
For everything.
Everyone was just trying to help us.
I don't feel bad about shit.
Fuck this truck.
That lady seemed happy.
Big-ass house, middle of nowhere,
no one else around,
talks to God and shit.
Take that any day.
Yeah, we have to sing a song.
But first we, we must pray
and be humble to Creator.
I pray you take pity upon these kids.
They did something they ain't proud of.
Help them right now.
Let this water here
wash away all that bad medicine.
Heal our pain, Creator!
I'd also like to pray
for all those relatives out there.
Those ones going
through relationship troubles,
wherever they are.
They should know and understand
that they were broken up
when their friend
slept with their girlfriend
at that time.
And they shouldn't hold any grudges,
in that good way, Creator, like that.
Creator, my heart feels good
to teach these young ones
how to move on
and to put this curse behind them.
And maybe there is something
in here for us older ones,
you should not sleep
with your buddy's old lady
while they're broke up
'cause there's a good
chance they will get back
together again like we did.
Mvto, mvto, mvto! Understood,
Creator, understood.
Thank you, Creator, for helping me
to be more aware
of other people's emotions and
- I'm a flawed man!
- Mm.
I'm prone to impulse
and lustfulness,
and for that I am sorry.
Creator, I can't help it.
I like the feel of a woman
Thank you, Creator, for
giving me the ability to forgive
past transgressions
and to look past
other people's shortcomings.
Well, Creator, they ain't
that short, my coming.
- Aho!
- Aho!
- Aho.
- Amen!
A amen!
strong prayer.
Real strong.
Come on, you kids.
Fuck was that?
These elders have lived
very complicated lives.
Now we sing a song.
What song should we sing?
- an old song.
- Yeah.
An old one.
And then the water
will just take it away.
She's a good girl ♪
Loves her mama ♪
Loves Jesus ♪
And America, too ♪
She's a good girl ♪
Running to ♪
Fuck, I know this song
better than these guys.
It goes, uh
It's a ♪
Long day ♪
Livin' in Reseda ♪
There's a freeway ♪
Runnin' through the yard ♪
I'm a bad boy ♪
'Cause I don't even miss her ♪
I'm a bad boy ♪
For breaking her heart ♪
And I'm free ♪
Free fallin' ♪
Yes, I'm free ♪
Free fallin' ♪
Free fallin' ♪
Free fallin' ♪
Yes, I'm free fallin',
yes, I'm free fallin' ♪
It-It's not even that old of a song.
It's like 30 years.
That's old.
Is the curse gone?
Aho, old warrior!
What's he waving at?
You tell them,
you tell the little bastards
there that this most sacredest
of ceremonies is complete.
That in that red road good way,
cedar path corn pollen way,
that sun dance, stomp dance,
smoke dance, longhouse,
Episcopal way that they,
the little fuckers
of the seventh generation,
have vanquished
this most powerful of curses.
- Can we go now?
- But the effects of it
will linger on in their hearts
until they deal with the guilt inside.
You tell them that!
Tell them to be good relatives,
take care of each other in that way.
Uh, yeah.
It's gone.
But you kids got
to stop being shitasses.
Ah, close enough.
How can one man eat so much catfish?
- It's amazing.
- Catfish is life, I guess.
Yeah, it is.
Mm-hmm. Mm!
You two should give me a job, I mean,
because of how much catfish
I buy. We could have, like,
Rob, Cleo and Bear's.
That flows right, right?
Yeah, yeah, no.
I don't think so,
'cause with all the candy
that Cheese has stolen, not to mention
all the steaks that you and the
rest of the gang have stolen?
Yeah, I saw that.
I think we broke even.
Matter of fact, you should
volunteer here once a week.
That's not a bad idea.
Oh, Mississippi Miles.
Don't get up.
I'm gonna grab a cup
before I offload these.
Freshly brewed.
Like I like it!
What's the matter, Bear?
What are you afraid of?
Looking for work, huh?
Yeah, looking for something.
Yeah, I been there.
Find anything yet?
I know it was you and your
friends that stole the truck.
I didn't, uh
I don't know what you're talking about.
Insurance covered the truck, and I got
to keep my job
and my foot.
We don't need
no more young folk in jail.
It's easy to tear things down
but a lot harder to build 'em up.
Consider this your one big break.
'Cause at the snap of a finger,
your life could have taken a big turn.
Build things, boy.
Don't tear 'em down.
Thank you for not turning us in.
Wasn't just me.
Thank Rob and Cleo, too.
They got y'all dumb asses
on video doing the whole thing.
Rob posted it on Facebooks.
We must've played it back about,
- what, ten, 20 times?
- Yeah.
Can't even drive the truck.
We found chips
for two blocks.
sour cream,
flaming my favorite ones.
It's not the flavor, we're just
trying to teach him a lesson.
Just don't steal in general.
I'm gonna finish my coffee.
And you need to help me unload
the truck as a thank you.
Yes, sir.
Look what the fucking cat drug in.
Looks like y'all been scrapping around.
What's good, Johnny Boy?
Same shit.
Think I was sitting here when you left.
You were.
This is my friend Elora Danan.
I love Willow.
Little-ass brownies, little people.
- Fucking Madmartigan. Shit.
- Sup?
- She still in there?
- Yep.
Same spot.
You can come in.
Where the fuck did the truck come from?
The truck store.
Yeah, right.
This looks like a white man's truck.
Mom, it's Jackie.
I was watching TV.
Wait. Did Bev kick you out?
No. Just passing through.
Oh, good.
Where's my cigarettes?
Can I borrow some gas money?
I can give you 20.
Give me my purse.
That's all I got.
I'm gonna get going.
Give that place a chance.
You need it.
You see it, huh? Just
"Johnny Boy" right on the back.
- Flush.
- Hey, Johnny Boy.
Need your help.
My help?
With what?
You got a chain to pull a car?
After that, bro,
we just left it up to Creator.
Y'all hiring?
Oh, I'm gonna hire your thieving ass.
And we just hope
that the curse is lifted
and that things get better.
But to be honest,
it just doesn't feel like it's over.
Wish you were here.
You'd get it all straightened out.
Love you, bitch.
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