Reservation Dogs (2021) s02e09 Episode Script


Good morning.
Don't have much today.
But I've got eggs, sausage,
potatoes and pancakes.
Hey, Postoak?
There's a big mess
in the shitter and you're up.
Welcome back
to the land of the living, Bear.
What'd I miss, bro?
The whole class.
You talk in your sleep.
- Talking about your hammer
- Shh!
No, I'm just tired from work, bro.
Graduation is around the corner.
You might remember a little
experiment from your freshman year.
We asked you to write yourself
a letter,
talking about your goals, your dreams.
- Oh, I remember this shit.
- It's a letter from you to you.
- Read them.
- Fuck yeah, man.
Still a G.
- Let me read yours.
- No.
All right.
"When I grow up,
I want to be a famous rapper.
Just like my daddy." Aw!
Yeah, you cannot say
anything, bro, look.
"I want to be a wizard when I grow up."
Fuck you. I still want to be a wizard.
Sko, sko.
Willie Jack,
one second.
Shit, what'd I do?
You in trouble.
All right, I'll see ya. Deuces, bro.
I'm sorry.
This is Daniel's.
You're his cousin,
I thought you should have it.
Thank you.
- Hey, what's up, girl?
- What's up?
You're quiet today.
It's one of them days.
What kind of day is that?
Same one.
Over and over.
Time! Line up!
Good shot.
Thought you were gone for good.
Where'd you go?
Somebody quit working
with their medicine.
You know,
ignoring your responsibilities
is ignoring your ancestors.
And nobody likes to be ignored.
Also if you must know
I got me a grandpa spirit.
He died at Little Bighorn.
Spirit sex is way better.
God, it lasts so much longer.
- Gross.
- Heylah,
it's natural.
Well, you can go back to spirit
hunchin'. I don't need you here.
Today's the big day.
Same as every other day.
I don't think so.
You felt it.
Why else am I here?
You tuned in today.
I didn't mean to.
Can I tune back out?
We got a lot of eyes
on this place today.
They like to watch.
You got a visitor.
Name not on the list.
What's the name?
Everything looks in order.
Are you a convicted felon?
Are you currently incarcerated?
Hey, hey.
I did a hero dose of mushrooms once.
Fucked me up.
Spent the night in jail,
naked as a jaybird.
I think I saw God.
It wasn't that cool.
It was a jail just like this.
You know why we built jails, don't you?
Well, white people of course.
Indians didn't have jails.
Word, no shit?
No shit, the people that built this
had lost their way.
You remember that.
Okay, then.
Being separated
from your family's a bitch.
It ain't natural.
I come here to see my daughter.
That's why I'm here.
To see my family.
They may not know it,
they may not want it,
but you're coming here to visit them
is the most important thing you can do
to somebody that's locked up
in a place like this.
I don't know why I'm here, man.
I haven't been happy with her.
Just feels like
I needed to do something.
- So I'm doing it.
- Well, that's a risk.
But you're listening
to your heart, that's good.
Are you a guru?
Or a philosopher or something?
Nah, I'm not a philosopher.
I'm just an old hippie dude
that's done a lot of acid.
It makes you think.
When you're my age,
there's a lot to think about.
I live by a few rules.
Be kind to those
that you're closest to.
Wear a good hat
and a good pair of boots.
A good hat helps hide what
you're doing from the Lord above,
and good boots,
they help you outrun the Devil.
- Slides work?
- Oh, fuck yeah.
All right.
Wilhelmina Jacqueline?
Toes behind the yellow line.
Arms up.
All right. You know the rules?
You're allowed
two small moments of contact.
You can hug or a small kiss
on the cheek or both.
You are only allowed to do this at the
beginning of your visit and at the end.
Two moments.
Got it?
Could you repeat that again?
Just kidding.
Why is everyone so serious?
It's in the past.
How you doing?
Are you shitting me?
Well, everyone's doing good at home.
Mom and Dad say hi.
Just kidding, they didn't say that.
My dad tried convincing me
not to come here.
They have no clue that I'm here though.
Me and Bear are gonna
graduate this year.
Yeah, Daniel would've been
right with us.
But you knew that.
Cheese moved in with some old lady.
Can I get some paper?
- Just paper, that's it?
- Yeah.
You gonna take some notes or what?
There's no smoking in here.
So I'm just going through the motions.
Helps with stress.
So what's this
about Cheese dating an old lady?
Fuck you mean, "dating
an old lady"? I didn't say that.
she thought she was his grandma,
but turned out that she wasn't.
now she became his grandma.
Not the weirdest thing I've ever heard.
Elora's grandma Mabel died.
You know what, I'm all caught up.
If my truth smells like dick,
your truth smells like slore.
What the fuck even is that?
That's a slut/whore mix.
Hey, you want me
to use it in a sentence?
Your mother is a slore.
Okay, everyone,
hands on the table, palms up.
Till we get this matter
resolved. Let's go, buddy.
Hey, try not to
have any more secret kids!
Well, guess what, we're still
married, they're your kids, too!
- Hey, that don't make any sense!
- They need a mom!
Hey, you're all a bunch of slores!
- She's the best.
- Fuck you!
You may resume your visitation.
Why are you here?
This is a letter Daniel wrote
to himself in freshman year.
Um, time capsule assignment.
All his dreams and shit.
I think you should have it.
I don't want it.
what if I read it to you?
I haven't read it yet.
It could probably help us,
be like healing
I said no.
Shit like this is why none
of you are on my visitors list.
I look at you and I see him,
you understand?
Yeah. I do.
But you're not the only one
that's affected by this.
No one's the same.
I miss my friends.
And I miss you, too.
Like the version I remember
of you when I was little.
Remember I used to always come to you
whenever I'd get hurt?
Which was rare.
I always remember
you made things better.
Daniel was the same way.
I used to think you were so powerful.
Like a wizard.
But now
you'd rather be fucking miserable, man.
All you elders
don't even want to talk to me.
Avoiding shit all the fucking time.
No wonder why my mom and dad
didn't want me to come here.
Fuck me. Fine.
You know, when you ask someone
for advice, you should bring a gift.
Tobacco, sweetgrass,
cedar, anything works.
Food's best.
People are a lot more open
when they have food.
They won't let me
take food in here, fuck.
They'll just think I'm trying
to hustle some shit.
How much cash you got?
I got ten bucks up my sock.
I'm real addicted to them
Flaming Flamers.
Me, too.
Well sko then.
You gonna just keep looking over
my shoulder this whole time?
Smiling all creepy. Acting all happy.
Your vibe sucks.
I walked the Trail of Tears
and I smiled more than you.
Come on then.
Tell me what's wrong.
Brought me the offerings.
Bear and Elora don't talk anymore.
we hang out, but
it's like they're just
trying to be polite.
Cheese is always with
his new grandma all the time.
Which is good.
I don't know, man.
It's like
I just feel like we're broken up.
And like
we're supposed to be the dream team.
Fucking Rez Dogs.
Friends grow apart.
This ain't like that.
It's like everyone's walking
around in the sunshine.
And we're just in the darkness.
Bear and Elora especially.
Come on.
Put your hands up on the table.
Like we just did.
Close your eyes.
Gonna have a little prayer.
I need your help.
- What?
- Not you.
Keep your eyes shut.
Eyes closed,
no matter what happens, okay?
Just focus on the dark.
Take long, slow breaths.
Just listen to your breathing
for a second.
Remember the stories I told you
when you were growing up,
about the people we come from.
Generations of medicine people.
These are the ones
who held us together as
we arrived from our homelands.
The healers who carried us
and buried us as we marched.
Men and women whose songs
led us through the dark.
They're watching you, my girl.
You don't need me. You have them.
This is the power we carry.
When you really pray,
they're all around you.
All the time.
Oh, shit.
Takes focus, though.
Open your eyes.
Holy fuck.
Oh, shit.
Ah, fuck.
I spent a lot of energy
trying to fix Danny.
Instead, I took on his pain.
We shared it.
Can't love someone out of
hurting themselves, though.
I was so focused on Danny,
so focused on myself that
I couldn't see
You can't help people
who don't want to be helped.
I learned that the hard way.
You create the space for your friends.
You do it with intention.
Either the path will be
laid for you, or won't.
I know they want to be helped,
but I don't know how
to bring them together.
Christ, girl.
Weren't you paying attention?
The answer's right in front of you.
Come here.
Okay, that's enough.
I'm ready.
You take that letter with you.
Found its way to you, not me.
It was good to see you,
niece cousin.
Did you invite Bear and Elora, too?
Yeah. Fuck.
Can't let these wild onions
go to waste.
Where'd you get these from?
Mm, my mom and dad picked them
earlier this year.
- Hmm.
- Froze them, bro.
It smells like a locker room.
I mean, a good locker room.
Locker room I'd like to eat.
- Not-not I mean
- Yeah, yeah. Cook that shit, bro.
Am I early?
Fuck no. Just in time.
What is this?
Potato salad.
Sup, Bear?
What'd you cook? Oh, potato chips.
We've all brought potatoes
of all kinds.
Sit down, bro. Almost done.
Sup, Bear?
What's up, Elora?
Why are we here?
Well, this has been fun.
I went and saw Hokti.
In jail?
How is she?
She's good.
Looks all healthy and shit.
Smoking paper cigs.
I went to go talk to her because
I needed some advice about
all of us.
What about us?
You know what I'm talking about, bro.
This is weird.
We barely talk
or see each other anymore.
Man, everything is fine.
Yeah. Everything's totally fine.
Wow, that was convincing.
Wait, I'm-a try something.
Give me your hands, uh, face up.
Hokti taught me this.
Fuck you doing?
You said face up.
Palms up.
I have the power invested in me
by the freaking
generational ghosts behind me.
Like Rey in Star Wars.
- Cheese.
- Sorry.
You guys feel anything yet?
- Are we supposed to?
- My stomach hurts.
A fly keeps landing on me.
I feel a light breeze.
Look, I appreciate
what you're doing, but
we're all good.
Yeah, man. You ain't got
to worry about us.
We're fine.
Daniel wrote this.
What-what is it?
Freshman year,
uh, we did a time capsule assignment.
Teacher just gave me back Daniel's.
And this is all his dreams and goals.
I haven't read it yet,
but I wanted to read it with you guys.
I think we should do it.
You serious?
For Daniel.
Because he can't.
And if you guys still want to be weird,
then the Rez Dogs can break up, cool.
I'll stop pushing it.
You guys down?
Yeah, for Daniel.
I got to tell Grandma, though.
What are you smiling about?
You did good, my girl.
Hokti, you got that updated list?
Yep. Right here.
All right.
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