Reservation Dogs (2021) s02e10 Episode Script

I Still Believe

By the time I'm a senior,
I hope I have my license
so we can cruise around and do nothing,
instead of walk around and do nothing.
Next thing is
I want go to California
for spring break.
Always wanted to
see those weird trees with spikes.
I've always wondered if they were sharp
and if coconuts grew on all of them.
How did people first know
you could eat a coconut?
what I'm trying to say is
I want to go to Cali with my crew.
Bear, Willie Jack and Elora
We'll all be about to graduate.
We could bust Cheese out
for the weekend.
Maybe by then, Elora will like me back.
Even if she doesn't,
we'll still be homies.
No one in the world laughs like her.
I can't wait to see the smile
on her face when she sees the ocean.
Fuck, just turn it.
- Yeah, turn it.
- I'm turning.
Stop turning.
All right, all right,
all right, let's do this.
Let's split up. Y'all
go look for the keys on the bus.
Cheese, you're lookout. Sko.
Hey, bro, in and out, in and out.
Fuck, bro, watch for needles, man.
Okay, where is it?
Fuck would they put these keys, bro?
Smells like fucking shit in here.
Hey. One of those opens the gate.
Hey, girl.
Fuck, we need a code. Try 1491.
Oh, fuck, okay. Um
try 6969.
Oh, fuck. Okay.
Fuck. Ooh.
Got 'em, bro. Go, sko, sko.
Fuck. Think, think. Uh
What the fuck?
Hi, Kenny Boy.
You're here for the car?
We need it to go to California.
The code is 1831.
The year Sitting Bull was born.
You're just you're just
gonna let us take it?
You know
it's been a weird last few days.
- Pay what you owe when the time
- is right,
in this lifetime or the next.
And if in the next,
I'm a horse, you can pay me in oats.
And if I'm a cow,
milk me gently.
Safe travels, Elora Danan,
and your elvish friend.
I shouldn't say elvish,
it's just the blonde hair.
I'm assuming it's not natural, but
I shouldn't assume, it-it could be.
Sometimes, the roots
go from dark to blonde.
Just be safe out there.
Use your blinker.
Potholes are the devil.
Oh, there they are.
Look at them go.
Shugmanitu tanka
Yeah, this is it.
Hey, streets is hard out there.
- Don't get shot up.
- For real.
Man, we almost got shot up out there.
Yeah, we just hid
behind the tall people.
Hey, you got your medicines?
- You already know.
- For sure.
Remember, gluten-free
just means no bread.
And don't eat the barbecue
unless it's Korean.
And, uh, don't buy farmers market sage.
- Mm.
- It give you bad luck,
- stinky pits, and foot fungus.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- And let your boys know if you get caught up,
we got lots of friends out there.
Hey, um,
be safe.
Safer than we were.
For real.
Might actually make it this time.
We'll be back.
- Later, fuckers. Later, shitass.
- I'll see your shitass later.
White Steve, don't cry, bro.
You're gonna make me cry, bro.
- Safe travels.
- You too, man.
Y'all be safe.
- Hushwas!
- Hushwas.
Love you, bitches.
- Oh, fuck!
- Ooh.
That can't be good.
Life's hard.
One of the hardest.
Look at this little shitass.
Yeah, it's just a straight shot
from here, right?
See that turn up there?
Don't take it.
Just go straight. Follow the sun, bro.
How long's it gonna take
for us to get there?
- Take a couple days.
- Shut your eyes, bro,
and then we'll be there.
Nah, I can't. I'm too excited.
Fuck, me too.
Damn, man,
how crazy is it to know
what Daniel was thinking back then?
- Shit.
- For real.
Especially his unrequited love
for Elora.
That was a shock.
- Little plot twist.
- Fuck you talking about?
- Nothing ever even happened.
- Bro, come on, man.
We all knew, bro.
Fuck yeah, we knew.
You didn't fucking know anything.
Come on.
I didn't know.
I thought you guys were cousins.
- Cousins.
- Uh, no.
Only through marriage, bro.
Not like they're
from the same clan or anything.
Nah, but for real, though,
I'm happy we're getting you
to Cali, man.
It's not about me.
- We read that letter.
- Yeah.
Daydreaming about you all day,
- smiling at the ocean.
- It's not It's not about me,
it's about all of us going to Cali,
together, for Daniel, 'cause he can't.
- For the bro.
- Yeah.
What are we gonna do
when we get out there?
Go to the ocean,
bro. Haven't you been listening?
Well, yeah, I know,
we're gonna go to the ocean,
but, like, are we just
gonna sit there or
Why don't we just
put this in the ocean?
You know? Kind of like what
y'all did with Jackie's stuff.
But that was to get rid
of something, though.
Yeah, yeah, I-I know that, but, like,
this is kind of like
a piece of Daniel, you know?
And, like, putting him in the ocean
is always something he wanted to do.
And after that,
the world's our oyster.
Whatever the fuck that means.
- Good thinking, bro.
- Yeah.
- Real tradish.
- It's very intuitive.
Young elder.
What does an oyster mean, though?
Like a another word for a clam.
Isn't it like, -Is it really a clam?
Chips or something?
The world's your Indian taco.
Ooh. I like that one.
That one sounds nice.
Can we get some Flamin' Flamers now?
Fuck, I'm hungry.
It seemed that you're dead. ♪
Holy fuck!
Here you guys go.
Damn, with that stack, bro.
Roofing paying the big bucks.
- Thank you.
- You solid, bro.
I put money in there, too.
And now, for some words of wisdom.
Never whistle at night, for if you do,
you shall lose a testicle.
And remember,
the journey is never over,
but always beginning.
Deposit more money now for more wisdom.
"The path that you are on is unsure.
You must pave new ways,
or you'll probably die."
Stupid shit.
Well, I sure take it
with me wherever I go ♪
And you might like
To see it, but it never does show ♪
Like a wind
In the valley that never ♪
Got you, bro.
Keep your eyes to yourself!
It's a black sky ♪
Forming on the ridge ♪
It's a woman waiting,
standing on ♪
Yeah, just, like,
put that thing in that thing.
Bro, I know how to do this.
Walking on the ledge ♪
It's everything you do ♪
- Ugh, Cheese! - Cheese, man!
- Cheese!
Man, what the fuck
you been eating, bro?
That's fucking deadly, man.
Fuck, I could just seagull
a fat burger right now.
- Coney and tater tots for me.
- Yeah.
It's a taco shack.
Yeah, shit, brother,
they ain't got rez food here.
- Smells like shit.
- Fuck it, L.A., bro.
Rough day?
No, we just got into town.
Been driving for a while.
Where you from?
The rez, man.
What's the rez?
Usually isolated,
economically depressed,
big dreams, not a lot of opportunities.
Kind of a food desert.
Guess I'm from the rez, too.
I'll give you a minute.
Thank you.
L.A. people are nice.
Fuckin' A.
- We're here.
- Fuck yeah, man.
It's like you can
smell salt everywhere.
Just your upper lip, bro.
We should eat quick and head
to the beach before the sun goes down.
Or could we get a hotel room
tonight and
sleep in a nice bed,
you know? Get some rest,
watch some TV, get a shower.
Yeah, but, honestly,
I think it's best if we just
slept inside the car.
Like, save money.
Yeah, won't be comfortable,
but Bear's right.
Well, fuck, you guys better not
be tearing rags all night.
I sleep with my mouth open.
- Yeah, Cheese.
- What-what's the
"Chile roll-leno."
We're by the ocean,
they got to have catfish, right?
Oh, money's in the glove box.
I'll go.
- Wow, that's messed-up.
- Yeah.
What the fuck?
Fuck, man.
Like, that was literally
all of our money.
The snacks.
Daniel's letter.
Should we report it?
No, we can't report it.
If we do, they're gonna arrest
us and bring us back home.
Gonna have to call your dad, Bear.
I'm not calling my fucking dad.
What else are we gonna do, Bear?
Just let me think.
Hurry up. Fuck, who cares.
Fine, fine. Fuck it, fine.
I'll just fucking call this douchebag.
You have reached a number
that has been disconnected
or is no lon
Just I can't do this shit.
It's an unfortunate event,
what just happened here.
White Jesus?
you seen what happened?
Yeah, man.
Guys in suits.
Gangsters or Mormons.
Gacked it.
Aho, White Jesus,
which way's the beach?
Mountains are uphill, beach is down.
Fair enough. Sko.
You-you shan't go it alone.
Thy beach is ten miles from here.
Thoust don't know what these
L.A. neighborhoods are like.
Made a promise to Daniel.
I'm gonna see it through.
Yeah, let's go, come on.
Can you take us there?
You would have me, thy humble servant,
guide thee to the beach?
Yeah, sure.
Let us go, then.
- All right.
- Come on.
He is the way.
And the truth
and the light. Don't you forget it.
You fucking serious?
We're gonna go with White Jesus?
- Yeah, bro.
- Yeah.
Come, now.
- Okay.
- Body of me?
Say no more, man.
Peace be with you.
What's up, brothers and sisters?
Do you just know everyone here?
For the most part.
My last place wasn't this nice.
Watch out for Phillip,
he has a low blood sugar thing.
It's a long story.
There's food everywhere.
Salmon, cake.
Watch thou step.
Brethren. Sistren.
Here we are.
Thoust can take the mattresses.
I prefer the hard ground.
Uh, I do have a couple of foldy chairs.
You can
figure out your sleep situations. Um
I do have one toothbrush. Uh
It's kind of multipurpose,
but you're all welcome to it.
Please, for the love
of all things holy,
keep your hands off of my
metal detector,
and, yes, come in.
Come in to thine stable.
Ah All right.
We can't just stop.
We kind of got to go to the beach.
We can't stay here.
- Fuck no, bro.
- I know, bro.
Ah, you're
far better off here than you are
out there on your own at night.
Listen, the beach is five miles
straight down this road.
In the morning,
I'll take you there myself.
All right, yeah. Fuck it, we'll stay.
Just for the night, okay?
We'll stand guard, all right?
We'll take shifts.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
I mean, everyone
knows him for Lost Boys,
but he did Thunderdome, too,
and he toured
with Tina Turner for years.
Is that the guy in the diaper?
No, that's, um, Ton Ton Tattoo.
Wait, so there's two sax players
in Thunderdome?
No, Tim Cappello
wasn't in the movie.
He-he just did the song in the credits.
Oh. Got it.
Daniel showed me that movie.
- Which one?
- Both, actually.
He was my hero, you know?
Tim Cappello?
No. Uh, Daniel.
Um, it just seemed like
he could do anything, you know?
Me too.
I think the same about you, you know?
I mean, it just seems like,
anytime we get into trouble,
you just know what to do.
That's fucking stupid, Cheese.
I have no idea what to do right now.
If anyone can make it out,
it'd be you.
LAPD! Let's go!
Shit. Better get the fuck up.
Get the fuck up.
- Fuck up.
- What the fuck's going on?
Mm, I was dreaming, bro.
- Cops are here, bro.
- What?
- Come on, we got to go.
- What what time is it?
Oh, shit.
Move! Let's go! Go!
Where's White Jesus?
Fucking dipped out on us
hella long ago, bro.
Uh, he'll forever
live on in our hearts.
I can't go any further.
You guys go on without me.
Fuck, Cheese, man. Come on, bro,
we're almost there.
You said that,
like, four hours ago, bro.
Just admit it, you don't know
where we're going.
We're just following the directions
of White Jesus, Willie Jack.
The fuck?
That motherfucker
was walking fast as shit.
Can't stay here.
Don't want to get picked up
by some white lady
who likes ranch dressing
on her dinner rolls.
Yeah. Exactly.
Elora, you have some
really, really specific fears.
You guys hear that?
It just keeps going.
It's like
a big-ass lake that never ends.
- Skoden.
- Ooh.
Come on, bro.
You got to put your feet
in the sand. Feel it.
I know what we came here to do, but
I don't want to let him go, Bear.
Hey. Hey, Elora, we're not.
it's the pain.
That's what we're letting go.
It's got us stuck.
Just imagine
how happy Danny would be
seeing us live our lives.
Finally in Cali.
- Ready?
- Uh, yeah.
What now?
Without the letter?
She's a good girl ♪
Loves some aunties ♪
Loves White Jesus ♪
And America, too ♪
Hey, trust us, this works.
Loves her horses and ♪
Fuck, I can't remember the rest.
It's all good, bro.
Hey, Cheese.
Why don't you say a prayer?
You're good at it.
Little long, but
go for it, bro.
- You got this.
- Uh
Um, well
genderless being,
we're here for our friend Daniel.
well, we just wanted this moment
to be significant.
Like in the movies.
Like in NeverEnding Story when
the wind blows down
to the basement, and
Bastian realized that he's been reading
about himself, but, like,
his inner-self was actually Atreyu,
Keep going, bro.
We didn't get to say goodbye
to you, Daniel.
And, um
you know what?
To be honest, I've been
kind of mad at you.
You're my hero, man.
Now you're not here
to make things right or better.
And Willie Jack,
she cares for her family members.
And now she's lost a brother,
cousin, friend.
And Bear
he lost his best friend.
Now, a whole piece of him's missing.
And Elora
she lost her hope.
Whenever she looked into the future,
she'd see you there, man.
You're our brother.
Remember you for all the
good things we've done together.
And we're out here for you, man.
We just hope we're doing
the right thing.
I love you, bitches.
Fucking love you guys.
Let's go all the way in.
I'm scared of what's in there.
Fuck, man, me too, bro.
I won't let you drown.
Fucking hell!
It's freezing!
We did it.
Told you you'd make it here, Daniel.
- Love you, bitch.
- Love you, bitch.
- Love you, bitch.
- Love you, bitch!
So, what do we do now?
Gonna find out
where the fuck my car is.
I owe Kenny Boy, got to bring it back.
My uncle Cvto lives on a rez nearby.
Maybe he can help us.
I'm not going back.
Follow me.
Blessed are those who have not seen
and yet still believe.
I still believe.
Oh, I still believe ♪
Oh, I still believe ♪
Pick it up ♪
As we go along ♪
I still believe ♪
Through the shame ♪
And through the grief ♪
Through the heartache ♪
Through the tears ♪
Through the waiting ♪
Through the years ♪
For people like us ♪
In places like this ♪
We need all the hope ♪
That we can get ♪
Oh, I still believe! ♪
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