Reservation Dogs (2021) s02e03 Episode Script


Goddamn it, man.
Come on.
Hey, you forget your
What are you doing?
Aging my tool belt.
But, damn it, I was supposed
to do it last night.
Age your tool belt?
Yeah, you know, like make it
look rugged and shit.
I just bought that for you.
It's brand-new. It's a nice one.
Mom, I cannot go to
a new construction job
with a new belt on.
They'll eat me alive in there.
Eat you alive? Well
Hey, why don't you go
work at Rob and Cleo's,
somewhere safer?
I'm the man of the house.
I need, like, a man's job.
And men don't like new tool belts?
I can't show weakness
to these guys, Mom, I swear.
Oh, shit, oh, shit, oh, shit, shit.
The fuck is he doing?
Can you go back inside?
What? But I know them.
- I want to say hi.
- No, no. Don't do this to me, Mom.
- Please, go back inside.
- But I Okay.
Okay. Geez.
What's up, fellas?
Look at you with your
cute little tool belt on.
Wait. Your thermos!
Ooh, there she is.
Be careful, Baby Bear.
Hey, what's good, Rita?
Hey, Charlie.
You take good care
- of my boy, all right?
- Fuckin' A.
Like he's my own son.
Shit, he almost was. Don't forget it.
Shut up.
Treat you like my little stepson.
Straighten you out, Baby Bear.
Psych! Too young, shitass.
Plus, your moms would kick my ass.
Bear, man
today is the big day.
No more soft hands.
- Morning.
- Morning.
What's up, Danny?
This is our new help.
What, you all shy now?
All right.
The fuck?
What do you guys want me to do?
Hey, when you don't know,
just copy us.
Whew! Damn, boys.
That edible is kicking in.
Shit. Man, I'm-a fly off this roof.
Does he not work with us?
Ah, he likes to work alone.
Man, remember he used to be
the shittiest worker here.
Now he's like a damn robot.
Fuckin' head down, don't talk.
Gets the job done, though.
Well, things change.
- Ah, shit.
- What?
We're missing the board stretcher.
Aw, fuck. Where the fuck it go?
Can't finish the job
without a board stretcher.
What's a board stretcher?
It's a board stretcher.
Just as it sounds.
Why don't you go down to the truck,
- see if you can find it.
- What's it look like?
You'll know it when you see it.
It's a fucking board stretcher.
Big old letters on it.
"Board stretcher."
All right.
Don't come back without it.
What the fuck is
a board stretcher, man?
Danny, uh, you haven't seen
the board stretcher, have you?
Well, they said they
can't finish work without it.
There ain't no such thing
as a board stretcher.
They're fucking with you.
You serious?
Next one.
So, did you guys always
want to become roofers?
we always wanted to fuck our backs up.
Yeah, it's always been a dream of mine.
Ever since I was a little kid,
all I wanted to do
was build white people shit.
You don't choose it.
Shit, it chooses you.
It's a rite of passage.
So you snagged yet, Bear?
Shit, man, of course I have.
You know, all the time.
Shit, you ain't snagged
nothing but yourself, man.
I was 13 once, too.
I'm 17, so
Yeah, we grew up faster
back then. No Internet.
Shit. Pass me another one.
Move, damn it.
Hey, Marc Don.
Can you move your truck?
I'm gonna pick up some smokes.
Hey, let's get some wraps
and some cranberry juice
while you're there.
Marc Don, you want anything?
Some LaCroix.
Pamplemousse if they got it.
Just make sure it's none
of that green apple shit.
- I fucking hate it.
- Hey.
What about you?
I'm good.
Cvpon, move the truck.
Word. No problem.
Oh, ho, ho.
Damn, this shit is tight.
- Oh, shit.
- Hurry, shitass.
Okay, okay, okay.
All right, all right, all right.
Fuck you doing?
Nailed it.
Whoa, shit!
Where you going?
You're all right. You're okay.
First rule of roofing:
don't chase it if it's already falling.
- Holy shit.
- Everything all right over here?
Yeah, he's all right.
He just took a little slide.
Come lay some support boards.
Go on.
Just fuckin' give it to 'er.
Hey, nothing to be nervous about, Bear.
Charlie, go on and show him.
When I'm hammering,
all I do is think about
something that makes me mad.
What makes you mad?
Shit, mostly my landlord.
Hey, fucker,
you're renting my mom's house.
Yeah, and sometimes she makes me mad.
Just think about what makes you mad.
What's up, Dad? Are you still coming?
Something came up, man.
I'm trying to get a flight now,
but, shit, it's too late now, man.
Fuck, man. I'm sorry.
All right.
I love you, Dad.
All right, man. I'll hit you back soon.
I gotta take a piss.
These kids, man.
Different kind.
Fuck, I bet Punkin couldn't
fuckin' drive a nail either.
Nah, I worked with him.
Shit worker,
always rapping about
fry bread and shit.
He could still drive a nail though.
Just can't take care of his damn kids.
Fuckin' A.
Young Warrior!
Man, I'm in the bathroom.
Some things are sacred.
Aho! Yeah, you're right.
This is a very sacred place.
The most sacred.
Back in the day, our greatest
warriors would sometimes
develop their greatest battle
strategies in places like this.
We had a big trench.
We'd all line up
and pop a squat together.
Look at each other and talk
about the battle coming,
as we pooped.
Face-to-face, we would talk for hours.
Man, I do not want to hear this.
Look at you, all grown up.
Got a job and shit.
but this is bullshit.
I don't even know what I'm doing.
And I almost fell off the roof.
It's like, they don't even
teach you anything,
just expect you to know.
Yeah. That's the Native way
of teaching.
We have this, uh,
traditional pedagogy of, uh:
just get out there and learn, fucker.
Okay, well, I just
I don't think this is for me.
I know how you feel.
I too
have dealt with the hardships
of trying to build a home.
I remember one time in a blizzard,
I had to put up a tipi.
I lost seven children in that storm.
And all we had to eat
was an ancient buffalo
frozen in ice.
Hairy bastard was probably there
for a thousand years.
Come the springtime,
marauders came and stole me
and sold me off to slave traders.
And I had to push a log around
for years on end.
I became really buff and
ended up in a gladiator pit,
fighting for my life.
Okay, I get it.
You've had it harder than me.
Well, I wouldn't necessarily say
I had it harder than you.
But, truth be told,
I had it harder than you.
Daniel's dad's up there.
I didn't expect that.
Ah, yeah. Your friend, Daniel.
Maybe I should just get over it,
you know?
Maybe it's about time.
Get over it?
Shit, you haven't even
gone through it, Cvpon.
What do you mean?
What I'm trying to say,
is that we cry
for those that we've lost.
Like that.
You know, we mourn them.
We cut our hair, we cut ourselves.
We go through all the feels.
We take our relatives their bodies
And make clothing out of it.
This is my auntie right here.
We airbrush their faces
on our T-shirts,
get their names tattooed on our
bodies in old English script.
We tear ourselves to pieces
so that we can build ourselves
new on the other side.
You go through all of it
so that they know
that they can go,
that we'll miss them,
but that we'll be okay without them.
So, wait. What you mean is?
Shh. You hear that?
Ghost dogs.
Somebody's heart fear is
stronger than yours, Little Cub.
I got to go. Check you later.
See you later, Little Bear.
What the fuck?
Man, you keep on fucking it up, dawg.
Keep filming. You don't know
- what you're talking about.
- Hey,
do that dance
where you cover your face.
Fucking say "action" then. Shit.
All right,
all right, all right. Action.
Dance, clown.
Marc Don "The Marksman"
looking all rusty and shit.
Just the wind.
You know why we used
to call this guy "The Marksman"?
- Why?
- Back in the day, he used to be able
to shoot the ball
from anywhere on the court.
- Damn. Really?
- Hell yeah, he could shoot it.
He wouldn't make it,
but he'd still shoot it.
Man, you're throwing
a whole lot of dirt on my name
for somebody who drove
all the way to All-Native
and dropped out 'cause he had diarrhea.
Fucker left at halftime
'cause he had shit in his pants.
Hey, fucker, them gas station
hot dogs ain't no joke.
So what, Uncle Charlie? You used
to play basketball, too?
Hell yeah. Me, this guy
and your dad we used to hit
the three-on-three tourneys
all the time.
- My dad?
- Yeah.
Before he had dreams
of becoming a rapper and shit.
Yeah. And forgetting about his family.
There it is.
All that stress in your forehead.
That's 'cause of your daddy.
He didn't teach me shit.
Man, you think you're the only
kid on the Rez
growing up without a dad?
I had a dad and a stepdaddy
- leave my ass.
- Hot damn.
Now you got him started.
Hey, most dads are bad.
You should know.
Look, I'm-a tell you
what somebody once told me.
You got to let a man make his mistakes.
Whether it be your daddy, your uncle,
your brother, your boyfriend, whatever.
You let a man make his mistakes
because men learn from experience.
Why you think you on that roof
without a safety board,
running around all crazy,
chasing after shingles?
'Cause you guys ain't
taking precautions?
Because if you slip once,
you learn from it.
If you slip again,
you're just being careless.
Yeah, there's a lot
of careless dudes out here.
Don't I know it.
Nah, I swear to God, it had,
like, the face of a woman,
but, like, the feet of a dog,
and, like, those
Nah, nobody believes me. I swear
to God, this is a true story.
Want to go help Danny right quick?
Oh, you don't need
to help me, man. I'll be fine.
I'm sorry back there.
I didn't mean it.
I'm just in a bad mood.
Yeah. Yeah, well, shit.
Long as you're here,
you might as well learn
how to do this shit.
I'm gonna mess it up, though.
Ah, you can't be any worse
than Charlie's work
over there. Come on.
Here, let's let's-let's
get this one right here.
You see this line? You just got
to line it up on the left
all the way along the bottom
- Okay.
- To the right.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Just like that.
Got your hammer?
Right here?
- You got it.
- Yeah?
Little bit to the end.
Little bit to the end.
- There you go.
- Yeah?
Perfect. Perfect.
Send it.
All right.
See how I hold my hammer?
Little bit down.
Choke down just a little bit
so you let the weight
- of the hammer do it. All right?
- Uh-huh.
Let's try another one.
- Like that.
- Like that?
Just like that.
- Cool.
- You got it.
Hey, how's Elora anyway?
She she left town.
Like, moved?
Sort of.
Really? When?
A few days ago.
It feels like longer, but
I was supposed to go with her, too,
but she just got up and left me.
She hasn't been the same since,
you know
You know.
I reckon none of us have been the same.
Everything's changed.
Me and Hokti split up.
I didn't know that.
I saw that you guys moved.
Just couldn't stand to walk
in that fucking house anymore.
Drive down them streets.
I'm sorry.
I don't even know how long it's been.
I still can't get over it.
I got all these scenarios
playing over in my head.
Like, how could I have changed?
How could I have been a better father?
Maybe he'd still be here
and I'd still have my family.
I quit drinking since.
Well, you said, uh,
Elora left you behind?
Where was you all going?
It was Daniel's idea.
He always talked about that
when he was a little guy.
Used to tell him I'd take him.
Shit. I didn't even have
enough money to get to Tulsa.
Fucking good for Elora.
I'm glad she went.
Wish he would've went.
I feel bad, too.
What do you have to feel bad for?
You're his friend.
You were there for him.
- I wasn't.
- No.
You're young.
It's not up to you.
It's the adults.
We didn't see it, so that's on us.
It's not on you.
Look, I-I ain't got nothing else
to say that you want to hear.
But you shouldn't listen to these guys.
Or me.
You know I was a shitty dad.
But you're gonna grow up and be a man.
And a man
isn't someone who walks around
and makes mistakes and hopes
that they're gonna do better.
That's what a shitass does.
A man knows that whatever
he does has consequences.
So you got to be good
the first time around.
All right, boys, let's pack it up!
Hey, quit whistling, man.
You're gonna call spirits out.
Bitch, it ain't dark.
Let's get out of here.
What is what-what is that?
Let's go.
All right, fellas.
See you next week, all right?
You're rich right now.
- It's Monopoly money.
- I appreciate it.
Hey, trade me a ten
for one of them twenties.
Fuck out of here, man.
You got to fight me first.
Be good, Cvpon.
You too, man.
Hey, Baby Bear.
How was your day?
I got electric this month, Mom.
Wow. A working man.
Fuck are you doing here?
Let me guess. You ran out of money?
Oh, you're crying.
What happened?
That fucker Jackie leave you
on the side of the road, too?
Oh, it doesn't feel good, right?
- Oh, my gosh, you just get up and go.
- Bear.
No, no, we were friends, Elora.
You don't do that to friends!
That's not how it works!
Like, holy shit!
We were going to California
together. For Daniel.
So you leaving me behind,
leaving fucking all of us behind
is like leaving fucking him behind, man!
- Bear.
- How the fuck can I forgive you for that?!
What the fuck are you even
doing here, Elora?!
My grandma's dying.
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